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Doctor Who 9.11 "Heaven Sent" Review

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The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) arrives in the transporter to some castle and is pursued by a hooded figure with beastly fingers, known as the Veil.  He runs for it and then says that he knows who it is.  After seeing it look back at him through a TV monitor and also from across the way through a window.  It comes after the Doctor and he comes to a locked door.  He then sweet talks the door to opening saying it's a good door and people don't appreciate it cos it's always knocked on and closed.  Then telling Clara (Jenna Coleman) he was right.  The door leads him into a room where he finds flowers and sits on the bed.  He sees Clara's portrait hanging there and then picks the flower apart.  He also examines her portrait saying it's very old.
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As he goes round the castle, he's estimated it takes Veil 82 minutes to find him.  So everytime he tells the truth he gets away from the figure.  The flies buzzing around he adds were from a grave of an old woman and this castle is reminding him of his nightmares.

This one's more about watching and hearing the Doctor narrate than it is about reading reviews.  It's what you make of it and quite frankly is more interesting that way.  Though as soon as the Doctor takes a dive from the castle window after breaking it with the stool, you know he's the only one here and the he's been here before.  Thus his clothes already drying in front of the fire, as he changes into the dry clothes, his outfit is the same.  So everytime he heads back to the TARDIS, it's from another room in the castle,  each one putting out a different puzzle.  As for the shovel, of course it was inviting the Doctor to dig, which he does.  The castle spins round and he has to get further away from the figure after him.  As he falls  in there are skulls at the bottom of the water.

As he heads to the TARDIS and runs in, he realizes the Veil wants to hear him confess, or rather speak the truth.  Thus when he said he's not afraid to die, it vanishes.  Thus he jumps out of the window too, since that won't be expected of him.  He asks how he escaped and replies when he threw the stool through the window, he smelled the salt air, thus knowing there was water below.  There's no guarantee you'll survive in water, but he also surmizes he's being tortured here or rather this is his interrogation.  So it's better to speed up your own death.

The Doctor is still angry at what brought him here and how he's going to get revenge for Clara.  He knows he said he wouldn't but he's the Doctor and he will relentlessly pursue until he finds out who did it.  They may think he's weak without Clara but he's not.

Clara is all in his head, as we see a figure from behind who's meant to be Clara, funny she didn't look like her from the back.  She writes on the board asking him questions, like, not what, but why?  And how he was let go, how is he going to win?  The Doctor has his glasses but they don't really help him. He returns back to the TARDIS defeated and just wants to give up and sleep, why must he always win.  As we then get an appearance from Clara.  (Still don't know why she left, she had a good thing going here!)  Anyway she appears t him and tells him not to give up, but "to get off your arse and win."  As she touches his face and vanishes.   That's kind of a typical line they would give her.  Still remember the one for Doctor 11 when she'd tell him to" run you clever boy."  Well she can't call this regeneration a boy can she.

As he heads to the top of he tower after finding a skull with electrodes attached to it,  (Yoric anyone) he looks at the sky and says he can whiff time travel and someone's changed the location of the stars.  He then finds a wall which is made of diamonds but and he pounds into it with his fist.  Then saying there was an emperor who asked the shepherd's boy how to get through the wall, as he pounds into it with his hand, which is painful, over and over.
The figure finally catches up to him and he is embraced by it and burnt.  Then with a voiceover from him saying he's a Time Lord and they don't die straightaway.  It will take him at least a day and as long to get up the stairs and back to the transporter room.  If he plugs into the electrodes he can use the energy, but the energy needs something to burn to work.  He then writes 'BIRD' in the sand and we see this is his prison, his hell and he is being put through the same rigours and torture here year after year, until he gets to the tower and it's a count of years, 7,000 years... million, 32 billion.  Each skull in the water was his own and every time he pounded on the wall, he made an impact on it, until he finally breaks though the wall and it gives way.

The Veil wanted answers as to what is the hybrid.  But he doesn't tell them anything.  He sees the shepherd boy to tell the city he's here and he took the long way round.  This city is Gallifrey.  We see the castle in miniature and as the Doctor picks it up it closes in on itself and becomes the Doctor's confession dial.  He says there never was a Dalek hybrid as they wouldn't ever allow there to be one. Yet there is a hybrid and it's me."  Knew that was coming.
A little groundhog day but more billion years removed.  So the Veil was here to set him tests which he got through but he was expected to reveal lots of information about himself too.  Like running from Gallifrey not so he was bored, but he was scared.  Then there was that room number 1, appropriate for Doctor 12.  (Recall Doctor 11 had a room number too).  The Doctor must find  his number here too.

Other revelations included the Time Lords knew of the impending war and that there was a hybrid which was going to bring about peace or be destructive.  As I recall, didn't Davros tell Doctor 10, he was "the destroyer of worlds."  Of course we now know the Doctor has been inside his confession dial for the entire series 9.  Well we would have known if we had read any spoilers beforehand, which I didn't.  I don't bother reading any of those as it spoils the impact and sometimes the episodes too.  So if he's been inside his dial the entire eps how did he get there inside and who put him in there.  Missy had it in the opening eps and more importantly what does this say of Clara's fate.  As for Ashildr, the less said about her the better, I don't want to know.  Is the Doctor really part Dalek? Actually I still have a hard time believing he was in his own confession dial, last will, for the entire series.  Though the last will part is easy to get cos he kept dying here and being brought back.

The BBC needs to tone down the music as it was drowning out parts of his speech, they always have this problem.  Also funnily enough as the scenes of the Doctor going through his life over and over through the years, thought that's what the BBC gives you, endless repeats for your licence fee!! Ha.

Some choice quotes here "the Doctor will see you now, show me what you've got."  Clara spouting "arse" ha.  "I'm not scared of hell, it's just heaven for bad people."  So is he a part of heaven or hell, or both.  "This whole place is designed to terrify me."  Why would it terrify him though.  Granted it is part of his nightmares but didn't he always overcome them and everything else.  Being here for so many years it's understandable why he needs a companion.
I see he didn't use any of Clara's cue cards to express his feelings for her loss cos it was all anger and pain too.  No guitar playing either, never mind he wielded a shovel instead!

Don't know about you but the castle in the water reminded me of Atlantis.  Especially when the Doctor held it in his hand.
Have to say Peter Capaldi's Doctor 12 has surpassed all the expectations I had of him.  Admittedly I was a bit hesitant in him taking over the mantle of the Doctor since Doctor 11 was very close to my heart.  Yet Peter's version has been very different and has brought a different side of the Doctor to the screen.  Very impressed!

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Doctor Who 9.10 "Face The Raven" Review

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The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) race back to the TARDIS cos she's got him into some more trouble as he says he can't go back to some of the most beautiful gardens around.  In what will be one of their last adventures together.  Clara gets a call on the emergency phone number from Rigsy (Jovian Wade) [last seen in Flatline] and the Doctor complaining she gave out his private number.  He says he's got a tattoo and it's couting down.  Arriving at his place, the Doctor is fascinated with the 'new human' baby and he can't see anything exciting about the tattoo, until he sees it count down.  Back in the TARDIS he talks of Rigsy being drugged, "ret-conned," so he's forgotten what happened to him, but somewhere part of his frontal lobe must be remember something.

A memory which is triggered after  he heads to the British Library and the map room, looking for missing streets in London, those that the cartographers called 'trap streets.'  As Clara says.  When they drew maps they'd put in one street which wasn't real so they'd know if someone else stole their map. The Doctor saying they were just preoccupied with copyright.  He says they won't find the street in    the library and head tot he TARDIS taking aerial photographs of London.  With Clara almost falling out of it when looking through the door with the Sonic shades on.  Rigsy saying she enjoyed that a little too much.

They search for the missing street by counting steps and all meet up in the same place.  Rigsy recalls a woman falling onto the ground and the street, which they all get  o see.  The street is one from medieval times at least and Rigsy tells them the men that appear aren't really humans but alien.  As one of them sniffs the doctor saying he doesn't smell human.  They're here for asylum and Ashildr (Masie Williams) appears.  Only she's Mayor Me now, how selfishly apt!  She protects it and everyone there is at peace.  She tells them Rigsy is a murderer and she placed him under a sentence of death.  She still hasn't learnt anything about living and about life has she for all the number of years she's been alive.  Better she shouldn't have been saved at all!  Yes I said that then and I say it now cos she's nothing but trouble.

Clara recalls her and then she shows him the photo on the phone again, he didn't find her, she made him see her or some such nonsense.  Couldn't really care much about her whatever she calls herself now. Also telling Clara the Doctor reads about her in his own special room in the TARDIS. Everyone calls Rigsy a murderer and he says he didn't kill anyone.  She placed the counter on him and at the end of it he'll be killed by the quantum shadow.  Which basically is a crow which enters the body and then leaves in a smoky form taking life, as we're later demonstrated when a man stole medicine for his wife ad is killed for it.  Mayor Me has no sense of justice either.

Ashildr shows them Jen (Naomi Ackie) who was found dead and Rigsy was leaning over her which doesn't mean he killed her and what right did she have anyway to play judge, jury and executioner. He's not part of her world/street.  When they showed her in statis she wasn't dead and it's funny the Doctor didn't realize that, nor did he put on his shades to analyze the pod even further.  If they can convince the people he's innocent then can save Rigsy, the Doctor says they don't actually have to find out who killed her.  Rigsy and Clara see a boy who has two heads just like Jen. The Doctor explains she can see the future and the past and females are gifted for this reason.

Clara sees the boy again and she tells Rigsy that they should swap.  He can give her the tattoo if she asks for it, just as the old woman said he should give to her so she wants it.  Rump (Simon Paisley Day) tells her this, but also that once you have it, you can't cheat it or escape from it.  Which she doesn't tell Rigsy.  Anyway as soon as she took the tat from Rigsy we knew this was going to be Clara's swansong, doing something she always did, save people.  Always in her nature and more importantly wanting to be like the Doctor.  Whereas in the past we got the Doctor having to say goodbye to his friends and companions before he regenerated, we now get the Doctor having to say goodbye to Clara.  Who always made him a better person.  

Clara talks Rigsy around by saying that she has the protection of the mayor and nothing will happen to Clara and he reluctantly agrees.  The Doctor finds out that he was actually summoned by Mayor. Rigsy called and specifically asked for THE Doctor, not A Doctor when he came across Jen.  Clara finds her son who is really a boy and Anahson (Letitia Wright)  tells them it's safer for her that way. Also that Mayor wanted the Doctor here but she doesn't know why, she can't see it in his future or his past and once again I said this was about him and not about Rigsy.

Heading back the Doctor finds it's actually a statis pod and she's alive.  Rigsy notices the keyhole at the side, but Mayor has the key.  She wanted the key to the TARDIS, which is what they think, but he puts his own key into it anyway and rescues her.  As he gets a bracelet slapped onto his wrist.  Cue Mayor who was hiding out all this time.  She tells him she did it to save this place since it would've been destroyed.  The bracelet is a transporter and he tells her to release Rigsy.  Until Clara tells him she's got the tattoo.  And they can make it all better, which they can't.  Mayor says the deal to save Rigsy was with her and Clara stepped in so there's nothing she can do now.

Clara accepts her fate and selflessly thinks of him.  She tells him to promise not to hurt anyone or destroy anyone or anything after she's gone, cos she doesn't want him to.  She knows him and what he's like when he's alone.  He can be destructive and so she orders him not to do it.  As she says her farewells to him.   If Danny could face it, then so can she.  She doesn't want to stay here with him and has to be brave she says, as he meets her end (or does she?)  Well I had to get that in.  Can't lose a companion like that and definitely not cos of bloomin' Mayor!  "Let me be brave," she repeats as she has the life sucked out of her and the Doctor can only watch.  Which would've hardened him even more.
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The Doctor tells Mayor to stay away from him, she knows what he's like and what he's capable of. That Clara said all of that cos she was thinking of her.  One reason Clara was just looking for adventure and getting it any way she could, throwing herself into danger, as we saw when she was dangling out of the TARDIS.  It's like she expected it and knew it was coming, as did the Doctor and he couldn't help her.  Yet in some ways, is it really what she wanted especially whenever she said they can change it, can't they, that they can always change what happens.

The Doctor realizes what Clara's done and then she realizes there's no coming back from it, resilience and then finally accepting her fate.  Just watch the scene at the end with both Jenna and Peter was so emotionally charged.  They didn't really need words.  "You listen to me, you're going to be alone now and you're very bad at that." And as she took those final steps we were taking them with her.  Until she was gone and was no more!  Though cheesily could've said "nevermore" quoth the raven!! (Edgar Allen Poe: The Raven.)  Bu it was true.  Of course it was expected but it doesn't make it any better or easier to accept when you actually watch it and Clara was actually one of the better companions and it was sad seeing her go in that way.  Then there's the question of how else would she go anyway, especially seeing as when most of the companions leave they aren't quite themselves.

The Doctor equally poignant when he says, "what's the point of being a Doctor if I can't cure you." Yes, especially since he can manage to 'cure' most everyone else in some way.  Yet we can't really blame the Doctor for what happened to Clara, he may have shown her how things can be changed, either going back in time, or just by helping someone, but it wasn't his fault.  Not really, he wasn't the one who brought her here.

Clara Oswald the Impossible Girl, is one companion I will most definitely miss!  

As for a future companion, hope it isn't Maisie Williams, no thanks!  How about just getting a male one instead and see how that works!

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The Vampire Diaries 7.4 "I Carry Your Heart With Me" Review

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Three Years from Now
We see Alaric (Matt Davis) tinkering like a mad scientist (as I said last time) but he's carrying out surgery on a doll.  His twin daughters walk in and he tells them to go to bed.  Hearing a noise he finds them staring at Damon (Ian Somerhalder) who tells him no one's dead yet but unless he helps someone will be.

Damon searches for Oscar (Tim Kang) and finds him stuffed in the locker, so now he won't be able to exchange him for Elena.  Getting bored of this back and forth nonsense now, really clutching at straws to get some sort of credible story going here, but I'm not pleased with Lily (Annie Wersching) or the Heretics being included.  Now is not really the time to start a completely different plot with new cast in tow.
Damon needs help to resurrect Oscar or else Nora (Scarlett Byrne) and Mary Louise (Teressa Liane) threaten to kill a Whitmore student every hour until he's returned, smelling blood in the dorm room, they didn't track him back to dangling out of the window.  They're just sooo tedious and those cheesy fake Brit accents add further insult to injury!

As Bonnie (Kat Graham) attempts t bring back Jo cos it's (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) ehr last day of being able to be kept on ice, Damon needs to revive Oscar first.  Bonnie finally manages to do so with the Phoenix stone and a spell and then the sets her sights on Jo.  Nora and Mary Lou have a tiff going on with their insecurities, especially Mary Lou who doesn't seem able to adapt to modern life with all this skin on display as she thinks it's just temptation for Nora and Nora doesn't want Mary Lou hanging off her every minute.  Newsflash don't care about either of them and let me add Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) too.  Acting all innocent making mushroom omelette as if she didn't sneak back late night as Enzo (Michael Mularkey) tells her.  The lovesick puppy is looking out for Lily, until Valerie tells him about Julian and he doesn't want to know who he was, Lily hasn't told him.

Matt (Zach Roerig) warns off the ghost tour bus from Mystic Falls, especially as it's Hallowe'en and Enzo looks at the surveillance cameras.  Finding out Valerie drove to Whitmore and back in a stolen car.  She told him what she did to Oscar and then Enzo asks her about Julian, who was Lily's first love.  Of course I said Enzo wants Lily so Valerie telling him that wasn't a big deal.  Enzo asks how he can help Valerie with Oscar since she doesn't know he's back yet.

Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candace King) scheme to find a way to get the ghastly Mary Lou and Nora to siphon off the vervain from Caroline, or at least get Valerie to do it but they refuse.  They also devise a Heaven and Hell ball so they can keep an eye on them and save any students from them both.  Which just leaves to Caroline telling him about her insecurities when it comes to Stefan and Valerie since he won't speak to her himself and tell her to remove the vervain.  Stefan trying to convince Caroline that even if she was his first love, he's over her, a 150 years over and doesn't want her back.  As Valerie lies to Lily about Oscar and about wanting to tell her anything.  Stefan takes Mary Lou hostage and Caroline holds Nora until she burns and must siphon off the vervain, so they can spend the night together.

Damon sends Lily a photo of him with Oscar and takes him back to Mystic Falls, but Oscar has a blood lust and gets away.  Ending up killing the people on the bus tour, well they were warned about heading there.  Lily gives back Elena and Damon wants to return to Mystic Falls, Lily saying she'll ask the family but he doesn't want to see Matt get hurt and have that on his conscience too.  As well as asking for another thing. The bottle of wine he's been hiding for 65 years.  He writes in the journal about how he will wait a 100 years for her and she'll always be in his heart.  How Damon's a jealous brother, horrible son.  How he waited for that bottle of wine and wouldn't drink it until he was ready for it.  SO he's ready for it now and that explains why he's a bourbon drinker.  As he gets Tyler (Michael Trevino) to drive Elena's coffin away, let's hope she won't be mentioned again!

Guess the highlight was Bonnie setting fire to Oscar cos the rest of it sure didn't impress and now Alaric has Jo back, will she be normal or harbour certain dark tendencies.  From the Gemini Coven we came to the Heretics this season and really don't know why they chose this storyline and in some ways if they did, it'd be better if they could get a cast with authentic accents at least.  Not any old dropkicks they could find, as they say Down under!  Agent Cho aka Oscar, you have been relegated to a vampire!!  Damon telling Lily she has a particular love for sons who are rippers!  The other best part was Damon writing the journal as it's not something that we'd expect him to do, though he had to begin, 'Dear Elena...'  Now can he change that T-shirt already!  Ha.

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Eye Candy1.10 "A4U" Review

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The final episode opens with a man telling a little boy that he'll "find her and when you do, she'll be perfect."  To which I said what a thing to say to a little boy instead of other words of encouragement, like be the best you can, be good, it's not about finding women at his age, he hasn't even grown up yet!  He then tells him not to come into the next room and he hears a gunshot.  However he does go there and sees his parents both dead.  The boy is Jake (Ryan Cooper) as he was having a flashback on the boat.  Lindy (Victoria Justice) needs to find Tessa (Theodora Woolley) as Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) told her and she uses her phone to find the location, then hears Tessa's phone ringing, it's in Jake's bag.  So why didn't he turn it off.   They arrive at Hart Island.

Tommy (Casey Deidrick) and Connor (John Garet Stoker) enter the apartment and find Tessa's DB. Connor's never seen a DB before and then notice the marks on the bathroom door, someone must have hid it there Tommy assumes.  The phone rings and they search for Sophia's phone as Connor said he tried calling her but couldn't.  It's coming from being placed inside Tessa's head and the message reads: "follow us and they die, call the police and they die."  Well that was a bit late considering Tommy is police.  Tommy calls George (Harvey Guillen) for help who freaks out when he sees Tessa's body, he really liked her.  Connor slaps him and tells him to breathe.  Connor needs to find everything he can on Jake and Tommy tells George he needs to hack the city. but George needs access to the Cyber Unit at least.  Tommy tells him he'll get him what he wants and steals equipment from the Unit.  Yeager (Marcus Callender) sees and tries to stop him but Tommy beats him up, saying sorry.

Lindy sees someones already dug up the grave but Jake tells her to dig anyway.  She realizes Jake is the Flirtual Killer.  There's no body there, but there is a tablet which he tells her will inform her of what happened to her sister, Sarah.  Jake tells her they have "to die to be reborn."  Lindy hits him with the shovel and tries to gt away but he catches her.  She wakes to find herself tied up inside the building.

Connor and George look for info on Jake at the club and Connor finds his father was a violent prisoner and worked on Hart Island.  Connor also finds that Jake went to Australia and he got degrees in Computer Science so he could have easily been able to mastermind this.  Jake changed his name and his father met his mother who was a drug addict at the woman's facility.  Jake catches Lindy after she breaks out and tells her his father met her there and told her he'd break her out.  He tells Lindy he was looking for the one perfect one his entire life and he found her in Lindy.  She tells him she isn't perfect and he says her sister's disappearance is the one thing that makes her flawed so he'll help her with that.

He tells her he took Sophia and shows her the footage from the van outside.  She can save her if she goes now.  Lindy rushes to help and had flashes to the night her sister was abducted in the rain and does everything now she did then, like climbing over cars.  Smashing the window she saves Sophia. They try to escape but there's no boat there.  There's no signal either and then Lindy finds there's a private signal coming through.  Which she follows.

George gets to use the NSA ultimate hacker computer and Yeager finds him as soon as he turns it on. He has to hack into Jake's firewall which is surrounding the entire Island.  They didn't find Tessa's phone so Tommy thinks Jake took it and they could track it.  But why did Jake leave the phone turned on still.  If he's so meticulous on every detail.  Tommy and Connor arrive on the Island and Lindy finds the cables and antenna leading to Jake's computer.  The computer is set up to answer anything Lindy asks it.  She needs to download info about her sister onto her flashdrive.  However the first entry shows the acts Jake was capable of even at an early age and shows he killed his mother, by injecting her with an air bubble.  His father thought she overdosed and shot himself.  Jake wanted to stop her misery but didn't he realize he was adding to his father's pain in the process and what that would do to him.  Or did he not think his father would kill himself.  So Jake had the predisposition to kill from the outset, you could say the violence was in his genes.

Jake turns up and he stabs Sophia telling her to come with him so she can be saved.  Tommy and Connor are given the location by George who manages to break into the firewall and Connor finds Sophia.  Tommy goes after Lindy but she tells him to help Sophia for her.  She'll forgive him for everything if he helps her.  He reluctantly leaves after saying he'll never stop looking for her.  We then see Lindy at the train station with Jake handing her a box .  Inside are tickets to her hometown which she thinks will lead her to Sarah.  Lindy signals George and he loads Jake's photo onto peoples' phones saying the Flirtual Killer is in front of you.  Everyone watches Jake and some even try to stop him but he has a gun.  The police arrive and Tommy beats him.  Yep he always wanted to do that.

Lindy leaves.  She says goodbye to Sophia as Connor comes back to her room and plans out a vacation in Europe for them.  Lindy messages Tommy and they chat.  She tells him she has to do this alone and doesn't want anyone else to get hurt.  Jake is taken away and doesn't tell Tommy where Lindy's going asking for a lawyer.  She gets on a bus and looks at the second tablet Jake gave her.  It shows Sara getting out of the van that took her and meeting a boy, on the audio she hears, "Lindy will be safe."

A bit of an anti climax especially when Jake was already known as the killer.  Here we just get to see how he became one, all down to his father and they say children are impressionable so be careful what they see and what you tell them.  Also Jake didn't get hurt by the killer and never even had an attempt on his life, as I said already, he was only meant to be framed, which he did to himself.  It was a bit of a surprise Lindy didn't suspect him as a killer straight off since she instead thinks cos Tessa was dating her matches he was also dating her and that's why he had the phone.  The penny doesn't drop until later.

The title meaning "All For You."  Well it was all for Lindy!

Guess season 2 would've had her on the search for her sister and also Tommy checking in on her if he could, but somehow I don't think season 2 would've been as exciting, not with the show in its current state.  Suppose Jake would've escaped at some point, but needed to be behind bars like his father.   Yet her sister being alive and voluntarily leaving so Lindy would be safe was a little up in the air. Was it Jake who made her leave or someone else and who else would Lindy need to be safe from? Won't be getting any of those answers so make up your own endings if you like.  Oh and another thing, like Columbo, ha, what was all that about Sarah being held prisoner with Catherine's niece and was that even her, doesn't seem so, what was that a red herring?

Doctor Who 9.9 "Sleep No More" Review

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A crew of soldiers are preparing to head onto a space station, Le Verrier, to help the stranded crew. As they're introduced by a man in a video message.  He tells people not to watch cos "once you watch, you can't unwatch it."  We've seen it all before along the lines of the Angels and 'don't blink' etc.  As Nagata (Elaine Tan) Chopra (Neet Mohan) Deer-Ando (Paul Courtenay Hyu) and cloned grunt 474 (Bethany Black) board the ship, they hear voices.  It's Clara (Jenna Coleman) and the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) as she talks about him bringing her to a Japanese space restaurant.  He says the word space should be used by itself and they shouldn't put anything in front of it.  Nagata confronts them and the Doctor shows his ID, they're here to inspect the stress and structures of the station.  Unbeknownst to them, they're being watched and it's something that Clara mentions.  As before they arrive on the ship, we see a message or code flash onto the screen contain amongst other things, 'Clara Oswald.'  Assuming that's something to do with her then or what will happen to her over the next few weeks to the finale.

They hear noises and run as they're chased by something which looks like a white creature.  They try to barricade the door, but the creature manages to get an arm through and then disintegrates to fine particles, like sand.  Ending up in an area with pods.  Nagata mentions Morpheus and entering a pod and being asleep for a short while and then being able to stay awake for longer.  Clara gets drawn into the pod and the Doctor isn't able t find her.  Until  they open up the pod, she's hooked up to some wires and she tells him she was drawn into it and it just grabbed her.  What about those miniature singers with 'Mr Sandman' which was a clue.  The doctor explains the pod sensed she needed sleep and drew her in.  She should be refreshed now.  They then listen to a woman hologram talk about how humans need sleep and by entering the Morpheus state they can have little sleep and function for hours making them competitive.  Chopra and Clara say that's disgusting and the number of times the word 'disgusting' was used in this episode.

Ando goes missing and he tries to hide in a chamber but the computer tells him to sing to enter.  He doesn't know what to sing and we get the few notes of Mr Sandman again, which he then sings.  He does get into the chamber, but he's killed.  The others come across  Rassmussen (Reece Shearsmith) in the pod next to Clara and he tells them he invented Morpheus.  They are here to rescue him and so they should.  As we continually get more playback of his message.  The anti-gravity thrusters give way and the station heads for Jupiter.  The Doctor manages to bring them back online as Rassmussen is swallowed up by one of the creatures.  The manage to hide in a cold store.

Clara calls them Sandmen and the Doctor is upset cos she named the monsters.  She asks what they should call them, Dustmen.  And he says, "it's like the Silurians all over again."  As he's worked out the Sandmen are the sleep from their eyes that they wipe away every morning.  Only cos of their heightened sleep stage they have built up the sleep dust and become into that, being devoured by the sleep.  He also says that Clara has become like that too cos she went into the pod and Chopra was the only one who refused to go into the pod.  The Doctor making references to dying and to Clara, but she thinks he'll be able to fix her when they get back. The Doctor also mentioning they're being watched and Clara picked up on it.  But if they're all in the picture and Nagata says they don't have helmet cams then how are they being watched, since the station has no cameras, said that.  He surmizes they're being watched by a particle of dust, planted to keep an eye on them.

Another Sandman tries to get in and the Doctor says they can't see but they're sight is being taken over, so they sneak out of the cold store.  Ending up in the engine room, he finds something was hooked there and it was warm.  That being the pod which is heading towards their ship.  Chopra and 474 can't reach the others so Chopra assumes they're dead and will head for the ship and then blow up the station.  But they're met by Sandmen and 474 protects Chopra.  That's what he's meant to do, he's a soldier, grown to fight, which Clara also called disgusting.  Anyone think Dark Angel here? And they're were also numbered.

Chopra heads to the ship and is followed by Rassmussen who kills him.  Obviously it had to be him and as they also head to the ship, they find that out.  He aims to send the Sandman down to the planet and spread his spores infecting everyone on there as he tries to start the ship.  Nagata shoots him and Clara asks if that was all she could have done.  Well, she is a soldier.  The Doctor sets the station to self-destruct as the Sandman escapes from the pod.  They run towards the TARDIS and manage to get in.  As the Sandman approaches and runs into nothing.

Rassmussen appears again in another message and says that he's not really alive.  There was no spores as he pulls at his eye and his face revealing he's a Sandman too.  He had wires and technology but the only way to make this interesting was if he could talk about the story and telling everyone to watch.  By talking about the Sandmen and tells us to make sure we tell our family and friends to watch as well.
Guess that was meant to be the twist at the end.  Though in some ways, couldn't help but feel it's been done before with the running around in the corridors as in Under the Lake eps earlier on and being chased by monsters/zombies and the crew taken out one by one.  That we were being watched and we know if from the corner of our eye, it was meant to hold out fear and scare us but didn't really work. For Rasmussen's messages to work, it's either that he' still alive or those were just recordings, either way he is alive when they meet up with him.

This was Mark Gatiss writing something akin to "Blink" but that was more interesting and could it be done again in a  a Doctor Who ep, well yes, anything's possible, but this just somehow wasn't that breathtaking or scary.  There's been a tectonic realignment of the earth and it is now the Indo-Japanese who are in power, which took a huge number of centuries to achieve, which explains why Nagata wanted everyone to follow her, she's leader.  Leading to more competition between workers and the need to sleep less but work more efficiently, as if the ethics of the Indo-Japanese is nothing but work.  Thus Rassmussen invented Morpheus.  Little realizing it was a flawed concept.

The Doctor once again mentioning death quite a lot and even in reference to Clara, so is she going to become one of those Sandmen too and meet her doom.  He was also thinking of all the poets and playwrights from before and quotes, from MacBeth, "sleep no more...MacBeth doth murder sleep..." Was that meant to be some sort of foreboding.  Brought back memories with that having studied it.   The Doctor revealing to Clara, "even I sleep, when you're not looking."  

His use of licking his finger and holding it up again to find they're in the 38th century and more use of the sonic shades again.  As well as Clara telling him they can use 'space' as a prefix in front of words, like Nagata refers to space pirates.  They don't have to be words by
themselves, like just restaurant or pirates.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Vampire Diaries 7.3 "Age of Innocence" Review

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The age of innocence, more like the age of duplicity with Lily (Annie Wersching) and her new 'family' all harbouring secrets of their own and betrayal in their hearts.

Three Years From Now Stefan (Paul Wesley) calls Tyler (Michael Trevino) telling him his scar's opened up and he tried to warn Caroline (Candace Accola King) but she won't answer.  Tyler doesn't want to get involved and he tells Tyler to keep safe, as Stefan burns his car

Now Caroline reads about Valerie ( Elizabeth Blackmore) in Stefan's journal and he calls his phone, Caroline answers and mentions Valerie to him, dirty blonde hair, blue eyes"  (lousy accent! Ha) As Valerie comes in, cue bad flashbacks and tedious too.  Valerie met Stefan back in 1863 (year of choice for this episode, or rather year of revisit) at the Mystic Falls fair.  They meet, talk, hit it off and before you know it they're all over each other.  This being Stefan's first time and he just wants to undress her himself (yawn!)  Taking her to Lily's grave where he used to put flowers there every week.  He told her how when he was ten and his father sent him to get some flower for a tonic to help with her consumption, but she was sent to the sanatorium.  Valerie tells him the cream violet wouldn't have helped so he can't blame himself.  That she worked at the sanatorium  and nursed the patients there.  The flower was just an old wives tale, bit like her.

Today Lily turns up and parallel parks knocking the bumper off a BMW.  Stefan tells her she can have his house but she's not getting the car, or wrecking it, strange since we've just seen him destroy it three years later.  He tells her Damon's (Ian Somerhalder) left town and they're not talking.  Then he takes her for a driving lesson and she tells him about sending Valerie to check up on him cos her sons thought she was dead.  Only Valerie fell in love but didn't tell Lily this.  Then we meet Julian (Todd Lasance) who turns out to be Lily's boyfriend, which Stefan finds hard to believe and she's been looking for him sever since.

Valerie left, was sneaking out to be with Stefan, but Julian beat her up and killed her baby in the process, Stefan's baby.  She awoke in the ship and Julian told Lily she was beaten up.  Lily gave her blood and made her better.  She tried to kill herself, succeeded and came back to life cos of Lily's blood and he was the first hybrid.  Valerie goes to meet Stefan where he waited for her the whole day like a fool and tells him of the baby.  So if Stefan didn't have any feelings for her now and doesn't want to think of the past as he later tells Caroline, why was he there and how easy was it for Valerie to find him there.  Maybe Stefan was thinking, "Valerie, call on me...I'm the same boy I used to be..." Ha.  Had to get that in!

Caroline gives Lily Stefan's journal saying he loved her and wrote about her all the time.  She reads an extract and lets Caroline go cos Stefan was honest with Lily.  Oh don't tell me Stefan will have a change of heart and side with Lily, cos that'd be too much of a betrayal.  After all she was the one who deserted them.

Damon tells Alaric (Matt Davis) and Bonnie they're going on a road trip to Myrtle Beach which is where he found Oscar (Tim Kang).  Bonnie asks Alaric about the stone and he tells her he destroyed it in hydrofluoric acid, which of course he didn't.  Oh Damon can never keep any clothes on or that towel either!  Ha.  Bonnie is still having visions of those people being killed and wants Oscar to siphon those feelings from her.  Oscar recalls Damon from 1863 and the Civil War, but Damon feigns to forget.  Oscar senses the stone and Damon tells him if he helps her, he won't tell Lily where he is. He's been hiding out from her cos he wants his 'freedom' and not be ordered to do what she wants like the rest of her family.  Oscar tells Damon he didn't compel him back then when his entire regiment was slaughtered.  He spoke with him and he did what was in his heart.  Damon wanting to desert but that wouldn't look good in his father's eyes.  Damon also saying he couldn't tell his friends he fought for the South.  Well wouldn't they already know he fought for the South.

He manages to subdue Oscar along with Bonnie and Alaric and he is put under vervain.  Before Damon calls and tells Lily about having Oscar and using him as leverage to get Elena back.  He's got a new family too just like her.  Valerie does a locator spell and finds Oscar weeding out how he knows where Julian is from him and kills him cos she can't let Lily find Julian as he's a demon.  So presumably Lily will think Damon killed Oscar if she finds out.

Bonnie knows about the stone and Alaric tells her he wants to bring back Jo.  The only person he ever loved (what about Jenna?)  Anyway Bonnie gives him back the stone and tells him not to lie to her again.  He shows Bonnie where he's keeping Jo under ice, so to speak.  Bonnie telling him he's getting into necromancy.

Caroline returns and finds Stefan asking if he can remember the first time he saw her.  Especially after Valerie told her she didn't have any powers to compel Stefan back then.  But she says he'd only remember Elena.  Stefan saying he doesn't live in the past.  Couldn't tell if he was being honest here or not, but he's had so many others after Valerie and before Caroline.   I am tired of where this season is going and the introduction of these new characters that I can't care less about.  There's just something missing in this season and I don't mean Elena either.  With this too-ing and fro-ing and flash forwards and flashbacks.  Even Damon's lost his funny edge.

It appears in the future the producers want to 'pair off' as many couples as possible like Bonnie and Enzo are together in the future, but Caroline and Stefan aren't and part of this will be cos of Valerie. Don't ell me Caroline goes back to Tyler, since Stefan made that call to him in the future.  Which is all going back to the past if that's the case, but what about Bonnie and Jeremy.

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Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 8 Review

Final episode ever of Downton, for now anyway.  They may decide to make films, who knows, have a spin-off seeing as it has so many fans globally who will miss it.  Though there is a Christmas special to tie off all the loose ends that couldn't be done now.

It's all about Mary (saying there's something about Mary would be a bit of a cliche by now and it's old hat.)  But she's still glad she sent Henry Talbott (Matthew Goode) packing and feels it's the best thing for her.  Even with Branson (Allen Leech)  telling her it's not.  That she's unhappy cos of it and she's just sabotaging everything, especially her own happiness.  In the village they see the paper headlines announcing the death of the Marchioness, that's Lord Hexham, cousin of Bertie Pelham (Harry Hadden-Paton) so many times removed.  Now they feel Bertie will be out of an agent job, leaving Edith (Laura Carmichael) marrying a penniless man if she accepts.  Still it's all about money and position cos that's how it is with Mary (Michelle Dockery).

As Bertie arrives at Downton on his way to Tangiers, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) mentions how he must miss his cousin, who was always so good to him.  Bertie's mother is much sterner though and she's the only family he has left.  Mary still making snide remarks about him and Edith until she finds out that Bertie is the new Marchioness and will become Lord Hexham, making him even grandeur than the Earl of Grantham and Mary too.  Saying they'll all have to bow to Edith and Branson asks Mary if she could bow before Edith.  Well we all know the answer to that one don't we.  Mary is jealous and there's no denying it, as Branson tells her.  Infact she's actually livid that Edith could do much better than her.  Making excuses about how Henry is just a mechanic.  Tony Gillingham is mentioned numerous times, though why I don't exactly know, I mean they don't have to keep talking about him being perfect for her cos he was titled and all the rest.

Rosamund (Samantha Bond) and Cora think Edith should tell Bertie about Marigold before she accepts his proposal and Robert (Hugh Bonneville) thinks she should do whatever makes her happy. Cora says she she should tell him though she can't make Edith say anything to him cos she's grown up and is her own woman.  Robert doesn't really like Rosamund interfering and it's go nothing to do with her not having children.  She and The Dowager (Maggie Smith) were in on the news at the start and did try to influence Edith into giving up Marigold.

Branson tells Henry to come down and he does so under the pretext that he's driving from Durham and right past the gates, so Branson thought he should drop in.  Cora asks him to spend the night and Mary is quite angry at that.  She wants him gone as soon as possible and says as much to Cora. Again she walks in when they're talking about Edith and how she should come clean with Bertie.  Of course she's worked it out by now as she tells Branson as much and it wasn't his secret to tell as he puts it, confirming what she already suspects.  Edith accepts Bertie's proposal, but she doesn't tell him and you can still see how she's agonizing over whether to tell him, or to wait.  Though it would be marrying him under false pretences if she doesn't tell him.  He takes the response as being a 'yes' to his proposal.

Mary has a fight with Henry when he says that they're different and he hasn't got a penny and she's livid (again) that he can call her a money grubbing gold digger, wanting him gone.  Everyone knows he's right for Mary except Mary doesn't want to believe it.  Instead she just lashes out at Edith the next day at breakfast.  Robert making a quick getaway with the excuse of having letters to write.   Wonder if Mary would've blabbed if he had stuck around.  Bertie has an announcement but Edith stresses it's not a good time.  Branson says if it's good news then they're all happy for her and Mary drops Edith right into it by blabbing about Marigold and then making excuses saying she thought he knew and Edith told him.  Oh yeah pull the other one, she wasn't fooling anyone.  Can't believe there was no slapping in this episode!  (Or series between Mary and Edith.)  Bertie leaves and Branson tells Robert how Mary accidentally told him, but Robert knows Mary wouldn't have done it by accident.

Bertie says he would've accepted marigold but she would've married under a lie and by not trusting him, which they'll never know now.  Think Bertie gave up easily on her cos of the title and what that entails, but more importantly it was more about his mother than any trust issues.  Even when Edith explains she knew it would ruin things and that's exactly what happened.  Bertie didn't even want to meet her halfway.  So who was the bigger person and who had trust issues?

Edith packs for London and leaves but not before having it out with Mary.  It was the fight of the entire six seasons but they just should've had it before!  Mary again saying she was wrong and thought she'd told him.  Edith adding she knows her, she's her sister and she's not talking to their mother or anyone else.  She's an outright vindictive, selfish bitch.  Edith managing to get bitch in twice there!  She wasn't happy and she couldn't see Edith happy either and so she ruined her life, as well as ruing her own life.  When she's unhappy she just lashes out and it's always against Edith.
Branson tells Mary the same too, that she can't see how much she loves Henry and she's so high and mighty, trying to bring her down another notch or two.

In London Laura (Antonia Berth) tells her that Cassandra Jones, the agony aunt is coming in for a meeting cos she wants more money and so she suggested a meeting in person to negotiate.  Edith thinks she might send someone pretending to be her, so they'll say 'bananas' if they think 'she's the real thing.'  Of course I said it was a man and it turns out to be Spratt (Jeremy Swift) of all people. Should've got the hint when the Dowager returns after Branson writes to her and tells him Spratt's gone missing.  That as a butler he should know when she's coming, he doesn't need to be told.  She tells Mary about being in love and Henry is perfect for her cos he's strong and that's who Mary needs. Mary cries, it's not cos of that but the fact she can't be another car crash widow and after the accident, she thought it was Henry who died.  He would give it up for her, but then he'd resent her. Mary says "nobody can believe I know my own mind."  As she told Anna earlier.  But we did know especially when she's not in a jealous rage.  Of course she wanted Henry she flirted as much with him. Even Henry knew her when he told her, "if you're trying to get rid of me, I'm going to make this as hard and as horrible as I can."

Guess many would be disappointed it wasn't Branson in Henry's place, I mean those passionate fights between them and they came so close to ...almost kissing again!  He even said outright, "you're not a princess in The Prisoner of Zenda."  Granted she was Sybil's sister and so an unlikely couple, but there was more fire between them than laid back, boring Henry Talbott!  Who didn't even raise his voice, to win her back, but somehow she changed her mind, even saying she doesn't quite know why and that was it!

Mary finally resigning to the fact that she loves him after all and asks him to come down.  She pays a visit to Matthew's grave and asks for his forgiveness, she's getting married but she'll always love him. Isobel (Penelope Wilton) sees her there and tells her she comes down often out of habit, as Mary replies she doesn't come down often enough.  Isobel tells her she doesn't need her forgiveness.  So they embrace and Henry already has the marriage licence, have and decide to get married already at the church.  After they confess they're not twenty but they still tremble at the touch of each other's hands.  She doesn't want a huge society wedding.  Mary reiterating what Branson said how a marriage should be about equals which has nothing to do with money.

Edith turns up for the wedding and Mary apologizes to her.  Edith saying she only means it when she's happy which she will be for a while and then she'll go back to being horrible and mean.  Edith bringing up Sybil and they will be the only ones who will remember her, as well a  their parents and Carson (Jim Caret) and anyone else who matters to them.  Branson tells Henry he's the best man at her wedding for a second time.  Cue another marriage for Mary.

Sgt Willis (Howard Ward) tells Mrs Patore (Lesley Nichol) the doctor couple staying at her B&B were having an affair and she may be required to appear as a witness in the divorce.  The place being labelled a house of "ill-repute."  I'd preferred a 'den of inequity'.  She can't believe it and Anna (Joanne Froggatt) tells Mary about it who laughs, as well as Anna and Bates (Brendan Coyle) laughing too.  Mrs Hughes (Phyliss Logan) tells Carson she'd have done the same, laughed.  When they find out about it Rosamund suggests they should have tea there and the photographer can take photos with them cos she's worked very hard for it.  Carson once again expressing his distaste at the entire matter and how the family will be brought down.  Cora wonders why she didn't think of it before and Carson thinks Mrs Patmore should turn them down.  Mrs Patmore asks if they really want to do this and then cries at the response.  Mary saying they don't need her there sounded so stuck up and flippant, like why should she get her picture in the papers for a servant.  Carson still objects and Mrs Hughes calls him a  curmudgeon but she's not going off him cos he's her curmudgeon.

Molesley (Kevin Doyle) starts teaching at the school and one of the children draws a picture of him on a note.  Which is then passed around.  By the end of the day the class is in uproar and he tells everyone he had a challenging time.  Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) thinks he should tell them he was a servant at the house and then they won't find it out.  Which he decides to do.  He tells them education should be for everyone and not just the rich.  He taught himself and read at every opportunity he could get.  As they finally accept him.  Daisy (Sophie McShera)  listens to him and tells everyone he was really good and a natural.

Thomas (Rob James-Collier) wasn't shown much in this episode and Baxter sees him looking out of character, after receiving another rejection letter cos the place is looking for a chauffeur and a butler all in one and he's over-qualified.  Didn't think they could do that with such a position.  Molesley tells Baxter that Thomas wasn't looking the best and said how he hopes Molesley has a better life than he did.  As she runs back Andy (Michael Fox) has to break the door down and finds him in the bath after trying to slash his wrists.  Luckily Andy says he didn't cut too deep.  Carson tells everyone that he's got influenza and only Mrs Hughes, Anna, Baxter and Carson know.  Carson tells Robert who blurts out Thomas tried to kill himself.   Mary berating Robert by saying he wanted to make a saving in getting rid of Thomas and Robert thinks that's below the belt even for her.  Did anyone think back to Thomas in the war when he put his hand up with the lighted match and got shot, especially when Andy says the cuts weren't too deep.  Then that'd mean his character hadn't evolved at all and everything we saw the past eight weeks was all pretense for sympathy and in order to stay on.  Which would be one int he eye for Carson who acknowledges Thomas has a heart!  Ha.  Just thinking out loud!

Carson tells Robert he's going to let Thomas stay on for now and Robert was going to suggest the same, since "no man is an island."  Carson didn't think he had a heart and didn't give him credit for having any feelings.  Thomas saying to George he's the only friend he has here as Mary brings him to visit.  Bringing up her own woes that they're both in the same position, well it's not quite the same is it.  She'll pick herself up and still be in the house at the end of the day with George.  Thomas answers he'd agree if he didn't think he was being out of place.  What made me laugh was Carson's line of "the suicidal footman in the attic!"  What was this some sort of mystery game and not a real person he was talking about.  Though what was also funny was Mary and Thomas being compared to each other, re their lives sucked right about now.  Though Mary had a quick turnaround with hers! The princess!!  Ha.

Though it was rather unfair that Mary got her happy ending, but it seems the show was mostly about Mary and no one else since series 1.  It was kind of intriguing when Robert says out of all of his children Edith is the one who has given him the most surprises and he's waiting for the next one. Now what could that be.  Even if I have been saying for quite a while now that Michael will return and surprise her.  The way they showed her at the end at the cemetery, but more than that.  It was Michael who Edith was the most happiest with.

Isobel talks with Amelia (Phoebe Sparrow) and tells her in no uncertain terms she's not going to rekindle anything with Lord Merton (Douglas Reith) until she has Larry's blessing and his say so on it.  Amelia thinking she'd marry him cos it's what Larry wants, whereas it's what she wants.

Thus ended an era for some in terms of a watchable TV show.  But this last series did drag its heels especially with that hospital storyline which took forever to be over with and the agonizing over Marigold, of course we all knew it'd be Mary who'd be the last to find out and that everyone was right in not telling her, cos she went and did what she did after finding out anyway, blab to the whole world (practically).

The Christmas special should finish off the Edith storyline, Isobel's accepting Merton or not, Anna's baby being born and anything else left to resolve; and they may as well give Molesley's Downton job to Thomas since he just wants to teach.

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Doctor Who 9.8 "The Zygon Inversion" Review

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The episode begins with Bonnie trying to blow up the Doctor's (Peter Capaldi) plane and he says his plane isn't going to land, yes but that didn't mean he wouldn't get away cos he did just that as he and Osgood (Ingrid Oliver) parachute out of it as it explodes.  Clara (Jenna Coleman) wakes up and the clock is inverted (probably a use of the title referring to the Zygon "inversion".  It's like she's in an alternate universe or parallel, of course it's cos she's in the pod and more importantly, she's still alive. As she gets up she hears the Doctor's message on the TV screen and she can see Bonnie with the missiles.  She tries to use her memories and connection with Bonnie to cause her to misfire the missile.  The first one misses, but the second one doesn't, which must've given the Doctor time to escape.  As she freezes the picture, she notices two parachutes.

The Doctor and Osgood land on the beach and they try to get to London.  He notices a police car and he shows them ID identifying himself a  Dr John Disco.  But they're not biting.  Clara sends a text to the Doctor via Bonnie's phone as Bonnie types in her message. she doesn't even realize she's doing it, saying, "I'm awake."   As the Doctor ponders why Bonnie would say that.  Osgood realizing Clara sent it.  They then get the van and drive to London, Osgood noticing the Doctor actually cares for Clara.  Bonnie follows a man from the supermarket to his flat and she converts him to a Zygon.  He runs out and she films him changing, then posts it online.  They arrive in London and he calls it a "dump."  Which maybe true!  ha. Osgood finds the video Bonnie posted and they head to the supermarket.  Where they find the man who says it's not his fault, he didn't want to do it, he just wanted to live in peace.

They need to find Clara and Bonnie goes to her pod asking her about the Osgood Box and its location.  Clara is adamant she can't alter her memories and also confident she won't be able to tell if she's lying, until Bonnie reaches for her pulse and tells them their heartbeats are similar.  She'll tell if she's lying.  Now we know why the Doctor, when he speaks with Clara, leaving her that message, telling her not to tell Bonnie about the Box, is exactly what he wanted her to do.  She finds out it's at UNIT in the Black Archive room and she heads there.  Clara already has access to it, she just has to be there.  Clara telling her she'll come back to her when she arrives cos she needs her.

Kate (Jemma Redgrave)  arrives back and reports to Bonnie.  She finds the Doctor and says they're both looking for Clara.  Kate shoots the Zygons as she survived the sheriff turning into a Zygon with "five rounds rapid".  She's sorry they have to do what the Doctor doesn't want.  She asks him about the gas which will cause them to invert.

At UNIT Bonnie finds there are two boxes.  One is red, the other blue and she asks the Doctor which one is the correct one when he arrives there.  As Bonnie opens the boxes she finds there's 'Truth Or Consequences' written inside both of them with two buttons.  Kate positions herself in front of the red box, saying if Bonnie can push a button so can she.  The Doctor reverting to an American accent like it's a gameshow, tells them about pushing the button.  He then tells them about wanting to destroy his own people, man woman, child and how everyday he lives with that knowledge.  Of destroying people and it doesn't go away.  He asks Bonnie what she wants, as she replies "war."  Then talks of bullies, they don't like them, they deal with them, but then someone else comes along and they don't like them either and on it continues.

Then asking Bonnie if she got her way and destroyed everyone, what would she do after that?  What is she hoping for?  Who's going to be around, will there be music and if so, who's going to make the violins the Doctor asks, or rather, he should've said guitars instead.  But violins are more appropriate for a sob story.  He calls it a "scale model of war and , every war ever fought, right there in front of you."

She realizes there's nothing in the box after Kate closes her one.  Then tells her she can go.  Bonnie being hesitant as to why anyone would forgive her after what she's done.  The Doctor says he forgives her.  She heads back to the ship and calls off the impending war saying the rebels have been taken care of, changing back to her Zygon form.

Funny part, the Doctor saying how Clara changed him and also how he's 2,000 years old, old enough to be her Messiah.  But they care.  I find myself having those feelings here going back to Doctor Ten when he knew his time was up and he was going to 'regenerate.'  Here it's different with Clara as we know every minute is probably her last and the Doctor knows it too.  (Though you never know with this show.)  His expression changing at the end when they're back in the TARDIS and she mentions being alive.  That was a quick change of subject too but the way he looked at her, saying only he can change time.  He knows what's coming up and he doesn't like it.

Osgood evading the question of whether she's human or Zygon and how the Doctor needs to know, but why?  As Kate asked her the same question too.  No answer though.  The Doctor asks Clara to step into the TARDIS and Osgood number 3 shows up.  They couldn't have someone walking around with Clara's face and so they changed her into another Osgood.  But then if that's the case, doesn't that mean the new Osgood is the Zygon.  Leaving the possibility Osgood is human, or are they both Zygon?  She won't answer "until the day nobody cares about the answer."  That's a long way off, in the show and in real life too, referring to the allegory of this episode.  Osgood's first name being Petronella, as he calls himself  Basil (ha!  Brush or Fawlty, yes I went there.)

Osgood referring to the Sonic again and saying the shades are about as pointless as the speaking hearing aid.  Apparently Clara waking up in her flat and thinking she's dreaming was a harkback to Last Christmas.  Osgood asking what the TARDIS means: "Totally And Radically Driving In Space" he replies.  As well as telling Osgood not to look at his browser history when he gives her the sonic (so what's on there?)  The Doctor calling Bonnie 'Zygella' and she doesn't like it.

This episode was topical again, referring to the hating and indifference towards each other in the world.  And pushing the button, what's left after, will everyone's problems, hate and turmoil be resolved.  No, but that's something they don't realize.  Anyway, this is an ep which is more interesting to watch than to write about.  I would add this ep of Doctor Who is actually where Peter Capaldi makes the character his own.  Reverting war just by using dialogue and nothing more.  Having said that, I also think Jenna as Bonnie really had a juicy role to play.  She was ruthless and so far removed from her 'twin' unlike the Osgoods who were quite similar and in their mission to protect the world. Ahh, Jenna you'll be missed!