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So Eddie Cahill...

Eddie Cahill keeps a low profile, but when he does get out and about, gotta spread the word!  Even if it is just in pictures!!  Like this one of Eddie on the TCAs red carpet.

Man he looks cute! Roll on season 9 CSI:NY...

Desperate Housewives - 7.17: "Everything's Different, Nothing's Changed" Review

Bree tries to make Andrew see he's an alcoholic. Renee wants to throw her Spring Fling party, even if it's distasteful in the wake of Beth's passing and Gaby wants to come, until she realizes she shouldn't have the party after all

Mary Alice: (Brenda Strong) "We can never know the moment our lives are about to change forever...enjoying a glass of wine, tending to our aches and pains and then when we least expect it, the moment comes."  Paul (Mark Moses) and Susan (Teri Hatcher) each receive calls at the same time, but each with completely different news.   Paul learns of Beth's (Emily Bergl) death and Susan learns she has a kidney donated by Beth; who is still on life support.   Mary Alice: "There are moments that change our lives forever, but not always in the way we might expect it."

Mary Alice: "The women of Wisteria Lane look for any excuse to celebrate...a bottle of champagne...a new dress for turning 39 when my friends heard about Susan's good fortune, they just couldn't resist."  Gaby (Eva Longoria) shouts out, "Congratulations...kidney" to Susan in the hospital.   The doctor calls this a sad day.  They're surprised about Beth and feel sorry for her now, when it's too late.

Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) is passed out on Karen McClusky's (Kathryn Joosten) couch, drunk and refuses to believe or accept he's an alcoholic.  His partner's given up on him.   Renee (Vanessa Williams) prepares for her Spring Fling party.  Beth wasn't invited to the party as she's a clinger, she'll stick around for months, is Renee's opinion.   Gaby's bought a new Versace dress for the event.  Renee thinks it could be a tribute to Beth.  Would you believe, Renee is even shallower than Gaby.  Susan attempts to comfort Paul with the thought that Beth lives on .   Paul doesn't accept she's dead and wants her to stay that way and Susan doesn't deserve her kidney, she "gave her nothing in life." Well it could be said, neither did he.   Only grief.   He drove Beth to shoot herself, with his behaviour and rejection.   The doctors tell Mike (James Denton) that the legal documents are binding but the hospital won't sanction an action against a grieving husband.

Mike wants to take Paul to court, but Susan refuses, it's Paul's decision, not theirs.  So what about Bree (Marcia Cross) when she found out Beth had signed donation papers but Paul refused to give her the kidney, why didn't Bree step in like she intended to.  No she's busy asking Andrew for help dropping off donuts to an AA meeting.   No one needs to know they're related.   Andrew introduces himself as Elvis, accompanied by the glib comment of, "that's another reason for me to be mad at my mother."

Tom (Doug Savant) introduces Glenn (Ron Melendez) who asks Tom to be CFO of his company, he can't leave Carlos (Richardo Antonio Chavira).   Lynette (Felicity Huffman) insists he accept the job offer.  "Integrity got a better offer from Glenn and turned into prosperity." Andrew talks about the problems with his control freak mother and calls her "Attila the Mom." Bree goes on the defensive.   The residents of the Lane don't want to attend Renee's party and neither does Gaby now.   Bree says it reminds her of Mary Alice.  Renee still pushes ahead as she's had the party for 10 years now.   Gaby thanks Renee for "making me the compassionate one."

Susan thinks Beth killed herself so Susan could have the kidney but it doesn't make sense.   No it wouldn't since she could have still had the kidney without Beth doing that.  Mike reminds Susan it was Beth's final wish.   Lynette, up to her usual antics, attempts to seduce Tom into taking the job.  He still refuses.   He should tell Carlos about the offer and see if he matches it.   Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris) has Beth declared dead.  Paul refuses to accept she's dead, as we know.  Felicia: "We both know what killed her."  So Paul can't use her anymore.   Their "hate has finally found a victim." Beth loved him and he spurned her.   Paul believes she can recover.

Alex (Todd Grinnell) tells Bree he works, whilst Andrew does nothing but drink.  Drinking helps Andrew get through he day and we know Carlos will find out about his mother's 'accident'.  Bree confides in Andrew about Beth and how she let her walk away when she knew something was wrong.   That's not going to happen to Andrew.  Alex left Andrew.   Carlos insists Tom is valuable to the company but he can't offer him a raise.   Lynette says the company doesn't have any profits since Carlos takes them.   Lynette has to be the one who has to push Tom so that he moves on and doesn't remain stagnant.  Carlos would take the job offer.   They now fight over the job.   It's always about money with these two.

Renee throws her party and Gaby is surprised at the turn out.   All of them wearing "cheap, poly-cotton blend." Renee won't feign sadness.   Beth "did it to herself."  Everyone has pain but Beth didn't care who she hurt.   Renee, really talking about herself lets Gaby know her mother killed herself.   Renee isn't into hugging and refuses to let her death define her.   She chooses life over death and the party is her way of expressing that.   Lynette test drives an expensive car and leaves it parked in Carlo's drive.   Tom is loyal to someone who doesn't care about others, in her effort to convince him to take the job.  He finally relents and accepts the new job.  Lynette confesses to yet another manipulation and Tom loves driving the car.   Paul changes his mind about the transplant.   Susan was horrible to Beth so why did she do this for her?  Paul replies Beth loved people and not because they deserved it.   He cries.

Mary Alice: "There comes a moment when our lives change forever...the moment we admit our weaknesses; the moment we rise to a challenge, the moment we accept a sacrifice...let a loved one go and sometimes the change in our lives is an answer to our prayers."  Felicia gets humanitarian release cos of Beth and now she's going after Paul.  Well she doesn't exactly thank Beth for her sacrifice.   So how come Mary Alice isn't more sympathetic towards Paul in her narrations.

A bit of a routine episode this, so really nothing much has happened, so we think.   But as the title suggests; things have changed for Susan receiving Beth's kidney, Paul admitting Beth is gone.   But there's also  just more manipulation on Lynette's part,  so nothing's changed there and Felicia being released so she can get up to her vengeful tactics all over again.  Then there's Renee admitting her secret about her mother and Andrew attending AA.

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Jared Padalecki and Family

Jared Padalecki and Genevieve were out and about at the Vancouver Food Truck Festival, on 29th July 2012 together with their son Thomas.  Who is just so positively cute.  Thomas has his dad's nose I think! At only four months old, he's fast becoming a sweetie heart breaker, following in his father's footsteps already.

It was great to see the couple out, most celeb couples usually hide away and hide their babies away too, waiting for six figure sums before any photos can be published.  At least it's great to see not everyone is like this and Jared and Genevieve are down to earth and can share their family time with others.

Jared also posted a photo of Thomas on his Twitter page showing him dressed in his USA T-shirt to show support for the USA Olympics team!  The caption read: "Thomas has some Olympic pride :) GO USA!!!!"


CSI:Miami 10.2 "Stiff" Review

Ryan (Jonathan Togo) is already at a call out and is waiting for Natalia (Eva La Rue) to arrive.  A male DB has been found in his cabana.  Ryan notices the panama hat floating in the air and tries to take a photo of it.  Unfortunately when he shows it to Natalia all you can see is Ryan's reflection and she says as much.  Derek (Brandon Beemer) suffered multiple head trauma from a mysterious object and this murder weapon isn't found.  Natalia looks at the cheques and finds they were all from women and he used them to pay his hotel bill.  Turns out Derek was a gigolo: so how many of those could they squeeze into a Miami episode.  He's been seeing many women but the hotel owner, Hector Romero (Jordi Molla) claims he didn't know what he did and was only interested in getting his money but claims he isn't a pimp.  Knew his daughter, Luisa (Martha Higareda) had something to do with this as she lurked in the background.  Well come on, it's obvious considering he had many women, he had to have at least someone he had deeper feelings for; or claimed to.

Natalia's Hummer acts up and she can't get the alarm/siren to stop.  A man offers to fix it for her, Joe (Eric Winter) then asks her out to dinner and she gives him her card.  He's not put off by what she does.  Natalia accepts without knowing anything about him and only last episode she was complaining about the near misses she's had over the year. You see, she goes for his looks.  Which is exactly what this episode is about.  Women getting their fulfillment from handsome men.

The last woman to see Derek was Gretchen Cambridge (Julia Campbell) and she wants this kept from her husband, Steven (Brian McNamara).  He was in Idaho on business, but you can bet he already knew about her and was around too.  That's apparent too in many other episodes.  She also claimed her husband was away on business.  She was seeing Derek cos he made her feel good and even said she was too old for him but still went ahead.  Tripp (Rex Linn) doesn't want to keep it to himself but Natalia says they were here for a donation.  "We'll collect later."  Which they did, collect the suspect that is.

Delko (Adam Rodriguez) teases Ryan about the hat and Ryan comments he'll never live it down.  At the lab, Walter's (Omar Miller) already heard about the hat but after a bit of ribbing, he says there's a logical explanation for it.  He finds it floats in the glass tank when propane is introduced and Ryan recalls the the propane valve for the fireplace.  He calls Delko but his phone is miles away from him and on vibration too.  Aren't you supposed to keep your phone with you at all times, especially when at a CS.  He then calls Horatio (David Caruso) who rushes to warn them.  Delko notices something's wrong and as he tries to warn Calleigh (Emily Procter) there's an explosion.  Cue Calleigh leap backwards with hair flying everywhere.  There goes their evidence she says.

Later they attempt to salvage what they can and she finds a scorched piece of paper and the valve is also recovered.  By law the propane must have an additive to it so it can be smelt but Hector didn't do this since it was too costly so he will be charged with negligent homicide.  Analysis of the paper leads to an Emma Davis (Samantha Whittaker) and it was her parking pass for the high school she works at.  She was with Derek as it was her first time and she heard him arguing with another man when she left.  He was angry with Derek stealing her from him.  The other man being Joe.

ME Tom (Christian Clemenson) finds the injury to Derek's head didn't kill him but he was left open to the effects of the propane which entered his lungs and caused him to suffocate.  Well either way you can say he still wouldn't have survived.

A chase ensues with Natalia in hot (ha) pursuit of Joe, who is another gigolo working from the hotel too.  Notice Natalia remove her flat heeled shoes when she gives chase but at the CS she was wearing heels.  Tripp knocks him down with the car.  Joe didn't kill Derek and white trace is found on him which Walter thinks it dandruff.  How's that for an image killer, ha.  This turns out to be plastic flakes found in snowglobes and Calleigh finds there were traces of water and glycerin which is what makes the flakes float.

The women also used to give them gifts as Joe tells them and Natalia and Walter trawl through the massive amounts of receipts from Derek's clients.  One receipt is from a shop in Paris where the snowglobe was purchased by Gretchen.

A search of her house leads to Delko finding traces of a sticky substance on the garage floor and also a hammer which was used to smash the globe.  Then disposed of in the garbage, what he couldn't find anywhere else to throw it.  She confesses to killing Derek as she knows it was really Steven.  He saw the two of them together when he got back early and he confronted Derek and wanted him to leave her alone.  He refused, Steven then saw the snowglobe and got angry, repeatedly hitting him over the head with it.  He thought she had bought the globe for him.  Steven still loves her.  Isn't it always the way in these shows, what they couldn't talk about their feelings, so why were they still together?

A piece of leather is found in the valve, which belongs to a shoe and Luisa is suspected.  Her shoes haven't got any leather missing, but Horatio notices the frostbite on her toes from where she kicked the valve.  Didn't know you could just kick it in like that and only suffer frostbite!  Luisa was seeing Derek and fell for him but he refused to give up his work.
Ryan watches the hat float again and this time Walter has it suspended on string.  Love the continuation of their funny antics from season 8.

Everyone's 'nicking' the ol' text on screen these days from Sherlock and here there's text floating around when Walter and Natalia go through the records, to show you what they're looking at.
Ryan: "what are you, 8 years old?"
Walter: "7."
CSI:Miami likes its sexy teaser episodes, for example see season 1's Breathless where the DB was a male stripper, though usually it's the women who are portrayed as such.

As for the title to this episode, double entendre there, me thinks for all ye with one track minds, ah!!

Without A Trace "Nickle and Dimed Part 2" Review

Sam (Poppy Montgomery) tells Jack (Anthony LaPaglia) about her plan to go undercover at Everymart, so she can find out about Colleen (Audrey Marie Anderson).  Jack tells her when she says she’s done she must leave there.  Sam rents Colleen’s motel room and sticks her gun under the bedside cabinet.  She finds one of Jake’s crayons.

Martin (Eric Close) lists the residents of the Glen Capri motel.  Danny (Enrique Murciano) finds that the drug mule Elizabeth used to work at an autopart store.  The supervisor Burdick (Tim Kelleher) doesn’t recall her.  She was found dead in the river.  He also finds bank deposits were made of large amounts of cash twice before she went missing.  She wanted to make more money so he told her about Barr.  She was to deliver a package for him but he hasn’t heard from Barr for a week now.

Sam talks with Amy, (Mary Matilyn Mouser) a girl who used to play with Jake.  She saw a man and heard him mention Deke Barr (Sung Kang).  John had a cell phone and called before Colleen went missing but hasn’t since then.  Jack thinks there must be other recruiters.

Sam now goes to work at Colman Dyecast where she meets Howie (Jerry Kirnion) and Joanna (Mo Gaffney).  She tells Jack about her work and he rubs her shoulders.  He gives Sam a pot plant, she’s to take it out of the window if she’s in trouble.  Sam sits with Amy.

Howie talks to Barr at work.  She gives Jack a licence number.  Joanna might be a mule.  Social services has put Jake with his father.  Sam asks Jack if he finds Colleen’s body whether he’ll pull the plug on this investigation? Barr’s alias is John Burns with a record for armed robbery, assault.  Jack calls him too low level to be picked up.  Sam asks Joanna to lunch.  She lives in a  trailer with her boyfriend and he takes her money for beer.  Sam calls Martin and tells him she’s tired.

Sam has a flashback to when she was little and wanted to catch fireflies at night with her mother, (Lilli Birdsell) who doesn’t let her.  Sam doesn’t want to sleep in the dark.
Deke and Niran (Boyuen) are connected to Burns.  Jack wants Danny to have their photo incase he runs into them.

Sam calls Viv (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) Joanna wasn’t at work today.  Viv and Martin find her at home beaten up.  Martin delivers pizza to Sam and gets a call.  They’ve found Collen’s body in the river.  He gets a picture message on his phone: an ink stamp from Colleen’s hand.  Jack wants Sam to come in now as he’s handing the case over to the locals and the DEA.  She must collect her things from work. She finds Howie is looking for a replacement for Joanna and on the pretext of needing more money asks Brian (Alex Skuby) for work.  Howie says he can help.  She meets Jack and tells him this case is just based on paper trails.  He tells her it’s not her decision to make.  She accuses him of not trusting her.
Martin is agitated over Sam going undercover.  Danny stakes out the bar.

Sam thinks of her mother when she found her at the bus stop after she’d run away and takes her back home.  She says it’s not up to her and Sam must come home.  Burns makes contact in 2-3 days.  She’s to make a delivery to Port Jeff for $800.
Danny watches a waitress at the bar: Meredith Kim.  Jack says Sam should’ve called last night and he's also angry.

Joanna turns up at Sam’s motel.  She takes her back to the trailer to pack and attacks her boyfriend.
Meredith says she was given $1,000.  She saw Collen at the bar and wants protection.  She was short and paid only $350.  She agreed to pay more later and with interest.  Keit has Colleen followed. Danny tells her Colleen also had a son.

Kiet takes Sam from the motel and she manages to knock the plant out of the window.  Danny gets footage from a convenience store camera which has footage of Sam being aducted.  Viv talks to Amy who tells her about Joanna.  Viv says Sam got made.  Sam is beaten up and insists she’s not a cop.
Martin and Jack question Burns.  One of his men was watching Kiet.  Martin gets angry and loses his temper.  He directs them to a warehouse where Danny and Viv find drugs.

Sam is taken to a car yard.  She hits Kiet with a piece of metal and runs for it..  Martin and Jack shoot Kiet.  Jack goes to Sam’s side whilst Martin can only watch but rides with her in the ambulance.  Danny goes to see Sam being taken away. Jack pats Viv on the  back. Sam gives amy her plant and calls her mother in Kenosha.
Sam: “If you really cared about me you wouldn’t have told the boss I could lift 80 pounds.”
Jack: “I didn’t, I told him you could lift 150.”

Jack: “Unfortunately don’t think Colleen’s coming back from this.”  Just like the other drug mule.

Sam: “Nothing to stop me from going to bed early.”
Martin: “I’ve been getting a lot of sleep too.”  Yes no surprise there then.

Sam: “Green peppers you remembered.”  He’ll remember all about food.

Sam: “You know if we didn’t have a history you would let me do this no questions asked.”
Jack: “This has nothing to do with our history.”  A lot about their past in this episode and about Sam and Martin too.  It would have been better if we could have had more about Sam’s past than just a flashback to her wanting fireflies. Also running away from home didn’t add anything to her character we didn’t already know from season 1 episode?? Victory for Humanity when she told Jack this, we just got a visualization of it that’s all.

The ink stamp was the Ying and Yang symbol.

Viv: “If you’re so concerned why didn’t you pull ther out when you had a chance?”
Jack: “because I don’t make decisions based on fear.”    Wasn’t his decision in the season 1 finale based on fear when he went in to trade places with Sam because he feared for her life.

Martin gets a chance to eat again in this season!
Sam should’ve known she was probably being watched to check if she was on the level or not instead of engaging in such an obvious display, but then again she could just be someone who knows how to look out for herself and not necessarily be a cop.

Martin: “I’m just worried about her.”
Danny: “I know you are.”  That’s an understatement, the entire office probably knows by now, well if not, Jack also suspects something especially when he so eagerly volunteers to ride in the ambuance with her.
Viv: “It was a tough call to make.”

So much for Sam going undercover in episode 6 and this one as she’s been on TV too.  In seaseon 2 epsiode 5 Copycat along with Jack when he feigned resignation from his job, only to get a transfer in the season and return.  You can’t say criminals have a short memory – what about those with high IQs, and intellect – or do only the dregs of society commit crimes and peddle drugs.

So Sam was telling the truth when she said she’s from Kenosha in season 2’s Doppelganger.

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The Closer 7.7 "A Family Affair" Review

Taylor (Robert Gossett) introduces Detective Ortega (Roxann Dawson) from the Phoenix PD to look into a case for her.  That of  a19 year old woman and she's concerned about the coroner's ruling of an OD which she says can't be true. It's of her daughter, Sedona and she wasn't an addict, but a diabetic and drugs use increases the chances of a specific disease.  Her Tox screen was determined as being positive for drugs and  her husband, Drew (Newton Wimer)was the last one to see her alive.

Sedona called her two years ago but Ortega's husband answered and hung up.  Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) comments it's not unusual for escorts to end up this way.  She was rather insensitive given the relationship of the deceased.  Pope (JK Simmons) on Brenda telling her Sedona was a  prostitute.  Hollywood Division brushed her off and she's her mother also.  Pope wants to humour her.

Raydor (Mary McDonnell) reviewed the team's statements and has questions for Sanchez (Raymond Cruz).  Pope wants Brenda to convince Sanchez to speak with Raydor.  It's difficult for Brenda to humour so many, but Pope does it all the time.

Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) gets the evidence from Sedona's hotel.  Flynn (Tony Denison) has her purse, a receipt.  Tao (Michael Paul Chan) interrupts saying a small purse is called a clutch.  Ortega wants to view Sedona's DB and notices there's only one injection site.  Morales (Jonathan Del Arco) explains the needle marks are from her use of insulin and she was clean for drugs; she was a first time user.

Sanchez takes Ortega and Buzz (Phillip P Keene) back to the room and finds chips, a ticket from Vegas and a note but no signs of drug use.  She had college ID and a GED on the wall.  Her daughter was beautiful.  Sanchez finds syringes and asks for their serial number to compare to the ones they found. Didn't he have a notebook to write in.  The syringes aren't the same.

There was drugs in the needles and someone talked her into using.  She was an escort for Dynamic Goods, which Tao explains wouldn't look suspicious on married man's credit cards.  She was working for a modelling agency who hire out escorts for the rich.  Owned by Linda (Karen Austin).  Sanchez indicates to Gabriel not to show Ortega Sedona's photos on the website.  The note he found was from a Dimitri.

Brenda wants Fritz (Jon Tenney) to join her in interrogating Linda who is accompanied by her lawyer (Christopher John Fields).  Fritz can charge her with interstate prostitution in Vegas and take her into FBI custody.  Linda says Sedona was working part time and had a date with a first timer whose name she will find out.  Brenda agrees not to use the info to prosecute Linda.

Drew was an addict and threw Sedona out after she made adult films.  Bazenr (Adam Hart) was a drug dealer and Sedona was paying Drew to leave her alone.

When they arrive to arrest Drew a shoot out ensues and all the suspects end up dead.  Gabriel has to save Brenda from being shot at.  She then gets blood on her face from Drew.  Provenza (GW Bailey) says "I feel terrible about the fishtank but I'll cry later."  Sanchez finds drugs at the scene but they need to find the needles before the police arrive.  Raydor arrives at the CS and comments Brenda must be rattled.  She didn't discharge her weapon.  Raydor hopes this doesn't lead to another lawsuit.  She then asks how badly Brenda wants the needles and the ambien, which have the same lot numbers.  Taylor says they don't have enough evidence to close the case.

A hit on Sedona's DNA reveals her father was Randolph and he's dead.  Sedona was adopted by Ortega and was looking for her biological family.

Sanchez tells Raydor that Brenda offered Turrell the chance to revoke his immunity but he refused.  He lived in a bad neighbourhood and he didn't have any problems dropping him off at home.  He can't recall what Gabriel said in the car, but he can remember Turrell murdering a man and his grandson.

Spencer (Jonathan Scarfe) has an alibi and made a $50,000 withdrawal, which was the cost of the drugs. Sedona would have inherited $33 million.  Taylor asks how they can turn this evidence into a murder charge.  Well with Brenda on the case, you can bet she'll find a way to trick, I mean, talk the real killer into confessing.

Sanchez asks Brenda, "Do we have anything to get Turrell killed?"  Since either way he would have been killed.  The only gaps he can recall are Turrell committing double homicide and Sanchez would do it again and get sued for it too.

Brenda asks Spencer where Sedona's money is.  He didn't want her to embarrass the family.  Brenda says she'll ask Drew all this and get his story.  Pope tells her Drew's dead and she replies she'll just say Sedona's dead husband told her.  Sanchez asks how Spencer knew Drew took drugs?  He gave Drew ambien to knock her out.  Brenda didn't tell Spencer of the OD so how did he know?  He replies Sedona didn't deserve the money and he confesses to paying Drew off to kill Sedona.  Idiot, he fell for it cos Brenda told him the first one to speak won't get the death penalty.  Ortega asks if Sedona asked Spencer for money but she didn't.  She feels she let her down cos she gave up on her.  Sanchez says she came though for Sedona.

Raydor opens Brenda's drawer of goodies for her.  Then asks after she dropped Turrell off what happened, since Sanchez refuses to tell her of Gabriel's conversation.  Turrell's family attorney knows of the conversation but Raydor doesn't.  Gabriel asked  Brenda if they should stick around and she replied no.  Raydor: "...that's a lawsuit."  How does the attorney know what Brenda said.  "Somewhere in your Division, you have a leak."

So starts another saga in this final season which is really hotting up now.  Raydor finally gets confirmation of what she suspected all along, that Brenda took Turrell home since she knew his gang would kill him.  A bit of a routine case here, since all the real drama was going on with Brenda and Sanchez not answering Raydor directly, of course he wouldn't.

Raydor appears to be on Brenda's side one minute like getting her that attorney, at least telling her to get one and then she blackmails her into letting Sanchez speak to her.  Showing she wanted confirmed what she already knew all along about what happened when they dropped him off.  Knowing Brenda would turn to her drawer for a choc fix she opens it for her, but Brenda doesn't bite (ha.)  Brenda finally tells her what transpired and Raydor informs her of the leak.  After Brenda has worked so closely with her team for seven years, it's hard to imagine any one of them could be the mole.  Brenda trusts everyone, aside from Taylor, she just doesn't like him, but he doesn't appear to be the leak.  Will it turn out to be anyone on her team?

CSI:Miami 10.1 "Countermeasures" Review

Horatio (David Caruso) dreams of Marisol (Alana De La Garza).  We know he's "in that place" since she's dead and she wants him to return. (Reminded me of shades of the Requiem episode from NCIS.)  Horatio watches over the edge of the pier and dives into the water to rescue Natalia (Eva La Rue).  He notices the backseat being pushed by Natalia and manages to drag her out.  After being rushed to hospital, they both leave in their search for Toller (Callum Keith Rennie) and Randy (Ethan Embry).  For a moment before they leave Natalia thinks she sees Randy, yeah he'd really show up at the hospital!

Renee (Natasha Henstridge) informs Horatio that Toller has found a buyer for the printing plates.  Calleigh (Emily Procter) speaks to Randy's son, Austin (Maxim Knight) and he knows if he tells her where his father is then he'll be arrested.  He trusts Calleigh and she tells him someone else will be hurt if they don't find him.

Randy is found by the lifeguard tower.  The CSIs have to play their usual macho "heroics" and demonstrate their 'heavy handedness' towards suspects, which doesn't make them any better than the suspects.  As I said all the way through season 9, I don't like where the writers were taking the characters as each one of them showed a blatant disregard for treating  their suspects so roughly.  Here even Natalia gets in on the act by pushing Randy's head onto the table.  He informs them Toller is making a deal with someone involved in ATM robberies and Horatio recalls Leo Kendry; (Mark Hengst) who works with Ricky Galindo. (Will Rothhaar)

The CSIs arrive too late to catch Toller but arrest Leo when Walter (Omar Miller) notices Ricky's car has a Garra Rufa fish inside, leading to the spa, Leo and the printing plates.  Toller made off with a cashier, Melanie (Rachel Brosnahan) who will become his next Vic.

At the service station, Melanie tells the clerk the man will kill her and he believes she is in trouble, alerting the police.  She provides him with a $100.  She takes something from the store when she leaves and as they zoom onto the camera footage they notice it's a phone, which Toller uses to call Randy

Randy calls him back to arrange a meeting at the train yard: a bit of a silly place to meet and why have the team hide out on the other side of the tracks when they know trains will not only obscure their view but also get in the way of their operation.  Toller wants the necklace Randy found whilst in prison.  He realizes he's been set up and escapes.  Delko (Adam Rodriguez) can only blame Randy for Toller's escape.  Yeah blame the other guy for your own ineptness.

Walter and Calleigh look through the evidence from Toller's first killing and Walter suggests they should analyze his clothes as this wasn't done the first time.

Natalia talks to Ryan (Jonathan Togo) about her feelings of being locked in the boot/trunk and not being able to do the job.  It reminds Ryan of the time he was shot with a nail gun in season 4's Nailed, he felt the same but he reminds her a friend told him he could get past that. That being her.

Walter's test on Toller's clothes finds traces of soot from a landfill site, so this is where he kills his Vics.  Melanie is forced to wear the necklace which belonged to his mother, as we're shown a flashback of how his mother led him onto a killing path.  They always have  a 'mother complex.'  He wasn't able to kill his mother for her brutality but he's exacting that revenge onto his Vic's.  He forces Melanie to shout, "Jack, I'm ashamed of you."  He ignites the accelerant just as the CSIs arrive and makes a run for it, again.  Chased by Horatio and Delko.

He's eventually cornered by Horatio who is clearly in agony.  Delko was a bit slow getting there considering he was right behind Toller, what took him so long in catching up.  Horatio once again flashes to Marisol and he must leave her to finish his work.  She's not ready for him to be here with her yet.  Pangs of CSI:NY season 8 finale Near Death with Mac (Gary Sinise) and Claire (Jaime Ray Newman) when she told Mac this wasn't his time and he had to go back as he's still got plenty to do.

Horatio also kisses the photo of him and Marisol in one scene which he keeps in the Hummer.  Renee asks who Marisol is as he said her name in the ambulance and he reveals he lost his wife who was murdered.  Perhaps Renee will be there to present him with some closure.  He tells her he's not okay and doesn't tell anyone else he was thinking of Marisol, not even Delko.

Austin wants Calleigh to adopt him and his sister but this job takes up her time.  What about when she has children of her own or hasn't she thought of that?

Natalia mentions the close calls she's had over the year, as did I in my season 9 reviews.  There was so much that was so over the top in this episode, that you had to suspend disbelief.  Horatio and Natalia leaving hospital on their own volition and discharging themselves after their harrowing ordeal.  Natalia "acting out" her anger on Randy.  She's meant to be afraid after what she's been through and that scene was in stark contrast to the one with Ryan.  They were meant to be able to reach Toller and yet they just watch the train roll by and well, just watch it some more.  Delko says, 'let's move in' just as the train arrives, ugh.

Sorry but if this is the best they could do, no wonder cancellation was the end result.  CSI:Miami showing how it was a poor shadow of its former self in seasons 1 and 2, which were exciting and interesting, fresh and full of characterization and not a trace of police brutality about.  That's what made the show what it was and what made me like it.  But not anymore.  It really lost direction over the past years.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

CSI: NY - 7.12: "Holding Cell" Review

The suspected murder of a man investigated by a Barcelona detective, hinders Mac's own investigation. Was it really murder or suicide? Lots of secrets in this episode.

A man out clubbing is later found dead in his apartment.    His body is later processed at the CS by a man, with Mac (Gary Sinise) observing.   He is Hector Vargas (Jsu Garcia) from the Barcelona Police Crime Lab supervisor.   Jo (Sela Ward) has been to Barcelona in 2004 to help under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty, when she was at the FBI.   Mac lets him photograph the CS.  The Vic's girlfriend, Natalia (Melina Lizette) found the body and the Vic's mother, Eva Martinez (Karina Lombard) is a diplomat.  Hector notified the NYPD ten hours after the DB was found.   Jo translates his Spanish when Hector promises to find whoever killed his nephew.

Mac asks him to leave his CS.   The Vic's father was killed twelve years ago in an accident and Hector questions Mac  if his relative was killed elsewhere, would he investigate.   Mac wouldn't jeopardize the investigation.   There's always a 'but' coming when Mac's asked one of these questions, or something moral or ethical.

Flack (Eddie Cahill) has twenty five of his men searching the alley for the murder weapon.   A neighbour heard the Vic and his girlfriend fighting and she ran away.   Hawkes (Hill Harper) finds a crystalline particle on the floor and bloody shoe prints matching the Vic.   Natalia is at the Spanish Consulate.   Mac asks Hector, "...anything else you're hiding from me."  Well, yes there is but he's not to know just yet!  Jo says they need to process and question Natalia.   Mac tells him the crime was committed here so there's no question of jurisdiction.   He knows they don't have a warrant.   Mac doesn't want to leave as they'll have a chance to go over her alibi.   Er, they could have already established an alibi by now.   Jo also tells him the Treaty works both ways and they can refuse to cooperate with any info they discover.   (That's why the Treaty is called 'Mutual'.)

Natalia apologizes and wishes to talk.   She found the door open at the apartment and saw Miguel (Reynaldo Pacheco).  In the flashback when she finds his body, the knife is still on the floor, so only she could have taken it.   We don't think the murderer, if there was one, would have returned to steal the knife.   So that was a clue.   Miguel promoted a club last night.   Hector calls her a witness and not a suspect.   Natalia called his mother and told her as it was the right thing to do.   Mac asks why she didn't call the police.   His mother asked her to come here and she'd take care of everything.   (Like she did with her husband.)

Sid (Robert Joy) examines the DB.   The COD was three puncture wounds to the abdomen.   Just as he practices his 'stabbing actions'  with the knife, in walks Lindsay (Anna Belknap.)  The first two wounds were made with the blade facing up and the fatal wound was made with the blade facing down.   He had multiple abrasions on his back, like bedsores.   Lindsay notices the burn marks on his shirt.

Mac examines the CS photos with Hector.   He doesn't believe it's a homicide and at least doesn't want to call it that yet.   Since there was no forced entry and no call for help.   Earlier on, when Hawkes said there was no forced entry, Flack mentioned that didn't mean there wasn't anyone there and here Mac believes there was no other person there.   Well, he could have known his would-be attacker and let them in.   Miguel was alive after he was stabbed and was standing over the phone, bleeding out.   Hector mentions his defensive wounds.   The killer could have dropped the knife and picked it up.   Mac comments the cast off from the blood is smeared, all the blood drops are gravitational and there's no signs of a struggle.

Hawkes examines the crystalline particle and Adam (AJ Buckley) the burn mark on the shirt.   Adam asks Jo what the best way to tell someone who's never done anything wrong before, that he may have messed up.   He found sulphuric acid and formaldehyde on the shirt, which is Marquis Reagent, used for drug testing.   Mac walks in, getting Adam all flustered, since the messing up he was referring to, was meant to be done by Mac.   Adam: "Act normal."  So he pretends to finish the punchline for a joke.   Jo tells him Adam wants to ask him something, ahh spoilt sport.   Mac asks him why, without answering.   He didn't spill any reagent there, but Jo says Adam has a point and in walks Lindsay again looking smug as per usual.   Really that's all she did this entire episode.    Adam so nervous about telling Mac he's messed up, but of course he hadn't since he doesn't get things like that wrong.

Tox results from Miguel revealed the presence of Clonazepam.  There was no alcohol in his stomach contents and yet the reading was high.   Lindsay says he inhaled it.   He was at a club, which Flack and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) just had to check out!  Danny remarks he saw this on an episode of The Jetsons once.   Flack: "I'm not a doctor but that can't be good for you."  The bouncer tells them Miguel had an argument with Leo (Kavan Reece).   Leo sees them coming, cos Flack shouted NYPD too early and there's a shortish chase scene.   Flack shouting "Excuse me" to the clubber when running!  Flack says he has five seconds to let her go, when he holds a woman at gunpoint.   Lots of counting down by Flack, this season.  

Danny tells him the last time they did this, he had to fill out forms, call an ambulance and he got blood and brain tissue on him.   Flack and Danny had to be at the club and get in a short chase scene too.   It's almost expected now and is second nature to see them enter such a scene together.   Flack asking Danny if he wants to go for a proper drink afterwards, cos he's not into any of these fads they've come across over the seasons.   No, our Flack's down to earth and normal!  But hey, Lindsay won't let Danny go for a drink, unless she tags along.   Some witty banter from them and from Flack during the interrogation scene later.

Jo uses eye drops and says Leo could've set the club on fire.   He's got sulphuric acid in his bottle, i.e.  Marquis Reagent.   She checked out his website where he sells drugs which he claims are better, but it's just a scam.   Miguel had chemical burns on his clothes in a splash pattern which suggest there was a struggle.   Miguel didn't want him dealing on his nights.   Mac believes Leo.   Hector says pill testing is supported in his country.

Hawkes finds the crystalline particle contained Indium and Gallium - glass used in solar panels, but there were none in Miguel's place.   Hector's sister wants to take the DB now as she doesn't want anyone knowing what really happened.   (She also looked down and away, indicating she's hiding something.)  Hector convinces her to leave the body for now as she'll have to return him later anyway with an exhumation order.   Sid points out the new evidence discovered after embalming: ligature marks around his neck, which are linear.   He was strangled from behind.   Mac says someone tried to kill him before.

Jo and Lindsay talk to Natalia about the marks and Lindsay is rather judgemental, when she remarks, snidely, Natalia didn't notice the marks around her boyfriend's neck.   He had a name, Lindsay!  Natalia was in Madrid at her sister's wedding and her alibi checks out.   Flack tells Hawkes the knife was found in a dumpster twelve blocks away and the blood stain belongs to Miguel.  Hawkes is later a bit dumbfounded in the lab as nothing make sense in this case; all the bloodstains belong to the Vic.  

When along comes busybody Lindsay with her Spanish line about "small strokes fell great oaks."  She's teaching Lucy, so Danny comments so they can talk about him without his knowing.   Had to get a mention of Lucy in just incase we forget she's around.   Adam finds a microscopic bloodstain on the glass, belonging to Vern Jackson (James C Victor) a homeless man.   Danny: "Wow, even the homeless are going green."  Actually, the homeless would be green already since they don't have much of anything!

Vern doesn't know Miguel.   Danny tells him his DNA was found inside the apartment.   Flack jokes Miguel invited him to share Paella.   A food reference from Flack, since as Eddie said in an interview, "Flack loves his food."  Hence several foody references from Flack over the seasons!  Including this season's Do Not Pass Go episode;  when he said his first words were "cake and cookie."  Danny says he was looking for solar panels and Flack tells him he has too many priors, he followed him home and killed him.   Vern was paid by Miguel to kill him.   Another comment by Flack where he says Vern came up with that excuse so when they find money on him, he'll already have a reason for having it.   He strangled him, not stabbed, but he couldn't go through with it after all.   Another change of heart when it came to helping Miguel.

Hector admits to Mac that Miguel's father killed himself.   He was found in the pool but the determination was inconclusive.   Later it was ruled an accidental death by drowning.   Mac thinks history could be repeating itself.   They examine the CS again.   Miguel stabbed himself and was walking around.   He wanted to die but couldn't ask for help.    The orientation of the wound indicates the knife fell to the floor.   Only half gravitational blood spatter is found on the blade and his prints, suggesting Miguel dropped the knife and picked it up due to the Clonazepam.   He was self-medicating for depression.   The knife was moved.

His mother doesn't believe Miguel killed himself.   Miguel told Natalia what to do.   He thought if people knew the real Miguel, they would think him weak.   Mac says he was hiding what he really felt inside.   She staged the scene but returned and was too late.   Just like Vern couldn't go through with killing him too.   She took the knife, which is why it was still there in her flashback.   Miguel discovered his father's body in the closet and his mother moved it.   Mac doesn't believe there was any shame in what he and his father endured.  Natalia couldn't force him to go on living when he didn't want to.   Thus the title: Miguel's body was a prison from which he wanted release and this was the only way he knew how.  

Mac tells her to "justify your actions however you need to" but she must remember she tried to stop him.   His mother tells Jo about the same look Miguel had in his eyes just like his father and asks her what she would do if it was her son.   Jo would hold him and never let go.   Which she does to her daughter, Carmen (Andrea Ramirez).   Jo's compassion showing again, always great to see in a CSI character.

Mac actually being understanding at the end when he reassured Natalia she did the right thing when she went back and tried to stop him.   Hinting at 'assisted suicide' and possibly euthanasia - that had Miguel been ill he'd have been able to take his own life or had help in his attempt of doing so.   Though it is still illegal in many countries to help people commit suicide for health reasons and otherwise.   Again an episode where there were no killers, but they were Vics and plenty of them: those he left behind and Natalia was right - suicide is selfish.

A disturbing episode for something like his suffering to go unnoticed and his mother ignoring his symptoms and his cry for help, until it took Jo to wake her up to her own daughter, by saying she'd hug her son and never let him go.   That's so typical of Jo.   She really has her work life and personal life balanced, especially when it comes to being a mother.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Desperate Housewives - 7.16: "Searching" Review

The women help Susan in her search for a kidney, whilst she attempts to celebrate her wedding anniversary early. two matches are found, but both are desperate to donate. Gaby competes with Lee in the parenting stakes.

Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) : "The suburbs are full of parents...each has their own style: disciplinarian, smotherer, and negotiator.   One thing they all have in common is they love to judge the parent next door."  Lee (Kevin Rahm) appears to be forcing Jenny to practise the violin.   Gaby (Eva Longoria) believes you can't force children to do things, is she speaking from her past experience where she does force the girls to do things, or where Carlos (Richardo Antonio Chavira) always has to 'force' Gaby to do things she doesn't want to.   Lee says Jenny told them she wanted to learn the violin and Mandarin too.   Lee asks what Juanita (Madison De La Garza) is doing by herself for the school talent show.   "Each parent has their own style but deep down they're all afraid they're doing it wrong."

Mary Alice: "There are many things that bring us pleasure; baking, donating to charity - but may not be enough to give our lives meaning without someone to love."  Beth (Emily Bergl) returns home with shopping.   Paul (Mark Moses) is mad at her.   She's told her mother, Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris) she's in love with him.   Paul admits he killed her mother's sister.  They're both betrayed now.  

Gaby picks tap for Juanita to perform in the show.   She says "anything worth doing is hard."  The Reverend Sikes (Dakin Matthews) pays a visit to Bree (Marcia Cross) who notices the more 'lavish' her treats she bakes for him, the more she's done something wrong.   Bree feels like Job.   Everything has been taken from her and asks what she can give to others.   Lynette (Felicity Huffman) loves the smell of the twins; she misses them as she packs away their things.  

Susan's condition is deteriorating and she's told to do the things she wants to do, sooner rather than later.   Dialysis isn't working for her and she was given a free parking pass by her doctor's receptionist.   Gaby asks how long it's good for, week or a month.   Oh so tactful, as usual.   Bree reassures Susan that people care about her, but she can't ask anyone to make a sacrifice for her.  Bree will do the asking.   Mrs McClusky (Kathryn Joosten) refuses point blank to donate and Lee is worried about the scarring, as he wants to go shirtless.  

Renee (Vanessa Williams) wants a baby, a boy, as she wants more meaning in her life.   She can adopt one and work a child into her life.   Lynette suggests babysitting Paige.   Susan wants a normal day out with Mike (James Denton) and he leaves the picnic basket on the roof of the car, thought Susan was the ditzy one!

Juanita informs Gaby she's always quitting, but she's competing with Bob (Tuc Watkins) and Lee.   Bree throws a brunch where the guests have to be tested as potential donors for Susan.   Carlos calls it an ambush.   Beth tries to make it up to Felicia who disowns her, especially as she didn't get Paul's admission on tape or in writing.   She's going to live a lonely life.   If she gets to that point, since it was obvious why Paul gave her the gun last week when he threw her out.   Some mother Felicia is, only interested in herself.   Gaby sees how awful Juanita is in the routine, when she says she finally nailed the finale.   She hides her tap shoes so she can't take part.   Thus Juanita's hard work going to waste.   Jenny messes up in parts of her violin solo, but Bob and Lee applaud her anyway.   They're proud of her, she always gets part of it wrong.  

Funny Carlos didn't come to see Juanita in the talent show.   Again it takes someone else to wake Gaby up and she wants Juanita to perform now, well, only after Jenny made mistakes.   She couldn't see for herself that it didn't matter if Juanita messed up.

 Two matches are found for Susan: Bree and Beth.   Tom (Doug Savant) thinks Renee might surprise Lynette at babysitting, yeah and elephants fly.   Renee brings Paige to the same restaurant on a date.   Tom changes his mind, she's not good at this.   She then gives Paige to a waitress to look after, so Lynette pays her too, to 'lose' the baby.  Lynette tells her that being  a mother means making sacrifices, just what Mary Alice narrated in the last episode.   Bree speaks with Beth and I was about to say, why doesn't Bree donate her own kidney, which is what she wants to do, but Beth also feels she needs to make amends, just as Bree is going through a dark time too, but not as dark as Beth.   I mean she's on her own, Keith (Brian Austin Green) left her, but she still has her family.

Renee buys Paige a star ornament, all very baby unfriendly!  She's not cut out to be a mother.   Mike berates himself for coming to the woods, she's dying and he can't help her.   Well at least someone took my advice from last time and have Mike spend time with Susan.   Susan tells him she's fighting everyday and wants to see MJ (Mason Vale Cotton) grow up.

Mary Alice: "Our lives are brief, that's why it's important to search for meaning in...daughter's smile, in the warmth of our friends...make lives meaningful by making a great sacrifice."  Beth goes to the hospital with forms and wants to donate to Susan, where she shoots herself.   Well that was coming as I said, and also since Zack (Cody Kasch) said Paul was responsible for Mary Alice killing herself and if he denied that, he can't deny being responsible for Beth's suicide.   He left her when she needed him the most in his own bitter selfish way.   Paul told her he was incapable of loving, well he was right.   Which makes my say if this is what was on Beth's mind, it's a shame she didn't shoot Paul.   However that just shows she was the better person out of Felicia and Paul, who are more alike than they care to admit.

There was Lynette worrying about Paige and Susan worrying about MJ, whereas Beth's mother didn't want anything to do with her as she couldn't help her in her schemes; showing the contrasting characters in the show, but the regulars always shine anyway.   Even Gaby came good in the end.

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Once Upon a Time 1.17 "Hat Trick" Review

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) returns to the office to find Henry (Jared S Gilmore) waiting for her and Henry refuses to speak to her until Gold (Robert Carlyle) leaves them alone.  He thought Emma had brought him into the plan.  Anyway she finds Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) missing and Henry tells her she was gone when she got here.  Wonder why he then didn't call Emma to tell her.  She has to bring her back for the arraignment at 8 and before the resurgence of her evilness, I mean Madame Mayor, Regina, the Queen, (Lana Parilla) she has too many names to mention, ha.

So whilst Emma's out looking for her she runs (literally) into a stranger out at night, conveniently stood on that particular road, cos hey he knows Emma will be in search of Mary Margaret.  He insists he's fine but them comes up with the old limping, injured ankle ploy.  Whereupon she must drive said stranger home.  She was looking for her dog, 'Spot,' cos that's the nearest to 'Snow' you'll get in terms of being similar.

Emma is impressed by his house, mansion that should read and she's more taken in by his place than she was by Regina's. How was he bale to afford it?  Also Emma will think that being in such a house should be enough for him, but it's not about riches where family is concerned.  His curse for not having money when he needed it but has plenty here.  Hey somebody should have warned Emma, the sheriff, about taking strangers home and then coming in for tea.  Said stranger claims to be a cartographer, amongst his many talents before she passes out from said tea, which of course has been laced.  Notice the clean, empty cup as it falls to the floor, not to mention it was just full when she sipped from it seconds before.  (Hence another reference to drugs as far as the Alice books were concerned.)

Emma wakes to find her jacket removed, surprised that was the only piece of clothing that was off ha!  Well when someone faints you're meant to loosen their clothing.  She attempts to free herself by breaking said cup and cutting loose her binding.

Back in the other world, we saw Jefferson (Sebastian Stan) running and hiding, but it's only from his daughter, Grace (Ali Skovbye).  They search for toadstools to sell at market and arriving home, he finds the carriage of her Majesty awaits him.  She wants him to take her somewhere as only he can and in return she'll make sure Grace will want for nothing.  Jefferson refuses since  family is everything and he won't leave her behind.

Next day at the market Grace wants to buy the white rabbit (as you've already guessed, we're in Alice In Wonderland territory this week) but he can't afford the extortionate price set by Regina in disguise as her future self one day:  looking old and haggard, but she'll never look like that, not with magic at her fingertips!  He insists he'll only pay her the coppers he has, but she refuses.  The Mirror (Giancarlo Esposito) comments on how she should have let Grace have the toy.  They drink tea at Grace's tea party and Jefferson decides he needs to make amends for Grace.  Give her a better future and agrees to Regina's demands.

He throws the hat upon the floor and spins it round until it opens to reveal another land.  "Only two can return," the hat's rule.  They come to the maze meeting the Caterpillar and at the maze, Regina uses her powers to burn a path through the maze.  Arriving at the crypt she takes the box.  Of course it's a box containing her father's heart.  So all this talk of family could only mean one thing.  She's bringing back her father now.  After all this time. How did the Queen of Hearts get hold of his heart since it was Regina who really dispatched him to begin with?  She takes him and leaves Jefferson behind to meet his fate.

Jefferson was foolish, shall I say mad, to listen to her, but sooner or later she always gets her own way.  He's arrested and taken back to the Queen of Hearts (Jennifer Koenig) who is THE only Queen here as the Knave of Hearts (Paul McGillion) tells him.  He doesn't tell them how he got here so it's a case of "Off with his head!"  He's advised to make another hat to get him home.

Emma escapes the room to find Jefferson sharpening a pair of scissors.  In the next room she finds Mary Margaret, she was kidnapped by him, knowing Emma would come in search of her.  In doing so, he saved Mary Margaret's life since no one leaves Storybrook.

He wants Emma to make a hat as she's got magic.  Everything changed when she arrived and he shows her Grace through the telescope.  She's living with another family and he wants to take her home. But he can't  make her live what he's going through.  It would be too cruel to tell her the truth. Lots of moments of closeness between Emma and Jefferson especially when they have things in common, like 'losing' their children, and they do have a certain chemistry.  Jefferson thinks Emma means Henry, Regina's father, not her own son.

Emma tells him if he means there are two worlds then Mary Margaret is her mother.  That should be food for thought especially since Henry has been telling her plenty since day one.  Meaning Emma would have real family too, if only she believed.

The hat doesn't work and Emma thinks him insane.  That's the way it goes, you either have to remember or if you do you're seen as insane, or making things up.  What happened to the snippets of memories David recalled? Emma fights him and notices the scar on his neck where his head was re-attached.  Thought his head will fall off for a minute when they were fighting.  Mary Margaret throws him out the window, well kicks him out and he lands probably with the use of the hat. He was wearing it, so it must have saved him.  He disappears back into his world it seems, but not really.

Emma gives Mary Margaret her car keys, she can leave if she wants but Emma's been running and she knows what it's like.  She trusted Emma when she first arrived and made her stay twice over, once for herself and once for Henry and now she wants to return the favour.  Emma lets slip about wanting family, no friends or whatever and that Mary Margaret is one of those, or both.  They arrive for the arraignment before Regina and she and Gold have struck a deal (what another one?) to ensure Mary Margaret is found guilty.  So what's this deal then?

Oh Mary Margaret tells Emma she found the key under her pillow, but actually it was thrown in through her cell window wasn't it.  Emma sees Henry at school and also Grace who is now Page.  Looking through Henry's book, she sees the Mad Hatter with plenty of hats and with Grace in the woods.  Does she change her mind about believing now?  We leave with the Mad Hatter crazily making endless number of hats!  Thus his name.

Anyway aside from Henry's heart being in Wonderland, how did he get there?  Also Wonderland appears to be the woods in Storybrooke, or is it as Jefferson said, that the worlds are so pressed up against one another, you'd be mistaken for thinking they're the same.  Case in point was the crypt in Wonderland where the hearts were kept also in a box; so similar to Regina's own crypt where she kept her stolen hearts.  The show took the Queen of Hearts reference to its literal meaning since the Queen of Hearts was also keeping these.

Jefferson mentioning Henry's as the Queen's father, I can't recall now but did Emma find out Henry was named so because of him.

Jefferson: "everyone wants a magical solution to their problem and everyone refuses to believe in magic."  Which is what Henry has been saying for a while now, that Emma doesn't believe.
Jefferson: "I'm trapped by knowledge.  How cruel do you think I's hard enough to live in a land where you don't belong.  But knowing it, holding conflicting realities in your head - will drive you mad."  Which is what we're meant to think drove him mad, but in actual fact it seems more like his desperate attempts to make the perfect, magical hat to get back to Grace.  Could he not steal his back from Regina?  What has she done with the hat and also he's been lying low, under the radar, doesn't Regina consider him a threat or will no one believe the meanderings of a mad man?  Lots of questions come to mind here.

This happens to be one of the best episodes of the show in my opinion partly due to Sebastian Stan's moving and emotional portrayal of both Jefferson and the Mad Hatter and will it be enough to open Emma's eyes to the real plot.  Let's hope so.

The Caterpillar in Wonderland was voiced by an uncredited Roger Daltry of The Who, hence his line of "Who are you?..Who?"

Call me crazy - well don't - but I felt Jefferson was named for Jefferson Airplane, the band.  As an allusion to their song, White Rabbit from their Surrealistic Pillow album.  Especially since the song uses imagery from Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.  There's mention of the Caterpillar, the Red Queen, whom some say refers to the Queen of Hearts.  Hey who do you think the Queen of Hearts is?  Regina, her twin, her sister? Or just another one of her many foes?

CSI:NY Returns for 18 Episodes in Season 9

CBS has renewed CSI:NY for a ninth season as we know, but they are only ordering 18 episodes instead of 20 or the normal that is for most shows, 22.  Which is a real shame as another two episodes are needed for the show to reach the milestone of 200.

Whether or not CBS negotiates these two extra episodes, will still leave the show's future up in the air and most likely it will have to fight for a tenth season.  Perhaps CBS should consider not only the extra two episodes for season 9; so that it gets the necessary 200.  Goodness knows it has been through the wringer two years running and deserves a break, as do we fans.  Yet we deserve a tenth and final season for this much loved show without it having to be "on the bubble" for a third year.  Would it be third time lucky?

For too long, CSI:NY has been treated so poorly, as the 'poor man's relation' (spin off) to CSI, which is seen as the superior show to many.  Yet everyone has their own views and opinions on which one they prefer.  It's okay to watch both but you have to have a moan and groan when it is treated as if it shouldn't be around in the schedules at all by many.

I know it's a bit early to decide on such questions and the show's fate but it's good to get such things out in the open and subject to discussion to keep fans on their toes in readiness to take further action when or if the need arises.  A kind of call to arms to fight for the future of our fave CSI:NY when needed!

Here's looking forward to season 9, though we'll have to wait 'til next January.  Yeah, that's a big moan from me then!!

Enrique Murciano Returns to Season 13 CSI

Great news for Enrique Murciano fans as it's revealed he will be in the season 13 premiere; reprising his role of Det Carlos Moreno.  Think producers will listen to fans and have him as a recurring cast member, if not a regular?  Oh go on!  We should petition or something.

Enrique uploaded the following photo on his Twitter page @enriquetwiter exclusively, as he appears alongside series regular Elisabeth Shue, who plays Julie 'Finn' Finlay on the show.

The UK is still waiting for its final three episodes of season 12 and next week sees the anticipated airing of the episode, Altered States where we will get to see Enrique in action for the first time.  And about time too!

Here's to many more pleasurable hours of enjoyable Enrique viewing!!

CSI: NY - 7.11: "To What End" Review

A clown shoots a man in a bakery with no apparent motive. Jo's ex (David James Elliott) turns up, still pining for her and Flack is connected to the earlier shooting.

After dressing up as a clown, the clown then shoots a man at a bakery store.  Note the emphasis on the gun throughout the clown's make-up scene, cos all clowns are evil!  (Joke.)  I don't have any hang ups about clowns but I know some people will suffer nightmares after the abundance in this episode.   It was a bit too obvious that other clowns would arrive on the scene just so as the real killer could make his escape and throw them off the track, for a while.   Including leaving a gun behind which had nothing to do with the shooting.   Was it used by the hitman who was sent after Bobby Renton (JD Pardo).   OOh me jumping the gun here again - groan.)  Or as Mac (Gary Sinise) said later, was that just a red herring to throw them off the scent.

 Flack (Eddie Cahill) questions the clown, who then asked if he'd get any money for helping and turning up there.     Flack to Mac: "Don't say anything, this is better if you don't say anything."  At the sheer number of clown 'suspects'.   Hawkes (Hill Harper) and Mac process the CS and Hawkes finds unknown trace on the DB.   Flack to the clown: "You squirt me with that thing and I will shoot you right here..."  Hey it's only water, ha.   Jo (Sela Ward) arrives and says hello to Flack, which no one's done before.   She questions who'd want to shoot the owner of a bakery, which was a big clue and probably sums up the episode, well a little bit of it.   Hawkes discovers a single GS wound to the chest and the gun was dropped here.   Flack brings in the clown's outfit, found from a dumpster.   Jo comments on their first move: "Leave the cannolis and take the gun."

Lindsay (Anna Belknap) complains about having to reconstruct the bullet from several fragments.   Mac tells her there's an easier way if she downloaded the CT pattern, but that's not enough for her, she still complains about having to extract the bullets from the jello and reconstruct them.   Asking Mac for his help which he refuses as he's the boss this week.   Yeah, do your job Lindsay! Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) removes dust, carbon and fractured bone from the clown's shoes.   As well as concrete and female DNA.   Mac asks him to run the DNA in CODIS, wouldn't he have done that anyway as they normally do.   Danny asks Mac if you wear sneakers in clown's shoes?  Mac: "I'm a bright man, but I can't help you with that."  Danny then asks Jo the same question but she says she doesn't own any sneakers!  Hawkes found the trace to be cyanide.   Jo then asks Hawkes Danny's sneaker question.   Nothing makes sense in this case.

Adam (AJ Buckley) loses his temper whilst on the phone, which Mac happens to overhear and Adam tells the caller he's from the Crime lab but "I moonlight as a criminal, in clown ID theft."  He hates clowns.   He was calling the NY Clown Registry as the Vic's phone records don't show the clown's name.   McGillicutty didn't give him any info.   Jo and Mac visit the registry and Jo wonders who blows the yolk out of the eggs, before the clown's faces are painted on them.   Mac just wants her to appreciate the craftsmanship.   McGillicutty comments Mac has "all the charms of his insubordinate."  He calls Jo, "Kentucky" and she replies he's not very nice.   Adam faxed over the subpoena for the clown's name as he knew McGillicutty wouldn't help.   The clown's name is Stan Ridgeway(Martinez).

Flack and Danny visit his apartment and Flack comments on what happened the last time they stood outside a suspect's door.  Bullets came through.  Danny stands away from the door because he's scared.   Stan's tied up.   The man took his clothes, knocked him out and also left him money.   Thought Danny would have printed the money, but suppose it was easier to make an imprint from the pot of clown facepaint.  The prints match to a Bobby Renton.   When Adam tells Jo about the match she comments about telling Mac to give him a raise but he doesn't listen.   Maybe because they had to take a paycut just to keep Adam in work, not too long ago.   Jo believes Gino's (Tracy Fraim) murder was premeditated.   Bobby hasn't had a licence for the past five years, or any credit cards and doesn't exist in any database.   Adam comments it's like he "disappeared from his life all in the same day."

"All in the same day" as Jo repeats gives her an idea that the FBI should be around here, but she doesn't suspect it would be her ex turning up.   Bobby was in witness protection.   She disappears because she knows the "over confident agent who just got off the elevator...we slept together."  Agent Russ Josephson  doesn't believe Bobby's a killer.   Mac says it would be embarrassing for the FBI if they don't know where he is.   Russ tells him that  Bobby was an NYPD informant and the request for protection was a personal favour for Flack.   Mac relays this to Flack and how everyone thinks Bobby's not a killer for some reason.   Flack calls him a good guy.  He testified against the Foley brothers, PCP dealers, who shot and killed Bobby's friend.

Cue flashback with Flack in a suit and asking Bobby to become a witness as they need his testimony to put the killers away.   He will get protection, as will his girlfriend, Ainsley (Jackie Totin).   Bobby can't let them get away.   Well Flack was pretty persuasive.   Russ tells Jo he saw her run from the office.   She says the five text messages they exchanged over the past eight months were enough.   She looks great and he still has feelings for her.   Russ calls their parting a separation but Jo calls it divorce.   She didn't want to be known as Jo Josephson, nor did she want to stay at home.   As well as there being "ownership problems."   He wants to have dinner with her.  

Then Lindsay barges in as per usual; just when Jo and Russ were having their heart-to-heart to spoil their moment and ours!.   Yes just barge in unannounced.   She reconstructed the bullet fragments and coughs, what was the cough in aid of?  Bobby possibly killed someone 2 days ago in Memphis.   Russ says Bobby was in Memphis.   What was the point of telling Russ they've heard nothing about him, Jo's not exactly going to share with Lindsay of all people.

Hawkes says there were three GS wounds on the DB in Memphis: one to each knee and one to the chest.   (By the way Sid (Robert Joy) wasn't in this episode.)  Mac explains he was tortured but what was the connection to Gino.   Flack couldn't find anything on Gino, he had a clean background.   Flack says Bobby disappeared from witness protection and believes he's in NYC.  Mac thinks Bobby's got unfinished business and I immediately thought of Flack first and then Ainsley!  Cue flashback 2, where Booby says he won't tell Ainsley anything and ruin her life too.  She's pregnant.   Flack: "not even say goodbye."  Then Flack tells him he did the right thing in choosing to testify.

The Tox screen revealed traces of ether in the Memphis Vic's lungs.   His name Elmo Vidvic (Gadi Evel).   Cyanide and ether means PCP.   But Mac insists there's still no connection between the two Vics.   Already anticipated by Hawkes; as the kilowatt usage in the bakery was high.   It was a front for a PCP lab.

Russ: "...was hoping you'd walk me out." Jo comments he's leaving the hard part to the NYPD and he ponders if he should be jealous of Mac.   Flack visits Ainsley at the diner who wastes no time in telling him he ruined their lives.   She hasn't seen Bobby.  Flack wants her to listen to him.   Ainsley replies, "Listen to you, are you kiddin' me?"  Hey that's one of Flack's lines; recycled! He notices his car mirror has been turned inwards, a signal from Bobby.   Flack knows where to go and drives there alone.   Jo finds the connection between the Foley's and Gino, he was the godfather to one of them and sent Vidvic to kill Bobby in Memphis.

Mac is concerned he hasn't heard from Flack as he's left him messages.   Jo realizes this is personal for Flack.   Danny (under utilized again; he wasn't even there for Flack) uses EDNA to trace the samples of dust etc to a crematorium.   Lindsay asks another silly question of how the trace could have transferred onto Bobby's shoes?  Cos he was there!  Every episode she has to ask an obvious question and then saying they have to tell Mac about this and send units, arrgh!  (Sorry) What a pathetic scene between Danny and Lindsay, or should I call it embarrassing; when she asks if he has another woman.   It may have meant to have been funny, but wasn't.   It's not as though she is unaware of what EDNA is.   Think someone should tell her to pack her bags and go home.

Bobby vents at Flack when he holds a gun on him; that he didn't want to testify and Flack couldn't keep his promises.   Flack says he saved lives.   Flack: "Thieves get rich, saints got shot and God doesn't always answer your prayers." I can't help feeling this line was personal for him again because of his own loss.   Bobby can still have a life and be with his family.   Flack gets knocked down and then freefalls onto Bobby down below.   Rather he flew like the Superman that he is! What if he mistimed his jump and didn't land on Bobby!  Flack explains to Mac he "needed time to wrestle with the demons."  He was happy when he convinced Bobby to testify and was commended but he doesn't feel good about that now.   Mac replies it's "easy to lose sight of the sacrifices they have to make...the necessary price of evil."  Lots of religious references all of a sudden.

Flack books Bobby himself so he can take him to visit his family.   Wonder what was going through Flack's mind when he was watching from outside.

As for the flashbacks, don't think CSI:NY should  bother with them, unless they get the details right.   Five years ago, Flack did not have hair like that, felt intelligences were insulted by just putting him back in a suit without the proper hair.   It was like Danny's flashback in Out of the sky, where his hair and appearance was akin to the present.   This episode shows Flack does do other police work independent of the CSI lab; since Mac didn't know about Flack's connection to Bobby.

This episode was advertized as 'a man from Flack's past leading to trouble for Flack', thought that it would be something more personal than that and not so much about a past case.   Great episode never- the-less, again ensuring Flack's character keeps evolving.   Especially when he realizes policework is not always about the glory of putting criminals away and how he has matured in five years, both as a detective and as a man.   Good to see he and Mac having their routine talk at the end; where Mac convinces Flack that he did the right thing in getting Bobby to testify as he wanted to do this deep down.   But still kinda miss when Flack and Mac used to be at odds with each other with their arguments.   Made for some excellent viewing.

Before David James Elliott (or 'Dreamboat' as is my name for him, now the whole world knows!) was cast, I used to say he and Eddie should star in something together.   Got my wish then.   Though David's scenes were not nearly as long as I hoped.   Glad he's coming back.   He and Jo shared a chemistry together and seems like she was the one who opted for divorce as he wanted her to stay home.   Can't quite see that in his character; as clearly he still has immense feelings for her.   Also the way she dashed out when she saw him was more like the actions of someone who still has feelings for him too, you don't avoid people like that if you absolutely can't stand them.   More a case of not wanting to be swept away (as in off your feet) if you spend too long with them.  David would be great as a guest regular or main cast regular.

Russ asking if he should be jealous of Mac and then Lindsay asking if she needs to be jealous was so off-putting.   Poor Danny we really don't get to see much of him anymore!  He doesn't call her Montana anymore either, the novelty's worn off.   At least he got to share a joke about the clown shoes cos Lindsay wasn't around.

Flack telling Bobby he can get out and have a life as long as he doesn't shoot him - a cop - well he was right about the hitman; that could be argued as self defence, but Gino's murder was premeditated and only in the last episode, Shop Til you Drop, did we have him talking about premeditation.   Flack's stuntman was clearly obvious again and Flack wanted to take Bobby in since he still felt guilty  for him having to give up his life.   Not so much guilty, that's too strong a word to use , responsible is better.

Jo was more interested in cannoli than Russ.   Her asking who'd want to kill a bakery owner over and over was a big clue as already mentioned, as Gino was no ordinary bakery owner.

Appropriate song used at the end, 'Here Without You' by 3 Doors Down - still it reminded me someone has uploaded that song on You tube with clips of Danny and Lindsay!

When Eddie was in the short-lived Glory Days he came across a murderous clown.   Is it any wonder people have phobias about them.   Adam getting frustrated by the clown registry was interesting because it's not often, if at all, you see him losing his cool (perhaps he has a secret clown phobia too,ha,  though he did comment he hates clowns.)  Then faxing over the subpoena for Mac and Jo was kind of endearing too in that Mac seems to be rubbing off on him, at least some of Mac's qualities.

As the title suggest To What End was pondered here with why Gino was killed and what intentions Bobby had for being back in New York.   Not to mention why Russ was really in town!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Closer 7.6 "Home Improvement" Review

Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) and Fritz (Jon Tenney) meet with her lawyer who seems rather scatty, or maybe that's just an act he's putting on to fool people.  Brenda certainly wasn't impressed with him, or as I commented, it's Lucifer from Supernatural!  Brenda insists she didn't kill Turrell.  Unless it's "murder by proxy."  Gavin (Mark Pelligrino) has good news for her and asks her for a 45 second version of events.  Brenda's phone rings, as always and he charges $40 a minute.  Fritz mentions he's not meant to charge her for the first hour.  His retainer is $25,000.  Brenda: "for $10 a minute, I'm keeping the water."

Brenda rushes to the CS but can't find her tennis shoes, those were not tennis shoes she had on when she's later shown in the office.  Besides she's worn heels to a CS before.  Gabriel (Corey Reynolds)  says she's misplaced her shoes.  Tao (Michael Paul Chan) informs her the house was being torn down and the DB was found.  Brenda comments on the "Victim humour" and sarcastically remarks maybe they should start another lawsuit.  Well, it's not like the first one was their fault or cos of them.

Flynn (Tony Denison) thinks the primary suspects are the owners.  Gabriel says there was a contractor, a crew and mentions the neighbour.  Brenda: "maybe he was a lawyer."  Now who's being sarcastic.
The contractor, Romano calls her 'honey' and she wants him arrested.

Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) tells him he's illegally parked and can search his van for whatever's in plain sight.  He can be held for 48 hours.  Proveza (GW Bailey) IDs the Vic as John Dale and they will have a hue of suspects as he's a registered sex offender.  They should just cover him up and call it a day.  They look for signs of blood inside the house.

Morales (Jonathan Del Arco) claims 'you can't kill yourself on the back of your head.' He was dead 12 days and was well preserved.  He was hit with something 'conocal shaped.'  There aren't any prints on the duct tape.  Tao thinks of party hats as they have the same shape.

Taylor (Robert Gossett) tells Brenda they haven't got enough suspects as the line of suspects increases in the office.  The schools put the picture of the offenders on the notice board.  Greg (Josh Casaubon) and Malin (Laura Regan) are selling their houses and it's an open house with 200 buyers, thus increasing the suspect list even more, yet selling the house was a clue to the suspect's ID in this instance. It was obvious they wanted to sell and he was preventing them cos of his past.

Debbie (Robin Cohen) won't let Kayla play in the backyard and she saw Dale mentioned on the Megan's Law website.  Sanchez questions Kayla in Pope's (JK Simmons) office and he wants her gone since it's his time for exercise.  Brenda wipes the dust off his bike.  Kayla tells of Dale being in the backyard and her father (Ryan Alosio) fought with him.

Brenda cooks at home to save money for the lawyer.  She stopped the paper, cancelled the cable and the landline as they can't afford to "spend money on luxury items."  Fritz says she doesn't care as long as she has her chocolate bar fix.  Fritz suggests she could get funding from the city and should ask Pope for it.  Raymond, (Maximiliano Hernandez) the building inspector is brought in for questioning and Pope comments how not "everyone who asks for a lawyer is guilty." He'll ask the Mayor if there are any funds available.  Romano didn't apply for a building permit and under the Disclosure laws, have to tell buyers there is no permit.  The complainant was Dale and he was already dead.

Fritz gives Gavin a retainer from the money he inherited but doesn't want Brenda to know.  He has to tell her it came from the city and since he says he can't lie, Fritz adds he should explain it to her in a way she misunderstands.

Brenda invites Fritz to the open house and checks the house and garden out.  In the garden are wheelbarrow marks and she takes photos of these.  Since it's an 'open house' she doesn't need a warrant.  The gnome has a conical shaped hat.  The tiles were also cleaned with bleach and Connor tells her the trash bags were kept.  Brenda finds jeans and shoes inside and Malin has bleach spots on her clothes.

The blood residue is positive and she says Dale was waiting for her.  Claiming he was going to attack her. Brenda refers to what happened as a 'better than a spur of the moment burial.'  From the credit card it's seen everything was purchased the day before.  The house was impossible to sell and they needed the DB to have his name removed from the Megan's Law website.

Provenza says the gnome was cleaned before it was thrown out.  Flynn  hates matches.  She can't lift the gnome.  Greg wants to start their story over, dummy.  They had to use the e-mail to make their complaint since their voices would be recognized and they just confessed.

Gavin is representing Brenda and says she doesn't have to pay him personally unless the case goes to trial.  Brenda hugs Pope thinking he came through with the money.  The gnome is in the office with handcuffs which Provenza calls a "flight risk."

This episode wasn't as good at the others so far and seemed like a 'filler' to take the story forward with Brenda and her lawyer seeing as this season has more episodes than usual.  As we again see how Brenda is able to get past little things such as search warrants etc, to get the job done like she always has in the past.
Brenda and Fritz actually having a domestic, er over domestic issues and she expects him to eat her cooking everyday, ha.  Also Provenza being hit in the cahonas by Malin was a fun moment, no really, he was standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

But the suspects have to have been the most loopiest and stupidest we've seen in  along time with her lifting the gnome, oh come on did it look like she could lift it and Greg wanting to start their story over after they've been found out and already confessed!

Desperate Housewives - 7.15: "Farewell Letter" Review

Gaby returns to her hometown in order to put her past to rest. Lynette and Tom want the twins to move out and Susan uses her dialysis as an excuse to get her excused from things. Paul confronts Zack and throws out Beth.

Mary Alice (Brenda Strong) "Lynette (Felicity Huffman) lost a lot of sleep over the years, feeding, temperatures - but never complained because a mother is always on call..."  She's woken up and asked how to make omelettes for the girls the twins, Porter (Charlie Carver) and Preston (Max Carver) have brought home.  They've been bringing their "whatevers" here for months.  Mary Alice: "Lynette had lost a  lot of sleep over the years, she was getting tired of it."

"There are all sorts of ways to leave - some shake hands...waves, hugs...those who refuse to leave until someone else yells, 'get out'."   Tom (Doug Savant) and Lynette want to kick the twins out.   Susan (Teri Hatcher) is on the phone complaining all of her insurance won't cover her dialysis treatments, when she's pulled over by a cop.   He feels sorry for her when she mentions she's late for her dialysis appointment and lets her off with a warning.   Giving her more ideas.   Gaby (Eva Longoria) packs for her trip to her hometown, which is only famous for the second largest tyre burning fire in America.   She's reluctant to go back because of her stepfather.   Carlos (Richardo Antonio Chavira) is determined she needs to go and read out some words over his grave, as her therapist told her to.   She's packing a party dress as it's the fire burning anniversary and there'll be a party.   She needs to be well prepared for the welcome that awaits her.

Paul (Mark Moses) is glad Zack's (Cody Kasch) mother didn't see him like this.   Keith (Brian Austin Green) teaches Charlie baseball and can't believe he's leaving for Florida tomorrow.   He blames Bree (Marcia Cross) for not telling him sooner; she waited for a week, so why blame her, why doesn't he blame Amber (Rochelle Aytes) instead.   Bree didn't want to lose him.   Keith is angry as they agreed to be honest in their relationship.   Susan gets to jump the queue in the market so MJ (Mason Cotton) can watch Tom and Jerry cartoons, using her dialysis appointment as an excuse.

Gaby is recognized by a woman from her hometown who saw her in magazines.   They've got a new Stop light in town.  She gets into the taxi when she sees a nun but can't stop looking back at her still.   Keith still laments over Charlie and he swore he'd never leave his child like his father left him.   The twins move out and Lynette misses them already, when they stop the car and drive across the road to Mrs McClusky's (Kathryn Joosten).   Susan can't help milking her dialysis for whatever she can and is excused from jury duty.   That jury must be relieved.   Renee (Vanessa Williams) feels close to Susan as she's using her disease to manipulate and her powers for evil!  Renee suggests they have lunch at Gerrard's since there's always a wait for tables and she can just push in.

Gaby's photos are plastered inside the diner and the Natchos platter is named after her.   Principal Gomez (Marco Rodriguez) says there's no role model for the girls and asks her to give them a talk at the school.   Gaby calls Carlos her chauffeur.   Gaby giving a speech, let's see it'll be about modelling and dresses and money.   Beth (Emily Bergl) has noticed Paul's been cold and distant lately and she can't imagine what he's been through.   Paul borrowed her gun for protection from Zack, why has she got a gun in the house.  "Fool me once...someone so close betrays you, can things be good again."  Referring to Beth.

Keith wants to move to Florida but he can't without Bree and he doesn't want to lose what they have.   The local paper interviews Gaby, with the headline, 'Solis so lovely.'  There's no need for her to go the cemetery as she's getting closure right here.  Love from so many people is healing.   Lynette believes Mrs McClusky can get the twins into shape but she asks for her Denver omelette recipe, as she's making them feel right at home by fetching and carrying for them, which Lynette can't stand and so has to scheme to get them gone.  

Roy (Orson Bean) likes having them here, cos he's got the floozy's to look at!  Gaby's talk includes telling them that Math and Science leads to frown lines.   Sister Marta (Jill Larson) turns up, she actually sounded like an older version of Bree.   Gaby's angry with her.   She told her about her stepfather and she said it was her imagination.   Believing Gaby lied and she's been ashamed ever since, instead of telling her she didn't deserve this happening to her.   Sister Marta should be ashamed of herself.

Lynette brings over a keg for a party so that the twins get thrown out for making a mess of Mrs McClusky's house and for breaking her shot glass collection, she almost had one from every state.   Lynette is so scheming for a wife and mother, wonder where she gets it from, her own mother and then she makes comments about her behaviour too.   She wonders how they got to be so helpless and they have to tell her she doesn't let them do things for themselves and just takes over.   Paul questions Zack over why he shot him.   He wanted Paul to die.   He hated him all his life until he was made of hate.   Paul did this to him and to everyone, he's evil.   Mary Alice killed herself because of Paul, but he says she loved him.   No one could love Paul.  

Bree wants Keith to go to Florida as he's in a long distance relationship with his son already.   Bree's never fallen out of love with her children and he'll meet someone else.   Susan is prevented from jumping the queue for a table at the restaurant, since everyone there is afflicted with some ailment or another.   Susan faints for real.   Paul throws Beth out as he's known about her and Felicia (Harriet Sansom Harris).   She loves him but he repeats what Zack said, no one could love Paul.   He gives her the gun.

Mary Alice: "leaving is never easy but the time comes when we must move out - leave our childhood behind, let go of the past - be a good parent.   Leaving is never easy especially for those who have nowhere else to go."   This episode is about children and what parents will do for them, the sacrifices they make.   Yet in some ways, children don't do the same for their parents.  Not that they have to, but sometimes it's nice not to be taken for granted.   Also what's Beth going to do with the gun Paul's given back to her.

Why isn't Mike (James Denton) around for Susan more, ever since she was diagnosed he hasn't been around much and what happened to his Alaska job.   Would've thought he'd be there for MJ more, since he wasn't there for Zack.