Sunday, 23 July 2017

Ghost Adventures 14.11 "Return to Asylum 49"

This episode of Ghost Adventures was a return to Asylum 49 and a chance to investigate the nursing home which they couldn't do back in 2011, before it's demolished.  A final chance to release any spirits roaming and still stuck there.  Thus Zak spoke to them and released them from their consciousness, conscious bodies and minds, especially those not able to understand or not realizing they had passed and perhaps to move on.

That part of the nursing home and in particular the part known as 'The Green Mile,' where the nurses saw the shadows and spirits turned out to be deftly?? creepy for them too and not cos of the clown dummy there, but since they captured quite a lot there.  Including Zak almost giving Aaron a heart attack and making him hurt his back as he walked down there, with Aaron thinking Zak's shadow was a dark shadow figure.

It was tough Marie getting fired after they filmed there, what did they want her to do stay silent.  She was taking about the spirits there and not exactly the other staff, patients or management, so she had every right to speak about her experiences there.

Billy volunteering to stay the night there in that room where they left patients to be collected and that bed no one touched with the powder on it, looked like two faces in there.

Was quite a bit of activity taking place there during the night, including the door banging shut and then that figure that's seen behind the glass doors at around 19.02.  It vanishes very quickly or appears to, the editing was a little rough there, so couldn't get a good look which direction all this happened in.  Appeared to be filmed by Billy's cam or the static cam?  But played that back several times to have a good look.  And Billy in a hospital gown too, going all out for the sake of investigating.

Coincidentally, rather not, the door that closed was the same one where Aaron looked into where he said he saw a man.  As well as being near where Zak said he heard the man's voice in his ear.  Zak running to turn his back against the wall, was kinda funny, I mean how's that gonna help.  Had to laugh at that.  As for the man's voice, it was validated when Aaron uses the SB spirit box and asks those questions of "are you here taking all those lives when this place is going on?" When the 'unexplained female voice' replies, "he did."  Referring to either the man they heard, or the evil figure that haunts the place, taking lives.  As well as the EVP Zak caught on the digital recorder which says, "noooo."  The same voice he said he heard in his ear.
New equipment developed by Billy and Bill Chappell, the Spirit Sweep, which they also used and actually caught a man's voices on it.

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