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Doctor Who 7.7 "The Bells of St John" Review

So finally it returns to our screens okay, he returns with a story that was delightful, no really, lots of funny moments, no one "died today" and we're still left to puzzle over who Clara Oswin Oswald really is, with a few clues along the way, just to keep our interest peeked.  This time round she's a nanny yet again, cue several references to her being a governess by the Doctor (Matt Smith) and that's "so Victorian" since that's what she was when last he/we met her in Victorian London in the Christmas special, The Snowmen.  So there were lots of clues here as to who "the client" was as these allusions were made.  Also a great bout of continuity, but only the best for our Doctor.

The Internet is missing and Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) can't find it anywhere so she calls up a helpline number given to her by a woman in a shop and gets through to the Doctor, who tells her to find a wireless connection and see which network comes up.  She needs to access the Internet using a password, which the girl tells her is 'RYCBAR 123' meaning: run you clever boy and remember.  One, two, three..." The numbers being a reference to three versions of her.  She dials through to the Doctor who is now a monk in 1207, complete with monk attire.  In fact we even get to see a painting of Clara circa 13th century, so how was that possible?  Other tan the Doctor was at the monastery to ponder who Clara could be.  All shades of Madame Pompadour here, well at least a little.  It appeared he didn't recognize her voice whilst on the phone for some reason.  It's not like he's forgotten about her.

The Doctor arrives at her front door and wants to see her.  He needs to talk but she's not talking.  Hey a little too much lipstick in that scene on the Doctor when she spies him through the peep hole.  He heads to the TARDIS and dons his new outfit so we can get another really good look at the new interior.  His new purple coat complete with tails (that's a little Victorian wouldn't you say?) and purple bow tie which was especially placed in a box!  Yay for purple and bow ties!  He refrained from stating "bow ties are cool."  But will forgive him for that seeing as he now dons my fave colour!  Good to see he's been storing his Fez too.

A girl appears to Clara apparently someone from the cover of Amy's book she's been reading only she turns around and there's a dish at the back of her head, they're known as "spoonheads" sending out a signal and infact begins uploading Clara.  He hears her shouting to let her out and uses his Sonic to open the front door where he finds her unconscious on the floor and her being uploading.  SO being a bit of a computer geek too, he quickly wastes no time in downloading her back, which works since she hasn't been fully uploaded yet.  Something to do with perhaps that she's a machine, or mean to be something of that nature.  Unless this third version isn't one.

A bit of a hark back to 5.1 The Eleventh Doctor ep where he once again used a computer and the Net to link up to the world so they could all sync in the number zero at the same time.  Loved those graphics appearing on the screen, reference to Sherlock (subtle reminder filming has begun on that show, okay I added that in myself.)

Clara's painting is meant to be her "final message."  Also I love the way she says "run you clever boy" it's so sweet.  Still more references to snogging and the TARDIS being his "snog box!"  Ha. Especially when he mentions the governess part and how she should be mixing with people her own age, younger people and she says it's an attempt to pick her up.
Doctor; "...shouldn't you be doing young things with young people?"
Clara: "What, you mean like you for instance.  Down boy."  Though let's hope we don't get any between the two.  She's also been reading Amelia Williams/Amy Pond's book, "Summer Falls."  Nice touch with the Doctor camping outside her house protecting her, again another harkback to The Eleventh Doctor and how Amelia waited for him to return, when he landed the TARDIS in her garden.  He wants to know why she has a leaf in her book, which he licked, she replies it's a leaf out of her book.

This ep deals with wi-fi linking and how a group of people being uploaded, to work for some organization run by Miss Kizlet (Celia Imrie) and specifically on behalf of a mysterious client.  How they can get into networks and people all at the touch of a button, a key on a computer keypad.  Shown when they find Clara and wake the people up so that she can send in a plane to her location.  SO they stood talking for quite a while outside when the lights were coming on, even if she refused to go into the snog box/TARDIS.  Since it's a time machine he tells her they find themselves in the plane and the cockpit in an attempt to fly the plane.  Ahh Doctor a wonder at many things but can't fly a plane.  He finally manages to disable the wi-fi signal and wake the pilot.
Doctor: "I'm the Doctor, I'm an alien from outer space, I'm a thousand years old, I've got two hearts and I can't fly a plane."

Lots of London scenes here and a view of The Shard (also topical too) which is where the uploaded people are working from, the 65th floor.  Clara says she can find their location in five minutes and the Doctor is sent for coffee, where Miss Kizlet is able to hack into the people and talk to the Doctor as herself.  You see all the people have been uploaded to a cloud computing storage area (akin to a cloud drive.)  Clara manages to find the their location but a fake Doctor is sent to hers to upload her once more, a spoonhead and this time the Doctor's too late.  Cue his motorbike again and he says he entered the Olympics in it in the future, his anti-gravity bike, where he came last, which he uses to scale the side of the Shard.  Breaking into Kizlet's office.  No time for bargaining with her so he uploads her too and she demands to be downloaded back.  Meaning everyone else will have to be as well, including Clara, who came back with her memory still intact.

UNIT arrives on the scene and no one can remember what's happened.  Kizlet is reduced to having the memories of a child waiting for her parents.  Courtesy of The Great Intelligence (Richard E Grant) who was "the client."  Not that the Doctor found out.  Clara returns home and the Doctor tells her she can go anywhere with him and be back in time for tea. This time he adds it's time to find out who she really is.

Doctor: "It is not a snog box...Oh shut up."  No, bet the Doctor's wife would have something to say about that and I don't just mean River!

Next ep reminds me of the second ep from season 5.2 The Beast Below when he took Amy to the Starship UK, there were some similarities as shown in the trailer.  A stunning start to the new season nonetheless showing Matt Smith still excels as the Doctor and Jenna-Louise Coleman really is fitting into her role of Clara and continues to impress.  Lots going on in this episode and subtle hints for the future too, now must go away and watch it all over again, just for the sheer enjoyment this time round!  Ahh he even left Jammie Dodgers for Clara too after running his nose over them and taking a bite out of one.  Oh and that half eaten biscuit was not in the same part of the plate when Clara wakes up.  Hey no Custard Creams, you clever boy?

The Doctor also invented the quadracycle;  realizes "monks are not cool."  So don't be one. The boy tells her to wait til she gets to chapter 11, as "it's the best.  You'll cry your eyes out."  Eleventh Doctor anyone?  Lots of joking with his name, 'Doctor Who?' again.  When the Doctor holds Clara when she's on the floor, this was reminiscent of The Snowmen when she was lying on the table and died there.

Steven Moffat described this episode as "an action  roller coaster" and wasn't meant to be scary.  Maybe make people think twice as to how dependent they are on WI-Fi.  We meet Clara for the third time after she's been killed off twice, both as a result of meeting the Doctor.  But this is the version of Clara who was always intended as the Doctor's new companion.  Matt commented that she "reignites curiosity in the universe and gives him [The Doctor] his mojo back."

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The Mentalist 5.15 "Red Laquer Nail Polish" Review

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) and Patrick (Simon Baker) are called to a CS at the Vogelsong mansion where a burnt out DB has been discovered in the library.  The security guards says the doctor called them to check on her but don't know his name.  Patrick heads to the library where Cho (Tim Kang) is talking to forensic investigator Brett Partridge (Jack Plotnick) who tells them all about spontaneous combustion, that it mostly happens to drinkers and smokers and then the subcutaneous fat in the body melts.. Effectively a human candle.  Then then mentions the congealed human fat layers on the lightbulbs which has Patty leave there quick smart, after his deduction that Elise Vogelsong (Mariette Hartley) was murdered.  Firstly she has a collection of mystery books, secondly there was too much scotch in the bottle to drink alone and there were four glasses on the table altogether.  Thus one of them was broken in the fire hence the glass in the fireplace.  Why not take the glass with you.

Patrick says spontaneous combustion being mentioned in Charles Dickens' Bleak House and Cho mentions the character by name, Krook. who was found burnt in his shop.  Showig Cho's on the ball with his reading, a nice touch I thought.

Don't know why they had Lisbon creeped out with that mansion she hasn't behaved like that before.  What with the fainting spell last ep and this, you can't change her character so dramatically.  Shown by the conversation both of them had upon arrival: Lisbon: "There's something off here.  That place gives me the creeps."
Patrick: "Normally I tend to mock your superstition but in this case, I'm inclined to agree."  Of course Patrick's earlier comment about living in a place like this and being rich, being a moral question.  Reeks of allusions to his own past where he preyed on people and made money in that way.  Morally and ethically wrong.  As well as Brett returning once more, not only since he's been on the scene in the past when RJ crimes have been investigated, the Pilot and season 3 finale Strawberries and Cream but as you recall his name was also in the black book of names in Black Cherry.  Patrick also met him after he lost his family.

Also as soon as Cho found out the nurse, Lissie (Tacey Adams) was missing, it was a giveaway to Elise having killed her off and that she was still alive.  Along with the medal going missing so she could frame her nephew Curtis (Michael Gladis) and Cayce (Vanessa Ray) kept shutting the hatch on the ship but didn't when Patrick paid her a visit at the end with the ashes.

Good to see Cho still ribbing Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) about needing to meet a woman cos it's been so long since he's been with one, what happened to Ben? SO he signs up to a dating site.  Especially after Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) sends them a post card but doesn't address it to him like usual but just to "the bullpen."  Then the five women who did turn up at the end, cos he stood them up, all had red hair and could be Van Pelt replacements.

Then there was Alex (Elizabeth Bogush) hugging Patrick and thanking him for getting Curtis out of trouble, he comments she can thank him by forgiving Lisbon, who claims they followed the evidence.  Patrick adding she followed the evidence cos he had his own theories of course and found Elise when Lisbon was too creeped out at giving the ashes to Cayce, so Patrick took them down.  Here he wanted to set sail immediately and took hold of a marine flare and threw it into the cabin below, pushing Cayce over the side and then waiting until Elise made her exit with the stolen money.  Patrick wanted to get onto that boat all along but wasn't able to do so.  The second time Lisbon tells him they don't have a warrant and he says rules are boring.

He's always looking for some way to flout rules, as did Lisbon when she was after Volker, she had to resort to Patrick's methods to get her man.  But since she was getting warrants for Curtis's gallery and for Doctor Reinhardt's (Erick Avari) practice, she may as well have got one for the boat as well.  It was Elise's after all, so who knows what they may have found on there, even Elise herself.  So I don't see why she didn't.  She had probable cause too.  Then Lisbon says Patrick guesses instead of doing actual policework.  Patrick: "you should try it sometime."  Lisbon also refers to Patrick as her "associate" here.  Suggesting more equality in their work relationship, as opposed to introducing him as a consultant as she normally does.

For all the suspects in this episode, the trail led back to Elise.  That was obvious.
Lisbon saying Patrick just guessed was an about turn to what Patrick said to her in Red Sails in the Sunset, when Patrick tells Lisbon she'll never know if he "engineered the escape and abduction."  Lisbon replies she knows and he should trust her.  Patrick: "You don't know, you'll just guess."

All cos she knew Curtis would have been granted the case in his favour but she insists it's her money to spend and she should be able to spend it either way.  She manipulated Cayce into helping her and signing in using the Lissies's name at the hotel in Vegas.  As well as blackmailing the doctor into prescribing her all sorts of pills and telling Cayce her family wanted her committed.  Elise shows no remorse over committing the murder just labelling it as "an unfortunate necessity."  As well as planning to do away with Cayce too, who Cho informs her has become an accessory to murder.

Patrick running off to pursue Red John with a spring in his step and was excited about it too, cos lo and behold Lorelei returns next ep.  Notice Vogelsong means 'birdsong' and the boat had Bodega Bay, Ca written on it.  As we know Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds was set in Bodega Bay mostly where the bird attacks took place.  Patrick does have an affinity to sailing.  There was Red Sails in the Sunset, a Lorelei ep, which Simon directed where Lorelei said Patrick is just like RJ, "you know that, relentless and manipulation."
Here he says to Lisbon: "seems like a civilized way to travel don't you think?"  Lisbon thinks it's like "being in a prison cell with a chance of drowning."  Can't help thinking this is another Lorelei reference, when she came out of the ocean after swimming in there, naked, the beach is where Patrick drove to.  Mind you Patrick also made that comment when visiting the doctor saying, "I was just about to learn how to drive her wild in five easy steps."

Rigsby isn't over Van Pelt nor does it look like he will ever get there and move on.  This time round he even mentions how his mother used to read about the exploits of the Vogelsong heiress to make comparisons of her own life with hers when she was with his father.

In Ruby Red Slippers, similar was done when Archie took a corpse and burned it cos he wanted a new life.  Here Elise was just greedy and vindictive who just wanted the money for herself even after she bled dry the estate.  She has some character traits that reassemble Patrick too.  He has manipulated, lied to people in the past to find Red John and though he hasn't actually killed anyone, aside from shooting the man he believed to be Red John in Strawberries and Cream and manipulated his way out of that one; you know he's pretty much capable of anything.  This is reminiscent of the darkness in Patrick, that manifests itself when he's on a role, a mission to get to the truth, but we have seen over and again how he has it in him to be that way.   In The Crimson Hat, Rigsby and Lisbon also faked their own deaths and there seems to be a theme developing here.

Lots more subtle allusions to Lorelei like Patrick when he told her he'd get her to "sing like a bird."  Then we get Vogelsong here, vogel meaning bird in German (knew my German would come in handy one day, ha) and the boat was called the same, bird song.  See Patrick took CBI Ron with him when he went to find Elise and draw her out.

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The Vampire Diaries 4.15 "Stand By Me" Review

Well it may come as a surprise or a shock to most people, but the show actually followed through on what it never really does: killing off a main character and leaving them dead.  There have been plenty of deaths and resurrections in this show since season 1, but usually they return with the help of a spell, a ring or get turned into vampires, are given vampire blood.  (Lucky Tyler (Michael Trevino) got out whilst he could or he may have suffered the same fate, not that his freedom is conclusive or could even be long lived.)  Elena (Nina Dobrev) has lost many a relative in her life, her parents, Jenna, Alaric, even John whom she mentions here at the end, but it's not quite black and white in this show.  We even got to see Elena plunge off the bridge and die last season only to be re-vamped!

But I just couldn't get past her whining and denials this episode.  She's annoying at the best of times, so self righteous even (maybe if anyone had to go it should have been her) but watching the show I was expecting them to come up with some nonsensical ritual or spell to bring poor Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) back.  Did he really deserve this fate at the hands of Silas/Katherine.  Why was Silas even mentioned if it was going to be dealt with so abruptly.  Though he's got Bonnie under his spell.  Even when Elena took off Jeremy's ring, thought maybe he'd come back to life now (sure I spotted Jeremy breathing a few times when he was on the bed) but alas it wasn't meant to be.  Then she set the house on fire to banish all memories of the Gilbert name and any attempt at any future legacies being sealed or memories being made there.

Through it all there wasn't much anyone could do even Bonnie (Kat Graham) was useless with her spells so much for having the magic of expressionism.  This it seemed remained expression-less.  It brought about a reality check for Elena and her selfishness, all she wanted was to see Jeremy safe, sent him away by compelling him, then brought him back again even when he was in danger.  Forgive me weren't hunters meant to be in expendable?  Too busy trying to sink her claws into both Salvatore brothers.  She believed Jeremy would be brought to life cos of his ring and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) were content into letting her believe this.  She needed to realize for herself this wasn't going to happen and for reality to surely and swiftly sink in.  She was going to be alone without any immediate family.  She is oblivious to the smell of his decomposing body but wants him there to find any way to bring him back.

This she trusts Bonnie will do, but Bonnie is nowhere to be found so Damon sets out to search for her.  When he does find her he actually hugs her, that's a first for someone who doesn't like her or even gets on with her.  Especially since she's always the first Vic/sacrifice if Damon has a choice to make.  He doesn't care about this witchy.  Bonnie however has taken a leaf out of Shane's (David Alpay) book and has been manipulated into thinking she needs to kill 12 people to bring back loved ones, Jeremy.  Even after Jeremy told her Silas was trying to get into her head last ep and she should only listen to him.  Alas now she can no longer listen and never will hear his voice again.  Hey he can come back as a ghost, yes?

But there's always a but in that Jeremy will be hounded by supernatural beings and monsters.  Caroline (Candace Accola) and Matt (Zach Roerig) see the futility and uselessness of this.  Still Elena doesn't give in.  Hang on Elena wanted to kill all of Kol's lifeline to make the tattoo grow and actually went though and did this without remorse, so what's another 12 lives in the scheme of things.  Maybe losing Jeremy was payback for killing Kol, a life for a life and all that.
What was sad was Matt's reaction to seeing Jeremy and how he too has been through the ringer.  Now he's lost one of his best friends and effectively remains one of the only humans around out of their group.

Elena finally smells Jeremy's rotting flesh and loses it even more.  There's no room in the Gilbert plot so she douses the house with gas and wants to set fire to it.  She can't even be talked out of it by Stefan when he says one day she may want to return.  She'll never come here again.  Stefan even encourages Damon to help her, re their sire bond and to talk to her.  He seemed reluctant to do this.  He compels her to "turn it off."  To turn off her feelings and the thing is if she does turn them on again she'll be caught up in the same pent up anger and rage all over again.  But for now this seemed to be the only option available.  Last time feelings/humanity were turned off, Stefan being compelled by Klaus (Joseph Morgan) he went off on a killing spree.  What will Elena do?
Perhaps it was only fitting Jeremy got a hero's send off: a Viking's funeral. A fitting farewell to a brother, friend and loved one.

Naturally or unnaturally Damon turning off her humanity means she won't feel anything, no love, sadness, so how will this fare for him? Especially when she finds out what's really happened.  Damon was in love with Elena the human than someone without any feelings, all cold and dark, so will he still feel the same?  Mind you Stefan wanted him to do this too to help her so he's just  as much to blame.  It was easier than to see her hurt, but being  a vampire doesn't mean she shouldn't have accepted what has happened.  There's no easy out from facing up to death and particularly the death of a loved one, so maybe she should have been left to bare her cross.  Even Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) couldn't help Elena who just went for her juggler, ha.

Damon telling Rebekah (Claire Holt) they need to find Bonnie after spilling how Katherine has the cure.  But her wanting to go after Katherine.  Then warning her about Silas being awakened.  Great 'scenes' between them too for vamps who dislike each other so much.

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CSI 13.5 "Play Dead" Review

It's Hallowe'en in Vegas and two girls stumble across a dog who appears to have killed a man and is taking a bite out of his throat.  Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) Nick (George Eads) and David (David Berman) arrive at the scene.  David finds drugs on him and his ID shows he's an officer Mike Nelson.  The dog is a police dog, Sam.  Inside his truck there's an LVPD envelope with money and a yellow bandanna with meth.  Varanski (David S Lee) who runs the canine unit says Nelson was a good officer but why didn't he tell them the dog responds to commands in French when he was there considering he wanted to take the dog with him.  Nick needs to process him for evidence and eventually gets a muzzle round his mouth.  He finds a piece of human flesh stuck between his teeth which everyone assumes belonged to Nelson.  Aren't they supposed to be waiting until the evidence is in before forming any conclusions, they've barely started gathering evidence yet.

Sam is sent to the pound and will be put down if not for the fast work of Henry (Jon Wellner) who tells them the DNA on the flesh doesn't match Nelson, thus the dog took a bite out of his killer.  Nick brings Sam back to the lab, who makes a run for DB's (Ted Danson) office and his totem statue which was an anniversary gift.  He doesn't put it down and Nick takes him to the dog training area when he's now told Sam is a French dog.  He throws down the totem and gets a bottle of water.

Doc Robbins (Robert David Hall) finds Nelson was bitten by a human, Brass tells DB about a case where a cheerleader ripped flesh from a human whilst on PCP.  An actual CSI case from season 3's Let the Seller Beware.  CCTV footage shows a woman with a yellow bandanna in her pocket and they deduce she's a hooker.  Several are brought in to find which one was with Nelson and Sam will later ID her.  Now he's fully part of the investigation.  The women have a laugh making innuendos to DB, especially one of them, about the length of the pipe and about touching his, which he replies his wife won't like.  Sam picks out Carly's (Johanna Braddy) scent.  Greg (Eric Szmanda) helps out with analyzing the effects from her motel.  Carly said Nelson was good to her and she was his CI.  Carly is later found dead and Doc finds out she was pregnant but Nelson wasn't the father, it was the killer.  Also Carly didn't die of an overdose but was killed since the needle missed her vein.  The needle mark was found in her back and she couldn't have put it there.

David calls Nick to Autopsy when Sam goes missing, he hasn't been eating since he misses Nelson.  He sits outside the freezer containing his DB.  Nick talks to Sam who seems to understand him now and says they need to work together to find his killer and get justice for Nelson.  He understands since he puts his paw on the harness and his head on Nick's knee.  Nick tells him all about losing a friend, referring to Warrick though he's not mentioned by name.

Using the killer's bloody bandage from the motel they can find out which clinics he could have gone to in the area for help.  Nick, Brass give chase to a suspect at a burrito stand, which Brass comments Sam wants, but he sees the suspect there.  Sam takes a bullet in the chase and arrest and Nick doesn't realize he's been shot until he gets some blood on his hands.  Vinnie (Mike Alexander) didn't want the baby and saw her with Nelson which made him lose it.   Nick waits around and Varanski tells him Sam will pull through.  He was going to retire this year and live with Nelson so Nick takes on a new roommate, with rules.  They will watch ball on Sundays and he'll have to sleep on the floor when his girlfriend comes over.  SO he has a girlfriend now.  Wonder if we'll get to see her and whether she's someone we've already seen on the show.

Greg: "I guess that makes him a dead dog walking." It was good seeing how Nick gets on with everyone whilst doing his job, including man's best friend and to think a while back he when quit.  No mention of that anymore so guess everyone's moved past that.

Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) and Finn (Elisabeth Shue) investigate the killing of a lawyer, Barry Sloane (James Hyde) who was shot in his house.  There are traces of fluid in his bed and a bullet hole in the wall where the bullet missed him.  Morgan finds the gun outside and prints on the window.  Two of his neighbours both women, talk about him.  One doesn't think much of him and is glad the house prices have increased cos of him and the older woman, Marjorie (Caroline Lagerfelt) defends him on being a good neighbour and friend.  Morgan is confronted by Hodges concerning the kiss from the first ep of the season, so they haven't been together or even talked about it since then, but she seems nervous to talk about it now.  She just wants him to fix the GCMS and get the results.  He's fixing it himself and reminds him of how the defence is picky about such things.  Finn walks in on them and she tells her she kissed Hodges when her father was in hospital.  Finn thinks they've both been sleeping together.  Finn likens Hodges to an "awkward Jimmy Stewart."  He's sweet and funny.

The prints on the window belong to Walsh (Michael Bunin) who hired Barry as his divorce lawyer.  Also he saw his wife, Sabrina (Brianne Davis) with Barry and she would have gotten everything in the divorce, his house, money and his cat.  The gun is found to belong to Barry.  Walsh has an alibi and Sabrina found out Barry was sleeping with a neighbour.  Hodges analyzes the lipstick on Barry's shirt and finds it contains formaldehyde.  Which is a carcinogen so isn't used anymore as a preservative.  Eeww. Thus lipstick was used by an older woman, Marjorie.  She saw the way Barry was treated by Sabrina and she came over admitting she had feelings from him.  She tried to kiss him but he rejected her.  She was old enough to be his mother.  She shot him since Barry had given her the gun for protection.

CSI delves into two very different cases this episode but both with a similar theme of being rejected or misunderstandings.  Vinnie when he saw Carly with Nelson and Marjorie was rejected by Barry.  CSI hasn't covered two separate cases in a while.  No Jorga Fox this episode.

Season 13 spends a lot of time on DB and his family so it would have been good to see some of the other's personal lives and the job affecting them, or even what they do with their time away from the lab.  It's a little tedious having the show concentrate just on DB's family.

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666 Park Avenue 1.6 "Diabolic" Review

As more unfolds after the events of the Hallowe'en party it appears Jane (Rachael Taylor) is having yet more nightmares as she now dreams she's attacked in the shower some the psycho wielding an axe!  Hey I was going to mention movie Psycho anyway!  She wakes up with Henry (Dave Annable) beside her in his feeble attempt to comfort her.  That'd be enough to give anyone nightmares!  Saying the police are working on the case to find the maniac.  Then decides to make her breakfast.  Some comfort you are!

Well the police are working on the case and they turn up at the Drake to look into possible CS and the areas where Jane ran to, including the kitchen with the dumbwaiter, looked just like a basement to me. Anyway the woman detective shows Jane the dumbwaiter hasn't been used since it's inundated with cobwebs!  Thus perhaps Jane may have a few screws loose, a few bats in the belfry.  Even Henry has his doubts since by episode's end he's convinced she should talk to someone about it reminding her and informing us that her grandmother went insane and was locked up.  Subtle Henry!  This from him after Jane wants to return to Indiana where everything was simpler and she wasn't in any danger.  SO this conversation goes from being about Jane as Henry put it to being about him really, never mind the us.

Henry's now seen the light, you know, bright lights, big city and wants to stay here and make a stab at a political career.  Wish someone would, stab, er, okay can't help myself when it comes to wimpish Henry, Jane can do so much better!  Anyway this includes the detective,  Hayden Cooper (Teddy Sears) who was more understanding than Henry was or ever will be.  He returns to see Jane alone with a photo of the man in the devil costume having tracked him down after they ran a trace on Henry's phone when Jane called him.  Now you see she's not crazy after all.  He asks her why she lied and if she wants to tell the truth now.  She's afraid he'll think her crazy too.

Then tells him about Kramer and him being a ghost.  He understands and tells her the story of his grandfather and ghosts so he knows what she means.  Henry meets up with Laurel (Tessa Thompson) who has arranged  a meeting with him with four mayors, former mayors.  She changes his tie for him and afterwards even mentions dumping Jane since being single and eligible means more in politics.  Yes Jane dumb him first!

Meanwhile Gavin (Terry O'Quinn) is called about the box with a ransom demand of a million which Gavin increases to three million.  He also has Olivia (Vanessa Williams) checked out by Dr Scott (Enrique Murciano) and has her blood tested.  He knows Scott is in need of money since he finds it a little expensive paying rent and he's behind.  Thus Gavin loans him $50,000 for which he's grateful.  Great Scott sorry!) knew he had a gambling habit and he loses.  Well he's bound to now he's sold his soul to Gavin.  He later finds his chest on fire and bloody, ripping his shirt off he finds a tattoo with $50,000 emblazoned on his chest.  He confronts Gavin about this who tells him about the same, selling his soul thing and there is a way he can forget the loan.  He wants him to become his doctor on call and when he calls, he should pick up.

Chloroform was found in Olivia's blood which Gavin keeps from her.  Later two men find the man who took the box dying cos he opened it.  They set the place on fire and take the box.  Olivia takes Jane to lunch who isn't really in the mood, cos she can't hold her knife and fork properly, and when she's in the loo, a man, introducing himself as Victor Shaw (Nick Chinlund) appears to Olivia to give her the low down on Gavin being a "monster."  Isn't that exactly what her daughter wrote in the letter to her.  Also how Gavin lied to her and didn't tell her what was really in her blood.  Olivia asks Gavin about this and he tells her she'd been drinking plenty.  Having taken a blood test of her own, she finds out about the chloroform.  He tells her the safe was broken into using her as a distraction and she thinks the safe in the closet but it's the other safe.

Gavin has Tony (Erik Palladino) find out who tried to run Olivia over and takes Sam (Peter Friedman) to his 'interrogation'.  Where he realizes Sam was the one behind it.  He sends him into the Drake with endless corridors so he can't leave.  Jane even walks through him at one point, convinced she can hear voices.  Gavin uses Sam for his own ends and Shaw turns up to meet Gavin after Olivia recalls meeting him.  He gives him what Shaw believes to be bearer bonds to the value of $10 million and Shaw replies he's doing what Gavin does, takes from others.  He opens the present which was Olivia's idea to have it sealed with a bow and finds Sam's head inside.  Just one side of betrayal.

Gavin then pays a visit to Kandinsky (Misha Kuznetsov) and wants him to work for him.  Then calls Scott to help him escape when he's rushed to the hospital.  Jane in a rage throws the papers to the floor after Henry's little confrontation with her and thinks she made everything up after reading about the Hallowe'en story from 1929. She then notices the necklace the woman is wearing and makes the connection that Jocelyn is her grandmother.

So we finally get to see what most of us were thinking all along, that Olivia knows all about Gavin, or at least what he's capable of and asks if Shaw will open the box as he's threatened to do so and 'let him out.'  Leaving us with another mystery of who 'he' is.  Think Olivia knew all along about Gavin and one reason she burnt her daughter's letter about him.  But she must have made some sort of a deal with Gavin.  Don't think Scott will be around for long as he'll outlive his usefulness.  But Hayden also finds newspaper clippings which show accidents at the Drake which can't be a coincidence.  Yes Jane dump Henry for Hayden, ha, at least he has a brain especially since Henry doesn't even recall seeing Kramer in the lift when he admired Jane's necklace last ep, ugh??!!  Yes writers you forgot that didn't you!

21 Jump Street - Revisited and I Don't Mean the Movie!

Yes Dennis Booker (Richard Greico) was misunderstood by his Jump Street colleagues.  But also by fans and others who couldn't see why he was actually added to the show.  There's the saying 'don't fix it if it ain't broke,' but there were reasons to the addition of his character and quite frankly it amazes me how blinkered teens could be at that age (many adults too, even now!)  Yes they're teens but I wasn't like that, not to sound condescending.

There comes a time when you need to let go and actually enjoy something for what it is, entertainment.  Perhaps somebody should tell me that now, that I'VE GROWN UP, ha.  Yes I criticize and all the rest of it whilst watching, or writing reviews but I don't go OTT, hopefully, though no one's told me that I do.  Maybe they're too afraid ha.  My friends this means you more than anyone else!!


ANYWAY not to get off point here, the main gist of this post is how Booker was misunderstood.  Of course he was from day one.  It didn't help the case they were investigating in Fun With Animals involved several areas of controversy: rape and race.  It all boiled down to the Vic not actually coming out and correcting her statement.  Added to all this was Tom Hanson's (Johnny Depp) immediate dislike at having to work with the newbie.  So he wanted to court not only controversy where there was none but also going along with so called witness statements who claimed they saw Booker with the Vic, Tracey at the lockers and also he saw her later with a "coloured girl" in the bushes.   Some could be seen as a way of not having to work with him, but he was pre-judging, knowing nothing about him.  Said girl turned out to be Judy Hoffs (Holly Robinson). Okay we can spout the sayings, 'first impressions,' 'don't judge a book by its cover' and all the rest of it, which in this case could be true, but then we were in the same boat as Hanson since this was the first time we met Booker.


Another reason for Hanson's reaction was that Judy didn't hold the same pre-conceptions or misconceptions as Hanson since she was willing to accept Booker and give him a go.  That was just in her nature.  They went to a movie together and besides it really wasn't anyone's business and she didn't need to offer any explanation to anyone.  The other area of controversy was the confrontation, of sorts between Hanson and Booker when he told Hanson he's just as 'rasicst' as him and that he won't admit he's glad he was "born white."  Not having to face the hardships that minorities endure.

What was amusing was how Hanson bagged Booker out any chance he got, that he was seen with her and yet he really believes Booker is the one behind the rape and that he is his one and only suspect, especially when Booker mentions the cigarette stubs in the shower where Tracey was found.  Since no one else knew about those.  Oh and it didn't help when they found out Booker was really IA, cos no one likes IA!  But it was okay for Hanson to break into his apartment and steal a confidential file, cos you're a cop and that's what you do, right.  How did that justify having a badge and being loyal to it?

This was followed up by Doug Penhall (Peter DeLuise) hating having being partnered with Booker in Coach of the Year where they played brothers who were more like enemies and their rivalry was matched on and off the field.
Seems like Booker had to prove himself with everyone including Harry Ioki (Dustin Nguyen) this time round when the police go on strike in The Blu Flu.  Everyone was worried by their jobs being on the line and job security and when Booker tried to put his point across about not crossing the picket line, he was berated by Ioki who didn't want to lose out on his pay.  Even when he was called a scab he still had the intentions of returning to work and crossing the picket line.

Thought Booker redeemed himself in this ep not only in the eyes of Ioki but also Capt Adam Fuller (Steven Williams) (not that he needed to with him).  When he found out how unions really operate and took responsibility for slashing Fuller's tyres even when all concerned knew it was Stubbs and Booker didn't want him losing out on his pension.  As well as the rousing pep talk he gave fellow strikers to not throw in the towel by the city's threats of being fired.
But then Hanson asks where he is in one scene, Penhall, "he gets nervous in a room full of cops."  Funny line would that be cos of IA?


Nemesis was the episode which proved Booker as a character in his own right.  The first time he's sent undercover without any back-up and this case has a huge impact on him both personally and professionally.  His undercover life on this assignment overlaps into his personal life.  He has a girlfriend whom he can't admit his feelings to, yet when he's undercover he has to do the same to a possible murder suspect.  Okay she wasn't a suspect she was the killer (knew that all along).  He's forced to 'act out' with the teens as well as to take drugs and become one of the crowd.  Yet he can't come to terms with one of them being killed cos he's suspected of being a "narc" when in fact the actual one is him.  Smashing the windows must have been a welcome relief to letting out his pent up anger and repressed feelings at the entire futility of the life and strife people get into.  Lots of personal conflict here to give Booker a well rounded character and story he deserved.

3.16 High High was another episode where Booker encountered this same futility and meaningless to lives along with the rest of the team whilst undercover in a performing arts school.  Where it appeared even the teachers turned a blind eye to what was happening around them.  Students needing drugs to achieve and to get through.  Booker had to face up to another student who would get high and the rush helped with playing basketball.  Once again he was 'forced' to take drugs but was able to 'fake it.'  Showing he played ball without the euphoria of being on drugs.  He got a good ending here when he returns and finds that the kid on drugs was still doing the same.  SO really nothing changed at that school.  They left and things went back to as they were.  Some case.  Also Booker got to smash some TVs!

Next Victim was one of my fave Booker eps of Jump Street.  It was like they took Fun With Animals and added a post script to it, since here once again Booker goes undercover as a racist radio shock jock DJ.  This time the conflict is with Judy as she thinks he really believes in the controversy he's creating on air, reinforcing a "white America" but believes it personally too, resulting in disgust from her and a showdown at the end.  Once again Booker redeems himself when he refuses to kow tie with radio station policy and really reveals his true feelings about what happened here and generally on air.  Cue phonecall from Judy in approval and by way of apology.

Well if Booker made any headway with becoming some sort of a member of the Jump Street team it all went out the window with the second of two-part episode Loc'd Out.  Not only cos Hanson ends up in jail for shooting a cop, after breaking into the dead cop Tower's house, the second time he's done that (he broke into Booker's in the first ep) but no bullet is found in the house.  The thing about this ep was that I always suspected Buddy's partner, Frank anyway.  Since he made the boo-boo at trial of saying he was sitting waiting for his partner outside, wouldn't he have gone inside with him, or at least made his presence aware.  Since he was his partner and first at the scene, he could have easily removed the bullet anyway!  Glad I was proven right next season.

Anyway Booker is labelled the bad guy here again cos he's made to work with Frank and this time round it's Booker's purview to believe Hanson might be dirty.  As he tells Penhall, "doesn't matter if the cop was dirty cos Hanson's dirtier."  Oh take that back! ha.  So in a way it's ironic that it's Booker who finds the clue to break the case next season and is the one who actually helps Hanson get out of prison, but doesn't even get so much as a thank you.  Not like he was the one who put him behind bars and threw away the key.   In fact in 4.1 Draw the Line Penhall won't even entertain his theory, let alone listen to him, so much for wanting his best friend out of that hell hole!  So he gets punched for his troubles by Hanson when Booker does come to get him out to attend Ioki's funeral (not that he was dead) who had always wanted to do that since season 3.1!


As said he didn't get a thank you but got relegated to a uniformed officer to the ,library!! So he gave his badge up instead of putting it to that sort of a shame.  Fuller didn't blame him for that but not much input from his colleagues as said before.  In fact he goes out of his way to help Hanson when he realizes Frank lied about Tower's shooting.  Funny, as in ironically, Booker was a stickler for the rules which Hanson broke as an officer and then Booker comes round full circle doing the same when trying to clear him.
Fuller: " you work with young people, I don't suppose you consider yourself young, ...because you stopped asking yourself the one question young people want answered, 'what's going to happen to me?'  Just because they're young doesn't mean it's a foolish question."

SO he went all out to get Hanson released, lost his badge and fought for justice, but a policeman's lot is a difficult one and resigning was the only option available.  That or he'd never have got his own spin-off show in Booker.  Yet his addition to 21 Jump Street provided season 3 (which remains one of my fave seasons) with the fresh injection the show needed especially since Johnny Depp wanted to leave and some of the storylines were becoming a little deja vu-y.  Yes I make up words, it's my prerogative as a writer, ha. Richard was/is enigmatic, handsome, charismatic and funny, not to mention having killer-long, perfect eyelashes which were to die for and made the character of Booker the same.

Booker even said as much in the season 4 two-parter Wheels and Deals, that he wanted to get Raymond Crane since he was responsible for murder, getting Ioki shot, another partner in jail and for Booker losing his badge.  He was the only one determined to do so and tried.  But only called in his former colleagues as a last resort (cos it was written that way, ha).

I thought it all made for entertaining TV and some thought-provoking stuff along the way too. Booker's fate was that he was meant to be shot at the end of season 3 anyway!  But got Booker instead, short lived since as per the norm it was cancelled by Fox.  Which has a lot to answer for as FAR  as cancelling shows: Space Above and Beyond, Killer Instinct, Dark Angel.  To name but a few.

My disclaimer before I'm inundated by moans, comments and heckling, I liked Hanson too - honestly!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Revenge 2.12 "Collusion" Review

Emily: "Every human is born of collusion.  We come into this world as a result of a covenant.  Sometimes made of love, sometimes of circumstances.  But almost always made in secret."

Lots going on here in the usual fare, or should that be fair! at the Hampton's.  Emily (Emily VanCamp) dreams about Aiden (Barry Sloane) in bed together but he rolls over and turns into Daniel (Josh Bowman) her subconscious trying to tell her something or was she just having a nightmare, didn't seem that way.  Also now we know she has racy dreams!
Anyway she meets Aiden next day and loved his hard done by, dumped lover act and tells him she's sorry, he tells her about Helen (Wendy Crewson) and how they've got to find out what she's up to, also that Daniel isn't being very subtle by taking her to lunch with oysters.

Daniel takes Emily to LA and she's caught out by this surprise.  He wants her to help him seal the deal with Donna (Sherri Saum) from Stonehaven, whilst Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) works the opposite and wants Prosser (Dylan Walsh) to take the company instead.  Aiden is contacted by Helen and shows him a video of Colleen, anyway that video didn't show proof of life, it could have been taken anytime.  In return for Colleen staying alive he must kill Victoria.  That came out of the blue, why take Victoria out of the picture when she's more of hindrance when it comes to Daniel.  He doesn't exactly listen to her.

Conrad (Henry Czerny) meanwhile gets even deeper into the political game and Victoria is shocked by that skank Ashley (Ashley Madekwe) being his 'media communicator'.  Commenting, the "cat's dragged itself back in."  Wouldn't have used cat myself.  She jets off to LA too in a bid to help Prosser steal the company and calls Charlotte (Christa B Allen) to tell her she's not going to the ballet with her.  The usual mother/daughter birthday tradition.  Amanda (Margarita Levieva) gives her a handprint of Carl's and reminds Charlotte she's not really a Grayson, putting ideas into her head. as she later reveals what she wished for at the surprise party.  Surprises galore in this ep!  She's filed a name change to Charlotte Clarke and Emily overhears this with a smirk on her face.

Conrad tells Jack (Nick Wechsler) he will only help with the drug charges but not the murder charges and Amanda blabs it was Matt (Jonathan Adams) who killed Joe Ryan.  Ashley wants to inform the police but Jack doesn't want that.  Amanda insists that Carl didn't see his grandfather but she doesn't want to lose her husband before they're even married, or for Carl to lose his father.  Jack talks to Matt and tells him the police found the gun in the boat.  He should confess which he does and Conrad pays Kenny (JR Bourne) $50,000 to buy out the Stowaway.  Kenny signs but Nate (Michael Trucco) isn't happy about this.  Kenny trying to convince him it's over but it's not since he wants the docks and to turn it into a gambler's paradise.  Conrad is interested in the idea and wants to get into bed with Nate, in a business capacity.  Anything to make a buck!  Or as I said why don't they just shove Nate onto the Stowaway and scupper it!  That'd be the end of that problem.

Daniel is surprised by Victoria in LA and thinks she's here to upset his business acquisition and Emily asks why she wants Daniel to lose the bid.  Daniel's met with Donna and tells her his intention in acquiring the disaster relief company is to turn the global name into a world vision and not global as in acquisition, or world domination. Of course Victoria is messing with his assets, as she is with Prosser and Emily calls Aiden and finds he's there as well.  But he doesn't tell her the real reason he's here.  Emily thinks he should talk to Prosser and convince him to back out of the company, thereby letting Daniel win.  Since he wants to make it a trifecta victory after becoming CEO of Grayson Global, acquiring NolCorp and now has Stonehaven in his sights.  Victoria's not giving up though and Prosser admits he wants Victoria and isn't concerned about Stonehaven.

 Nolan (Gabriel Mann) has troubles of his own with Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) and she wants him to buy the house they're viewing.  He doesn't want a key it's so old fashioned for starters,  later she rifles through his drawers (ooh er) at the office and he walks in on her.  Would have thought he'd have planted the Dolphin cam already for safety purposes but he doesn't think of doing that until later.  She gives him the key attached to a keyring with the avatar of Hanuman, a protector against evil spirits, she being one of those spirits.  He tells Padma Marco was just a fleeting phase.  Daniel calls Nolan for help in digging the dirt on Prosser and Emily texts him to help and she'll buy him a house and also asks him to locate Aiden.

Nolan hacks into Aiden's phone and finds the text with his sister on there and she wonders why he didn't tell her about it, then working out it's cos he's after Victoria.  Aiden tries to take a shot at Victoria through the window, but she closes the curtain.  Daniel digs up the dirt and lays it before Donna telling her Prosser was part of some big oil/gas deal but he insists it was his subsidiaries.  Daniel gets his hands on Stonehaven and Emily gets to Aiden before he can take another potshot at Victoria after Prosser accuses her of using him to help her son.

Aiden is sent a video with Coleen's last moments as if she Od-ed but as said she could have died anytime.  He thinks she may be alive but if she isn't it will be Emily's fault.  Emily comes clean to Daniel about Victoria wanting her to help and Daniel tells her he was already aware.  Nolan catches Padma with the cam after telling her he's left his card in the office.  She finds a flashdrive and copies it in the computer.  His suspicions being alerted when she mentions Carrion being a computer programme and last time she called it a person.  He tells Emily this since she's the only one he can trust and refers to Aiden as Thomas Crown, this time, ha.  Emily's advice is for him to play Padma like she's playing him.

Emily was brave sticking her neck out telling Aiden to fight the Initiative instead of following their orders since it's obvious he would hold her responsible for anything that happened to his sister, which he does.  She's now in his bad books so he'll be out for vengeance.  Nolan also tells Emily Carrion is a programme that is incomplete cos the rest of it is in his head.  It's a programme that can turn Manhattan dark in milliseconds but she wonders why the initiative would be after it.  AT least he's found out about the other skank and turncoat Padma now and that love does not run smoothly.  It's apparent Padma is being used just like Aiden though we don't know yet what they hold over her.

There was no end narration from Emily this time.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The Mentalist 5.14 "Red In Tooth And Claw" Review

Lisbon (Robin Tunney) is at her customary Thursday night poker game where Bertram (Michael Gaston) loses to Judge Manchester (John Rubinstein).  She's called away to a CS at the natural history museum where the DB of a student, Linda (Jen Kuhn) has been found.  She's been eaten away by bugs and worms and Lisbon has a fainting fit at the sight of them.  Er, she's been to how many CS over the period of her career, why was this one so different, thinking she must have encountered some bugs along the way too.  It was so out of character for her.  Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti) calls reminding her to ask Bertram about her stipend for the computer hacking course, White Hat (what no red?) she wants to go on.  After discussing this with Bertram who is too busy thinking about his losing streak, he refuses since they don't have it in the budget.

Linda's colleagues are questioned about her and Megan (Samantha Quan) says how she had won a scholarship whilst the rest of them will be paying off their student loans from their social security cheques.  Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) finds a substance in Linda's desk which turns out to be sugar and Megan says she had a boyfriend but doesn't now who it it was.  Obviously she was lying.  Department head Dr Sonia Kidd (Zuleikha Harrison) tells Patrick how they are a family.
 Patrick replies, "people murder family members everyday, it's natural"
Sonia "Murder is natural but abnormal."  Can't help but wonder if Patrick's line here is loaded, especially since his family was murdered by RJ but with the theories flying around as to who this is, even that it's actually Patrick himself, it kind of reinforces this here.  Yet he didn't say this with any kind of regret, it was made to sound like an ordinary comment.

Again with the next part of their conversation when he asks what animal Linda studied.  It matters cos "nobody picks what they dedicate their life to by accident.  It says something."
Sonia: "I study primate brains.  What does that say about me?"
Patrick: "You have dark thoughts inside your head that you want to believe are normal and natural. (Laughs) Which they are of course."  Agian with this reply.  Firstly the part about nobody picking what they dedicate their lives to by accident.  Patrick was a dedicated conman made to follow this route by his father.  Then he's dedicated his life to finding Red John and killing him for revenge.  This says something about him and his character too.  Can't help but think this comment was about him. Remember the CBI team are a family too!

The dark thoughts aspect is also intriguing and well a bit dark in themselves.  He has dark thoughts all the time particularly in earlier seasons as to what he'll do to RJ when he finds him as he's told Lisbon on several occasions.  As well as going through pretty much a dark patch in his life not so long ago.  Leaving CBI, meeting Lorelei and not telling Lisbon about his plans at the end of season 4.  I thought the dark aspect was interesting since this season of the show is meant to be dark, but not all the episodes are like that.

Patrick (Simon Baker) returns from the museum bearing gifts: a butterfly impression for Van Pelt, Triceratops for Cho (Tim Kang) and T-Rex for Rigsby.  Clearly as far as dinosaurs go these two seem to be having a juvenile rivalry going.  But it's fun to watch.  Rigsby clearly believes his dinosaur is superior and Cho believes it's his, calling the T-Rex a chicken with small feet.  Whereas Triceratops was just a veggie eater.  For himself he brings back jelly dinosaurs which come in handy at the end.  What did Lisbon get?  They question Jeanette (Rosalie Ward) who tells Lisbon that Linda was dating a cop and Gregory (Casey Graf) introduces them to adjunct professor Paul Friedman (Rob Benedict) yep he was my suspect straightaway!  Not cos he was prophet Chuck in Supernatural, ha, Chuckie you should have known better, he just looked suspicious.

Cho and Patrick question Officer Ray Moran (Drew Rausch) but turn up when he's investigating  a theft, where money was stolen by the thief reaching in under the window and taking it.  Obviously Patty has time to solve this cos the answer's staring everyone in the face as was the thief.  He tells the assistant, Shainu Bala) to put his hand under the gap in the window and then take it out.  Of course he wouldn't be able to, duh, didn't think of that before.  Officer Ray tells Cho about how Linda was perfect and made him change too but then he dumped her after someone had emailed him the link to her dating profile.  She'd joined a dating site so he doesn't know if she was seeing other men or not.  Van Pelt finds someone had set up the fake account and she was able to get into it using a common password; "QWERTY".  Oh how can they have Lisbon asking what that is!  Lisbon is impressed but Van Pelt is unhappy at missing out on the course.

Patrick reads over the profile and picks out key words which will help them play bingo and pick out who actually set it up.  Giving Rigsby and Cho bits of paper with the key words on it.  "Hot guy, bad ass,"  they should question her colleagues and see who speaks like that.  He himself talks to Sonia and Paul who is baiting moths using his own recipe of beer and brown bananas.  It would be Patrick who finds out who wrote the profile since Megan uses the same words in her conversation.  She tells Cho Linda had all the luck and the man, why shouldn't she be happy too.

Patrick offers to give Sonia and her students a memory seminar since she's so impressed with his memory skills.  It's easy to remember if you don't forget.  He wants tables set up and props from Linda's office, just animals.  Whilst he later goes on  a museum heist with Cho and Rigsby.  Who wonders why he wants those things, Cho adds he gave up asking years ago.  Yeah go with the flow man.  Rigsby distracts prof Papadakis (Dakin Matthews) and visiting children there by holding a tarantula in his hand, whilst Patty breaks into the display case and steals the moth in the petri dish.

He's arranged the animals on the table and will  recite the order they appear in from memory after he briefly looks at them.  Jeanette thinks he set them up so he gets Paul to change their order.  Of course Patrick comes to the moth which isn't there.  Talk about giving yourself away!  Patrick had also given a note to Jeanette compensating for future eventualities and she reads it now, "the moth is in the prof's pocket."  Linda discovered the moth but he wanted it for his failing career so he killed her.

In between all this Patrick has the opportunity to help out Van Pelt by revealing Betram's tells when he plays poker and this way he'll win Manchester, which is exactly what happens.  He tells Lisbon her plan of getting Patrick to coach him worked and offers Van Pelt the stipend after all.  Rigsby spouts facts about dinosaurs and Cho tells him he read those off Google, which he did.  Cho wins since Rigsby's a coward cos he's in love with Van Pelt but won't admit it.  Well we knew that too.

Hey Patty uses his wedding ring to fend off females, on the prowl, ha.  I was going to say he puts it to good use.  Yes he's more enamoured/lustful of Lorelei but he's clearly flattered when Sonia comes to thank him for solving the case and says it's a question of natural selection: all the good ones are taken.  He tells her to re-name the moth and she'll name it after Linda.  Ahh Patty you heartbreaker!!

Patrick and Lisbon play poker using his jelly dinosaurs as and he wins her.  She thinks it was a nice thing eh did for Van Pelt. So no red John this ep as we take yet another break from the mystery to get a routine murder investigation, which I thought wasn't very good, nothing exciting happened, aside from Cho and Rigsby's scenes.  Rigsby: "You date pregnant hookers and your dinosaur eats grass!
Why are professors at museums so cliched in having to be Greek!  This ep focused more on some characterization of the team than placing more emphasis on the case which was good cos it distracted us from the ordinary case, ha!

Patrick hasn't come bearing gifts since season 1.6 Red Handed has he,when he bought those expensive watches and necklaces, so he went out of his way again and yet no one even thanked him.  Patty hasn't been so generous and selfless in a long time and how he came through for Van Pelt was great to see.  They have more of a close relationship than the others on the team, aside from Lisbon, as we've seen in many episodes, how she always calls him out on his 'tricks' and challenges him to rove his comments and thoughts on cases and just in general.  Like when he got her to write "Rigsby" on the paper in a mentalist game and he read it whilst she was writing, showing she still has feelings for him and here Cho brings up the same thing.  Haven't mentioned that in a long while.

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The Vampire Diaries 4.14 "Down the Rabbit Hole" Review

Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) have another heart to heart about the cure and how he wants to take it since he's seen every side of being a vampire: power, guilt, which basically sums up Klaus (Joseph Morgan).  Rebekah (Claire Holt) sees Elena take his hand when he says they'll be friends.  Elena calls Caroline (Candace Accola) and tells him Klaus must have the sword hidden somewhere since he can't get to it.  SO she and Tyler (Michael Trevino) find the sword in his attic, not a very good hider is he just like Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and his soapdish!  Tyler notices the writing on the hilt and Caroline says you have to decipher it like a decryption, she's seen The Da Vinci Code.  Klaus can help anytime he likes but he prefers to smirk for a while.  Especially since the language is Aramaic, to which Tyler asks what that is, Duh Tyler, a dead language.  Klaus claims it was Kitsia's language.

Anyway he can't resist helping and translates for them,  When Caroline comes up with a serious of symbols which don't mean to her. She calls Caroline with a map and location of the cure and Klaus tells her there's only one cure and Tyler hangs up, too late.  Klaus is adamant he will still go ahead and kill Tyler in vengeance for turning his hybrids against him and for Kol.  SO it would have been okay if he had killed his own sibling.  Yet he killed Carol Lockwood so thought they'd be even now.  Caroline tells Tyler she will beg Klaus for mercy since Tyler is worried about himself being killed.  He'll have to leave Mystic Falls again.  Klaus finally relents and says he will forgive and show 'mercy' if he leaves now.  Then adds he'll give him a headstart before he hunts him down and kills him.

Tyler and Caroline have a bit of an emotional farewell with Tyler saying it won't be forever, they're immortal and will find a way of being together one day.  She makes him promise to be happy, to lead a full life and to forget about her.  Klaus also telling Caroline she wouldn't take the cure since she loves the power of being a vampire, of being strong.  Damon actually being selfless for once, ha and Rebekah commenting on thinking how he's becoming a person.

Elena, Stefan and Rebekah arrive at a lake and Elena suggests Rebekah leave the phone incase she can't cross it.  Stefan makes her go first and Rebekah tells Stefan there's only one cure.  Even if she felt pity and let him take it, he'd only give it to Elena so she breaks his neck.  Elena and Stefan have yet another heart to heart and he tells her of the cure  being just one.  She then recalls Bonnie's (Kat Graham) spell won't hold Klaus for long and they should forget their "pity party" and get down there.

Damon is being man handled (ha) and led by Galen (Charlie Bewley) the Scottish hunter and he also tells him he needs to give Silas the cure before he kills him.  Also telling him there's only one cure.  Damon doesn't want it.  He asks Damon about the tattoos and Damon says he knows nothing about them, he has a "flawless body."  Shane (David Alpay) leads Bonnie and Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) down into the cave, having taken care of Massek, or was that Caitlin who did it,  Wait no, it was the surprise visitor to the island who did it.  Since neither Damon or Galen are claiming prizes for taking out the islanders.  Bonnie cuts her hand when she gets it the bottom of the rope.  Then once again has a great time pawing a shirtless Jeremy.  Enjoy it while you can since he may not be around for long.

Bonnie works her spell and Jeremy's tattoo disappears.  She also tells him she'll take care of Shane even if she has to kill him herself.  There's a rock slide as the magic works and Shane injures his leg.  They leave him behind.  She finds it amusing that a "newbie hunter and a witch who needs adult supervision" made it this far. She then sees Grams (Jasmine Guy) who tells Bonnie she's close to bringing her back for good since the dead can communicate with the living here.  Jeremy snaps Bonnie out of it to tell her Grams wasn't here since he couldn't see her.  Silas was in her head and she has to keep him out.  She should only listen to Jeremy's voice.  Oh man, juts had a thought what if Silas was inside Jeremy too somehow, oh scratch that it sounds far fetched.

Caitlin appears to Shane and he realizes she isn't real either.  Just like The First in Buffy when it appeared to her and others in the form of their dead loved ones.  Damon is about to be killed by Galen and Rebekah arrives to stop him but he uses his new fangled gadgets on her.  Didn't we see something similar to that device in Blood Ties.  Damon is trapped by a noose round his neck and Stefan needs to help him.  Elena is sent ahead whilst Stefan tells Damon he's just going to give up on her without a fight.  If she becomes human she may not love him.  Damon helps Rebekah, don't know why, and she she says much the same thing of giving up.  He needs a siesta.

Elena is attacked by someone and Bonnie finds they need to feed Silas their blood to awaken him and to release the cure from him.  Elena arrives and saves Jeremy from Galen killing him and then she bites Jeremy's neck and uses his blood to feed Silas.  Bonnie is helpless after being stabbed by Galen but couldn't she still use some of her magic to help.  Stefan finds Elena and we realize it's Katherine.  What a way to bring her back. She's been hiding somewhere but knows all about the cure and where to be, so who clued her in?  She takes the cure and leaves Jeremy to Silas who breaks his neck.  There lies Jeremy, a Gilbert who keeps getting killed over and over.  Will it be for good this time?  Will his ring work to save him?  Will he become a vampire too?  Will Bonnie use magic on him?  This will be a huge blow for Elena who has lost all family members, not to mention she became a vampire for his sake and wanted the cure for his sake too, kind of but also for herself.  It's a bit of a cheap shot having Jeremy being killed like that, if he's dead in much the same way Damon is the one to be tortured and captured most of the time.  Wonder why he bothers.

But the cure couldn't be given to everyone and we wonder just who would have actually taken it since it would have altered the dynamic of the show so much.  What does Katherine want with the cure anyway, thought she liked being a vampire.  Maybe cos no one really likes her.  Is she going to use it on someone or herself.  She bit Jeremy and killed him so anyway how will she deal with the hunter's curse and even if she takes the cure and becomes human it won't affect her.

Oh and Klaus gets out too seeing as Bonnie's spell won't work now as she's injured.  He tells Caroline he saved Tyler all for her, "love."  Showing mercy for Tyler and walks off.  We also got to see Klaus trying to convince Caroline they're both alike which is why she asked for mercy for Tyler as she'd show Klaus the same, but would she?  Stefan and his torch thought vampires could see in the dark.  Oh and the show gets an Alice in Wonderland title too.

Once Upon A Time Season 2

Season 1 of Once Upon A Time was a sure-fire hit and already fans can't wait for then new season in the UK, which aired 30th September 2012.  Naturally we always have to wait longer, don't know why Channel 5 didn't just show it in the same way they do The Mentalist, in two half seasons so that we're not behind the US that much.  We just end up getting spoilers before, during and after the show is over.

So if you enjoyed Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) Prince Charming (Josh Dallas) the evil Queen/stepmother/Regina (Lana Parrilla) the Mad Hatter, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket (Raphael Sbarge) Rumpelstiltskin (Robert Carlyle) Red Riding Hood (Meghan Orhy) the Seven Dwarfs; et al, you may be excited to hear of other fairytale characters making it to season 2.  Then again some of you may not and may feel not so many should be added.  Preferring to stick to the old lot.  This includes Captain Hook for Peter Pan lovers, or those obsessed with pirates.  Personally I have a penchant for Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) so Hook won't get a look in as far as I'm concerned! Ha.  Captain Hook will be played by Colin O'Donoghue.  Wonder if this will lead to Peter Pan making an impromptu visit himself, which I doubt and even Tinkerbell, considering the show has many fairies.

There's also Sir Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) heading into Arthurian legend territory but this wasn't a fairytale in the classic sense.  Mulan (Jamie Chung) is also high kicking it onto the show, does this mean more dragons will feature too?  There's also Ariel, Jack (from the beanstalk, he's meant to jack from many other stories too, a kind of Jack of all trades.) Aladdin and Jafar, so there's another genie since we've already had one in the form of Sidney and the mirror.  Prince Phillip (Julian Morris), Sleeping Beauty/Aurora (Sarah Bolger).  The Miller's daughter, to name a few.

Oh and Emma's (Jennifer Morrison) VW is actually Herbie The Love Bug, noo...We also meet Milah (Rachel Shelley) the deceased wife of Rumples.  hey how come Rumplestiltskin didn't vanish when people found out his name since that's what happened in the original story.

The Mad Hatter is also on the cards but won't feature too much which is a shame, had a bit of a soft spot for him too.  ABC were thinking of this character getting his own spin off show, only problem being Sebastian Stan is unavailable for the project since he will be in the Broadway production of Picnic and the next Captain America film, so the network was looking to recast the role with another actor.  I think this would be a mistake cos Sebastian really made the character his own and someone new just won't measure up.  It just won't be the same Hatter without him.  Sebastian is the Mad Hatter.  But being a network making serious bucks, they probably won't wait until he is available and pray tell, why didn't they come up with this idea when he was filming season 1?!

Anyway lots to look out for only hope season 2 lives up to the same quality storylines and emotion as season 1, seeing as "magic is coming..." for most it can't get here fast enough.

CSI 13.4 "It Was A Very Good Year" Review

Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) waits for DB (Ted Danson) and Greg (Eric Szmanda) to arrive at a CS in the desert where he plays Chopsticks on the piano, he used to dabble when younger.  The DB of a woman is bloodied and Greg recognizes her as Alison (Jessica Lee Keller).  She helped him with his book a few years back and was a music journalist.  DB is surprised about this, what that Greg can actually write, ha.  About time his book was mentioned since it seemed to have been forgotten about over the seasons.  Obviously there's more going on with Greg but he doesn't let on or else he'd be taken off the case.

The piano was being taken to LA for repairs and she was cut over 27 times with a box cutter (that's carpet knife to you and me).  Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) sees Greg cleaning Alison's DB and has a few words with him.  He admits Alison was more than just a friend and he they spent a week together, of fun.  It was a fling and they didn't stay in touch but that's cos she probably didn't want to as he didn't hear back from her.  Greg doesn't want DB to know the extent of his involvement with Alison.  She also says she's not one to give relationship advice, so he abruptly tells her she's right.  Which is true, I mean he was attracted to Morgan at the start but nothing came of it.  SO she can't really hand him advice now, of course he was being harsh.  Especially since he's upset.

Morgan begins to tell him about her own parents and their divorce when Greg has a brainwave.  Her other piece of advice, don't go to autopsy.  Anyway as said why was she handing gout advice anyway, Greg didn't need it or want it.  This should have been left to someone he's known for longer, someone like Nick (George Eads) or especially Sara (Jorga Fox) as I liked that special bond the two of them shared in earlier eps.  Morgan was more interested in Hodges (Wallace Langham) but that aside the producers/writers were trying to lull us into some false sense of security over Morgan actually having romantic feelings for Greg when she doesn't really.

No, DB attends autopsy himself and Doc Robbins (Robert David Hall) mentions the stab wounds.  They find the man transporting the piano was Lenny (Channon Roe) who has a criminal record, surprise, surprise.  He goes by the name of 'Moondog' and asks about witness protection cos the piano was being transported for Tommy Grazzetti (Jay Acovone).  Also asking Brass if he's interested in the guitar.  Lenny discovered the DB in the piano and dumped it in the desert out of sheer panic and fear.  Greg knows all about Grazetti's mob connections. 

Morgan brings back reams of evidence from Alison's including Greg's book, so we get to see a hard copy of that at least!  Which DB checks out and compliments Greg on a good photo on the back cover.  Hey it looked like he was wearing the same clothes in the photo as he was now.   Nick and Finn (Elisabeth Shue) blast the piano with luminol and find so much blood trace, as well as black fibres which Greg found on the piano.  Hodges analyzes these and finds they're some sort of polyvinyl but doesn't know where they're from.  He also analyzed the trace as glue from horse hide.  One side of the trace has indents on it.

Greg and DB arrive at Grazetti's theatre and get a smidgen of a song from Frank Sinatra impersonator Jeff Lummet (Toby Huss).  He didn't look or sound like Sinatra to me.  Greg recalls the story of Ledo (Erhun Akpinar) a legendary piano player who was meant to have been shot by Grazetti, but no DB was found so no case could be made.  They check out the room where the piano was stored after being told Grazetti is out of town.  Think he should have stayed out.  There's lots of cleaning up done there and the outline of the piano legs are left.  As well as a spot of blood and Greg finds similar fibres.  Grazetti turns up and Greg loses it accusing him of murdering Alison.  DB takes him aside and wants him to run the case away from here.  Greg reminds him how he acted when his granddaughter, Katy was missing with the rulebook going out the window and he agrees he didn't act in the best way.  But he made progress when he took his heart out of it.

Sara processes the scene further and finds a cleaned up blood trail which leads to a room where music is being played.  Here she finds Jeff with a glass balanced on his chest as he lies on the floor.  She asks what he's doing at a CS.  He claims he helped Alison when she was researching Sinatra but has an alibi.  He was checking out tunes at a club using an App, Note Seek, which notes the few bars of music and then gives the title of the song.  He gives them his history which appears to check out with Note Seek.  He also blames himself for Alison's death since she found out things about Grazetti which may have led to her death.  More like he was attempting to cover his tracks.

Finn asks DB how he's doing with Barbara who has returned home but sees Maya at weekends in Seattle.
DB listens to one of Barbara's Sinatra records and the record stops as there's a scratch on it.  He takes his own box cutters and chips away at the scratch which leaves black shavings behind.  The same trace found at the scene so they know what it is.  Also he determines the glue trace has record grooves on it so they can find the song and find the killer.  Sara pieces these together and finds four different pieces.  DB uses his App to identify them and one is found to be a Sinatra recording of a live performance from the Sands.  Sara also finds that the set of numbers they found from Alison's belongings was the serial number on this rare recording.

Leo says he sold the record to Jeff.  Thus he killed Alison.  He tells Nick he was interested in her but she asked him for that recording.  She then told him it was for a friend, Greg and that's when he lost it and attacked her.  Oh come on what a psycho, he really thought she'd be interested in him, as Nick tells him and so does Brass, he's an impersonator and  not the real thing.

Greg also gets to solve the Grazetti mystery and finds a print from one of his photos matches to Ledo Wright and as they now have Grazetti's print, they find he's really Ledo.  Well Grazetti gave himself away there when he said he was at the Sands casino with the Rat Pack, since a list shows Grazetti was banned from going there since he was counting cards.  It started with Alison's GPS which led to 850 Timber Lane on the same days he was killed.  Greg found the photo she had of Grazetti going to that same house in 1966.  The photo was from a PI who worked from Sam Braun and he had Grazetti followed. The house belonged to Linda who was a radical and robbed the Rampart casino.  Also Grazetti was wearing an Irish Claddagh ring but he was an Italian. Grazetti admits he's Ledo but they made up after they fight and Grazetti choked on a chicken bone.  He was dodging the Draft so he and some men came up with the idea of his taking over Grazetti's identity.

A Greg centred ep which was good to see.  Why was Greg allowed to wash her body anyway, usually it's David (David Berman) or Doc who does that.  Didn't like Morgan interfering though and she does the same at the end.  Looking like she and Greg could have real possibility of getting together.  Oh forget it, it's too late for them and besides Greg deserves someone better not second best. Greg is shocked when he hears Alison was in Vegas cos of him and they had a possibility chance of making a go of it.  That was the kicker really since Greg has never even successful with the ladies and to think that he had a chance here.  Well it's sad but also cliched since anyone he likes either gets mixed up with murder or is murdered.   See 11.12 A Kiss Before Frying  for another great Greg ep.  Morgan tells him she should apologize even though Greg makes the first move.  He told her about their last night in New York and how he told her he'd meet her there, but wouldn't really.  Morgan tells him not to hold on to the past but hands him a Sinatra record and quotes him, "The best is yet to come."  But it won't be with Morgan, which is a relief! I like Morgan but she's not right for our Greggie!

Then there's Jeff who delusionally believes he is Sinatra and even better than the original.  Er, he didn't even sound like him as I said.   Liked Hodges's demo with the hide glue being spread over a record to clean it and then scraped off with a box cutter, giving the glue a negative copy of the record.  Sara is a Radiohead listener whilst DB listens to The Grateful Dead.