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Ghosts of Shepherdstown 2.2 "We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes"

Leading on from last week, the team now head towards Sharpsburg, another town situated near the Potomac in a bid to help Nina who has been plagued by a negative entity and a Native American woman appearing to her, outside her window and in her dreams.  Chief Mike King catches up to the three as Nick asks if they've got a broken tail light.  Actually they've heard about the activity through the scanner and were heading there.  With Elizabeth asking if Nina's home is near the river.

Sharpsburg is another town severely affected by the Civil War where a bloody battle took place, where the river also turned red from the blood and the limbs were just thrown out of the window onto the street.  As well as every house being used as a hospital as the Union Army bombarded the Confederates with artillery fire.  Nina tells how her ex-husband, John, found a bullet in the ground of their yard and the paranormal team helping out took it in order to help ease the activity, which didn't work.

Nina tells of how she's been affected and how the activity eventually led to her relationship breaking down and to her divorce.  As well as anyone who entered the basement suffering from 'manic'-like episodes almost and have broken their lease with her.  Elizabeth is immediately affected by the basement and suffers from some form of "mania" as she describes it.  Nick and Bill run a baseline sweep of the basement using their equipment and don't find any activity on the Mel Meter.  With Bill adding how the toilet isn't haunted.  And Nick replying he'll use it later.  We all know Nick's track record with spirits and toilets!

Elizabeth sweeps the upstairs and finds the Mel Meter activates via the antenna in exactly the same spot where the Native American woman appeared to Nina.  In her bedroom, the Meter doesn't stop going off and goes crazy.  The same thing happens to the one that Bill places on her bed too.
Elizabeth leaves her ComSphere gadget in the basement so that if it activates they will return here. Nick and Elizabeth speak with John who confirms everything happening at the house and how their son doesn't want to inherit it.  Whilst Bill speaks with Dana and Ronnie who shows them the bullet. Bill swapping bullet samples for Ronnie to look at which had all been fired and mushroomed, showing that the bullet hasn't been fired thus there wouldn't be any residual energy associated with it causing the activity and the bite mark shows it was given to someone to bite on to ease their pain. Thus the term, "bite the bullet."  The EVP was haunted screams of the woman in such agony.  At the house in the basement there have also been symbols on the wall and Elizabeth notices the infinity symbols when she takes photos.

Lorie tells them about a Native American woman who was murdered here and she appears to be protecting Nina from the negative entity in the basement.  Where there's the presence of a portal.  The ComSphere goes off later and they return to t he house where Elizabeth finds that the wire from inside the ComShere has been pulled out, which is impossible to do without actually getting into it.

The light that Elizabeth mentions being on in the basement room with the laser is what I saw on the wall too, it's on and then it goes off when the producer enters the room.  You can see the light on the wall.
Was the shuffling coming from the same toilet area that displayed no activity earlier on.  Nick uses the Geoport and gets some amazing voices!
33.12 "...I hate it..." after it says it's in the basement.
33.18 the woman faintly says, "I'm here..."

Infinity symbols and crescent moon on the wall.  Was it just me or when the Geoport died, didn't that sound like an eerie gunshot!  IT was such a loud bang!
34.49 "no leave," sounds like the male voice says this or "no need." ??  When Nick asks where the female spirit is.

Bill using the dowsing rods finds the portal/vortex and Elizabeth tries to close it.  When the sage burns out the portal should've closed.  And that's when the laser went off.  Reed and Melody Oglala Sioux Spiritualists conduct a Native American ritual to enable the woman to find peace.  With Elizabeth giving her handmade moccasins so she can walk easier after having the soles of her feet removed after she was killed.

Whether the portal has been closed and the activity ceases remains to be seen, since it can start up again at any time, until as Nick says they work out how the portal opened up; but it was good seeing them try to help Nina and the Native American woman find some sort of peace and closure.  Once again stepping in to help the resident as much as possible.  Agree with Elizabeth about more activity taking place in the basement  as in 2.1 whether this is a coincidence or related remains to be seen. Also was great to see Elizabeth conducting the sage ritual in the basement too as we haven't seen her use her skills before in this way.  Again each of them bringing their own individual and unique talents to the investigation.

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