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The X Files 10.4 "Home Again" Review

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This episode focuses on the homeless of Philadelphia as they are being evicted from the area where they congregate to make way for new housing.  A man returns to his office and is subsequently ripped apart by a tall and shadowy figure.  As he then gets into the back of a rubbish truck.  Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) are assigned as detective Dross (Chris Shields) on the scene asked for them since he's heard they have experience with these "spooky" cases.  Scully finds the man, Joesph Cutler (Alessandro Juliani) was torn apart as several body parts are found dotted around the room and his head is found in the bin.  The forensics man says he didn't have any sort of prints or footprints even.  Mulder looks out the window and sees a piece of graffiti depicting a tall man in black clothes.  Where those meant to be trashbags?

Scully gets a call from William Jnr as the phone first shows 'William' on the screen and he tells her their mother's had a heart attack and is in the hospital.  He's in Germany.  Mulder tells her to go.  As he continues investigating the case, he notices the security camera on the wall.  Having analyzed the footage, he finds that the graffiti, okay it may have been street art but I called it graffiti, appeared overnight and wasn't there before the attack.  If they find out who made it, they can see if he saw anything.

Scully arrives at the hospital and is told by the nurse that her mother asked for Charlie.  Scully asks if she didn't ask for her or Bill, but only her estranged son.  She says that her mother made a living will where she wanted to be kept alive but the nurse finds her directive which she altered without telling Scully, in not wanting to be resuscitated.  Bringing back memories of Scully's own time in a coma with Mulder by he and how her mother survived the last time too.  Mulder looks into the case and finds two people arguing in an alley one of them,  Peggy (Nancy Huff) doesn't want the homeless to be moved to a nearby hospital as they redevelop the area, as it will be close to her school.

Mulder returns to Washington to be by Sully's side and as she waits for the inevitable and plays with a necklace, a quarter which her mother (Sheila Larkin) wore now, but doesn't have any significance for her.  Time was could make a phonecall with a quarter.  Charlie calls and she wants him to speak with her.  After she hears his voice, Margaret regains consciousness for a brief minute and holds Mulder's hand saying, "my son is named William too."  Scully feels guilty that she should say this as she understands later why her mother said it.  That she wanted to see Charlie cos he was her responsibility and she wanted to know he was ding well.  She gave birth to him and he was her son. But she gave William up for adoption.

Meanwhile there's more murders taking place as the Band Aid Nosed Man (John DeSantis) continues to kill, including two people who stole the artwork to sell on.  As well as Peggy as she tries to outrun him in her home to the theme of  Petula Clark's 'Downtown.'  Obviously this was a theme on trash and recycling and the inordinate amount of waste humans produce.  Everything in her home went in   the trash.  Scully returns to Philadelphia as she wants to work and their lead takes them to a man buying a certain type of paint at a store, found by forensics.  They follow him and he leads them to the Trashman (Tim Armstrong) the creator of the art.  He hides in the darkness so he can't see him. Telling Mulder he created it and comes to life as a Tulpa.  Mulder says it's not a Tibetan thought form (think Supernatural and season 1's Hell House ep).  Besides it wouldn't harm anyway.

Trashman talks of the trash humans produce and is taken to landfills.  Band Aid Nose Man is protecting the homeless, Scully telling him he's responsible for him and their deaths.  "You're responsible, you put it out of sight so it's not your problem, but you're just as bad as the people you hate."  Which is a rounabout way of Scully referring to herself and she's responsible too for giving up William when as his mother, she was meant to look after him.  Of course everything here all points to William and how season 10 is really about him in many ways.

I do have to add the funny scene of where the man who leads them to Trashman runs away when he says it's all dark there and Mulder tells her he wasn't gong to shoot him.  Scully saying she used to do stairs in the dark in three inch heels, er, not quite three inches and they certainly weren't stiletto type heels either.  But weird place to wear a skirt! Mulder replies, "this is back in the day."  They find Band Aid Nose Man's next target is the developer, Daryl Landry (Daryl Shuttleworth) at the hospital, but they're too late as he does his work and all that's left of him is his bandaid under his shoe. Trashman leaves and there's another piece of art on the wall.

This episode is more about Scully's guilt, her thoughts and her enduring love for William.  She gets some form of closure in realizing why her mother wanted to see Charlie but we don't really get any sort of conclusion to Band Aid Nose Man, who Trashman will probably bring back again wherever he's needed to do what he wants done.  Scully saying "I need to believe that we didn't treat him like trash."  She said that about William, I mean he's not trash, she didn't throw him out like garbage but gave him up out of a real sense of caring and wanting to protect him.  A mother's first instinct.

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The Vampire Diaries 7.14 "Moonlight on the Bayou" Review

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Three Years From Now

Caroline (Candace King) arrives at Klaus's (Joseph Morgan) bar looking for him with the twins, it's their first and last time in a bar until they're 21.  The bartender tells her he's gone and no one's seen him.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) heads for New Orleans as Valerie's (Elizabeth Blackmore) given him the heads up on the same bar frequented by Klaus et al, which will help him keep Rayna (Leslie_Anne Huff) off his scent.  He stops at a station for a phone charger and Valerie tells him to keep moving cos Rayna will find him if he stops, which she does and he manages to escape just in the nick of time.  He arrives in New Orleans and sits at the bar until Klaus sends a drink his way. Stefan lies and says he's got family troubles with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) well it wasn't really a lie cos he has and he's on some R'n'R as they drink.  Valerie tells Matt (Zach Roerig) they've got to find Rayna and Caroline tries to speak with Matt over the phone as she's trying to keep the twins from crying.  She's decided she'll accompany Alaric (Matt Davis) to Dallas and get him settled in, when really she just wants to stay with the twins.

Valerie has a map which may pinpoint Rayna's position and Matt reminds her how he needs help from her and that's ironic since she killed the entire sheriff's department.  She sees the irony of it but then she did help Caroline deliver the twins.  Matt will see if there's any stolen vehicles reported. Damon calls Stefan and he hangs up on him.  As Damon and Bonnie (Kat Graham) head out to meet Enzo (Michael Mularkey) at some mansion called The Armoury.  Apparently he's been working for them for four months and tells Damon he needs to call Stefan back here so they can trap Rayna here and they can lock her up.  The place collects supernatural artefacts.  He's working for them in
exhange for information on his family.  As he later tells Bonnie after Damon finds out from Valerie that the Armoury can't be trusted and are just using him to get Stefan there.  That they should leave. Yes, Enzo tells Bonnie he was left in the workhouse and thought a trip on the Italian line might help him, but he's got no one left, not Lily or anyone, so he needs to help them.

Damon refuses to get Stefan back here and Enzo injects him.  Oh come on Damon you could've done a better job of lying than that.  He also knocks Bonnie out.  Damon wakes to find himself in a glass cage with Tyler (Michael Trevino) who's in a coma after the Armoury people found him and bought him back here.  He'll recover as soon as he becomes a werewolf and surprise, surprise tonight's a full moon.   That's why Enzo has Elena cos Tyler was working with the Armoury all along.  Oh here we go now we've got this Armoury business.  Anyone thinking Buffy and that awful season 4 with the Initiative.  Damon tries to keep Tyler from morphing and injects him with a sedative which plays havoc on his body.  As Enzo offers Bonnie an icepack she doesn't want.  He asks her why she always wants to save Damon.  After everything he's put her though she jumped at the chance when she heard he's in trouble with Tyler.  She hits him over the head and manages to find Damon.

Tyler warns him not to open the door cos he'll kill Bonnie too, which she doesn't listen to as she goes back and chops off Enzo's hand so she can access the panel.  Damon and Tyler fight and scuffle and Bonnie's pushed against the glass, passing out.  Damon tells Tyler to leave or he'll kill him.  But he can't revive her with his blood cos of what Enzo injected her with.  At the hospital he tells her he can't break in a new drinking partner and he can't let her die for him.  The same thing with Stefan.  He can't let them keep destroying their lives and putting themselves in danger for him, which is what Klaus says to Stefan too.  So Damon decides he's going to do something about it tomorrow and take himself out of the picture.

Back in New Orleans, Stefan and Klaus reminisce about old times when Stefan asks if he can spare any blood for Damon incase he gets bitten by Tyler.  As Klaus notices the blood cross come through his shirt and tells Stefan to leave.  He's got his family to protect and the rest of the city.  Stefan leaves his phone and Caroline calls.  Having a heart to heart of sorts as Klaus hears the baby crying. He tells her she can't give them up, is sorry to hear about her mother and realizes she loves Stefan. Stefan drives on route 90 and Valerie tells him to keep off that cos that's where Rayna is on a motorbike.  Well, too late.  She wounds him with arrows and tries to stab him with her sword until Klaus finally arrives.  She's dead for now but they have to leave cos it's werewolf territory.  Stefan wants to be dropped off at the train station but Klaus takes him back.  He needs to stop doing that for Damon if he really loves Caroline.  It's the same thing Elijah does for him over and over.

Oh and the gruesome twosome, Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) and Nora (Scarlett Byrne) well they get caught by Rayna as they stop in a store for too long, so much for keeping moving.  Enzo gets his hand sewn back on but he tells Alex (Mouzam Makkar) he's out.  She's told him nothing about his family.  She tells him she was testing him and she knows about his father.  He started the Armoury and she's his family, Alex St John.  Oh here we go, as I said, they're going to get Rayna now and whether they help or hinder remains to be seen.  But as she's still on the loose three years later, doesn't look like they're successful.  Wonder what plan Damon has to stay off the grid, as we know everyone ends up in New York in three years.  Is he going to put himself in a coffin and wait for sixty years to pass.  Of course Caroline wants to stay with Alaric, but she's not going to come out and tell him that.  He tells her she's done enough for them already.

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Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 8 Review

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Harry (Jeremy Piven) and Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) look at the plans of Whiteleys in the club which Jimmy recalls wouldn't even allow him in here before.  Harry commenting on how the Brits love money, cos we know Harry was in the same boat too when he wanted to start the store.  A meeting with the accountants at which Harry isn't present shows Whiteleys is in trouble.  Harry and Gordon (Greg Austin) know they can do this and go ahead with their plans to purchase the store, with Harry eventually calling a press conference to announce the acquisition.  Exchanging words with one of the Whiteleys as Harry tells him their father would be rolling over in his grave right now as to how they've treated his store. They have no idea what the Whiteleys have been doing with it.

Wynnstay's reporter digs into Victor's death and asks Jimmy about his business dealings and his relationship with Victor.  Of course he didn't have any business with Victor and Jimmy loses his temper again asking what the reporter's insinuating.  As Mae (Kathleen Kelly) watches him, she also recalls Jimmy's temper.  She later asks Jimmy about the reporter and he tells her it was just business he was asking about.  Jimmy's mother, Clara (Kim Thomson) tells him to keep his cool or he's going to walk straight to the gallows.

Mr Crabb (Ron Cook) volunteers to have a look at Whiteleys' accounts for Harry and he'll do it discreetly without the board of Selfridge's finding out.  He won't tell if Harry won't tell and Harry appreciates it.  Crabb finding the office is a mess and no one's bothered doing anything with the accounts.  His wife, Mildred (Wendy Nottingham) later brings him food as he's working late of which he's been doing a lot of for Harry and drops a file on the floor.  An important file as it happens, its a list of the store' creditors, wanting money before they sell anymore stock.  He tells Harry about this and how they're not willing to accept anything on credit even from Harry but cash only.  Leaving them with a dilemma.  They pay a visit to the store's stockroom and find how dangerously low on stock they're running.

Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) changes his mind about retiring just yet.  He's been with the store for thirty years and finds it hard to leave.  He sets about helping to formulate a business plan for Whiteleys, resorting to nicking supplies from the store, as George (Calum Callaghan) spots him doing that.  He tells Miss Mardle/Mrs Grove (Amanda Abbington) he doesn't want to leave just yet and takes more of his medicine.  More than he should, as he collapses.  He says it's nothing and shows her the plans he's come up with.  Miss Mardle shows Harry and Grove decides the store's floors need to be rearranged and they should lead with the women's department and accessories since it's the women who take their men shopping and not the other way around.  Also utilizing the space to put together a fourth department on one floor.

Harry's impressed with it and would like Grove to be an adviser with them.  Miss Mardle says only for one day and Grove fees he can manage two.  Harry comes up with a solution to resolve their stock problem.  They can buy the stock of the provincial stores they sold and can use that for Whiteley's. Gordon says he can give the stock to them on credit as he's CEO of the provincial stores.  Thus solving their problem for now.  As none of them have anymore money left to sink into Whiteleys.

Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) is upset with her father since she finds out from Miss Ellis (Ria Zmitrowicz) that he fired Tilly (Mimi Ndiweni) for an indiscretion.  She visits her at home and finds she has a child, out of wedlock.  She tells her father he needs to do the right thing and how she's been bullied by the other workers.  He takes this up with Miss Ellis who says it's a mistake hiring her and bringing her back.  Grove accepts her resignation and she leaves in a huff, saying she didn't resign.  Mae tells her she heard the same.  Grove isn't in any position to see Tilly so Mae goes on his behalf.  Tilly's adamant she's not returning and Mae tells her how Meryl went to bat for her.  It wasn't charity but loyalty.  Also telling her she was on the stage and not a very reputable stage either.

Miss Mardle takes Grove home and gives him the plans of Whiteleys and later on as Meryl returns home, she fin s he passed away in his sleep.  That was obvious as soon as he sat down in the chair. Harry announces his passing to the staff and how he was a part of the Selfridge family.  Then pays a visit to Miss Mardle who says he didn't have to come.  That they wasted too much time over the years and should've been together sooner.  As Harry tells her, they were together in the end and that's all that matters.  Probably thinking of Rose when he said that.  She doesn't know how she's going to cope being a mother to his children.  Meryl's sad cos they fought before he died.  Mae tells Meryl how he was proud of her and how he offered Tilly her job back all cos of her.  Miss Mardle adding she's his father's daughter and just like him.  George tells Harry how he used to look after Ernest (Joey Price) when he was a baby and George worries how he'll be a father.  Harry tells him he'll be good cos they can do better even if their fathers weren't around for them.  Wonder what happened to Ernest's father since he was so set on wanting him when he was a baby.

As Mae leaves, the reporter confronts her and asks about Jimmy and how he knows Victor.  She pays him a visit asking why he lied to her since he didn't talk to him about the business dealings but about Victor.  Jimmy asks if she thinks he could've murdered him.  Even if she has seen him lose his temper.  He tells her the reporter works for Wynnstay so whatever dirt he can dig up on him will also hurt Harry and blacken his name.  She's sorry for coming.  As they drink a toast to Grove at dinner and recall how Gordon was afraid of him and how nice he was to Rosalie (Kara Tointon).  Harry asks Mae to stay the night and how he needs her.  He should never have let her go to Paris.  Well that was obvious but doesn't appear that romance is going to go anywhere.

This ep seemed like it was included to make the show stretch and reach number 10 in terms of episodes as nothing much happened.  Aside from Grove passing, weren't Harry and Mae at the cemetery last ep too.  Wonder who else will 'cark' it by the time we reach the end?  Whitelys and having trouble with the store was covered already, as was the finger of suspicion being placed on Jimmy, only Mae thinks it now too.  Wonder if he will get the noose even if it was an accident, not like anyone's going to believe that, firstly as he didn't come forward and secondly cos of his colour no one would've believed him even if he did own up.  So he'll have to live with it, even if he was tormented by having to lie.  As they say he shouldn't have been too quick to lose his temper.

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The X-Files 10.3 "Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster" Review

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Two people getting high in the Oregon woods, played by Tyler Labine and Nicole Parker Smith were from the eps War of the Coprophages and Quagmire; notice a man's been attacked and find another one who's dead. Mulder  (David Duchovny) sits in his office throwing pencils at his 'I Want To Believe' poster as Scully (Gillian Anderson) walks in and asks him why he's throwing pencils at her poster.  He reluctantly says that everything he believed all have explanations.  Such as the moving stones in Death Valley attributed to ice.  Perhaps everything can be proven down to ice.  "It's amazing, going through these archives with fresher, if not wiser, eyes how many of these cases, whether it's the Amarillo Armadillo Man...can be explained away as fraternity pranks, practical jokes or people making stuff up simply because they're bored, and or, crazy."

Mulder now being the sceptical one again and she asks if Mulder's still taking his meds.  Yeah cos everything boils down to pill popping doesn't it.  Things not going well, okay pop a pill!  She tells him they have a case of a "monster."  It may be a human monster.

Heading out to the town in Oregon; what follows is undeniably classic X-Files.  With tongue-in-cheek humour and a return to the good old days, even if it does feel like it's been done already in great eps such as The Great Mutato, carnie creature from Humbug, which was directed by the late Kim Manners.  Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose, etc. Mulder's willing to keep an open mind and they find there were two other bodies discovered too and one of them was naked.  The marks found by the autopsy conducted by Scully shows human teeth marks.  Thus the so-called monster could be human after all and a serial killer.

Mulder's surprised no one got a photo, they only have a sketch which gives him three eyes, and he downloads a camera app to his phone, which he doesn't know how to use.  So he just ends up taking photos of everything.  Even Guy (Rhys Darby) in the portaloo, yes Guy with an Aussie accent! Who we see has horns so is the creature.  That scene was a little silly considering Mulder saw the creature enter the loo and he couldn't have gone out the other way.  Scully finds anomalies in the blood sample she sent to be analyzed but doesn't get a chance to tell Mulder, who later notices the bite mark in one of the photos he took.

Homage to Kim Manners as Mulder steals flowers from by one gravestone and places them on the headstone with the name 'Kim Manners'.  "Let's kick it in the ass."  As he talks to Guy Mann, another comedic, sarcastic name.  Guy to man or man to guy, ha.  Anyway the man tells him he wants to kill Mulder and breaks a green bottle so Mulder will stab him in the appendix.  (How the creature could be killed in Humbug.)  All based on the rantings of a psychiatrist who tells him about the fairytales from the old country about werepires and lizard men who can only be killed by being stabbed in the appendix, but he doesn't know why.  Seems this loony was a loony himself who wrote a prescription for Mulder, as well as taking pills himself.  Which Mulder doesn't take.  Yeah since when does Mulder need to pop pills anyway?

Guy tells him the entire story about being bitten by a human.  Then he ran away and found himself turning into a human and next day he woke up naked and his human thought was to dress himself with the clothes he took from one of the dead bodies.  Then he had all sorts of human thoughts like having to get a job cos he needed the money to survive.  Even though he wanted to quite the job selling phones, he became manager overnight and it was a perfect job for him since he didn't understand what he was talking about, neither did his customers.  But he needed the job cos he needed to get a loan and a mortgage even if he didn't know what they were.

He ended up at the seedy motel and next morning found he had chnaged back into his natural form. Being woken up by the alarm.  He was happy and then saw someone watching him from the Jackalope head on the wall, which Mulder interjects was proven to be a hoax.  He couldn't live with humans so he got a pet puppy, who ran away.  Which explained the call the animal control guy, Pasha (Kumail Namjiani) got of a missing puppy as he told Mulder and Scully.  We even get a flashback to Scully walking into the store where he works after she locates Guy and proceeding to undress and have sex with him.  Mulder telling him that didn't really happen.  Er, neither did the motel manager see Mulder on the bed in a red thong/speedos!!  Ha.  Well of course he did the dirty peeping tom!

Guy tells him he saw what happened to the others and he saw a being killed by a human, after he saw the man who bit him and only had human thoughts of revenge.  He pulls out Mulder's badge and tells him he didn't believe him after all and was going to pin the murders onto him, an innocent man.  He runs away shouting Mulder's really the monster and Mulder takes out a green bottle of drink from his pocket and drinks, when Scully calls him after finding the lost puppy.  Of course it had to be Pasha, especially since as Mulder said at the beginning it had to be a serial killer.  Scully keeps the puppy as he reminds her of Queequeg.

Guy goes into hibernation for at least the next thousand years and was a pleasure meeting Mulder.   Of course it's one of those eps which was written by Darin Morgan and had a completely different role reversal, this time it's the creature who's innocent and sees the human committing the murder. Having the misfortune of having human tendencies after being bitten, whereas it's the human who takes on the familiar tendencies of the werewolf and changes with the full moon.

Mulder's red speedos, thongs, whatever, well they weren't tightie whities ha, was a harkback to season 2 episode Duane Barry, when Mulder was seen leaving a pool.  Of course Guy's outfit was that worn by Darrin McGavin when he played Kolchak Night Stalker, on which the X-Files was loosely based by Chris Carter.  Yep saw that!  Not to mention Mulder having the X-Files theme as a ringtone on his phone.  The dog, Dagoo is another character from Moby Dick, just like Queequeg. The pencils Mulder throws at the poster are those he threw into the ceiling in Chinga.  Mulder's line of wanting to be "mauled by a wolf, lion and a bear" and be naked when he dies is similar to what he was told in Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose by Clyde, that he would die by autoerotic asphyxiation. As for Scully not needing anyone's help, this was also from the same episode where she was believed to be immortal and she repeats that here too.  Jack Hardy, the other name on the gravestone was First Assistant Director on  The X-Files: I Want to Believe.  A line which Mulder also says to Guy at the cemetery.

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The Vampire Diaries 7.13 "This Woman's Work" Review

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Now we get to learn about Rayna - boring!  Isn't she like all the so-called 'huntresses' gone before, so that's nothing new.  I mean how many enemies have the vampires had and how they defeated them all.  Just when you thought it was safe from Julian (Todd Lasance)  we find that he began all this shaman curse huntress business after he killed, well made her kill her own father.  Also how her father taught her to fight and kill vampires.

15 Years Later

Rayna's (Leslie-Anne Huff) all grown up and he leaves her to fight vampires.
Saint Malo, Louisana 1857
Coming upon Julian as I said.  Thing is she's kind of a Buffy isn't she, only she has the Phoenix sword.
England 1903
Rayna finds them and she marks Julian with her sword, as well as Beau.  Julian says Lily will arrange safe passage for them to New York and Nora (Scarlett Byrne) complains about having to travel in a coffin, which is the least of her worries.  Once she marks them with her sword she will forever be on their trail.

Enzo (Michael Mularkey) isn't able to keep Rayna behind the glass, as she takes a flying leap and crashes through it.  Guessing she blackmailed him into calling Bonnie (Kat Graham) for the sword, otherwise she'd have used it on him, or just killed him.

Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) friend Krystal is running around in her undies and she has to leave cos Bonnie returns.  She wants a drink with her best friend and since he's her best friend right now, chancing upon her jeans skirt.  Bonnie thinks it's good Damon's having sex, cos Damon abstaining for 60 years is unimaginable and Elena wanted him to live his life.  He doesn't want Bonnie to know what he did as Enzo calls her cos she's not answering his calls.  He needs the phoenix sword which has now become Rayna's sword otherwise he'll spill about Damon killing Elena.  Bonnie needs to know what he's done but as her best friend, he's asking her not to pursue it.  Even to the point of asking why Stefan (Paul Wesley) hates him right now.

Caroline (Candace King) is rushed to theatre and the babies need to be removed but Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) tells Stefan they don't want to be born as they're feeding off her magic.  Stefan compelled the doctors to do whatever they need.  She needs the help of the others to keep doing the magic and ensuring the babies can be born.  As Stefan tells Alaric (Matt Davis) he's needed back here.  Silly time for him to be away though.

Another flashback as we see Rayna being cursed by the shaman and giving her the sword, as each of the others kill themselves, they'll live on in her.  At Whitmore they find Enzo tied up in vervain ropes and Rayna turn up wanting the sword.  She hits Bonnie with an arrow and Damon throws it out the window for her to fetch.  It's a wonder no one outside picked it up by the time she got there to find it sticking up in the grass.

Damon saves Bonnie and she thanks him cos he didn't hesitate and didn't even take a second to think about it let alone three.  The others find out about Rayna as Beau's scar opens up and he bleeds at the hospital.  Nora and Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) need to take him away and go on the run with him so she doesn't catch up to them.  Valerie agrees to stay and carry on the spell without them.  Rayna catches up to Beau as the others run away and she sets him on fire.  Beau being the token extra to be killed off.  Damon tells Stefan he's on his way but Stefan doesn't want to know.  He'll doe everything he can to put this right, but Stefan doesn't want to hear it.  Bonnie asks him what he's done to make Stefan feel this way but it's something so bad Damon needs to put ii right.

As Damn confronts Rayna, hey I said they were trying to get an Elena carbon copy going on with Rayna and Damon says it too, about her looking like his "girlfriend and her three doppelgangers." Bonnie arrives to help and tells Stefan to help Damon or he's going to get himself killed.  Alaric arrives to see his babies being born.  Damon fights Rayna but isn't really a match for her as she's about to stab him with the sword, Damon tells her she wants to send him to hell, but he's already there, just as Stefan arrives and is stabbed instead.  Could see that coming.  Stefan goes on the run.

Alaric names the babies Josie and Elizabeth after Caroline's mother and she holds one.  Damon goes back for Enzo and decides he'll flip a coin to see if he lets him go or not.  Enzo telling him he didn't have a choice.  He then tells him Elena's alive and in his state he didn't realize he was burning an empty coffin.  Tyler moved her and she's in New York with Enzo's friends looking after her.  Damon doesn't believe him at first but it's true.  Well it had to be true.  Bit of a cop out there not wanting to bear the wrath of her fans!  Leaving it still open for her to return.  Darn it, still at least we had a moment watching her burn!  ha. Damon calls Stefan and tells him about Elena and how he will put this right and kill Rayna even if he has to do it with his bare hands.  He will get Stefan back.

Stefan tells Caroline he'll get back to her.  Ain't it always the way, after that touching scene with the fries, what is it with fries and vampires in this show?  Recall Elena also left her bag of fires on the clock tower!  Stefan: "pass me the secret stash of fries!"  Ha. Especially after he was inside Caroline's head comforting her when the spell was being performed.  Now she won't get to see him.

Three Years From Now

Caroline takes the twins and drives them to see her friend, who happens to be Klaus in New Orleans.

Yet more three years from now which is now being left to the end of the ep instead, as if we're not going to get it shown at all, can't fool us.  First the Heretics and now Rayna, is just too much to put up with and it all seems to have been done before; like with Silas and Qetsiyah.  How can she be such a match for them that she's been after them for three years. Especially as they didn't know about her and now cos of the Heretics and that sword and the phoenix stone, she turns up too.

The Vampire Diaries 7.12 "Postcards From the Edge" Review

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Damon (Ian Somerhlader) regrets killing Elena as we know and stops a passerby on a road, has his little game of cat and mouse with him before killing him, cos that's what he's life's become now.  Oh the usual spiral you go down when you've killed the woman you're meant to love.  So he's looking for a deathwish now and doesn't really care if he gets killed or not.  That's not going to make him feel better since it'll just put him out of his agonizing misery.  He turns up at the Mystic Grill in search of pain.  But no amount of pain will help the hurt that he's really feeling deep down.  Oh look Bonnie (Kat Graham) doesn't have to worry about getting old and dying now for Elena to return, she can just get old now at her leisure!  Ha.  So Damon kills another one of Julian's (Todd Lasance) lackey's by taking his head off, a scene stealer from a Supernatural ep or two of course, oh wait, should that be head stealer.

Julian having waned him to stay away from his friends or they'll die.  Second mistake Damon made was telling Julian he'd killed Elena by burning her alive.  Julian feels partly responsible cos he lost Lily, then she was his touchstone and kept him sane.  After which he killed her and now he's going to do the same with Damon.  Who saved Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) from him after she delivers Julian a postcard with a red 'X' on it.  All of the Heretics knowing this means it's from the huntress. Apparently she was spelled by a Shaman to kill them all and Rayna (Leslie-Anne Huff) is located by Bonnie and one of her locator spells she does with Nora (Scarlett Byrne).  Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) turns up and says she wants to go and find her in Cincinnati too.  Bonnie wants to go cos she's not trusting her friends' lives with them and calls shotgun.

She also knows Nora is using her to make Mary Louise jealous.  When they arrive at the mental institution, they find an old woman who doesn't appear to be Rayna and she pretends she doesn't know what they're talking about.  Later she tries to strangle Bonnie on the pretext of wanting the cookie fed to her and to undo her restraints when Enzo (Michael Malarkey) saves her, seemingly killing Rayna.  When Bonnie returns with the others to take the body away, he's taken her.  We see him burning her and she reemerges much younger.  Don't know what his game is just yet, seems like he escaped from Matt's 'shadowy' organization as he tells Bonnie.

Matt (Zach Roerig) and his new found lady deputy friend, lets him go and he returns to Mystic Falls after she lets slip about the fires burning out at someone's address.  Where he finds vampires and she follows him there.  She needs wooden bullets if she's going to wear a uniform in Mystic Falls and he tells her vampires are real.  She thought he was cute but now he's also brave in her eyes.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) goes looking for Damon after Valerie tells him about his behaviour.  Damon ending up at a vampire fight club.  Let's see, what hearts are ripped out in vampire fightclub, stay in vampire fightclub, or some such nonsense.  Julian tells him to fight and Damon relishes beating all the fighters, as well as being aided by a bar wench who throws  him a weapon so he can defeat the invincible fighter.  Julian's not happy with that and so he fights Damon himself next.

Caroline (Candace King) writes in her journal for Elena, somebody should tell her that's pointless now and soon, as Stefan brings her curly fries and a cheeseburger.  Should she even be eating the cheeseburger in her condition.  She passes out and at hospital notices her hand's desiccating.  Valerie says the babies are siphoning her blood and gives her a talisman bracelet which should help her. Which appears to work for now.  Caroline thanks her cos they should really be hating each other cos of Stefan.

Stefan gets to Damon in time and saves him from Julian ripping Damon's heart out cos that's what Damon really wants and tells him to do it.  Stefan tells Damon he will kill Julian right now and be killed for it if he doesn't let him help.  As they leave Stefan confronts him over what he's done and Damon admits he burned her.  Stefan punches him, loses it in the car.  Then tells Valerie he blames Julian cos he took Lily when he was little, killed their baby, lives in his home, then he stabbed Damon with the sword.  He will kill him.  Valerie says there's a difference between stupidity and revenge and Stefan isn't stupid, unlike Damon, but later helps him stake Julian.  Let's hope this'll be the end of the Heretics as we know them.  Let's not let it drag now.  Damon gets it on with bar wench and well, let's not have him go down that road again.  He may have told Stefan he's not going to pull his switch but we don't want the bimbos back in his life now.

Three Years From Now

Matt tells Stefan he let Caroline go before he injects him in the neck.  As Damon's tied up and we see the huntress again.

It was along time coming Stefan finally offing Julian and he had to be the one to do it, he did lose the most cos of him.  So if it was this easy why didn't it just happen before. Hoping they wouldn't do a three years from now, but they had to squeeze it in, not that it was necessary, we really didn't see much we hadn't already seen aside from Rayna getting a face.  Just what was Enzo doing with her.  I mean he pretends to kill her, she becomes ageless and then Matt's working with her in the future.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 7 Review

Harry (Jeremy Piven) and Mae (Kathleen Kelly) say goodbye to Victor at his grave and they'll miss him, whilst Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) hides out at his mother's house.  She tells him the police are looking elsewhere and he can just say he was looking after is ill mother, Clara (Kim Thomson).  He will have plenty to lose and with his colour, though she doesn't say it in so many words, will lead him straight to the noose. Harry and Gordon (Greg Austin) welcome the Summer promotion, which they believe will steer the store out of its debts.  As they unveil Mae's first store windows.

Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) and Connie (Sacha Parkinson) talk of George (Calum Callaghan) sitting up all night with his medals thinking of Victor.  He's taken it hard.  Kitty tells her she's still married to Frank and she's really excited to go to New York and be part of Elizabeth Arden.  Connie means about Frank, she must be nervous about leaving him.

Mae's seen the headlines of Victor being in league with the 'underworld.'  Mae doesn't want to speak with the press about interviews and he reminds her of how Crabb (Ron Cook) likes free advertizing. Gordon looks at the machinists problem and tells Ellis (Ria Zmitrowicz) to hire some more,as the women laugh at him being here.  Tilly (Mimi Ndweni) has more than her fair share of the workload all cos of making Miss Mardle's (Amanda Abbington) wedding dress.  Keene (Oliver Dinsdale) rears his ugly head again and Harry assures him the store will show more transparency.  He wants an office here a few days a week and will want to show more of his executive-ness.  Harry invites him to their monthly director's meetings too.  As Gordon's children arrive with Grace (Amy Morgan).  He invited them here for ice cream, as part of the Summer promotion.  Harry wants to get to know his grandchildren and invites them for dinner, Rosalie (Kara Tointon) was asking after Grace.

Gordon tells him about Wynnstay (Robert Pugh) issuing a writ against Harry for breach of contract. As Gordon calls the lawyers.  Connie gives George a letter from Temple and Victor's left a trust "for the future generations" of George's children.  George feels guilty since he hadn't been a good friend to him in a long time.  He didn't know how much he loves him, but Connie tells him he knew that's why he left it.  Kitty bids farewell and says how she started out cos of Harry and how he guided them and encouraged her, like part of the family.  It's a store he built and it made her into who she is.  Harry tells her it was pleasure working with her.  She'll never forget him.  George asks if she's said goodbye to Frank (Samuel West) and Connie's going to miss her.  There's nothing left  to say.  Harry tells Frank that being far apart won't help him get his marriage back.  He's already been there.  Frank thinks he's needed here to help with Wynnstay which he is, but he needs to go with her.  Kitty thinks the time apart will do them some good but Frank says she should stay.  They've been over that already and then he says he wants to go with her and make a new start.

Miss Mardle and Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) enjoy the last days of their honeymoon on the beach and he tells her he's not scared anymore, as long as she's by his side.  He's prepared and will take what comes when it comes.  As they collect shells for the children.  She misses them.  Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) finds Tilly has too much work and plans on doing something about it.  She tells Grove when he returns and Miss Mardle wants to have tea with her one day during her break.  She tells her about Mr Lyons (Sam Swann) and how he apologized to her once and then did it again when he came into the storeroom.  She has a lot to learn about men, cos he likes her.

Grove asks Ellis about Tilly and she says she's heard from the other machinists how she didn't leave on good terms.  She can't tell him boat what really happened as she was accused of dishonesty cos he wouldn't believe her, but it wasn't what her manager said said.  Wynnstay publishes that the provincial stores being sold off as part of Selfridge being in trouble and Gordon tells Harry it's cos of the writ.  They could be in trouble for months before the case gets to court.  Gordon asks if Harry would be willing to call a truce and continue the advertizing.  But Harry can't go to him as it's personal.  However Gordon going will be seen as a sign of weakness.  Which he does.  Gordon makes him an offer their counsel thinks is reasonable and Wynnstay refuses it, until Gordon tells him his board will hear how he turned down such a lucrative sum and they will hear of it.  Leaving him no choice but to accept.  He didn't realize Gordon wouldn't be such a pushover and a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Jimmy's back and he wants to make a new business deal. He comes to Harry with plans to take over Whiteleys of Bayswater and wants to be a 50/50 equitable partner.  The Whiteley brothers are in trouble and if anyone can turn the store around it will be Harry and Gordon.  They agree to the deal and Harry manages to convince the Whitely brothers to sell.  That won't be good news for him.  Mae is distraught cos of Victor and loses her temper at Harry.  They drink to Victor's health as she says they were both alike and started out the same.  She was a showgirl, a Lady and now a designer.  Even Jimmy avoids Mae as he tells her he was away visiting his mother.   He seems to be rather standoffish and acting suspiciously.  As she tells him she was shocked.

At dinner Harry announces he's making Gordon Managing Director.  Grove gives Tilly her references and two weeks pay and Meryl isn't pleased, well it was her fault for bringing it to his attention. Grove decides to retire and Miss Mardle thinks it's a good idea.  Wynnstay's lackey reporter tells them the police aren't pursuing Victor's murder anymore but he says that he mixed with some shady types, as he shows them photos of D'Ancona, Jimmy and Harry, which sparks Wynnstay's interests.  He wants him to dig further.

Whiteleys was actually purchased by Selfridge in 1927.  Seems like everyone's going into the black and out of trouble, as the show's building everyone up for a fall.  harry's going to be penniless, Gordon will run the store and Jimmy will get his comeuppance no doubt.  As it seems Harry will declare his love for Mae pretty soon.  Well we knew that was coming since series 1 and when he helped her escape her husband.  Still, three more eps to go!

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The X Files 10.2 "Founder's Mutation" Review

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Back to normal with this episode if normal can be a word associated with the X-Files.  As Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigate the case of eugenics after an employee at a research facility kills himself after being subjected to sounds no one else hears.  Mulder manages to sneak out the phone of Doctor Sanjay (Christopher Logan) and Scully warns him about how that's illegal following a court ruling.  He tells her that Sanjay was a victim not a suspect and she says he committed suicide.  He meets with Gupta (Vik Sahay) and Scully says that Gupta also means 'protector.'  Yes but firstly and foremostly it's still a name.  He takes Mulder to the loo where he proceeds to attempt to undo his pants!! ha.  Steady on that's not what he's there for.  Mulder tells him Sanjay's dead.  But he didn't get in touch with him even after he left messages.

The Department of Defence is involved and anything at the facility is classified.  As they investigate Sanjay's apartment; fter Scully carries out an autopsy on him and finds he wrote 'Founders Mutation' on his hand. The founder being the name Dr Goldman (Doug Savant) is referred to as.  Mulder also notices that when the letter opener was inserted into his ear by Sanjay he took a 60 degree turn once inside.  At his apartment they set off a silent alarm and Mulder is subjected to the same sounds as Sanjay and Scully notices he was in agony.  They sit in front of Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) as he tells them the files are classified and they can't have access to them cos of their status just to appease the DOD agent there and after he leaves Mulder tells Skinner he managed to copy some of them, as Skinner welcomes them back.

They are able to speak with Goldman as Scully asks Sister Mary (Christine Willes) at the hospital where she works if she can arrange a meeting and Agnes (Kacey Rohl) tells them she doesn't want to stay here and there's something wrong with her baby,  At the foundation, Goldman shows them around and the children he's treating or rather researching and conducting experiments on.  They also find that his wife, Jackie (Rebecca Wisocky) is locked up accused of killing their baby son.  Paying a visit to her they find that her daughter Molly fell in the pool and survived but she didn't kill their son. She let him out.

Mulder finds that the video footage from the facility shows a janitor working in the office when Sanjay was subjected to those sounds and he was the killer.  Finding him at a farm, Kyle (Johnathan Whitesell) is Molly's brother and he attempts to attack Mulder again with the sounds, as the birds gather again.  Mulder having earlier explained that the birds were subjected to auditory sounds not audible by the human ear and so the worms would've felt the vibrations too causing an abundance of birds to gather.  They take Kyle to Goldman who shows them Molly, but she's not his sister who is in another room.  Kyle finds her and they escape after they both attack and kill Goldman until his eyes popped out rendering Mulder and Scully helpless.  Mulder's line of not being able to unsee his eyes popping out.

The episode appeared to be more of a connection or a way to bring up William. As Scully asks Mulder if he ever thinks about him and whether he thinks that's what happened to her fifteen years ago.  So we get flashes of what their lives would've been like with William growing up, such as Scully taking him to school and Mulder watching films with him and building rockets.  With William calling out to them at night and Mulder finding he's abducted by aliens or something else with bright lights.

These eps need to pick up some speed and action for me, they're a little too dialogue infused. Waiting for the next Werepire ep!!   Okay the Were Monster.