Thursday, 31 March 2016

Paranormal Lockdown 1.4 "RC Infirmary"

Randolph County Infirmary was an episode of Paranormal Lockdown with a difference.  This time round, Nick and Katrina were looking for more of the residual effects rather than any intelligent findings.  They managed to get both.  Including Katrina having her name come through twice on the Geobox, which was unexpected, but again showed intelligence.

My thoughts on residual hauntings is that of course they will always be around in some form or another, especially if there are certain elements to retain this, such as iron, wood; but that there will also be intelligent hauntings either accompanying them in the same location, or just present regardless.  As was shown by the fridge door and the banging that Nick asked for.  The area of residual hauntings is not really black and white or something that can be easily explained away.

Highlight, at least one of many, Paranormal Lockdown Workout, could get so much mileage with that and also with Nick's remark of, "I call this one, mating with the carpet!"  Love the way this show has really led to Nick being more open and 'looser' in his presentation and commentary and not being stifled behind a camera!  Allowing not only his superior investigating skills and experience to be put to even more good use, but also how his creative juices, so to speak, and thought processes are demonstrated every episode.  There's just an air of fun to this show as well as enthusiastic and exceptional investigation during the 72 hours!

As this week there was also a reversal as Katrina wakes Nick up who seemed to be away with the pixies.  Seriously though, he couldn't tell if he was sleeping or somewhere else, wonder if the use of Jacob's Ladder had some sort of an influx of energy influence him.  Whereas Katrina couldn't really get to sleep this time round.

Episode 5 is Hinsdale House, a creepy looking place if ever there was one!  Then only one more to go!  Oh no, Destination America needs to renew this show.  There's so much still to be explored yet and 72 hours of lockdown really speaks for itself and produces great results!

Monday, 28 March 2016

Ghost Adventures 12.9 "The Domes."

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From the outset it was apparent The Domes aka Casa Grande Domes, Arizona would be a creepy episode, but more than that, as I tweeted before the episode was aired, who'd want to work in such a structure, it's so UFO-y.

Plenty going on in this ep too, though 12.8 Hell Hole Prison remains one of the best this season. This was seen when Zak couldn't continue the first interview with the former paranormal investigator, Adam Forner and he had to leave cos of the adverse effects from being inside there, just as Zak too was affected early on even before conducting the investigation.  Then when he was interviewing the former Satanist and now priest, Jesus.  Especially when that voice was heard after Jesus said "my God is greater"  Which definitely sounds like a resounding "nahhh."

Some of the best was yet to come during the lcokdown itself at night, which wasn't a lockdown in the usual sense of the word, considering the Domes were open-ended and in the middle of the desert, so anything, or anyone could've approached.   There was the growling that Billy heard at 22.22 minutes (without ads) you can hear it clearly without any enhancements.  At least we did.)  After Zak asks, "what are yo?."

Also have to say on this one, I got one of my feelings before what happened with Zak.  I said to my sister, that there seems to be something behind Zak's legs at 22.11 when Zak asks, "is there someone in here with us, are there portals here."  I was sure there was something there, but having watched several times over, can't see anything.  I'll mark the spot on the photo below, but there's nothing there, as I said!!
I have no idea why I felt that way, but then he asks what are you and they get the growl which Billy hears (as above) and then Zak feels his arm getting numb after he's touched.  Gosh that was like a bit of a foreshadow, not even being there and not watching the episode until Sunday!  Or uncanny as I'm always saying.
As for the voice on the recorder, that sounds like it's speaking in some sort of 'foreign 'stuff' I can't even call it a language, you know the expression "speaking in tongues" but it's so gruff and it doesn't sound Native American either.  Re the man who cursed the land.  Phonetically it sounds like, "rak salic."   Even my EVP attuned ears didn't get this one!

Clearly it was also a night of distractions, since after that, the monitor light came on, which was the Game camera and sent them to that Dome, where Zak caught the figure on the full spectrum stills camera.  Here you can see it emerging, after Zak says, "show yourself," then it's gone in the shot after and then fully manifests in the shot after that.
After which, came the knocking on the RV, leading them back to the RV and away from here.  Also giving Zak an opportunity to review the findings on the camera!

Later when Billy was investigating the Dome alone and he heard that loud noise outside, did that sound like one of the slabs being thrown or falling to you??  When they think Billy's going a little crazy.  All this and the Jesus card which Billy found under Aaron's chair and the responses Aaron got on the ovilus, made this one heck of an intriguing episode!
(NB the priest Zak interviews earlier, was also named Jesus.)

Think I need to stop writing cos I tend ot get a little away with myself, more like carried away!

Anyhoo, if you love the show, you may want to check out my Zak book.  Giving one away on my Twitter @mila255h by 1st April.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Ghost Adventures 12.8 "Hell Hole" Prison.

Ghost Adventures you could say, is synonymous with its prison episodes and so much evidence captured whilst filming there.  Yet it took season 12 to surpass that as all prison chains were off, to capture the most compelling, intelligent evidence ever.  From the outset the episode got off to a thrilling start, as Zak brought back Patricia Lynn Cody to be interviewed about her experience at Yuma Territorial Prison, Yuma, Arizona.  Aka Hell Hole prison and being physically attacked by a spirit haunting one of the cells.  That of prisoner John Ryan, who committed suicide.
Hesitatingly she entered his cell and got a response from him when she asked how he hanged himself.
Other events of the night, included a shadow figure watching Aaron, ball of light when he feels something on his back in the cell and also how Billy managed to release a trapped spirit there, named Peter.  When he said the doors are open and anyone can leave.  With the sound of a cell door being caught.  Stunning evidence.  As for that scream, was it really a girl?

Some laughs along the way too, but that so-called 'spy' outside looked more like he was taking a leak than actually spying.  It's like he pulls his pants up before the car arrived for him. That would be  #pisstake!
As well as Zak saying a man could go crazy in the prison cos of the bats. Though he didn't use the oft spoken phrase of "bat shit crazy!" Though I admit I did make a joke or two about the 3.10 to Yuma!

Got the most chilling shiver down my spine when Zak was in the Dark Cell and haven't felt that during any episode!  The sound that Zak describes as "laughing or grunting" after he taunts, is actually a voice that says at 33.57, "don't tell them" and not "chu, chu, chu."  It's very deep and forceful!  Now if Zak would stop dropping the f-bomb during the recording when asking questions and taunting, so we don't need the bleeping!! ha.

Also at 33.55, on my video it's about the 3 second mark; is that an orb or a bug right in front of the cell door it shoots from the right side of the wall towards the left. (Also see video below.) But didn't see any bugs all night though.

As well as that EVP on 34.34 minutes (without ads) which said, "figure a way to wake it..."  Which when you think about it makes sense since those sounds heard beforehand, like the footsteps and the one Zak said was knocking, sounded more like stones being thrown.  So the question would be who or what were they trying to wake up?  Some other inmate in danger, or being menaced by the guards, with a snake or a scorpion.

Yet the most spectacular evidence was the actual band being filmed on the SLS camera.  Not only that but they acknowledged the presence of the GAC too.  By taking a bow, waving and also dancing for them!

The green figure looks like he's playing the double bass.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt such evidence proves the existence of the paranormal in the most compelling way.
Take a bow GAC!

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Paranormal Lockdown 1.3 Franklin Castle

Franklin Castle, located at Ohio City, Cleveland boasts of being one of the most haunted places in America, or at least one of the most haunted houses in Ohio.  So not surprising it took Nick Groff fifteen years to get to investigate here and what an investigation it was in episode 3 of Paranormal Lockdown.  Franklin Castle has a dark history of criminal activity including prohibition. At any rate, the house saw its fair share of tragedy when the Hannes Tiedemann and his wife, Luise, lost four children there.  One was the daughter, Emma, who haunts the house and was seen by the Ramano family children, who moved to the house in 1968.  As Katrina said, it was good to be able to speak with actual former residents of Franklin Castle, who have seen Emma.

The investigation got off to a thrilling start as Nick and Katrina were joined by John Tenney and he felt his clothes being pulled at and felt constricted in them, the same time Nick spotted a shadow figure and then John's batteries in his mic dying. Wonder why that happened to him and it would've been interesting to see what else may have happened if John could've stuck around a while longer!!

This was also the episode where fellow paranormal investigator and sensitive, Elizabeth Saint (of Ghosts of Shepherdstown (GOS)) had her very own invention, the E-Box used by Nick.  After they met on GOS he asked if she'd like to build something for the show as her background was in engineering.  She came up with the E-Box and very excellent it is too!  A shame that she wasn't shown on camera when it was used.  But Elizabeth said in an interview that she was there at the time!

Interesting games of hide and seek were played with Emma and Katrina receiving the knock back when she knocked on the wall and asked for some noise to be made.  As well as Rob, the cameraman seeing something in the basement, which couldn't be verified for certain and then finally seeing a mist in the same place later during the investigation.  Showing plenty of activity in the basement.  Making you think exactly what took place there; where Nick was brave enough to spend the night.  After setting up motion sensors which went off when an orb/light anomaly was seen at the 35.53 minute mark.  Think that was missed by them, as no mention of it was made.  However it appeared right on cue after Nick says, "I'm all by myself now..."  From the EVP he recorded it could've been a spirit asking for help, as it said "I need help."  However, not sure if the EVP was caught at the same time the anomaly appeared.  (See pic below).

The other amazing capture was the mist that was seen by Rob in the same place as before, between the doorway in the basement.  Though I'm not sure whether I'd have spent the night in or by the closet like Katrina did.  I mean it was black inside, that was creepy.  Though Nick was the only one who felt anything inside it.  Maybe Luise didn't want him invading her space.

Another brilliant episode and it's still exciting to see the affects that little, or no sleep has on them and their investigation during 72 hours and continues to bring a fresh approach to the style and concept of the show.  I'm still hooked!  Can't wait for episode 4 at Randolph County Infirmary.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Ghost Adventures 12.7 Leslie's Family Tree Restaurant

Ghost Adventures investigation into the Lesley' Family Tree restaurant in Santaquin, Utah.  Where the family was experiencing attacks, as well as there being attacks on the patrons of the restaurant, in the form of scratches.  As soon as the attack on Bobby on camera, knew it was going to be an eventful investigation.
During the seance, when Zak asks the question, "what is your name" after asking if it's a family member.  The EVP doesn't say "get out" but it sounds like, "get back."  Of course this could be interpreted as having two meanings, one as in stay away from it as a warning and, or, secondly as a foreshadowing of events to come during the rest of the night, when Zak openly asks for the spirit to attack him and to scratch his back.  Thus "get back."

The other thing I saw as ironic was that the scratch on his back was actually going through the tattoo. We know the 'Spirit Storm' tattoo has a significant meaning for Zak and his reason for getting it, after the events at Poveglia Island.  Signifying the battle between good and evil.  That scratch is positioned as if it's separating the good and the evil on his back.  Made even more relevant as Zak says he had a negative attachment for two days.

You can actually see the scratch before Aaron notices it, if you look carefully and before it begins ot get redder in colour:

It's clearer on the non-highlighted picture.

Well it wasn't a spirit that hated a tattoos, like the nuns at Yorktown, sorry I know that sounds funny or callous, but apparently this is far more evil.  I have to add I got an eerie feeling of deja vu when his back was scratched!

The restaurant was the subject of another show on The Travel Channel, The Dead Files where psychic Amy Allen and former NYD detective Steve DiSchiavi investigate haunted properties and places.  During this investigation in 2012, Amy gave her findings at the end when they gather their evidence together and what she's seen, including Amy's advice to the clients.  Here she found that there was some sort of evil entity that was at the restaurant and drew a sketch of it.  She said that it likes to attack people, so when they die it can hold them back.  "He wants more people to die." Which struck me as uncanny, since at the end of the Ghost Adventures episode, Zak says he was affected by an attachment for two days and also he had "nightmares about being trapped in a room with dead bodies."  And having to go through cleansings and prayers to rid himself of it.  Which is what Amy advised the family to do at the restaurant.

As Leslie told Zak, Amy (not mentioning her by name) asked her to do the cleansing with all the major religions.  She also advised to find out the tribe and to get a Native American elder to help too, to rid the curse put on the place by a Native American. Which wasn't done.  Not being critical, but it would have been worth trying since there would be nothing to lose.  There aren't that many major religions around.  Not to mention the fact that Amy's advice is always on the ball and she gets results and people that have taken her advice have gotten results.  Clearly there are souls there that need to be put to rest somehow, with so much activity going on for so long now and it's dangerous.

Oh and the 'unexplained' voice that's heard by Jay and Ashley is a woman's voice saying, "a lot of noise."  Wonder if they closed the seance after the investigation before they left!

You may not agree with me, but it's just my opinion and how I like to make connections and connect the dots outside of the box.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Paranormal Lockdown 1.2 Anderson Hotel

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Episode 2 of Paranormal Lockdown continued with what was still a great and suspenseful investigation, with lots of heart in mouth moments.  Not only did Nick give a thorough and comprehensive rundown of the events at the hotel which have led to the negativity and the attacks, but also interviewed people who have been affected by it firsthand, along with Jeff Waldridge.  I mean that bitemark on investigator, Donnie Irvin's foot and then for the cameraman, Rob Saffi to suffer the same fate on his back.  Really shows how bad this spirit was.  That of the "burned man." Not satisfied with his life whilst he was alive, he then chose to attack others and make their lives a living hell.

Not to mention the poor girl who took her own life.  Nick was extremely brave to lie there on the bloody mattress where she ended her life and to make a connection and then to get screamed at.  The EVPS captured through the Geobox were amazing once again and to get such intelligent responses to questions, showing not only the right questions were asked but that the spirits/entities acknowledged their presence.

I liked how both Nick and Katrina Weidman systematically ruled out which of the entities was behind the attacks and causing the negativity, even affecting the other spirits there.  Then came up with a solution of driving him out of there so he can no longer cause further pain and attacks on anyone else; using the sage to cleanse and back him into a corner.  Finally releasing the hold he had there.  As well as calling on the other innocent spirits to help "push" him out.  It was inspiring that they both helped the people there and the owner and resolved to do so.  That's important with any paranormal investigator, I feel, to help if they're able to.
Also how Nick stood his ground against the entity, knowing how vulnerable they were after having their energy drained.  And the stress showed on them as they carried on with very little sleep at all.
Glad to hear there haven't been anymore reports of attacks or activity since the episode was filmed.

I admire how Nick really puts himself out there to get evidence and results!  Nick really tries to get down to why the spirits are there and it's not just about getting evidence.  But finding the reason behind the hauntings, the attacks and the presence.  This show needs a season 2 cos Nick's just brilliant and so compassionate at what he does!  But also as it makes new inroads to investigating the paranormal and the afterlife.

Paranormal Lockdown episode 1 review:

Friday, 11 March 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 10 Review

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As the news of Jimmy's death rocks the tabloids and papers alike, Harry (Jeremy Piven) places himself in a shell at home and doesn't want to do anything.  So much for Harry telling Jimmy to "pay your price..." cos this is what happens to him.  Gordon (Greg Austin) tells Harry that he's needed back at the store and they need to pick up the pieces and deal with the stock embargo, but he doesn't want to do anything.  He tells him either Harry comes back or he puts Gordon in charge and he needs to decide fast.  Meanwhile Keen (Oliver Dimsdale) wants to see Harry's personal accounts, those of the chairman's cos of the furore Jimmy caused with his mismanagement.  Rosalie (Kara Tointon) tells Harry that Mae (Kathleen Kelly) wants to talk to him, but he doesn't talk with her.  He needs to get out and stop closing himself off from people.  As Gordon talks with Keen, Hardcastle (Ian Ashpital) storms raving that Harry made a fool of him and he isn't even here.

At work, Mae is ostracized and ridiculed by the customers, the object of gossip and she has to retreat to her office as Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) offers to take over.  Now known as Mrs Grove of course.  Tilly (Mimi Ndiweni) grabs the paper from the other girls and tells them they're here to work and not to gossip, as Mae walks in and agrees.  Harry returns to work with a spring in his step and gets to deal with the stock seller's embargo.  He comes up with a plan to hold a reception for the sellers and convince them to settle the debts of Whiteleys at a later date.  Jimmy didn't leave a will so Gordon and Harry will inherit his share of Whiteleys and that will take at least a month and there's not enough time to help them now.  However Hardcastle at the reception refuses the plan Harry explains to them the exclusive three year contract to buy stock just from them.  "I built Selfridge's from nothing."  Like they care!  Hardcastle still says they want the debt of Whiteleys paid first cos they've got to deal with employees, and unions.  Harry is quite literally left with egg on his face.  If he can't afford to pay them, then how did he afford the reception.

Harry makes Miss Mardle Deputy Manager, taking over Grove's position and she accepts, sitting in his office.  As she makes her first executive decision of promoting Tilly to Head of Dressmaking, whereas she thought she was getting her marching orders.  As well as getting her chance to meet Harry for the first and last time.  Crabb (Ron Cook) tells Gordon of Keen asking for Harry's chairman's accounts and Gordon says if the reception works out then they won't need to see them, as Crabb files them away in the drawer.  Of course that's not what happens.  Mae tells Harry she's leaving and she's given her notice and is heading back to Paris, after his plan to woo her with flowers backfires.  She needed him but he didn't need her as much as she did after Jimmy died and she knows he's got his troubles, but even after that's over, he'll still have more to deal with.  Stocks dwindle and some items are out of stock in the store, as plans for the twentieth celebration goes ahead.

Rosalie tells Mae that Harry didn't want her to see him at his lowest and he always shuts himself away just like he did when he fell.  He thinks that she won't love him when she sees him like that. Gordon goes full steam ahead with his own plans and meets with Keen late night to discuss a deal. What we might call backstabbing even if he was attempting to save the store.  Next day Harry's called to a meeting with the Civic and they lay out their plans for him.  They will pay off the debts for Whiteleys and in return when the store is theirs, they will sign it over to the Civic.  They want Harry removed and he can have a token name as President if he so wishes and a meagre sun of £6,000 a year.  They looked at his personal accounts and he owes the company £118,000.  If he can pay it immediately then they'll reconsider but of course they know he can't.  As well as telling him about his past conduct such as the Dolly sisters and his gambling, which he says is over with.

They want Gordon as Managing Director and he handed over his accounts to them.  Harry says he is the Selfridge name with Gordon interjecting "our name."  Crabb tries to defend him but to no avail. Harry can't listen to anymore and walks out of there dejected, Crabb takes him back to the store.  I remember when I used to write about those lift scenes in the past, it was always with purpose and there was always something going on with Harry and business in mind and his vision to keep the store going.  That's long since past now and when he comes out of the lift, he's a broken man.  Crabb tells him he's resigning too.  Also adding to Miss Mardle that the Civic were after Harry long before Jimmy and everything else happened.

Wynnstay (Robert Pugh) reads the proof copy of Harry being "ousted" and changes the headlines to "The Earl of Oxford Street Bows Out."  Actually giving Harry a fitting send-off for all their differences.

Gordon tells Harry he had to do it to save the store and that's how he got to be Managing Director of Selfridge's and if I'm not mistaken he did seem a little arrogant as he sat in his Pa's chair! Harry wants to walk out of there together so they present a united front, as the staff all bid him a fond  farewell. Before leaving, Harry reminisces about the store and its twenty years.  Plenty of flashbacks galore to the very first episode and the staff, such as Agnes, Henry, Grove and Kitty and everyone starting out. The remainder of the staff also bid him farewell and he says goodbye with a speech about how most have been here for twenty years and how they started here together.  That there are new faces now and they'll all carry on the store and the celebrations.  A new generation as he looks at Connie (Sacha Parkinson) and George (Calum Callaghan) and their baby called Victor George Towler.

What an emotional final ever episode it was too.  Though of course being TV and having dramatic licence Harry gets the fitting ending he deserved.  He walks out of the store with his head held high, but with tears in his eyes, as he looks at Lady Time and sobs.  Then to hear Mae's voice as she returns.  Saying she heard what happened and he's much better than that.  "You're Harry Selfridge." She loves him and she asks him to go to Paris with her or anywhere else she might want to go.  And he's right he doesn't deserve her.  In real life of course Harry lived out his days with Rosalie and penniless.

Therein ends four years of drama, romance and shopping at Selfridge's!  What a blast!

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Paranormal Lockdown 1.1 Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum

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We've waited a long while for Nick Groff to get back into the paranormal investigating saddle on TV and have his own show again!  Ghost Stalkers was good and it's a shame that wasn't renewed but Paranormal Lockdown is just as food, if not better and aims to take the limits of investigation to a new level.  And by that I mean better as it challenges investigations and delves into an area that hasn't been done before: lockdowns involving 72 hours: day and night.  This means longer time to investigate and also a new style of investigation.  How many people would actually bed down for the night knowing what they're surrounded by and how anything can happen.  It's dangerous and adrenalin pumping at the same time.

Nick is quite the seasoned investigator and the paranormal certainly is his calling and in his blood, so it was good to see him team up with Katrina Weidman; who's had her own experiences too.  She was on Paranormal State; and how emotional it was listening to the story of the gruesome murders that took place there without anyone being able to stop it.  As well as how brave she was actually spending the night in the same room!  Even if she did pull the covers over.

This show speaks to new challenges and stretches the investigation to its fullest and taking it a notch higher.  Showing that results can be captured both during the day and night and who says spirits actually sleep.  Trans Allegheny Lunatic Asylum was a particularly memorable one for me too, cos it was the first episode I ever watched of Ghost Adventures and I recall Nick being locked down in the morgue.  But it certainly bought back a whole lot of memories for Nick.

The Geobox is a great invention as it doesn't have the same interference as the spirit box, especially the SB11.  So it's clearer to hear and understand any voices captured.  It was exciting and creepy at the same time, that both Nick and Katrina got their names said by the spirits.  As they were growing and had grown familiar with them.  As well as getting intelligent responses to their questions, such as Katrina saying she'd leave if they can say her name.

As well as spending the nights there which did have an impact on their investigations as their energy waned and opened them up to more experiences and encounters.  If only it had been actually on for an hour or two and not just listed as such, cos the other 15 minutes are always the ad breaks!

This was a heart stopping episode and I can't wait to see what other evidence is gathered over the course of the series as new inroads are made into explaining the paranormal and the afterlife further. I liked the way in which both Nick and Katrina explained their feelings and what they were going through during the investigations in an emotional and reasoned way, without any hysterics and how impassioned they were about their findings! They drew us in unsuspectingly.  Making us feel we were also there too!  Also loved Nick's skull shirt, creepy and cool at the same time!
Wonderful seeing Nick back, it's been too long and along with Katrina, they have great chemistry!

Can't wait for episode 2 at the Anderson Hotel.

The Vampire Diaries 7.15 "I Would For You" Review

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Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff) wakes up cos as we know now, she can't die and makes her way to Mystic Falls as Matt (Zach Roerig) and Penny (Ana Nogueira) are out killing off the vampires.  They get ambushed by some more and she saves their lives.  In return Rayna wants to know the whereabouts of Stefan (Paul Wesley).  They owe her. Stefan and Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) look for the herbs that Freya used on him to make a paste so that the scar can't be sensed by Rayna and when they get to the place where the witches keep their herbs, they find there is none there.  It's been stolen and is very rare.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tells Bonnie (Kat Graham) that he can't have everyone saving his life over again and so he's going to take care of Rayna as she's his problem.  As Bonnie keeps getting apologetic texts from Enzo (Michael Malarkey).  Rayna holds vampires hostage and kills them off until they tell her where Stefan is and Damon shows up. Matt called him and he takes her heart before chopping her up into little pieces and throwing her down a whole.  He has to figure out how to kill her once and for all.  As she was given everlasting life by the shamen.  He tells her she looks like his girlfriend so he throws her down some of her clothes. Before he finds out that there was a 'Mr Huntress' but she doesn't talk about him.
Stefan calls Caroline (Candice King) and she's busy helping Alaric (Matt Davis) with the babies and enjoying it, with her motherly instincts kicking in.  She tells him Dallas is a good place to stay after he suggests they could travel the world just the two of them.

Bonnie goes to see Enzo anyway despite Damon telling her to stay away and she meets Alex (Mouzam Makkar).  As well as the eight shamen who live on through Rayna.  As she is killed one of them vanishes.  Bonnie texts Damon to tell him her lives are linked with theirs and he kills her again and buries her.  Enzo discovers what she's doing and tells her to read the spell.  Which has a footnote, there's a failsafe. When she reaches her last life all of her victims die with her.  As shown by Stefan as he dies.  So Damon has to dig her up and bring her back to life.  She's not happy about that and now wants to kill him but she'll give him a headstart.  He doesn't run away, runs for the shovel but she's too fast for him and is about to stake him for good.  As she tells him the man she loved was also a vampire.  She's taken down by the Armoury people and apparently Damon tells her they never miss either.

Stefan gets back to Mystic Falls and Damon has some letters for him.  He didn't want to tell him but he's leaving.  He's going to desiccate himself in a coffin next to Elena.  If that ain't a slap in the faces of his fans.  Elena's gone, boo hoo, now let's just have him give up one everyone cos of her.  He's only a good vampire when she was around.  Another cop out of course.  Cos we know he's got it in him to be better than that and he also has Bonnie now.  Also selfish to leave them to fight and struggle on their own.  Just so he can save himself for her.  Stefan said it best when he said he can't leave him now after everything he's going through.  That's his repayment for getting in the way of the sword and saving his life.  Oh and before I move on, let me add it was pretty stupid of Damon to give Rayna's sword to Matt to get rid of.  Cos he'll just give it back to her.  Shouldn't he have taken it and hidden it or given it to Bonnie.  How dangerous was that especially when he knows what it can do! Stefan couldn't even make Damon stay by using emotional blackmail on him.  That if he loves him he won't walk out the door.

Matt threatens Stefan, he wants his home back and he wants him to leave here.  They may have been friends but he's doing it for his home.  Yeah more like that Penny dame turning his head. Stefan takes the letter to Dallas for Alaric and watches Caroline with the babies as he leaves with Valerie. Bonnie finds Damon and tells him he's not going to say goodbye in a letter.  She asks him if they're friends, then how can he do this.  He's leaving and she'd never see him again.  Guess we're sensing there's more going on with Bonnie's feelings than just friendship.  And he didn't even call her BonBon either one last time!  Bonnie saying he hurt her as she walks away.  One final look at the world...As he lies there desiccating, he's woken by Stefan.  He needs him as his wound's opened up again.

Three Years From Now

We get the flashbacks to everything's that gone before.  Plus Bonnie in a support group, really, she couldn't have lost the plot and especially not over Damon.  She could've just spelled herself better, no?  Maybe Enzo drove her to it.  Rayna has Stefan tied up and says she could kill him but she's not going to.  She can also transfer the mark to Damon, it's intended recipient to begin with.  Stefan thinks she's going to pit them against each other, but Damon tells him he asked her to do this!  Oh no now he wants to suffer in Stefan's place and take all that back.
Hence the title: "I would for you..."  Does this mean we're going to stay in the three years and there's no more jumping back and forth.  Wait, they have to explain what happened in those three years and how everyone got to where they are now in more detail.  No wonder Alaric was so shocked to see Damon back, after we find out he was desiccated like a bit of coconut!! ha. And no Rayna looks nothing like his girlfriend!  How many times did we have to hear that! The armoury, bunker, mark of Cain, Supernatural, the Huntress's mark, oh let's just have a crossover ep and get it over and done with!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 9 Review

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Mae (Katherine Kelly) finds out about Wynnstay (Robert Pugh) and his reporter Joe's (Mitchell Hunt)  investigation into Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) and orders him to stop looking into the matter since he's hurting Harry (Jeremy Piven) and everyone connected with him.  Adding that Jimmy was at his mother's.  She threatens him with an action for slander if he doesn't stop snooping.  Jimmy finds out stock is running low at Whiteleys and they can only stock the store for another three days.  He doesn't know what to do but asks Mr Crabb (Ron Cook) after hearing the suggestions for the Selfridge twentieth anniversary parade.  The council has approved it and there'll be a sale too and promotions.  With Mae's girls making twentieth anniversary rosettes as well.  In the stockroom Jimmy sees the stock being put away as George (Calum Callaghan) shows Jimmy how they do things.  Like putting the stock for the anniversary at the back cos they don't need it yet.  This gives him the idea to use that stock for Whiteleys.

Harry meets with the man from the wholesalers, Hardcastle (Ian Ashpitel)  who has influence with the other creditors.  He's the largest supplier of linen to the store and he can help them.  He says he'll need to speak with the others and then he'll get back to them within a week.  Jimmy impetulantly asks for a couple of days.  Gordon (Greg Austin) tells him they need to give them time to do things and that' how it works.  Crabb is reluctant to help as Jimmy tells him the store will close without stock and Harry's name will be tarnished.  He can't tell Harry since he doesn't need to know with the Civic and Keen (Oliver Dimsdale) on his back.  The chairman of the Civic telling him to keep an eye on the Selfridge's.

Crabb agrees and he tells George to move the stock.  He does this at night in unmarked vans and he sees what's happening.  George says it's for the Shoreditch warehouse as there's shortage of space at the store and the stock isn't needed yet.  Next day Keen asks Crabb about the Shoreditch warehouse, after finding out the warehouse had been sold and it's where the stock from the provincial stores was held.  Crabb confirms he sale.  Only George neglected to tell Crabb what he'd said.  They rush to tell Harry but Keen's already told him.  They didn't know about it but they're disappointed in Crabb and George.  Keen tells Gordon he stood up for them and wasn't their enemy and but he has to tell the Civic.

Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) copes with being a mother to the children and sends them off to school with lunch.  She got up at 5am to prepare it and Earnest (Joey Price) wanted cheese and pickle instead of a pie and an apple.  She tries to cope and Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) can see she's doing the best she can.  Crabb packs away Grove's things and he's still missing him.  He can't believe he won't be here for the twentieth anniversary as he was here for those twenty years and he'd be angry at missing it.  Harry says they've lost a lot of people.  He takes the box home and then tells her the new Head of Fashion didn't turn up for her job and Connie (Sacha Parkinson) has to go on leave.  She left it really late working so long.  He then asks Miss Mardle if she'll come back to work, which she gets angry over. Meryl thinks it's a good idea and she says she has to be here for the children.  The children aren't coping and neither is she, as Earnest asks if eh can keep his father's pen.  They cry at night and she says they need to cry together, after Meryl tells her they all need to grieve.

Freddy (Sam Swann) meets a woman at the tea room and Meryl thinks he's seeing her.  She's disappointed when he asks her out later but she can't do that.  She's just an old friend, in which case Meryl asks for five tickets to the circus for tomorrow night.   They arrive to go to the circus but Freddy tells her that the circus is finished.   However he has an idea.  Meryl tells Miss Mardle that she should return to work it'll be good for her, but she can't leave the children.  She tells her to ask the children.  At home, they find the circus has come to their garden and the children say she should work since their father worked and that didn't make the unhappy.  As long as Earnest still gets his bedtime story and gets tucked in too.

Harry is quizzed by Rosalie (Kara Tointon) by Mae staying over and his intentions.  She's been hurt by men and he tells her she's the one keeping her distance from him.  She tells hims Mae needs time to get over things and he should give her some space.  Connie goes into labour and has a son.

Wynnstay's reporter is told to drop the story as he's got nothing solid but he doesn't want to. Wynnstay adding that Jimmy was with his mother.  Joe tells him the police didn't pursue that angle and his mother was at church.  The Vicar swears to it.  Well he could've been just at her house, she didn't have to be with him.  He also found out from the staff that Victor was having dinner alone with Mae.  Wynnstay takes the story to Harry next day and tells him they're going to publish it.  Harry thinks it's all lies and he can't publish it in his rag.  Wynnstay says it's not and he's going ahead.

Harry tells Mae he's going to wait for her and also later tells her about Jimmy.  She tells him she knew something was up since the reporter questioned Jimmy and he got upset.  Harry wants to know why she didn't come to him and before he went into business with him.  Now this'll hurt his family. Mae in green attire again.  She always wears green.  Harry's despondent with her now too as she also betrayed him in a way.  She could've told him but she didn't think there was anything to tell.

Harry is disappointed in Jimmy and tells him they're going to have a press release denying it all. telling him Mae said he was at his mother's.  He breaks down and admits he killed him.  That it was an accident.   They argued when he was jealous over Mae and he fought, but he didn't mean for Victor to fall.  Harry's angry and hurt and disappointed as he's betrayed again by someone he trusted. He doesn't want anything to do with him, thinking he could hide behind him, and going in to business with him was wrong.  He should've come to Harry and not hidden it.  Jimmy didn't cos of that look in Harry's eyes now which he would've given him.  He walks out.  Jimmy goes to the bridge and jumps.

Taking the easy way out cos there's no way he'd be found not guilty, even if it was an accident, as his mother said to him.  Jimmy thinking it better than the hangman's noose and sparing his mother the anguish of a public trial.  Well that was the final nail in the coffin, no pun, for Harry as everyone he knew have all hurt and betrayed him in one form or another.   And this is the end for him and his days at the store.  Final episode next week.

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The X Files 10.6 "My Struggle II" Review

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Scully's (Gillian Anderson) turn to do a voiceover as Mulder (David Duchovny) did in the opening episode of this season relating to the conspiracy aspect of the show.  Scully follows this up with narrating the beginnings of the X-Files, at least her part on it in joining and also the conspiracies and bad things they uncovered.  Summing up the most important players in this, especially the Cigarette Smoking Man (William B Davis) and their sinister plans of world and global domination.  Including everything she went through with her abduction and finally we see Scully's head morphed into an alien.  We know she has alien DNA, but doesn't mean she's an alien or will become one, though that scene was funny.

Scully heads to the office apologizing for being late and finds Mulder isn't there and then gets a call from Tad O'Malley (Joel McHale) telling her to come to Mulder's apartment, which has been trashed. (Well not trashed like the Home Again ep trash!)  Scully asks Miller and Einstein to help look for him and suddenly is concerned of the genome tests she carried out on herself and is especially concerned when a disorientated soldier arrives at the hospital with a lesion in his arm.  There's increased reports of people getting sick and she worries that a global contagion has been released but she doesn't know why now.  She takes blood from Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) to analyze and says she can probably tell her what's wrong without having to wait for the results.  Explaining to her about her own genome test and having alien DNA.  Of course Einstein is sceptical, thinking there's an explanation for this.  However Scully finds the soldier is being infected with Anthrax, as soldiers sent to Iraq were given this as a vaccine and now it's affecting them.  Miller (Robbie Amell) commenting they're killing their own soldiers.

Miller heads back to the office as we see Mulder driving on the road after being beaten up.  He's driving to South Carolina and Miller uses the phone locator app on his computer to pinpoint his location.  Mulder meets with the Cigarette Smoking Man who tells him he can be cured, if he just asks for it.  He saved Scully and he can save him too.  Scully is paid a visit by Agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) who disappeared, as she explains why.  She spoke with Cigarette Smoking man years ago, after he was badly burned (by rockets in the season 9 finale) and he wanted her to go with him, threatening to kill everyone in the world.  She tells her that he saved her and also Scully.  As we get a flashback to the clip where he was being given a cigarette, which turned out to be Monica's hand.  He wants to play God and recreate the world in his own image.  The contagion has spread the world over as Scully already told us it would.

Miller finds Mulder as he's practically passed out on the floor and holds a tissue to his nose, as he's bleeding.  He carries Mulder out of there and Mulder tells him he can be cured if he asks him for it. But he refuses.  Cigarette Smoking Man telling them they won't get far.  Flashback reveals as Monica told Scully, he sent a man to make a deal with Mulder.  Which consisted of trying ti kill him.  Beating Mulder up in their fight and Mulder manages to escape.

Scully finds that there's no alien DNA present in her sample and Einstein needs to help her make a cure to save everyone with her alien DNA.  She realizes she didn't donate a bigger sample and the genome shows up.  She gives Einstein a drip and she needs to administer the same to the other doctors so they can make more, as she runs out with a bag in her hand.  She tells people not to fight and to go to the hospital where they will be helped.   Finally meeting Miller on the bridge with Mulder, she finds he's too far gone and that the cure he needs will be with their son.  Lo and behold, a bright lights appear in the sky.  It's a UFO or is it that of the government's making from 10.1.  Maybe it's William, I mean all these messages and talk of him.

Of course it had to end on a cliffhanger since everyone wants a season 11, but I for one could do without the alien eps for a bit.  So much for Cigarette Smoking Man's appearance he didn't really get to do much or be much of a formidable foe.  Guessing that's cos his plan of world domination had already been set in motion ever since the barbies were injected years ago and he saved a chosen few. Scully being part of this few.  I didn't think Mulder would be found so soon, if at all, cos I said he's turned off his GPS, but alas no, he didn't.  Maybe he wasn't thinking straight after getting his noggin beat up!

As for the tagline in the beginning "This Is The End" - this is most definitely not the end.  Perhaps it was more a reference for the end of the world as we know it.  Also I have no idea why Scully didn't recognize Monica's voice when she called her?!!  This was someone she worked with and had close contact with, not to mention helped deliver William!  Too much was made of the exposition between Einstein and Scully, with her thinking Scully's wrong and contradicting her too, instead of going along with her.  After all, Scully's the more experienced one and has been through it all from the beginning.  She knows what she's talking about.

So it ends, but more could've been made of this ep and I have to say the entire season 10.  It had it's good points and bad moments, but I can't really say I enjoyed every single bit of every single episode, which is a shame, cos in its heyday it was such a brilliant show.  Guess the 'revival' needs more work next time round in season 11.

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The X Files 10.5 "Babylon" Review

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Two Muslim suicide bombers blow an art gallery in Southern Texas due to a painting it was displaying.  Leading up to this, one bomber, the one that survives, Shiraz (Artin John) is shown at prayer and then eating peanut butter afterwards, before he meets up his companion to carry out the dastardly deed. Showing how normal life is for him, until he's not really normal at all, but a terrorist. He's the one who survives and is in a coma in hospital.

Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) meet younger versions of themselves, there's no way else to put it.  Agents Miller and Agent Einstein, as Scully lets the into the office, "nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted."  She waited 23 years to say that.   Miller (Robbie Amell) is the Mulder of the pair and is willing to keep an open mind and believe.  Einstein (Lauren Ambrose) is the Scully, the sceptic and the scientist.  Einstein being a distant relative.  They ask Mulder what advice he has for communicating with the terrorist so they can gain information about the cell.  Einstein doesn't believe it can be done but later she offers her help to Miller and meets him in Texas.  She's got a plan in mind especially after her experience with her mother int he last episode.

Einstein is called by Mulder who has his own suggestions about how she can get information out of him.  She turns up at the office and he talks to her of magic shrooms.  She laughs off his idea of him getting high on them and being able to communicate with the man.  Mulder and Scully find themselves attempting to keep the terrorist alive as they're approached by two agents claiming to be from Homeland Security and wanting them to leave.  Miller hearing them speak Arabic.  He takes out his phone and snaps their photos, prompting them to leave.

Mulder takes the pills and later disappears from the hospital.  He walks out high and waving to people, whilst ending up doing some line dancing, donning a cowboy hat and gambling with the Lone Gunmen, as well as Einstein as a dominatrix.  He finally sees himself on a ship being steered by the Cigarette smoking Man (William B Davis) as he whips Mulder.  Finally he spots the man with a woman who cradles him in his arms.  He whispers something to Mulder in Arabic.  Mulder wakes to find himself in the hospital, as Einstein denies giving him the pills, but only a placebo in front of Skinner (Mitch Pileggi).  Who mentions the rodeo.  Topical for him as he was in the new Dallas.

Miller communicates with the man in Arabic as he was stationed in Iraq and Scully notices his brainwaves increasing.  Also another agent turns up telling them they have a responsibility to keep him alive and the nurse (Janet Kidder) turns off his life support, until Einstein enters his room. Mulder is released from the hospital and sees a woman trying to get into the hospital.  He says he knows her and lets her in.  She's his mother, Noora (Nina Nayebi) and the woman he saw in his induced state.  She speaks with him but can't tell them who he was in contact with.  She can't believe her baby would even do something like this, since he could never kill anyone.  Mulder tells them he heard him whisper to him but he doesn't know Arabic, finally recalling he said, 'Babylon Hotel' as translated by Miller.  Where the rest of the cell is taken down.

Einstein has a change of mind as they head back home and how she's curious of mysteries now. Whereas Mulder and Scully talk of unconditional love and how to deal with unqualified hate.  Mulder also has a change of mind as he talks of the bible and God even being real.  As we hear the sound of trumpets, Mulder asks if she hears that, looking up at the sky.  So what's with the holding hands, as Einstein surmizes the only way Scully puts up with Mulder is cos she's "clearly in love with him."

Of course there were references to the Pilot in this episode as with our first meeting between Scully and Mulder.  Also with mention of Scully's thesis: "Einsteins Twin Paradox: A New Interpretation."  Mulder tells her "that's a credential, rewriting Einstein."  To the point where we get an Agent named for him, ha!  Scully's quote here was first uttered by Mulder when she knocks on his office for the first time.