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Castle: Ruggedly Handsome: Or A State of Mind

SO once you start reading you'll find this post has nothing to do with being the above, ha, but if you're reading then it must have caught your attention! Did I lure you in like one of Castle's long expositions!

Actually watching Castle season 4 on DVD I got to thinking about Castle (Nathan Fillion) and Beckett (Stana Katic) and thought hey, they remind me of Lois and Clark.  No - really.  Castle's a writer so already a great shoe in for Clark Kent.  Beckett, well Beckett sits a lot at her desk, stacks of files beside her and making endless calls!  Beckett is Castle's muse and much more, the love of his life even.  Only difference being he doesn't have a secret identity.  But he is Superman, Superwriter.  Castle gets the better stories since he's usually the one with the clues to solving the crime.  Telling a yarn or two of his own in the process.

Castle even wears the requisite colours, blue, red shirts, but the purple's my fave, along with their purple ME gloves! Anyway they do sit around a lot on the edge of their desks, making connections, interviewing suspects.  Then there's that elevator...
Even the season 4 DVD cover of Castle has a photo similar to the Lois (Teri Hatcher) and Clark (Dean Cain) one for their show Lois and Clark.

Captain Gates/Sir (Penny Johnson Gerald) is a good Perry White, handing out assignments/orders.  Comics have also been mentioned many times over in numerous episodes.  Then there's the romance, always side stepping the issue for three seasons when everyone knew there was a chemistry there, as soon as they met and yet no one wanted to take it further until season 4.  It seems we were just left hanging with the 'will they/won't they' question which inevitably ends up accompanying such shows.  Of course they would, in the same way Lois and Clark were attracted to one another.

We've even had Superman quotes, Poof, You're Dead, Castle; " X-ray specs got them at the magic shop.  I can see you naked."
Beckett: "Really how do you like my naval ring?"

Castle: "...he has an identical twin who wears glasses.  That's the worst disguise since Clark Kent and you believe him?"

In the animated Superman Unbound Lois is voiced by Stana and there's a wedding proposal too.  (Molly Quinn voices Supergirl). Similar to Castle's proposal to Beckett in Watershed perhaps?

But he does make a ruggedly handsome Superman! Even if confined to an episode of Castle, maybe?

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Scandal 2.9 "Blown Away" Review

So Huck  (Guillermo Diaz) comes in and tells Harrison (Columbus Short) the man they're looking for on the news is him, so inevitably he would be caught.  Not by his own volition or shortcomings, but rather by betrayal.  Which is the name of the game in Washington right now.  Everything is becoming undone and as Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney) puts it, "karma for what we did."  But in her case she just betrayed Huck to keep her Supreme Court seat! Hollis (Gregg Henry) is betraying everyone left, right and centre by getting on side with Madam President (Kate Burton).  Why do you always need a Madam there, a woman's supposed to be as equal as a man, right?  Anyhoo,  Quinn (Katie Lowes) asks Huck if he knew who brought her to Washington and he says he didn't ask cos yeah, he'd do anything for Olivia (Kerry Washington).  Quinn's timing was off with everything going on around them, she thinks of herself.

Cyrus (Jeff Perry) finds out Jack (Dan Bucatinsky) wasn't at his parent's cos his mother calls and Cyrus sets Charlie (George Newbern) up to surveil him, thinking he's got a lover which he tells Olivia about, who is sure Fitz will die.  Thus the Whitehouse sets in  motion a plan for the funeral, which Langston approves with Olivia having to explain the empty horse without a rider is for and the inverted boots in the stirrup, a leader saying farewell to his troops.

Seems Huck was seen in the lift security footage at the hotel and he also picks up a woman's phone when she drops it, ridiculous really, he's just giving away fingerprints like that, though the FBI only gets a partial. Then there's that entire Becky (Susan Pourfar) fiasco, cos we all know she's the one who killed the President but we don't know for whom?  Also she leaves clues behind so Huck will think she's been kidnapped when she was the one who pulled the trigger.  SO obvious there was more to her, cos she just wouldn't want to meet and talk to Huck out of the blue at AA!  Not to mention Huck telling her all about himself and showing off his 'family' to her.  Would you really take someone to such personal places and I don't care if he tells them he can read liars and she didn't lie.  Cos she can do the opposite and act all innocent!

Charlie tells Cyrus Jack was in Defiance, Ohio and Cyrus puts two and two together, getting hold of a baby girl for them to adopt so Jack will leave his job, yeah and the rest of the time what exactly will he be doing at home, he's not going to give up the biggest story of the decade like that.  Jack gives David (Josh Malina) the memory card from the voting machine and together they're going to bring down the Administration.   Abby (Darby Stanchfield)  pays David a visit just for sex!  After he hands her the surveillance footage of the hotel which shows Becky checking in alone.  No one forced her to do anything.

Huck has the gun and Olivia can't really bring herself to look at it.  Huck has a last minute sex thang too with Becky before he calls Harrison to plant the gun at her apartment and turn her in.  Well no surprises there, she was listening to and so in revenge or a lesson or whatever, psycho Becky had in mind, she kills Huck's family! So Verna having turned in Huck to save her own neck, I mean the woman's dying and she still wants to cling onto that Supreme Court Justice seat, makes Langston choose if she wants her resignation or the name of the man who shot Fitz.  Naturally she's hungry for power, so Langston chooses the name of the shooter.  BUT it could have been anyone and I didn't know Verna knew Huck so well to have been able to recognize him from that sketch!  Yeah she's Olivia's client but she shouldn't have been so familiar with Huck.
Don't know about Abby but her scene with David was well, weird if not violent, she slaps him over and then pulls her skirt up, really?  Since when does she want to be the 'dominant' one.  Just as soon as Harrison said they'll get Huck's prints if they come clean about Becky, then up they pop and arrest him under the Patriot Act and we all know what that means!  No rights, no trial, straight off to Git'mo.

True to form or as the title suggests, everyone was blown away.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Shemar Moore's 100 Mile Bike Ride for MS

The generosity and compassion of  someone who truly cares, knows no bounds and  doesn't come along very often.  But one such angel is the exceptional and big hearted actor from Criminal Minds, Shemar Moore.  (Who plays FBI Special Agent Derek Morgan). Yes our wonderful Baby Boy is getting on his bike and gearing up to do a 100 mile bike ride to raise funds for MS #RideForMS.  Taking place on 12 October 2012, as he aims to raise $100k for this worthy cause.

Also you can get merchandise at  
that's where you can grab all the Baby Girl gear you'll ever need.

If you can't be there in person to lend support and cheer the team on, then for more info and to donate go here:



Sadly Shemar's mother, Marilyn developed MS in about 1998.  Explaining his devotion and effortless campaigning.  Shemar has been extremely active, along with his fellow castmates from the show in highlighting this condition by taking part in many events for charity, to raise awareness and also for research.

To quote Shemar from one of his quotes on Instagram: "...your true friends will pick you up... and push you towards your greatness as you will for them..."  In the same way we will be there for you to push you towards your goal, ensuring your every pump of the pedal, lending you our support, our hearts and most of all our donations!!

Good Luck from us in the UK!!

CSI:NY 9.5 "Misconceptions" Review

The neighbourhood where Tommy Lewis (Austin Kane) disappeared is still talking about the news as seen in the newspaper and Mac (Gary Sinise) drives there with Lindsay (Anna Belknap) (huh of all people!) as he tells her about the case and how Tommy was 8 and his parents let him take the dog for a walk.  A shoe store owner saw him and gave him a quarter for a lolly.  He was seen there.  The last person to see Tommy was Mitch Ventri (Jamie McShane) the deli owner and well yep you've guessed it, he was my suspect, the shifty looking guy behind the counter who has no personal hygiene, I mean would you buy anything from someone who just ran his hand through his hair!  Besides the last person who saw him would have the most to hide in most cases and especially since he was also a man.  Pity this investigation didn't lead anywhere 20 years ago, know there were different policing methods and none if any forensics, but surely someone must have slipped up.  They suspected Keith Milner (Zack Ward) the boy who was the drug addict and who terrorized the neighbourhood, hanging around on the balcony.  Of course he would have seen plenty from there.  Yet again those who are seen as the dregs of society are the ones suspected.

Keith was seen in the park with Tommy's dog and with blood on his jacket.  Keith is found dead and Lovato  (Natalie Martinez) says he was beaten and his throat was cut.  He was killed on the same day that Tommy disappeared 20 years ago.  Lindsay analyzes Keith's jacket and uses ink to replicate the marks round a lab coat exactly where the blood was found.

It's Flack's (Eddie Cahill) day off and he cooks breakfast, but not for any old person, no, it's for his dog. Yeah we knew that!! So when did he get a dog?  He then goes to the boxing ring for a work out with a parolee.  Obviously we know Flack would be into boxing since it's something that Eddie is also into in real life, as well as baseball.  He's a real sporting guy, is our Eddie!  He gets a call from his grandmother, Irene (Elaine Kagan) and hey the way he greets her on the phone, she must be one lucky lady, ha.  He goes round to her place for a leaky sink pipe but there's nothing wrong with it.  His sister, Samantha (Kathleen Munroe) arrives later and they proceed to eat Gram's meatballs!  She gives them a box of their father's she found in the attic and inside are baseballs and other photos and baseball memorabilia.  She wants him to have it but Sam doesn't want it.  She tells them to take the urn with his ashes too.  Flack will have nowhere to put it and clearly she's still holding grudges against their father.

Sid (Robert Joy) tells Jo (Sela Ward) that Keith didn't show any signs of drug use.  A slash wound cut his jugular.  He also finds unknown trace in the wound.  He was beaten before being killed but there are no defensive wounds so he didn't fight back.  Mac tells Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) that the blood could have been transferred from the dog onto Keith's jacket, there's no way to tell, so they didn't have conclusive evidence that he was behind his disappearance.  Jo finds that Nathan Lewis (Alex Carter) Tommy's father has vanished.  She then talks to Mac and asks him what's wrong since he's been getting other people to appear in court for him.  He tells her he's just delegating, what he should have done years ago and she tells him that she may be quirky and disorganized, but she's very perceptive.

Nathan's wife, April (Meredith Monroe) thinks he may have killed Keith.  Hawkes (Hill Harper) finds the trace in the wound is ink from a printing press and also some from the green nettle plant.   Nathan worked at the printing press.  Also Danny says the signal from his phone is not moving.  They find him passed out in the cemetery.  He can't recall if he killed Keith or not, but did see him at the bar and knew who he was.  He beat him up and left him in the alley.

Flack finds a letter in a magazine from their father, addressed to "Donny and Sam" which says how he loved them both but couldn't really tell them cos he didn't know how.  Flack calls her and tells her how he worried about her when she didn't return from the prom.  Before this Flack has a flashback to the baseball game where he held his father's police badge which he didn't let her do.

Keith's wife, Emma (Karina Logue) gives them his journal where he wrote how his parent's died thinking he'd killed Tommy but he wanted to put things right.  He knows who killed Tommy since he wants him to confess.  Jo talks with Christine (Megan Dodds) about Mac behind his back saying he may have problems identifying certain objects.  Christine takes him lunch (The dish he couldn't recall in Reignited) and wants him to tell her what it's called.  He says nothing is wrong and she's challenging his integrity.  She isn't she's asking cos she cares.  Oh just when there was going to be a major bust up, what happens, Hawkes interrupts, would've thought it would have been Lindsay, like she did with Jo and her hubby in season 7! Well she's the noisy one, always.  Hawkes tells him the green nettles, green mould, microcrystalline wax and paraffin are found in a special kind of cheese, Flaming Nettle Gouda; leading to Ventri.  No surprises then.

He confesses it was him and he hasn't hurt anyone since.  He wasn't going to hurt him but he cried out for help.  Keith heard all this from his balcony.  Lindsay losing it, oh so macho Lindsay, not!  Telling him he's an animal and worse than them, blah, blah.  No really got no tolerance for her, she couldn't be so understanding of the Vics she has come across, but likes to throw her weight around, be they suspect or Vic!  Keith confronted him cos he wanted him to own up and years before his parents didn't believe him when he told them it was Ventri who killed Tommy.  His DB is still at his shop.

They find him buried behind a sign and Jo tells Mac he'll have to tell his parents, which he does and then has a moment on the steps.  Before he leaves, he tells Jo to stay out of his personal life!  Oh Mac hasn't had a fight or lost his temper with anyone since Stella!  "Careful where you stick your nose."  Flack and Sam go to the stadium and run with their father's ashes.  Yeah we know, the dog scene and the eggs Benedict, cos they're implying he needs a real woman in his life and will pair him with Lovato, oh woe is me!!  No!!  Flack and his funny line of having an amazing night with some woman.  Yeah, he talks to Grams like that! Ha.
Flack: "Hey baby, last night was amazing, I can't stop thinking about you, you were incredible..."

Sam isn't ready to forgive their father, even after the prom story.  She knows he thought she was a stronger person than Flack and he's not bothered by this.  He wanted Sam to become a doctor.  When he couldn't find her, he cried for the very first time and Flack saw him do this.  Flack recalls her old boyfriend, Zane and he works at the Yankee's stadium, she  should contact him.  It was a touching scene between bother and sister, that after all the misunderstandings between them, they have finally moved on too and become closer, like they were when younger.  Of course, it's also relevant to the main story, of parents losing a child, Keith's unborn son who will never know his father and how Flack and Sam did know theirs and now she can put those past feelings towards him to rest.  Something all three 'families' had to do.

Of course the other story  is always a painful one when a child is involved, but you can't help but think it's all been done before, as cold cases often do revolve around missing suspects or those who don't seem to be suspicious at the time.  That Tommy trusted Ventri also shows how 'close'the neighbourhood was, but doesn't attest to the dangers that are abound even with people they seem to know.  Tommy running round after lollipops, when he should have known better.

Mac and Christine will come to terms with what's wrong with him eventually and he will apologize to Jo.  Finally Jo realizes something's up with Mac, when Danny said this all along and she just dismissed it!  Flack cooking in his vest, he seems to do everything in his vest!! Ha.  Loving his blue colour scheme though, especially since in most cases, it's always green!  Yuck!

Also Eddie's tattoo on his right arm has been faded out for the scene in his vest! As was done in 4.3 You Only Die Once.  It came to our attention in 2.24 Charge of this Post.  The tattoo being a heart with an arrow through it with a swallow on the top and his wife's name inside.  As mentioned in my other reviews.

Funny Mac tells Danny how no one listened to the opinion of a young detective, back then since there were a lot of experienced detectives who suspected Keith.  Yet Mac has on numerous occasions reprimanded Danny for following his mind and heart and not the evidence, see On the Job, A Man A Mile. He found himself in the same position back then.

Seems Det Vartaan, Alex Carter, got time off from CSI to appear here as Nathan, ha!

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Once Upon A Time 2.20 "The Evil Queen" Review

Hook (Colin O'Donoghue)  think he's succeeded in killing the Crocodile as Greg (Ethan Embury) and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) hold him hostage in the clock tower of all places.  Umm, Madam Mayor shouldn't you get that glass fixed on the clockface? Ha.  Hook all tied up again, let's say he knows the ropes by now!  They have a plan to get Regina (Lana Parrilla) and show him that The Dark One, is well and truly alive and having a ball with Belle/Lacey! (Emilie de Ravin)  They just seemed so chummy now that she's not good anymore.  Tamara giving Hook his own spyglass to look through.

Regina overhears Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Charming (Josh Dallas) talking about returning to the Enchanted Forest but what to do with her.  Charming thinks they should offer her a choice if she comes back, to stay in Rumple's cell.  Regina demonstrating her shapeshifting spell.  Regina tells Henry (Jared S Gilmore) about the beans and how they're going back to the forest and she will destroy Storybrooke with her failsafe destructive button.  Henry says she's going to kill everyone and she tells him he'll love her like he used to.  She uses her little black/gold book of spells to make Henry forget what she told him.

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) bumps into Tamara and sees her list with the names of the townspeople and their fairytale names and thinks August was warning them about her, which is true but shame Snow didn't really believe her when she tells her this.  She thinks Henry will hear and get the notion she and Neal (Michael Raymond-James) will get back together again and they can be one happy family.  Henry hears all this and says Operation Cora is back on.  Emma reassures Snow that she is over Neal and has no intention of getting back with him.  Snow also warns her that Emma's superpower of telling whether people are lying or not isn't always right, or even works when she's emotional about Neal.

Back in the Enchanted Forest Regina is on the hunt for Snow herself and asks the villagers where she is. They refuse to tell her and they're afraid.  She wants a way to get around without people knowing it's her to find out why they hate her so much and ask Rumples (Robert Carlyle) to tech the shape changing spell he taught her mother.  It took her a month to master it but maybe Regina could change her hair in about a week, or her highlights.  She suggests he can make her change her appearance, which he agrees to if she cease trading with King George.  She wants to know why but that's got nothing to do with her.  Rumples tells her to change back she must call him.  Oh there goes his Scottish accent again.

Regina comes across some villagers throwing daggers into the heart of Regina's effigy.  She says it's wrong but the man says it's rigged since no one can get the dagger in her heart cos she has none.  She takes the torch from the other man who plans on burning her and is seen by the guards.  She claims to be the queen and knows their names but her magic doesn't work.  She's about to be beheaded when Snow arrives to save her.  Of course Rumples doesn't show up!  As if he would!!  Snow nurses the girl, Wilma, her family works in the mills! back to health, tending to her wound and she tells her of the story where Regina rescued her from the horse, but doesn't give the name of who rescued her.

Snow chances upon the dead villagers and takes back everything she said about Regina, she doesn't have a heart, she's evil and always was since she killed all those people cos of her.  Regina tells Snow this isn't her fault but she doesn't believe her.  Snow would never forgive her now and Regina mentions the story again using her name.  Snow realizes it's really Regina and draws her arrow.  Once again Rumples doesn't show up to help her and he runs away.  Snow could have shot that arrow if she really wanted to!  Regina asks why he didn't show up and he replies that he didn't say he would.  He turns her back to Regina and she now calls herself "the evil queen."

Hook has a bargain for Regina.  She shows him the beans and he tells her how he wants to form an alliance with her again and maybe the three of them could do that. She tells him her mother's dead.  He wants to help Regina and also get the Crocodile.  If she trusts him she'll need his help with the failsafe.

Emma stakes out Tamara and Henry realizes they kept the news of the magic beans from him but he isn't upset about her lying to him once again.  No he's more concerned with coming up with a new name.  Emma suggest tiger but he says Praying Mantis, yes it's more up Tamara' street.  She sees her with Neal and they head to his room to find proof.  Unfortunately Neal arrives and tells Henry he taught Emma about hitting the door when someone shows up.  Inside she tells him about Tamara but he's the one who gave her the list so she'd fit in.  Why would he do that?  Considering she just came out of the blue to be with him and has yet to fully accept everything.  Shouldn't she undergo some kind of test, yes it's very medieval, ha, but it's something that would work.  Emma tells him about the creaking floorboard but finds nothing.

Regina takes Hook to the library, the place where everything happens, or rather under it.  She notices he's wearing her mother's leather cuff and demands it back, oh Regina couldn't see he was playing her!  He gives it back willingly  and she even puts it on.  She leaves him to fight the beast, Maleficent, as distraction whilst she finds the self-destruct.  Yes, Regina saying "destroy" again, love it when she says that.
Hook: "Maleficent love you in earth tones."  So where's he encountered her before?  Also wasn't she killed when she was a dragon?

Regina gets back to the surface and finds Hook already there as she tries to use magic, it doesn't work.  Cos Greg and Tamara know how to counter magic using science.  Hook standing by the 'Circulation' desk was funny, wouldn't you say.  Well he does get around doesn't he!  Suppose the two of them had a hand (no pun) in helping Hook defeat Malef! Regina tells him his father isn't here but he doesn't want him, he wants more than that. Yeah Henry no doubt!   Amazing how Hook could just spout those lies about being sorry for Cora and wanting to help Regina whilst they're playing him too.  Couldn't he see he was also being used by them! No, he isn't one for reading people.

All this science being able to overcome magic was a bit, don't know, a bit of a lark. Hey this means they could get Whale to help with his science, even though it didn't seem to work for him.  But of course we won't be going down that route.  But it did remind me of the ep where Gold made him say magic is better than science he he needed his arm put back.   So now we have these two outsiders saying the same thing, that science can defeat magic.  So anyway if Greg's name is Owen why doesn't Tamara call him this?

Snow, Grumpy (Lee Arenburg) and Charming find the entire crop destroyed and Snow asks who would do this?  Does she really need to ask.  They didn't have the best security system going.  The soldier calling Regina a "slag!" when she was in disguise. Er shouldn't he have called her something else! more befitting childrens' ears!  Also Hook with his "bloody," definitely Jack Sparrow there!  Hook being pushed and ending up on the ground again, but he manages to get up unscathed.  Magic afoot, or science?  Not to mention the failsafe being in Snow's coffin and would Cora really wear a piece of "cowhide" as Hook puts it.

Of course Rumples had his own plan in motion too, with Regina cutting off trade with George this rendered the kingdom bankrupt and led to the introduction of Midas, as well as Charming and Snow meeting, what he wanted.  But hey before Charming, there was the other one, James and his foray into the giant's castle to steal their gold.  Which would have come before Snow and Charming met, since James had to have been dead for Charming to have taken his place.

So why are they still insisting on making Regina evil, or far more veil than she was before, I mean she made all that headway into trying to change, especially for Henry and then they have her murdering an entire village. To be fair she did try to explain that her men went too far, which is probably true, since they set it upon themselves to murder even Regina herself with her head on the chopping block, even if they didn't know it was her.  Hey Regina, where's their punishment for almost killing you?!  I mean if she did kill those villagers, she wouldn't have brought all those people with her to Storybrooke would she?  Though she does tell Henry at the beginning she is going to let everyone in Storybrooke die with the failsafe.

Regina's become very inconsistent characterwise and ambiguous which I really don't like. I didn't like this episode much either, very predictable and Tamara and Greg are just so annoying villains, and fairytale villains at that, I think not, which is probably the case since they're not beloved fairytale characters.

Hook saying after they have their revenge there's nothing left for him, but she'll have Henry, will she?  Hook: "revenge may sate your being,'s an end not a beginning."

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Scandal 2.8 "Happy Birthday, Mr President" Review

As news gets out of Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) being shot, several times over as broadcast by the news, we get plenty of flashbacks.  The Secret Service appeared to be a a bit slow off the mark when they rushed to the President's side, as well as with Britta (Keiko Agena) and Mellie (Bellamy Young).  At the hospital, Mellie is frantic and a man's voice is heard to be telling Fitz he can't die.  Which is heard by Olivia (Kerry Washington).  She finds his US flag pin on the floor and picks it up.  Cue first flashback where Olivia gave him the pin after he was elected President and before his inauguration.  It was a genuine flag pin belonging to Eisenhower.  She pins it to his lapel and Mellie sees it too but is oblivious to their attraction.

Later they meet in the Oval Office and Fitz can't resist being with Olivia and neither can she, to the point where they get physical on his desk of all places.  Of course no one's told him about the cameras, he must have been naive, at least not until the next day when the agent tells him where the cameras are located, when Fitz is out jogging in his Navy shirt.  He hates jogging.  Edison (Norm Lewis) calls Olivia to tell her they're being taken to the bunker.  On the news it's said Fitz is in surgery and Langston (Kate Burton) wants to be flown to the South lawn.  No one lands there except the President and Cyrus (Jeff Perry) loses his cool with her.  She's not the President yet since Fitz is still alive and until he dies or she takes office under the Amendment where the Cabinet signs her in, she is not the President and will have her forcibly removed if necessary.

We also get to see how Langston came aboard based on their promise she'd pick the Supreme Court Justice, of course the job was promised to Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney) and she demands her position. Also Olivia sees Cyrus with Jack (Ray Bucatinsky) as the two of them break up.  Olivia takes hold of the crisis and comes back to the Whitehouse for as long as they need her.  Telling Jeannine (Samantha Sloyan) she needs six outfits from her place.  She then holds a press conference telling them the President is holding on.  In another flash, Olivia is told about a reporter who is looking into vote rigging at the election and she relays this to Hollis (Gregg Henry).  As the name Cytron comes up and Huck (Guillermo Diaz) tells her their employee Jesse Tyler leaked this info.  Huck all long haired and dirty has been living on the streets, is given Olivia's key so he can stay with her.

Olivia meets Fitz once more and he tells her they're in this together.  They belong to one another and she can't drive him away.  "I exist for you."  Kind of another moment they will have in the future in the park when he went hunting and she told him that she's not his.  Britta is declared dead and the newscaster, Reed Wallace (Stephen Collins) can't hide his emotions as she used to work there.  Britta was press secretary and was under Olivia's wing as she let her go to the inauguration ball.  Edison calls to tell Olivia Langston is lobbying the Cabinet for their signatures to take over as President.  Olivia tells Cyrus and says Mellie is the only one who can stop this.

Olivia reluctantly approaches Mellie who won't let her sit beside her since they're not friends.  She sends Olivia for clothes and Olivia finds his Navy sweatshirt and weeps into it.  Er, it wasn't placed on the top of the other shirts, it was between them Olivia, but funny she didn't have any tears showing, red eyes or even a runny nose after she cried.  She takes an outfit for Mellie who assures the people that he is alive and is a believer in hope.   They shouldn't give up on him cos he hasn't given up on them.

Cyrus gets Jack to write a story about Langston's nominee for the Supreme Court and his juvenile record is disclosed.  Langston's angry and says that from now on, she's in it "for me."  Harrison (Columbus Short) Quinn (Katie Lowes) and Abby (Darby Stanchfield) watch the news from the office and Quinn mentions Huck being in the CIA.  He's meant to be on a date.  Don't know about you, but did anyone get suspicious at Huck not being here.  No really, at such a time of crisis, he's on a date!  He'd be back there quick smart seeing if Olivia wanted his help and to find out if she was safe!!

Another flashback where Olivia is told about an explosion which just happens to be at the Cytron offices, which Hollis says was 'taken care' of by him.  He's going to make an employee called Lindsey (Quinn) the scapegoat.  He's not perturbed that he killed seven people and Cyrus calls them collateral damage and patriots as well as heroes.  If they expose this, it will signal the end of the Presidency even before it's begun. Olivia finds this disgusting but she manages to go along with it and has been ever since.  Though she did try to help Quinn.  Mellie notices Fitz's pin is missing and one of the agents hands it to her later, when she finds out Fitz had been to see the Constitution, saying he'd have taken her with him.  Infact he took Olivia and she became the seventh person to touch it.  Mellie returns the pin and senses there's something not quite right.

The doctors have removed three bullets from Fitz but there's no change.  Olivia walks into the room and hands Mellie the pin which she places beside him on the bed.  Langston is sworn in as president and Cyrus loses his cool by wrecking his office!  The news broadcasts the description of the gunman, wearing a red hoodie with dark hair, which Harrison says describes plenty of men in Washington.  But this one describes Huck to a tee!  Knew it was him, like I said before.

Olivia's face when he finds Mellie turns up with Fitz to have dinner with her!  Olivia declaring she loves Fitz after touching the Constitution, makes you wonder if she'd feel differently about him if he wasn't the Pres? Well it does, since she didn't want anything more to do with him tendering her resignation, well she still found herself back there many times over and they still continued their illicit affair, so who was fooling whom, or rather us.  Course we weren't fooled  I mean if she really loved him she could have exposed the 'scandal' (!) re vote rigging and they could have run away together!  SO she either believes he wanted to stick by and do his job, or he wanted the job and her.

As for Huck, many reasons behind him having to shoot the President, cos think if it was anyone else as the shooter, he'd have been dead since he'd have a perfect head shot.  Sorry to sound so morbid but it's true. As we recall Hollis's threat of taking everyone down last ep, not clear what this would entail, but we've seen the man is merciless with the explosion at Cytron and framing Quinn.  Anyway we have a long while yet before we get any explanations, cos we're always behind!!

An explosive episode and I know a lot of fans loved the steamy scenes between Olivia and Fitz. Well we had to have those since that's what the entire show is about really when it boils down to it!  The relationship between two people who can't be together.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

CSI:NY 9.4 "Unspoken" Review

A teacher writes a note on the board, "You are special.  Be better, be stronger."  As Mac (Gary Sinise) tries his exercises and attempts to name some colours.  He gets stuck on naming red, yeah maybe cos it was more pink than red!  Lindsay (Anna Belknap) and Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) take Lucy (Brooklyn Silzer) to a political rally for Grant Hamilton (Neal McDonough) but Lindsay is so useless as a mother that she can't keep hold of Lucy and then drops her bag.  Yeah cos no one ever told her to get a crossbody bag so her hands would be free, or even to close the zip on her bag.  Then she does the most dangerous thing a parent can do in such a public place, let go of her!!  She runs away chasing a penny to pick up.  Lindsay finds her and she shows her the penny.  Lindsay then spots a man, the teacher from the opening, with a gun who looks straight at her, but she does nothing and then just shields Lucy, and she calls herself a detective.  He could have just as easily have shot her!! He fires shots at Grant on the podium and then runs away.  Lindsay still crouched there, instead of moving now, gets hit by the burger cart!!  Ugh what was this, a typical lesson in how not to act like her in public, but use your own brains and show some initiative!

Flack (Eddie Cahill) gives chase and sees the man run around a corner where two children are playing.  The shooter dumps the gun in the dumpster and climbs over the fence, also dropping his baseball cap.  The boy picks up the gun and Flack gets to the alley as he hears a shot being fired.  He finds the girl shot and tries to help her, but there's no signal.  Didn't that girl remind you of a little Vanessa Ferlito?  An ambulance takes Lindsay away as Jo (Sela Ward) takes Lucy and Danny rides with her.  Flack tries to help the girl but she dies.  That's right kill off the poor girl but not Lindsay.  Actually we always used to say it would be good to see Danny as a single parent, but no joy there!!

As Adam (AJ Buckley) processes the alley and Hawkes (Hill Harper) processes the rally CS, Flack stands by and watches but has to leave.  Ah poor Flack he gets a chase scene but it ends in disaster.  So sad for him losing the girl like that but his face said it all.  Adam finds a hair in the baseball cap and blood on the fence where the shooter cut himself.  Adam doesn't get any match to the hair or the blood sample.  Mac tests the bullet from the gun and Jo analyzes material from the jacket where Grant was wounded.  Flack sees the boy, Lonnie (Terrell Ransom Jr) give a description of the shooter.  As he has flashes to Amiee (Bobbie Prewitt) and tries to recall the shooter.

Of course all this early action was played to the songs of Green Day from their then new album.  So everything was either cryptic or shown in gestures such as Danny sending the text to say she's got a hairline fracture, dizziness and will be in hospital.  He takes Lucy home and the shooter sees Lindsay on the news and sees her in hospital.  He breathes on the window and leaves a message, anyone knows it was him saying sorry.  He gets out the knife and then sees the picture Lucy's left for her.  Saved again!

The gun comes back a match to Grant and Adam thinks he may have tried to shoot himself to get more votes.  Hawkes doesn't think he was the intended target since there were two other shots fired.  Of course there was a woman standing next to him.  Flack and Mac interview Grant who didn't know his gun was missing.  He didn't know where it was and so didn't report it.  Flack loses his temper with him when he says he'd like to speak to the girl's parents.  Yeah that'd be a good photo opp Flack replies!

Danny finds out the man was there and the others arrive, Jo gives Danny his coffee and notices what he
wrote on the widow, letters, " M RRY" which Flack guesses, "I'm sorry."  Flack's notebook with the man's description written in it.  The print Danny finds on the window matches Evan Westcott (Jeff Hephner)  a teacher.  From the news footage they find the shooter was after the woman, public schools supervisor, Beverley McCord (Sara Mornell). They can't find her but Adam traces her through her phone GPS, to a church.  He tells her he was fired for the wrong reason, she suspected him of being too friendly with his pupils, hugging them was inappropriate, which he doesn't agree with.  He finds it disgusting that she even thought he was capable of such behaviour.  Flack and Danny arrive and he jumps over the balcony, prompting Flack to jump after him. "That's the last time you make me chase you."  He says to him.

Lindsay IDs him as the shooter as does Lonnie, who thanks Flack for trying to help Amy and hugs him. Evan tells Flack how he was invited to Grant's boat, got a little drunk and took the gun.  He wanted to get her back, it was just ironic it was with Grant's own gun and at the rally.  Flack tells him he hurt a child and he doesn't even know it.  Showing her Amy's photo in the alley.  That's what was ironic.

Mac meets with Dr Kevin Phillips (John Cothran Jr) saying he's frustrated at not being able to remember and wants something done medically.  Kevin tells him he'll need to carry on with those exercises and to tell Christine, but he refuses to do so.  It's his problem and it's a case of his pride and not wanting to open up about it which leaves him even more frustrated.  At least he managed to get the colour red when he was writing on the board.

Parts of this episode were enjoyable and the experiment of having music accompanying the actions, though has been done before, it hasn't been done so extensively for almost half the episode.  Though couldn't help thinking of the comical factor of a silent movie when Lindsay made all those gaffs!!  The storyline wasn't that good and infact a reason why this show was cancelled, whereas they had so many excellent episodes over the years.  Kind of think they gave up a little here, instead of having the show go out on a blaze of glory!! Notice Mac pick up the gun int he alley with his glove but still manages to put part of his fingers onto the gun!  Should have been re-shot (no pun! ha).  Danny calls Lindsay 'Montana' here cos she was injured, ha!  Cos he hasn't used that name in ages.  She'll be going home to the cows soon!
Danny: "I think you might have been dreaming, was I uh, naked in that moment?"

However Flack was able to convey so much emotion which is a testament to Eddie's natural and superb acting ability when he didn't need words to express his emotions.  Also when he interviews Evan he manages to keep his feelings in check and not lose his temper.  His coolness conveyed everything he wanted to say and didn't hide his disgust at this man and his reckless actions, as he changed the lives of everyone there!
So yeah, loved his chase scenes, they were missing for a while now, at least we got to see some in the final season!

Some great Flack lines too: "What it wasn't in your sock drawer, so you figured it was where, with your golf clubs?"
Flack: "This is the last time you're making me run."

Flack: "You could have made a different choice, Evan...when you fired that weapon you changed the lives of every person there.  You violated their sense of security, but worse than that, you hurt a child and you don't even know it."

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Once Upon A Time 2.19 "Lacey" Review

Gold (Robert Carlyle) dreams of Henry's (Jared S Gilmore)  birthday party where he lets him have anything he wants from the shop, he picks a wand and Gold shows him how to use it and turns Henry into porcelain, before smashing him to bits!  Adding he would have been his downfall.  Gold and his red sheets!  Good to see he always has his signature red around him.  Regina (Lana Parrilla) comes across Gold and she finds out he's Henry's grandfather.  Gold: "Guess that makes us family.  He's got my eyes don't you think?" She says he won't have him for long when he  finds out what he's really like.  She tells Gold he was the one who procured him so he already knew who Henry was.  He was the one who orchestrated the curse.  Also strange in some ways that Gold dreams of eliminating Henry when Belle (Emilie de Ravin) dreamt about Gold earlier on and his dark side.  Kind of a reversal for him to be doing this now when the ep is about the two of them.

Gold goes to Charming (Josh Dallas) for help and asks how he got with Snow (Ginnifer Goodwin) even when he was David and was with Katherine.  Charming tells him that there was always something of them deep down even with the curse, which he must look for in Belle.  Gold goes to the hospital to get her discharged to spend more time with her (took him long enough to show her he's still alive after that call - yes the one that had everyone in tears) and he tells her she brought out the good in him so he needs her back and he will help her remember.  This of course sets Regina off on her usual evil ways and she goes to the hospital after he's already been there.  She introduces herself, cos yeah the Mayor will really take an interest in the little people and she picks up a matchbook which she says belongs to Belle.  Funny how Regina still thinks the Mayor represents any position of power in Storybrooke since she only tells it to people who don't really know her, she told Greg (Ethan Embry) last ep and tells Belle here.

Gold flashes back to being Rumples and how Belle sobs at night after he first took her. He comes in telling her he can't spin for her noise, he does his best thinking when spinning, oh well, judging by what he taught Cora to do on the spinning wheel, curse those she hates, seems like his thinking has a different meaning.  He gives her a pillow which she thinks is to help hr sleep, but rather, it's to prevent him hearing her crying.  Cue Robin Hood (Tom Ellis) who comes to his place to steal a magic wand and tries to shoot Rumples with an arrow, which he manages to do, but he removes it.  Rumples tortures him and Belle wants him to stop cos there's good in him, "you don't know what someone is like until you get to know them and see the good in their heart."  She tells him.  When he's out waiting for his apron to dry, she lets Robin go but can't come with him cos she made a deal with Rumples to protect her family.  Rumples wants to go after him and she'll accompany him.

Snow and Charming take Emma (Jennifer Morrison) to the bean field which is entirely the wrong thing to do considering she didn't really want to go back to the Enchanted Forest and doesn't want Henry to go there either, even if they can be a family and fight the ogres.  Snow has a change of mind too, but it's her heart that made the decision. Maybe she will become good again if she rid evil from the forest.  Emma meets with Tiny (Jorge Garcia) again and Grumpy (Lee Arenberg) drags him back to work.  Emma tells Regina she was going to tell her about Henry's father but she and Cora were trying to kill her family.  Letting slip that one day she'll lose Henry cos he won't always be around.  Trust Emma to spill the beans all the time!  They really should not tell her anything.  Regina realizes she's hiding something which she will find out.

Rumples chances upon the Sheriff of Nottingham (Wil Traval) who tells him he knows who stole his wand and where he can be found but he wants to "spend a night with your wench."  Rumples takes his tongue and will tell him where he can find the thief.  In Sherwood Forest of course.  Funny how all these lands just seem to converge onto the Enchanted Forest in one way or another.  Sheriff being the same man who was coming onto Lacey/Belle in the bar, The Rabbit Hole.  Where Charming tells him Gold should ask her out, which she agrees to.  Rumples gets talked out of killing Robin by Belle cos he used the wand to cure his woman, Marion, who is with child and Rumples shoots to miss, then feigning he missed, but he can't really miss.  She hugs him.  Lots of talk about him being the Dark One and being even darker than people say!  "Much darker, dearie!"

At Granny's (Beverley Elliott) she orders chicken and not burgers and also wine.  She then repeats the line she said as Belle about, not knowing what someone's like until you see it into their hearts and he spills the drink on her cos he thinks there's still a chance she'll remember.  But Regina told him she will only recall her cursed life since she crossed the town line.  Surely with all his powers Gold is unable to help get his Belle back.  She doesn't return but he goes after her and finds her with the sheriff, the same man she turned down at the bar, cos she really wanted to be with him.  He later returns and hopes they're good since he didn't realize he was with Lacey.  Gold takes his tongue again and uses his stick to beat him.  Lacey returns and is attracted to his dark side, she was only being polite before when she agreed to the date.  SO he shows her how dark he can really be.  Guess if you an't beat 'm, join 'em, hey, one way to be with Belle.

Regina uses a spell to track the tyres of Charming's truck when he brings the dwarves back to town and finds the bean harvest.  Greg and Tamara (Sonequa Martin-Green) hatch their plan and she tells him the package is easily accessible, this being Hook! (Colin O'Donoghue).  SO after a long absence, we get to see Hook,but he's all tied up!  I mean if he's not getting beaten up, he's in ropes!! ha.

Strange Belle's alter ego was Lacey at The Rabbit Hole of all places, seems she fell down the rabbit hole and ended up the polar opposite of who she really was.  But then Regina had her locked up in the hospital when Jefferson let her go last season, so how could she have been Lacey? So Jefferson knew everyone's alter ego and where they were, shame he isn't around still!  Doesn't reallyn make sense, cos if Regina found her the bar and brought her to the hospital, that means she should have been there for the duration of the curse, some odd 28 years.  Not really  along time to become like she really is.

 Belle getting to call Rumples a "beast" over and over!  As said I like how Rumple's red shows up everywhere and how he's meant to be a little imp and his surroundings are much larger than him.  Proving Rumples still may have a heart beating some good, he lets Belle clean his library.  Oh does that sound right? ha.  So Lacey was a hustling barfly and nothing more than the town's scarlet woman!  As for Granny saying she raided the back of Ruby's closet, blue was not Ruby's colour at all!

Gold asking Charming for help since he'll owe him a favour, didn't see him making that deal with him when he was on the hunt for Belle after the curse was broken and she had been kidnapped by her father.  Oh what would Henry say if he saw what Gold was up to know.  Seems just like Regina he has to revert back to his evil self cos they have their heart's broken, for them and there just doesn't appear to be any way out. Actually scratch Henry, what would Bae (Michael Raymond-James) say if he knew what he was up to again?!  Proving his point when he said he wanted nothing to do with him.  But we have seen the extent of his cruelty especially with Milah.

As for Robin, well a bit of a wuss, can I say that? without the fans beating down on me, ha, look he needs magic arrows to ensure he hits his target, so much for being an expert marksman!!   Besides his story of stealing Marion from the sheriff was just like Hook stealing Milah so it was a surprise to see Rumples let him go and not be reminded of that scenario.  Robin next time will be played by Sean Maguire in season 3. Funny how they manage to find actors who end up with other filming schedules, yes I mean Sebastian Stan!!
SO when is Henry's birthday?  It would be good to see how exactly Gold got Henry to be adopted by Regina.  Oh and why didn't Snow return to teaching at the school?

Aladdin's magic lamp is shown in Gold's shop used by the genie of course, turned into Regina's looking Glass, aka Sidney, who should be back soon, it seems.
Also Rumples has in his stash Thor's Hammer and the Golden Fleece.  Oh and loved Rumple's little Aussie accent!  Gold adding he made a deal with Don Juan too, is there anyone he hasn't come across?

Belle's golden dress is like the one she wore when dancing with the Beast at the ball in Disney's Beauty and the Beast, which was an obvious observation.  As worn in season 1 Skin Deep when Rumples came for her.  Also Robin's bow is meant to be the one he gave Snow in 1.16 Heart of Darkness, hmm, funny that title since that's what her heart is now after she listened to him and got her to kill Cora through Regina!  But Snow is an expert marksman and doesn't need the magic the bow possess, or does she?  Belle was reading The Rise and Fall of Galaga, which became an arcade video game in 1979 and is the logo at the end of the episodes for Kitsiss/Horowitz.  Of course the Rabbit Hole is a reference to the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

What I thought was that when Regina found the matchbook, well magicked it and handed it over to Belle, she implanted the suggestion in her memory that she was Lacey.  When in fact Regina had her locked up as Belle all this time, so when did she get out and have a life as Lacey?  Also the bar was called The Rabbit Hole and we all know the connotations associated with Alice and drugs.  That belle was/could in this place seemed uneasy, rather it was more like an illusion Belle had, as Lacey of being there.  If that makes sense?

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Scandal 2.7 "Defiance" Review

Edison (Norm Lewis) recounts the number of women he's dated and tells Olivia (Kerry Washington) all about it, but she's not willing to talk about who she's been with for obvious reasons.  Instead she tells him that "when something big happens in the Senate today, you should be one of the first Senators to show your support."  Edison believes whoever she was with hurt her.  Olivia is saved by the bell and heads in.  David (Joshua Malina) hands James (Dan Butcatinsky) the files on what he's uncovered about the election vote rigging but he doesn't want to pursue the story cos there's nothing to it.  He tells James how Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry) wants to run a pipeline through the middle of the country.   David also leaves a message for Abby.

Olivia is hired by Harold Pierce's son, Skip (Jason London) as his father is going mad, he drives a motorbike through his house and there's their company and his wife, Anne (Patricia McCormack) thinks he's having  a breakdown.  Harold (Chelcie Ross) is living with Jenna (Kate Lang Johnson) an actress who could also be coined a gold digger.  There's an IPO to come out on their company but if they get wind of this then it won't happen.  They decide to get Harold declared unfit so Skip can take over the company.  The judge tells Harrison and Abby that they need an independent assessment from a doctor.

Quinn (Katie Lowes) questions Huck (Guillermo Diaz) on the drug he would use to put someone like Harold to sleep and then they could put him in the closet and take him out of the house later.  Huck tells her M99, so she's convinced there is such a drug.  Of course she's conducting her own inquiries into what happened to her and how she ended up from Sonoma to DC.

Mellie (Bellamy Young) is throwing Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) a party with friends for his birthday and then a gala later on.  Here Fitz mentions Defiance, Ohio and how that town came through with them in the election and James recalls reading about defiance in David's file.  Jenna tells Harrison to call for a doctor since Harold is sick and then when they arrive inside they find the couple are married.  The doctor was one of theology.  Now she's his next of kin, he can't be committed without her consent.   James finds out how the voting machines would be rigged.  If someone voted for one candidate five times the receipts would show this, but the final tally would show the real result.  The machines have a memory card.  When he arrives he finds none of the machines have a card, but one is missing.  It's t a school and here he prints out receipts and finds the final tally reads Fitz and Langston's name on it.

Fitz is handed more surveillance photos on Olivia and he sees her with Edison together.  He told them to stop the surveillance but he can' help showing his anger.  Harold shoots Skip in the arm and Olivia tells Harrison to deal with it, he can do it.  Harold was saving Skip from the heartache and lack of enjoyment in running a company and didn't want him to become like him.  Whereas Skip loves working there, so they were each doing what they believed the other wanted.  They give a press conference cancelling the IPO.  Edison is voted the head of the Senate as the Whitehouse publicly backs Hawley, something which Hollis was against.  He threatens Cyrus (Jeff Perry) that he will take them down and Cyrus is relieved Fitz has finally moved on.  Which he hasn't.

Quinn finds out it's possible to take passengers onto a private jet without naming the passengers and she thinks someone put her on this, she finds a jet in the name of Verna Thornton (Debra Mooney) Olivia's client.  Mellie and Fitz arrive at the gala but she changes her mind and doesn't want to go in.  He tells her Olivia isn't his mistress anymore and exits the car before saying, "you can't always get what you want."  Repeating what she said to him when he was against the gala.  As they walk out, a shot is fired and hits Fitz.  Olivia tells Edison there was someone but he's in the past and she doesn't want to talk about him.  Yes but for how long, especially now this has happened.

SO plenty of suspects , Hollis being the most obvious, then you've got the Sudan crisis and also Mellie too, as she changes her mind at the last minute and doesn't want to leave the car.  Of course it could just be nerves on her part or maybe she knows what's coming, just like Olivia knew what was going to happen in the senate.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

CSI:NY 9.3 "2,918 Miles" Review

Mac (Gary Sinise) chases a man down a busy street and is finally caught by him, he tells Mac to take it easy but he replies, "I'm not from around here."  Cue back drop of San Francisco.

72 Hours Earlier
A DB of  man is found at Brooklyn Bridge and he is identified as Ethan (Sean Harmon).  There was no wallet but Flack (Eddie Cahill) IDed him from a tag on his backpack.  Inside was an envelope containing photos which looks like a DB of a girl.  Hawkes )Hill Harper) says COD is exsanguination as a result of stab wounds.

Jo (Sela Ward) is in her apartment and going at it with some man when she hears a noise, taking her gun she investigates and finds Ellie (Sydney Park) in the kitchen with a boy, Jordan (Colton Shires) she was meant to be at a party downstairs but came back for drinks.  She calls the man a "surfer dude with a hairy chest."

Sid (Robert Joy) tells Mac about the eyes and has found a contact lens in the Vic's hair, probably belonging to the killer, well that was easy.  The DB girl, Mary's (Christina Scherer) parents arrive and Mac tells them he will find out who did this.  They had argued and she presumably ran away, taking the $700 she had saved in her account.  None of them recognize Ethan.

Lindsay (Anna Belknap) analyzes trace to find fooprints which could belong to anyone and she couldn't ID the orange particles she found on EDNA.  Hawkes finds drug paraphernalia.  Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) comments on getting body armour fro Lucy when she's older.  Sid arrives for his jaunt out of autopsy which he likes to do for a 'photopsy' and finds the headwounds could be caused by blunt force trauma, thus COD is most likely cerebral hemorrhaging but he doesn't know if she's faking it, since his daughter tried that with food colouring but there's no way to tell.  They notice the time on the watch and put the photos together according to the time on her watch.  Also in one of the photos Sid notices condensation on the watch which means she could still be alive and was alive when the photo was taken.

Lindsay doesn't find any way to ID the CS but Danny finds a reflection of the Flat Iron building in the broken beer bottle.  This gives them the height of the building and where the photo was taken.  A canvas of the apartments by Lindsay and Lovato (that's all we needed!) (Natalie Martinez) doesn't reveal any CS or wooden floors.  Hey missed my Flack canvassing the apartments, those were fun times never to be had again!! (Except on DVD re-runs!)

Mac IDs the orange paint as being used on the West Coast, thus there are more than one Flat Iron Buildings and this one's in San Francisco.  She needs Cade's (Peter Horton) help in this case as he's FBI and he reluctantly agrees since he's on vacation.  Ellie refuses to talk to Jo about Jordan and doesn't want dinner either.  She finds Jo will do all the talking and Jo doesn't want to talk about Cade either.

Mac watches the surveillance footage of Ethan being attacked, notice the time was stuck on 3.33, that's a nice harkback to Mac and when he used to get those calls at 3.33 in season e episodes.
Mac sees Ethan was there at the wrong time cos the killer was lying in wait for anyone.  He stole the drugs since Ethan didn't have a wallet.  Adam (AJ Buckley) matches the DNA from the contact lens to Boyd Hackman (Jullian Dulce Vida).  Ethan  called a man named Oliver Epps (Trent Garrett) who Mary's parents recognize as attending the same school as her but is 19 and she had a crush on him.   His phone signal is local but the calls were made from the West Coast.

They manage to track down the CS this time and find traces of blood.  Flack and Lovato argue about the Mets and Yankees and who's better, Flack being a Yankee fan since his father steered him in the right direction.  Oh no another repeat of a scene with Angell and Flack before they got together, I mean could they not have done things differently here!  Lovato notices Boyd and is out the door already in an effort to showcase the same stunt from last ep where she trips his bicycle wheel and knocks him over.  I could scream just about now!  Another CSI:NY woman who needs to throw her weight around, barring Jo of course!

Boyd tells them they can't prove it was him from the footage and Flack threatens to set Lovato on him, please do and end our misery so she can be taken away!  But they have his contact lens that's why he can't see.  Adam tells Hawkes he ran away from home three times but never far, once was over a girl but then two other guys showed up.  That's cos his homelife will be revisited in an episode later on.  He thinks it's better with the evil you know.  Adam finds Oliver's prints all over the drug bundle but can't work out the symbol, that's cos it's from the menu, the daisy, also shown in one of the photos.  Jo narrows this down in San Francisco and they find Oliver there.

Mac gives chase to Presidio Park and that's where we came in.  He says Mary wanted to send photos to her parents so she could stay away from them and he also gave her drugs, which would lessen the pain when he hit her over the head with the bottle.  He finally tells them where Mary is and Jo and Mac bring her home. Jo liked the look on her parent's face when they saw her and then tells Mac he'll know the feeling when he and Christine start "plopping out little blonde babies."  Mac walks away.  Jo in front of her computer gets a video call from Cade and she hopes to come down there one day, as she tells Ellie at home.  Ellie is willing to move if she buys her new clothes and Jo can't believe she'd do that for her.

A bit of a routine episode and one that I didn't really get into at all, which is a departure from the norm from me, since I am always into my NY eps.  Guess they could have been in San Francisco longer at least and yes I thought CSI:San Francisco too!  ha.  Have some of the cast moving there, except Lindsay!!

The orange paint used on Golden Gate Bridge was developed in the 1930's, called 'International Orange' and can only be used on the bridge as Mac says.  The title of course refers the distance between New York and San Francisco.  Sid asking Mac if he's familiar with the words of "Heraclitus or Ephesus."  Lovato dressing up Flack's desk in Mets colours was all we needed! Not.

Hey Ethan was played by Sean Harmon, Mark Harmon's son, didn't recognize him there for a minute!  Jo and he r'love' interest came out of the blue, figured she needed someone to give her this personal storyline, since everyone else was getting one this season.  Those Post-Its have been removed from her computer, there were only two there now.  One saying something about 'Employee evaluations in 6 days.'