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Longmire 1.10 "Unfinished Business" Review

Lizzie (Katherine La Nasa) makes tea for Walt (Robert Taylor) as he's lying on the couch and he stops her from doing so since the tea box actually contains his wife's ashes and not actually tea.  He prefers coffee instead and it tastes better.  So this was another scene cut from Channel Five's early evening showing, really, don't know why they bothered showing it at all at this time.  It's just ridiculous.  Not only that but all but one of the flashback scenes were also chopped out and a pretty amateurish attempt at putting together this ep. Just so glad it was shown late night on Five USA first time round and that it's available on DVD too!!

As Vic (Katee Sackhoff) drives up waiting for Ferg (Adam Bartley) to bring down Walt's Bronco, she sees that he 'spent' the night with Lizzie and he tried his best to get Vic to leave cos it's just not the sort of thing the boss would want to share with his staff!  Even if it felt like being back at high school, without the sex. She admires the beautiful scenery and asks if he owns it all.  But Walt doesn't reply.  She then notices the SUV and asks who it belongs to, Walt replying he rented it.  Which is a shock cos she can't picture him driving something like that.  But that doesn't stop her from putting two and two together, especially as Lizzie asks them about coffee, as Ferg drives up.  If looks could kill, hey Vic?  Ha.   Of course he can't help but stare too and the thoughts that the two of them were thinking at that time, would've been fun to have been in their heads, ha.

Walt suggests they think twice about talking.  The phone rings, so cliched, saved by the bell comes to mind and Walt's wife's voice is on the answering machine.  There's been a murder and Branch (Bailey Chase) can't find anyone to call.  A DB is found in a chair with an arrow through him and a symbol marked on his head, which Vic says is written with a Sharpie so that isn't coming off.  Walt doesn't want ID as he knows who the DB belongs to.  Flashback to a trial and how four teens are found not guilty of raping a Cheyenne girl.  Walt looks so horrified.

Vic is lost again as once again she's meant to be asking questions on our behalf so we also know what happened, but she doesn't get any response from him.  Instead, Walt sends Branch to break the news to Greg's family.  They wouldn't want to see Walt especially since he was the one who arrested the boys and wanted to see justice done.  Which is his job, so I don't know why Branch was so dismissive about his not going there.  Branch knows there's a connection since the murder weapon is a bow and arrow but Walt doesn't want any jumping to conclusions.

Walt heads to the Rez and to Ayasha's (Q'orianka Kilcher) home, the girl who was attacked.  She's a little slow and Walt wants to speak to Viho's (Jeremy Ray Valdez) grandmother too.  Viho thinks Walt suspects him of the murder as he doesn't feel sorry for what happened and comments on 'one down, three to go.' Walt doesn't consider him a suspect as he's investigating.  Ferg explains what happened to Vic and she wonders if Walt could have messed up since Ferg tells her his wife was having chemo at the time.  But he wouldn't have messed up cos he's far too professional to have let such a case slide out of court.  The four boys were from rich families and so they had good a lawyer, yet that doesn't exactly the case, since later on, Rich's father is angry over how the other families just lived through it and strut around town, whilst his son is broken.  Vic realizes Ayasha was an unreliable witness.

Vic uses the string to predict where the bow was fired and finds it was nearby a tree where a gum wrapper is also found.  Well that was a silly thing to do.  Not that the wrapper was followed up on.  As Walt pulls up into town, a man asks him where all the black people are?  But he's just joking, though sure a lot of people have asked that question.  He's Det Fales (Charles S Dutton) from Denver PD and he needs to talk with Walt as he hasn't been answering his calls.  He wants to talk with him tomorrow as he tells him they found the man who killed his wife.  Now he was going for a reaction from Walt, but of course he didn't get one. He doesn't even ask for details there and then, which of course adds to more suspicion on the part of Fales.

Walt leaves a message for Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) using Vic's phone warning him of Fales.  He talks with Omar (Louis Herthum) who is also an archery expert (being a weapon's expert) and calls her Vicki, for the first and last time she adds.  Saying the bow was a compound bow and even she can use it, which she does, again with a sexist comment that even girl could make the shot.  Making sure that no one is ruled out as a suspect.  Branch shows Walt photos of Greg's car being vandalized and the same symbol being painted onto his car.   Branch is adamant they should bring in Viho but Walt isn't going along with it.  Walt informs Jake's parents that Greg has been killed and he asks why Greg would have been there.  Jake (David Lambert) replying that's where parties take place.  Jake appeared to be the ring leader since no one did anything without him.  Walt then talks with Rich (Aaron Christian Howles) and his father, Warren (Michael McGrady) but he doesn't have any leads.  Paul's father is also angry that they might be attacked by the Indians and he didn't report his son's car being spray painted too, as he didn't think Walt would do anything.

Walt throws darts at the Red Pony and asks Henry for his opinion on Fales.  Henry wondersiof it was the right man they found, but Walt didn't ask and is reprimanded by Henry since that's what a 'normal' person would do, well Walt's not really normal in that sense.  He has to stop worrying and also talk with Cady (Cassidy Freeman) too as she told him what's happening.  Changing the subject, Walt says he may need to arrest Viho but he's only got circumstantial evidence, in which case, replies Henry, Fales can arrest Walt too.

Walt drives over to the Rez, but Branch appears to be high tailing it over there first.  Walt tries to catch up to him and tells him to pull over, which he eventually does.  If Walt had done his job properly then the boys would have been arrested and they wouldn't be dealing with this now.  Says the expert!  They're out it the middle of nowhere and so they can have it out, man to man, as Walt challenges Branch to knock him down  first time and he can have his job.  Walt ducks back and Branch misses, as Walt gets a punch in.  As he reaches to give Branch a helping hand, adding experience can't be brought, he throws his arm up and goes for Walt.  Playing dirty as usual. Vic arrives to break up this, erm, bar brawl, teen fight, telling them she should arrest them for "public stupidity."

Branch says he found out that a compound bow and arrows were stolen from a store and Vic says another boy's been killed.  I liked how Walt was probably glad Branch went for him cos then he could take out his anger over Cady too since he was bottling that up.  But one thing, didn't they think more of the boys would be targets if the motive behind the killings was the rape.

At the CS, Rich says it could have been him who was killed, since Paul (Bryan Head) texted him to meet him but he didn't go.  Walt wants Branch to question Jake and find out why he wasn't there, as Branch says they can't be tried for rape again, Walt having to explain that a civil suit could be filed instead (groan, Branch you were dating Cady, a lawyer).  He's still insistent on Viho being arrested.  Thus Walt must do this as he and Vic walk through an angry crowd.  Viho comments on there being an up-coming election and so he would be happy if he could arrest an Indian for murder.  Walt wants him to convince him otherwise.  He reveals Ayasha is pregnant as she has twisted ideas about sex since the attack.   Branch finds out Jake's parents wouldn't let him out of the house and Henry tells Viho not to talk without a lawyer.  Walt tells him about the owl symbol, the messenger of death for the Cheyenne.

At the high school, there's a fight as Faith (Jeni Reed) is attacked and she used to be Rich's girlfriend.  She's new and didn't know about the rape.  She was teaching Rich how to shoot the bow and he hasn't returned it to her.  Rich denies using the bow and Vic shows him two phonebooks with arrow holes.  Lizzie pays Walt a visit and has brought him a little something, which Vic resents.  Of course she's jealous.  She tells her he's with a murder suspect and she'll pass on the gift.  Vic asking her what her intentions are.  Lizzie asks if she should be worried  and what Vic's intentions are; since Vic doesn't wear a ring when she tells her she's married and it would be dangerous to do so, as she could hit someone with it.  Also Lizzie informs her that her ex didn't wear one either but he's not a policeman.  After she leaves, Vic drops the gift into the drawer and slams it shut withe her boot.

Rich blames Walt for their treatment since he called them rapists in court and that's how everyone sees them. Well if the shoe fits.  It's Viho who's killing them but Walt knows it's Rich.  Just then Warren shoots an arrow through Jake's window and his father shoots him.  Warren pretends to cover for Rich cos his son tried to kill himself and it was Jake who made him do it.  He read Rich's e-mails and knew they were meeting at the basin.  He killed Greg and then drew the symbol.

As Walt drives home, Cady waits for him, she's been crying and is still in tears, as Walt calls out to her, "hey Punk."  She's not in the mood, telling him about Fales coming to her house and telling her that her mother was murdered. She loses it and demands to know why he didn't tell her.  It's been a year of lies.  He wanted to tell her but couldn't.  She screams cos he can't talk about anything.  Well he is a man of few words.  Her mother made him promise not to tell her.  She wanted to be remembered as a wife and mother and not as a murder Vic.  "Death is hard but murder just doesn't create sadness.  It destroys people."  He sees it all the time.  He wanted to protect her from the pain cos he's her father and it's his job.  Cady retorts and throw back into his face what he said last ep about "relieving him of that burden."  He stands in front of her truck and then says twice, "you'll never relieve me of that burden..."

Jake is kidnapped and Walt takes paper and pencil and gets Warren to draw the symbol but he can't cos he didn't draw it to begin with.  It's Rich, as was obvious all along, I mean why else would he attempt suicide if he didn't fell guilt, even if he was made to do it.  He can understand a father wanting to protect his child. Walt heads to the place where they hung out and Jake is tied to a tree.  The flashback to Ayasha getting attacked was also cut, as she creams for them to stop.  Walt gets Rich to put down the bow since if he was forced to do it, then he can arrest Jake for kidnapping and he'll go to jail.  As he unties Jake, Rich pulls out a gun and holds it to his head.  Walt shoots him in the shoulder and won't let him die cos then he can't testify against  Jake.

The local paper carries a photo of Walt with the headlines of him solving the murders.  Which Branch throws into the bin, as he sits outside Jacob Nighthorse's office.  So was he asking him for a donation or maybe to help him win Walt.  Vic plays with the ring and finally places it on her finger.  Walt meets with Fales and he's ordered Walt a Rainier cos he drinks that.  Henry watches them both from the bar.  He tells Walt about harassing the detective to find his wife's killer everyday for a month and suddenly stopped. Then he didn't tell Cady about the stabbing.  Walt asks about the killer.  He was in his '30's, a methhead and he was found with a knife which had his wife's DNA on it.  But he's dead, in a shallow grave, with a broken neck.   Fales question is whether Walt drove down to Denver, track him down and kill the man who stabbed his wife. Walt stares at him, then we get to see his mouth as he flatly replies, "no."

Of course  it's okay for everyone who's seen season 2 which I'll be doing on DVD, so you know what's happened; but everything, all the flashbacks have led down to this season finale and the final moments that we'd all been thinking anyway, did he kill his wife's killer?  If he did, it was justified and I say that loosely in the sense that he wouldn't have out and out just stabbed him seeking retribution and letting him have it in the same way the killer killed his wife.  However, there is still a lot to explore in this plot an clearly neither Walt nor Henry were going to reveal anything it the season finale.

It was fun watching Walt turn to Henry as more of a layman and not a sheriff in asking for his input, with Henry telling him why he'd look so suspicious to Fales, but of course that amounts to nothing since the subject is conveniently changed with Ruby's phonecall.  Also later Henry says he didn't tell Fales anything, the question being, did Fales even question Henry since he doesn't know he was also in Denver.

Branch is a bit of a dark horse too in terms of goading Walt to arrest Viho, course it's nothing to do with his being Indian, no, it's just he was a murder suspect.  No Mathias this ep, to at least try and stop Viho from being taken, think someone may have thought that old hat.  Even if Walt has to do what he didn't want to and satisfy Branch in terms of having to arrest Viho just cos a bow and arrows were stolen, more out of necessity.  He said it was all circumstantial and I for one wouldn't want to live in a town with a sheriff who based his arrests on circumstantial evidence and 'jumping to conclusions' as Walt put it, unless I had a law degree of course! Ha.

But the best scene or three scenes in this had to be the big showdown between Walt and Branch, they could've sold tickets for that and funded their campaigns, respectively, ha.  That was brewing on the horizon for a long time, since the start of the season no doubt.  Naturally Branch wouldn't be able to resist Walt's challenge of taking him down a peg or two and getting his job, but did he really think he'd get the better of Walt so easily.  The second scene was Walt and Cady.  There he was thinking she's down on him cos of Branch when it's actually much more closer to home.  He's lied to her about her mother but he was following her wishes.  That's little comfort though when faced with such news and it came from a stranger, instead of her own father.  Loved her taking his line of relieving him of the burden as it was just so appropriate and since not two minutes ago he's told her she's got his blood.  So she'll act like him.

The third scene was Vic and her conversation with Lizzie, she's so peeved at her, putting it mildly and cos of her 'G rated' comment, but looks like Vic is just downright jealous.  Anyway I really don't want to see them go down that route of getting her and Walt together cos I love the dynamic between then as is.

Charles S Dutton has been in many shows and films, but the one I recall him in particularly is Without A Trace.  He was looking for his missing son who was abducted from a camping trip and how hounded Jack like a parent wound.  I just thought it funny he would play a Denver detective who seems to be on Walt's trail now and hounding him about his wife's murder.  Also wondering why Walt has his wife's ashes in a tea tin?  Yeah that's just me thinking aloud, ha.

Now what to do, read the books, watch Season 2 DVDs or...Oh one thing I have to say is reading through some reviews of the show, after I write my reviews, I sometimes have a read though, in most of them I came across nothing but negativity, wondering why the reviewer even bothered, it just read like it being a constant chore in having to review the show and probably wouldn't have bothered with it unless they were being paid to write.  At any rate, why can't people just watch and accept it for what it is, okay there were parts in there, certain characters etc that I didn't like but I didn't go off on them like they're just there to be hated or vented at.  Cos at the end of the day, all you have to do is not watch, though that's still a little too much to ask from some people, it's like they don't like it, have to watch it or can't resist and still be critical!

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The Vampire Diaries 5.22 "Home" Review

SO this was the finale and there some things we saw coming and others that we didn't.  So professor Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) comes up with a plan to get rid of the Travellers once and for all, and prevent the other side from imploding; as Enzo (Michael Malarkey) finds someone who can do the spell from the other side.  That was a bit of a surprise I must admit cos for once I didn't see that coming.  But as far as plans go, I've said it once and I'll say it again, plans in this show always go awry!

Caroline (Candice Accola) takes Stefan (Paul Wesley) home and Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon come in to see him lying there.  Damon is upset but Elena didn't react at all, for some reason.  Stefan watches them from the other side and there's a gust of wind as Stefan is almost swept away but luckily Lexi (Arielle Kebbel) helps him.  Always been there for him and now she isn't exactly going to desert him on the other side.  They get to the bar and ask if this is where a history teacher would spend all his time, referring of course to Alaric! (Matt Davis) Damon rushes to Bonnie (Kat Graham) and breaks stuff, as is his normal behaviour, but Enzo shows up and needs a witch.  Oh and Lexi mentions Caroline to Stefan and how she has feelings or him, which Stefan just shrugs off.  Now is not the time to bring that up!

Markos (Raffi Barsoumian) takes Tyler (Michael Trevino) and uses him to send a signal to the sheriff (Marguerite MacIntyre) who has evacuated the town and he also has the Mystic Falls sign shifted to where the magic spell continued and stopped.  She's horrified when he tells her that he will cross the line and become like he was and then die, which is exactly what happens. So he finds Bonnie and has to pass through just as she and Enzo drum up their plan to get everyone back.  Also promising Tyler that she'll get him back too, Enzo adding that's just another one they have to add to the ever growing list.   The sheriff provides Damon with info and he gets Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) to help him out.  They show him the map of where the spell reaches and Caroline tells them they can't see the map via the phone. Jeremy and Matt will find the gasline into the town and will open the valve whilst Damon will be the human torch, okay, I use human loosely! Ha.  This almost certainly spells impending doom for him, but it's fine as we're led to believe cos the spell will work and they'll get them back.

Liv (Penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu) refuse to help until Elena and Caroline stop their car and demand it but they can't cos the death of a doppelganger, Stefan, stopped the spell in it's tracks but their coven will kill them if they help.  Caroline puts this to rights by killing Luke.  Didn't see that coming did they. Anyway, Enzo brings along Silas, he wants to teach Bonnie the spell so he can be brought back too, making reference to how he'll reek some havoc in the world.  Matt isn't too happy about blowing up the grill, but he remarks on how it's the only place that offered them jobs, ha.  The sheriff has lured the Travellers there on he basis of keeping the peace and no one's listening to her ground rules though she did entice them there with free booze!  Markos wonders whys he hasn't left town with the others and she mentions being the captain of a sinking ship.

Damon and Elena have more alone time and confess their love once again, how she's the only one for him and he admits he's going to trigger the explosion.  She doesn't want him to do it, selfish.  It's his choice and she must respect it, but he'll be back.  Enzo is by the cemetery as Bonnie knows the spell now and there's that wind again.  He begins to get swept away but Bonnie reaches him and she holds her hand out for Silas too but then let's go at the last minute, "bygones."  She's not going to let him come through again and cause more trouble.  They have enough of that already.

Oh if Caroline ever catches up with those witches again!!  There'll be hell to pay. Stefan too.  Luke had the audacity to egg on Liv when he wants to get back as she begins the spell.  Matt and Jeremy open the gas valve and the sheriff gets calls which Markos asks about.  She tells him she smells gas and at the last minute, she takes him to look for the leak and hits him then texts Damon.  Only he gets her too and stops her from leaving.  Damon sits on his car, drinking his final drop of booze and gets into the car. At the last minute Elena jumps in too.  She's going with him too and he tells her she's going to relive her death and it'll be too painful for her.   He drives fast so they can still be vampires and crashes the car as everything goes up in flames with the explosion.

Bonnie waits for Grams (Jasmine Guy) and she turns up but she's not going to cross through.  She knows that Bonnie won't make it but she's proud of her.  She's found her peace here cos he knows that Bonnie has too and it seems like Grams maybe the anchor.  So they say their farewells all over again.  The Travellers pass through Bonnie and Markos knows he'll be able to pass through her again and get out.  Elena can't find Damon and is distraught.  Alaric finds her and tells her to go as Jeremy needs her, he'll bring Damon.  He finds Damon as he tries to help free the sheriff from the collapsed building.

The spell is taking its toll on Liv but stills he continues.  One by one they pass through her and funny how Luke went so quickly.  Enzo goes too and Bonnie is clearly in pain.  Alaric sends Elena through as Bonnie makes sure she gets back.  As Bonnie reels, Stefan tries to help her and by touching her he goes through too, saying that wasn't meant to happen.  Markos gets there too but Lexi stops him from going as he's taken away too.  She doesn't want to go through cos she's her best friend and she isn't going to hurt her.  Finally she's gone too.  Liv can't stop doing the spell but Luke can't stand to see her suffer so he breaks the spell and Bonnie coughs up blood, ensuring she is left behind with Damon.  Tyler goes through too and meets Caroline.  As they hug he says that felt different and realizes he's not a hybrid anymore.

It was kind of ironic that Damon promised he'd get Enzo back and then Damon's the one who doesn't make it back, along with Bonnie.  Bonnie tells them to say their goodbyes and Elena, giving a pretty poor performance of being in agony, couldn't even shed any tears, just the face pulling!  Damon tells her he loves her and knew from the moment he saw her he felt that way.  Yet she can't hear him.  His farewell speech was so convincing and sad but she just spoilt it withe her wailing.  Jeremy realizes Bonnie is lost as she calls him and finally tells him the truth, that she won't be coming back.  He races to the cemetery as he catches a final glimpse of Bonnie.

Caroline comforts Stefan, losing Lexi and Damon, as he holds hands with Bonnie, each one saying there's so many people they can think of who they'd rather be with now and as the white light gets brighter, Bonnie asks if it will hurt and Damon gets cut off mid sentence.  Have to say that for a season finale, this was amongst the best ones thus far and actually helped redeem a pretty ordinary season.
Also we saw Kol a few eps back warning Matt to help them but where was he now, presumably he was taken by the breeze.

Oh the furore when fans realized Damon was gone, sparking a frenzy thinking that Damon won't be back in the show.  But you do not kill off one of your major characters cos that's when the ratings fall even lower. Of course this story isn't over and will continue on, since we don't know why the other side imploded on itself and of course Ian isn't really leaving the show.  Glad that Elena will be in some emotional turmoil for a while after 'losing' Damon and  after everything she put everyone through, not to mention adding another person for Bonnie to make sure passes through her, out of sheer selfishness, so it kind of serves her right.

This was one of the best season finales in a long time in the history of the show and another one where Damon is the one who suffers this time round and once again is parted from his love.  Yet it's the same for Bonnie and Jeremy, how many times will they be parted from one other after finding each other after so long. So maybe it was fitting they both ended up together on the other side.  At least they weren't alone!

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The Mentalist 6.22 "Bluebird" Review

Patrick (Simon Baker) and Cho (Tim Kang) arrive at university housing where the officer tells them about a student who was found with a knife in his back, in a shallow pool.  But Cho tells Patrick about Lisbon and how she's leaving for Washington.  Cho heard it from other people, that she's leaving in a day.  Patrick is surprised to hear that and can't stop asking about her.  Inside he looks around and asks the people if they have a pack of cards.  As he asks who found the DB.  Also spotting some money on the floor.  He tells them they all did it.  Barry (Josiah Blount) was being strangled by him cos they played cards and he was winning, but they couldn't have paid him since they didn't have any money.  That's why he's wearing a turtle neck jumper.  Vince (James Austin Kerr) got punched cos she was trying to pull him off Barry and Kiley (Kara Royster) put make up on him to hide the marks.  Colt (Skylar Brown) knifed him to stop him from throttling Barry and the one in the hat put him in the pool cos his shoes are still wet, thus concluding they all did it.  So he tells Cho they're leaving, he's got stuff to do.

Patrick gets back and sits down with his cup of tea.  Lisbon (Robin Tunney) thinks he'll say something to her but he doesn't, he just wants her to be happy.  Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) walks in saying they've got a note from a cold case.  A woman named De Jorio was killed and it seems the killer has written a note.  He will start killing again.  This means that all leave and transfers have been cancelled, including Lisbon, so she has to stay.  The original case was in Miami so they'll get a chance to go.  You know what, from Patty's smirk, knew he wrote the letter cos he wanted Lisbon to stick around longer, was it to gather courage, or just to have her here a while longer.  Patrick adding they get to go to Miami one last time and work one last case together.

Finally Patty does what he should have done weeks ago and set up a rouse to keep her from going, or at last really cos she expected that from him a while ago, but he kept her on edge, thinking he really won't stop her.  Well it had to be him, who else would come up with a convoluted code like that.  Certainly not the real killer.  Also where on earth did Patrick dig up that cold case?  Abbot talks with Patrick in his that office and he says he's fine with Lisbon leaving.

Patrick hires a convertible as Cho drives off in his SVU.  They talk with the Vic's husband Don (Vincent Spano) and his third wife, Megan (Nicole Cannon) as well as his lawyer, Ted (Jason Brooks).  Don was suspected first time round and he is angry they've come back again.  Ted reads the note but they don't know who it is.  He suspects Wes (George Finn) the neighbour cos he was stalking her.  Christie (Haley Hudson) his daughter says it wasn't him cos she was certain he was nice.  She doesn't like her father much and is rude to Megan.

They pay a visit to Wes who confesses he used to watch out for Christie cos he loved her, but she was 15 and he was 18 so they couldn't exactly be together.  No one believed him and the killing ruined his life.  They leave and Patrick suggests they go for a walk on the beach, one last time.  Lisbon wearing her flip flops, as we call them here, was funny.  He tells her she won't see sail boats and pelicans in Washington. Taking a look at the note again, he reads it out and this time Lisbon gets a brainwave.  The Dewy refers to the Dewey decimal system and she looks up the name of a bird, a blue bird and comes up with the Island on the Keys. Last time Patty walked on a beach was with Fischer this season! Ha.  But with Lisbon it just looked so perfect.

They check in and the woman tells them they'll need to dress for dinner.  When Lisbon walks into her room, she's in awe at the room and the three dresses on her bed.  She can't resist calling Patrick and thanking him, but it's too much.  Oh great Patty you couldn't even change for dinner, ha.  Let's hope he gets a new outfit next season, ha.  Since he's with Lisbon now, he won't need to wear those socks she gave him anymore! He then picks up the phone again expecting it to be Lisbon again, loved the way his hello just kind of drifted away.

Cho and Fischer (Emily Swallow) went to speak with,  the wife's business partner, Monica (Victoria Smurfit).  She says they were close and she carried on the interior design business but it wasn't the same without her.  Mentioning also that she was having an affair.  These two were suspicious weren't they, I mean they don't even introduce who the woman, Tanya (DeWanda Wise) is with her.

Abbott and Cho also arrive at the resort, as Cho filled Lisbon in on her having an affair.  They sit down to dinner and Patrick waits for Lisbon.  She wore the pink, knew she would, it's more her style in dresses than the other two, well the white one was too short and the green one had sleeves.  Her dresses are usually sleeveless.  She asks the receptionist if she could have a bathrobe and she lets slip that he already has one in his room since when he booked the rooms two weeks ago.  Thought she'd miss that but our Lisbon never misses a thing!  She walks on over and asks him how he knew they'd be getting a note from the killer two weeks before.  He admits he wrote it hoping he would draw the killer out.  She throws a glass of water over him and walks off.  Said a few eps ago that Patty hasn't been treated in that way for a while and here Lisbon is the one who throws water at him.  Maybe it kind of woke him up, cos he went after her.  Twice!

Poor Cho is oblivious to what's happening and Abbott has to spell it out to him.  Abbott ordering some wine. Patrick tells her he's sorry and he wanted her to stay a while longer. She asks him why he would do that cos he's just so selfish and lies and uses people, like digging up the corpse of a woman.  He's truly sorry but she doesn't want to know.  Getting into a taxi she calls Pike (Pedro Pascal) and accepts his proposal but she doesn't listen to him speak still hoping Patrick will come after her.  Hey Pike din't seem happy did he, it was just accepting that she finally agreed and that was it.  Didn't even sound too excited about it!!  Also loved the way Patty was telling her that she's going off with a man she's only known a little while, then about marriage and how it doesn't really last.  Though she knew he was trying to put her off.

Whilst Patrick helps himself to the minibar and just wallows.  The quiet moment is  shattered when Ted bursts through the door with a gun.  He was having an affair with her and wanted her to leave her husband.  Patrick offers him a drink, cos clearly he wasn't the killer.  No, it was...okay won't spoil it just yet. Then as Patrick throws him a bottle, Wes walks in with a gun and he wants to kill whoever ruined his life too, like Ted did.  They sit and wallow and talks about loving her and losing her which is close to Patty's heart also, cos he's lost Lisbon.

Finally, the real killers walk in, again obvious it was them, Monica and Tanya, cos they didn't really look very convincing with their answers.  Patrick tells them he's FBI and gives them his badge, cos we know he'll need it later.  They were embezzling money and Patrick says they have no proof of what they were doing, so they can still leave.  He uses his phone behind his back to text Abbott and Cho, 'SOZ'.  Cho finally gets he means 'SOS'.  Patrick is caught in the middle with guns and he tells Wes not to shoot.  Which he does and is injured in his arm and Tanya is shot too.  He tells Abbott and Cho they were the killers are and he rushes off needing to use Abbott's car.  Hey drinking and driving there!  Sirens blaring he arrives when she's already boarded and she turns around one final time hoping he'll be there.  Oh you know he will, seeing as she read his letters over for two years without him around!

He can't get to her cos he doesn't have his badge, so he jumps the fence, shoddy security there then!  Getting on the plane, he confesses to Lisbon that he's everything, he lies and cheats and makes things up but he can't see waking up and not seeing her there everyday.  "I love you."  At last, he says it but she replies it's too late. As he's lead away from the plane, he still shouts it.  She apologizes for the embarrassing spectacle, the woman tells her that there are women who envy her.  Yes ain't that the truth!!  Abbott has to help Patrick and Lisbon walks in.  Oh in the midst of all that, forgot to mention Patty hurt his ankle when he jumped the fence, you know he doesn't get that physical! Ha.  She remarks he got himself into another pickle again.  She tells him to say it again and he asks if they're talking about the pickle and he does.  She asks him if he means it and then adds she feels that way too and Pike will understand.  So the big finale; that kiss!!  Well proving he sure means it.  Would have been nice for Lisbon to say the same too!


So if that was series end, it would have gone out on a high, but we still would have missed the show.  At least we know it's coming back, still don't know how many eps, but I'm sure we can be satisfied with that ending if we weren't to see them again.  It just seemed so natural for them to be together again and knowing how the ep would end wasn't really kept secret, but it would have added more impact if it came as a surprise and if the ending had been kept under wraps.  But Simon's acting in that plane scene was amazing, very believable and real, once again putting so much emotion into confessing his feelings which he found so hard to do, even admitting he knows what it's like to love someone and lose them.  Oh massive tear shedding here.

Now wonder if his ring will come off next season?  Have to also add that Cho was so funny, not realizing how these two were struggling with their feelings for one another and how Abbott picked up on it ages ago and him not even knowing them for very long!! Genius.  Abbott turned out to be a bit of a dark horse and a good guy from that stern introduction of his character.

Patrick: "I have forgotten how to act like a normal human being, And I play games and I lie and I trick people to avoid the truth of how I feel.  And the idea of letting anyone else close to me is - is terrifying, for obvious reasons.  But the truth Teresa, is that I can't imagine waking up knowing that I won't see you.  The truth is...I love can't imagine how good that feels to say it out loud but it scares me and it is the truth.  It is the truth of what I feel."  Wow!  Encore!

Bruno Heller wrote the finale to be "a suitable big, happy, romantic, send-off for the series if that's what happens - but it also opens a new chapter if that is not the case."  Loved every minute and at least he had that in mind and we would have got the marvellous conclusion we all know Lisbon and Patty should have had and deserved and more importantly we would have finished up on a happy note and got some closure to an excellent series!

Monday, 26 May 2014

Revenge 3.21 "Impetus" Review

Emily: "Seized, confined, captive, six years of my youth were spent that way.  In juvenile detention many lost hope.  For me, being locked away was an impetus for revenge and for the vow that once I got out, I would punish those who took my freedom."

Charlotte (Christa B Allen) was taken to a room by her kidnapper and hey didn't that place look like the one where Emily (Emily VanCamp) bought Pascal last ep for his interrogation.  Infact I was correct on that observation, since the kidnapper removes his mask to reveal Aiden!  This was Emily's plan to ensure she gets Conrad (Henry Czerny) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).  She calls Conrad and sends him the video of Charlotte being beaten by the use of Javier's (Henri Esteve) Myclone App, which came in handy, telling him about Flight 197 and how he was responsible for killing all those people.  He needs to confess by holding a press conference at Grayson manor and Victoria must do the same.  Conrad calls his henchman Duke but Nolan (Gabriel Mann) hacks his phone and leaves a voicemail message, telling him to meet him at the wharf. This is where Aiden (Barry Sloane) heads.  Nolan asks Emily how she'll adapt at being Amanda again and what she wants to do.  She admits she hasn't thought about that since she had to be the emotionless Emily.  "I have no idea who Amanda Clarke is anymore."  Nolan goes along with Emily's plans asking her if this isn't seriously messed up.  Emily would never hurt Charlotte.

At the wharf, Conrad finds a metal case and an ear, warning him not to contact anyone or double cross them.  Conrad was genuinely shocked when he saw the ear.  He gets to Victoria as she hasn't answered his calls and she makes a beeline for him to beat him up and calls him, "murderer."  (Well little knowing that Daniel (Josh Bowman) is one too!  It's like Daniel is becoming everything Conrad was and doing what he's done in the past and even now).  He tells her about Charlotte and she thinks Conrad instigated the entire thing to let her take the blame and confess by herself.  Emily tries to open Charlotte's naive eyes by telling her Conrad was behind the trial of David and how he used him as a scapegoat, with the use of pictures since Charlotte won't understand otherwise, ha!. Victoria was happy to go along with it to save themselves.  Javier asks Jack (Nick Wechsler) if he's seen Charlotte and she's not answering her phone, her last cell tower ping was from here. Jack will get back to him and boy did he, as he turns up when Emily is talking with Charlotte, her voice disguised of course.

He's shocked at what she's seeing and can't believe she'd do this.  Aiden tells her Charlotte's having a panic attack and all he sees is Colleen being beaten, tortured and killed.  They need to let her go.  Emily picks up Charlotte's coat and from the way she was looking at the buttons, she was up to something!  Emily goes for some medicine for her and is taken in for questioning by the policeman, Hosco (Tyler Jacob Moore) investigating Pascal's death.  Earlier he paid a visit to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) and told her Conrad and the pilot's stories check out.  But Pascal was wearing a wire and no one from any agencies were working with him.  Margaux recalls he would tape conversations with business people he didn't trust and Conrad was one of them.

She looks at the video footage from the stairwell camera and Daniel shows up, as she shares her thoughts with him.  Of course Daniel would recognize Emily and the way the creepy wimp puts the blame onto other people is amazing.  First he let Conrad in on how Pascal was being investigated, then got him to take care of him.  Now he's playing all innocent and wanting to stay on Margaux's good side.  Hence his turning Emily in and thinking Conrad was behind it too.  Emily manages to call Nolan and he calls Aiden, as he tries to substitute Emily and Amanda's fingerprints.  Would've thought he'd have done that years ago.  As the wire had a partial print.  Daniel shows up to gloat and Emily realizes it was him, adding all anyone will think is that he's a disgruntled husband trying to get back at his ex.  So smarmy Daniel!

Victoria is up to her own deviousness and she goes to the park where she finds Carl on the ground crying, probably what's the betting she pushed him, ha.  Where the hell was the nanny!  She wipes his hand and takes a sample of his blood on the tissue which she gives to the PI to get analyzed along with a sample of Charlotte's  hair.  This was her quest for vengeance as she told Daniel both Conrad and Emily would pay for Pascal.  She thought Emily was behind it cos the agent's phone was disconnected and by the look Emily gave Pascal, as if she wanted him to get to the roof.  Oh Victoria if you were that clever, what took you so long to do all this.  Oh and way wasn't Nolan onto the roof cameras etc, pronto?!

Conrad prepares their statements and tells Victoria the kidnapper didn't think that their confessions would be worthless and not stand up in court as they were obtained under duress.  Frankly Victoria's not interested as she has plans of her own.  Also clever of Aiden getting Jack to help look after Charlotte after he goes to help Emily by telling him how they're both on and off again but he must let her go.  That he knows how much Jack has feelings for her.  But Jack wanted the old Amanda back that he used to know.  The only way to get her back was if her plan was successful.

Jack took Charlotte and left her on the beach, leaving the knife in her hand to make sure she could cut her hands free, so no DNA on the knife or will she recognize it as his, or was it not Jack's knife to begin with. Aiden punched Daniel as he taunted Emily and when Aiden was restrained, Daniel got a punch in, yeah he needed help cos that's the only way he could get one in!  Ha.  He's pressing charges and Margaux arrives wanting to know why he told the police about Emily without telling her.  Saying he thought she and Conrad were working together, see anything to stay one step ahead and alleviate all blame from him, ugh quick someone needs to put Daniel in his place.  Surely he must be arrested for Emily's attempted murder sooner or later.  Daniel confides the only way he could deal with his family was to abandon his soul but he doesn't want her to do the same cos she might need to save his! You are past saving Daniel!  Hosco had to let Emily go but he knows she's hiding something.  He's concerned for Daniel.

Charlotte returns and Conrad is relieved it's just in the nick but she confronts him about the plane and he says cos of his profound love for her, he was ready to confess everything, even if it was under duress, ha.  Which he neglects to mention.  He called her ungrateful and if she ever turns him in he will "erase" her like he has done to countless others.  Just then a live feed goes out and the TV in the house is turned on by Nolan as Conrad's confession goes on the air.  Showing that on Charlotte's coat was a camera.  So Emily finally got Conrad.

Victoria gloated and Conrad assured her he'd get all of her skeletons out of her closet and she couldn't wait to get rid of him.  Conrad wondering if she had sent out the live feed.  She just smiles, as if she'd have the nouse!  The war isn't over for Emily and she must now take down Victoria.  Aiden and Emily kissed and Jack showed up saying he needed to talk with Emily, "just Emily" as Aiden said the same to him earlier.  He tells her about David's letters and his ring.

Victoria tells Daniel that Charlotte must never know she wasn't going to confess and deliver on her ransom which Daniel is angry about, but really it was no thanks to him, getting her involved in everything with his spying antics and by the way if Daniel was in that position, doubt anyone would've paid for his ransom either, ha.  But then he is Conrad's son.  Victoria finding Charlotte and Carl aren't related so Amanda isn't really dead but still out there.    Conrad got his first visitor in prison who turns out to be none other than Emily.  He asks if it was her.  She did it all "in memory of David and Amanda Clarke."  Asking about Victoria, she replies she still has to get her and Conrad wished her "Godspeed" with a smirk on his face!

Emily: "An intention fuelled by passion can be impossible to stop.  Overtime it gains momentum until it turns into an impetus for change.  This is how a notion transforms into motivation and how a child's vow becomes reality."

So after three years Emily finally managed to get Conrad.  It looks like the writers thought they'd have to give us something for sticking with the show for three years and perhaps if the show hadn't been renewed, she'd have managed to get Victoria too  But as we know in time honoured tradition, we must get the Emily as Amanda reveal before the swansong.  But the way Victoria had that file there and on the balcony too, plotting yet more deceit.  Yes Victoria on her balcony and Emily looking up to her too.  Obviously as said before, we know Jack and Emily are destined, so some thing's going to give next ep, especially since it's apparent she and Aiden weren't meant to be together.  Oh and Victoria is needed for the David Clarke story next season too.

Everyone calling Charlotte 'innocent' just gets to be a little too much doesn't it specially since she's far from that, Conrad was right in his description of her.  She always gets in the way, acts like a brat and gets people into trouble.  Charlotte with a newspaper with Pascal's pic on the cover was so deliciously ironic wasn't it! But Victoria didn't see it, though Conrad did.  It's like pushing Pascal into the helicopter blades was the final straw and came back to bite him!

Can't beleive Javier was able to hack Nolan's phone and Jack was able to find him, Nolan is definitely no rank amateur and Javier certainly is not better than him! The fingerprint part was a bit confusing since if Emily switched Amanda's fingerprints years ago and Aiden says they would lead to a dead person, was he referring to Amanda.

Also funny, but not intentionally, when Aiden and Jack were arguing and Emily asks them where they were when she was nine and being dragged away into juvenile detention.

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Longmire 1.9 "Dogs, Horses and Indians" Review

As Walt (Robert Taylor) settles down to a Rainier beer, he opens his mail and listens to DJ Strongbow on the radio.  He prefers radio to TV, naturally.  He then opens a credit card bill belonging to Cady (CAssidy Freeman) and sees a payment to the Rusty Parrott, which gets his mind working overtime.  There's a call over the radio from a man who tells him someone's following him in a car.  Malcolm Eaglestar (Anthony Wamego) holds onto his phone and he's on the Rez somewhere but can't say where for sure and he's being shot at.  Three shots are fired and Walt races out.  Outside the radio station on the Rez, Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) and Mathias (Zahn McClarnon) already there, as Vic (Katee Sackhoff) arrives asking if they've been invited.  Walt just thinks it's right to be here.  Also for more ulterior motives which will become apparent later on.  Vic asks how a 911 call ended up on the radio cos a lot of viewers would be wondering that too, and he responds, the tribal switchboard takes calls when the local one is inundated with calls.  This time an intern accidentally pressed the switch to go on air.

Malcolm is president of the Tribal Council and Mathias allocates quadrants to search.  Sneakily giving Walt the one where Malcolm's DB is found and Walt does a quick prelim of his DB and the car.  Explaining to Vic he was shot somewhere else and his DB moved as there would have been more blood if he'd been shot in the seat.  Also his shirt has dirt on the back.  Again, being a bit of a forensics person, she should have realized that already.  It's all to do with blood lividity.  Vic adding that is Walt 'Kreskin.'  Henry tells Walt he received a call from the Denver PD.  The wallet is empty and his phone isn't found.  Henry now uses his flare to signal the others.  Yeah again that was sneaky, there was Walt thinking that they'd found the DB first and yet it had already been found and moved, off the Rez!  Mathias offers to help and Henry adds Malcolm was divorced, but Mathias points out he had a girlfriend.

Jill Littlefox (Yvonne DeLarosa) is distraught not knowing why anyone would kill him.  Then coldly asks who will get his winnings cos he told her he was winning.  He'd been playing poker but she doesn't know where. He had a debt too.  Henry doesn't know of any poker games on the Rez and money like that wouldn't change hands until Jacob Nighthorse (A Martinez) has completed his casino.  Henry warns as his campaign advisor to not make accusations about Malcolm, at least not without proof.  Walt replies he's not his advisor, ha.  Walt also tells him that if the motive was robbery, why move his DB?

Mathias explains Malcolm's gambling addiction and a Tribal Council member in that position wouldn't look good.  Also cos he has to make a ruling on the casino.  The case is very sensitive which is why Mathias politely asked for Walt's help and also why the DB was moved.  Mathias shows him where he was found and Walt is angry, he's tampered with evidence (but nothing Walt wouldn't have done in certain circumstances either).  Walt won't arrest him cos it's an election year and he's already removed one Tribal Chief Police.  Mathias adding if the killer is from the Rez, then he could lose his badge, leaving Walt in much the same position and Walt adds it's better for him to expose Malcolm having a gambling problem.  Also Mathias says he wouldn't have any jurisdiction if someone from outside the Rez killed him.

Also asking if Walt can say he's never broken the law for the right reason.  That would have been close to him cos from his flashbacks, guessing he has.  Also in the ep with the missing Indian children, Dog Soldier, Walt did the right thing in sending them back to their biological parents.  Walt asks about his phone.  Walt's Bronco is being repaired so Omar left his keys to his truck and Tribal Council leaders are here.  Walt hands Vic the phone and she's angry she spent so long searching for it but he doesn't tell her where he found it.   Walt also tells Ruby (Louanne Stephens) to call Cady and tell her he's still getting her bills.  Then asks what day Freddie Whitehawk was killed (1.4 The Cancer.)

Branch (Bailey Chase) plays golf with his father, and asks if Barlow (Gerald McRaney) played cards with Malcolm.  He'll only reply if the info will help Branch win the election, cos the last time he gave him info on Walt, he didn't use it.  This is about solving a murder and if Branch can help break the case, then that'll be great press for him.  He'll get Branch the address but he owes him now.  Vic finds Malcolm got threats on his phone about ruining his marriage.  Branch walks in pleased with himself having found the address, with little legwork on his part.  Walt is not happy and marches him into his office.  He's on the warpath.  Walt wants him to go to the Rusty Parrot and find out if Cady was there on the 21st.  When Walt had to call Branch in from a "romantic getaway".  He confesses they've been dating for six months.  Branch using dating cos he knows how old fashioned Walt is, but guess it was really dating after all, seeing as he didn't want to call it off with her.  Branch didn't tell him cos it's none of his business, but he's his deputy so it is.  Thinking about it, it really isn't.  Branch asking if he can snoop around in Walt's private life when he becomes Sheriff.  Walt shouting, "IF" he becomes sheriff.  Walt should talk to Cady sine she wanted to keep it secret.  Walt grabs the paper and leaves.

Ruby calls on the radio adding that Det Fales from the Denver PD called and Walt has a flashback to Denver PD and storming out of there.  Walt enraged enters the tattoo parlour and picks a fight with the bikers cos he wants to get into the poker game.  Another flashback to a fight with Walt and other men and one of them with a Samurai sword slices into his back, which explains his scars.  (For the purposes of Channel 5 prime time viewing this scene was cut so wouldn't have made sense, so much for warning people about violent scenes!! Why would you do that?)

Walt manages to knock down the door and find four bikers engrossed in a poker game. One biker rushes at Walt and manages a punch and beat him on his back, before the sheriff's posse, ha, races in.  One biker threatens them with his lawyer and Walt picks out one who doesn't look like he's a biker and waltzes him into his office.  As Walt orders Branch to stake out the tattoo parlour.  Walt tells Jeff (Richard Speight Jr) he's got a good poker face but he has a tell, there's no fire in his eyes.  Jeff can't talk cos he's afraid of the bikers but Walt replies he doesn't have to say anything, he'll just make it appear that he spilled.  He calls in Vic and they look at Jeff in the chair.  Vic traced the call back to Reuben Lamebull (Jay Tavare).  Walt then calls in Ferg (Adam Bartley) who brings in a tape recorder, which looked like it hasn't been used in a while.

Jeff finally admits Malcolm was at the game but he lost.  Ruby informs of the biker's lawyer but Walt leaves. Walt asks Vic if she knew about Cady and she replies he doesn't tell her much either.  She didn't have proof. Darla Lamebull (Rusty Schwimmer) tells Walt that she's a gold digger and was only with Reuben cos he was going to get money.  Malcolm sent Reuben a letter "disenrolling" him from the tribe.  He won't get his share of casino profits or tribal benefits.  Henry says Malcolm introduced a a resolution to alter the blood quantum requirements for membership of the tribe.  If you had below a certain amount you were kicked out, which turns out to be most of the elderly members.  Thus garnering more profits for those left.

Walt asks the Council for a list of members and no one knew the letters had been sent out.  Anita (Claudia Ferri) Malcolm's ex shouts that Malcolm had huge debts which is why he called the meeting when he knew at least two wouldn't be around.  But Jacob speaks out saying he didn't have any debts cos he bought his debt.  He didn't want him to be influenced when it came to voting or making decisions.  No, cos he'd just vote his way then.  Reuben tries to prove he's got more Cheyenne blood than anyone by cutting his arm and his gun doesn't match.   Cady warns Walt about the lawsuit and reads out names on the list, including Mika Dullknife.  Walt grabs the list and crumples it up.  Walt loses it with her and asks if her way of helping was dating Branch.  If she wanted to hurt him, she'd have told him.  She's old enough to do what she wants and brings up how she gave up her life to look after him.  He relieves her of that burden.

Walt has a brainwave, and asks about Mika Dullknife being in the biker gang cos then he'd have known if Malcolm was at the game.  Since his father was "disenrolled."  They get to the tattoo parlour and Mika is led out the back where a biker gives him a bike.  Walt gives pursuit and at the roadblock set up by Mathias, Mika turns off into a side road.  He finally falls off his bike as it skids.  He's arrested for the murder but he believes he's on the Rez and so Walt can't do anything.  Walt adding that Malcolm was found in his jurisdiction.  But Mika is certain he was on the Rez.  He then admits he ought to be killed, he was a coward just for money he betrayed his tribe.

Walt talks with Jacob and Anita will be taking Malcolm's seat, it won't be Jacob since he doesn't have enough blood requirement.  Adding that the US government quantifies three things by blood: dogs, horses and Indians.  Walt retorts horses and dogs don't sell their own out for profit.  Walt suggests Jacob was behind the entire killing and from past ep Dog Soldier, we know he's capable of it.  He tells Jacob that he underestimates him.   Jacob does have a beef against the US government over their treatment of Indians, but then he does the same thing too.   Cady drives to see Branch and is sorry she hasn't returned his calls.  He was trying to warn her about Walt.  She tells him he lied too and he replies Walt'll forgive her, but what about him.  He has two choices, he either quits his job, or takes Walt's.  He ain't no quitter, no but Walt's a fighter!

This ep included plenty of betrayals and underhandedness.  Yes they were all at it this time round.  Mathias using Walt to investigate incase he loses his badge, moving the DB.  Malcolm betraying his tribe for money. Cady's relationship with Branch being seen as a betrayal by Walt.  Then Jacob doing much the same in order to profit.  With everything coming to a head cos it's the penultimate ep.  Walt being unable to answer Henry when he tells him about the Denver detective calling him.  Well, it just keeps us hanging on for longer. Though it had to be about his wife.

Mika did have a point aboutd being angry his father was thrown out of the tribe, it's a cultural thing too.  Most of them were elderly so you don't kick them to the wayside when they grow old on the basis of them not having enough Cheyenne blood.  But Jacob's plan all along was to get onto the council somehow and if that involved removing Malcolm and getting Anita in his place, he knew that she' eventually go for removing the 'disenrolling' resolution.  Again the same with Cady, most people would look after their parents instead of seen them as a 'burden' as Walt puts it, again a cultural thing, not palm them off to nursing homes and the like just like Branch's uncle.

Of course now Branch owes Barlow, wonder what his payback will involve, obviously something against Walt.  Branch also betraying Cady in a way as he now tells her he's running cos last time he'd have given up the race if they could be together.  Cady seemingly is a constant source of trouble for Walt.  She was there to look after him, but a year later, she doesn't still have to be there on such a regular basis and she didn't have to lie to him, cos that's kind of the ultimate betrayal between a father and daughter.  Walt would demand a little loyalty at least from his flesh and blood.  Though many can't understand why Walt would blow his top over Cady's secret.  There's no love lost between Barlow and Walt so maybe some of this animosity between them filters down to how Walt sees Branch, though he's capable of doing his job.  Walt has trouble trusting him personally.

Vic directing her wrath at Branch was a good scene about him pooping where he eats, clearly she's not into all this 'inter-office' romance, so it's hard for us to actually envisage her having a relationship with Walt, hoping they won't go down that road, cos it's just not necessary.
Then there was Richard Speight Jr, aka Trickster/Gabriel from Supernatural, who was rearing to make a quick exit from the sheriff's office! Ha.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Longmire 1.8 "An Incredibly Beautiful Thing" Review

A girl comes into the store barefoot and says they're after her.  A car approaches and she asks the owner, Ellis (Michael L Miller) how much the milk is.  A little mystery all of its won since at first she's terrified and then changes the subject and acts like there's nothing wrong.  He manages to scribble something down on his pad, most likely the number plate of the car and then calls for help asking for a deputy or even Walt (Robert Taylor).  When Walt does arrive, he finds Ellis in the tyres, shot and though he has to move them to take a look at Ellis, he's disturbed the CS, sure, but he had to check on Ellis.  Ruby (Louanne Stephens) also arrives, first time we've seen her at a CS and is sorry she should have done more.  Vic (Katee Sackhoff) collects evidence and takes some blood for analysis, sometimes gotta ask why since we're not really going to see any forensics, even if it's just procedure.

Walt finds a camera in the moosehead or was it a deer, wasn't paying attention to it, ha.  On the footage, they see the girl and see Ellis write on the pad.  Though the paper's gone, the pad is still there and just knew the old scribbling on the page with a pencil ploy was coming. They're 3 partial numbers of a plate and Ferg (Adam Bartley) tells Vic they're the numbers for another county.  By the way, Walt's not into his tech, but he does think Ellis may have some sort of hidden camera.  Probably not take him much for being a hunter so it had to be on the wall for some reason.

Sometimes it's good when Vic asks such questions, like the number plate or has to be filled in on things that are new to her, being an outsider herself, but other times it's a little frustrating to have her ask obvious questions, or at least what should be obvious to her since she's not a novice deputy like Ferg.  So the girl left footprints and Walt asks Henry (Lou Diamond Phillips) to track them to see where she came from.  Telling him he needs Ferg to go with him cos she may be armed.  Though he's reluctant, he has no choice.  They head out and Henry finds a toe print leading him to the woods cos it's the direction where she came from. Ferg bugs Henry about being taught to track as an Outbound scout and Henry replies he needs to concentrate and that includes not having a conversation.  In the woods, Ferg finds some mineral which is native to Brazil and isn't found here, thus Henry sees it's a trail of breadcrumbs.  Following them they come to a shack and find a baby inside a rabbit hutch.

They think the missing girl could be his mother and Walt gets her photo put out on the wire.  Soon her parents, Johnson (Steven Culp) and Maureen Mace (Kate McNeil) turn up and tell them Evelyn (Abbie Cobb) went missing.  She was charged with shoplifting and she is kind of messed up but they need to find her.  Branch (Bailey Chase) pesters Walt to put out a reward for her cos they can afford it.  That's nice so if she was just some poor kid, she'd have no hope of being found.

Vic finds the three numbers from the car are registered to a mining company in the next county and Vic was able to get h husband to arrange a meeting with the manager.  Walt tells her to thank him but she got the info on the basis that Walt have nothing to do with it.  The manager is reluctant to talk saying they'll need warrants and Walt reminds him of how the press had a field day on one of their other cases ad then they'll come back and waster his time.  He relents and gives them the address of the man who drives their car.  They drive there and talk with Leland (John Pyper-Ferguson) who leases his land to the mining company.  He recalls the crazy woman from the store and the store owner as he drove into for fuel.  Also adding he's the only one who drives that car.  Well that was a big giveaway as to who the guilty party was.  He recalls she got into a black SVU and he was a little scared of her.  Yeah he sure look liked he'd be scared of anything.

Walt later gets a visit from the local sheriff, Jim (Tom Wopat) of the other county who's waiting in his office and isn't happy about Walt going in there without him or even asking him.  The company paid for his campaign and he doesn't believe that's relevant, there's no backhanders out here.  Walt asks Ferg where they found the baby and he waits for the girl to return.  When she does, it's not Evelyn.  Her name's October (Sonja Kinski) and she says April/Evelyn isn't the mother but they share the baby.  They are a family of sisters.  Vic asks about the cult and she gets defensive.  She's allowed to leave and just sits outside on the bench.  Which creeps out Vic and Ferg.  Of course she's waiting for the baby.

Henry still follows the tracks which lead him to the company and he's arrested by the security men who drive a black SVU, well that was a red herring.  Walt has to pick up Henry and after agreeing to the reward, they get some time wasters but one man tells them his wife is a midwife and she delivered a baby.  He wants his cheque.  Talking with Katherine (Margaret Easley) she tells them of being blindfolded and driven somewhere they crossed the train tracks.  She was threatened if she told anyone about it and needed the money which is why she went.  Ferg tells Walt via Branch's mobile, that October, real name Fiona Hines is a missing person too.  Branch saying he needs to get his own phone and Walt replying he doesn't need one.  No, cos he's got other peoples' phones, ha.

October snatches the baby from the social worker as Cady (Cassidy Freeman) walks her to the car, again knew that was coming and Branch follows her to do the same and she wants him to stop calling her.  Vic realizes she's gone and turns out a car comes for her, as Branch manages to help with saving the baby.  Vic rolls over the car and is injured, but only enough where she just needs an icepack.  Lucky she had time to put on her jacket then before she ran out, otherwise she may have gotten more serious injuries.  She recalls the number of the car and Ferg finds the car is registered to Fiona in her real name.  The judge refuses to sign the search warrant to search Leland's house cos they don't have any solid evidence.

Heading to Leland's house again, the sheriff admits to Walt he didn't think it strange he was living here with all these girls.  Don't know what to make of that especially considering he's all alone out here.  Ugh, small town mentality, maybe he was only turning a blind eye.  Walt wants to know that he'll back him up.  They find Leland inside and the girls all gone and he is about to reach for his gun but doesn't.  Outside he's sick after Walt sticks his finger down his throat, eeww!!  Rather you than me!  Cos he's taken poison but Walt tells him he won't let him die.  Driving back he talks about choices and the like, which in a roundabout way is meant to lead back to Walt and the things he's done and his choices too.  His time has come now cos of the baby being born, which spells his demise.  Or the kind of wacko thinking these cults come up with. Anyway whilst waiting at the train crossing, Walt recalls the mural on the wall of a girl with the sun behind her and floating over what looks like the desert.  He realizes he's tied them to the train line and needs the train to be stopped.  Only it's Evelyn who's been tied.  The others were drugged and so were placed there.  Reaching the girls, he must move them from the line and Branch reaches the train and the brakes are applied but not sure where it'll stop.  All the girls are rescued and the train stops too late, ain't that the way.  Cady brings Evelyn her baby.

Some nice touches in this ep, in flashback again we see that Henry was with Walt in Denver and he was meant to use his tracking skills to help him found someone, assuming his wife's killer.  Ferg proves to be useful here with his mineral knowledge, also it helps that he collects minerals too.  Which some would think is a pretty outlandish hobby, but it works.  Ferg aims to be more of  help than a hindrance as he's not written in this way in the books.  He's more hapless.  Anyway he's learned his lesson form 1.3 A Damn Shame and checks out the social worker's ID before he lets her take the baby.  But another plot hole why let the baby leave when they know the cult will be after him.

Branch getting to highlight  the fact Walt doesn't read a newspaper, bad for his re-election if he's not up on current affairs.  Though that wasn't called for especially since Walt acts upon his suggestion of a reward, which surprises him too.  Maybe he can come up with a few ideas that are helpful.  Ruby writes an obit for Ellis which Walt likes.  Cos she asked him about it, wondering why he'd be such an expert on obits, considering he's just lost his wife a year ago and well, he isn't quite over it.

Henry telling the security man he's Tonto and they'd be kemosabe.  Then the punch up and Henry putting his hands up and adding, "how."  Yeah typically stereotypical for them! Ha.  Once more it's cult members from the neighbouring county who encroach into their town and make trouble.  Also with sheriff Jim being peeved Walt invaded his territory, understandable, cos Walt would feel the same way over his turf.

Suppose the trail of mineral chunks from Brazil was meant to point to the manger as a possible suspect, since he said he thought he'd seen and left behind all the corruption in South America.  Either that or the hole in the fence probably meant that Evelyn had been sneaking in there, so maybe got hold of some he might have brought back with him, she was arrested for shoplifting after all.  Otherwise it was another little unexplainable plothole.  The title obviously being a reference to Walt, ha!!