Monday, 31 October 2016

Ghost Adventures "Route 666" Hallowe'en Special

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From the articles and trailers, you knew his episode was going to be unlike any you've seen.  Leave behind all the episodes that have gone before and all the seasons.  This season 13 of GA is dark and extremely haunting and disturbing in many ways.  This season in particular is most definitely about demons and demonic rituals.  The portals and evil that people conjure up, without even asking why or going behind the reasoning of it all.  When it comes to devil worship and satanic rituals, there is no reasoning.  After all who in their right mind would even contemplate doing such a dark and macabre thing.  Aside from the fact whoever takes part in it doesn't seem to be in the right headspace.

Including those who partake in such rituals for the fun of it.  Which makes it worse, what fun exactly are you getting out of it, when you know it will torment.  Maybe not you personally, but your families, friends and loved ones.  There's no fun in evil and certainly nothing comes close to fun with demonic possessions, oppression and depression when conjuring up the unknown.  Yet it's not really the 'unknown' is it.  It's been researched, documented and investigated.  People know exactly what they're opening up and letting themselves and others in for.  The misery, the agony, the pain.  The consequences aren't just momentary.  They continue and they last and linger and they lead to heartache, anger, and more especially death in some circumstances.

Zak: “Not all locations we do are negative however most of them we choose are. ALL the locations in the ‘Route 666’ special are level 10 dark.” 

As shown by his Twitter post too
"Just finished filming our "Route 666" Halloween Special. Its safe 2 say we just took  to the most extreme darkest level ever

Route 666 of Ghost adventures is the episode that is the most agonizing, depressing and volatile. There was nothing remotely good about it.  When I say that I don't mean it lightly or am putting the GAC crew down.  When I say that I mean it was pure unadulterated hell from start to finish.  The De Soto Hotel investigation was like opening up a can of demons and it went on from there.  The reactions in the basement and Zak standing on the exact spot of the pentagram for the rituals without even knowing it.  The events couldn't have been foreseen or contemplated.  The possessions and the poltergeist activity.  Saging the basement and wanting that evil out of there was going to be terrifying. It was going to have consequences but it was something that was necessary.  Even just to try.

But tempers flared and it was saying it's in control and can use and abuse humans and their emotions in any way it wants to.  Seen in Jay's reaction and how he physically exhibited his anger. Which we haven't see him do.  The Reverend even said not to stir anything up in the basement.  Yet this was the entire point of the investigation and to get to the bottom of it.
The staircase to nowhere was like Winchester Mystery House.  It was almost ironic the number of times the fan was shown on the screen and how they stood by it.  The camera being ripped from its secure position, a reminder of the Paris Catacombs.  The three knocks in the basement even before Zak mentioned the holy trinity and the hissing heard by Jay.
That fan being thrown and as Zak said he did touch it with the sage as sparks flew from it.

Billy alone at the Concordia Cemetery and the crow appearing the moment he finished the prayer, followed by the three ominous figures.  They almost looked like they were wearing robes.  But as Zak said they weren't human and nor did they look it.  Crows having been long symbolized as not only messengers of death in some cultures, but also bridging the gap between the realms of the living and the dead.

It was like the attachments/energy from the hotel followed onto Denton, Texas.  Adding more fuel to the fire.  Goatman's Bridge and forest.  Another disturbing and gut wrenching episode with moments of sheer evil.  If we felt this way watching it, there is no way to imagine what they all went through. There was no need to imagine as you could feel every moment of anxiety, unpleasantness and torture for yourself and if you really felt nothing then you must have been devoid of all humanity and human emotion.

Wonder if Billy wasn't so affected at the bridge as he was on the river, kind of maintaining that divide between the land and the spirits/negativity being kept on the land.  I have to add how Billy mentioned, as if with some foreshadowing, how he could be shot at.  Then the gunshot that goes off later which he hears on the river and was heard nearer to Ashley.  Then there was the ritual that Jay felt was necessary, despite objections, but still trying to work out why Aaron told him to stop it. Especially since Jay said it wasn't satanic.

So having watched the episode on Sunday night, was re-watching Monday night/Tuesday early morning and the video just cuts out with 'an error occurred'! At 2.37am.  Can't explain that cos no youtube video of a GA ep has ever cut out like that.  It was on the moment when Ashley sees the light phenomena in the woods.  Not to mention how I woke on Sunday morning with a sore throat and a chokey (my word) sort of a feeling and it was hard to swallow, before we even watched the ep.  Not saying that's anything to do with Zak or what happened to him when some unknown force was making, forcing him to choke himself.  Yes I've had synchronicity moments but nothing like this, not physically.  It was uncanny.

The voices on the spirit box when Jay was holding it in the circle, Aaron asks "who's responsible for what happened on top of the bridge?" That voice sounds more like ironically, it's saying, 'breathe'???? In which case it was pertinent to what happened to Zak.  He even says, "it's really hard for me to breathe right now."   It was taunting them and causing them to bicker and it was leading them to the bridge.  Aaron says he'd rather be with Zak and look at what happened to both Zak and Aaron when they were on the bridge.  Then Aaron tells them to come back down here, but convinced Jay to also go the the bridge.  Have the feeling it was luring them there.  After Zak's disturbing incident, Billy tells him to "breathe just breathe..."
Also Aaron asking, "did you like what just happened right here?" The voice replies, 'like.'

This episode was named Route 666 for a reason.  It was chillingly ominous, heart stopping and genuinely moving.  Showing you how far they have come in their investigations in pursuit of finding answers and the truth.  That demonic creatures are nothing to be scoffed at or laughed, but feared and taken seriously.  That what they all do in their investigations has led them to something affecting them negatively and dangerously.  The fallout from which continues and isn't easily gotten over. Ashley still suffers and that was sad and painful to watch. It takes time and with cleansing, prayers and positive thoughts, we all hope she will heal very quickly.

The same goes for Zak, Jay, Aaron and Billy who put themselves out there for every investigation they undertake and endure the pitfalls of searching for the answers.  Of how they give of themselves little by little and piece by piece in every lockdown and reliving it afterwards. Particularly the ones like this.  Which won't be forgotten by many of us for the foreseeable future, if at all.
This is what they do and as I said, 'when destiny beckons, you face your fear' and these guys have been doing that for years now.

Read Zak's facebook post, which he posted on 31st October.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hallowe'en Vampirica

"I just wanted to conjure up the image of the perfect, gnarly prince," she uttered to herself behind the smoke of the fading candle. It was Hallowe'en and she was dressed in the right attire, luscious, crimson velvet dress with a plunging neckline and her waist was the thinnest her corset would allow her to be without actually suffocating her.  This is something she had yearned for a long time.  As the wind screamed in customary spooky fashion and the wolves howled, she imagined her lover appear to her as she had once dreamt he would.  She wasn't one to go for magic spells and even if she would be the talk of the town; everything would hinge on her making sure this was the one and only time she had left.

Climbing the cold and granite staircase and arriving at the top of the castle, she was engulfed by the overwhelming size of the grey turrets, which threw dark shadows across the stone floor.  This was where Giselle wanted to be, stopping by a sharp jutting side wall for a second to scratch her itchy back.  "Ahh that felt so good," and was needed since no one was around to do it for her.  It felt cool and damp yet eerily familiar.

An age ago, a winsome witch had given her a spell which she thought was funny at the time and yet she used to wonder everytime she opened that majestic treasure box adorn with trinkets and poultices of old, whether real magic actually worked, or if she was fooling herself.  Anyway she lived in a time of superstition and  folklore.  Where the grimmest of fairytales were not meant for children or the fainthearted.  But tonight as the moon shone brightly and an eerie echo was heard throughout the barren and empty stone walled castle, tonight she would make it or break it.  As Giselle gathered her wits about her and pushed back her raven black hair behind her ears, she bit her lip out of hesitation, licked her sultry lips and then this what she really wanted, a man from magic, out of make believe and how would that romance really last?

Bubbles fizzed and hissed and as she threw more herbs and other unmentionable items into the steaming pot, she leaned over it, closed her eyes and whispered the inaudible spell.  It was magic after all and not meant for anyone's ears.  Moments later, a red smoke hit the chamber and out popped a being of the most handsome and beautiful visage she had ever gazed upon.  Oh wonder of woes, he turned out to be a vampire, sharp teeth, the most supine of bodies and emerald greenest of eyes.  He was her soul mate, at least for this All Hallow's Eve.

As they roamed the grounds of the castle, windswept from the glistening rain and a little wet still. She still remarked at the wonder of how he was a vampire in all his glory, and brought tears to men's eyes as well as bite to their recoiling and naked throats.  Sucking their life force every second and Giselle ached with pleasure at the sight.  It was amusing to watch humans get such a fright on this the most scary of nights.  She clapped with enthusiasm as she watched him and felt her heart race.  She couldn't do much, only scratch at her prey and the scourge of humans as they inflicted their terrors and torments on those less fortunate than themselves..  She could however be free with Henry...

He told her his life history though it should've been in potted version she thought.
"I arise every hour at midnight when the clock strikes the echoing toll, when the moon shrouds the sky and I walk across from past centuries.  I roam, I am liberated until the first signs of the breaking dawn; thence I return from whence I came.
The dark, sodden, trodden earth, deep beneath the hallow'd ground where mere mortals fear to tread when alive.  Perhaps they loathe me and are jealous of my agility; my prowess and ingenue.  Those who know me; see me, fear me.  Not because they are afraid but because I am all-powerful, all consuming.  Avaricious.
I once was a man, beautiful and strong.  Friends family and home I possessed, until I re-possessed them in my hideous rage.  A possession so cruel and unholy in nature and yet nothing could I humanely do to prevent my rampage.
But for my sins I received everlasting life.  I still am - a man - eternity is my namesake, never to age - this my reward.  Dreams keep me afloat or are they just pitiful nightmares fervent in my ambitious desires.  An anger rotting in my heart.  Depth of flames, deep and unfulfilled.   Akin to a desolate mire.  Yet still in my eyes there is a fire lighting my already darkly shining eyes, containing hidden secrets, lost meanings.  More apparent in my consciousness is lust and the need for hunting grows without resistance in all my proud being.  The need for practicing evil beckons me on...

Recalling my transformation - a stormy, dank night.  Windows rattling, wind breezing in gusts.  That night pre-empted my doom, drawing me to an eternal destiny, that which once filled me with dread, now masks my glory.
She appeared to me in her haunting splendour.  Rosebud, scarlet lips; face so sweet, bewitching eyes. Masking a bewitching hour and a foreboding smile.  Mesmerizing me in an instance.  I was turned into what I am now...

'Dear boy,' my sweetheart called me.  Losing me was her agony and torment, but she too eventually became as me and joined me in my perilous plight."

This was part of the explanation he gave to Giselle and she wished she had surrounded herself by a circle of salt, than listen and took it with a pinch of salt - or rather to his feigning some sort of apology for his vile assault on humanity.  Yet who was she to pass judgement on his plight and agony. Wasn't she just as bad and reprehensible in watching the blood curdling, blood letting and deep down revelling in some perverse sense of macabre pleasure.  Akin to some form of soulmate or two dancers parading their waltz on the supernatural dancefloor.  With gleaming crystal chandeliers providing enough sapphire hues of light to cast shadows where real people would once have danced.  Was she nothing more than just heartless.  As she examined her wrist she felt a pulse, strong and regal, almost.

Henry continued his story:
"Centuries later they came for her.  Leaving me alone to witness my gigantic destructive appetite - all consuming, never caring.  My heart does not beat, no blood flows through my vessels, yet my memories are intact, never to abandon me.  Revenge is my calling...

Retribution has been sought and paid.  Although I ponder on what might have been had I not returned late from my blood fest that fateful night.  Still that is the all too distant past.  To dwell on sadness may make me seem human.  A disguise so unruly and wicked; which is part of my cunning.  Would I have you eating out of my hand as I garner sympathy for my marauding plight...

I keep returning in my ravenous splendour when the moon shrouds the land, the cycle restarts.  One night.  Two nights.  I shall return once more.
My family has long gone, my family was weak, they had no will to live on.  I alone survive sentenced to this prison called life.  These walls termed time immemorial.  Confined to a hell or to some, everlasting eternity....

Watch out for the night.  I'm at my most powerful then.  Don't leave open any windows, nor any doors ajar.  There are no depths to my abilities, my cunning, my stealth.  I strike when least expected...but expected... I sometimes never am.

I dare you to fight me, to wield your great swords.  No one can defeat me, no mere mortal or knight upon white horse.  Once you know of my prowess, you'll run for deep cover.  I am one to be feared, heeded and dreaded.  But never ignored.
You cannot destroy me - but ways there are three, and plenty.  I vanish when the sun hits me.  I evaporate into thin air.  Garlic repels me.  My greatest fear is the stake made of wood.  For if you hammer through my 'heart' I shall be no more.  Nor stand as I once stood.  My face you'll remember and the hollow of my desolate eyes.  For I stare, stare, STARE into yours....

Fear not, for although I shall be no more.  My legacy will live on.  All that I've done will never fade with me.  Those I have touched, those who have nurtured my existence for millennia will rise at each twilight and take  my place...for my blood flows through their hearts.  Moot point: you see as I said, I have no blood, no heartbeat, only cold ice.  My veins are bone dry.
All that I am.  All that I was will remain, blossom and grow.  All that I've nourished will live to torment you.  Those who crossed me will remember my name.  They'll long to wake from the cursed dream, but the nightmare will not pass.  I will be your bete noir.  They'll curse me forever, they'll wish they'd never seen me or my kind.  For I am invincible - the king of all vampires!

Giselle found this most amusing and yet was frustrated for messing with the black arts and conjuring up this paranoid imposter.  She was after a child of the wolves, a babe of the woods.  Raised in the forest and as every full moon she waned into her life force and she became what she was and always had been, not just out of destiny or fate, but her true calling.  She was a werewolf...and yet she wasn't. She only seemed that way in the large mirror that seemed to cast huge shadows of reflections everytime she went to look in it.  But this was no trickery, it was what Giselle really looked like, all two foot of her with her black fur and silky smooth four paws.  Giselle was a cat and she sat by her mistresses's feet once more and yawned satisfactorily.  That was enough fun for one year.  Perhaps next year she'll conjure up something quite different.  For Henry was nothing more than a vampiric cat too!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Stylist Live 2016

Stylist Live 2016 at The Business Design Centre, London was one of the highlights of the Autumn. With the chance for many to experience life changing advice and encourage to make business altering decisions, with talks, workshops.  As well as how to get that perfect hair, make-up, fashion look and pick up a gift or two for Christmas.

Talks with many aspiring and inspiring women, such as Liz Earle on how she got her business started, all experts in their chosen field, lots of motivational talks, how to write blogs on cooking and wine appreciation.  The list was never ending.  As well as general talks with guests such as Joanne Froggatt, Mel C.  There was something for everyone and one of the highlights was the Stylist Live Catwalk with Swarovski.

The Mel C talk was especially entertaining and also she had plenty to say on how platforms such as social media show how people can be cruel and it's cos they don't say it to your face, but think since it's over the Internet, they can be as mean as they like.
She'd love to work with Sia and a lot of her inspirations were Mo, a Danish artist.  Mel C covered two of Sia's songs. Covering one for the Jools Holland Radio 2 Show in November.  But she hasn't met Sia yet.

Both are on Twitter.  Mo is @MOMOMOYOUTH  
and Sia is @Sia
Her thoughts on fashion, especially from the '90's and those trackies she wore and how she's got lots of  memorabilia, which host Scarlett said she should put on eBay.
She even gave us a few lines from the chorus of her current single called Anymore. And spoke of how the Spice Girls were the inspiration and guide for many girls who are now older and how they're approached by them to tell them this.  How they grew up "to be really cool women, they've got great jobs, are mothers.  It's insane, and we don't feel responsible, we just feel that if we were a tiny part of helping them and this girl grow up and be the incredible woman that she is."

Her daughter Scarlett is 7 and is proud of her mother.  She's terrified of the world that she's growing up in but they're going to go through it together.  "When you become a mother everything changes and so do your priorities" and she makes time for her and can't be away from her so much!
"Kids are cool these days and they're brilliant, so savvy they can do anything."

This year's Autumn fashion trend includes navy coats, sporty wear (appropriate for Sporty Spice) and the Intergalactic trend.  Sparkly bling especially for this year's party season.  Some highlights.

A great time was had by all and already there's excitement for next year!

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Victoria 1.8 "Young England" Review

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You couldn't help but think you'd seen it all before in this episode.  What with Cumberland (Peter Firth) back again in the hopes Victoria (Jenna Coleman) would die in childbirth and being accused of setting an assassin upon her.  It was hard to see him as not being behind the attempt.  Also that Edward Oxford (Harry McEntire) of the 'Young England' movement was of unsound mind.  He kept a tight lip and perhaps he was only being used as a patsy by Cumberland, but it didn't appear he had written the letters to himself, putting aside the scene where the maid brought him a letter.

Cumberland vehemently denying he would even contemplate regicide.  However his past actions and record speaks for itself.  I love the Latin legal phrase, res ipsa locquitur (the thing speaks for itself!) He was a bit too eager to deny and was on the defensive.  When I say his past record speaks for itself well, he had been accused of such actions before and he even told Victoria how he's done away with the Constitution in Hanover.  Thus ruling as an iron king.  Especially as he also tells her perhaps next time she's out the violets will be much 'harder.'  Now if that wasn't a threat, disguised as a warning.
Even Leopold (Alex Jennings) suspected him.

However Victoria just wanted the birth to be over with, asked for a wet nurse and even went out driving, as she was fed up with being cooped up.  Another reason why it was so easy for Oxford to take a pot shot at her, whether or not the gun was loaded was beside the point.  Victoria almost getting harassed by Captain Childers (Andrew Scarborough) who had written her so many letters wanting to take her away from the "German tyrant."  He could provide everything for her, barring his sanity.  Oxford is questioned, refuses to speak and ends up being found non compos mentis (of unsound mind) by a jury of twelve men and at fist Victoria is shocked to hear of this.  He attempted to kill the queen of England and almost faints at the news.  Since she wants to be free and if Oxford were to be acquitted, then she and her baby won't be able to go out.  Albert (Tom Hughes) promising to keep her safe.  She loses her temper at Albert though it's no fault of his for the way she's feeling, he did want to see her safe.  That's why he went out with her, then he spotted Oxford in the crowd coming towards her.  but who makes a move like that pushing though the people if he's got assassination in mind!

Victoria accepts the verdict at the end since she is queen (how many times has she said that now?) and she swore to uphold the laws of England at her coronation and no matter their personal feelings that is what she will do.  Albert also intercepts her letters instead of Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) reading them, especially since Penge (Adrian Schiller) sees her throw away the one from Captain Childers, who 'attacked' Victoria with a bunch of violets.  Ernst (David Oakes) is back awaiting the birth of his nephew and returns the Duchess of Sutherland's (Margaret Clunie) hanky to her.  Telling her how he dreamed of the curls on her neck.  She is enamoured with him of course, but won't jeopardize her marriage.  Although he tells Albert is was nothing but harmless flirtation and he's over it.  Their conversation is about love and how they thought they could not find the real thing, but they have with each other.

He gets Brodie (Tommy Knight) to deliver a note to her and meets her in her boudoir, where they do kiss and he sees her with her hair on her neck and she gives him a lock of her hair, which he shows Albert, disproving his disapproval (ha) of him from Albert in that he did nothing wrong.  The staff also speculating about the queen's health.  Mrs Jenkins (Evie Myles) refuses to believe anything will happen to her and lets her feelings known.  As Penge says childbirth is a nasty business.  Everyone telling Victoria again how she should rest, including her mother (Catherine Flemming) who's been telling Victoria stories of her carriage ride across Europe so that Victoria could be born in England. As well as her uncle Leopold reminding her of Charlotte.  How he didn't let her eat sweets cos her doctors advised against it and Victoria loves her sweet cherries.

Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) asks Skerrett (Nell Hudson) to go with him as he's been offered a position at an establishment but she prefers her employment here. As well as Eliza (Samantha Colley) telling her not to go cos of her situation.  She fell for a man and ended up with children.  Yeah she wasn't too put out accepting his help when she needed it with the fever going round and eating his food now as well!

Skerrett changes her mind but Francatelli has already left.  She was accosting the new chef! Ha. Skerrett also tells Victoria that her friend who had a baby was so glad she did and loves them.   The moment finally arrives and well, no privacy for the queen during childbirth it seems, as she gives birth, at least close the damn door and finally calls out to her mother.  She has a baby girl and Albert is proud of her, wanting to call her mother.  She promises the next one will be a boy.  With a despondent Cumberland who realizes he's missed his chance of being king.

Seems for many Ernst is the new Melbourne, ha, and it's a toss up between the two brothers between the fans!

However the real Queen Victoria was fired at on 10th June 1840 in her carriage with Albert. Her would be assassin was an unemployed 18 year old, Edward Oxford.  However he was only the first of a number of assassins who who attempt to take her life.  Why was she that unpopular.  Or was it just to make a name for themselves, as Oxford says in this ep how he will be remembered by Young England and others.  Victoria even wrote about the incident in her diary.  Mentioning how Lord Melbourne paid her a visit after the attempt.  (No such luck here it seems for fans of Lord M!) Oxford's family wanted him declared of unsound mind, as the guns did not contain anything other than gunpowder and Victoria herself didn't think Cumberland was behind the plot.  Oxford was finally released in 1867 and travelled to Australia where he changed his name to John Freeman and died a year before Victoria.  Some fascinating history here, which not many know of.

Victoria will return in 2017 - as we knew it would.  Before that there will be a Christmas Special.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Victoria 1.7 "Engine of Change"

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As Victoria (Jenna Coleman) and Albert (Tom Hughes) listen to music she becomes nauseous and has to walk off, with there being speculation.  Lohlein (Basil Eidenbenz) says their queen is sick and Brodie (Tommy Knight) tells him he must say, "the queen is indisposed."  Everyone especially Victoria's mother (Catherine Flemming) knows what she should be doing for the baby and gives her brandy with cream for the sickness, of course Victoria doesn't want to listen to anyone.  She sends for a doctor who confirms her pregnancy and Albert is pleased as they announce the news to the politicians and court.  She also says that in the event of her death, as her mother doesn't stop reminding her about Charlotte, she will need someone to rule and she appoints Albert as Regent.  Of course there is an uproar especially amongst the Tories, led by the Duke of Wellington (Peter Bowles) who is adamant he can't have a German ruling the country.  Compounded by the fact they already are running the country.

No one is ready to endorse Albert and she says she'll abdicate if no one accepts her decision.  He says he will leave the country and she says she'll kill herself.  Albert wants to do more and has been learning about the British industry, as Victoria mentions engines and trains.  He wants to visit and find out more so she plans a trip for them to the Gifford's.  Peel (Nigel Lindsay) has an estate, Drayton, which is practically next door.  Leaving behind her mother as she doesn't want her to come and Harriet (Margaret Clunie) to look after her.  She takes only Mrs Jenkins (Eve Myles) and Albert takes Lohlein. The Gifford's aren't too happy to see her and especially not Albert as they have nothing but snide things to say about them both.  Such as Victoria was only so high when he saw her and she replies, "she still is."

At dinner Sir Piers Gifford (James Wilby) has organized a hunt for them the next day and Albert says he doesn't hunt, he shoots.  Victoria will accompany them and Lady Beatrice (Annabel Mullion) thinks it will be too taxing on her, telling her to stay and relax.  However Victoria will go.  The Gifford's butler tells Lohlein that he needs to have a "kit" for shooting and he will give him one.  Mrs Jenkins spots Lohlein with it the next day, white breeches, and tells him they only wear dark colours and he is only looking to embarrass Albert.  Albert of course shoots two birds whilst Gifford can only stand by and snigger, saying he won't let the sausage get the better of him, however he fails.  He accuses Peel of siding with Albert, whereas he has been sent there by Wellington to ensure Albert doesn't become regent.

At lunch once again Beatrice thinks Victoria should rest, but she goes off for a walk.  As Albert stresses his interest in locomotives.  Peel says he has one on his land and he should see this.  Gifford hates the thought of his land being overrun by such monstrosities and later tells Peel he should not encourage Albert.  Victoria is fed up and Lehzen (Daniela Holtz) calls Peel a "stuffed frog," she saw one once at a museum, which amuses Victoria.  She thinks Albert needs to learn to talk properly and keep his mouth shut more as people laugh at him.  Next day she wakes to find him gone.

He meets Peel for a ride on the locomotive and knows how it works.  He wants to ride at the front and not sit on the seat.  He tells Peel he likes him and hopes he's not here to make sure he doesn't become regent.  Peel hopes he's not here to convince him into approving Victoria's choice and they get on. Victoria is mad at Albert since he went off and did his own thing.  She doesn't approve of engines and she will only do what she wants to take the country forward and hates the use of the word, 'future'; and approve what she wants, as queen.  It isn't up to him.  She was rather hypocritical, she doesn't want anyone ridiculing him or telling him what to do unless it's her.  Albert replies he didn't want to wake her.  As she's out for a walk she too rides on the locomotive and Albert runs up beside it and asks if she likes it.  Which she does.  The butler tells Lohlein that he should have the prince singing whilst getting dressed and Mrs Jenkins tells him they're all trying to make fools of Albert and him and she won't accept that happening to Albert. They don't like people who are different.

Peel tells Gifford and the Tories he will be supporting her choice of Albert as regent since she is his queen and when he leaves, Wellington tells them that if no one's going to oppose his choice, then he too will support Peel in his decision.  As Peel tells Victoria of this, she tells him it's not really relevant anymore since she is well and doing her job.  That was after a pep talk from Albert on their way home when she told him she's afraid of the pain and he told her it will be painful, but she is strong and has fortitude.  She allows Albert to sit beside her and help with the papers she must sign, handing him over the ones involving the cotton trade and other industrial matters.

Her mother tells Harriet she doesn't like being left behind and also as Harriet keeps looking at the photo of Albert with Ernest, she tells her that he's a liar.  Harriet telling her she's a married woman. Especially as at their game of cards, she asks if Harriet has a knave?  When Victoria returns home, she asks for bacon and peas and doesn't want to stick to any diet.

Francatelli (Ferdinand Kingsley) impresses Skerrett (Nell Hudson) with his cooking and hot chocolate, which he prepares for the queen and she thinks he should give her his wafers along with it too.  He also sets up  a dinner table in the queen's quarters for her and treats her to some more chocolate, which she tells him he must name a "bomb surprise" as it resembles a bomb.  "Francatelli's bomb de surprise."  Didn't anyone tell him the way to a woman's heart is not through sweet treats, she'll bomb herself soon eating so much, or should that be balloon!

Not much to say on this ep as slowly Albert begins to find his place by her side and she gives him more responsibilities.  She was afraid of losing him when he went off gallivanting on the locomotive, as she wouldv'e called it.  As she wants him by her side all the time.  Finally Lord M is forgotten as here was absolutely no mention of him this ep either.  Of course the title refers not only to the industrial revolution but Victoria and Peel accepting Albert and that he is capable of having more responsibilities than just being her husband.  As well as allowing him to feel the baby, as their relationship grows even more.  Which was a touching moment as she earlier told him, "you are going to look at my body and be revolted."  Whereupon thousands would've said, he's already seen your body!  As Victoria earlier claims he looks like a peasant when he returns all dirty and he exclaims, "at least I'm not eating beetroot - the food of peasants!"  Ahh the poor beetroot!