Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Ghosts of Shepherdstown 2.3 "Whatever You Do, Don't Fall Asleep" Review

Another episode of GOS which attempted to join the dots, but didn't quite manage to make that elusive connection just yet aside from some mysterious 'dark entity' which appeared to be in all three episodes thus far, but whether all three are related or not remains to be seen.  This time the team were in the town of Martinsburg as Chief King called in Nick to speak with Tricia who had a scary experience in a room she stayed in at the local Boydville Manor.  Her friend  wanted to hold a wedding there and how Tricia was held down in her bed and pushed into it by the entity, pushing her back down.  With Nick explaining this is how attachments begin and can lead to oppression and possession, by it getting hold of the spine of the person..

As they drove to investigate the Manor,  Elizabeth and Bill spoke about the town again and Elizabeth mentioning the Potomac River being close by again.  Elizabeth spots a figure in the window and it did look like someone was there and in the same room where Tricia stayed.

Jon, the owner, wants to build up this business and can't be doing that with a haunted reputation attached to the place.  They also mention the law office of the Boyd family home and how it appears to be haunted by the dark entity.  Also how the Boyd family lost a child, 4 year old Edward, to an 'unknown' disease.  Which Dana finds out about.  As she also talks of Jen the psychic who visited the law office with her husband and was possessed by the entity.  As another voice is heard on the recording when she speaks.

There definitely is a dark presence there as Jen senses it there, wanting them to get out and also how the Mel Meter was going off before they even entered the office.  With Elizabeth getting a stabbing pain in her eye on the second floor.  The entity going after Elizabeth like that was so out of order. Wonder what he used to cause that sharp pain just cos she refused to open herself up.  Didn't pick on any of the men though, coward!  So much for being the "King of death."
The entity telling Jen that Elizabeth's not opening herself up.  They decide they should investigate immediately and set up the 3D computer in the room where Edward died.  With Nick appearing in an elegant shade of pink mapped on the computer!  The producer notices a figure on the computer screen and it's a child.  Hey I said the same thing as Nick; "that it's a kid" two seconds before he did!!

Lorie senses the presence of children around the house and the tunnels beneath the ground before doing the same in the law office where she senses the negativity, not wanting Elizabeth and Nick to come in as she feared for them. Conducting a ritual using Indian sage she drove the entity away and salted the house outside.  It was pretty scary how the wind picked up moments before and was that dust flying around in the second floor room but the room was void of any dust before.  Lorie adding the entity was using the wind to blow the salt away as she salted around the house outside.

Nick and Elizabeth got communication from Edward before he was shown the light and appears to be captured on camera in one of the mirrors of the house as a figure.

Re the voices on the device:
31.06 a child's voice says "I'm dead."
31.59 the creepy voice sounds like it says "black ssheeeeep."?? Before Elizabeth says she doesn't know what that is. After this can you hear an old man's voice saying, "Edward" like his grandfather is looking for him. At 31.02.
31.14 does the man's voice answer "our door's not open" when Nick asks if they can speak to Edward.
31.41 "here."

Seems like Edward left when Lorie finished her ritual, as also seen by the shadow figure on the camera.  Leaving Edward at peace.  As well as Jen having undisturbed sleep.

Whether or not these entities could be related remains to be seen, as said, but they're all dark and as Elizabeth said they vanished when the rituals were carried out by Lorie and also Elizabeth last episode at Nina's house.  Whether they're actually gone or for how long, no one knows.  It was odd how in 2.1 and this episode the entity disappeared when the children were sent on their way to the light, with children being the connection of sorts, in two out of three cases.

Wonder when they're actually going to investigate the caves/tunnels running underneath the land as they definitely appear to crop up in their investigations.  (As said in their radio interview for Americas Most Haunted, when Nick and Elizabeth actually go into the cave.)  Another episode where so much was going on and intriguing how children seem to be involved, as I said.

Next episode looks exciting with the opera house! I'm Your Biggest Fan.  Yeah me too!

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