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CSI 15.6 "The Twin Paradox" Review

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Things are hotting up with the investigation into the Gig Harbour Killer, another flashback to 2009 and how Finn (Elisabeth Shue) saved DB (Ted Danson) when she shot Jared (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) at the marina.  She is with IA now and her gun is taken.  She tells the IA detective Karen Park (Tina Haung) it was a good shoot since he was going to shoot Lab Director Russell.  They were also there cos the judge gave them a warrant over the phone.

Back to the present and the killer surfaces again this ep as the CSIs receive another 911 call for help. Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) tells DB that he needs to hear the ongoing call and tells him that the Vic
is being attacked right now, so he wants them to hear it.  Greg (Eric Szmanda) triangulates the exact location using the GPS from the phone.  Sara (Jorga Fox) and Nick (George Eads) arrive at the scene to find it's a recording being played and once again, the CS has been processed and marked, using the same stringing method.  With Nick saying, "he's back."  Which is what I said about him, cos he's back this ep, not being in the last one.  The blood is dried and Nick says it's also flaky.  Sara most noticeably saying the Vic, another blonde who is a student, but also most likely working in the sex trade.

Once again there is blood at the scene and this time Nick finds the cameras use film and it's all been exposed, so he's graduated onto taking CS photos now.  Nick sees there's no blood on the walls and using ALS they can read a message which says, "People Lie, Follow the Evidence."  That had echoes of Gil Grissom.  Also there's a recorder which Sara tells him to play where he talks of what he did, as well as now he's into psychological profiling.  Which back at the lab, Sara tells DB has the emphasis on 'psycho.'  They listen to the recording made with the psychiatrist hired by Paul and Jared  acts like he is crazy.  As he tells her he doesn't know who he is and gets angry.  Sara isn't convinced that Jared is the killer and thinks it is most likely Paul.  Also when she analyzed the recording further, she found there were two sets of separate footsteps, one walks away and one walks towards the recorder. Obviously he has an accomplice and that was already seen the last ep we saw with the killer.

In Seattle, Daniel (Mark Valley) tells Finn he has a lead on Jared's mother, that an old detective friend gave him.  They talk to the woman and are surprised to find that she's black.  She's his adoptive mother and not birth mother, but she had to put her name on the birth certificate when she adopted him.  They couldn't find out who the birth mother was and she was given the baby.  She thinks she's to blame for how Jared was raised and tells them she got him from the convent, which used to take in teen mothers.  They head to St Agnes where the nun, Sister Alice (Colleen Flynn) tells them there was a fire and the records were burnt down, but she didn't know Jared was a twin.  One of the nuns tried to piece together records from memory and she takes them to a grave marked C-13.  It is dug up and inside is a doll and not a DB.  Finn removes the head and finds half a photo inside who must be their mother, as well as a lock of her hair.  DNA analysis reveals that the hair belongs to their mother and they head back to Vegas.  This means Paul knew he had a brother at least a year before, but said he didn't.

Keri Torres (Floriana Lima) is found by police in a brutalized state and she was lashed out towards them.  She's taken to the hospital and Morgan receives the call, just as Henry (Jon Wellner) identifies the DNA as belonging to Keri.  Morgan processes her and she wakes up and screams.  Morgan asks her how she escaped and she said she thought she was surrounded by water since the light was blue, but it was glass, so she used the broken shard to cut herself free and ran towards the nearest light. She doesn't recognize Brad Turner as the man she met in the cafe and Morgan shows her another photo, which she doesn't react to.  Greg meanwhile develops the film and finds the killer took some extra shots.  One looks like a letter 'H' to him, but he manipulates it in a machine and it is revealed as being part of a structure.  Hodges (Wallace Langham) tells them he analyzed the glass and found that the glass contained the usual silicon dioxide, but also tin dioxide, as well as blue hues, used in Japanese art.  He knows cos his mother is a collector.  Greg says Hodges' a genius cos he recognizes the building as being the Mizu.  It was a poorly built hotel and was abandoned, part of the alphabet.

Greg and Finn go over there and you'd have thought they'd have taken some police with them, but apparently only the two of them check out the building.  They have discovered his lair and Finn hears a noise.  A woman is hiding inside a closet and she tells them there are other girls in a room.  Finn looks for them and the woman lunges at Greg and attacks him from behind.  She takes his gun and is afraid.  His radio goes off cos it landed on its side and he has to radio back, or they'll shoot her.  Finn walks in and once again she gets off some shots.  As we find ourselves in the same routine again of her being questioned by IA.  Daniel watches along with DB and says that they've all been there.  Oh that was a clue.

DB talks with Paul and he's with an escort who DB says is young for him and he replies he'd say so cos he's got a daughter.  Once again referring to Mya, as Finn did too when she was questioned back in 2009.  DB tells her to take the taxi home and hang up if he calls cos he's a murderer.  He tells Paul they know who his mother is and that they also found Keri.  He feigns relief and says he'll like to talk to her.  Also saying he didn't answer their questions cos he wasn't asked the right one and he didn't like Finn either, she shot his brother.  Strange Keri has been found and after her ordeal she doesn't have any security outside her room.

Doc (Robert David Hall) conducts an autopsy on the woman shot by Finn and tells David (David Berman) that she had a transgender operation.  Her DNA matches that from the one they found on the Vics in the desert and Finn thinks that Paul manipulated the man into helping him.  That all of this was a set up.  Well it was, for Finn.  Adding that they can't trust the evidence.  DB saying if they can't do that, then they have nothing.  Daniel visits Keri at the hospital, but she gets hysterical when she sees him and Finn sees him leave.  DB meets with Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette) again and she's looked at the evidence and done a profile on Paul and Jared but she doesn't tell DB anything he doesn't already know.  She tells him that he must rely on an intern, but that means he's not that committed to the killings and since Paul's a serial killer, he has to keep going.  The only way to find him is to find the partner.  Which also means DB has to use Mya and if he doesn't then he'll have to take himself out of the equation.

Cue partner as we see him standing in the car reflection: Daniel.  That wasn't any surprise since Paul practically hinted at there being a corrupt police officer in the Seattle PD.  He gets into the car with Paul.  Also the fact that Keri reacted in the way she did when she saw him, cos if they were really close still, then she would've wanted to see him. But why did he show up there anyway cos obviously she'd remember something eventually as Finn said she would.

Sara talks with Greg and he's sad he couldn't save the woman and should've done things differently. There's nothing he can do about it and he'll realize that in time, but also she says she wishes she could tell him it gets better.  Obviously after what she's been through as well, she needs that too.  Ahh, no hug for Greg like she gave Morgan last ep.  Their scenes are always good and it's touching how she and Greg can still talk with each other, especially with Greg almost in tears.  Nick seemed to vanish after his few scenes, of finding out that the cameras were set up in a constellation this time round and showed that of Virgo.  Which was in relation to the girls working in the sex trade and weren't really virginal after all.

Of course the focus was always going to be on DB's daughter and he doesn't want to get her involved, things were tense between them last time we saw them as well.  Still at least it was good to see Mark Valley playing a bad guy for once, but it will be interesting to know how he got mixed up with Paul.  Most likely he has something on him.  Of course they'll probably have Finn suspect something, then again maybe she won't.  Like I said, she always attracts the bad guy element.

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The Mentalist 7.3 "Orange Blossom Ice Cream" Review

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This ep's main story was just ancillary to the actual plot of this ep which was about Patrick (Simon Baker) and Lisbon(Robin Tunney) and the kinks in their relationship still.  This one takes them to Beirut as Erica Flynn (Morena Baccarin) has contacted the CIA to turn in a man who has been supplying passport chips to terrorist groups, in return for being allowed back in the US and the FBI giving her immunity.  Patrick is ready to go and meet with the man named Jan Nemic (Mark Ivanir) in Beirut, who is going to make contact with Patrick.  Lisbon doesn't want to go with Patrick until she finds out Erica will be there and she changes her mind immediately, which surprises Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar).  Patrick must memorize a set of numbers and repeat them to the contact back in the US.  Erica greets them and doesn't really want Lisbon around, as she admires the sights around her.

Patrick tells Lisbon she has to try the orange blossom ice cream and .Erica tells Patrick she's noticed that he and Lisbon are close, especially cos of the way she looks at him and kept going on about being  a matchmaker, so she can tell these things.  She lets a man take him to Jan and when Patrick arrives there, they take him into the bathroom and put his head into a bathtub full of water.  As he reads some words to him, which he's got to memorize and repeat back in the correct order, whilst still being dunked after a few set of words.  They take him to meet with Jan and he tells him he wants the words repeated.  Patrick refuses until he gets a towel.  Then repeats them all.  Jan says Erica was right about him being good, cos others failed.  Patrick calls it a trick, which he doesn't agree with.  For $10,000, he wants Patrick to meet with a man who will give him a set of numbers.  He will then give him the passport chips.  Patrick says he wants $15,00, then $20,000.

Lisbon is brought in and they want to know who she is and after she's searched on the Net, Jan says she's an FBI agent, at which Lisbon scoffs at.  Then she says she's not and Wylie (Jason Wylie) gets an alert on the computer that someone's searching for Lisbon.  He has a plan already for that with a different profile pic and that's what they're ready for.  This search comes up showing she is Patrick's girlfriend as he said.  Lisbon tells Abbot what's happened and Patrick gives him the list of numbers, but they don't know what they mean without the key.    Patrick says they're probably from a book since Jan had plenty of books at his place and he and Erica break into there again as he searches for the book, but Jan arrives already.

As they hide, the lamp switch moves but Jan doesn't notice, so what was the point in showing it and when they get outside Erica hugs him.  Once again going on about Lisbon.  She had a nerve after telling Lisbon about how they were 'close' back then.  Patrick takes Lisbon to dinner and she asks him about Erica and what happened between them.  He replies they kissed but nothing more cos of work. She then asks about Lorelei and he stops her in her tracks when he says he'll spill, if she tells him about Walter Mashburn, he'll tell her about Lorelei.  Of course he was going to say that, he knows her so well.

Patrick got the book out and tells the FBI and the CIA are able to find out what the numbers were. Cho (Tim Kang) suggests they should get the meet down now before Patrick gets back since they have the info and the contact has never seen Patrick.  They agree to meet at a bar, after Cho repeats the phrases Jan gave to Patrick.  Vega (Josie Loren) wants to go with Cho and he only agrees if Abbot gave her the okay, of which she lies and says he did.  She waits outside and as the man arrives he notices one of the agents has a gun.  Yeah that really means that he was an agent.   He makes a run for it and Vega once again crashes the SVU into his car and he's shot and killed.  They don't know where the chips are but eventually the they find them at an empty house, where Cho finds out they are hidden behind some blinds, which aren't drawn like the others in the house.  He also tells Vega she lied to him and Abbot didn't approve her going.  He's peeved with that, cos we know Cho doesn't like anyone who lies or uses him like that.

Lisbon arrests Jan and Erica is confronted by Patrick which she didn't like.  Lisbon mentions being done with him cos she doesn't like how he looks at her and thinks they still have unfinished business. Also Erica tells Patrick he only likes Lisbon cos of her honesty and goodness and she likes him cos he's a bad boy.  He knows she's after something else that's hidden in Jan's room and she opens a secret compartment containing his money.  They can share it but he loves Lisbon.  She tasers him and Lisbon is waiting outside for her.  She'll be taken back to the US to serve out her full sentence.

So it seems Lisbon and Patrick were only faking that argument in front of Erica at the end, or were they really in turmoil like that.  It seems it was only for Erica's benefit since Patrick takes Lisbon to the rooftop where orange blossom ice cream is waiting for them and it was rather melted too!  ha. She's startled when there's a loud bang and he tells her they're only fireworks.   He insists she thought it was a bomb.  A little pointless bringing up past trystes if they weren't going to follow through on them and didn't Lisbon already know about Lorelei and Patty.  Seems that was just thrown in to show perhaps Lisbon has her own insecurities about him and trust issues, but that didn't quite gel with the last scene and where they hatched the plan cos they knew Erica was going to doublecross them.

Vega was just an unnecessary inclusion, what sort of an agent will she make if she tries to put one over on everyone, the only one she's impressed is Wylie, who's more than taken with her.  Didn't think much of the CIA having to work with the FBI again, only cos this time they had to have Patrick's help.  Still, since it's the last season, they had to have a conclusion and get Erica behind bars where she firmly belongs.  No, Erica, you're not that seductive!  She should know Patrick is loyal and when he falls in love, it's not frivolous or fleeting as we saw how his family's murder ate him up and made him pursue Red John relentlessly.  Also how he told Jan that he's killed more than one person.

Was it just me, or was it a little more than coincidence that Lisbon's FBI profile pic was that of a Chinese woman and Cho pretended to be Patrick Jane!   Oh and Lisbon's choice of outfits left a lot to be desired, as bad as Patty continuing to wear that shirt!  ha.

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Revenge 4.8 "Contact" Review

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David (James Tupper) rushes to help Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) and tells Emily (Emily VanCamp) to call for help, but she just watches.  He manages to resuscitate Victoria and calls for help himself. Emily tries to convince him that Victoria is his enemy but he refuses to listen.  All this time he was here but he didn't contact her.  Victoria wakes and sees them speaking together, so she removes the wire of her life support machine and goes into arrest.  Only to plug it back in when the doctor arrives. There Victoria still manipulating from her hospital bed (was gonna say deathbed, it's more fitting!  Ha.)  Even now she's driving them apart.

Daniel (Josh Bowman) pleads with Margaux (Karinne Vanasse) to forgive him, but she storms out and he comes after her.  It's not that he slept with Louise (Elena Satine) but that he lied about it afterwards.  Outside, Louise turns up and Margaux tells her she's made an enemy of her in the process cos she tried to kill her.  Louise retorting that she's not seen any calls from the police on her phone, so she's got no proof.  Louise later sends Daniel a message using the Le Marchel loog and notepaper, telling him to meet her in the bath.  Of course it's from Louise and she's not there when he arrives, so he starts without her, when up rocks Louise.  He's dropping her as a client and she's livid cos she was the only one who gave him a break when no one else even wanted to look at him.  Saying he's had it easy, but he can't be bothered to visit his sick mother in hospital.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) finds that no one wants to drink at his newly acquired yacht club and his bartender leaves in protest cos of what he did to David.  Margaux congratulates him on his new acquisition and she needs his help in breaking into criminal records to get the dirty on Louise, but he refuses to help after what she did to him and the David interview.  She even tells Nolan that Louise is a psychopath, but he doesn't believe her.  She's his new best friend.  But Louise arrives, yeah getting around she is and they manage to share a drink or few, together.  On her tablet, there's a poll that states David should sue Nolan and he manages to find the photos where Louise has superimposed Victoria's head into her photos.  He wonders why he can't have at least one normal friend.  He returns to Margaux and tells her he'll help her, but ups the stakes.

Emily returns to the hospital and tells David why she did what she did and how she cleared his name. That she got back at his enemies.  He didn't want her to do that, but she couldn't have a normal life, which is why he gave her the journal, so she'd forgive and move on.  Forgiveness was not in her nature and well, he can't really blame her for being the way she is.  She doesn't know him anymore and he says the same thing about her, not being that innocent, little girl.  She leaves, dropping the screwed up photo of the two of them together.

An FBI agent, Kate Taylor (Courtney Ford) is sent to investigate the case of the dead Vince, aka tat man.  I mean, really amateur, he's into such criminal activities and he has a prominent tattoo on display, couldn't he wear gloves.  Emily tells Jack (Nick Wechsler) she covered all the bases and there's no way they can link the knife to anyone else.  Also telling him that she told David who she is. Jack finds Nolan feeling sorry for himself and he says if Emily did tell David the truth it'd solve their problems.  We, er, no, they're only just beginning all over again.  He's still nursing the wound of not only being humiliated by him and also of being punched by him too.  As he tells Jack, "Don't cry for me Sergeant-ina."   Ben (Brian Hallisay) is peeved cos he didn't get his break with the case and how Jack seems to be all goo goo eyes with the agent and picks a fight in the bar.  However, Jack tells him there'll be other cases and this one wasn't meant to be, to stop it or he'll lose his badge.  That's after the FBI believes they've solved the case when David identifies Vince as being the man who kidnapped him.  Couldn't really be that simple.

Emily cries at the beach house and Daniel says he was passing to the hospital but saw her instead. She must be crying cos real tears are hard to fake for her.    She says how Victoria was always her target and he realizes she tried to keep him away from her, but he'd always go back to her. He can't believe she's giving up on her father after putting Daniel through all that hell for nothing. Emily walks by a car parked outside the hospital and notices photos on the front seat.  She bursts in wearing her trademark black hoodie, just as two men are trying to kidnap him again.  She fights them off and tells David she wasn't here.  That's after Victoria lies to him and says that she knew about Emily being Amanda, but she changed the results of the DNA test, but she then and put her away, she couldn't go through that again.  That's when she's also lied to Daniel,  When he tells her he blames her for how he turned out.  Yet again she manipulates him by saying she had to choose between Conrad and her son, so she chose him, cos she'll always choose him.  Daniel seeing through the manipulation and lies, telling her she's lying again cos she's afraid of being alone, but he's not going to be like that. He leaves Margaux a voice message wanting to see her.

David tells Emily that it was Conrad's associate who kidnapped him and he's far worse than Conrad. He showed him a picture of a girl and said they'd kill his daughter, so they made him do whatever they wanted, which he did.  When he found out Amanda had died, he escaped.  He won't tell her who it is, but wants her to leave things alone.  He'll take care of them and he loves her, "infinity times infinity."  Nolan tells Emily he may have someone who can be pitted against Victoria, but she tells Nolan she's staying out of what's happening with David.  As she heats up a hot poker.  Of course that's easier said than done for her, as she has one of the men tied up and tells him to talk.

Not happy at all with the Louis storyline, it's just boring.  How come no one saw that flower on the car and then she brought flowers for Victoria in the hospital again.  Victoria just changing her story and lying to please everyone and keep them on side.  Not to mention it would be funny if Louise did get her claws into Victoria.  Nolan meeting another psycho, why?  ha.  As well as Margaux going after Louise's brother, now.  Oh but I thought that scene between Daniel and Emily at the beach house was rather touching, but Daniel you've known Margaux all this time and you don't recognize her handwriting!  Even when Charlotte's not around, she's still being defended, when Nolan tells Jack Emily didn't kill Vince, it was Charlotte, but it was in self defence.

Then there was that scene with Louise and her 'mother' in the hospital where she gives her the idea of having a baby to manipulate herself into Victoria's good books, as she stares at a doctor passing by. Cos it doesn't have to be Daniel's after all.  Sorry, Emily's already done that, fake Daniel's baby!!

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Mr Selfridge Series 3 Episode 5 Review

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Harry (Jermey Piven) and Nancy (Kelly Adams) spend the night together and he has to leave for work, telling her all he wanted to do was kiss her again.  "I know we had all night, but all I can think about is when are we going to kiss again?"  A sentiment that will be echoed by Gordon (Greg Austin) to Miss Calthorpe (Amy Morgan) later.  Like father, like son, in many respects.  Outside the store, Harry is questioned by a reporter wanting to know if he's had anymore trouble and if he's coping.  He doesn't reply and Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) and Connie (Sacha Parkinson) arrive for work at the same time.  Harry calls in the staff and tells them he's looking to replace the two members of staff and he's going to go outside for the Head of Design but for Deputy Store Manager, he's collecting applications from in-house.  Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) thinks he'll try for the position since he's been here a while and has dealt with plenty.  Crabb (Ron Cook) says he's too old for it and Gordon tells Harry he's too inexperienced for it, when clearly Harry wanted him to try.  He mentions the mishaps he had with the display for the dresses and Harry seems disappointed.

Connie thinks Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) should go for the job as she was head of two departments and she knows the inner workings of the store, but she doesn't think she's suited for it. Not until she tells Grove about it and he comments on how a woman wouldn't be handle it since she'll need experience with finance, stock taking, and bigger issues.  Which she says she has done a lot of in her department.  The same reporter returns to the store later and asks Connie for an interview about what happened to Kitty and how he'll set the record straight before all the papers paint her in a horrible light.  Connie of course would fall for it and tells him everything about Kitty, which he takes and turns it all around, as reporters do.  Saying Kitty asked for it, working late and then not staying at home like women are supposed to.  Kitty's shocked when she reads it and Connie says she didn't know he'd write all that.  It even has a photo of Kitty on the front page, now everyone knows it was her who was attacked.  She tells Harry it was her sister who spoke to him and  Harry writes a letter back to the paper expressing his distaste and feelings.  

Something which Loxley (Aidan McArdle) uses to his advantage as he's still gunning for Harry.  He's invited members of the Procurement Committee to sell them on an idea of his but only a few of them turn up.  He apologizes for what he did to the soldiers and putting profits before them, before lives as one of the men puts it.  But he wants to make it up.  Talking of how society and the country has changed, with foreigners renting hotel rooms and women working when they should be at home, "looking after home and hearth." (Yeah no wonder Lady Mae did a runner!!)  He tells them he's decided to start the Loxley Charitable foundation for the soldiers who served King and country, to which he's applauded.

Kitty later receives  hate letters, which she doesn't recognize the writing of and Harry tells her the security in the store will keep an eye on her.  Grove shows him file full of letters and Harry is angry, she can't stay home forever and not come to work.  Nor should she.  Showing how women were treated and just the sort of treatment Loxley wants them to continue to be subjected to, when he talks of traditional values and how things were before the war, as well as women wanting the right to vote. Frank (Samuel West) tells Harry about the reporters and Harry thinks he might have made things worse with his letter, but also that Loxley's on the warpath and is trying to help soldiers.  Making people think Harry is against the soldiers and is in favour of women.  Of course Harry is livid since he did plenty for the war effort and the country and says he loves this country.  Also how they've all forgotten what Loxley did.  He's just doing what Harry is doing, only trying to show he's on the side of the soldiers when really he's not.  It's all for show and all for revenge, trying to get his reputation back in the process.

Harry meets Nancy and tells her to get the plans of the housing built into a model when she introduces him to the architect.  Thought he looked a bit shifty.  Harry throws a press conference and wants her to be by his side cos she'll be good at it and he needs her.  Unveiling the Selfridge Estate. Nancy wearing that suit he gave her.  Which is impressive and Crabb says it looks expensive and he's glad the store isn't putting up any of the money.  No, Harry says he will fund it personally, getting the money.  When Nancy told him she's too interested in the bank account and how it's not been set up yet.

Lois Selfridge (Kika Markham) gets the file on the Princess (Zoe Wanamaker) from Miss Blenkinsop (Deborah Cornelius) and finds she has a whole list of creditors.  She calls on her at the hotel, where she comes 'clean' about having to rely on friends and that's where the money came from, cos she and Serge (Leon Ockenden) were penniless when they barely escaped Russia with their lives and her title. Telling Lois she has some jewels stashed back in Russia and only her maid, Olga, knows where they are.  She will send them to her when it's safe.  But of course it doesn't seem like there will be any emeralds, if they were any to begin with, would the maid really keep them.  Not likely.  Lois wants her to move into their house and to talk to Serge, to get him and Rosalie (Kara Tointon) back together.

Miss Calthorpe encourages Gordon to apply for the job since he's been to all the departments and knows how they all work.  That he's as good as his father, who hasn't been in any of the departments, or knows about things like tea.  Before they steal kisses in the storeroom, see, father, son.  Kitty forgives Connie and Frank's publisher cancels the book deal, cos they know Kitty's married to him and someone in the police blabbed about the drink after hours.  He thinks it's more important than what happened to Kitty and as she tells him, it was only a book.  So once again he finds himself in     the position where no one wants to know him.

Crabb and his wife come for dinner with the Groves and Doris (Lauren Crace) shows off the baby, later admitting to Miss Mardle that the baby isn't Groves.  The man at the store was her childhood sweetheart and she saw him at her mother's.  She was desperate for comfort and didn't know what was happening with Grove.  Asking Miss Mardle to keep her secret.  Especially after the remark she made about how much the baby's grown.  Well, called this a few eps ago, when I said she's probably had an affair and even mentioned the baby probably isn't his.  Must recall that a tin of biscuits will cause people to relieve themselves of their secrets!  Ha.

Violette (Hannah Tointon) goes to the club again, having lied to Harry and Victor (Trystan Gravelle) calls the bar closed at 9.30, with Purkiss (Rocky Marshall) watching him.  Next night he comes back again and raids it, forcing a woman to drink from the bar after hours.  As well as Victor and Violette getting it on, on the office desk of all places.  Should've got a room!  George (Calum Callaghan) tells him he's not going to get away with it as he arrests everyone there, including Violette.  Inspector Johnson (Simon Chandler) drops the charges against Frank cos Kitty needs him at home.

Gordon tells Harry he wants the job, it's what Ma would want and she'd be proud of him.  He's done a lot around the store and knows its workings inside out.  Nancy gets a visit from the architect and both of them are in cahoots together.  More scammers, seems they're just after the money too and he finds out she slept with Harry and she wasn't meant to go that far.  She tells him the money is as good as theirs.
Seems Harry just cant get away from the gold diggers, the revenge addicts and the freeloaders.  All of them want his money and that's all.  He doesn't appear to have learned his lesson from the other women in his life.  The Princess moves into their home, as he tells them about the Selfridge Estate.    

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CSI 15.5 "Girls Gone Wilder" Review

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Once again the women of CSI are the forefront of the ep. this time they attend a CSI conference at a hotel.  With Finn (Elisabeth Shue) having arranged dinner for them at an exclusive restaurant with dancing.  Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) can't wait for the massage and Finn orders champagne before 9am, so she asks for orange juice with it when Sara (Jorga Fox) points that out.  Finn's also meeting someone she knew from the past, Mark (Michael Landes) and she walks off with him.  She's okay this time round she says as she's known him for years. They also talk of how Morgan hasn't met anyone, but Finn's fine with the whole, 'not too serious' part of meeting men.  Whereas Sara says it's nice to meet someone and get close to them, obviously reminiscing about her marriage to Grissom, even if it was shortlived.

Greg (Eric Szmanda) bemoans not being able to attend the conference and DB (Ted Danson) tells him they're boring where nothing much happens.  They're working on a case where a DB's remains were found in a barrel of acid, which DB terms "gloop."  He's identified as a security guard from the same hotel where the conference is taking place.  As the girls relax by the pool, a sniper watches them with a rifle trained at people by the pool.

Sara meets Dr Jane Snyder (Gillian Vigman) well bumps into and Sara doesn't like her and is even more unhappy when Morgan tells her she's arranged for them to attend her seminar.  Jane being one of those former CSIs who's now all about the fame and fortune.  Snide by name and nature!  Ha. When they attend the seminar, Jane makes a big entrance with strobing lights and men who are strippers.  As soon as she gets to the stage, the same gunman enters and starts shooting up the place with everyone diving for cover.  Morgan's friend, next to her dies, as Morgan tries frantically to save her and Sara has to tell her to let go cos she's gone.  As well as noticing the gunman had long hair and was carrying an assault rifle.   Sara tries to call Finn to warn her, but she's too busy with Mark and doesn't answer the phone.  As they're flirting, the lift door opens and the gunman shoots inside with Mark trying to close the doors, he's shot.  Soon the power goes out in the lift, as the gunman makes his way shooting up the hotel.  Finn tries to help him with his wound to help stop the bleeding.  She learnt first aid and wad wished she had finished her medical training, but she met a CSI and became interested in fingerprinting, becoming a CSI instead.

SWAT arrives and clears the conference room, as well as searching through the hotel.  They come across a man who kneels over a DB saying he's not the shooter, but was helping him.  DB tells SWAT to let him go since the shooter had long hair.  That was very amateurish of him, cos yeah although Sara's got a good eye being a trained observer he didn't really know what was happening, so it was better tot hold whoever they could.  He's still got the Gig Harbour Killer on his brain, cos obviously he wasn't thinking about the task at hand.  Though he wasn't mentioned this ep.

Greg wants to help but DB tells him to help with their case, so they can see if he's linked to the shooter, that way they can see who he is too.  The security guard's keypass was stolen from him and his wife reported him missing three days ago.  The security guard's missing van is found and Greg collects a used tissue from the van, as well as using superglue to print the entire van inside.  He gives the tissue to Hodges (Wallace Langham) to run for DNA since it could be the killer's and his wife said her husband was the only one who used the van.  Greg also finds a hooded man on the CCTV from the garage where the guard parked his van and notices that he didn't walk past it, but broke in and waited for him.  Doc (Robert David Hall) removes the bullet from the guard's remains and it matches the rifle.  Saying those are so high powered and can shoot 700 rounds per minute, that they're for war zones and they should only be used there.  DB says that he killed the guard and at the warehouse, he poured muriatic acid over him to decompose the body.  That means the two cases are linked.  Notice DB used the older name for hydrochloric acid.

Hodges and Morgan use Mark's new software which allows them to specifically retrieve footage from a specified timeline on the photo and Hodges manages to stop the photo on one of Morgan showing panic.  Then zooming in they see the shooter's face.  DB has a warrant for the shooter's phone to be tracked, who is identified as Jeff Lasky (Tor Brown) and it gives them his location.  Obviously he wasn't going to come with them and is shot.  Sara is told of this and she recalls his name.  His wife and daughter were raped and murdered and the killer was set free on a technicality.  She heads straight for Jane spitting blood, telling her this is all her fault and she was the intended target.  She denies any responsibility and says she was doing her job and rooting out the CSI who didn't do his job.  Sara responds by saying it was a typo and the killer got out on a simple technicality.  Sara then receives a text telling her of the DB on the 18th floor.  She goes to it process it and another shooter hides there with a gun.

Greg tries to find a connection between Lasky and the Vics, since he wasn't randomly picking off targets, but focusing on certain people.  As DB earlier told Ecklie (Marc Vann) that the shooter didn't go to every conference room but stopped at their one and also why shoot at Fin then, other than the fact he could've been identified, but there were others around who could've done the same.  Greg searches to see if the people were all from the same lab and he finds that they were CSIs who were assigned to doublecheck the evidence of another CSI named Cliff Ballard (Hugh Scott) from the Baltimore lab whose convictions were called into question.  Greg goes through and finds the dead people were CSIs and then comes across Sara's photo too.  DB also notices one of the men was the dead man Ballard was kneeling over when SWAT let him go.  Sara's phone rings and she gets a call saying she got a text but he sneaks up behind her.  She tells him it wasn't personal and tries to talk him down, but he puts a gun to her, until she hears a gunshot, SWAT to her rescue.

Mark dies as Finn tells him about U2 and having been to Ireland and the power is restored, with the paramedics arriving in time to save him.  She wants him to buy her dinner cos she saved his life. Then wants to 'hang' with him, like a date.  He replies that could get serious and she's willing to give it a go.

Finally CSI comes up with an ep where there's actually some excitement from the tediousness of the past few episodes they've shown so far.  Once again the girls get into turmoil and this time it's not of Finn's making, though why she didn't pick the phone up is beyond me when she was in the lift.  But then again, that's Finn, she's always thinking of herself and more importantly what she's going to be doing with flavour of the month this time (or week even, ha!)  It was clearly gruelling for Morgan as she finds she has to go through the whole being in danger thing again and it was good to see Hodges be there for her again and to sympathize with her, especially when he tells her how worried he was.

Good scene where DB and Greg were trying to determine how the shooters were related, finding they weren't, but they just happened to pick this conference cos all law enforcement would be there and that both had a beef with them. What's that then, happenstance?

Also with Ecklie thanking DB for pulling Morgan out of there.  Which he was right t do cos it didn't look like Morgan could handle being there. Touching moment with her and Sara at the end when she's trying to clean the blood from her fingernails and Sara hands her some hydrogen peroxide to do so, Morgan remarking how they always wear gloves and arrive at the CS afterwards, not be there during the potential CS.

Sara suggests they go for dancing and tequila at the restaurant since their bookings are still valid, with Morgan deciding she could use the tequila.  Finally giving in and having to hug Sara.  Again showing how good friends they've become over the years and their support for one another.  A bit of a morbid moment when Hodges tells DB how he's got his entire funeral planned out, finally being buried next to his mother in their marble mausoleum.  DB hasn't thought of it, but he's thinking being cremated and scattered on a farm where he can do some good!
No Nick or Henry again this week.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Mentalist 7.2 "The Greybar Hotel" Review

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A couple steal a car from the valet outside a building and the woman, Marie (Brit Morgan) drives it away, police give chase and she's caught.  Her boyfriend, Cole (Val Lauren) gets home and finds she's been arrested.  Marie doesn't give him up and Abbot (Rockmond Dunbar) threatens her and is charging her with being a co-conspirator if she doesn't tell them where he is.  Cho (Tim Kang) and Abbot agree to go to Plan B.  Lisbon (Robin Tunney) will go undercover in the prison to find out Cole's whereabouts from her.  Patrick (Simon Baker) gives Lisbon a few pointers: to tell only one big lie and then the other ones will follow from it.  Also that she's ticklish, which she denies and he tells her to wear flip flops in the shower, so she doesn't slip and will look less attractive too.

Patrick ponders the map and says that Marie was driving in a  zig zag pattern to put them off the trail, when she actually should've been heading in a different direction, meaning she should've been heading towards the industrial area of Houston with abandoned warehouses, where stolen cars could easily have been kept.  Abbot reassures Patrick they'll get Lisbon back okay.

Lisbon tells Marie she wants the upper bunk cos she gets claustrophobic and she asks her if she wants to challenge her for it.  Lisbon gives up and takes the bottom.  Also helping Marie stay out of trouble when another prisoner picks a fight with her when it comes to using the phone.  She didn't want Lisbon's help.  Lisbon tells Patrick she hasn't gotten anything out of her when he comes to see her and he says they need to get Cole to come to them cos he's still here, as his accomplice tells them.

Lisbon tells her about Patty being her boyfriend, how they knew each other for years but only got together now cos she wouldn't let herself believe that she loved him.  Marie says the same thing about Cole.  Marie sees Patrick with Lisbon when he comes to visit her, hatching up this plan of escape, he says they should instigate the plan, but she'll need someone on the other side to get them away. She wants to leave Texas and get to Florida, that's where Patrick is.  Lisbon tells her that the DA is charging her and she's going away cos it's her third strike, after Abbot tells her they're sending her to a max security prison, where she's kept in the cell for 23 hours.  She doesn't want that and tells Lisbon as she breaks into things, so she can break out.  Lisbon replies it's harder than it looks.

Wylie (Joe Adler) tells Vega (Josie Loren) to put Patty's tea cup back and to wash it, she drinks from it and he tells her to do the same again.  She and Wylie listen to phonecalls and  he tells her he used to date a prisoner called Big Val.  Marie calls Cole and tells him of the escape, but not in so many words.  Patrick co-ordinates the escape, Lisbon needs to take a bucket with a hole and use it to prop open a door, then remove the plug so the water leaks out.  The water will eventually cause the bucket to get lighter and will move causing the door to shut.  They then get into the guard's room, take the tool to break open the employee lockers and walk out with the canteen staff.  Which was easy, those guards can't check IDs, lazy.  Hendricks waits for them and the they stop at a gas station for food.  Cole walks in and decides to take Tom Kiesche) Lisbon with them, then shoots the shop assistant out of fun.  As Lisbon tries to write a note for him.  Cole tells them they're taking a helicopter out of there.

Abbot and Cho having lost Lisbon when they change cars in a parking garage, so the helicopter can't follow her either.  Patrick decides to go and search for her himself and arrives at the station, where he sees her bootprint Lisbon left in the man's blood, pointing to the right direction and also finds her unfinished note.  He takes bottles with him to leave as a trail on the road and arrives just as Lisbon is rumbled.  He sets up a mirror in the trees, pretending they're surrounded by FBI snipers.  Cole doesn't fall for it and shoots the mirror.  Just as she's about to shoot, the FBI arrive.  The CIA want info from Cole cos he's in league with international smugglers, including terrorists which he agrees to but the only deal Cho gives him is not facing the death penalty for shooting the assistant for nothing.  He even doesn't care about Marie when he tells her she won't be charged for the killing.

This episode reminded me of an NCIS episode 2.10 Chained, when Tony (Michael Weatherly) went undercover and then had to break out with the other prisoners, having to be found by the team.  Still it made a change from the normal eps when it's Patty's turn now to be worried about Lisbon.  Patrick noticing Abbot changed his cologne as he's having dinner with his wife, who's going for a DC promotion.  As well as pinpointing the location of the warehouse and saying, he's not going to do everything for them!! Classic Patrick at his best.  But the best moment of this ep was Patrick actually putting himself in danger to save Lisbon, whereas in the past he ensured he wasn't in the firing line, ever!  Leaving them to do the dangerous stuff.

Vega wanting to work with Cho to get some pointers, cos he's not 'crazy,' which he'll think over.  She seems like a loose end they didn't need, just to give Wylie and Cho some interaction.  Britt Morgan was in True Blood and also in an ep of Ghost Adventures, The Glen Tavern Inn from 2013.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Revenge 4.7 "Ambush" Review

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Victoria is shown lying on the ground.

20 hours earlier

Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) is in bed with David (James Tupper) as Emily (Emily VanCamp) breaks into the beach house and retrieves a knife and the key.  She needs to find out where he's been all these years and what he's been hiding. She wants Nolan (Gabriel Mann) to find out where the key belongs. Margaux (Karinne Vanasse) thinks that Nolan being humiliated like that was an added bonus.  Daniel (Josh Bowman) warns Margaux to steer clear of Louise (Elena Satine) as they're playing tennis again. He tells her she's unstable and really he also doesn't want her finding out he slept with Louise.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) tells Emily about the prison guard who beat up David and how they found the symbol in his garage.  Emily needs to tell him what's happening.  Ben (Brian Hallisay) walks in and tells Jack not to make personal calls, why is it that when they're on the phone they have to say the name of the person they're speaking to.  I don't do that!  David talks to Jack and wanted to apologize and how he gave her a good life and he's grateful for it.  Jack says he should apologize to Nolan cos he was there for her and was her best friend, they were really close.  He should've gone to Jack first. That's why she asked him to officiate their wedding and he wants to know who else Amanda was close to.

Daniel asks Victoria why she didn't tell him about Emily and who she really was cos Charlotte did. He doesn't want to be caught in the middle of their feud and when David finds out Victoria betrayed him.  She replies Emily will drag Daniel down cos when the truth comes out that's what she'll do.   Emily tells David as he turn sup on her doorstep about Amanda and how Victoria threw her a baby shower and she fell from the balcony, but they don't know what happened.  Emily tells Nolan she doesn't know who he is and how he lied to her face and didn't even recognize her.  She recalls him but he doesn't even recall one memory of her.

Victoria says she helped Amanda given her hard life and he replies he was rash in making Nolan take the blame.  Why didn't Victoria help her cos she had money, but she blames Conrad and his associates and how they were watching her.  She didn't want to endanger Amanda and the fall was an accident.  Her friends from work will say the same.  So naturally Victoria rushes over to a friend of hers and takes jewellery out of a stone statue of a horse of hers. Also saying she brought the lion's share. I wanted that chair.  Of course she bribes Amanda's friend, Crystal (Hannah Leder) when she lies to David about what happened at the baby shower, saying it was an accident and she should've been able to control herself in those heels cos of their work.

Louise locks Margaux into the steam room, when she gets a 'visit' from her mother, Penelope (Carolyn Hennessy).  Of course her mother isn't really there.  Look it's Sharon Osbourne.  Showing Louse is clearly screwy!  Margaux manages to get out of there by breaking the glass.  Well if that steam room scene ain't a ploy straight from Charlie's Angels, the original series.  She accuses the owner, Charles Dawson (Charles Shaughnessy) of running a shoddy place.  Nolan says he wasn't in   the mood for humiliation on live TV as she says she's not in the mood either and she didn't know David would do that, no, but she lapped it up.  "Looks like karma found you first and you know what say, karma's a bitch!"  The only way anyone can lock the door is using a tiny pin.  Which puts her onto Louise's radar.

Loved the scene where Daniel put a clanger in the works when Emily's got seven minutes to get into the bank vault, when Nolan disrupts the camera feed and hacks into the bank, otherwise the back up system ovverides it.  However Daniel decides to confront her in the lift and they talk about how he got someone to track her down, cos Emily tells him he's not good enough to do it on his own.  He disables the lift and he'll tell everyone her secret, which Charlotte told him, who is also his little sister and that makes everything weird.  He's not into 'crushing' her this day, not his style anymore.  He doesn't want to be caught in the crossfire when everything comes out.  He's trying to keep apart from his family's sins and she should be aware of what that means.  The power goes off in the lift and Emily tries to get out of the top.

Jack comments they'll do each other's hair next and have a sleepover when Ben asks how things are going with Emily.  They find the DB days after Emily and Charlotte left him there and also clippings about Conrad's killing and the knife that was used to kill Conrad.  So did Emily plant that there or was it already there.  There were many ways why she could've infiltrated his family Daniel tells her but she went through him.  The biggest lie was her name, her being pregnant and then other lies within that.  The wine auction and he asks what her ulterior motive was there.  He asks if any of it was real, but she can't think of anything.  The proposal, wasn't real.  He undid his own life himself. There was a time when they could have had a real relationship but he aligned himself with Conrad. Something real  is when she used his shoulder for leverage to get out of there.  Margaux tells him about Louise.

It's amazing David couldn't see through the lies Crystal told him, especially since he's been telling so many of his own and she told her everything about Victoria this and Victoria that, for someone who's adept in telling lies himself.  Daniel confronts Louise about the steam room and he wants her to stay away from her.  She thinks he's jealous.  She's too busy putting Victoria's head over her mother's picture!  Nolan turns up and he tells him she saw him on the news and he should come onto her yacht, but not with the storm he tells her.  She's got a jet and can fly to the Bahamas with him, he adds, "so do I!"  Loved that line.  Before leaving she adds he's got something that they haven't, he can do anything he wants.

Jack calls Emily again and tells her about the DB they found at the apartment.  Emily finds photos of Amanda on the flashdrive from the safety deposit box showing that David had been watching Amanda for a long time. Nolan buys the yacht club cos he was more at peace here than anywhere else.  Emily can't stand it anymore and confronts David, telling him he should've been there for her. If he came for her she would've known.  "You could've come for me but you didn't."  He's just a coward.
Victoria and those earrings he gave her, which she was saving for him and the good times.

The scene with Emily and Daniel was really rather good and funny too, as it was reminiscent of past episodes when they were together and for a second when you though that Emily really did have some feelings for Daniel, until he destroyed them.  But he seemed to enjoy their banter too in the lift and if they get back together, a really big if, it wouldn't really be a bad thing at all now would it!  ha.  But seriously, he's not going to be with Margaux especially when she finds out he slept with Louise and lied to her.  That's the leverage Louise has over him and why he's not willing to sever ties with her. Margaux throwing the drink on him!  Margaux calling him, "incroyable" en Francais!  (Meaning, incredible!  Ha Well that could've gone to his head and he could've taken that the wrong way!)  So you see Emily and Daniel should happen.  Cos don't really want to see her with Ben or anyone like him.  He looks a bit shifty at times, no seriously always getting into everyone's face and business, job hazards aside!

Emily finally tells David who she is and it takes the tattoo one her wrist for him to believe her but then Victoria messes it all up by getting electrocuted by the powerline.  Was it really the powerline or was it Louise, my money's on her cos there was just more than coincidence that that particular line just had to fall on her car and notice the flower on the bonnet, and where was she going anyway? Making a run for it?