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Ghosts of Shepherdstown Season 2.1 "Harper's Ferry"

Season 2 was always a must, on the cards and almost all fans and supporters of Ghosts of Shepherdstown wanted more and finally the calls were answered.  But as I tweeted the activity in Shepherdstown is no longer present and how the residents wouldn't want to be constantly bombarded by paranormal phenomena.  However the activity this time round in season 2 centres on other towns around Shepherdstown.  These now have activity which needs to be investigated and Chief Mike King gets calls from the neighbouring law enforcement bodies.  As he tells Nick Groff, he's now seen as the paranormal "go-to guy."  Elizabeth Saint once again mentioning the strong water connection.   The buildings at Harper's Ferry were made with a lot of limestone and stones from the riverbank.

This time in the first episode the activity was at Harper's Ferry and specifically at the John Brown Museum.  John Brown was the famous slave abolitionist who was hanged.  The song (words written by Julia W Howe in 1861) about him being the Battle Hymn of the Republic including the following: 
He captured Harper's Ferry with his nineteen men so true
He frightened old Virginia till she trembled through and through
They hung him for a traitor, themselves the traitor crew
His soul goes marching on
Glory, Glory! Hallelujah!...

His wax figure stands in the sub-basement of the museum, where Ann tells the team of Nick, Elizabeth and Bill Hartley that she doesn't go near there.  But Nick and Bill did, where they got EMF readings and Nick got his hair touched.  Yeah man always with the hair!  With Bill remarking how Nick was "feeling the surface temperature cos your hair gel is starting to fail you..."

Ann also told them how she heard loud bangs and the wall "breathing" like it was moving.  Here they were certain they were dealing with a negative presence.
As well as Elizabeth not being able to breath.  She took Ann and went to meet Dana Mitchell, their historian for background history on the house and who lived there.  My sis kept wondering about the family who lived there too.  Oh yes Ann great "grave sense of humour" as she called it, with the dummy that actually breathed.  Thought it moved, was just about to say that.  But it wasn't paranormal and was meant to do that.  Oh and the figures were all meant to be made of real human hair and dentures!  Not surprised Elizabeth didn't touch them!!  Or did she.  Must ask her.  Elizabeth replied, "oh no no no!"

Nick and Bill were at the wall on the first floor where they heard the door banging; that's where I said they were when Nick jumped over the banister!  Anything for the investigation!
Funny I tweeted a question for the Destination America Facebook Chat on 10 July and guess what: it was all about the risk factors! My uncanny senses are tingling again!! Ha.

Will we see taking anymore risks cos a show isn't the same unless he goes all out for the investigation shows dedication?   July 5 
(Didn't get to watch the ep until 8th July.)

The family who resided there were an Irish immigrant family, Martha Walsh, who had nine children and the eldest Sarah, looked after the others.  Which backed the spirit that was seen by Melissa, who worked there.  She also heard four knocks, which Lorie Johnson tells them about, that Sarah's two siblings were there.  Saying that Sarah died of some "form of disease," which as Dana found, was pneumonia.  Again showing how Elizabeth felt the breathlessness too earlier on and it's relevance.

The night investigation reveals more activity, more bangs and thumps and Lorie wanting to take the girls to the light so they can find each other without the negative entity stopping them from reuniting.  A dark shadow being captured on the thermal camera in the basement, where Elizabeth had been not a few minutes earlier (according to the edits.)

The dark mass does look like a figure.

Ann also having an 'accident' were she ended up in hospital with a broken arm, thinking she was pushed by something from the museum.  Lorie managed to send the girls towards the light and the negative entity appeared to have gone too.  Though where it went to is anyone's guess.  No further activity was reported at the museum.  This is one museum I'd like to visit with such creepy and authentic, life-like looking figures.

However Chief King had another 'break out' for them to investigate at  Sharpsburg; a neighbouring town.  Elizabeth just happened to be standing by the map on the board showing its name earlier.  Also near the Potomac River

Lots of crazy activity going on here showing that the show and the investigators haven't lost their touch (well obviously not) but the show is compelling as always and there's so much to come in this 8 episode run and to look forward to.

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