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Richard Dean Anderson #LFCC 2017 Sunday Diamond Pass Talk

Another talk with RDA but somehow I preferred the one from 2 years ago as he spoke about his own stuff and didn't get into the Q&A with fans until much later on!  Since, sorry but my efficient memory which stores everything found these Qs to be repetitive and oh by the way they were things I've already written about in the book, for starters.  Such as Sea Shepherd and how he got started in it (cos he also answered that 2 years ago).  If you don't have the book see below.  Oh and I managed to get Rick to sign it!  Hopefully he was suitable impressed, well he was.  He just waned an audio version cos he falls asleep whilst reading books.  Thankfully he was also impressed by the sketch on the book cover!  That was a relief!!

Fan Q is he: 'Acting or semi-retired?': He took time to build his house in the Malibu area, 2 dogs "that love me to death, Wiley's on a break from college, I'm an insomniac so I'm still awake at night. Would  you go to work [with all this?]"  He's lazy and also too impressed about that the 'Vancouver lot' are doing something with him in mind which may or may not happen...Which we'll see if it's feasible."  Also can ride around on his motorbike.  The wonderful sea views from his Malibu home, so why would he want to leave that and work!!"  Yeah!

If he's doing much: "no one's approaching me with anything these days!"  Seriously he's out of whack and again with the demo of nodding off when reading a book like he did with me!!  Must be my book ha!
Rick says he has no other talent apart from acting, realized needed money to live when younger, wanted to be pro ski-ier, pro Formula 1 type of thing racing; dad introduced him to Sterling Moss so yeah."  Also wanted to be an Ice hockey player so luckily he had the talent for acting and not anything else he wanted to do. Wanted to be a forest ranger in high school.

Gonna post this pic again  Sooo hottt!

Here's an extract from my book on that racing aspect: from the season 4 ep Collision Course of MacGyver.

Q on Window of Opportunity ep of Stargate SG-1 in the scene with Daniel asking the same question Rick: "those who know me have no idea what is being asked...the mustard clip."
Fave Jack moment: all tech/scientific dialogue went to Amanda and what's his name, Shanks, Michael..."  Rick used to say 'ya think.' a lot.  As well as "for crying out loud;" a quote on his grandmother when she'd comment on behaviour."  She was from from Northern Minnesota.

Re Environmental stuff in MacGyer he was involved in other stuff outside of the show.  The show lasted long enough for them to do other stories.  Former LAPD deputy chief Stephen Downing came up with the Challengers Club storyline.  Added a lot of things he did off camera: like his real life.   The eps with the black rhinos, eagles, etc, "it worked."  [Again as I said in the book!]

Re the ant ep  season 1.6 Trumbo's World, asked by fan if he's afraid of anything?  Rick commented the ep was "a disgusting ep to shoot and he had to walk around in ants."  But hey they also used stock footage from the film with Charlton Heston: The Naked Jungle (1954) (again all this is in book) and yes I recall all the eps too!  Rick doesn't like ants, spiders and they have coyotes around too where he lives.

He then talked about Irwin Allen and they wrote themselves into the show and sea salt comes back to town to a fishing village and these killer whales in the harbour, he learned about them and how'd they'd splash around on you.  Then 16 feet off the water with a killer whale.  He had to hold the fish in his mouth and you're not supposed to move but he moved his head and the whale knew exactly where to aim for the fish and knocked him on his head like a boxing glove to the noggin!
See here for the pic with the killer whale, which I tweeted a few years back!  (NO mention of the Hoff though cos Rick's prob forgotten about him!)

As for being involved with Sea Shepherd, he was in Alaska, ski-ing and met Capt Paul Weston and heard him speak, "he was articulate and compassionate with his experience with humped back whales.  He was emotional about it."  Rick hasn't actually gone into action in the ships yet as he's not done it.  They've lost quite a few boats though colliding into others, especially with the Japanese ships/fishing boats.  Sea Shepherd is more hands-on than Greenpeace which Paul Watson was also a part of.

Fan Q: He and Sam Carter so would've been doing "the nasty"  With apologies the kiddies he said for speaking like that.  But they had Air Force Codes of conduct and all that!
He was her superior so they couldn't get into that.
Rick showing off a bit of keg there!! Ha.  yeah Rick the hair too!!  You still got it...!

The idea to be comedic as Jack O'Neill was all his of course.  "All the laughs were in the right place." He had a "freeflow to the scripts and it all worked out."

Word of advice for actors: if someone offers you a role just take it!  Don't hesitate.  It's a godsend in getting started especially, or even if you're established!

He loves Formula 1 and he would've wanted to race had his acting career not come along. "Hamilton's good you've gotta give it to him...congratulations Britain [sarcastically!] (Applause and laughter!)

Rick apologized for all the fans who have to queue in those lines waiting for pics/autogs, waiting for "an arrogant actor."  Why the queues were so long esp for the 9.30 am photoshoot on Saturday and the queue being too long.  But thanx for your patience and "my heart really goes out to you."

He was only one executive prouder on the show [SG-1] so he'd go through the script and make notes, writers found stories out of legends and the like.  "The art of movie making involves a process with momentum and then you move on".  Made his notes and "were legitimate ideas...but it's always a team effort...The guy in front of the camera has the last say...that's not true I take it back, it's the editor."
The moment when our eyes met again...!  Yeah it's Mi-la!! ha.

"Thanks to all for coming."  & you too cos I got to chat properly, get a front row seat for his talk and Rick will forever be one of the most friendliest down-to-earth actors/human beings out there ever!! Glad I've been a fan since 1989!!  God bless ya Rick!

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