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Eye Candy 1.8 "AMA" Review

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A man sits in front of his computer and gouges his eye out after he receives a message saying, "an eye for an eye."  He files a report for assault saying he was mugged and the police show him photos of where it happened, but he says he was on the other side of the bridge.  Lindy (Victoria Justice) helps the police find out who it is and it appears she finds a photo of her sister on the site, the Babylon Portal in a continuation from last episode. She calls George (Harvey Guillen) for help who goes to her apartment to access her computer and says the photo might be old, infact it's three years old.  He finds there's a file within the file and he accesses it.  Lindy says it's her file from the Cyber Crimes unit when she was arrested the first time round.  These were files attached to Sarah's photo. Does this mean Lindy was a target from back then.  Sure appears that way.

One year ago:  we see Lindy arriving at a warehouse looking for 'JJ.'  No one helps her but George appears and asks her who she is.  They're 'hactivists.'  She's got thirty seconds to prove herself.  She hacks the site and finds George is his real name, she's 'Magnifyer.'  Tommy (Casey Deidrick) sits outside and tells Catherine (Melanie Nicholls-King) he's found someone who can help them.

The file is too encrypted for him to hack so Lindy has to actually go into Catherine's computer. George creates a diversion and then he's able to access the file, but it's redacted.  She then sees a reference number in the corner and it's the same number on her bracelet, the one saying 'we'll find her.'  She finds the box with the files and finds out she was used.  Tommy wanted her to help them find Bubonic, a killer, a terrorist as Catherine referred to him and Ben (Daniel Lissing) didn't like she was being used without her knowledge cos Bubonic's girlfriend was used and she was murdered.

Ben introduces himself at the bar and tries to pick ehr up.  She doesn't give out her number but she takes his number.  Ben made his move on her before Tommy got there and he was clearly pissed. Seems like he had deigns on her even before Ben and it didn't appear it was just cos of work either! He's angry and confront Ben.  Cos it's apparent to everyone that there's an attraction between Lindy and Ben.  There's a phone inside the box which rings and George tries to trace it.  It's the killer who was waiting for Lindy to find the phone.

It appears the Vic of the knife attack, Edward Kent (Daniel Alexander) isn't cooperating and he doesn't know who would attack him.  He ordered a girl on the Babylon site, Eve (Danielle Burgess) who also had an eye missing.  She had been beaten up and lost her eye.  Yeager (Marcus Callender) and Tommy think it was his assistant and look up Luca (Dan Tracy) on the computer.  He took a girl named Jennifer to the hospital and it was his sister.  He admits he got Edward back for what he did and all his girlfriends ended up beaten.  Tommy agrees to make a deal with the DA if helps them shut down Babylon.

Lindy plays the USB stick and it's an interview Ben gave Catherine.  He wasn't happy where things were heading and Lindy being used like that.  Catherine berates him on arresting her and she didn't expect he'd fall in love with her.  He looks into the camera and says he doesn't regret anything that he did.  Lindy also finds the St Christopher when she trips on the stairs, after George warns her that they're coming back in.  She has a flashback to Ben telling her the St Christopher was for protection as he puts it around her neck.  She heads to the room with the box and George traces the phone saying it's been used by the killer at the Unit.  She tries to get out but the door's locked.  A masked figure appears behind the glass and I have to say, this time round, it sounded more like Tommy to me than Ben.  Though it sounded like Ben all those other times.  Is the Flirtual killer Tommy, he does kinda speak through his nose.  The killer just wanted her to know who she was helping, when she helped Bubonic.

Apparently Lindy had a meeting with Bubonic a year ago who wanted her help in hacking files.  He said the person who hired him had info on her sister.  Ben arrested Lindy so she wouldn't get hurt. Tommy tells Lindy that Catherine had information on a case where a man abducted girls, similar to Sarah's abduction.  That's why Ben got into trouble cos he wanted Catherine to tell Lindy about it.  At the end of the day she tells Tommy that whatever this was, it's over between her and the him and walks out.  That made him angry.

Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) has concerns over Tessa (Theodora Woolley) and finds her parents aren't divorcing like she said, she's in trouble, but she won't talk about it.  Connor (John Garet stoker) and Sophia find Tessa with some red haired guy on their couch and Connor is certain he knows him. Later at the club he finds his photo on the Flirtual site.  Sophia types up blond woman and finds Tessa's photo on the site, wearing Lindy's jacket.   She'll be in trouble now with the killer after her. Sophia tries to call Lindy but she hangs up, as she watches Catherine.  We know Tessa would get it sooner or later.

So after all that it seems I'm putting my money on Tommy being the killer now, even if I'm wrong. He was beaten to her by Ben, and now when he thought he might be in with a chance especially after last week's kiss, it seems she's no longer helping them.  Thus he's been scorned a second time.  what better way to get the competition out of the way than by killing Ben.  The killer also loves her and who loves her right now, well Tommy of course and that's why Tessa's the killers next target cos she's pretending to be Lindy.  Just as the show was getting exciting, they cancelled!!  Thanks for nothing!

AMA meaning 'Ask Me Anything.'

Doctor Who 9.7 "The Zygon Invasion" Review

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Right on Rock Star!! ha.
Three Doctors: from The Day of the Doctor; all talk about the Zygons and everyone will be stuck in the room together until they get their Treaty sorted.   That was with Doctors Ten, elven and the old Doctor Twelve from the 50th anniversary episode.  There being two of Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) and they use their Sonics s that they won't know which one is human and which is Zygon. We learn around 22 million were allowed by UNIT to settle on earth amongst the humans taking on their identity.  Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) who had a sister, runs into a police station and hides.  Barely sending out a message to the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) before she's captured.  The Doctor twangs on his guitar again and this time playing chords from Amazing Grace.  He sees the message and calls Clara (Jenna Coleman) who's "either on the tube or in space".

He tells her he's in twenty first century earth as he sits in a playground and finally follows two twin girls.  Well if they weren't Zygons or human/Zygons then anyone would've been suspicious of an old man accosting two girls like that.  He mentions the Peace Treaty as he slides down the slide.  They're not part of any hostile invasion or breaking the treaty, as Zygons appear and march them away.  

Clara heads to her flat and as she arrives there she finds 127 missed calls from the Doctor, as she calls him back, she notices the boy on the stairs (Abhishek Singh) he can't find his parents.  She heads to his flat and tells the father his son's outside.  Then his mother (Samila Kularatne) walks in and tells her they'll take care of him as the father carries the boy back.  We then get Clara tying her hair back into a ponytail and since when has she ever done that.  Thus we know something's up as she happily heads down to the school where UNIT is set up, having met up with the Doctor.  Who later tells Clara to change her message cos it's boring.  

There's a message coming in from Osgood and a Zygon later says they're invading and trying to protect themselves.  The two girls who were abducted and done away with.  The Zygon telling then, "Truth or Consequences."  Clara says that's a town in new Mexico and she used to remember trivia like that so she could win at Trivial Pursuit.  Kate talks of an outpost and he heads there on the plane, He is President of the World after all.  Telling Clara to stay here and protect her country, whilst Kate heads to New Mexico.   Clara goes back to her flat with Jac (Jaye Griffiths) to get some things and that was another clue something was wrong, cos since when has Clara wanted to get anything, she never thought of things like that over the years.  

Kate finds the town of Truth or Consequences deserted and comes across sheriff Norlander (Gretchen Egolf) who tells her about people vanishing and their families turning against them.  They see bodies, or what's left of them after they've been destroyed by the Zygons and head back to the station, where Kate looks at casefiles.  The sheriff turning out to be one of them as she transfers back into her Zygon form.

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The Doctor arrives just as Col Walsh (Rebecca Front) is ordering a drone attack, but she sees her son and can't do it, aborting the strike.  They find they're hiding out in the church but Hichley (Todd Kramer) doesn't shoot, as one of them comes out and is his mother (Karen Mann).  He can't ask questions about himself and she refuses to answer saying she can't remember.  She tells them they took them and brought them here and he can't kill her, but she forgives him.  She wants to show him they're inside.  The men enter and are killed.  Here the Doctor finds Osgood in the tunnels as she shouts to him.  The air strike is ordered on the tunnel.  A Zygon appears and is attacked by the falling debris.  He's taken back to the plane and he knows the Doctor is the President of the World, telling him they want the world.  The Doctor also saying it's only a small faction of Zygons who've been radicalized (very topical) but they can't kill them.  So it's no longer a case of letting Zygons be Zygones!! Ha.  Okay, sorry!

As Kate earlier tells Clara it was also the Doctor who took away the gas that they could've used on the Zygons.  Osgood wears two question marks on either collar and the Doctor asks why she does that.  She replies he used to once, he replies he's wearing question mark undies, also asking her if she's human or a Zygon.  She doesn't answer that question and she considers herself both, a hybrid. 

However the best of the action is with Clara as she and Jac head to the basement in the lift after they see the couple take something wrapped in a blanket into the lift.  Obviously it's the boy.  They enter the lift and a brown ooze come out of the control panel.  Clara touches it and as they head into the tunnels under hr flat, they find pods which she surmizes are growing and haven't fully formed yet.  But must be destroyed, as she uncovers herself in one of the pods.  The Doctor at this time also finds out that the invasion of London already took place a year ago and so Clara is already taken over.  She laughs as she takes out the traitors in the tunnel, including Jac.  Then heads to the coast.  The Doctor finds out his plane's not going to land, as he tells her on the phone to head to the TARDIS and save herself and you know how he wants her to be safe by the urgency of his voice.  Clara fires a missile. Now she's going by the name of Bonnie.

OH no, I suppose  in some ways that means that Clara is already dead is she, which means that there would be two of her anyway, but it appears this one's a rebellious version.  Osgood is a hybrid and thus displays the perfect model of the Treaty.  Yet more mentions of the hybrid in a continuation of Davros mentioning them at the opening of the series. Does this hybrid talk bode well for Clara then? Doubt it since she's supposedly dead, along with Kate and Jac. 

The Doctor resorting to using the sonic sunglasses to free Osgood from her shackles.  The Osgoods wearing Doctor Four's scarf,  Eleven's bowtie and Doctor Seven's tank top.  Clara asking if  he really referred to himself as "Doctor Disco."

The Zygons appearing all the way back in 1975 Terror of the Zygons with Tom Baker.  The Doctor here referring to them as "blobs."   

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Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 6 Review

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The Dowager (Maggie Smith) and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) discuss the events of the last episode and the hospital reforms over tea, so it's still possible for them to do so and be civil with the Dowager stressing how important it is for them to have the hospital remain open.  Even if it will be open for emergencies such as Robert's (Hugh Bonneville).  There was a meeting about it and it appears Dr Clarkson (David Robb) was also there, with the Dowager knowing he's turned to the other side.  She also asks Isobel about Lord Merton (Douglas Reith) and whether her feelings for him have changed, looking ta her closely when she says they haven't.

It's been decided that Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) will be the new president of the hospital taking over the role from the Dowager who won't be pleased when she finds out and Cora says she's going to accept it.  They also want to keep Isobel on as almoner.  Cora tells Robert but they decide to keep it secret until The Dowager gets their letter.  Mary (Michelle Dockery) decides to open Downton to the public for charity with ticket sales going to the hospital.  Which they object to as they can't understand what anyone would want to see in their home, including being interested in how they live. Which is just what they do want to see, how they live and the servants and everything else they're not used to.

The staff also ask why they would want to visit and Molesley (Kevin Doyle) says the same thing cos they want to see how the rich live, though not in so many words.  Also Bates (Brendan Coyle) doesn't like it and he wouldn't want to snoop in other peoples' houses.  Thomas (Rob James-Collier) asks and he's just dealt with abruptly by Carson (Jim Carter).  Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) gets a letter from Colye who got ten years asking her to visit him and Molesley thinks she should just ignore it.  Molesley is asked to sit a test too by the headmaster of the school as he would like his help and thinks he'll be good since he believes in the education system.  He can sit his test when Daisy (Sophie McShera) sits her six exam papers.

Daisy is very uppity lately especially as she doesn't give Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nichol)  the letter from from Mr Mason (Paul Copley) to thank her and Mrs Patmore finds it open and in the bin.  Daisy making excuses like she couldn't find where she put it but it ended up in the bin opened all by itself! She's also very vocal when Mr Mason brings Mrs Patmore a basket of vegetables from the farm to thank her.  Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan) telling her this behaviour's uncalled for.  What's her problem now, she wants to be the one in the limelight all the time and help him.  Daisy's all high and mighty these days.  Mrs Patmore's house is ready for renting and her niece will run it.  She's even installed a telephone and will be advertizing in the papers.  Oh, high and mighty too.  Ha.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) tells Branson (Allen Leech) Bertie (Harry Hadden-Paton) will be coming down so she may as well get some advice from him for the open day.  With more snide remarks from Mary, who's still on her newfound quest to find out about Marigold.  She even asks Branson if he knows anything and later Anna (Joanne Froggatt) almost gives it away, when they talk about Thomas being good with the children and also with Marigold too, Anna saying it's cos they're all... and then stops.  Still leaving Mary intrigued and nosing for more and that Anna was going to say something else.  Anna having to go down to London again cos she's been having a few problems.  Bates wants to pay the bills cos he has money saved and doesn't really want any handout from Mary.  He tells Mary this an she still wants to insist when Branson tells her it's his pride even if she is being kind.

Carson was so irritable, sometimes have to ask what Mrs Hughes saw in him?  He treats her as a servant more than a wife and not even his equal, which would be too much to ask from a man like Carson ,set in his ways!  He even has the nerve to tell Mrs Hughes that she may need some pointers from Mrs Patmore on cooking and he feels like having dinner at the cottage.  'Of course my lord, whatever you wish my lord!'  Huh, Carson acting all lardy dah and lord of the manor.  She later serves up salmon which he doesn't like cos there's no lemon and no horseradish either mixed with sour cream and he didn't even let Mrs Hughes eat a mouthful before casting it aside.  Why doesn't he just eat at the house or better, yet cook for himself.  Ha.  That'd be a sight.

Mrs Patmore overhears Thomas and Andy (Michael Fox) planning to meet in his room in the night and gets the wrong idea.  She later tells Carson who catches Andy coming out of his room, when looking for his own walking stick which he left behind.  Carson has a word with Thomas and he tells him nothing happened and his word still isn't good enough after the number of years he's been here. Robert and Carson still conspiring to get him gone from the house in order to save money.  Mary says he's good with the children and Robert says he is looking for alternative employment.  Carson also tells Thomas about being sacked and he can't see why he has to go, Carson and his high notions again, placing value on the importance of his own job as a butler.  Well that's why he was trying to sneak Robert in some wine when he knows he shouldn't be drinking.  Robert is tempted but then stops.  Another reason why Carson doesn't have any wine at dinner cos, "my lord is abstaining."  Oh lord can't take much of his attitude anymore.  Yet he has the audacity to call her, "my beautiful wife." Well treat her like your wife then!

Mary invites herself to London and to the dinner party which Evelyn (Brendan Patricks) has organized and wants Henry (Matthew Goode) to be surprised when he sees her, which he is.  She also convinces Branson to come too.  They decide to go to Brooklyn for the races and Branson will go if she goes.  Henry already knows about Matthew and how he died and there's a sudden downpour when they're walking home and he lets slip that as his wife she doesn't have to be there, but he would want her to support him, also stealing a sudden kiss, which wouldn't be surprising if Mary wanted that all along.  Yet she still berated Edith over Bertie, calling him boring.  More legal London filming this episode with Inner temple being used this time round and Middle Temple Lane.  They have the right buildings for period pieces.  They kept filming there quiet.  Who knew?

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Bertie says they should organize groups of ten in a party and talk about the history of the place, which none of them know.  They can't let tem just run riot and Carson's concerned about sticky fingers taking things!  When questions are asked they don't really know the answers, not Mary, Edith or Cora. But seems Molesley does.  The Dowager also seems to know a little like saying the fourth Earl was always in the library and loved his women and drink.  She's livid and doesn't care who knows it confronting Cora about becoming the new president and if Robert knew as well when she came to visit.  Cora tries to explain later but she doesn't want to know.  She doesn't want to see Cora's face.  Molesley is happy about what he's just seen and tells Mrs Patmore about their fight.

Branson thinks they can  open the house on a regular basis and make money for the house since their costs are still high and it would help, especially after realzing they made a huge amount from one day.  Robert mentioning the boy who sneaked into his room asking questions about the big house and why can't they get "a comfy one."  Running off when Molesley finds him there.  That's why Carson needed his stick, so he could attack anyone caught pilfering.  Thomas later asks if he's going to use the stick on him when he talks to him.  With his treatment it's no shock that Thomas finally breaks and sits crying alone.  No one wants to know him, or be his friend aside from Baxter and you'd think after all this time people would see that he's changed and certainly isn't the same Thomas we saw back in season 1 and later seasons.  Mrs Patmore was out of order telling Carson about him especially since he told her he just wants to be friends with Andy and nothing more.. .So would there have been talk if he'd had a woman in his room?  Double standards just like Jimmy had a woman and none of the staff found about it.

Two more episodes and it's over and we know where it's all headed.  There'll be revelations about Marigold, then Edith hasn't told Bertie about her even if she did introduce him to the children in the nursery.  Cora thinks she should have told him, but Robert says it's up to her.  Cora also wants to take on the job as president and have something to do now her daughters don't need her anymore.  Seems he doesn't want Cora doing anything either like Isobel does.  Lord Merton introduces his daughter in law, Amelia Cruikshank (Phoebe Sparrow) and says that Isobel has nothing to worry about as long as she's around, hinting she can now be with him.  However that's not what Isobel really wants anymore.
Be warned there's trouble at the race next week with another horrific occurrence.

Doctor Who 9.6 "The Woman Who Lived" Review

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Opinion was divided with this episode and I have to ask from the outset what all the fuss was about. It's not it's a new premise or storyline which hasn't been done before.  The way was this episode was written as if it's gearing us up for Ashildr (Maisie Williams) who now calls herself "Me" was gearing up to be the Doctor's (Peter Capaldi) new companion.  Hope not.  She to me, just seemed like an inferior version of Clara (Jenna Coleman).  In her mannerisms, her speech and what she says to him. Then with her references to Clara not always being around and she'll die on him, asking how many companions he's lost.  Ashildr's like him, he's lived a very long time.

The Doctor meets her as a highwayman, known as "the Knightmare" and years of practice makes her speak like a man now, or rather project her voice like a man.  He finds her robbing a coach and he's there cos he's in search of something with his new gadget in tow.  He locates it in the chest but they drive off before he can retrieve it.  She recalls him and takes him back to her big house.  Recalling the stories of her life through the years in journals, cos she doesn't want to remember, but thye are a reminder, which he reads.  She knows where the couple live and will take him there later so he can recover what he's looking for.  Her journals tell of how she met someone, he grew old and died, had children lost three in the plague, doesn't want anymore.  As if we were meant to shed tears for her. Me is closed off from the world and the pain of watching everyone die.  Much like the Doctor.  But she's not the Doctor.  People here are like smoke" they blow away in the moment."  How she also refers to Clara.  Who doesn't appear in this episode until the end.  Well that was a waste.

She takes him to the house before seeing her secret 'friend' in the bushes who she wants to help, a lion no less, another alien,  The Doctor retrieves the eye of Hades jewel and she says she wants to come with him.  Showing him the spare chip he gave her and how she hasn't used it yet as she hasn't found anyone.  Well what about the old man, her lover, she used to visit as a ghost, at least he thought she was a ghost.  Wasn't he worthy enough.  On the way back she's met by Sam the Quick (Rufus Hound).  Cue pointless fight scene as they try and outdo each other.

The lion is from another planet and needs the eye to open up a portal to return home.  The Doctor wasn't told about this cos he knew they had some other dastardly plan.  He warns her against working with him, she can't trust him, but he doesn't listen.  They need someone to die in order for the portal to open and she thinks it will be Clayton (Struan Rodger) (He voiced the Face of Boe) her old, loyal butler.  Tying the Doctor up she leaves for Tyburn after hearing Sam is going to be hanged.  The Doctor manages to bribe the soldiers with her money and heads there too on a horse!

The Doctor saves Sam who tells numerous jokes to prolong his life and shows he has a pardon from Cromwell himself.  Ashildr takes the eye and places it onto his heart opening the portal and allowing his ships through, as they attack everyone.  She says she cares about the people and wants to stop it, bringing back Sam is the only way to do this, so she uses the chip and the portal closes.  The Doctor talks to her of the mayflies, the companions, who know that life is fleeting.  He needs Clara and the other companions remind him of why he's here.  Though Sam is immortal now, how will he deal with it in the future.  The Doctor also name drops Jack Harkness as being immortal as well and was that a reference for the future too, that she'll meet him soon enough.

Clara returns saying Audrey has sent him a selfie cos he helped her with a project and she got an A. She shows it to him and he immediately sees Ashildr in the crowd at the back.  Which Clara didn't see but then he wasn't looking.  Clara asks if he missed her and hugs him.  "I've missed you Clara Oswald," he tells her.  There's something ominous in his voice when he says that.  Is something happening to her soon, it does appear he knows something we will have to wait for.  Especially when she says, "I'm not going anywhere."  DO we really need another companion dying?  The Doctor was playing Chris Issak's Blue Hotel on the guitar this time.  Very melancholic as far as Clara is concerned.

Leandro (Ariyon Bakare) was out of Beauty and The Beast it appeared but heartless.  People have enjoyed this episode and raved about it, I just didn't see the appeal of Ashildr, I'm not sorry for saying that, it's my opinion, or the appeal of her as a future companion, if that's the case.  I'm picky.  Just cos she was in Game of Thrones, never watched it, never will, don't have to agree with everything everyone says about her. As The Woman Who Lived she just wasn't all that interesting to me.

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Eye Candy 1.7 "SOS" Review

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A couple enter an apartment for a romantic night and next morning the man, Nick (Ryan-James Hatanaka) wakes up to find Beth's (Kaitlyn Bausch) passed out and he's got cuts on his back.  Jake (Ryan Cooper) meets Lindy (Victoria Justice) to ask for her help.  Nick doesn't want to go to the police cos he's an intern at Jake's firm and Jake's the only one he can trust.  Lindy agrees to help but if there's anything serious she's going to the police.  Jake wants to cook but she says there's plenty of places in New York that'll cook for you.  They kiss and the Killer watches him.  He asks if Lindy likes how that tastes.  And if she wants him to kill another for her.

Lindy returns home of find Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) with her old friend from boarding school, Tessa (Theodora Woolley).  She's staying there and she's been travelling the world.  George (Harvey Guillen) comes over and he's "impressa" with Tessa, but they can't party and need to work.  Lindy has him hack the website and they find it's too encrypted for them to look at.  However Lindy does rent an apartment online.  Lindy and George both think of fibre hacking at the apartment itself.  They have to bring in Cybercrimes cos of the disturbing amount of footage of couples being watched.  This leads them to 'Dolls House.'  Tommy (Casey Deidrick) says it's a voyeur site.  Lindy finds Beth's site and also finds some footage on Nick, who's been cheating on Beth.  She already knows when Lindy makes contact with her online and she's gotten her revenge.  George searches through a whole of load of files on her computer  and finds the footage with Nick and Beth where she gets someone to whip him, needing an alibi for herself.

George discovers Lindy's been purchased.  She thinks it's a good chance for them to catch whoever's doing this, but Tommy decides against it.  He changes his mind and says he's coming with her.  She says she bought it as a single occupant.  Lindy wants Sophia and Tessa to stay away from the apartment and sends them to Montauk.  Of course they don't go since Tess parties with Connor (John Garet Stoker) and Sophia even after she tells them about the killer.  Connor still lamenting over Oliver not being in touch with him.  Sophia says it's cos their first date was with a serial killer around and the second one was with the fiasco at the club.  Sophia is worried about Tessa cos she's changed. Connor tells her people change, but she doesn't believe they change this much.  Lindy finds they haven't gone to Montauk and tells Tessa the killer's killed ten people taking them to Cybercrimes to be safe.

Lindy and Tommy arrive at the apartment but they seem so distant and not like a couple at all.  Det Yeager (Marcus Callender) calls and tells Tommy they're online and Lindy's swapped the wine bottle cos they think it was drugged.  George pulls up in his carpet van for Jake and gets him to sit into the operation.  Tommy and Lindy kiss and Jake isn't happy about it.  Infact he was downright jealous. Lindy says they should get ready for bed and spends ages brushing her teeth and combing her hair. She goes into the room and finds Tommy drugged, it's the pillow and not the wine.  The man's also been watching from behind the mirror and enters the room, eventually knocking her out.

Jake watches Lindy brushing her hair and realizes she's been doing that for a long time.  Duh, what was everyone else doing.  Yeager was too busy telling Sophia they can't be anything more, when she confronts him about the flirting.  Why didn't George realize either.  Jake says there's a glitch in the video and runs out to the police. They find Lindy missing and Tommy.  Jake telling him he was supposed to protect her.  Tommy searches from the top of the building and whilst still in the apartment, he hears Lindy screaming when she's tied up.  He finds the elevator shaft and heads down it, as she's about to be branded with an 'X.'  Thought he was taking a little too long in actually branding her!

Jake finds them too as Lindy hugs Tommy and he just walks away.  The looks exchanged between Jake and Tommy as he knows Tommy has feelings for her, but no words are exchanged, ha.  The man, Michael (Lance Olds) says Babylon knows everything and he was paid to scare her, not actually brand her.  He doesn't know who paid him and that's how it works.  Also saying the man said Lindy would know what he means.  The killer speaks again saying he'd never hurt her, she's too perfect.  Of course his intention to scare her was cos she kissed Jake and again why didn't he go after Jake.  He was cleared as a suspect but are we still meant to think he's the killer or a  something to do with him. As I said, nothing happened to Jake yet and it was so easy for the killer to remove him from the picture.  Will Lindy decide to stay away from Jake now that Tommy's kissed her, even if it was in the line of duty.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Supernatural's Back To The Future Allusions

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Supernatural is one of those shows that have everything covered, no matter if it's ghosts, demons, angels, or heartbreaking stories of brotherly love and angst.  Yet there's tonnes of pop culture references involved too.  So every now and again we get references to movies, TV shows and one such allusion was to'Back To The Future.

In 4.3 In The Beginning. when Dean (Jensen Ackles) was sent back home and met his 'future' parents and grandparents, there were numerous scenes which were similar to the movie.  On top of that he remarks to Cas (Misha Collins) about whether angels have DeLoreans?  The scene in the bar where he's with Dad and someone shouts out, "hey Winchester!"  Leading both Dean and John to turn around.

5.13 Song Remains The Same  the title was to be Back To The Future II but had to be changed cos there was no approval given for the use.  None the less it was left to Dean to come up with another reference to the movie and once again a DeLorean reference to Cas saying he's like  DeLorean without plutonium.

6.18 Frontierland is riddled with Back To The Future III references when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean travel back to the Wild West.  With Dean calling himself Clint Eastwood, (Marshall Eastwood) as Marty (Michael J Fox) did too.  Even the letter at the end.  The link below references the movie in my review of the ep, in the penultimate paragraph.

Season 7.12 Time After Time has Back To The Future II references with Biff and Dean says he's "using the Chronos strategy" to bet on races when he already knows the winners.  In the movie Biff Tannen from 2015 gives the younger version of himself in 1955, a sports almanac, knowing the outcomes of the sporting events he becomes filthy rich.
Jim Michaels also worked on this movie.

Dean also resorts to needing some paper as in Back To The Future III.  When Doc Brown is in 1885 he lets Marty knows what's happening by writing a letter and ensuring it's delivered 70 years later. This takes place at the end of the second film, but the letter's contents are revealed until the third.   This is what Samuel Colt did to make sure Sam and Dean get the Phoenix's ashes in Frontierland. Dean's letter is from 5th November 1944 and Marty's letter was dated 5th November 1955.

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Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 5 Review

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Breakfast involves talk of the Dowager (Maggie Smith) inviting the Minister for Health to Downton, Neville Chamberlain, so he can take her side and ensure the scheme to merge the hospitals doesn't go ahead.  The Dowager expects him for dinner on Friday as she's his wife, Anne's, godmother and so he will have to come.  Neglecting to mention that she will use some blackmailing tactics on him, which Branson (Allen Leech) manages to fidn out at the end.  How his wife's brother, de Vere Cole is a prankster and he and some others dug up a road in London and caused chaos with the traffic, dressed as workmen. Chamberlain was relieved he didn't have to go through with the dinner since he isn't one for fights or arguments.  Which shows in his dealings with the Nazis and Hitler back in the late '30's, wanting to appease him.  However that is another matter cos he's not even PM yet and if word got out of his antics, the press would put a spanner in the works as far as his career progression goes.

Robert (Hugh Bonneville) thinks the Dowager hasn't got a chance to convince him, let alone getting him here and says it's like a cat in hell without claws.  She doesn't want Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) to know about it.  But it's not like Robert will keep it a secret and he tells Cora, whilst he's still in pain.  Edith (Laura Carmichael) is going to interview to find an editor for the magazine and Mary (Michelle Dockery) asks if they're women.  Of course, she said as much last week.  She and Branson will attend the racing circuit, as Henry (Matthew Goode) is trying out his car there and she's been invited.  Mary never one for racing of course.  Before that though, they must deal with the little matter of the pigs and Mason (Paul Copley) moving into the farm.  Mary worries he won't be able to handle it physically.  Edith has had a note from Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton) and she tells Robert about meeting him.  Robert calls it a date and says as much, which makes Mary shocked more than anything.  Edith denying it's a date.

Denker (Sue Johnston) isn't happy that Dr Clarkson (David Robb) is changing his mind and is siding against the Dowager and tells him as much, including saying he's a traitor and how the Dowager was in running things in the village a hundred years ago when he was just having his porridge as a little boy.  He takes offence to that and he sends a note to the Dowager telling her of this outrageous behaviour.  This leaves her no choice but to fire Denker.  Which Isobel (Penelope Wilton) thinks is a little drastic too.  She says if he didn't intend for Clarkson to have her fired, he wouldn't have mentioned it.  The Dowager making a reference to unleashing the dogs of war.  She takes no prisoners.  Cora is happy Clarkson has changed his mind and hoping they will get things their own way.

Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) will be testifying and Sgt Willis (Howard Ward) arrives to take her to court, with Molesley (Kevin Doyle) accompanying her.  Anna tries to be supportive and Bates (Brendan Coyle) even sounds like he's going to talk her out of going before Molesley tells him Baxter's considered it very carefully.  However when it comes down to the moment, she hears he's changed his plea to one of guilty.  She's a bit disappointed after resigning herself to the fact she was going to testify.  Molesley asks if he should go back and make him change his plea to not guilty.  She later says she doesn't think she can put this behind her.

Mrs Hughes (Phyliss Logan) asks Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) for dinner tips and she says she'll pack a basket for her and Carson (Jim Carter).  Mrs Hughes hasn't cooked in a number of years.  Daisy (Sophie McShera) adding that Mrs Patmore's just jealous.  In the basket she's packed lamb chops and bubble and squeak, which Mrs Hughes likes, but he doesn't think it's a good accompaniment to lamb. As well as complaining the plates are cold.  Makes you wonder why he doesn't just eat at the house, instead of finding fault with everything she does.  As men do.  Mrs Hughes mentions it the next day and Carson also thanks Mrs Patmore for the food.  However it does seem Mrs Patmore was jealous and the food that she gave them was probably to cause a bit of friction between the married couple. She also prepares a basket for Mason and she and Daisy will take it over to welcome him, and Andy (Michael Fox) offers to help.

Mary and Bramson drop in on him, after discussing the perks of marriage, or rather Mary saying she won't marry beneath her and have more money and title than her husband.  Matthew was to inherit the estate.  Branson tells her it doesn't really matter, it's not about money.  He and Sybil were equal in their marriage, had strong opinions and it wasn't about money or his position when he married her. She understands that now, as does the family.  Mary asks if Mason will be able to handle the physical side of handling the pigs and Andy says he can help out.  He wants to learn farming.  So Mason gives him some books on pig farming which will allow him to handle the theoretical side of it. Of course Mason would like Daisy to move in with him.  She won't do that, as she later says he likes being alone and was just being kind.  Maybe they should get Mason and Mrs Patmore together!

Andy looks at the books but he doesn't really know what they're about.  Thomas (Rob James-Collier) asks him about the books and he just mentions the red one.  Later he hears Andy shouting as he's just thrown a book and it hit the lamp in frustration.  He's realized Andy can't read and is willing to teach him.  He just messed around in school and it was too late to learn.  He also apologizes to Thomas for treating him the way he has.  After only telling Bates and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) that he's got nothing against Thomas and they were friendly when he first got here.  Thank goodness there was no talk of Thomas having to leave and finding a new job this ep.

Branson and Mary see Henry racing and she's so bored she has to take out the lipstick even when she's got more than enough on.  Branson invites him for a drink and says that they should just say he and Mary are interested in seeing each other.  Mary remarking on how he's assimilated but knows nothing about rules.  Henry telling her that Evelyn asked about her and is still madly in love with her. Not that Mary's interested.  Oh just get her and Branson together already!  You know keep him in the family!! ha.  Edith interviews and finds there's one woman she likes, who was born in 1892 like her. She shows Laura Edmunds (Antonia Bernath) the magazine she brought out and says she'd be good as an editor Edith proving if she can do it at her age, then so can she.  She later meets Bertie at her flat for drinks and they kiss.  She thought it'd never happen, don't let Mary find out.

Denker blackmails Spratt (Jeremy Swift) into getting her job back by threatening to tell the police and the Dowager, no doubt, about keeping his criminal nephew on the land.  He manages to do so by saying she was being loyal to the Dowager and looking out for her, as well as lady's maid being hard to find and then having to train them and she's not very grateful at him talking the Dowager round, insisting she will use that about his nephew again if she has to.  So how are the Dowager and Denker different in their modus opernadi?  They deserve each other.

Chamberlain arrives for dinner and already is pounced upon by the Dowager and Cora, with Branson rescuing him with a drink.  There's heated debate and Robert is clearly in distress as he finally gives way and has some spasms , throwing up blood via projectile vomiting all over the dinner table and Cora too.  Not a scene for the fainthearted, be warned!  Well that was one way to settle the debate and end the dinner!  Clarkson says his ulcer has burst and Robert manages to say if this is the end, then he has loved Cora (for an eternity.)  The servants are worried and there's nothing they can do.  With comments that Carson's met his mortality and is visibly worried and disturbed by it all.  Cora, Edith and Mary all head to the hospital and Mary overhears the Dowager saying she accepted Marigold and she's got other things on her mind to worry about.  Cora being adament the new hospital is finally the right thing to do.

Mary telephones and tells them he's had his operation and is stable.  Thomas was worried and is shocked that he would be, thinking he wouldn't care either way, calling it getting soft in his old age. Molesley joking he'd better not let the other animals hear him say that.  Edith thinks they should take turns being with Robert and give Cora a break.  With Mary itching to find out about Marigold, she later asks Anna what the servants are saying about her.  Anna just says they think she's lucky, what else was she meant to say.  Of course with Mary prying, you know the secret will be out with Mary being the last to know, which will make her even more angry and insufferable.

Let's hope this wretched hospital business is behind us now, that dragged on far too long.  But we've still got the dealings with Mary and her not finding the man for herself, with Downton still looking like it's heading for more of a whimper in the closing hurdles!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Doctor Who 9.5 "The Girl Who Died" Review

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Clara (Jenna Coleman) floats in space as the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) struggles to deal with the TARDIS and locate her.  As we hear the cloister bell again.  That's been heard quite a few times this series.  She's got a spider in her spacesuit and he asks her if she can see a green nebula before fixing on her and trampling the spider in her helmet after he gets her inside.  He goes outside to clean his shoes and says he's not really the police, the sign just says that.  They're met by Vikings, as the Doctor remarks 'anyone but vikings'.  He puts on his shades saying they've not confronted superior technology before.  One of them pulls off his shades and breaks them in half.  They head to their village, two day ride on their longships and are greeted by the people.  The same viking wears his shades and gives it to a girl.  As the Doctor sees the girl, Ashildr (Maisie Williams) he thinks he's seen her before, at least Clara thinks he has.  He takes about premonition and how it can mean more than a feeling of the past or present.

This time the Doctor doesn't have a plan yet, there's not much he can do without his TARDIS and no sonic; but he has a yoyo and he uses it to declare himself Odin.  They laugh as a face appears in the sky, claiming to be Odin (David Schofield) albeit a fake one.  Who appears to run a scan and take the most strongest of the vikings away.  Clara sees Ashildr and tells her to put the broken shades on, well half of his shades.  The Doctor calls to Clara but she gets scanned and taken too.  Ending up on what looks like a ship.  One of the vikings walks the corridor and is killed, leaving behind only his helmet and weapon.  Then the wall begins to move in, forcing them closer towards the corridor.  Clara tells them to try and pry their weapons into it to stop it and she walks Ashildr to the other side, attempting to open the other door.  The vikings are killed and she and Ashildir see their weapons and helmets. Running into Odin, who really isn't Odin as we worked out. As the Doctor asks, "what's the one thing gods never do.  Gods never actually show up."

Clara talks Odin out of killing them and leaving here with his ship as he takes his nectar, the testosterone and adrenalin of the vikings which keeps him strong.  She almost had him leaving, but Ashildr opens her mouth (can I say big gob) and tells him the village challenges him to battle.  The Doctor says he's lost someone he cares about and Chuckles (Ian Conningham) says he has too, Ashildr's his daughter.  Just then they are returned and the Doctor holds his thumb up to Clara, "I'm not a hugger" but hugs her anyway.  Ashildr tells them fo the battle tomorrow.  None of them ca fight, they're all farmers and fishermen, so they haven't got much of a chance.  The Doctor asks how many of them have ever wielded a sword and only he and Clara put up their hands.

He tells her Clara should get a hobby and she replies she has one, the Doctor, he tells her to get a new one.  He has no other choice but to train them, as he listens to the baby cry and translates what she's saying.  About needing her beautiful mother.  Clara saying he can "speak baby."  Clara knows he's changed his mind as he hears the baby again, talking of the thunder and being sad, the fire and water. He teaches them how to use a sword, but he gives them all his own names first cos he's got too much going on to remember theirs, like Lofty (Tom Stourton) Heidi (Barnaby Kay) ZZ Top.

He worries about what to do and talks with Ashildr who's a story teller and makes large viking puppets when the men are away, then finally he recalls the baby's words as he hears her cry again and Lofty taking her fishing to comfort her when she gets restless.  He has a plan, brainwave, idea and rushes to the barn.  Fire and water, fire in the water.  He says he needs a blacksmith, who is Lofty and he says they're eels, electric eels.  They can use their power.  They'll need to take one of the helmets of the Mire as he's explained to Clara, they are a war mongering breed who are feared the universe over. Even if they defeat them now, they'll be back to earth again.  It's just a ripple in a tidal wave.

They will use one of Ashildr's creations.  The Mire arrives and finds they're all having a party and the Doctor tells them they don't want to fight and aren't even armed, as his soldiers scan for weapons. Okay did anyone think early Cybermen when they saw those tin soldiers?  You know all about that ripple in a tidal wave and how they've evolved into what they are now.  No??  Okay maybe just me then!  Ha.

As the Doctor distracts him with his talking, Lofty throws metal rings around their helmets until he misses one and the soldier looks at it.  The eels are used and their helmets are removed.  Ashildr places one on her head and then she conjures a great beast like a dragon, as it gets closer the soldiers shout "retreat" and head back to the ship.  The Doctor says they can play the recording of his humiliation all over the galactic web, if he doesn't leave.  Which Clara had Chuckles record on her phone.  He leaves, but adds it's not over.

Ashildr is dead and the Doctor overestimated the use of the helmet, it caused her heart to fail as she put it on.  He then talks about being able to do something and the ripple in a tidal wave.  It's more than that.  Then mentions his face and why he took this face.  He took it for a reason.  His face is a "reminder."  So that he could save people.  As we have a flashback to Donna Noble and Doctor Ten from The Fires of Pompeii episode, where Doctor Ten beckons Caecilius towards the TARDIS. One reason why the Doctor took that face.  He then takes a chip from the helmet and modifies it to get Ashildr back and it is absorbed into her forehead.  She'll be conscious in a few days and will be okay. She wakes up to thank him.  As Clara says it will repair her from within.  He gives Chuckles another chip.

He tells Clara she's immortal now.  Immortality isn't about living forever.  One day she might meet someone she can't live without.  That look on Clara's face, was she thinking about Danny, or do we suppose that was a reference to her and whatever might happen to her before she leaves.   Ashildr is now a hybrid.  As we see her standing still as time presumably passes around her.  As for this hybrid comment, seems that Davros started it all off by mentioning it in the early episode, The Witch's Familiar and now the Doctor mentions it himself.  Davros mentioning a Gallifreyan prophecy about races coming together to make one great warrior.  Also the Doctor tells Clara that "she'll see me often enough, once she understands."  Understands her immortality and who she is, but more so isn't it the case he will make her see him during his time travels.

Doctor Who always comes up with such titles, like The Impossible Girl, The Girl In the Fireplace, next week's ep is The Woman Who Lived.  When the Doctor tells Ashildr about making puppets and people often do that, thought of Amy Pond and her Doctor Eleven doll, for some reason.  Though having thought that, we did get a flashback to Doctor Ten.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Eye Candy 1.6 "ICU" Review

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A doctor carries out brain surgery on a boy whilst he's still awake.  Soon all the staff pass out, being gassed.  As Lindy (Victoria Justice) prepares dinner for Jake to thank him for cooking her dinner, she finds it tastes repulsive.  If they said a few eps ago that they can't cook and the kitchen is never used, then why was she even attempting it.  He calls to cancel and Tommy (Casey Deidrick) shows up asking for a favour.  He tastes the sauce or whatever she's made, wishing he hadn't!  The Doctor who was the neurosurgeon is being blamed so he has to find out who hacked into the system.  Lindy says all the machines are automated so it'd be easy to do.  Heading to the hospital, they meet Doctor Wells (Elizabeth Alderfer).  Lindy asks if they used to go out and he says one Summer, cos neurosurgeons and cops don't mix.   The Doctor seems a little jealous of Lindy as well.  She gives Lindy a pass key to the server room and she heads inside.  As a van pulls up for carpet cleaning.

Lindy is being watched by the hospital cameras and it's obvious that it's the Virtual Killer.  But why would he be watching the hospital and know Lindy would turn up, besides stating the obvious. Especially since he knew what was happening at the hospital but did nothing to alert her to it, if he was so interested in helping her.  As he did at the end.  Also she gets the notion to check herself into the hospital to investigate further.  She asks George (Harvey Guillen) who is in the van outside, to make sure she has a condition that is serious.  She runs up and down the stairs and takes pills which shows she's got a high temperature.  So I suppose the Virtual Killer was also watching her on the camera.  Oh wait wasn't there a camera on the stairs. The nurse takes her blood and runs it through     the system.  If only all hospitals were so efficient.  We have to wait a week here at least before we get back blood work results.  George gives her neurosyphilis cos it's the only thing he could think of.  So she can be taken to ICU.

He tells Lindy to faint and she throws the tray down before pretending to faint, but she doesn't faint anywhere near where she dropped the tray.  She's left in the hall on a gurney and a girl, Erika (Erin Wilhelmi) is wheeled up in a chair connected to her IV.  She's a bit of a strange one.  She ask Lindy what she's got and she can't recall it.  However Erika knows what she has and has remembered it. She needs a heart transplant but the medication she's on has destroyed her liver.  As we see her take a cocktail of pills.  That was a bit of foreshadowing for later.  The doctor tells Indy she's too young to have that disease and so more tests are needed.  When Lindy's in her room, she takes her tablet with her and looks for the rogue signal coming from a wireless router.  When she sees Erika again.  She's hooked to a machine which is her heart and her boyfriend Michael (Christian Coulson) leaves the room in anger.  He's British and she says that they're not really that close and she doesn't know what he'll do without her.

Lindy finds the signal which is coming from the router in the chapel, placed under a table.  The nurse comes back to get her as he finds her there and she replies she's meditating.  The nurse glancing back at the table so we consider him a suspect.  He was too obvious though.   It's time for her lumbar puncture and Tommy comes in the nick of time to save her.  Telling them he's her fiance and she didn't tell him she was coming here.  The doctor tells him to hug her, it'll be easier and he needs to have one too if they're intimate.  Doctor Wells comes in and takes over.  Saving them both.  George finds the tablet that was used for the hack belongs to Lawrence Kennedy, the nurse (Tobin Mitnik) . But Lindy notices the tablets are left at the nurse's station, so anyone can take them. Lawrence's social media page, shows Lawrence was in Chicago at that time.

Erika's machine stops functioning and she dies.  With a suspicious Michael attempting to fiddle with it.  Lindy questions Michael asking what job she did and he doesn't tell her, but she reads the name of the company from his ID on his coat.  Yeah what is it with people wearing their IDs everywhere they go.  Hate that!  Either they're showing off, or advertizing to the world where they work.  She asks George to check out the company and turns out he and Erica both worked for a company manufacturing viruses.  The virus was triggered at the same time Erica's TOD was recorded.  Michael tells them she developed the virus and she wanted to use it to get revenge cos they couldn't save her. It's stopped by a kill switch but he doesn't know where it is.  Which is what Lindy saw him frantically searching for in her room.  As the virus is triggered all the systems shutdown in the hospital causing dangerous chaos.

George looks at the camera security footage and the kill switch is very tiny as they see Erika swallow it.  They have to remove it from her DB in the morgue.  Tommy is nervous about finding it and George gives them instructions.  Lindy says they'll do it together, as Det Yeager (Marcus Callender) tries to find Doctor Wells.  Who eventually does it for them.  Lindy heads to the server room and they need a password.  It's not the name of the drug that destroyed her liver.  It's something different. Lindy gets a call from the Virtual (I know it's meant to be Flirtual but I like Virtual better) Killer who tells her she needs his help which she does.  He says she should try the chemical formula of the drug. Disaster averted.  "I have such high hopes" he intones.

Doctor Wells asks about Lindy and Tommy says it's hard to explain what she does with him.  Doc's not engaged she just wears her grandmother's ring so she doesn't get asked out by patients.  She'll call him.  Lindy gets home and finds a package outside which is from Jake obviously.  It's a cookbook from around the world and he apologizes for missing dinner, until next time.

Still it appears it's Ben who's the killer, I know I keep saying that. But never mind.  We get an ep where the killer strikes and then one where he takes a backseat, so it's no wonder the show didn't last. People must've gotten tired of the format.  This episode wasn't that good, it's fairly routine, it was obvious Erika was behind the virus, she must've been one sick person (no pun) sick in the head to make those innocent patients suffer like that.  It's not like they were responsible for her condition. Same as the Killer, he's one sick in the head psycho too.  Tommy's line of having half a brain to access the system was a bit harsh under the circumstances especially that boy in the opening getting brain surgery!  ICU in the title needs no explanation of course!  Unless it's referring to the Killer watching Lindy.  Yeager asking George how he sleeps at night, "on my back or in the foetel position if it's cold."

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 4

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Whilst the Carsons are away on their honeymoon, Thomas  (Rob James-Collier) is the butler now and he relishes the position, and ordering everyone around.  At breakfast, the family is glad to have Branson (Allen Leech) home and Edith (Laura Carmichael) wonders if he will now take back the position of Agent from Mary (Michelle Dockery).  Branson doesn't know what he's doing yet and Robert (Hugh Bonneville) tells them they don't need to get into a fight over it just yet.  The Dowager (Maggie Smith) has involved Lady Shackleton (Harriet Walter) in her plans for the hospital and she thinks she has an ally on her side for the hospital to be run by them and not in York.  Lady Shackleton can't see the objections if modern equipment will be good for the people.  But the Dowager insists she should show her support for her.  Asking if she's here to help or be a hindrance. Lady Shackleton  has also invited her nephew to Downton with her, of course we all know who that is.

Rosamund (Samantha Bond) tells Edith that she's trustee of Hillcroft College for bright girls and she intends for Edith to become one too, so she's invited John Harding (Phillip Battley) the treasurer and his wife, Gwen (Rose Leslie) to Downton to introduce them.  Edith would like to co-edit the magazine and wants to hire a female editor, which Isobel (Penelope Wilton) thinks is a good thing and applauds her.  Mary being in agreement for once, saying that it is a lady' magazine after all. Rosmaund is surprised that Mary actually supports her for once, but she still comes up with a sarcastic comment and a putdown about if enough monkeys read the bible.

Sgt Willis (Howard ward) comes to see Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) in the hopes of getting her to testify against Peter Coyle ("the handsome devil" - but she tells Molesley (Kevin Doyle) he was just a devil) The man who put her up to stealing the jewels.  He's been doing the same to two other girls and the sergeant thinks if she testifies it will prevent other girls from falling into his trap.  Baxter is reluctant since she doesn't want to see him again and Molesley thinks she should do it to help them.  Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nichol) wanted to be there when the sergeant came in place of Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan) who is Mrs Carson now, funny how Mrs Patmore still called her Mrs Hughes.  But Baxter's asked Molesley which she wasn't happy about.  Thomas also telling Mrs Patmore that she should've told him about the sergeant coming down and the phonecall.  Anna (Joanne Frogatt) and Bates (Brendan Coyle) were a little unkind when they both say for once the police coming doesn't have anything to do with them.

Mary asks about the baby but she hasn't told Bates yet.  Though he says she's noticed she's put on weight and thinks she's probably eaten all the pie.  She hasn't told him yet which is why it was absurd that Mary asks Bates for help with the suitcases when there's no one else isn't around, with Bates saying Anna can carry one.  Mary replies it's too heavy for her, of course if that didn't give away the secret, then I don't know what would.  Also Anna later feels some pain and thinks she may lose the baby.  Molesley sees her in distress.  She does the same thing when she's with Mary who insists they head down to London right now in the night. Mary will say she's got some medical emergency and they can head to York if they've missed the train.  Branson offers to drive them to York and Mary tells him it's for Anna and not to tell anyone.  Mary abruptly telling the family she needs to go right now and there's nothing more to be said.  With everyone remarking on how Mary looks perfectly well, as did Bates when Anna tells him she has to go.

Baxter tells Thomas she's not like him and hates when people talk about her.  She's not strong like him and he just ignores what they say.  Of course he tells her that she's wrong about him, he does think about what people say.  Thomas also tells Baxter about Molesley liking her, she doesn't agree though. But Thomas did enjoy ordering everyone about.  "I am the butler now and don't let's forget it." He also needs volunteers to clear Mrs Cobb's cottage for the Carson's when they return and Andy (Michael Fox) says he'll take some maids with him.  Thomas says he'll go too, but he doesn't want him coming.  Mrs Patmore looks at Thomas as if to say he hasn't yet cleared the air with Andy. Seems they will be forgetting this and forgetting Thomas too very soon.

Molesley tells Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) about Baxter and the police and she isn't pleased with that. But when the sergeant comes again the second time he explains how Coyle's ruined lives and two of the women had to turn to prostitution cos of him and one is dead.  She decides to testify and they will give the names of the witnesses to the prosecution.  Who will decide if they need them, especially if he pleads not guilty.  She tells Molesley she changed her mind cos she can't see anymore lives ruined, just like he ruined hers.  He changed her and after all that she still own't be rid of him.

Lady Shackleford arrives with her nephew and Mary is surprised to learn that it's Henry Talbot (Matthew Goode)  He's now into cars and particularly racing them.  He was raised in London and so has no idea about the country or its manners.  When Lady Shackleton doesn't support the Dowager at dinner.  She needs facts before she can take sides.  Henry gives Mary his card so they can have lunch or drinks and she accepts.  Robert thanks Lady Shackleton for the way she handled herself and didn't make everyone get into any deeper arguments.  Cora notices that Robert's pain has returned twice, but he just tells her he can't drink port anymore and not to make a fuss.  Does this mean they may kill off another Crawly before the series ends.  I mean it's only fitting for them to end the drab hospital storyline in some way.

The Harding's arrives and Thomas recognizes her, but Gwen doesn't acknowledge him.  She speaks with Anna though who's glad to see her.  Gwen was the maid in series 1, who went off to secretarial school and then became part of the civil service, which is where she met John.  Thomas is angry she didn't greet him and at lunch, he lets slip on purpose that Gwen was a former maid.  The others are surprised and a little embarrassed, but Mary knew she'd seen her before the way she kept staring at her.  Edith thinks it's good she made something of herself, as does Isobel.  Gwen says she was going to tell them and then says she had Sybil to thank for everything.  She applied for the job for her, drove her to the interview, where they broke down and also she convinced the telephone repair man to give her a job.  Robert recalling how he remembered he couldn't go into the library, so it was Gwen in there.  Sybil helped her which brings sadness and tears to their eyes, even Mary is moved. Gwen used to send out cards to Sybil and then she heard what happened.  Rosamund remarking on how nice a way to remember Sybil.

Branson doesn't know what he's going to do but he thinks maybe cars are for him.  Not racing them, but being a part of them.  Edith telling him that's nowhere near Downton.  Mary is also at a loose end as Gwen's made her think of how she isn't doing very much.  Gwen heads down to meet the others and Bates has a go at Thomas for landing Gwen in it with the family.  He is taken aback that she didn't even see him and that he didn't know she was planning on fooling the family.  Robert also has a word with him about it and tells him he didn't like what he did.  Later Thomas tells Robert he liked being butler and Robert hopes he learned from it.  That Carson is very kindly too.  So he'll know how to act when the time comes for him to leave.  Don't see where they're getting rid of him, the household functioned perfectly fine with him as butler when Carson was away.  Not to mention the fact that their attitude towards him just reflects their pompousness.  They finally accepted Gwen for who she used to be, didn't recognize her cos she was only a maid and they treat Thomas no better.  Dismissed after using his services for so long.  It's not like the rest of the staff are saints.  With Bates and Anna both being charged with murder.

Daisy (Sophie McShera) has another bee in her bonnet, when she finds out that the farm may be handled by Downton and that they're not looking to take on anymore tenants thinking that Cora misled her.  Of course it was Daisy who did all the misleading and only has herself to blame.  But she's determined to confront Cora about it.  She does this after they've decided that Mr Mason (Paul Copley) should become the tenant and they can decide now whilst Mary is away.  Branson says he will sort things out with Mary.  Daisy is waiting for Cora and Baxter comes with her.  She asks about the farm and Robert comes in the nick of time to tell Daisy the good news about Mr Mason, before she can put her foot in it again.  Even if it meant losing her job.  Cora thinks she's been spared.  Yes she was spared Daisy's wrath.  Let me see, will Daisy now get together with Andy, the way they looked at each other when Mrs Patmore tries to talk her out of confronting Cora.

The doctor has carried out the minor surgery on Anna and he says he's "cautiously optimistic."  Apparently he was only interested in his huge fee for being called out at night!  Mary is relieved and see sit as a chance to go out with Henry, who she knows will make a pass at her, she won't accept, but she's ready for it.  The newlyweds return and they have drinks ready for them, with the whole family coming down to congratulate them.  The Dowager hasn't been in the kitchen for twenty years and Isobel hopes she has her passport.  They would prefer to be called Carson and Mrs Hughes (a spin off in the works? ha) which is a relief to Robert and Rosamund.  Since Carson and Mrs Carson didn't sound right to them.  Anna and Bates finally celebrate their good news.

Yet another episode where that wretched business with the hospital is still being stretched out, it's been four weeks now.  How long must it continue.  Think Mary has eyes for Branson rather than anyone else and I have said that for a long time now, well as far back as last series, ha!  Mary and yet more snickering, this time over the Carson being on honeymoon in Scarborough (they can attend the fair) and nothing more spectacular! She also has a flashback moment to Matthew when he crashed his car, or rather we were meant to have one, when Henry tells her he races cars.  Will he meet the same fate?  As well as Mary having to wear one of Rosamund's dresses when she meets Henry.  Daisy mashing the potatoes with such force in her ire and Mrs Patmore calling her Madame DeFarge.  Yes she was about to ignite a revolution of her own downstairs and upstairs too!