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Ghosts Of Shepherdstown 2.4 "I'm You're Biggest Fan" Review

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Episode 4 and halfway through the second season, as the quest now leads to The Opera House in Charles Town with reports of activity in the basement (again) and how smoke was smelt by Ashley, the manager, but there wasn't any fire.  Also how the children rehearsing there have also heard noises and and footsteps but haven't seen anything.  When Nick went into the basement with Ashley, they heard more noises down there, as well as in the area above the stage.
That is until the teacher's assistant, Addison, tells Nick and Elizabeth how she saw a 'lady in grey' with a wreath around her neck and ringing a bell.  She also heard the bell.  Dana's research comes up with a Annie G Packette, who was the patron of the Opera House and single handedly gathered funds to build the Opera House.

Back at HQ, they collated their facts and put together everything they had found over the past 3 weeks of their investigations in the 3 different towns, which showed that 2 of them were nowhere near any water.  But the basement, limestone, caves, dark entity, attachments all featured highly on their list.  Not to mention I also added that activity also involved children too either directly or indirectly, as in the first and third cases as well as in this one.  Whether that's just a coincidence remains to be seen.  Dana also mentioned there was a fire at the opera House in 1951 and Annie's business partner died in the fire, Percy Synder.  As soon as she mentioned Synder, I couldn't help think of the Snyder's in 1.3 She Didn't Have A Face episode.  Synder was Ray Ray's family name as her father, Harry Synder was the newspaper owner.  However that's probably just a coincidence with the name.  Although Shepherdstown does still feature into this, as the activity is spread around the town as if it's emanating around or from there.

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As for the fire was it accidental, deliberate, as Annie knew about it when she waved her fan to warn of the fire and how did Percy manage to get killed in it when it seems it was only in the basement area.  However  a news clipping from the Maryland Express 12 November 1951 states a Percy Synder was killed in a fire at his apartment, not sure if the same Percy but the year matches. A tad confusing.
However Elizabeth along with Lorie finds that Percy isn't the one they're dealing with but an even
darker entity who doesn't want them in the basement and is below ground, with the cavern system running throughout the town and the surrounding towns too.  An entity which Lorie says is 'ancient' thus reinforcing the EVP caught on the Geobox stating it's "2,000 years old" back in 2.2 We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes. Lorie adding it's neither male or female, so I had to question how it managed to communicate through the Geobox, with the laughter and the other responses.

A perfect investigation for Elizabeth to use her gadgets such as Pandora's box which rotates with sound and movement. (As she demonstrated on her blog as an intruder.)  As well as her GTS device, which apparently Nick kicked over and broke in half!  What were you doing Nick??

During their night investigation Lorie saw Annie and heard the bell too saying she was protecting the Opera House over the years and doesn't want to leave it as it's her home.  She carried out a ritual with the sage so the entity would be kept underground and not roam freely, drawing a cross on the floor with the sage and leaving the bell there, which appeared in front of her when she was in the basement.

At 33.13 there appears to be an anomaly which goes shooting across the stage from left to right again after Elizabeth finishes her narration about their questions not being influenced.

At 34.15 is that another anomaly.  Doesn't look like a bug. which is seen when Nick asks "Annie are you here with me?"  However it's seen at the stage just like the first one above, not on the balcony where Nick is.

That evil laughter though, so mocking, yeah it's 'in the caves and you can't get in!!'  The approach was a good idea to keep the questions and responses away from one another.

"Are you the one everyone's been seeing," Nick asks, it says "yes I am..." very faintly, at least it sounds like it.

Clearly the caves do warrant further investigation to drive out this entity once and for all and hopefully the caves will be in episode 5.  As well as determining what it is and where it came from, why it's there.  So many questions!

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