Friday, 30 November 2012

Smallville's 'Supergirl' To Fly onto CSI:NY

Fans of Smallville and particularly Supergirl and/or Laura Vandervoort will be happy to hear she will appear in a CSI:NY episode to air next January.

Her character of Macy gets released from prison after serving a two year sentence for possession of stolen property and she's out for revenge on her boyfriend who let her take the blame.  A change of character for her from the heroic Kara.

CSI:NY often does these wrongly-accused, out for revenge/justice episodes and they always seem to revolve around robbery or stolen property.

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Scandal 1.6 "The Trail" Review

The President (Tony Goldwyn) arrives at Olivia's (Kerry Washington) continued from last episode as we now get a series of flashbacks, he even tells her he only slept with Amanda (Liza Weil) cos he was nursing a broken heart over her.  He also gives Olivia, shall I call her Livvie, the sex tape sent to Cyrus (Jeff Perry).  Which we now know is of him and Olivia and not of him and Amanda.  Cue flashbacks.  The Governor, as he was then is now on his campaign, laments the ratings in the New Hampshire primary, so along comes Olivia to bail him out, brought in by Cyrus.

Her solution he and his wife, Mellie (Bellamy Young) must show more affection for one another in front of the Press.  Things don't go smoothly there and as Olivia wants to leave cos of a remark made by Cyrus, the man has no diplomacy, yet he's meant to be his number one man.   Cyrus calls the Governor a "sausage" which is for his you-know-what, the Governor, I should just call him Fitz,  rushes after her and they share moments of intense staring and oohing, well they could probably out stare each other.  We also get our first glimpse of Amanda who is at an event for the opposition, as pieces of the puzzle fall into place.  She was used to set up the President so that the opposition will win when his big scandal is revealed.  That's why she didn't want to go any further with the deception and was killed.  Also why the President was adamant she wasn't having his baby.

Rosen (Joshua Malina) and his assistant, Alissa (Brenda Song) put together pieces of who Amanda could have slept with at the Whitehouse.  As she goes through photos coming up with possibility, one she overlooks is Billy (Matt Letscher).  He was shifty, never liked him the way he 'smarmed' (that's my word now) after Olivia.  Also he told her about Cyrus and his investigation on her entire team.  Proving he couldn't keep a secret to save his life.  However Rosen and co give up on finding the real 'daddy.'  Even after he used the phrase "baby daddy."   He was investigating her murder and yet he just gives up on the father's identity, do your job man!

Okay so the episode we were waiting for, the one where Gideon (Brendan Hines) gets it and after he was just naked with his grilled cheese with Quinn (Katie Lowes), but work calls for this up and coming journo, at least he had a last moment of pleasure!  Anyway he gets out that video again and we get flashes between him watching the video and The Presidential campaign.  Olivia convinces him and wifey to become a perfect couple for the benefit of the unsuspecting public and the press.  They come out of their children's school, kiss, eat ice cream, cuddle and everything couples do, except Governor wishes he could be doing all that with Olivia.  In one scene on the bus he tells her he shouldn't have been a coward and should have waited for her and not marry Mellie (yeah Smelly Mellie).  Much to the chagrin of Sally Langston (Kate Burton) who is a Senator and Vice President.  Billy is her aide.  Aide to getting up to no good that is and yes politics is a dirty world but he wired the Governor's room, just to get dirt on him.

SO why did when Fitz, aka, Governor, Aka President, tell Olivia his room was that way in the hotel and she went to his room, instead of inviting him into her room, don't think Billy would have had the nouse to bug her room, unless he bugged everyone else's room too.  Mind you, Olivia was lucky she didn't say anything when he told her "take off your clothes."  Ooh Olivia wears lacy undies, erm, yes well the press would have a field day with that.

Anyway, the polls look good and Cyrus finds there's a story going round about Mellie having an affair.  Billy wants Olivia to make the Governor take the Vice President place instead but Olivia isn't finished with her job yet.  Langston wins New Hampshire.  Olivia brings in her ace, it's Huck (Guillermo Diaz) underneath a mass of hair and going back to the story where he told Charlie he was homeless and she rescued him.  Huck tells them about Mellie being followed and photos being snapped of her.  Once again if this was the case why were Governor and Olivia so free in their conversations and actions, of course there'd be other such snooping people out there.

The so-called man Mellie was having the 'affair' has associations with some Adult movie company and was being paid by them.  He's convinced to declare he's not having an affair.  The Governor and Olivia share a moment where they just watch each other "for one minute."  Women voters seem to not like this Governor so Mellie makes up a story of a miscarriage and it's lapped up.  He tells Olivia the story was fake.  At the press conference he later talks about Mellie and the woman he's in love with, but that's Olivia as we know.

As said, the interlude between Governor and Olivia was being taped and Amanda passes on the USB to Billy, who wants to convince Langston to use it, but she's already accepted to be his VP.  Billy is angry and we find he's Amanda's killer and Amanda's boyfriend.  Cos you see between the flashbacks, Gideon worked out Amanda had a boyfriend and after a few calls finds out he lives at Logan Circle.  The Trail, as in the title leading back to Billy.  He confronts Billy with this knowledge, foolish boy and even tells him about Amanda being pregnant and having the coroner's report.  Er, didn't anyone ever tell him, not to meet someone alone with news like this.  Gideon tells Billy this is his story and Billy finding the whole thing too much grabs scissors from Gideon's desk and stabs him in the neck, blood dripping everywhere.  Poor Gideon in agony and we shall see him no more!! Which is a shame.  What was this, Alfred Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder, stabbing with scissors.

Billy was also the one who provided Gideon with the breaking story about Amanda and the President, he figured this dumb reporter wouldn't be able to put two and two together.  Yet Billy wasn't even aware who the President was really with, so he took the opportunity to provide him with the Amanda scandal, as he sent her to sleep with him.

Olivia and the President have their moment together, present day as they say goodbye and have "one more minute" which turned out to be more than a minute, okay even if it was meant to be a "TV minute."  So Quinn had nothing to do with Gideon's demise but she still has secrets, we don't know her background yet, so I may be right about her after all.  Pity pretty Gideon was killed, he would have made a good associate for Olivia to hire since he was the one who worked out the real truth about Amanda and who was behind it.

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

CSI: NY 7.18 "Identity Crisis" Review

A man is killed on the subway platform and is revealed as a woman. Jo has problems with Ellie as she wants to visit her biological mother and my fave David James Elliott drops by again!

A man gets onto the subway train at the last moment.   Ellie (Sydney Park) gives up her seat to him.   It was apparent it wasn't really a man since he had effeminate features!  Another man gets up and questions what's in the cigar box and asks if he remembers him, cos he knows him.   They get off at the next stop where a struggle ensues and the old man is killed.   Flack (Eddie Cahill) bets Mac (Gary Sinise) coffee that this'll be the best CS he'll have for the entire week.   Hawkes (Hill Harper) gives Flack the pleasure of asking Mac what his age is.   Hawkes answers in his 30's and he's actually a she.   Flack prefers his coffee, black with no sugar.   Mac should know how he has his coffee by now, mustn't he.   Oops, may be my bad, they usually meet for drinks not coffee, ha.   There's no ID on the Vic, of course there wouldn't be.   Flack adds no one knew he was a woman and a single gunshot  was heard.   Hawkes finds the GS was close contact but there's no trace of GSR.   Mac concludes a gun wasn't the murder weapon.

Ellie describes what happened and the two knew each other, the younger man smelt of fish (clue) and put his hand on the window.   She heard the sound of a silencer.   Surprised Lindsay (Anna Belknap) didn't question Ellie instead of Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) she was doing everything else, practically, should've just let her solve the entire case in the episode.   Jo (Sela Ward) is more interested in why Ellie isn't at school.   The cigar box had newspaper bound together like notes (bills).   Ellie was on her way to see her mother.

Sid (Robert Joy) thinks of cryogenics when he notices the wound and surrounding tissue is frozen.  COD was exsanguination, no GSR was present (which Hawkes already said) and there was no bullet and the wound wasn't a through and through.  The Vic was melting on the table and in all his years as an ME, he's never seen any weapon like it.   Adam (AJ Buckley) processes the Vic's jumper.   Danny doesn't find a match to the palm print on AFIS and the mask wasn't a costume mask.  Adam says the newspaper clippings were the same shape and size of money, that was obvious.   Danny believes she was in disguise as an older person isn't so threatening.   Lindsay believes she could have been an actress on her way to an audition and pigs fly!  Adam and Danny laugh out loud at Lindsay's older appearance with Adam's manipulation using age progression software.   Lindsay adds he'll be married to her.   When Mac walks in Adam acts very innocent saying Danny and Lindsay were "goofing around."  He wouldn't believe that since in his eyes it's only Adam who does the goofing around.  


Adam found a rust-like substance.   Danny tells him he needs a chemical distinction.   Danny's print hit a dead-end and Lindsay has to use that phrase too, not being able to think for herself.   She has to tell Mac everything about their results not amounting to anything, but hers, smugly, did.   Then adds the Vic was up to something, excuse me, but Danny said that not two minutes ago!  She got a partial print from the cigar box, but she didn't match it to anyone, Russ (David James Elliott) did!  Lindsay admonishes Danny in front of Mac, saying she's his wife, he doesn't have to turn on her like that.   Oh what a script, I could scream, again.   But it's okay for her to joke around at the expense of other people.   Glad Mac was able to see her bickering, and surprised he didn't say anything to put them in their place, like he would have done if that was Adam messing around on his own.   Mac says the mask was custom made, (but they didn't find who made that either) and need to see if there's any trace on the palm print.   Thought that would have been their next step anyway.

The Vic's phone rings, (a plot used before on the show) it's her husband, Harvin (Christopher Jacot).   He calls her Renee.   (Remember the gurneys they used to use in season 1 of the show, when the DB would be brought up on the trolley and the lift would make that eerie squeaking sound.   They don't do that anymore.   Well, also cos they've got a new set.)  She lied to Harvin too.   Flack finds she wasn't Renee either, who has been dead for 12 years.  Hawkes uses Jellomen to determine which weapon could have made the wound.  Cue Lindsay, honestly, she was like Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) in this episode, the way she used to strut about from lab to lab, not doing any of her own work!  Getting others do it for her.   Hawkes was looking for something that fired like a gun but didn't leave any GSR, the closest he comes to is a bolt device, which mimics the wound tract, but the organs were frozen.   High pressure expansion of compressed gas would cause freezing.

Jo needs help from Mac.   She messed up with Ellie.   Her friends told her when people get divorced, they jump into a rebound relationship, or go on vacation, but she adopted a baby.  Jo: "You run a  tough confession."  Good to see her and Mac's burgeoning relationship and how they've really bonded for two people who haven't known each other that long.   Mac's more curious to learn how she messed up.   She painted a pretty picture about Ellie's mother.  Mac advises now is a good time to tell Ellie the truth and she has reinforcements.   Tyler,( Cody Longo) her son and Russ.   Jo: "Oh great, ex husband."  Russ was having lunch with Tyler when Ellie called.   We briefly get to meet Tyler now before he's sent away to take Ellie home.   Russ is worried about Jo and he says he has a little black book listing all the things he adores about her.

Lindsay identifies the prints on the cigar box to a Quincy Willis, took her time about it.   Mac tells her there's an FBI agent right here for help.   She could've asked Flack, I mean he'd have connections too, no she had to sit in with Russ again, what, has she got the hots for him or something!  Russ calls Quincy a master of disguise.   He taught the Vic, his daughter, Sabrina (Laurie Fortier) everything she knew.   Con artists have an addiction.   Newspaper money was Quincy's trademark.  Mac surmises they've been going about it all wrong, instead of concentrating on the old man, they've been going after the Vic as a woman.   Which was obvious since his/her Vics would only know her as a man.   Two of her marks recall the old man.   Lindsay's lame advice to the second mark, he should watch The Sting (1973) from the beginning.  Yeah great advice - not!  Then she acts all smug again when she tells Flack she restrained herself from telling him the con was a woman.   Even Flack had more sympathy for the marks who were taken for so much money, but not her.  Flack believes someone found out she was a woman, thus he solved the case!

Russ tells Jo, Ellie's great and she did a wonderful job raising her.   He's jealous they didn't adopt her together.   So Ellie didn't really know Russ when she was growing up and probably had some contact with him when he'd visit Tyler, so why did Mac think Russ would be able to help out with Ellie.   Cos he knows Jo.   Jo would love to let Russ do the hard part but she has to deal with Ellie on her own.   He kisses Jo goodbye on her forehead.   Aww.   Jo tells Ellie the truth about her mother being in prison.   Jo adopted Ellie because she needed Jo and Jo needed Ellie too.  It wasn't out of pity.

Hawkes identifies the weapon, an HPK knife; the handle expels a freezing ball of compressed gas, which froze the tissue.   It's used by hunters, divers etc and is used for sharks since no blood is expelled.   Adam and Danny identify the trace from the rust which was from sunken ships like the Titanic and was used on German U-boats in World War Two.   Mac recalls a wreck of a U-boat in New Jersey.   So Adam and Danny took thus long to identify vanadium.   Flack and Danny apprehend said suspect, but not before Danny flashes his badge which the suspect sees and fleas.   A cop out scene, no pun, but a chase would've been more interesting, I know it's expected everytime we see them together!

Jayson (Taylor Kinney) tells Mac she took him for $50,00.   He had to borrow and beg to get that kind of money for her cos she lied and was beaten up for it.   She was a bartender and he thought he was in love with her.   She asked him if he wanted to do something risky and planned to rob an old man.   The money was in his cigarbox and it was part of a scam.   He doesn't even remember killing her.  He wants Mac to let his brother know he can't pay him back.   For a brief moment there, thought I saw a moment of compassion from Mac, feeling sorry for him.   How come Sabrina's blonde hair was visible under her disguise, but we didn't get to see it in the opening, that wasn't very clever of her and what are the odds of her actually being on a train where Jayson and Ellie both were on too.

Ellie doesn't want to see her mother anymore, she just wanted to see what she'd look like when she grows up.   Jo thinks Mac would make a great father and he should get married and have a child, or even adopt, doesn't he want to be a grandfather.   He asks if she'll be quiet if he buys her a burger and beer.   She insists he'll still make a good father though.   There's a lot he hasn't trusted her with yet.   Jo and her messy desk, but ordinarily she's so organized.   Jo saying she has a weakness for food, just like Flack.

It's all about Lindsay again and her smug, irksome attitude.   So Adam and Danny were messing around, but she acts if she's the only one doing all the work.   How doe she know she'll still be married to Danny in years to come, he'll probably trade her in for a younger model, excuse the terminology, but the writers on this show behave as if there's no other character they can have in place of her running around from scene to scene.   Then she had to be the one to sit in on the heads up with Russ and the others, why not Hawkes or Danny.

Mac didn't tell Jo about Reed (Kyle Gallner) he is Clare's son, which makes him his step-son, but not even a mere whisper of the boy's existence.   Nor does she seem to know that Mac was married, not helped by the fact he took his wedding ring off a while ago.   Perhaps he's just not comfortable talking about it at the moment.   Danny and Flack in a scene together, long time since that's happened, Danny already flashing his badge to warn off the suspect!  He, Adam and Hawkes did disappear for long moments.   Danny would've been better in that interview scene with the Vic's marks, since he used to work such cases, but no, belittle their experiences by having Lindsay there and then advise him to watch The Sting.

Russ so wants Jo back, it's sweet to see.   He wishes they could have adopted Ellie together, he said the same thing Jo did about her, that she's magical.   Excellent to see David James Elliott back to revive his role, but he also didn't get much screen time.   Even Russ must've dreaded Lindsay being there again, ha.    Anyway, David and Sela have such a real chemistry on screen, which makes their scenes a pleasure to watch and his feelings for her, as Russ, are so believable; there's not a hint of contrivance.   oh Jo how could you have left him!

In season 5.10 The Triangle episode, epithelials found on a sticker are a familial match to a father's daughter, who robbed an armoured truck, only she escaped at the end with the money.   Here the father taught his daughter everything she knew about conning people.   Lots of train episodes in CSI:NY, as well as diver episodes.   Season 1 Night Mother,  where Danny was showing Aiden (Vanessa Ferlito) how they pick pockets.

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Without A Trace 3.17 "Lone Star" Review

 Estate agent Lance Hamilton (Lochlyn Monroe) gets a visit from a woman as he’s showing a house and disappears.

21 Hours Missing

Martin (Eric Close) tells Danny (Enrique Murciano) he’s Lance Hamilton, 32 from El Paso, Texas and relocated 10 years ago to New York.  He works for Windsor Shore.  Danny wonders who’d hang cattle horns in their house.  Martin comments he may be "trying to compensate for something.”  Danny finds lipstick on a wine glass.  Martin finds a piece of a shirt cuff with blood in the fireplace.

22 Hours Missing

His secretary tells Viv (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) and Sam (Poppy Montgomery) that Lance didn’t check in with her so she called around.  She doesn’t recognize the woman Lance met with in the sketch.  Sam asks her about his personal life.  She recalls a woman came to see him a few days ago.  Lance tells her she’ll spoil everything and doesn’t want her here.  She wore a wedding ring.  She hasn’t seen her before either.  Viv asks for his files.  Sam comments he’s probably got problems with most women.

Danny finds out he sells houses in pairs and sold some to a James Fusco, aka Jimmy the Tooth (Jon Polito).  He’s on the white collar watch list and has been in trouble for money laundering, etc.  On the day of the disappearance Jimmy called Lance seven times within 4 hours.  He tells Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) he wanted to buy another house because his wife is picky.  He was meant to see another place yesterday but he didn’t show up so he went to Lance’s house.  There he saw a woman catching a cab.  When he walked in he saw him burning clothes in the fireplace.  Lance denied anything was wrong.  He identifies one of the women in the 2 sketches.

Martin checks the records of Lance’s female clients.  Danny tells him the Tox report on the blood was HIV positive but it wasn’t his.  Martin calls up a hit on the other woman in the sketch who brought commercial property 6 months ago on Riverdale: Valerie Serbanesco (Alexia Landeau).

26 Hours Missing

Danny and Martin visit the property and Martin asks for Valerie.  Danny asks if she’s available and stops Martin from showing his badge.  Valerie brings out the girls and they flash their FBI badges.  Ooh.

27 Hours Missing

All the girls were kept in locked rooms.  Danny finds their passports locked away too and says there was no way out for them.  Jack comments on the sort of life they didn’t come here for.  They think Lance runs the place and are afraid of him.  One girl tells them she had to pay to come to the US and do what she does.  They do this to pay for coming here.  Lance paid $40,000, that’s $5,000 for each girl.  They were told they’d be here for 3-6 months but no one leaves.  Ariana (Sarah Demeestere) couldn’t run away as they threatened to kill them and their families.  They caught one trying and was beaten up as an example: Nadia (Katerina Mikailenko) is missing since the night before last.

Danny tells Jack they’ll have to inform the INS.  Jack tells him they can’t be deported.  Danny comments he’s bothered about Lance being a real estate agent.  Viv informs Jack of a woman boarding a flight at JFK with a gun heading for Texas.

29 Hours Missing

The woman is Beth Norwood (Bridget Flanery) and she tells Jack she forgot to declare the gun.  She wasn’t on a return flight.  Her husband gave her the gun: Lance.  She has a contact if there were any problems.  His name is Lance Norwood and he’s an undercover policeman from Nassau County PD.  He called her the other night drunk and told her to leave.  There was blood on his shirt.  He gave her the gun.

31 Hours Missing

They found out there was money laundering going on through real estate.  (Alex Sol) Pelosi ran a brothel with Jimmy, who got into the flesh trade.  Lance hated what he saw and talked Pelosi into buying better properties so he’d get better clientel: lawyers, bankers etc.  Martin mentions Nadia and they tell him Lance brought her in a few nights ago.  She told them about the teacher who recruited her in Romania.  They had to send her back in because they needed the number one man.  It would take them at least another 3 weeks.  Lance told them she was 15 and only a child.  Martin tells them she was beaten up.

Beth doesn’t know Pelosi.  Jack tells her about the girls and trafficking.  She met Lance at the pier and he told her he had to do this. Sam catches Viv fixing her heart monitor.  She asks her not to tell anyone yet, “even Martin.”  She gets a call; Olivia (Audery Wasilewski) rented a 12 seater van.

32 Hours Missing

Olivia says Lance called a few hours after they left and told her to take the money from his boots.  He collected the van.  Viv and Sam find Nadia in the boot of Lance’s car dead with a note: THREE MORE WEEKS and his badge.  Martin thinks he’s not waiting around for the police.  Sam says the blood is HIV positive and belongs to Nadia.  The car belongs to Valerie.

Valerie wants witness protection.  The day after Nadia escaped, a friend of Pelosi’s was arrested, he thought someone had been talking so Valerie suggested it was Nadia.  He was at one of his warehouses in Queens, she called Lance but it was too late.  They found Nadia.  Lance was angry and told her he was a policeman.  Danny asks her what he meant when he said he’d take care of it.  She tells them about his lawyer friend.

Jack and Viv question Pelosi.  Viv rings up charges of child endangerment, exploitation and violation of  the White Slave Traffic Act.  Jack tells him he killed and tortured a 15 year old girl and they have evidence he killed a policeman.  He tells them he saw Lance a few hours ago.  He drove up in a van with a gun and took the girls.

Danny finds the lawyer, Wayne Aguliera (John Gallucci) an immigration lawyer.  He was at the University of El Paso with Lance.  He contacted the judge for 6 emergency T Visas.  Viv and Jack question Aguilera who tells them Lance had nowhere else to go and said he had to leave town.  He gave him money.  Jack comments he wouldn’t leave without his wife and takes Beth to him at the pier.  Jack tells him he found the car.  Lance says he saw them with the other girls.  They’re getting T Visas and Pelosi will talk.  Jack shakes his hand.

Danny and Martin make small talk about each other and Danny mentions Martin and Sam when no one’s told anyone there’s trouble in paradise.
Danny: “What have we got other than a little South Western flair?”
Danny: “I see you and Sam in a place just like this.  I do.  Barbecuing out back with the kids.  Uncle Danny coming over to shoot some hoops.”
Martin: “I’ve seen your hoop shot – you’d better start working on it now.”
Danny: “I’m unstoppable.”  Maybe someone should remind Martin in the season 2 opener Sam said she didn’t want kids.

Danny: “He’s not married because no woman would allow that.”  Well if she was from Texas she would, probably.  With his comment about the horns he must have angered a whole lot of red necks out there; he was married after all.

Danny: “We’ve got lipstick.”  Of course he would find that!
Danny: “Looks like somebody messed with Texas”
So Danny and Martin have been playing basketball together.

A much covered subject: slave trade from Eastern Europe, also covered in the season 3 episode of CSI:Miami where the girls also had their passports taken and locked away and in The Closer where the girls thought they’d become nannies.  As well as CSI:NY and just about every other show around.

It appears Viv also knows about Martin and Sam so despite Sam's objections to everyone finding out wonder if she told her or whether Viv found out like Danny and Jack did.

Sam: “Sounds like he’s got himself into some kind of a love triangle.”
Jack: “That’ll get you into trouble everytime.”  Jack and Sam always end up commenting on the subject of love, especially when it’s so close to home for both of them.

Danny and Martin sharing some more amusing moments: Martin: “It’s about time …I saved you half….I was talking about the stack of files.”
Danny: “D’ya mind?”  Funny Martin eating a sandwich and not his obligatory fix of junk food.  Danny eating for the second time this season.

If the police department had Pelose under surveillance why wasn’t he followed when he picked the girls up and when Lance turned up?

Danny:  she’s “directly responsible or she knows who did it.”  He was right she was responsible for Nadia getting killed to save herself and she knew who did it.  He usually gets the case breaking lines like asking what Lance meant when he said he’d take care of it.

Olivia called the FBI when Lance disappeared and not the police.  As for searching his office how come no one thought to look in the boots.

At least Viv was consistent and commented on the legal violations as she did in season 2 episodes too.  Strange how Danny mentioned calling the INS to Jack, maybe he thought this was the last thing on Jack’s mind and so he had to mention it.
Lance had blood on his face and part of his mouth too only no one thought of mentioning she was HIV positive to him.
Good to see Martin having to follow Danny’s lead this time re flashing! Badges.  Sam and Jack hardly getting soaked in the rain.
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Desperate Housewives 8.20 "Lost My Power" Review

Mary Alice: "When it came to her divorce, Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman) was determined to make things go smoothly...and when Tom left something important behind, she bought it to him...after years of fighting had left her nowhere Lynette decided to take the high road."  Greg (Reed Diamond) tells Lynette Tom (Doug Savant) is an idiot for letting her go and asks her out.  She's the woman most men are looking for.

Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) "Lynette had tried hard to take the high road in her divorce but sometimes the low road was easier to find."

Mary Alice: "Carlos Solis (Richardo Antonio Chavira) was used to sitting in a position of power...the head of  a power lunch, helm of a powerful company.  Now Carlos Solis started a new career he suddenly found himself in a much humbler place."  Gaby (Eva Longoria) visits his new place of work and tells him all he needs is a "yellow tape and a noose and you're ready to entertain."  She has to get to work early and she's earned $12 already listening to him tell her he makes $12.  She doesn't care about his "meaningful work."

MJ (Mason Vale Cotton) is down cos he can't enter the father/son soapbox derby and Susan (Teri Hatcher) decides to build him one.  Trip (Scott Bakula) tells Bree (Marcia Cross) there are too many cases where the wrong person has been convicted, but she'll be fine for the pre-trial hearing.  All she has to do is look classy and innocent.  His success rate is impressive.  He tells her about a prostitute he got off and she comments that defending a prostitute is terrible. To her "sex is sacred."  That's why she was engaging in so much of it with complete strangers!  Then she's shocked when he tells her he's anti-gun. She has guns.  Trip asks if she "coordinates your firearms with your shoes."  They do have one thing in common, they both agree the salad "sucks."  But Bree doesn't agree with the language he uses.

Gaby dismisses with an old lady at the store, she's looking for personal shopper.  Before she hears about her rich husband, William Hammond and wants to help her now.  Gaby went into the library once for directions.  Gaby takes the cape back from the other shopper.  Renee (Vanessa Williams) plans her wedding.  Ben (Charles Mesure) receives a subpoena to appear as a witness and Renee doesn't think it can be a coincidence, re the Db found at the construction site.  He can't keep a secret about a murder and she will walk if he does.  Her first husband kept secrets and it ended their marriage.

Gaby invites Doris (Doris Roberts) to dinner and Carlos knows it's just to make money off her.  Carlos and Doris discuss philanthropy and Carlos may get money for the centre.  Not if Gaby can help it.  Lynette wants to save the discussion of Jane (Andrea Parker) and Tom's attraction to another night and Greg will make Tom work the weekend.  Lynette tells Susan Tom can help with the car, it's okay to ask for help..

At the per-trail hearing DA Stone (Christina Chang) brings up a list with the men Bree brought home from the bar. She didn't tell Trip about the list.  Bree never met Sanchez but had her print on his shirt button.  He calls Bree "a champion of conservative values."  He needs the truth, who and when.  Bree "can't talk about this with you."   Doris returns the clothes as she wants to help Carlos.  Her husband used to say "those that do well, also need to do good."  Gaby is angry over her commission, Carlos has taken her golden goose.

MJ pushes the car in the road and it's run over by a truck.  He's treated differently at school as he doesn't have a father and it will be worse at the father/son derby.  He wants his father.  Greg told Tom about Lynette and he finds it awkward.  Lynette isn't embarrassing him like he kissed Jane at the office  Penny (Darcy Rose Byrnes) asks for chocolate and in return she'll tell Lynette about Jane losing her temper cos Tom hasn't filed the divorce papers.  Ben loves Renee but if he tells her what's happened she'll get dragged into it and the secret is to protect her.  She brings up spousal privilege and once they're married he'll have to tell her.

Trip turns up at Bree's and comments she's alive cos she's not answering her phone.  He doesn't judge people, he defends them.  He knows everything but she has to tell him to his face and "own this part of your life."  Trip tells her his sexual secrets.  Bree replies men aren't embarrassed by their conquests.  He had sex at 24 and he wasn't good.  Also mentions his enlarged prostate, which E4 cut out from the afternoon showings for some reason.  Bree was in a dark, lonely place, in pain and drinking.  Bree was so drunk she forgot everything.

Gaby asks if her hotshot lawyer didn't object along the lines of "you can't handle the truth."  The worst thing for her was the look on Trip's face.  She believes in him.  Gaby says she has a crush one her lawyer.  Susan says she's smitten and Lynette mentions his dreamy blue eyes.  Bree corrects her, they're green with a hint of brown.  Yes Scott does have dreamy green coloured eyes!!  Susan adds how we fall for men who rescue us.

Gaby has done up Carlos's office so Doris doesn't give him any money.  Ben, Tom, Lee (Kevin Rahm) Bob (Tuc Watkins) help build a car for MJ.  Greg says Tom and Jane will fight when Tom has to work late and he's thinking about transferring him to the Mumbai office for a year.  Carlos said Doris thought them both nuts.  Gaby calls him a shark, it's in his nature to go after something.

Mary Alice: "It isn't easy giving up power. Admitting that we might need help from our friends and neighbours, deciding that a loved one might know what's best for us.  Giving up our better judgement for a slightly darker agenda.  But for some the hardest kind of power to give up is the power to control their own desires.  Trip invites Bree to dinner and she accepts.  As she would, well who could resist.  Bree's storyline was what made this episode interesting, especially since it sets up the finale.  Always great watching Scott in anything cos he's always so good.

 Lynette and Tom were just repeating themselves and their own history in just splitting up and really wanting each other. As was Gaby and Carlos's story, a repetition.  Gaby becoming money hungry like Carlos used to be, well she did always want money and it was kind of poetic justice that in the end, neither one of them got any of Doris's money. So much for their bickering.  The same with be and Renee and how could she have backed off without putting up more of a fight for him to open up to her, she was just repeating the same mistake in her first marriage.

Th episode title is from Stephen Sondheim musical Into The Woods, from a lyric in the song Ever After.  Maybe the title refers to 'lost the plot' as this ep had some highs and lows.

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Sunday, 25 November 2012

CSI:Miami 10.19 "Habeas Corpse" Review

The episode opens with Ryan (Jonathan Togo) regaining consciousness after what appears to be a fight.  He struggles to move.  He appears to have a flashback to everyone at the bar with Delko (Adam Rodriguez) mentioning how tough it's going to be to get the State's Attorney and Walter (Omar Miller) is also there, along with Natalia (Eva La Rue) who blames everything on Sam (Taylor Cole) she still isn't convinced that Sam is entirely innocent (and neither was I.)  Sam overhears her conversation and Natalia tells her she's said her piece.  Sam calls her a 'bitch', ooh steady on, think the shoe will be on the other foot, literally by episode's end! and leaves after Ryan does the same.  Sam warns him against going after Josh (Ryan McPartlin).  Well that was only cos she was somehow involved.

Ryan notices Josh lying on the floor but he is dead. Then pulls a small object out  of his own hand, before calling Horatio (David Caruso) for help.  At the lab, Natalia is frustrated that Ryan was only there cos of Sam and Delko processes him and notices a burn on his hand.  Ryan got that when he ran into the lamp, he says.  Then Ryan was knocked out.  Horatio notices blood trace on Ryan's jacket.  Ryan attempts to convince Horatio he didn't do it. Suppose Horatio had doubts about him, well that was rich coming from Horatio after everything he's been up to this season and last.  He was being judgemental about Ryan and the evidence wasn't even in yet.  Natalia can't bear to watch Ryan being treated in this way and mentions the one person who could testify against Sam messing with the evidence is dead and leaves.

Walter processes the CS along with ME Tom (Christian Clemenson)nwho examines the DB, Josh was hit with a bottle.  Walter also notices blood spatter on a pillar in the apartment and ME Tom tells him to string it, which he refuses, that's Calleigh's  (Emily Proctor) job.  Calleigh is having her interview with the adoption people about adopting Austin (Ty Panitz) and his sister. They ask about her work and the phone rings.  She has to get to work and asks for a reschedule.

Calleigh strings the CS and finds the blood spatter on the floor is there as the killer swung the bottle away after hitting him.  Notice in the flashback of Josh getting hit with the bottle, the assailant is shown masked and dressed in black, normally CSI:Miami used to show articles of clothing similar to what the actual killer was wearing.  Here they didn't show Sam's orange blouse.  That would have been too easy.   Horatio arrives with Ryan's jacket in an evidence bag and finds there's a void between the blood spatter on the floor, showing Ryan was lying there and was already unconscious when Josh was killed.

Ryan is cleared and joins Walter at the CS.  Walter tells him next time he wants to go rogue, he should give a brother a call for back up.  Ryan is grateful Walter had his back.  They don't find Josh's phone and Ryan calls the number, it vibrates and Walter notices it react like a transmitter.  Ryan checks the landline which is bugged.  Dave (Wes Ramsey) checks the bug and finds it belongs to them.  A CSI checked it out.  Horatio confronts Sam who tells him she planted the bug and left. She wanted to get Josh and take him down.  Horatio removes her from the case and in his anger he throws the equipment off the bench.  Horatio later has a plaster on his right wrist, probably a result of this reaction.

Ryan thinks Vogel (Malcolm McDowell) bugged his phone.  Horatio calls him and he says the bug was concealed without a warrant so he can't use the results of it, which was Josh on the phone to Vogel.  Calleigh tells Delko she thinks she'll lose the children to another couple there and he tells her not to worry, they'll choose her.  Thought they'd talk about themselves there but alas no.  Delko gets a hit on a conversation between Vogel and Josh, it's an illegal wire tap and so can't use it.  Vogel tells them Josh wasn't one of his direct clients.

Sam is frustrated too and Ryan asks her if she can tell him anything about Josh as she's been dating him for two years.  He wants to help her and believes in her.  That was just his crush talking. She recalls he had a boat she never went on and they argued over it.  Natalia and Tripp (Rex Linn) check the boat out but shots are fired before they get to it.  Natalia shoots the shooter and inside she finds drugs.  Ryan and Delko check the drugs, which is meth and their composition leads to an Eddie Coster (Jamie Harris) who was one of Vogels' clients and never convicted.

Coster is brought in and tells them he made a deal and the police took his drugs.  He doesn't have any of them so he hasn't made a profit on them.  Delko goes to the adoption agency and tells them about Calleigh and working with her for ten years.  It was actually less than ten, not forgetting he wasn't around full time in season 8 and wasn't working at Miami-Dade per se.   Ryan and Walter check the drugs in evidence and Ryan notices the bag move.  He tells Walter to check it out but he declines.  Ryan tests the drugs which don't test positive for meth.  He says it's flour, so someone replaced the drugs.  The flour has weevils in it.  Josh probably replaced the drugs.  Walter goes for the file and finds Sam checked the drugs in.

Sam goes AWOL and can't be found.  Coster has her hostage inn a car along with Vogel.  A chase ensues and Sam drives the car over the edge of the road.  She's injured, as is Vogel and she tells Ryan she broke her ankle.  He takes her shoes and finds a piece of glass wedged on the bottom.  See shoe on other foot. Analyzing the glass, it matches the bottle and also the chard he removed from his hand.  Sam was there on the night of the killing.

He visits her in hospital and tells her his findings.  She warned him to stay away and turned up when Ryan was unconscious.  She hit Josh with the bottle and left.  Ryan is angry she left him there and repeats it a few times.  Yeah she could have called it in.  As a CSI she was useless, why didn't she check her shoes and herself for any evidence and she wore the same shoes!  Not to mention she had the same clothes on.  Ryan defended her and she just left him.


Calleigh's adoption is approved and she sends a photo to Delko and calls him, again we don't see them getting back together but it's open for them to do this somewhere down the line.  She thanks him for speaking on her behalf.  He joins the others at the bar who funnily lament and joke about Ryan not having any luck with women.  ME Tom is also there, which was a nice touch since he's part of the team now.  He shows them a photo of a woman, Lulu he met online in a science chat room and they're all a bit jealous of him.  So after all that we find he has a girl and none of the others do.  Also Natalia doesn't have a man in her life either.

Natalia tells Ryan he'll do okay as he's good looking and nice and he replies he'll take her on the table right now!  Natalia suggests the Hummer and they all laugh.   So there's no longer any chemistry between the two, as you'll recall both Ryan and Delko also wanted Natalia earlier on when she arrived at the lab. Ryan says he's got hair, no offence to Tripp and they all joke.  Horatio arrives to join them for a drink and Delko won the bet saying he would turn up.  Then tells Ryan he won't be alone as they're a family, much the same thing he said about Calleigh to the adoption agency.  Horatio will have a drink if Ryan's buying.

So seems Horatio et al were left to carry on fighting crime, even after all of Horatio's indiscretions. A shame they didn't have time for Rick Stetler to turn up as the one behind this and working with Vogel to bring down the lab and Horatio.  That would have been an interesting touch.  Always wanted to see something like that.  Makes me wonder if Rick had Vogel for an attorney would he have gotten off too, ha.

So ends CSI:Miami, think they could have done better as a final episode and Calleigh hardly did anything, just strung the CS.  She was more concerned with the adoption and she wasn't in the final scene with the others.  It's amazing that Horatio would even suspect Ryan was involved especially since he's been in that position more than once and was always cleared or had an explanation for his actions.  Surely after everything Horatio has done to suspects he couldn't really think that Ryan would do something illegal.

Glad Horatio did tell Sam to leave as she was compromising the lab, that was the best thing he did all season!  Never liked Sam and always suspected she was a bit of a loose cannon.  Natalia also felt the same and her reasons for not liking her were justified in the end.  Walter didn't have much to say about her particularly since he was the one who knew her better than the others. They worked together on the nightshift.  Which seemed to have been forgotten or not alluded to.

Seems Ryan didn't get the girl after all, he should have got his bracelet back at least!

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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Merlin 5.8 "The Hollow Queen" Review

Gwen (Angel Coulby) is out with some knights and they come across a boy who she helps to 'rescue' cos apparently he's one of Morgana's lackeys. He was out looking for frogs under the full moon, which Gwen says she used to do too.  Though why was Gwen out at night again?  For someone who didn't venture out much when she became queen, it's a little strange she has places to go now and things to do.  She returns to find Arthur (Bradley James) in romantic mood and has made up the bed along with flowers sprawled across it.  No doubt it was Merlin (Colin Morgan) who had to do all the romantic gestures and the work!!  Merlin leaves.

The boy uses the key to gain access to Camelot and then returns the key above the gate where it's located.  Kind of reminded me of Hitchcock's Dial M For Murder, where the murderer came in the door and returned the the key under the stair carpet after he'd opened it.  Anyway he finds Merlin and wants him to help heal his sister who is suffering from sweating sickness.  Yeah a bit of a sweat breaking into Camelot.  Again it's obvious there is no sister and Merlin, Arthur's trusty, overworked and under appreciated servant and friend is being lured away so Gwen and Morgana can engage in some more nefarious activities.

Merlin tells him he's not a physician, only Gaius (Richard Wilson) can help, but he agrees anyway.  Merlin thinks he's a Druid and so can't refuse to help.  Arthur prepares to meet with Sarrum of Amata and to sign a peace treaty with him since he's an enemy of Morgana (Katie McGrath).  But he's peeved Merlin isn't around, he needs him to dress him you know!  Before that he can't find his comb and he and Gwen again share another scene together.  Let's see now, if we analyze this scene, before she was under Morgana's spell Gwen was hardly amorous with Arthur and now she is bewitched, she's all over him like a bad egg, ha.

Arthur asks Gaius about Merlin who makes an excuse he's collecting rare herbs.  Of course I knew the tavern line would rear its head again and Arthur assumes that's where Merlin is and Gaius is covering for him.  Gaius has to help Arthur dress and he gives him Gwen's nightdress instead of his shirt!  When Gaius said it's too small, you can just hear Merlin's voice echoing a joke about Arthur putting on weight, as in the past.

Daegal (Alfie Stewart) leads Merlin on a merry dance through the woods until he reaches Morgana and she surprises him with her magic, well poor Merlin doesn't see it coming and then pours poison down Merlin's throat.  Wanting him to slowly suffer.  Then pushes him off the ledge.  Oh would've thought Merlin would have been prepared for any ambush since he doesn't see his sister at the spot.

Sarrum (James Shrapnel) arrives and at dinner, Arthur talks of Morgana and Sarrum reveals how he caught Morgana.  So it's finally revealed that he was the one who captured her and Aithusa; keeping her captive without her resorting to 'sorcery' cos he threatened the dragon.  The dragon grew in a cramped space and it was agony for him, his cries were worse than those of Morgana, so he grew twisted.  She escaped after a momentary lapse on his part. That was a bit difficult to believe, she's a high priestess with so much power, wouldn't he have taken as many precautions as possible.  Gwen sits there listening to every word and you can just see the anger boiling in her. She excuses herself to retire early.

Then she traipses off to meet with Morgana again in another rendezvous in the dark, in another scene  reminiscent of Morgana and Morgause.  She wants Arthur to be killed by Sarrum and Gwen can persuade him to do the deed.  She can then rule over Camelot with the knights behind her (already discussed last episode) so it was unnecessary to do that again since we know Gwen already has the knights on side.  Also it's surprising that Morgana comes up with this plan again to kill Arthur when it backfired last episode.  This time round choosing to poison Merlin instead of Arthur.

Sarrum has his best swordsman fight with Arthur and he manages to beat him.  With Gwen watching.  Gwen then approaches Sarrum with the proposition of killing Arthur for her and she will give him a third of Camelot.  Sarrum sees this as an opportunity to take over Camelot for himself with Arthur dead, since the servant girl is no powerful queen.  Daegal returns to help Merlin who can't move and asks Merlin what he can do to help.  Merlin mentions herbs to form a tincture which he drinks.

Gaius is worried about Merlin and conveys this to Gwen, she thinks he's fine and they can't send out a search party since Sarrum is dangerous and everyone is needed here.  This time round Gwen helps Arthur dress probably cos she thinks this time will be the end of him for good.  Gaius once again expresses his worry for Merlin and this time Gwen makes up a story about him going to see a girl, which is news to Arthur, he's more concerned about the girl than Merlin.  Merlin must get to Arthur as he manages to convince Daegal to tell him Morgana's plans.  She paid him, he has no sister but his mother had magic just like Merlin and Uther had her killed.

Merlin arrives at Camelot as Arthur and Sarrum are about to sign the treaty and finds one of the doors ajar, which isn't meant to be.  Upstairs he finds the assassin, Albin (Matthew Clancy) reminded me of Jason Statham! with a crossbow and finally manages to defeat him with magic.  The crossbow hits not only the assassin but the weapon is fired and hits Sarrum too.   So much for his plans of conquest.  Just as well really, Arthur couldn't really trust someone who was willing to stab him in the back,no pun.  Daegal is also fatally injured in the crossfire and Merlin doesn't or can't use his magic to save him, again, so what's the point of it.  Of course he had to die, which is what I said since he knew Merlin has magic.  Can't have too many people running around with this knowledge.

Arthur is grateful to Daegal and ensures he has a proper burial.  Also he asks Merlin about his girl which has Gwen face pulling, again confirming to Merlin that she's not herself.  Merlin tells Gaius they have to act and make sure they out Gwen.  Hopefully this will happen next episode as this is being dragged out now, just as the case with Morgana when Merlin and Gaius couldn't tell Arthur about her.  Seems like he will tell Arthur about Gwen.

Though Merlin looks as if he's about to shed a tear for Daegal when he dies, asking if he did good, this doesn't happen.  He's more concerned about Arthur and Gwen.  Once again though he tells Daegal he hopes Arthur will one day allow magic to return to the land and this time we don't get any such scenes between Arthur and Merlin.  Instead the focus is more on Gwen and how Morgana has her eating out of her hand still.  The knights didn't have any lines this week, apart from Leon (Rupert Young) and were just meant to stand around and look pretty in their cloaks!

Arthur in a shirtless scene, but not to detract from the main plot that he is now a statesman as Gaius observes. He has to deal with a despot like Sarrum who Gaius also reminds him not only kills men but also tortures women and children.  (Hint there that Morgana is a woman, as well as high priestess who also suffered at his hands.  But no sympathy from us though.) With Morgana wanting Merlin out of the way to get to Arthur, does this mean Gwen knows Merlin has powers too?  If so, she may forget when Morgana's magic spell is reversed or removed, if she's not to know about his magic yet.

Gwen with another smirk when she watches Arthur get beaten, kind of and says to Sarrum, ""I'd be happy if he died tomorrow..."  Yeah that'll happen.  As Morgana bungles one hit on Arthur after another!  Oh the looks passed between Gwen and Merlin, 'if looks could kill.' (Morgana hasn't come up with that one yet) as Gwen thinks she's gotten away with her plotting as she knows Merlin can't say anything to Arthur.

Arthur demanding,"I want Merlin back" cos Gwen does such a rotten job of dressing him, ha.  Morgana not only wanted Merlin to suffer in agony but also Sarrum who inflicted the same on her.  Well if you want something done do it yourself, no wait, Morgana's not capable of that either!  So wonder how Gwen broke the news to Morgana about her plan going awry yet again!  So all the action took place on the balcony but Sarrum and Gwen were the only ones who knew what was happening, didn't catch anyone else's attention then!  Also how did Arthur find out about Sarrum holding Morgana captive as no one else seems to know this?

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Friday, 23 November 2012

The Mentalist 5.4 "Blood Feud" Review

Rigsby (Owain Yeoman) is arrested for a crime and viewers don't get to see what that's for until kind of flashback moments throughout.  He's arrested in front of his son Ben, but one of the agents says they shouldn't handcuff him in front of his son. He then has to answer to La Roche (Pruitt TaylorVince) who is back.  Rigsby's father, Steven (William Forsythe) appears again when he's found shot at a CS at Carson Springs California.  Following the death of a man who had associations with a drug family.

Rigsby and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) are at the hospital and Rigsby must question what his father did, calling him 'dad.'  Though Steven never calls his son by name, only, 'son.'  Yet through all their problems, Rigsby is genuinely concerned about his father's health.  Steven however is more interested in the gender of his grandchild and Rigsby tells him he's a boy.  Then asks if Lisbon is the mother, calling her pretty.  That was a funny moment and also rather  touching in that Rigsby wouldn't have relationship with Lisbon, not only as she's his boss, that agents can't date fellow agents, but that he's already gone down that route before with Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti).  He replies she's his boss.  Lisbon persists in her questioning even if Steven continues to evade the subject, even by being crude at one point, where Rigsby has to stop him.  Lisbon tells Rigsby to go home and spend time with Ben.

Lisbon and Patrick (Simon Baker) question Samantha (Daisy Eagen) Andy's business partner and Patrick determines she's holding something back as she didn't react when they told him Andy was involved with criminal Steven.  She replies she doesn't want to be involved.  Andy's father was an Overton and they have been feuding with the Lo Ryders, another gang.  Alluding to Rigsby and how his mother raised him and he became a good guy rather than following in his father's footsteps which is what many children do.

Rigsby tells La Riche Lisbon didn't want him on the case and was told to be cautious.  Cue Rigsby at the diner with Steven as he waits for his girlfriend.  Rigsby comments how Steven isn't going after his shooter cos he doesn't know who he is, if he did he would be doing exactly that.  A bit like Rigsby himself cos he too will think that way, when everyone suspects he will be gunning for revenge.  Steven tells them someone wanted to burn down the barbershop and then asks to see photos of his grandson.  As for the mother, Rigsby replies, "we're split up...the team was working a case, I faked my own death, she got mad, it's complicated."  Steven then keels over and Rigsby tells him to fight, but he dies.

The team express their sympathy, especially Van Pelt and Cho (Tim Kang) goes after him to tell him not to do it. He won't want Ben growing up with his father in jail. Patrick gets out of the lift and tells him the same.   Rigsby's motivation for finding his killer: cos his father would have done the same and killed him for it.  Thus he does believe his father had some feelings for him as a son if he could resort to such measures, him being a criminal aside.

Anyhow, the team pays a visit to Sue Overton (Jeanetta Arnette) and she's reluctant that she was dealing drugs and spits on her own rug.  She runs a dry cleaning business and Patrick comments she can clean her rug.  Then they visit Beltran (Michael Irby) the Lo Ryders leader who tells them she had a gang member killed.  Patrick devises a plan to get both of them talking.  Van Pelt is sent to the gym where she meets with Moss (Max Martini) who is very helpful to her.  He trains former gang members and keeps them out of trouble.  Of course it was immediately apparent he was a suspect and more involved in this, being too nice to Van Pelt for starters.  Anyway, Patrick's plan is to set up this meeting and Moss will be a kind of neutral referee, so to speak.  Overton and Beltran realize he was the one behind the killings so that the gang war would erupt again between the two sides.

Rigsby is also present and he gives chase to Moss, finally catching him up and shooting him.  Which was apparent otherwise he wouldn't be in front of La Roche now.  Patrick now perched in Lisbon's office tells her she's got too much paperwork one her hands.  La Roche frees Rigsby and enters Lisbon's office to tell her Rigsby acted "appropriately and with good judgement."  Then turns to Patrick, "you got away with it."  Patrick had the chance to set up the meeting at a remote place, Moss escaped and Rigsby was there.  Lisbon interjects that he shot at Rigsby first.

Patrick says he's flattered but he can't take the credit.  Yet he did have this cunning plan up his sleeve.  Even if Lisbon tries to unwittingly defend Patrick.  Seems La Roche has gotten to know our Patrick and his games.  Patrick feels "it's better to regret something you did do than something you didn't do."  Oh so sheepish Patrick.  He of course would say that, especially since a few seasons back he told Lisbon he was going to kill Red John and to make him suffer, when she told him he has to bring him in, she will bring him in and he'll have to go through her, cos she'll stop him.  Here he's given Rigsby the revenge Patrick so desperately wants against Red John. An opportunity to avenge his father's killing.  Also Lisbon was right as well, Moss didn't have to run.

Patrick also admits he called Rigsby and Lisbon didn't.  La Roche tells Lisbon her instincts in protecting her team are flawed and I love Patrick's reply here, "Well we all have our flaws here, don't we Agent LaRoche." Referring to the secret Patrick knows about him from Strawberries and Cream.

The scene where Patrick tries to get a slap from Beltran when he does the same to one of his gang, was included by Simon and wasn't written into the script by Jordan Harper.  Rigsby clearly was in some sort of agony after the shooting but it was self defence on his part, not his fault Cho was a little slow in giving chase and it's not in Rigsby's character or nature to take out hardened revenge like that.  Especially since Moss was also begging for a shoot out with his line of not being able to move.  Again it's in contrast to Patrick who is still gunning for revenge for Red John and feels he's helped Rigsby achieve that same goal too for his father.  Even if that's not what his real purpose was.  Moss was after all a ruthless killer and had his plan worked would have led to several more deaths and murders.  It appears in that sense Steven is more alike to Patrick with their sense of doing what's right for family and exacting revenge.

It was a revelation that Rigsby's girlfriend has left him especially after convincing him she was so in love with him and having the baby.  Again I have to ask, my cynical nature, is he really Rigsby's.  Of course once again it leaves the road open for him and Van Pelt to have some sort of a possible relationship, or not.  They clearly still have feelings for one another.

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Scandal 1.5 "Crash and Burn" Review

The episode where it all crashes and burns.  The gang arrive at Amanda's (Liza Weil) apartment to find she's gone.  Quinn (Katie Lowes) thinks she just left but Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tells her the trash is gone so she's been taken.  They are also being watched a government car.  Olivia (Kerry Washington) asks for help from ASA David Rosen (Joshua Malina) but he can't help her.  Their next case leads them to the field and a plane crash, it's a wonder Quinn managed to make it down with her heels.
Gideon (Brendan Hines) tells Quinn he no longer has a story cos Amanda's missing, her father filed a missing person's report.  Gideon comes and goes so freely now at Pope and Assocs.

The press guy has already allowed the airline to go first at the  press conference where the airline blames the pilot.  They have a meeting with the NTSB who tells them anything they hear they can't record, and any notes them make they can't take out with them and they hear the final conversations.  Everyone makes notes except for Harrison (Columbus Short) who listens with his eyes closed, thought he was recording on his phone.  When later he tells them he has a good ear as he hears the pilot trying to push the rudder down.

Huck examines some CCTV footage from near the apartment and freezes it on someone he knows, someone he used to work with at the Agency.  He later meets with him and he laughs at his name being Huck as in Huck Finn.  He's called Charlie (George Newbern) now and they talk about the past and he was seen on the road near the apartment.  He's Charlie as in Manson.  From this meeting, Huck concludes that Amanda is dead and lets the others know.  Olivia tells the agent in the car across the street she knows what the President (Tony Goldwyn) did and he relays this to him.

At the office, they try to determine if it is pilot error and if the female pilot could have frozen but are stopped by the arrival of her husband, Andrew (Darren Pettie) who corrects them, she couldn't have frozen.  She was sober for twenty years and also a war hero.  Which makes it into the news, about how the pilots had been drinking and the waitress at the bar Abby (Darby Stanchfield) interviews tells her the pilot had been drinking.  One of the stewardesses, Lisa (Leslie Grossman) didn't turn up for work and she tells Abby it was cos her birthday party and the pilot was only there cos of that, but she didn't drink.  Olivia talks at the press conference saying they have a witness to this effect and gives some personal background on her.

The President also gives a press conference on how one of the Vis on the plane, a senator who was sanctioning the bill for illegal immigrants to have an education was a great person.  Their main job now as Cyrus (Jeff Perry)tells him is to ensure the D.R.E.A.M Act passes.   So the President calls people, getting them on side, and it finally comes down to a tie.  He has to call upon the Vice President, Sally Langston (Kate Burton) the right wing, church-going female who has ambitions of becoming president herself one day.  She's against the Act but he talks her round after telling her every Vic President who ran for President had the backing of the President.  He claims he's back.

The Pres calls Olivia on the private line and informs her it wasn't him who killed Amanda, she knows him and it wasn't him.  She replies "murder is murde" and thinks it was Cyrus cos he let him off his leash.  He wants to see her face to face, "Livvie..." but she's not falling for that one.  Then again Mellie (Bellamy Young) is really shifty, calling the Secret Service Agents over and asking if they'd take a bullet for him.  She definitely knows more than she's letting on and I have a sneaky suspicion she is involved...Amanda's father hank (Grahan Beckel) shows up and Quinn promises they'll do what they can to find her.  Olivia riles her, they do not make promises, especially when Amanda is dead.  Only they can't tell her father as they don't have her body.  Oh and where exactly was Quinn when Huck told the others?  Sneaking off somewhere herself.  She's a bit of a dark horse, also why is she in the show anyway?

The President tells Cyrus about Amanda and he's quite thrilled at the news, he's sad at the deaths in the planecrash and at US troops being killed, but not at that news.  Olivia asks Huck to revisit his past and find Amanda's body.  Thus he engages he what the CIA taught him to do, torture Charlie until he gives up the info.   Huck was also tortured by the CIA when he lost the plot and he was homeless when Olivia found him, so he owes her.  They find her body in the river and it's being ruled a suicide.  Rosen wants to know what Olivia knows about the murder.

Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) finds the mechanic's reports were forged as there's two reports from different destinations which have the same spelling mistake of the word "controll."  would you trust a mechanic who can't spell to carry out inspections on your plane?  Harrison finds the woman who was in charge of filing the reports though it more important to be at her daughter's piano recital and so she copied the same report twice.  Olivia uses this for the airline to accept responsibility.

Cyrus tells the President they have a blackmail letter and finally admits it wasn't Olivia behind it.  Showing him a video of Nixon's resignation.  The President makes a deal with his Secret Service security detail and leaves the Whitehouse to visit Olivia, who else! Who is on the phone with Stephen telling her Amanda wasn't having his baby.  Thus leaving the way clear for them to get down and dirty next ep?!

Abby still watching Stephen longingly, well she was and Stephen resorting to using his "tools" to get what he needs, throwing his engagement out the window!

Quinn shows up at Gideon's place in tears and he's made grill cheese, bless him cos that's all he can manage and it's comfort food.  Don't trust that Quinn.  Now we have the lowdown on most everyone except her.  She tends to disappear and appear quite a bit and not to mention also has this thing about her where she can play the 'innocent' but she doesn't quite appear to be so wholesome!  Again reminds me of the lying Harrison mentioned last ep.  Quinn was quick to jump to the conclusion that Amanda ran away, why was that?  She was so desperately trying to be her friend and not just cos Olivia asked her to keep an eye on her and here she comes up with and running off, without even telling her of all people.  It was like Quinn was trying to cover her tracks.

Speaking of Gideon, nothing on that photo he took a copy of last episode, what's happening with that, so really sorry but you were just eye candy this week Gideon!  Oh and that apron.


This episode didn't quite live up to the excitement and fast pace of the one before but actually gave a chance for the President to show us what he does when he's not brooding over a lost Olivia.  She tells him she no longer has her gut when it comes to whether he had Amanda murdered or not.  She also told David Rosen "the white hat looks good on you," when he tries to delve for details from her.

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