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Once Upon A Time 6.5 "Street Rats" Review

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The one about Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz) and his backstory: he's a street rat and he's a thief but with some redeeming qualities since he's a a Saviour and realized by Jasmine (Karen Shenaz david) he has magic, which she already knew when she confronts him in the market with a trinket of the royal scarab.  As she wants his help in locating the "diamond in the rough."  Threatening him with consequences of facing up to being a thief if he doesn't help.  Where Jafar (Oded Fehr) also makes another appearance giving him an opportunity to sever Aladdin's magic and no longer be the Saviour and thus face certain death.  The same fate that awaits Emma (Jennifer Morrison) in her visions of the future.  He gives him the shears belonging to the Fates.  Which will remove his magic and when they find the diamond Jasmine tells him he's the diamond in the rough as he stops the ceiling from collapsing.

Aladdin has to rescue her from Jafar as she threatens treason against the Vizar and he swoops in on his magic carpet to save her and her father the Sultan (Cedric De Souza) who's spell on him is removed since he was sitting around playing with toy castles.  Jasmine comes across as someone who's led a sheltered royal life and Shireen, the teacher's aide isn't much of a heroine.  So she has her own flaws too including being afraid to explore "a whole new world" (had to get that in) outside of the palace and her kingdom.  Choosing not to go with Aladdin even though she is falling for him. However she's accused of killing the Oracle that Emma had been seeing and this transpires into her search for Aladdin and Emma finding out he was also a Saviour.  So if they find him she can find out how to save herself.  Not realizing that in actual fact he used the shears after all.  A life without magic and helping people was much easier than death itself.

As Jasmine thinks he's dead, he reveals himself to Emma after he hears the heart to heart she has with Henry (Jared Gilmore) when he tells her of how he found her and made her come here.  Also owning up to Jasmine and confronting her.  As for Emma's visions he thinks it's the Evil Queen (Lana Parilla) but surely if it was her, she'd have just taken care of her right here and now instead of in the future. There's nothing stopping her as she keeps getting one over on them all the time.  Clearly this Grim Reaper is someone else, someone we haven't encountered before or someone who's not so likely in our thoughts yet.

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Paranormal Lockdown 2.11 "Scutt Mansion" Review

Another episode where the mansion involved has some sad stories behind it as well as hauntings.  But one that draws people in regardless of its curse.  This one pertaining to Hiram Scutt, a Civil War Vet and also a barbed wire magnet.  He built the Victorian mansion in Joilet, Illinois in 1882.  Which has seen its fair share of 'bad' events.  His son, Frank, took it over after his death in 1889 and his wife, Adelaide died shortly after Hiram.  The mansion was also a girls' school, a place where women who came to the city in search of work lived and in 2004 there was a murder when a student was shot and killed there after a rowdy party, the owner had rented the house to college students. The mansion was later bought by Seth and he died there after he had an aneurysm.  Seth's father, Pat Magosky, fell down the stairs he had put there himself and broke his back.  Seth's mother, Andrea saying she would never live there.

Nick and Katrina invited Andrea there to tell them about the mansion and her son who had turned it into a museum and kept various objects there, including a doll room.  Nick and Katrina both hoping that Steh had moved onto a better place and his energy/spirit wasn't there.  Katrina being drawn to Adelaide's room, and is what my sister said too, just as Rob said the same to her, before the figure appeared on the 3D mapping.  Which was even taller than Nick.  Funny how Nick mentioned his height twice in this ep, first when he commented on how the sleeping bags don't accommodate his 6' 1" height and then when Katrina mentioned how the figure was taller than Nick, with Seth's sister, Serena saying he was 6' 6" and was really tall!

Also a first with 16 HD cameras set up to monitor most all the rooms, or at least the strategic ones. When Rob's camera died was gonna swear, ha, saying someone made a rough edit there and missed what was happening!  Katrina sleeping at the top of the stairs with her track record with stairs; thought Nick would've done that.  At least they had proper running water to brush their teeth and Nick fixs his hair as usual as soon as he wakes up!

Nick and Katrina getting help from Dana Matthews and Greg Newkirk, paranormal researchers and friends of his who have a travelling haunted museum: Travelling Museum of the Paranormal and The Occult.  They brought along some haunted objects: a dark mirror, Billy the Idol of Nightmares (!) The Crone and the Dybbuk box.  Which has been the subject of many shows and documentaries.  A box which draws the person to open it and has untold effects on that person.  The Box was originally owned by Keven Mannis of Portland, Oregon.  The box refers to a Jewish wine cabinet and he bought it as a gift for his mother.  And is haunted by a malicious spirit.  She suffered a stroke on the same day.  It was owned by a survivor of the Holocaust in Poland.  (See episode 2.4 Paranormal Witness. The box was the subject of  Sam Raimi's 2012 horror movie The Possession.  With Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Kyra Sedgwick.)

Greg telling them not to open the box no matter what happens, which explains the chains.  It was a good experiment of sorts since the activity came out after the objects were there.  That Dark Mirror looked creepy and really dark, as in black.  Heard all of those deep breaths that Katrina and Dana heard and they were right, they were laboured and did sound like someone on their last breath. (The death rattle.) However, Serena later said that he breathed like that.  Dana also facing her fear of going back up the tower.  Nick directing the energy to Dana and the tower.  Then she got her hair pulled.

On her recorder at 26.37 a man says, "you don't have to do that."  Before Greg hears "they tried to kill me."  Which is what the voice says later on, that Hiram did it when the woman says he wouldn't do that (see below.)  Also when Nick got the child's voice on the Geoport when the girls says "hi;" you can hear a man say "stair."  Strangely Nick has them place the objects on the stair before Dana and Greg leave.

34.22 sound like "Seth."  35.18 sounds like "Nick" was spoken, but it's not every clear.  The whisper at 36.00 can be heard without enhancement and seems to whisper, "still here."  Relevant as they ask where'd the figure go?  The female voice attempts to stop the male voice from speaking, you can hear "sshh" at 36.55. The curse started at this house as Nick asks, before that it sounds like "he hit me..." "He pushed me off the bridge"??
Female; "He didn't do that."
37.06: "Hiram did it."

Though it was said that as his family reaffirmed Seth still being there perhaps it's because he loves the house and is protecting it.  Finding it hard to leave.  But as Serena said, hoping he might get some closure now knowing that his family knows about him and how his mother's last message to him was how much she loves him.  A moving episode more than it was creepy.

The Vampire Diaries 8.14 "It's Been A Hell Of A Ride" Review

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Stefan (Paul Wesley) decides he's leaving town and comes to tell Bonnie (Kat Graham) he's sorry but she's not willing to listen or forgive him saying several times how he killed Enzo!  Yeah, right, he wasn't exactly himself.  Enzo (Michael Malarkey) asks her how she can't forgive him cos she should and he was also working for Cade (Wole Parks) and killed many people as a result, but the time's not right for her to do this just yet.  Also she doesn't let Stefan in though he could come in cos he's human now.  Back at the karaoke bar, Kai (Chris Wood) belts out a tune, very out of tune, yeah don't give up the siphoning day job!  As Damon (Ian Somerhalder) asks Stefan for help with Kai cos he's taken Elena and given her to Cade in return for staying on earth and not going to hell.  Though it was risky asking Stefan for help cos one wrong move and he'll die and won't be coming back as everyone does over and over.

So Stefan meets with Kai and wants the weapon from him, the Ashen, as Cade asks Damon for that and once he gets it, he'll return Elena.  Stefan wants the weapon so he can kill Cade instead.  He needs to do that and it's not just part of his redemption.  Kai tries to siphon from Stefan but he realizes he can't and Stefan foolishly lets on he's human now.  Prompting Kai to stab him in his hand. With Damon taking a detour cos he was putting on a song!  Really Damon!  They take him to the Armoury cos it's the nearest place with a holding cell and Alaric (Matt Davis) has his own problems with the twins who are siphoning like crazy.  They try on the wedding dresses which Caroline (Candice King) tells them off for as they could have fallen on them, the boxes that is and they set the boxes on fire, just like they did at school, which Alaric neglected to tell Caroline.  There's no school that will take them.

Caroline tells Damon that Stefan's leaving cos he's going on a 'spirit walk' to come to terms with what he's done and to seek atonement.  Easier said than done.  Stefan asks Alaric for his help even if he's the last person he wants to see right now.  He needs him cos he's not a Maxwell or a Donovan. Obviously that had something to do with the bell.  As he and Damon head to Mystic Falls where Damon says he should be the one to kill Cade cos he's got Elena and Stefan's human now.  But Stefan knocks him out and takes the Ashen into the cave where he finds Elena's coffin.  Stefan already knows his soul is bound for hell and he wants to kill Cade.  Stefan:" Cade is free because of me and that's why I have to kill him."
Damon: "You screw this up, we don't know what he'll do to Elena." Once again its all about her even when she's not around!  But attracted Cade cos of her 'beautiful soul.'
Cade laughs since Stefan's human and well, he's the devil.  He waits until the clock strikes 8, well it'll be 8 on his phone and Alaric rings/strikes the bell.  Stefan:" Cade is free because of me and that's why I have to kill him."

Caroline talks to Kai about the twins' power, again a silly move and he tells her how he was a siphon
and the Gemini coven didn't understand it, how he needed power, to take energy and Jo was the perfect witch.  He was living in a nightmare and it was torture and there wasn't anything he could do. He handled it by becoming a psycho with a penchant for murder. telling her it was stupid bringing them to the Armoury surrounded by all this magic cos the walls have magic practically in them as he places his hand on the glass and it cracks.  The walls do have magic he says.  Then snaps Caroline's neck and escapes intent on  killing the twins.  As Stefan makes some headway in stabbing Cade with the Ashen, Alaric is called by the twins who tell him Caroline isn't here and they heard a crash. Making him stop ringing the bell.  Giving Cade a chance to recover and beat up Stefan.  He likes how that feels and kicks him some more.

Damon tells him to let him go cos they had a deal and he got his weapon. But Cade, being Cade tells Damon to chose, Stefan's soul or Elena's as he sets her coffin on fire.  Damon can't really make that choice and Stefan begs Cade to take him instead, he's going to end up there eventually anyway. Damon says to "choose me" instead.  Bonnie senses the psychic connection and sees fire and Elena being in trouble so she heads there leaving Enzo alone.  He earlier told her that she can bring him back as many times as she wants but she should makes amends with Stefan.

Damon makes the sacrifice of having Cade take his life when he hands him a burning ember from her coffin, even with Stefan refusing for it to be him.  Ending up in a place where Cade thinks he's hiding.  Damon says he never hides and Bonnie turns up but she can't see Damon there until Cade tells her to use her psychic power.  She won't let him take Damon and will fight for him, as Damon struggles to hold onto the rock and to not get sucked into hell.  She will fight for him even if she loses and no matter how hard it might be for her.  Until Stefan shows up and stabs Cade thus ending his reign in hell and on them.  However even if hell isn't the same without him, or doesn't exist.  There still won't be any getting away from it, since they've both side they're hell bound eventually some day.  Though them both coming back alive was becoming a bit Sam and Dean too in Supernatural!

Alaric tricks Kai into thinking he's found the twins and they fight with Caroline getting Kai and then taking turns to beat him saying it's for them, the twins and for Jo.  Bonnie then chains Kai up in his own hell where  he'll listen to the same song over and over, the one he hates.  Using the Gemini compass again and she says there's no eclipse this time round.  He tells her Cade may be gone but hell is still there and is ruled y someone else.  No guesses there then.  But I'll leave the reveal for a bit.  As we head into Winchester bonding territory with Damon and Stefan drinking sitting on the car; well Damon does most of the drinking.  He says he's got his own redemption to do and he knows that he will do it with the people he loves the most and Stefan is at the top of his list.  He hopes to marry Elena one day and he wants Stefan not to be a coward and run away on this spirit journey of his. They won't have each other forever but today isn't a day he should lose him.

Alaric wants to start a school for people like the twins since they have nowhere to go and wants Caroline as his collaborator.  Stefan proposes to Caroline again saying he won't be able to tell her how much he loves her and he'll have to show her by asking her to marry him and she agrees.  Bonnie tells Damon about the other bad in their lives now and who's running hell, obviously it would have to be someone from their past and Damon smashes the bottle in his hand as he says not to say her name and they both utter, "Katherine."  Okay knew that was coming and said it several second before Damon did!  Ha.

Obviously there had to be somewhere else they had to deal with considering Cade was killed off pretty quickly, bit too cocky in thinking none of them would get him but it had to be Stefan as he said he would, not only for making him do all those killings but also for taking Damon from him too. Who admits he's made so many mistakes and hurt so many people.  It could only be Katherine cos where else would she have gone.  Don't think much of Kai's least favourite song having an impact on him cos being a witch he should be able to shut it out of his head.  Think being alone in his own prison will have more of an adverse effect on him.  Kai referring to Caroline as Clarice and himself as Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs.  Don't think so!  Funny though how Damon told Cade to "eat me!"

The title refers to Damon's line to Elena in season 1.20 Blood Brothers.  Have written plenty about this episode over this season and its relevance to the episode it relates to, so no need to repeat it again.  However this episode's quotes have also been referred to plenty of times as episode titles for the final season 8.

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Paranormal Lockdown 2.10 "Rampart Street Murder House" Review

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Great watching Nick and Katrina in New Orleans, loved that city like I keep repeating myself for the millionth time and hope to go back there soon.  Last time was in 2004 and that's too long a time! That was before the tragic events at the Murder House on Rampart Street but it's a street that we walked by so many times when in the French Quarter.  Nice Nick and Katrina walked where we also treading the pavement!  The French Quarter is the best part of the city and not just for tourists.

The story was sad, as said, and also that people do make generalizations about people being possessed as Katrina said when something like this happens, murder/suicide.  Sometimes it's not the case at all.  I've said the same myself many times, but only after investigating and maybe not drawing a conclusion per se, but just putting the idea out there after balancing all of the available evidence. (Occupational hazard in many ways for me!)  Seems Hurricane Katrina brought along with it many 'disturbances' of energy and adding to many more poignant stories and spirits needing to find some rest.

This episode as I tweeted, was one I was looking forward to for a while, since I heard that they were investigating here for Paranormal Lockdown.  Also the location is much smaller than what Nick and Katrina have been used to an concentrating on, say in comparison to the Statler City Hotel and Franklin Castle in season 1, Waverly Hills.  This one also surrounded and steeped in history being around for so long, since the nineteenth century.  Would also hold many energies and it was nice to hear that the spirit of the boy, who may have been a slave is one that frequents the house in a positive fashion and was there before the events of that night in 2006.  Though as they said it would have been a traumatic experience for him.  Let's hope he had some form of closure when Bloody Mary carried out the cleansing in terms of him being able to have some comfort from the events he witnessed there.

Thought one of them would sleep in the kitchen/bathroom area, but in many ways I'm glad Nick didn't sleep in the bathtub this time.  It was too powerful a pull and especially with the nauseating feeling he got when he entered it, well even before when he looked in the mirror.  But the attic, bit dangerous but also painful, especially as Katrina said there was a fire there recently.  Yet it's what they do for their investigations and getting some results.

Bloody Mary mentioning spirits going up the stairs was heard by them when they heard footsteps during the night.  Each of them getting attacked by the pebbles!  At 10.52 you do hear a child's voice. Before that I'm sure you can hear a female voice say, "speak up."  Can hear a child again at 11.05. A man's voice also says something about "the boy."
19.02 sounds like "room" after Nick asks if the spirit went into the room.  You get "it's me..." before "think I'm trapped.."  Who would that be?  Did that say "trapped" before "bathroom;" which was always going to come up for them to go there again after Nick asked where they should go?

"Not this one," before "they'll understand..."  Think the little boy was hiding in the attic probably feeling safe there and might've welcomed Nick sleeping there.  32.22 sounds like someone says "Nick" or my ears must be going screwy by now!!  After Nick asks, "are you in here?"

"They got us in here...they're now here..."

What was this shadowy figure at 35.01, it appears and disappears.  After Katrina calls for Nick.  As usual my video doesn't upload! Agh!  So infuriating!
35.31"I can..." after asked if it can throw another pebble!
Then continues along the lines of:
"I don't know..."
"crisisss" feels drawn out
"'s messy..."
"good jump..." 
All continued from 34.00 onwards
"Same" sounds like a child's voice or female, when Katrina says, "I hate this spot."

Such a moving and poignant episode.  Incidentally, the Omni Royal Orleans Hotel in NOLA, where Zack jumped from is also haunted and is built on the site of what used to be a slave market.

Am intrigued to hear the effect their investigation had here in the future, especially on the boy and the energy now there.

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The Vampire Diaries 8.13 "The Lies Are Going To Catch Up With You" Review

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Turns out it's Dorian (Demetrius Bridges) who kidnaps Stefan (Paul Wesley) cos he remembers what he did to his family and then blamed it on the housefire, compelling Dorian to believe that.  Now Stefan's human his Vics are no longer compelled and Matt (Zach Roerig) calls Caroline (Candice King) about this and once again she has to sort out his mess.  As she compels the Vics with another story of what happened including Violet Fell's father.  She deserved better than this she tells Matt. Dorian is angry and outraged that he could've just killed them like that and Stefan tells him he was travelling to Tennessee with Klaus and he had to do what he did.  Hmm, name dropping Klaus here, for no apparent reason I'm guessing.  Not like Dorian's really interested in who that is.  Stefan says he will die and will go to hell but right now he wants to atone for what he did.  However Dorian tells him he doesn't care about his redemption.

Alaric (Matt Davis) wants to get revenge on Kai (Chris Woods) for what he did to his wife, or fiance as Kai calls her, but Damon (Ian Somerhalder) says they should hear him out no how he can help them with Cade (Wole Park) and especially when Kai says he can bring Elena back.  Well we know she's coming back anyway.  Kai can't eat cos he can't taste anything and he can't feel either, except when he calls the waiter at the Mystic Grill and eat shim instead.  He realizes he's basically a ghost and was able to see Mystic Falls and come here when the bell was being struck.  He's a psychic imprint between the two worlds and needs to get out.  Damon needs  to know how he can bring back a hypothetical person, but Bonnie's (Kat Graham) not interested in helping, as she's trying to communicate with Enzo. (Michael Malarkey).  She thinks she can ask Cade about what to do and has a strong feeling Damon is referring to Kai.  She meets Cade at the coffeeshop and he tells her she's got some sort of strong powers.  As she holds his hands she sees Enzo wherever he is stuck and he tells her not to trust Cade.  Also reliving the moment of Enzo's death again.  She doesn't know how to bring Kai back permanently and sever the tie with Bonnie and Elena.

She tells Cade she didn't see Enzo but she looks that way cos she had to relive his death again.  When she gets outside Cade stops her and reads her mind and knows she saw Enzo.  Kai cough  blood and isn't well and Damon tells him about the sirens and how they were "cannibalistic divas" and Kai asks if they were pretty, well he'd be into them either way!  Also telling them how he had to feed them bad people.  So Kai thinks he can do the same and maybe get some strength back.  Damon tells him the cook is bad and he feeds off him.  However Bonnie tells him Cade's looking for Kai and the only way he can stay out of hell is if he has redemption and Damon will forgive him but only if he brings back Elena now.  Damon falling for his lies again.  I mean didn't they learn all that first time round they dealt with him and all the times after that.

Dorian has had enough of Stefan's talking when he tells him he doesn't want to end up in hell like him and shoots him after he digs his own grave with a shovel.  Ah what's faster the gun or the shovel, probably Stefan could've wrestled with him f he was going to get shot anyway.  Dorian realizes this doesn't make him feel better as he didn't really shoot anything major, with Stefan telling him to shoot him in the head or the heart, and he helps Stefan.  Calling Matt and Caroline rushes to be by his side. Stefan gives up and Cade appears to him whilst he's watching himself outside of his body, telling him he should give up cos he can't let Caroline go through all this misery.  He'll atone for his actions and she'll follow him around and finally he'll get old and she'll have to live with the immortality and he she doesn't deserve this.  But Stefan says he doesn't have to die today right now and he's not giving up; as he returns.

Damon takes Kai to Elena and he comments how she's been well travelled in her coffin.  However he doesn't want to help him and attacks Damon by using his magic and siphoning his vampire blood, stealing the coffin and vanishing.  Enzo returns to Bonnie and he just wants to be with her. Elsewhere Alaric returns to Mystic Falls as the twins powers are getting stronger and invites Caroline to dinner to see them, where Lizzie (Tierney Mumford) attacks Caroline and then has a fight with her sister, Josie (Lily Rose Mumford) who says she hurt their mother.

Sort of a mish mash going on here with the storyline as they try to squeeze everything into it, but this episode felt rushed and Enzo returned pretty quickly.  Bonnie's powers should help with Kai and maybe the twins.  Seems the bigger problem they have now is Kai and not Cade and will probably have to turn to him to bring back Elena and deal with Kai.  So as said not much happened in this episode except for Enzo coming back cos Bonnie needs her happy ending.

The title was said by Damon to Stefan in 1.5 You're Undead To Me, where he said, "the lies will catch up to you."  That nothing will come between Stefan and Elena except for the lies.  As long as he keeps lying to himself about who he is, well here he isn't doing that anymore and wants to make amends even if it takes him his entire mortal lifetime to do so.  Stefan says to Damon in 1.5 that he's the one locked up and he can just walk away.  Kinda familiar here as Damon lets Kai get the better of him and steal Elena away, rather like Stefan getting her in season 1.

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Paranormal Lockdown 2.9 "Malvern Manor" Review

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Another Manor with a dark history built by Captain Cullers to be used as a hotel.  Home of shadow figures and other entities.  Especially the 'mysterious' death of Inez Gibson aged 12.  How does a 12 year old hang herself.  Ruling it accidental, even if Inez didn't want to live with her mother, would she even think of ending it all.  Also her death was just treated so non chalently and fobbed off as such.  Questions such as how she managed it, how did she reach the wardrobe railing.  To the bloody prints still on the wall, went and remain unanswered.  Investigating Malvern Manor with Johnny Houser living next door to the Villisca Murder House.  That's so creepy!  Especially since one of the suspects in the murder house claimed he was 'influenced' by a shadow figure into committing the killings, when he stayed at the Manor.

"I'm here" sounds like, "he's here" to me.  Nick looked so worn out next day and Katrina woke up before him! Was the scraping in the room Inez's fingers when 'hanged'?  Clearly the entities here were using up the energy from their equipment with Rob's camera dying and Nick feeling all that static. Making their presence known and felt, even menacingly.  As well as feeding off their energy.

At least Katrina got the comfy chair.  Those voices seem to say, "going down" and sounds female, whilst the other says, "already here." (28.09).  28.44 sounds like"pull up a chair now..."
"Johnny Houser...he will get us..."

Nick saying he looks beat up, yeah but always gotta fix my hair and look presentable!!  Ha.

Can you hear "Leon" at 30.46 after Katrina asks about a name.  Nick wanting Johnny back since a person and their energy could trigger a set of events with the spirits reacting to them and Johnny is familiar with the house.  Nick: "Here's Johnny" when he answers the door to him. (The Shining right? ha)

What was the figure on the 3D mapping doing, like it was engaged in some sort of murderous activity, is what I'm calling it!  It did, it looked as if it was happily sawing or cutting away at something!  Whatever; it was beavering away...wonder if that was the Captain?  Just a thought.

Nick uses the ITC.  The voices; "Hou...sounding as though Johnny's name got muffled there partly. And something like, "with us, or watching us..."  "Yes" sounds like "leaves."  35.54; "go with us..."??
37.17: whispering: "Can you find"
38.17: "Johnny." When Katrina asks, "this room."  When she says it wants to keep them away from Johnny.  That's uncanny.  (Yeah using my fave word again!)

Nick remarks how "everyone has different personal experiences...hauntings are also dependent on
the people they interact with"  Inez's sad story was as ? as the investigation at the Villisca Axe Murder House where the author of the book, Villisca, Roy Marshall, said that "the investigation was either incompetent or corrupt."  Especially since Rev Kelly confessed to killing the family and then had his confession suppressed by his lawyers.  And to top it off, the jury didn't believe the confession. Villisca was one, well is one place I find so creepy and one where I'd like to go just to confront this feeling.  Strange that it should be linked to Malvern Manor in such a way.

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Paranormal Lockdown 2.8 "White Hill Mansion" Review

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Another house which was prevalent with a massive historical background; again of the revolution and the revolutionary wars, with the house being turned into a hospital by the owner, Mary; who also lost her husband, Robert Field, mysteriously in the river...he was against the British and perhaps this had something to do with his death.  Mary also suffered her own tragedies with 4 of her seven children dying there.  As well as it being overrun by mobsters and being a speakeasy and a brothel in later years.  Such a varied past would give it plenty of activity.  Though this ep boasted some great evidence with the presence of Samuel, the little boy and those voices on the Geobox, some of them very menacing; it wasn't one of my favourites.  Located in Fieldsboro, New Jersey and run by Loretta who along with others, painstakingly wants to preserve the property.

Also knew Nick would sleep in that bathtub, yuk!  At least he had his covers under him.  When he got up the following morning, the first thing he did was to fix his hair by running his hand through it, even before he was out of the tub, naturally!! Ha.  Katrina immediately being attracted to the house and especially in the room with the broken door, as well as having her arm flicked in the attic, clearly showed the presence of Samuel who must've thought of her as a motherly figure.  Then the voice they got asking "Where are you daddy?"  That was so sad as he's still looking for his father.  Begging the question of whether he actually knows he's passed and is no longer alive.  Perhaps Samuel may get some closure with Nick and Katrina being there since he did appear to them in the attic too.  The figure on the 3D mapping was so cool, though he did seem to be hiding from them under the table.

Also as Loretta says what's interesting was Katrina seeing some sort of a mass in the room and Loretta says someone else saw  something (white) mist-like.  Wonder if that could have been a woman in a bride's dress, as some other people have reported seeing a ghost, nicknamed, 'Dolly' who could be 'Molly,' i.e Molly Field who married Robert Stockton, another owner when the house was sold.

See here:

The voice at 10;17 sounds like he says "Louis" a while after Katrina asks 'who's in the room right now.'
As for the brothel, voices also say "leave"
At 33.26 when Katrina asks for the name of the murdered person, the voice says, "I did it."
Then voices continue: "Did you see that?"
"Kill him...cut his throat..."
Before the, "get out" sounds like a woman's voice asking for "help."
Something at 34.01 sounds like: "what if you slit here?"  Sorry it sounds like 'slit' more than "sit" to me?! That's Scary!!
"Get out."

They didn't enter the tunnel, wonder if there was a way to get in there, but Katrina was scared off by   the spiders Nick called crickets.  Hey they looked like spiders to me too!  Ha.  Creepy!  Not much action in the bar but the voices regarding the brothel were hilarious and with Katrina mouthing what was said in response to their question of what happens in that room.  Again as I said last ep, lipreading Katrina!!  Not to mention the threatening voices and I heard "Nick" too.  But not sure if it was referring to our Nick or someone else and he did get his hair pulled and not by a child cos he wouldn't be able to reach his head.

All in all an investigation which did provide some answers for Loretta and also showed similar experiences to what others have had as well.

Love this show with each episode it just gets better an  better. There aren't enough words to praise it. Especially since it's not just about investigating for the sake of it: investigate and film and that's it.  IT actually adds depth and insight into investigating.  The documenting shows the varied paranormal experiences they endure and Nick and Katrina question and analyze why something happens, why a certain haunting occurs or entity manifests itself.  Pursuing further the way investigations are carried out without remaining stagnant.  Really pushing the envelope and furthering this field in the twenty-first century!