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CSI 15.18 "The End Game" Review

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The Gig Harbour Killer returns and gets a tattoo of himself whilst hanging out with two women.  He then cuts off his finger and becomes his brother Jared.  Finn (Elisabeth Shue) returns home to find a package from her mother and opens it to reveal a statue of the twins Castor and Pollux, as well as a bottle with a finger inside.  She doesn't realize when she sees the statute that it's actually a connection to Paul Winthrop (Mark Paul Gossellaar).  She must have a short memory.  He calls telling her "this is the beginning of the end."  Kind of poignant there in some ways, especially considering that's what it turned out to be for this show!  She takes it to have it analyzed.  Oh the penny finally dropped. Nick (George Eads) talks to DB (Ted Danson) and notices he's grown a beard within a week, which his wife doesn't like.  As Nick has shaved his.  Ahh, so we can see Nick clean shaven (or rather George) before he leaves, just as he was all those years ago back in 2000.  That seems an age ago.  He mentions the Sand Diego lab director and the job to him and Nick thinks DB's trying to get rid of him, but he doesn't want to leave and is having second thoughts, but DB thinks he'll get the promotion and should take it.  Finn interrupts and listen to what they were talking about.

Sara (Jorga Fox) tells Nick that the tracking number didn't lead them anywhere and he asks for some advice, her guessing it's about San Diego as he's having some reservations about leaving.  She reminds him what Grissom would say, to go "where you can do the most good."

Henry (Jon Wellner) has analyzed the blood on the statue and on the finger and finds the finger belongs to Paul, but also that the blood doesn't belong to him but it's female and since it's all over the statue it's most likely the murder weapon.  The finger was also in saline and another unknown substance.  Greg (Eric Szmanda) watches Hodges (Wallace Langham) with tattoos on his arm and he says he hasn't got a tat but it's a sleeve which will show him what tattoos would look like.  The unknown substance he says is tattoo ink and the artist must have used it for Jared's tattoos.  The artist moved to Vegas and has an ex-wife who has a twin sister.   Greg realizes it could be their blood.

Sara and Greg go to the lost rented by Amelia and her sister but it's a CS which has already been staged and prepped.  Though it's not quite finished in terms of being very different to the others. Such as the Gemini signs aren't hidden in the strings this time.  As well as being a rope with some sort of yellow transfer/trace.  There are still the strings made from human tissue and blood on the floor.  Sara picks up the recorder and he leaves them a message which is for DB and how those who separated him from Jarad will pay.  As Greg uses the new machine from the lab which shows them how old the blood stains are.  The blood is quite fresh thus the murders took place at least twelve hours ago. Hodges tells Sara the rope is dogbane and is used in gardening and the trace was pollen from a cactus.

Finn mentions that Daniel Shaw (Mark Valley) is asking for a deal as he has some information to share about the Killer.  When she arrives to see him, he sends his lawyer packing cos he doesn't want a deal but just wants to tell her everything.  He tells her about their father and how he was investigating a lead that the accomplice wasn't necessarily Jared.  Also mentioning Brother Larson (Eric Roberts) whom we saw in the episode of CSI 13.22 Skin In The Game and 14.1 The Devil and DB Russell.  Anyway the preacher pimp we could call him.  He can talk him to him if she lets him out for 48 hours.  We see Larson convincing a prostitute to carry on with her 'job' but she wants to leave the game.  Also asking her for an envelope.  He sees Daniel and he says he needs information from him, he used to work for him so he has info on him.  Finn shows up. He doesn't want to talk but tells them about the twins father and how he used to find him girls. Talking about the apple not falling from the tree at all.  he tells them he doesn't harm the girls and that his accomplice is most likely Paul's father, Collin (Barry Bostwick).

Coincidentally he just happens to be in San Diego and Finn says she knows a guy as it turns out that Colin is into plants.  Nick heads over there first and it seems the CSIs there know they may be working for him soon.  CSI Ellis (Brandon Bell) tells him about there being a guesthouse where they suspect Paul has been hanging out.   As Daniel and Finn arrive.  Nick checks out the guesthouse and find meds and bloody bandages.  There's also a chest freezer which has two DBs inside of it.  Finn shows Colin the search warrant and he has nothing to say.  He's arrested when they find the DBs.  As they leave Finn is called by Paul. He shoots Colin and then also at her when Daniel dives in front to save her.  No Finn put your phone away first before you tell them about the sniper!   The rifle is found in a spot where he was hiding out to take the shot and Nick analyzes it for Paul's prints.  Daniel doesn't make it and Finn tells this to DB.  Who tells her to head home, well that's silly, he will  be after her wouldn't he.  Didn't she need some police protection and so the lab would've been safer for her.

Doc (Robert David Hall) finds the DBs had blunt force trauma and such a multitude of fractures that David (David Berman) couldn't count all of them.  The sisters also engaged in rough sex.  Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) shows DB footage from Collin's greenhouse where he's visited by Larson and they argue.  She tells DB there's a way to hear what they were saying, as she and Sara went on the Net and found a site where she can hear what was said through the plant's vibrations.  Colin tells him he's had enough of his blackmailing and Paul might try and find his daughter, May and kill her. Larson is with DB as he tells him he found out may was missing at 15.  Larson says she ran to a convent and gave birth to twins and she's their mother, Sister Alice that Finn spoke to.  DB replies Larson is the twins' father and they found this though DNA.  She was one of his girls but he actually had an affair with her and made her pregnant.  So Logan is their father.  Finn goes home and breaks the news of her father's death to Daniel's daughter, Amy. She's then confronted by Paul.

Sara thinks DB may be the next target and he will pick up Finn and head to Seattle with her.  DB is confronted by Paul who has Finn and he wants him to read the CS.  He says she's not dead cos there's not enough blood and no blood spatter and wants to know where she is.  Paul replies the desert.

Sara finds Morgan and says that Finn and DB aren't answering their phones and she heads over there, telling Morgan to bring Greg with her.  They enter the apartment and Mitch (Larry Mitchell) shoots Paul before he can fire at them.  With DB telling them to stop cos they don't know where Finn is. Sara tells them to search for Paul's car and Morgan finds one which was stolen.  Opening it up, they find Finn inside and Greg tries to resuscitate her.

Nick gets ready to leave and DB puts Finn's badge into an envelope.  She's in a com and they don't know if she'll come out of it.  Obviously if there had been another season then she'd have made a miraculous discovery, more's the pity.  He got the job and he's going.  Sara reminding him they'll be meeting for drinks and Nick says he'll buy the first round.  Greg tells him he can buy all the drinks cos he's got a higher salary.  Nick loves and respects them both.  As he leaves we get flashbacks to his past cases over the years and how young he looked at the beginning!  Ha.  Had to get that one in. SO he came along way as he looks at the solved board of crimes and moves one from Warrick's column.

As Sara said to him, reminding him of what Grissom would say, "you go where you can do the most good."  Well he would've been missed in the show and it wouldn't have been the same without him, but I can add that to all the cast now too, cos they won't be back for a season 16.  Barring Finn of course, cos I never really liked her.  It had to end sometime but we started with CSI and we ended with CSI as it outlasted the other spin-offs.  It couldn't have gone on forever and as I said it wouldn't have lasted that long since CSI Cyber is now on air!  Apparently it seems there's only room for one such show on the network.

Revenge 4.21 "Aftermath" Review

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Emily (Emily VanCamp) returns home to find the firemen putting out the fire and David (James Tupper) runs up saying he saw the flames when he got home.  She says no one  was home which is just as well.  Nolan (Gabriel Mann) spends the night with Tony (Josh Spence) and he's made him breakfast but he has to work.  He then checks his messages with Emily telling him the house is on fire and she needs him.  Nolan asks her what the world looks like sans Victoria and she still can't believe it was an explosion.  She says the revenge is over and Nolan's falling for Tony and wants a vacation
away from the Hamptons which is is good for him and he's got a private jet if she wants to fix things with Jack (Nick Wechsler).  She has to fix things with Jack herself later and she needs his help with Mason (Roger Bart).

Mason meets with her in her car and he pretends he has a cold from the plane and how he doesn't touch the car with his hands but she doesn't notice.  Her father's alive and she's trying to have the life she wants.  He wants to remind her that Emily already told him about a new identity wherever he wants it.  He hates the Maldives.  The Amanda Clark story will be believed by people and will destroy whatever Norman Rockwell life she's going to have with her father.  He'll give it all to the papers, Homeland Security and it's her move.

Jack calls Nolan to find out about the fire and also to ask if Emily did it.  It's not a poetic end to Emily's revenge.  Nolan reassures him Emily wouldn't kill anyone.  Jack isn't sure but he knows her so well yet he still has to ask.  I mean he loves her why the need to doublecheck on her.  She needs a pre-dated paper trail for Mason from Nolan, showing Conrad killed Gordon Murphy.  He can do that and more fool Emily for not getting any proof of Mason being alive, even if it was a photo or a recording.  They made her rather lax now she's not revenging.  Stevie (Gail O'Grady) heard his call to Nolan and asks if Emily's responsible for this.  Even she's asking now, like she ever killed anyone. She's worried that Emily still affects him.  But he's not going back there.

Emily takes the papers to the DOJ saying she found a hidden compartment in the floor of her house and if the fire hadn't started it, she wouldn't have seen it.  It's got Conrad's documents in it.  They'll investigate anything about him.  Also the DOJ has no cameras in their building or outside.  How perfect for security purposes.  Especially with Mason outside.  Louise (Elena Satine) isn't convinced Victoria killed herself, cos she's been in and out of mental institutions and she doesn't think she killed herself.  She scheduled a mani-pedi for the following week.  She finds blood on Victoria's room door and assumes someone attacked Victoria.  She says it wasn't a suicide at all.

Well the Revenge standards are slipping no wonder they ended it.  Emily/Amanda went from being one step ahead to being framed by Victoria and the two wenches even figure out Victoria was murdered.  Well she wasn't.  Also Emily not realizing Mason left no prints behind and yet she met in her car.  Of course he was busy planting evidence when he dropped the tissue.  Since his cold also miraculously vanished at the DOJ building.  Don't know why she even bothered clearing his name.  Mason mentioning he knows what it's like to have your house go up in flames.  Emily's lowered her guard cos as I said in the previous ep, Mason is her only alibi cos she missed Jack's plane and it's unlikely he'll help her considering he's that sort of a two faced jerk.  Siding on whoever gave him the big bucks or whichever way the wind blew, in this case it was Victoria;  yeah two losers getting together.  Ben's (Brain Hallisay) taking this jilted lover thing too far as well, he could really be in love with a killer and he's behaving like a woman scorned!  All of a sudden everyone has to doubt Emily and think she's capable of murder.  That was Daniel and the Grayson's and Victoria. What about how Victoria killed Aiden.  That was swept under the carpet.  

Louise accuses Emily of killing Victoria on the same spot her son died (like she cares.)  Emily says   she didn't do it.  She's going to help them prove she attacked her it the garage, that was Louise, or Victoria set it up.  Think it was Victoria now.  The police call her and David disposes of the poison he got for Victoria down the sink.  She tells him about her death being ruled a suicide and he's been called in too.  They're covering their bases.  They're the prime suspects and she doesn't want anything bad happening to him.  He tells her he was working on the boat by himself and no one saw him.  Of course his alibi is even better than hers.  Nolan tells Tony about the vacation and he wants to go but he prefers tequila, not pina coladas.  Nolan saying he'd like to shack up with him someday and slapping himself for going too far too soon.  Tony however later tells him he's adopting and he's getting a baby in two days.  He's a single dad and wants it that way even though Nolan suggests he's not high maintanance.

David sees Emily in the room and Ben asks if she's worried about him.  Ben believes she's guilty and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) was the last one to see her.  If it wasn't Emily then one of her friends could've done it.  She was at her house with Ben and then at the airport.  She missed his plane but tells Ben about Mason.  Which is hard to believe since he's dead. She gives him her car keys for forensics, but obviously his phone's disconnected.  She saw him the other day and there's no security cameras in the entire city of New York now.

She bumps into Jack on the way out.  He had to come in for questioning since his leaving so soon was seen as suspect.  She denies killing Victoria.  When he heard about the fire he's glad she wasn't hurt.  She asks why he didn't say goodbye and they're interrupted.  Emily tells him to come by the beach house, but he's leaving after this.  She overhears the policewoman ask if David's alibi at the hospital checks out.  So that's Nolan and Emily in the same boat regarding being alone.  Don't think that'll last for Emily though and I so want Louise to get her just desserts regarding trying to electrocute Victoria but of course that is something that was forgotten and I will harp on about that until it's resolved, which is highly unlikely that it will.

Ben questions Jack with such contempt that he suspects he could be in on it with her, if he wasn't on that plane, which he'll have to check out.  He hasn't spoken with Emily until now when she assured him she didn't do it.  He doesn't know that she and Ben broke up and Ben congratulates him for winning cos she raced to the airport to stop him.   He can't see how he'd move away so quickly when he's lived here his whole life.  He's doing Jack a favour by keeping this off the record.  That's why he called him down cos phonecalls are recorded.  Jack wanted to know if this isn't a conflict of interest cos he's working on his girlfriend's case.

Emily waits for David outside the hospital and finds out the doctor corroborated his story.  He didn't tell her cos he saw that look in her face when she was so happy after everything was over when there weren't anymore battles to be fought.  He hasn't seen that look since she was a girl.  he doesn't have to pretend with her but he wants to.  She says they're in this together.  He feels better she knows now. He's not there when the police come for her cos she's arrested.  They find prints and some strands of Victoria's hair in Emily's car.

Louise wants to throttle someone and Margaux is writing a story that Victoria wanted her to write weeks ago but she refused.  Louise is so certain she killed Victoria, sorry luv, you're as wrong as Margaux's hairstyle and walk in her shoes.  She'll regret it.   Notice the way Emily was arrested at the beach house, it was the same way that David was taken, only he wasn't there to see it.  History repeating itself, but this time it wasn't David being framed, but Emily by Victoria!  I still have the feeling that dastardly Victoria isn't dead!!

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Gotham 1.19 Beasts of Prey 1.20 Under the Knife 1.21 The Anvil or the Hammer, The Ogre Character View

When I write a review it's almost always about shows, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity to write a character review this time round, of sorts, re Milo Ventimiglia's portrayal of The Ogre in Gotham. There was much publicity of this and the fact it was going to be a three-ep story arc, but I couldn't help but think I've seen it all before.  Deja vu strikes again Batman and it's not even about him!  Ha.
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The fact that The Ogre was actually the son of a butler and his wife, the mother who didn't love her son, couldn't love her son cos he was ugly, ergo the Ogre, see, that's Ogre spelled backwards! Well if that wasn't enough to give him a mother complex, don't know what else would be.  Ain't it always the way, that a rejected son turns out to go on a killing spree and become a serial killer, killing women.  But yes, as I was saying, I wish I could recall where I saw that entire plot point before offhand.
Some choice quotes in ep 1.20 Under The Knife and of course it was apparent that someone so ugly would undergo surgery. As for The Ogre it's more a name to do with his crimes than his actual physical appearance, since not that many would know what he looks like now, as opposed to back then.

As for Fifty Shades of Batman, er, let's not go there, poor Batman to be, Bruce Wayne is but a babe in arms in this series,'s a little discomforting to have it called this.  More like Fifty Shades of Ogre! (Ochre?) Though the Don Juan Killer was more appropriate, the Ogre would stem from him being a monstrous serial killer.  The bondage room came as a revelation to most, cos it was meant to be a rather tame adaptation compared to other shows.  Also a revelation that his Vics suffered more before being killed and weren't spared their torture.

With the sort of character Barbara (Erin Richards) is of course she wouldn't be afraid of that room, the torture chamber, I mean, not the other one.  Though as Barbara isn't killed off by this eps's end, it appears he has other plans for her, including as a possible soul mate?
Another deja vu scene when the Ogre aka Jason, but that was probably too plain a name, takes their hands and sits them down on his lap whilst perched on the edge of the chair, what's up with that? Something his mother never did to him.  He did it in 1.19 Beasts Of Prey and he did the same thing with Barbara too.  He would have an attraction to Barbara especially when he finds out she has nothing to do with Gordon (Ben Mackenzie) and that in their own twisted, messed up ways, they are both broken, making them kindred spirits in that sense.  Yet it's hard to believe she would graduate onto murder, even by proxy.

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At least this episode did have some interesting backstory looking into the background of the Ogre and who he really is, that sketch left a lot to be desired after his transformation, but it's a bit difficult to think the police had no idea he could've undergone a change in facial appearance if he's as horrendous as his father made him out to be.

"How is a successful, funny, mildly good looking guy like you still single?"
"Mildly?" Must be something wrong with him, yeah you were right, should've steered clear.

Jason: "I think what I'm looking for frightens people [more like you do] unconditional, real intense love."
So we get glimpses to what's behind the cupboard door, already, skeletons in the closet.  Funny, no blinds, no nosey neighbours perving on this "mildly good looking guy," whom the bartender describes as "hot," cos that's really strange, seeing as the windows are so close!

Leaving behind a broken heart calling card. Not his first kill. Surprised that dinner scene wasn't based on the Hannibal Lecter one!  Sooner or later he did find the one.  No one was stupid enough to "investigate" til Gordon came along.  Obviously there's a reason for going after police investigator's loved ones! Not having unconditional love of his own when he was younger.  But they did and exhibiting not only manic tendencies, but a smidgen of envy too.

Barbara: "Once you saw the real me you would run screaming like everyone else," well she said it, that's what attracted him to her, when he said in previous ep, 1.20, he'll find someone who is a kindred spirit to him, his soul mate.  Those words would've been music to his ears since he is exactly that, every woman's nightmare.

Well the clinic would've been a good place to begin with, but why cos she would've known what he ultimately looked like.
Constance Van Groot aka Miss Haversham! Great Expectations (Charles Dickens) could be an underlying theme here, Jason had some expectations, even wanting a share in her will.  Yes she could have been a Miss Haversham, yet much more crueler, toying with his emotions at an impressionable age and in what was already a damaged psyche.  Which turned out to be more Psycho and Norman Bates than anything else.  Always had knife in hand.  Jason's father only keeping the body in the house to engage in the game of keeping her money.  Also the faces being scratched from the photos was a big clue, but why not just remove them.

"A face only a mother could love."  Conjured up the parallel story of Gertrude having given birth to a monster" as Maroni tells her.  No one would ever love Jason,  Except you think his mother, but even she ran out on them.  He said same thing, about the woman he thought was his mother.  How he portrays two personas and has the world see another, one person on the outside, and he lives like that. He created, or rather recreated himself and can do the same for you, i.e become a killer like him. That photo wasn't that marked a change from what he looks like now!
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The scene at the ball in 1.20 could've been right out of a sleek movie, subject matter of dialogue aside and how these two did have something to share with each other, although as it turns out, they got their wires crossed, so as a couple, they really wouldn't have worked.  Her idea is being accepted by society, high society and people that shun her, his idea of acceptance is completely different, cos she's not looking for it.  Rather someone to share his 'life' with him and all the death and despair that entails.  So really it's all about Jason and anyone else is just a stepping stone to his death count.

How can he find the woman , the perfect partner Jason is looking for if he doesn't know what that involves.  He didn't have any female or motherly figure in his life, no mention of Constance here, she was just a poor surrogate substitute.  So how can he know what unconditional love really is.  He only has his own crazed and fundamentally flawed, yet dangerous definition.  Some nice dance moves, something you'd find in certain eps of The Vampire Diaries.  Mind you Milo was born in the year of Saturday Night Fever, 1977, just a comment! ha.

                                     Image result for gotham/the-anvil-or-the-hammer photos
There's murder in them thar eyes!

Casting of Milo was perfect in this role since he exudes a quiet charm underlying a more menacing killer, prima facie no one would suspect; with a fresh face that needs more molycoddling than exhibiting a darker incarnation.  It's when he gets the woman alone that the 'fun' for him truly begins. Through all that coldness, he retains his temper, until the women let him down by failing to meet his 'great' expectations and he has to 'take care' of them.  See that Barbara didn't get a cooking challenge.  Or how many times they could include the scene where Jason holds Barbara from behind?!

1.21 The Anvil or the Hammer kind of left a bad taste in terms of the menacing Ogre being dispatched so quickly, I mean a bullet through the head, that was it. SO how do we know that was actually THE Ogre and not some manipulation he's created.  I mean he said to Barbara in the previous ep he 'created' himself so why not someone else to take the fall for him.  Just me thinking aloud.  He didn't strike me as being stupid enough to actually lead them straight to his location by giving it away, but from that phonecall, that was exactly what it looked like; unless it was to not only kill her parents cos she wanted it done, but to end her too in process and have Gordon be there to see it.
Which wouldn't have achieved much, especially since Gordon's no longer with her and as she said, no one's gonna miss her if she were run over by a bus.  Though in this city, she was more likely to have been killed outright rather than it being any sort of accident.  Which many were hoping for.  I mean Gordon's indifference to her was apparent in the end, he didn't really care about her and to him the more important part of his job was to get Jason and he did.  Saving Barbara was just to assuage his own guilt were anything to happen to her since he didn't think she'd be a target/Vic.

Oh yeah let's get some slapping in Barbara, cos it's not like Jason's not into all of that. But she got it back too.  Though she was drugged and not fainted as some have said, who faints with their eyes still open. Anyway, she was being 'mothered' by him quite a bit wasn't she.  So much for hating his mother.  He had some motherly tendencies towards his Vics, it appears.  Also when he told her that he wants to "set you free," he means her inner killer.   Her choosing her parents to be killed by Jason, was it some desperate act of staying alive (not to bring the Bee Gees song to the fore here) or was it cos she didn't have anyone else in mind and deep down he did notice something more sinister in her, or something more painful he could manipulate.

But exposition in Jason's apartment was funny too when Gordon and Bullock (Donal Logue) work out the sounds they heard in that phonecall and where there's a bridge (there's a way! ha). Suppose they had to have a break from the serious stuff!  Not to mention that sketch got around and how it led to plenty of people seeing the likeness between it and the real Jason.
My sketch: not of Jason though! Ha.  Yeah it's funny!

At least we got to see Jason/Ogre's backstory to an extent instead of having him as a two dimensional villain.  I mean even some of his lines signified how troubled he was, but they managed to murder his character in five seconds! Which was like shooting themselves in the foot cos there wasn't much else worthwhile going on. SO if push came to shove then at least they could've brought him back if ratings fail them next season!

“Barbara, I love you. I love you like no one has ever loved you. But if you try to escape, I will chain you to the ceiling and gut you.”  Someone apply this to the writer!  Ha.

Milo you need to play more bad guys, as if you aren't one already.  Now work that one out!

With Bruno Heller having left The Mentalist to helm this show, also created by him, it would appear that at least in its first season it would have had an impact.  Yet the Ogre story arc wasn't resolved to a satisfactory conclusion in much the same way that that Red John storyline was completed. It wasn't much of a surprise as more of a fizzle moment.  Leaving a rather lacklustre final series 7!  But this arc was three eps and so there was much potential to at least do something different, but no, it ended as many thought it would, at least I did, with the Ogre being killed off and to my chagrin if this was to happen, it was Gordon who pulled the trigger, but Bullock had to distract him, so it wasn't so much as Gordon getting the serial killer, was it worth having him on the case.  It was one of those endings that felt like it 
was sending you a broken heart card!

The Vampire Diaries 6.17 "A Bird In A Gilded Cage" Review

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So we're off to rescue the mother this ep after Damon (Ian Somerhalder) does some crawling to Bonnie (Kat Graham) oh don't even get me started on sanctimonious Bonnie!  She's changed yeah and into a right old witch, use your rhyming skills here for what I really mean.  She meets with Kai (Chris Wood) who tells her he's changed and then shows her the 1903 ascendant which he found cos he knew that Damon would've wanted it, shouldn't have bothered.  This must be bitchin' season in Mystic Falls, cos everyone was showing their selfish side all of a sudden.  Never mind Stefan's (Paul Wesley) trying to guilt Caroline (Candace Accola) into losing control, wait guilt isn't the right word. he's trying to get her to become like him, so when her year is over she can feel the pain of every cruel act she's inflicted on the innocent and some not so innocent.  Well Caroline that's what you get for making him lose his humanity, switch it off.  Did she think it'd be some picnic as if she hasn't already seen what he's capable of.  He was the ripper after all and as Damon says he's halfway to getting there again.

So Stefan wasn't faking switching his humanity off, it would've been far easier if he had, instead we get a vampire v vampire game of revenge like Stefan gathering up the trture tools, contained in the throne! With Damon being a little slow to inject him, so much for being big brother.  He kills Carolin's director of the play she was auditioning for, well that's what you get for blabbing.  She scuppered Enzo's (Michael Mularkey) plans of getting revenge on Stefan using Sarah (Tristan Mays) and thinks she can just live' a normal life, go to college and everything's going to be peachy in a year.

I'm still waiting for Jeremy to get that call about Bonnie being back, you know, 'she's back' and not for the better; Alaric's (Matt Davis) too caught up with being a father.  Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) treats Sarah in hospital and tells her she was found by a professor after having too much to drink, so how come she didn't notice her scars, cos I mean you do have scars after surgery.  Alaric thinks she can spend a normal life back at Duke after this and Jo gets a notion to name their child Duke which he hates. But comes up with Josette as an alternative.  Course he's not been thinking baby names.  Enzo goads him to trying to get Stefan and Caroline with vervain, calling him a coward and the kid won't be too proud of that.

Caroline telling Enzo she's a drama major, thought she was going to say drama queen!  Would've been more appropriate since this entire mess began with her.  After everything she's been through, she's not able to deal with the pain of losing a loved one, how'd she cope when she lost her father and don't tell me she didn't love him, cos she did and also don't say it was cos her mother was around. Anyway she takes apart Stefan's bike after he bit off the director's head and he tells her that's all she could come up with.  So she punches his fuel tank.  Then he turns up again as she stakes him and then stakes a student who's not really meant to be there.  Before Enzo and Alaric show up and are attacked by a Molotov cocktail, of sorts.  Caroline stops Stefan from killing them by threatening him with the vervain and he decides the girl's a much better choice, as he feeds on her and tempts Caroline into doing the same.  Then they just get together, casually doing their thang.  Which she what she wanted all along, but really in this way Caroline?

So they head to 1903 with Bennett blood and they need the ascendant back to return to Mystic Falls, thus Bonnie says she'll look for it with Kai since Damon and Elena should meet his mother alone. Knew she was lying through her teeth.  Finally meeting mother (Annie Wersching) she tells them how she got vampire blood by a nurse in the hospital.  She's been using two drops of blood a day cos that's all she could find here and also scrimping on the teabags I see, using one for three, ha!  Damon tells her she needs to return cos she has to bring Stefan back and only a mother's love can do that, yeah and that of a fellow ripper.  Lily wants to take back the others with them whom she calls her family, cos they saved her.  Damon says they can't take them all back and will return for them.  Elena finds the ascendant in the cave as Bonnie has her own agenda for revenge.

She reminds Kai about leaving her alone as she stabs him in the back and leaves him there.  She believes he has changed but so has she.  He disappears.  Damon breaks the bottle of blood so she can't give it to them and they can't come with them as they head for home.  Kai finds them, but he calls out to Bonnie, why didn't he just run and join them.  He later finds Lily's family there in the cave.  Bonnie interrupts Damon and Elena and he says they're not going back to 1903 only he hasn't told Lily that.  She gives him something she brought back from 1994, cos his notes on Nova Scotia reminded her of there being magic there.  He opens up the box to find the cure.  He wanted it for Elena once and now he's not sure what he wants to do with it.  She says it's none of her business what he does with it.  He could just give it to Lily instead.  

Liked Damon's line of Stefan being a mama's boy, that's why he's a ripper too.  Also why he acts out so much! ha.  Bonnie has well and truly changed cos old Bonnie would've told Damon to give Elena the cure, but she's not bothered either way.  Gordon Bennett (as we say here! ha)  Bonnie you should've stayed back in 1994 and alone.  Seems Stefan and Caroline are going to reek havoc as the rip roaring duo for a while now.  Wonder how Stefan will react when he sees mother.  Won't that make him act out even more, not to mention Lily's reaction.  Who knows what she'll do seeing him that way.

As far as I'm concerned there may have been a point where I didn't like what Enzo was up to with Sarah, but now I agree with him.  He should destroy Stefan in any way possible, even if that means using Sarah.  Okay Stefan flipped his switch for Caroline, but he knew what he was getting into and they are such a selfish lot.  Got his mother back to save his family as Damon tells Lily about Stefan being his family, lied to everyone in the process and didn't think about getting Kai back, who isn't perfect, but it's okay for them to use people like that.  Same goes for you Elena, all about you.  All she could bring back was Damon's baby pic, boo hoo!  The sooner she takes the cure, the better cos she's really nothing but a loose end.  Maybe I have too much of a conscience when watching this show, should flip the switch and turn it off, ha, but Damon you too have gone off the rails and killed people, even if you weren't a ripper!  So much for judging Lily.

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Revenge 4.20 "Burn" Review

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Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) reads the papers' headlines stating she's a horrible monster and feels there's nothing left to do but give up.  She refuses to leave her apartment.  Louise (Elena Satine) arrives and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) doesn't want her here, she's shocked that Victoria can even think of letting her into her life.  Reminding her that she was trying to kill her, but she says her family had her on drugs.  So why did she try to kill Victoria also, I hate how that was just conveniently swept under the carpet and forgotten about.  As well as adding how you face up to a scandal, not hide from it.  Well I didn't see her doing much facing up to her family until Nolan (Gabriel Mann) helped her.  Ungrateful Southerner!  Ha.  Had to use that analogy since she's always mentioning something about Southerners herself.

She takes Victoria out of the apartment and the car isn't there.  Victoria tells her to find it and she's attacked by someone in a black hoodie, similar to Emily.  When she returns Victoria tells her it was Emily.  Obviously it wasn't and wouldn't she have an alibi.  Victoria lies to the doctor telling him she fell and once again Louise tells her she's got to do something about her and use the flashdrive against Emily.  Have a feeling psycho Louise was behind that just so she uses the flashdrive.  Funny how they're all swarming around Victoria now.

Amanda (Emily VanCamp) is at the cemetery as they replace the headstone with one with Emily Thorne on it.  Jack (Nick Wechsler) thanks her for being here and she tells him that she's done with the revenge business once she gets the flashdrive back.  Stevie (Gail O'Grady) is also changing Carl's birth certificate with her real name.  He knows that she and Nolan will figure out what to do and Amanda fears Victoria is planing something.  Nolan is at the fashion show with Tony (Joshua Pence) and he wants to buy him some clothes, but Tony refuses.  He's already donating to his work charity and organizing a fundraiser.  Nolan tells him they're the same size and so he can borrow his clothes.  Also telling him that he can fix things with Amanda if he talks to her, holding his hand.

Nolan finds Amanda at his house and he tells her Victoria hasn't used the flashdrive now, or he'd have been notified.  He wants to talk with her but she doesn't cos this is a nightmare for her.  He adds this is a nightmare for him too.  At least they should argue.  He kept those files cos that was his infinity box, which is the only reason he kept hold of those files.  She says they're a team and he won't lose her even if she is pissed.  Adding his suit is nice.

Stevie brings the papers for David (James Tupper) to sign and they argue.  As she has another go at Amanda.  Margaux wants to know how much she can pay Louise to leave.  She won't be bought and then tells her about Victoria being attacked and how it was Emily.  Margaux calls for her car now, oh what happened to hailing a taxi now?!  She has called the FBI and Nolan tells Amanda it's going down now.  See that smirk on Louise's face says it was her behind Victoria's beating!

Ben (Brian Hallisay) wants to talk with Amanda but she knows he put his career on the line for her. She's not ready to talk yet and Nolan calls her.  They'll talk later.  He gives Amanda  a graphite scanner which will hone in on the flashdrive.  She wants him to go to the charity event with Tony and she'll handle this herself. But she doesn't mean that in a horrible way.  The FBI agent is at her apartment and Margaux tells her about the flashdrive and impersonating an agent.  The fire alarm goes off and she suspects that's Amanda.  They leave the building and on the stairs they're met by some firemen, one of them being Amanda of course.  Margaux tells him to check his pocket for the flashdrive and he finds it's gone, as Amanda removes the helmet and looks at the drive.

David gives Stevie the signed papers and he apologizes for his outburst.  She tells him she's a good listener and he says he's got lymphoma.  They caught it in time.  But he hasn't told Amanda.  Stevie tells him he should.  She goes to the beach house and David is ready to tell her, but she tells him it's over and she got the flashdrive, as she snaps it and throws it away.  She looks so happy that David doesn't tell her his news.  Only that he loves her.  Stevie plays with Carla and tells him she doesn't want to go back just yet and wants to see them more, cos she's only here a short time.  Jack decides what he wants to do.

At the charity event, Louise turns up and makes a nuisance of herself by ranting on about how Tony broke up their marriage in front of his boss and that Nolan is his sugar daddy.  As Nolan takes her away she drops a tray of drinks all over Tony's suit.  She tries to get him to confess what he and Amanda did it Victoria, but he knows she's trying to record the conversation on the phone and used an app to reset it to factory settings.  Telling her she's in over her head.  Which she is.

Victoria and Margaux at the docks, were they in a scene from Casablanca, ha, no that was to come later.  She tells Margaux she'll be fine cos she's got some dastardly plan in her head.  She buys back her throne chair from a man and tells him she's paid him a lot cos they won't meet again.  Nolan sees Jack at the bar who's got his last paycheque.  He's leaving and Nolan mentions after he got the daycare running for him, he could've given him two weeks notice.  Jack is leaving and going to California.  But he hasn't told Amanda.  She'll never stop cos this is the life that she knows.  Nolan says that she loves him and they know that what she says is different to what she feels.  He poured his heart out to her but she didn't want the same thing and he asks Nolan not to bring that up again as his friend.  They hug.  

Stevie comes to see David before leaving and give s him the name of an oncologist friend of hers, as well as her number.  She tells him he's not going through this alone.  He wonders if his whole life has lead to this and she tells him to fight.  Nolan tells Amanda about Jack leaving and she doesn't want to go after him, after everything she did to him.  She was protecting him and Ben walks in to hear her say that.  She could do this to Ben but not to Jack,  Actually she says that she doesn't deserve Jack but Ben says he deserves this.  He asks if she wants to work this out and then adds she was just hiding and he knew but didn't want to believe it.

Jack's flight is about to leave and Amanda calls him but he hangs up, hey he hung up on Emily Thorne, not on Amanda, he's still got her number under Emily.  Tony tells Nolan he had to bring him his suit back.  Nolan did his job as they raised money for the children and Louise the lunatic didn't do anything to upset him.  He has to make things right with his boss, but he kisses him.  Louise can't get hold of Victoria and is worried, as Margaux knows she left with her bodyguard.  Margaux thinks they'll get them when Nolan and Amanda make a mistake.  Little knowing that Victoria has her own plans.  Putting their own differences aside.  Victoria dresses in her red dress and puts the throne in Amanda's house, opening the gas.

Amanda gets to the airport and sees the plane fly away, now this could've been areal romantic scene al la Casablanca!  When up drives Mason Teadwell (Roger Bart) angry at not getting the exclusive. Amanda says she did what she had to and he was typing away on his book.  He tells her everyone changed but not her.  She was hiding behind her revenge.  As we see Nolan with Tony, Jack on the plane, David getting chemo.  She only has enemies and that her dirty little secret is that she can't be without her revenge.  Amanda will crash and burn.  Victoria sits in her chair and lights the fire.  The entire house explodes.  Which would be a fitting end to it cos everyone who lived in that house was no good and nothing good came from it.  Victoria setting the scene for the final three eps where Amanda will be arrested for killing her.  Cos it's unlikely that Mason will come forward with her alibi.  But it seems Jack will be back to help her, he can't help it either.  Of course the house went up when Mason mentioned his pyrotechnic line about Amanda!

Suppose the story with Victoria could be seen coming, but she gave up so very quickly didn't she. Fell from grace so quickly without fighting.  She was alone yes, but she did have the two vixens, I don't even think I should call them that, that suggests a level of intelligence!  Ha.  She didn't have any guarantees that Amanda would face jail for the so called murder, so it wasn't much of a victory.  Yet she got out that Special K red dress one more time for her swansong.  I suppose if they came back for a season 5, she would've faked her own death.  A pity she didn't do that now, cos it's not something we would've pictured for Victoria all the way back in season 1.  Aww, I wanted Victoria's chair!!

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CSI 15.17 "Under My Skin" Review

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Two girls are at the mall and on of them gives the other a make-over.  They leave and some boys whistle at them, as one of them wearing a baseball cap watches the newly made over girl, Cara (Harley Graham).  Her sister Lexi (Hunter King) says she looks hot and she meets someone called Axel (Luke Benward) who introduces her to Peter (Chad Addison).  They go off together and Lexi leaves her with Peter, as they head somewhere more private.  Nick (George Eads) is called to the CS where Peter is found with his head in the toilet.  David (David Berman) says his throat was cut and he's only been dead for about an hour.  Nick notices what looks like the remains of some sort of bug on the back of Peter's jacket.  David finds his phone in his pocket and Nick tells him it could have his ID on there.  Also telling David to use Peter's thumb to get into it, coming up with the name Peter Corday.  Sara (Jorga Fox) tells Nick that a cleaner was suspicious of the sign on the door and he looked inside.  Nick shows her the photo of the girl who is Cara, on the phone and Sara notices her shopping bag could lead to her identity.

Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) tells DB (Ted Danson) that the credit card used in the shop belongs to a John Nolan (Brett Cullen) head of the San Diego crime lab.  He's in Vegas for a wedding and she adds Nick is speaking with him since he once offered him a job at his lab.  Nick explains that his credit card was used and he shows John the photo of the girl.  He recognizes her as his daughter Cara. He mentions she was at the mall wit her sister, Lexi.  She lives in Vegas with her mother, Tori (Lisa Rinna).  Nick asks for their numbers so he can ping them and a recent photo of Lexi.  Hodges (Wallace Langham) finds the exoskeleton Nick found belonged to the hairy desert scorpion, which is native to Nevada anyway.  Its venom can't kill and his cousin found one once in her shoe.  Doc (Robert David Hall) has done the autopsy on Peter, saying he died from exsanguination and the killer was right handed.

Finn (Elisabeth Shue) finds footage from the mall cameras, showing Lexi with the other man, Axel and Peter.  She puts him through facial recognition, showing he has a record for pandering and Sara is shocked that he's a pimp, so he could have taken them for sex trafficking.  He tells Sara he doesn't know what happened to them cos Lexi left later and he was at work.  He also has a scorpion tattoo on his neck, which was a bit of a red herring.  Ecklie (Marc Vann) tells DB to do whatever they can to find the missing girls, with DB pointing out that they found theirs and Ecklie also adds they should do everything to keep John informed.

Morgan triangulates the girl's phone signal and she and Greg (Eric Szmanda) head out there.  They find their phones but not them.  One of the phones has a video showing a man driving them in a car and demanding the phone when he sees Lexi making the video.  So he threw the phones out there, but didn't leave any prints behind on them, especially as Greg uses his finger on the screen to play the video, didn't think they'd have him do that.  Greg notices he doesn't have a tattoo on his neck, so it wasn't Axel.  Nick tells John of Axel's alibi checking out and that it wasn't him on the video, John wants to see the video, but Nick advises against it.  Saying that he's going to do everything to get them back.  He also asks if he's got any enemies and any recent cases he's been working on.  John mentions a biker gang and Nick asks for the file.  Morgan also says Lexi tried to send the video to someone and it turns out to be John's number.  He says she and Lexi were estranged but Morgan adds she reached out to him and that means something.  Since she was in the same position with Ecklie.

Finn tells DB the biker gang angle didn't pan out and maybe the kidnapping had nothing to do with John.  Greg tells DB about a man named Dennis who's been sending Lexi texts of his genitals.  He hands DB the file, but he doesn't want to see the photos.  As well as a text which reads, "you're just like you're mother."  Sara interviews Tori and she says she found Dennis on top of Lexi about to remover her clothes, but she didn't call the police.  They'd been drinking and doing E and Lexi tried some too.  The police would've found out and she'd have lost custody.  Got to ask what John saw in Tori, cos they really were as mismatched as they come.  John is angry and confronts her and Sara has to stop them, reminding them that this is about finding their daughters.

Morgan finds the car driven was a 1986 Chevrolet Suburban and Nick gets a text.  He heads to the CS, where Officer Mitchell (Larry Mitchell) tells him of finding the girl.  Nick looks at her and he asks if that's one of them.  Nick replies it's Lexi and it appears she's got blunt force trauma to her head.  They didn't find Cara.  The marks on her feet suggest she tried to run.  A foreman found her in the dumpster and a neighbour heard a noise, but the car drove away by the time she got to the window, she thinks it was an SUV.  Greg thinks Nick would've been here, but Sara tells him he wanted to be the one to process Lexi.  Sara having found her necklace at the scene, tells him there wasn't enough blood so she was dumped there.

Nick processes the DB, but John is also there and tells him he shouldn't be there.  He leaves and Doc tells Nick her head was smashed against a hard surface and the ligature marks on her wrists and ankles show she tried to escape.  Also she broke her fingernails trying to get free.  She has a bite mark on her shoulder which Nick says looks like the sting mark from a scorpion.  He has Doc check out the venom.  As Doc explains blunt force trauma was the COD but if she had venom in her body, it would've slowed her down, allowing the killer to catch up to her.  Sara asks how John is doing and she couldn't imagine losing a child like that.  Also how he sent Nick a football shirt a few years back, signed by a player.  Nick couldn't leave Vegas behind as this is his home, his friends and family are here, as he points to Sara.  Besides it wasn't  a promotion or anything, just a job and San Diego is an expensive place.

Henry (Jon Wellner) tells DB the sting was from a deathstalker scorpion.  They're from Israel and are dangerous, though some people keep them as pets.  Greg tells Morgan a lot of places sell such scorpions and he has a list of buyers.  Morgan compares these to someone who might own a Suburban and gets a match to Kieran Clark (Owen Beckman).  They find his place is deserted, but full of insects and Morgan is scared by a spider.  Yeah that's all I needed to see and not just one! Greg shows her the photos on the wall of a blonde woman who is the image of Cara.  She's identified as Jennifer and she used to work at a pet store.  Kieran went out with her once and she turned him down after that.  He stalked her and she left town.  Nick tells John about this and he'll find Cara, but he doesn't want to hear it cos he said that about Lexi too.

Kieran teaches children about bugs at school and Sara says he shouldn't be allowed near children. Hodges manages to find the stone particles Nick found in Lexi's hair contained oxyacetylene, which is used on concrete to seal it.  It wasn't set in yet which means that someone had their driveway recently repaired.  Finn finds someone had their drive sealed within the 5 mile distance of the CS and tells this to Nick who rushes out.  She tells him to call for backup, but he doesn't wait for them.  He heads inside the house after noticing the Suburban parked nearby and Kieran holds Cara at knifepoint.  Nick tells him to let her go, she's not Jennifer and she hasn't done anything to hurt him. He refuses saying she's his and tries to cut her throat.  Nick shoots him dead.

So it was okay for him to go in without backup since he's going to be leaving anyway.  At the hospital, John tells Nick he's giving up his job to be with Cara. She needs him, especially now.  He wants Nick to take over the lab in San Diego and run it.  Of course we know Nick's going to take it cos he left the show.  Thing is CSI has been cancelled now, so it didn't matter if George left or not, he wouldn't be coming back anyway with the others.  Which is a bit of a shame, cos there are some shows which are running beyond 15 seasons!  Others that shouldn't have been renewed, like Castle, that's so overrated now and boring.  It's had its day and should've been cancelled by now.  Oh sorry, that's my rant.

We can see Nick came a long way from season 1 since he's now experienced and good enough to get his own team.  That' would've made a great spin off show.  Hint, hint, ha.  CSI:San Diego! Did you see how comfortable he was now at taking out his gun and actually having to use it, whereas he hates guns and he's had his fair share of having one pointed at him through the years.  The way John came out of nowhere and how that job offer was mentioned that Nick turned down, which even Morgan knew about, cos I'm thinking it might've been quite a while ago, before she was here. Nick also having a heart to heart with Sara about family and Vegas being his home, as well as loving those Dallas Cowboys.  As well as not taking the job cos it wasn't a promotion, but now to sweeten the deal, so to speak, it actually is a promotion.

Their mother was a piece of work and funnily enough they gave Sara the job of talking to her.  She's not very big on useless, uncaring mothers at that and yet she was restrained with her, when you know deep down she wanted to say something to her, but that would've defeated the purpose, which was finding the girls, as she later tells both John and Tori.
Notice Hodges said the exoskeleton was found nearby the Vic, but actually Nick found it on his jacket.

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The Vampire Diaries 6.16 "The Downward Spiral" Review

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Everyone's on the hunt for Caroline (Candace Accola) and she's off partying with Liam (Marco James) she drinks his blood and bites him cos she loses control and there she was trying to convince everyone that she won't lose control.  Well she did.  Bonnie (Kat Graham) returns to the dorm and Elena (Nina Dobrev) is excited  to see her.  She even brought champagne for when they were going to bring her back.  She's sorry that she was there alone and they were all here living their lives.  Bonnie doesn't want Jeremy to know about her just yet.  Caroline walks in after being on a shopping spree and she's starting over, new sheets, new blowdryer.  See the loss of humanity hasn't thwarted her fashion sense.   Thus throwing a party later on, which Stefan (Paul Wesley) finds out about from Liam.  Caroline tells them that if they leave her alone for a year, she won't kill anyone after telling them that she ate Liam.  Stefan phones Elena and asks her to a rave.

Where he finds Caroline and Stefan tells her he realized they were more than friends but he was afraid to tell her and when he did, she wasn't there.  He sees it in her eyes that he was getting through to her, but Caroline walks off and takes Liam.  She bumps into Enzo (Michael Mularkey) and steals his phone after telling him she wants his help.  He refuses.  Before this Enzo was having tea with Sarah (Tristan Mays) ha, well he was having the tea after she photographed him and told him his vein was "doing funny" things and she caught it on film in the memory card.  Which he uses his vampire speed to take and break.  He tells her she's a vampire and she doesn't react.  Then Caroline crashes the tea party.  He doesn't want Sarah to know what he's doing.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wants to know about his mother after digging her up in the crypt and finding it's empty, but Kai (Chris wood) doesn't tell him much.  He wants to apologize to Bonnie first and he knows where to get a 1903 ascendant from.  Damon tries but Bonnie refuses to listen.  Then he takes Kai to the rave but she doesn't want to see his face ever again.

Bonnie demonstrates on Damon as to what it felt like with everything that Kai did to her after he got back.  Yeah Bonnie that's really nice especially after thinking you could ever be his friend.  But hey it wasn't Damon's fault.  Caroline kidnaps Sarah and gets Liam to perform surgery on her just cos Stefan tried to bring her humanity back.  She wants Stefan to switch off his humanity, great now he's got Enzo and Caroline gunning for him.  She tells Elena he can think for himself.  She tells Liam to take out her spleen.  Stefan asks him about that conversation about honesty and he tells them where they are.  She wants him to remove her heart.  SO where was Enzo in all of this?  Stefan attacks and she stakes him, who's been a vampire the longest.

Kai returns and tells Damon that he can't bring their mother back cos the prison she was in in 1903 means she's a Ripper.  Turned in 1858, faked her death and kept moving through Europe, around 3,000 bodies in her wake.  Bonnie calls Jeremy, yet she didn't want him to know just yet, this is her definition of normalcy.  Though he may not like the new Bonnie.  So much for Alaric telling him about her.  Caroline wants Stefan to become a ripper, so was this meant to be a bit of irony, poetic justice or what, just when Damon finds out that their mother was a ripper too.  Is this where he gets it from then, runs in the family?  Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse we've got a vampire Bonnie and Clyde, now that Caroline's made Stefan go bad.  How will Enzo react to her trying to kill Sarah, that was going to be his swan song, kind of and he was going to make Stefan suffer and now he can't do that.  Well she took that from him too!

Lots of secrets in this episode and season.  Damon not telling Stefan about their mother, or that she was alive, even before he found out she was, correction, is a ripper.  Stefan still hiding Sarah from Damon and Enzo didn't tell him either.  Thought he was Damon's friend.  Let's see, are they trying to turn this show into a Supernatural piece, so many secrets between Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) and now Stefan and Damon too.  Through Caroline's selfishness, guess she got the best line where she tells Elena after all this, she still makes what' she's doing about her, when Elena tells her she will feel the pain and she will hate it if she kills anyone.

Seems everyone's split up now and they've all got their own agendas and even if Stefan tells Elena to bring him back, they're all going to have to endure the killing spree first and trail of bodies and will Damon even care this time, or will he try to bring back mommie deadest!  He took a bit of a back seat here since Ian directed this ep, he didn't have much to do.  Didn't Enzo notice his phone was missing. I have to add that Caroline going bad was out of her element and character, so many character dynamics have been changed here and not just Caroline, but Bonnie too.  With all her suffering, understandable, yet she doesn't try to put it behind her.  1994 changed her and has Kai really changed all that much.  He's leader of the Gemini Coven now, but he doesn't seem to be a match for Bonnie's powers.

Lots of selfishness all round in this ep.  Caroline what would mommie dearest think if she knew how far she's fallen and really is this any way to honour her mother's memory, she's made it all about herself now, and dare I say it, that's Elena's territory.  But she couldn't see that.  Is Stefan feigning with the humanity, cos Caroline still didn't tell Elena where Sarah was he couldn't very well ask her if she made it okay, or that Caroline didn't keep her side of the bargain.