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Ghost Adventures 12.11 "Return to Winchester Mystery House"

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Return to Winchester Mystery House marked a welcome return, which as said needed to be done. Yeah I tweeted a return ep several times over to no response, but that's nothing new.  Anyway if you recall the first investigation which was also alluded to in this episode, they were conducting an experiment to see     the effect of the portals at Winchester and whether spirits would, could actually travel through the portals from different locations, this being The Goldfield Hotel and Bobby Mackey's Music World, in Kentucky.  The results and the investigation were abandoned when they had negative effects coming through, especially with Aaron.  But also with Zak too when he felt he couldn't continue any longer. Later finding out his grandmother had passed away.

From the outset Return to Winchester yielded results with the figure at the window observed by Zak, which was actually known as The Wheelbarrow man, also seen by John, the docent in the basement. Winchester is clearly a portal as was shown by Zak when he came to that crossroads, but rather more so with the evidence he caught of the hand by the mirror.  Yes it was a thumbs up, what it also reminded me of was the mist caught on camera by Nick during their Ghost Adventures Documentary, though not as visible as it was here.  Looking back to the first Winchester investigation and their experiment, could very well show the existence of portals.  Though some may see it as far fetched.

Ghost Adventures Documentary (2004)

Good to see there wasn't any licking of wallpaper this time round and no shenanigans! Ha.

Then there was the 2015 Hallowe'en special at Deadwood: City of Ghosts where Zak felt the stabbing pain on the stairs when he called out the spirit, which also affected his lower back.  Here at Winchester he was pushed back on the stairs again affecting his lower back.  Am thinking portals once again, or not.  Also wanted to add that it was the same section of staircase at Winchester where Zak felt dizzy first time round and claustrophobic, there is something strange about that particular staircase.
Just wanted to add at Deadwood he was also asking questions about the male spirit which was behind the attack.  Which responded to him.  At Winchester the spirit of the child also responded, when Zak asked his name, it said 'Lucas' on the spirit box.  Aaron then asked if he pushed Zak and the voice replied, "didn't."  When Zak then asks again what the spirit's name is and whether it attacked him, a male voice responds, "what if I did" and not "f**k you".  The voice also sounded much deeper than the first EVP.
It wouldn't be unusual for the spirits of children to be at Winchester since Sarah Winchester did invite local children onto the grounds and inside the house itself.  Maybe some came back as they had a better time of it here than in their own homes.
Thought the voice of the child which he first heard which was described as 'unexplainable' was more residual.

Of course this isn't definitive, just putting forward some theories and ideas. But hey I did warn Zak about stairs on many occasions in several tweets and being careful on them!

There was still some amazing evidence caught here.  However Winchester Mystery House remains not only a mystery still, but it warrants a much more fuller investigation, if only this episode had been a longer special.

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The Whispers 1.10 "Darkest Fear" Review

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Drill had plenty of plans here for the children, as the action hotted up and right about now, we get to meet Nicholas (Darien Provost) you know the usual child, a loner, bullied by the others and his claim he saw a ghost wasn't even entertained by his aloof father.  It's no wonder he was so neglected aside from his mother.  His father, Brewster (Jeremy Guilbaut) also busy at work, but again he had a strategic job, so it was easy enough to get Nicholas to do Drill's bidding for him.  First we get him being abused by the bullies at the playground and then Drill makes his move.  Even later on getting the other boys to see him as a friend and help him.

Wes (Barry Sloane) and Claire (Lily Rabe) think they could maybe draw Drill into a corner as they can detect him on the thermal camera, they can lead him away from the main power supplies and into an isolated location where they can take him out.  Of course Frommer (David Andrews) objects and it's up to the president to give the go ahead.  This leads them to the abandoned house which was Riverview Asylum again (yay always loved that place) as was also used last ep with the hospital where Wes and Lena (Kristen Connolly) found the Rabbi. Oh and an aside, I would love to see what paranormal photos Milo caught when he filmed here and took pics, but alas he didn't post any on Twitter or anywhere else!)

As they get Drill into he building, Wes says he's got to go in after him and get the boy out, but Claire won't let him do it alone.  They have him cornered but can see Drill is in the boy and they don't want to take him out.  That was what Frommer told the president, that he's go to be ready to give the order to have that one child destroyed so that Drill too will be finished, only bet he didn't bank on who that child would actually be.  Wes and Claire try to talk Drill round, but that's no good, they either let Drill go or he will end Nicholas.

The scenes where Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) and Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) were stuck in the power outage, blackout or whatever you want to call it, were more interesting.  As Sean has to take Henry in the car and then drive over the pavement just to beat the traffic, where he gets into an           accident and has to get help to pull Henry out of the car.  Maybe Drill also wanted Henry hurt like that, I don't know cos he has Claire where he wants her and here Henry may have needed to have been used as some sort of leverage or bargaining power by him.  It's so apparent there's no easy or simple answer or clue as to Drill's actions or 'thoughts.'  This is where the show came into its own     and really heated up after such a slow start, but alas it was a little too late, as you can already tell the show's days were numbered.

This of course was after Sean took Henry to hospital cos he was getting sick and as we will learn, he's not the only one, most of the children visited by Drill are developing some sort of mystery illness. Either cos of Drill being into their brains, or some other reason.  Either way this was yet another of Drill's plans/manipulations, to get its way.  Though I think Lena thinking taking Minx (Kylie Rogers) on a cruise would help get her away from Drill, may have looked good on paper, but in practice it was a stupid time to go.  She should've taken Wes's advice and gone when he told her to stay withe her mother or something.  Cos flights are delayed and then the blackout, she just gives up and decides to come home.  Here she meets a man who offers her a ride and it was obvious he wasn't doing it out of the goodness of his heart.  Knew he was a reporter (Tom Butler) yes he was that apparent, making notes and everything.   Guess what they now needed was this to hit the news so that others would be aware of what was happening, but again that came too late and would've only sparked more panic as we'll come to see.

Oh what a mistake, whereas some thought Lena would be killed by the mysterious do-gooder, it's actually Drill who does the dirty, guess we shouldn't have been so shocked.  The way the trail lead to the fridge and uh-oh, bzzzz!  Ha.  Sorry but that was coming, no one wears shoes, well she didn't in   that house and Drill couldn't let her take Minx away.  That was his punishment for her trying to do that, she probably also knows too much and he did get what he wanted from her in killing Thomas, or helping to.  Some would say it was her karma for the shooting.  But she was an adult and collateral damage.  Though Minx did look like she was genuinely upset when Wes comes home and finds her and just as things were better between them.  Ultimately it was to get back at Wes and for his interference with Nicholas.  But it was poignant for Wes to come home and find her like that, which he wasn't expecting and was seriously complacent about, just how much of a threat Drill really is to his family.

Heck Minx, we're meant to suspect she will be the one child Drill wants, but with three eps to go still, that'd be too obvious, she's more likely the red herring.  Seems everything is going to go wrong for Wes which is the complete opposite for Claire, as she gets her family back, in that Sean returned to her, was that some sort of karma too for their affair, never did find out why they had one.  I know it's ancillary and a minor plot point but I wanted to know how she'd cheat on Sean with Wes!  They're not exactly the same and why would anyone cheat on Sean!! Ha.  Obviously Drill needed the codes from Nicholas's father which is why he became so interested in using him, again the operative word being 'used.'   But Frommer is so despicable as Drill in terms of being a human and even if he has national security at heart he's more interested in what this can do for him and his career.

At least Sean and Henry got some bonding moments in the gridlock, such as the Peter Pan reference, "second star to he right and straight on til morning."  Strangely it was such a topical reference looking to the heavens where Drill lurks and thousands or millions of others like him out there.  But also one about a boy who never grew up and Drill ironically being able to communicate only with children. Could also be an inadvertent reference to Sean himself, seeing as he was the only human that could communicate with Drill and vice versa.  Was it a coincidence that no sooner had Sean said that, then their car is hit?!

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The Musketeers 1.10 "Musketeers Don't Die Easily" Review

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To defeat the cardinal (Peter Capaldi) and Milady (Maimie McCoy) the Musketeers come up with an elaborate plan where they will fall out with one another.  Athos (Tom Burke) in a drunken state threatens to shoot Milady and wants everyone out of his way.  D'Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) won't let him do that and tries to stop it, thus Athos shoots him.  He ends up at Milady's house who bandages him and wonders why they left him in the street to die, if they were his so-called friends. She wants him to become part of her benefactor and the cardinal will help him.  Treville (Hugo Speer) tells D'Artagnan he is no longer a part of the Musketeers and that duelling is also prohibited. as Athos doesn't want to face him as a Musketeer.  D'Artagnan objects to this and turns up at the garrison.  Shortly after Constance (Tamla Kari) goes in search of him too  Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) and Porthos (Howard Charles) send her away, saying if they have news on him, they'll tell her.

In a private meeting the Musketeers laugh at their plan coming together and D'Artagnan also tells Athos Milady will trust him more as she wants Athos dead.  In the street, he challenges Athos to a duel and throws his glove at him, more like slaps him with it. They fire and Athos is shot, Porthos pouring blood onto him, as Milady watches from the shadows.  She takes D'Artagnan to the cardinal who tells him he was caught duelling.  D'Artagnan tells him Gallagher, the man Milady hired last ep, left a letter with Treville, accusing the cardinal of being behind the plot to kill Anne (Alexandra Dowling).  He can get it from Aramis who will know where it is, as they will want D'Artagnan for killing Athos.  He takes Milady hostage and the cardinal has no option but to agree to his demands, as he's also requested a commission with the Red Guard.  Milady wants the Musketeers all taken care of but tells the cardinal that "Musketeers don't die easily."

Athos meanwhile is given a proper Musketeer send off, with Porthos crying and as they meet him in an inn they tell him about it.  Well Athos was easily recognizable.  He wishes he could've been there. A note is delivered saying the cardinal wishes to meet.  Aramis also getting to see his son at the palace, saying he's paying his respects to the dauphin.  Also getting in with Marguerite (Charlotte Salt) so he can see him more often, pretending to be enamoured of her.  Milady meets with Sarazin (Sean Pertwee) her old patron and he recalls how she was nothing but a thief when he met her.  She convinces him to help her and she has Constance abducted by him.  Which was a little futile in plot terms since was she trying to rid her for D'Artagnan's affections or did she just want to use her as some sort of bait.  She's lured by Celine (Holly Earl) to a warehouse saying D'Artagnan needs her help, but is met by Sarazin instead. Being held hostage until she gets herself free but is punched out by Milady.

Bonacieux (Bohdan Poraj) comes looking for her saying she's missing and D'Artagnan worries too. Aramis assures him they'll find her after they take care of Milady.  At the meeting with the cardinal Porthos and Aramis have the letter, but they trick the cardinal into confessing he wanted the queen dead, but he was thinking of France.  She hears him confess telling him Louis (Ryan Gage) will listen to her, if not the Musketeers.  However she pardons him since Louis loves him and France will be lost without him.  The Count (Roger Ringrose) and Charlotte (Charlotte Hope) will return home and no one will speak of this matter again, as France can't afford a war.

They have a showdown with Sarazin who has Constance and she doesn't run when D'Artagnan tells her to, just standing there, so much for saying she's not afraid of anything, Just like Anne she likes to stand around in the middle of a shoot out.  D'Artagnan manages to shoot him and this time she does run, only to fall into Milady's hands.  Don't know why Milady was standing there for so long, considering she could've just ridden away ages ago.  Constance knocks the gun away and Athos tells her to kneel as he draws his sword.  Aramis tells him she'll be judged by the proper authorities and when it comes down to it, he can't kill her.  He tells her to leave and never come back.  D'Artagnan is glad he saved her.  Athos rips the necklace from his neck and throws it onto the ground.  As they prove Musketeers don't die so easily, also repeated by Constance.  Which the cardinal called, "a charming sentiment."

All the loose ends being tied for the time being in the series 1 finale and D'Artagnan finally realizing just how manipulative and murdering Milady really is, as she lied to Athos when she told him how his brother wanted her and she had to defend her honour.  But Athos couldn't see that, showing him her neck and the scar.

Aramis: "So at the end of it all, what do we have?  No glory."
Porthos: "No money."
D'Artagnan: "No love."
Athos: "We have honour."
Aramis: "I can live with that."
D'Artagnan: "For honour then."
Porthos: "Still a little money would be nice."

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The Musketeers 1.9 "Knight Takes Queen" Review

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Louis (Ryan Gage) likes the Count Mellandorf's (Roger Ringrose) daughter, Charlotte (Charlotte Hope) and takes them hunting, as he wishes Anne (Alexandra Dowling) could be as active as her.  As the cardinal (Pater Capaldi) and the count discuss how she will get a hefty dowry when she's married and boasts of his grandchildren.  Louis also tells him how she would've been perfect if he wasn't married.  Also how it's been years and there's no sign of an heir for him.  Anne is at the spa waters which are known for their fertility and this also giving the cardinal the idea to hatch a plot to dispose of the queen.  For this he tells Milady (Maimie McCoy) to take care of it and she assures him, a man by the name of Gallagher (Lochlainn O'Mearain) will be perfect for the job, as we've just seen him shoot five rats!  The Musketeers are protecting Anne and engage in some swordplay continuing with D'Artagnan's (Luke Pasqualino) training.  Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) thinking the place idyllic.

Gallagher rides out with his men and he takes aim at Anne, as Aramis now bores of the birds and tries to shoot at it, a gun goes off but it's not him and Anne's friend, lies dead in her cloak which she lent her.  They take Anne and need to ride away with the men giving chase.  Athos (Tom Burke) tells D'Artagnan and Porthos (Howard Charles) to ride ahead to Paris for help and after a bout of fishing and Anne cooking the fish, which was burnt, Athos hears the men riding.  They come across a nunnery and Athos and Aramis will hold up there with Anne.  The Mother Superior (Gabrielle Reidy) allows them to stay and help Anne.  Asking what they can do.  They don't have any weapons but one pistol and Sister Helene (Alice Patten) tells them she knows of something which will help, as she takes Aramis with her to the wine cellar.  He recalls his father making brandy with honey and sugar and after tasting it, he says it's the same recipe, Helene tells him he doesn't recognize her and she turns out to be Isabel, whom he spoke of in 1.6 Death Of A Hero.

Later she tells him it was her idea to come here and not marry him, her father didn't send her here, Aramis also telling Anne about how he loved her and was going to have a baby with her.  He would've stood by her and he wanted his baby, but it didn't make it.  Gallagher rides up with a white flag and Athos meets him telling him to surrender, he can ride away with his honour.  He recognizes he was a soldier and he says they don't shoot women.  He allows the nuns to leave, but they choose to stay. The men attack and they hold them off as best they can.  The nuns helping with the Molotov cocktails.

Porthos and D'Artagnan shoot the men after them and find a note, as well as noticing the tattoo of a hand on the man's wrist.  Porthos doesn't know what it means.  They tell Treville (Hugo Speer) of the events but the Musketeers are out with Louis, the garrison is empty with only the servants there. Louis returns and hears of the new, as the cardinal tells Milady that she was careless with the promissory note and it will lead back to him.  She takes care of the man who gave the note and forges a note stating the count ordered the queen to be abducted, as well as leaving the handprint in the ledger.  D'Artagnan smells jasmine and follows the trail, with Milady hiding behind the door and ready to stab him.  He's called away.  How come he doesn't recall the perfume, granted many women use it, but it was too much of a coincidence.

Gallagher was an Irish soldier who had his lands taken away by the Protestants, so they gather he wouldn't want to be against Louis.  The cardinal accuses the count of being behind the plot and Louis has them both thrown into the Bastille, even though he objects.  His luggage is searched and the note is found there, planted by Milady.  Isabel tells Aramis they wouldn't have been happy together and that's why she left.  Gallagher devises another plan of attack and two men enter the nunnery from the side.  Isabel is shot and Aramis is despondent.  Bearing all to Anne who tells him about losing her baby six years ago.  They spend the night together of course and Athos finds him the next day.  Cos during all that chaos, they had the time to be together!

Athos says he didn't see anything cos this is treason and he'll be hanged, then Athos will be hanged too for allowing it to happen.  Treville gets the men at the garrison to disguise themselves as Musketeers and ride out to the convent.  Finding Athos and Aramis in the cellar, with one bullet remaining in Athos's gun.  Gallagher runs and Athos chases after him, giving him a chance to surrender, but he reaches for his pistol, leaving Athos no choice.  Mother Superior tells them he said he left money in his saddle bags to repair the convent and they find the money in a box, but nothing else, except, Milady's forget-me-knot flower, well for an assassin, she's not very clever in covering her tracks.  Anne is returned and Louis is happy to see her.  However they find that the cardinal must be behind the plot since the count had nothing to lose, also the cardinal presents Louis with Mellandorf's confession.  They can't execute him and risk an all out war with Prussia.  They must investigate further.  D'Artagnan is certain that he did smell a woman's scent.  Before they leave, Athos tells the cardinal he'll find the woman behind the plot and also the man who's behind it too.

Aramis revealing his parents wanted him to become a priest, but "I was better at dispatching people to hell."  More background is revealed about Aramis in a continuation from 1.6 where he told Alice about Isabel, his lost love.  Here he says she was right and knew they wouldn't find any happiness. though she tells him he didn't want the baby.  As we know, he'll have a child now with Anne since it was the only place and way the two of them could've been together.  No way they could've gotten together at the palace and also it was to be expected (no pun) since Louis mentioned not having any heir by now, but was that really Anne's fault.  Also it was apparent Isabel would be killed off, giving further chance for Aramis to reflect and discover his true feelings for her and how they would've been unhappy.  So it appears she was not the love of his life after all, no, that it seems clear is Anne. Milady and the cardinal getting away with the plot, just by the skin of their teeth, but that won't last long!

The Whispers 1.9 "Broken Child" Review

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As Thomas (Jay Paulson) is rushed to hospital, they can't have the gunshot being reported to the police otherwise they'll check the hospitals, however a neighbour's already reported it.  Which must be a first cos that doesn't really happen.  Maria (Catalina Davis) refuses to help at first when she sees Sean (Mila Ventimiglia) and Claire (Lily Rabe) tells him he got his memories back and he's her husband.  As the police arrive, Wes (Barry Sloane) takes the blame and he's owed favours but Lena (Kristen Connolly) wants to go with him.  Jessup (Derek Webster) says he'll stay and tells Sean and Claire to leave but they're arrested outside.  Of course Frommer (David Andrews) had to be on   the case and Claire convinces him Thomas is the only one who can tell them how to kill Drill and Drill is the second one of its kind here.  There was another one thirty years ago.  He gives them 24 hours.  First off let me say, it was very crazy of them to trust Frommer cos of who he is and how he's really out for number one.  To think they wouldn't have someone watching them and he demonstrated that with Jessup.

Flashback to 1982 with Thomas and his father finding him in the woods.  Claire thinks Thomas may have told someone else about this and they go back to the house to search it for clues.  Wes notices the model of the woods Thomas made and Claire finds his journal with a photo and a message written on the back about only one candle lighting the way.  She needs to find who wrote it and they head to the psychiatric hospital.  Everyone who worked there doesn't any longer but the receptionist directs them to the childrens' wing.

Sean returns to the hospital and Jessup asks to see the childrens' wing, where he sees a girl wearing a paper plate mask sitting by a boy's bedside and she looks at him.  Now that mask alone should've sent a chill factor down his spine but he just doesn't register it at all.  Oh and they've stashed Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) somewhere cos he wasn't seen nor heard this ep.  Sean asks Jessup if he has children, not through lack of trying and he checks out the hospital.  Sean tells Maria they need to go somewhere they can control the electricity, which wasn't much use.  Since  a war being renovated should be the last place anyone would feel safe.  He turns off the electricity via the circuit breakers but didn't think about locking the box afterwards.

Jessup gets into the lift with the girl. what was strange also, how these children could just roam the hospital without any supervision or being allowed to do it in the first place.  She tells him about her brother's heart and again another clue that Drill would use her with the promise of making him better. She injects him and Maria finds it was only sodium pentothal but not a lethal dose and Sean asks where he was injected cos it could only have been done by a child.  Thomas goes into arrest and Sean must get the medicine, wouldn't it have been easier if she'd gone for it instead of him.  So much for standing by her patient, she goes to find out what's happening as Michael (Spencer Drever) gets better and comes for Thomas.

At the psych hospital they can't find the right room and split up with Lena going upstairs.  Claire finds the room with a patient there and then sees something in the mirror, a reflection showing there was something on the opposite wall.  Lena comes to the chapel and meets Rabbi Ezra (Jay Brazeau) who tells her she can't go back to what she's done and must live with it.  Then says the line from the photo about the one candle.  He's the one who Thomas spoke with and as Wes and Clarie tear back the wallpaper, the women patient tells them to stop otherwise the voices will start again.  There's a drawing of a boy carrying an eerie figure.  The Rabbi tells them it's a dybbk, as from Jewish folklore, which takes peoples' souls.  Another flashback to Thomas in the woods and the tree, Wes recalls the model of the tree and they head back to his house and find it there, showing them how he must've killed Drill.

Sean tries to turn off the elctricity and can't break the lock so tries to open the door.  Michael tells Thomas Drill wants to ask him a question, how did he kill the first one.  Thomas won't answer telling Michael not to do it cos there's no going back for him and he'll lose his innocence.  Thomas doesn't tell and he dies.  The others find the tree in the woods and in flashback Thomas is shown killing Elliot who was taken over by Drill.  He waited for the electricity to get him.  Claire screams and says that Elliot was doomed and dead as soon as Drill went into his body.  But Frommer must never know. Too late as Frommer hears every word they say.  He heads to the president (Martin Cummins) and tells them he doesn't know if the president's able to make the decision: one child for a sacrifice, as he watches his daughter.  Apparently Drill hasn't found the right child yet so he hasn't entered their body.

Finally some excitement in this ep as they seem to think they know what his endgame was.  As I said in the previous ep I didn't think Thomas would kill Elliot without good reason and thus far, we've seen that Drill hasn't asked children to do any killing, except for Michael in this episode.  And of course there was Harper in the pilot episode, but that was just so he could use her with the promise of making her mother well.  Here he wanted Thomas dead cos he couldn't have his secret getting out, but they already discovered what Thomas did.  Anyone guessing Henry might be the right child but he's just waiting to make his move with him, or will Henry be the one that saves them?  Actually I'm thinking it's the president's daughter cos she's more in a powerful position, at least as far as manipulating her and the president at the same time.
Maria telling Sean she hasn't been able to eat or sleep since the reactor incident.
Sean: "I know, imagine living with that feeling everyday for the past three months.  That was my life."  Well she was selfish wasn't she, imagine what everyone else was going through here and all these children being used in that way, not to mention Lena shooting Thomas.

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The Musketeers 1.8 "The Challenge" Review

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The Musketeers must bring in Labarge (Vinnie Jones) who's been wrecking havoc in Gascony and has killed two Musketeers, en route the Red Guard intervene to take him to the Cardinal (Peter Capaldi) but a fight ensues and the captain of the Red Guard is killed by Labarge.  The Red Guard accuse the Muskeeters of causing the captain's death and fight them.  Labarge is taken to the Bastille and the cardinal and Louis (Ryan Gage) have a wager on who is better: the Red Guard or the Musketeers, as Treville (Hugo Speer) states ten of his men can take out the Red Guard.  One man from each side will fight and there will be an entrance fee of 30 livre.  Of course none of the Musketeers have the money, but Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) comes up with the idea that they "need to go fishing for a patron."  He takes him to the church where they seek out wealthy widows and Porthos (Howard Charles) catches the eye of Alice (Zoe Tapper).  She's been in mourning for a year and he walks her home as she pretends that she knows he knew her husband, which he didn't.

She changes her black mourning clothes and invites him to dinner as she's prepared plenty.  Porthos never turning down a good meal saying he's always hungry.  She gives him her husband's gold pipe which is worth 30 livres at least.  As they strike up a friendship and more ,even talking marriage. D'Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) can't afford the fee and trains with Athos (Tom Burke) who teaches him to be less emotional, as he also provokes him by saying that Labarge is being held in the Bastille and living in luxury, as Treville tells D'Artagnan that Labarge burnt down his farm in Gascony and he doesn't have any income to pay for his rent either.
Athos: "You have natural talent, but too often you let your emotions run away with you.  Talent won't keep you alive if your heart runs away with you."
D'Artagnan: "Can we just get on with it."
Athos: "My point in a nutshell."  Though there probably have been times where Athos too would have been guilty of letting his emotions rule him, especially when it came to Milady, or the Comte. As we've just seen she still has an effect on him, especially when she still makes him kiss her.  Which doesn't last for long, his momentary lapse of judgement.

D'Artagnan secretly goes to the prison where he disguises himself as a guard and he fights with Labarge, who just happens to be better than him.  However Athos saves him.  Constance (Tamla Kari) and D'Artgnan kiss when her husband arrives back home.  Asking for the rent.  Constance sells some of her things from the house to raise the money for his entrance fee.

The Cardinal wants to know what Milday (Mamie McCoy) is up to and tells her that she should stay away from the Musketeers, however she thinks D'Artagnan can be useful and she can seduce him to bring him over to their side.  As she follows Athos who finds her in a an alley, saying she could've killed him.  He doesn't want to be reminded of the past and neither does she, though they do share some kisses, well a long one. She also sees he still wears her necklace and he wonders why he does at times too.  She meets D'Artagnan and gives him the money for the entrance fee, as he calls it a loan. As well as giving him her necklace with the forget-me-not on it.  Obviously not remembering where he's seen that crest before, or at least the flowers.

The Cardial summons Bonacieux (Bohdan Poraj) and tells him he might be in the market for some new attire, however he wants him to spy on D'Artagnan and tell him everything he's up to.  Obviously he sees him with Milady, but also with Constance as they kiss on the street, how public did she want her affections to be known by others, obviously people know her.  Even if she does call herself a "respectable woman."  He tells her he got the money and asks where else someone would give him 30 livres for nothing, as she stares at the money in her hand. Bonacieux searches his room and finds the necklace, which he takes and gives it to the cardinal.

The Musketeers practice and Porthos is good at physical combat, Aramis is the better shot and D'Artagnan is the better swordsman.  Yet after all that, Treville says he can't choose one of his men, so will fight himself.  Athos tells him he just took away D'Artagnan's commission as a Musketeer and they all know he's the better man.  The Cardinal promotes Labarge to the Ted Guard and he's the fighter for him.  Athos says Treville knew Labarge would be his opponent which s why he put himself forward and as they fight, Louis tells him his man broke the rules.  As Treville is wounded he can now pick someone to take his place and he chooses D'Artagnan.  Who is the better swordsman and wins, getting his revenge in the process, not that he was after it now.  Not letting emotion get in
the way.  Louis says there'll be no prize money as the rules were broken and the treasury needs it more.  He gets D'Artagnan to kneel and he becomes a commissioned Musketeer.

As Bonacieux tells Constance to break up with D'Artagnan as he has friends in high places and he can now tells the cardinal  that he spoke of treason.  She refuses but tells him she can't see him anymore and he should go to Milady, also she's a respectable woman and can't do this flirtation anymore.  He thought it was love.
D'Artagnan: "I'm sure you've made the right decision, I mean what use is love compared to money." As Constance makes him believe her material life is what she desires the most, as opposed to someone who has nothing to offer her.
He leaves the house and will live at the garrison, as she watches him at Milady's carriage.  Milady asks him in but he says maybe another time, Constance missing that he didn't go with her.  Porthos doesn't get to propose marriage, as Alice says she can't be the wife of a soldier but this is all he knows and wants to do.  He tells Aramis he has to look after him.

Plenty happening to keep us amused and D'Artagnan finding out he's probably made a mistake with Constance, but hey you can't live on love alone!  But he doesn't want Milady either, though he will repay her money.  As Athos finds he still can't resist her charms of seduction, it was just like D'Artagnan not being able to resist Constance.  Ah these Musketeers and their complicated love lives and let's not forget Porthos too meeting a lady here and she walks away from him cos she doesn't want to be the wife of a Musketeer, with all the killing they do.  Hey Constance said similar in series 3 when she tells Anne that she doesn't want to be a Musketeer's widow and raise orphans.  At least D'Artagnan became a fully fledged Musketeer finally!  Well at least Louis got to keep his loot! ha.

The Whispers 1.8 "A Hollow Man" Review

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As Jessup (Derek Webster) brings Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) to Claire (Lily Rabe) and Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) he tries to explain why he did it, but Sean manages to punch him.  Wes (Barry Sloane) tells Frommer (David Andrews) they killed Drill as there's no electromagnetic readings in
the place and tells him they have to stop with the secrets and if this works out he can be the next president.  He will think about not pursuing Claire.  The research Clarie asked for comes in and there's another boy, Thomas (Jay Paulson) who had the same encounter with Drill but thirty years ago.  He was in a psych ward and also in Delaware.  Was it really a coincidence they were both headed to Delaware.  His father,  Ron (John Billingsley) tells Sean he had two other sons and Thomas killed Elliot.  He worked for NASA and he discovered the first signal coming in.  Thomas used to speak to Drill and he went into the woods one day and killed Eliot.  Claire tells him they need help cos he's talking to Henry and he shows them some footage of the day when Thomas and Eliot went into the woods.  Thomas says sorry as he goes after Eliot.

At Thomas's new place which Jessup finds is under Eliot's name, they find no electricity or electrical appliances  and it didn't take a genius to figure out why!  What was the point of leaving Henry in the car when he'd be safer inside, some of these moves are just so thoughtless when they know he travels through electricity, communicates through it too, so he'd be safer where he is.  His door is locked and he can't get out so he can't warn them that Drill's here.  It found out where they were cos of Claire telling Wes the precise location they were heading to, no wonder these adults get absolutely nowhere in this show with their silly moves and they don't think of the obvious when it's staring them in the face.

Drill gets Lena (Kristen Connolly) to kill someone for it after they play a letter game and she does it cos Minx (Kylie Rogers) will be left alone.  Like she can really trust it.  Minx also lying about Drill being gone and Wes is relieved of his clearance when he reveals to Frommer that Drill is still here. Thomas explains Drill could only communicate with the children when it got here.  They brought him here when they carried out all those nuclear tests and explosions and created a beacon showing it the way to earth.  The energy ran out and it came in search for more.  He tells them it can't be the same Drill communicating with Henry cos he killed it.  Just when he's about to tell them how, Lena shoots him.  See no consequences or thinking about what she's doing but she's going to trust something she can't see, hear or talk to personally, to keep its bargain and leave Minx alone.

Of course it would've been too easy if Thomas could tell them how he did it. But it appears it had something to do with Eliot and killing him cos it doesn't seem like it was a real threat, so why was he killed, cos he was Drill.  Still no clear answers here and that's cos there are another 5 eps left and we can just have suppositions on what's going on.  With some mushy stuff along the way with Sean and Claire reminiscing about the hotel room they were in two years ago and got food poisoning.  Still Minx gets away with so much and is the one Drill relies on, she's lied, manipulated and everything else under the sun.  A pity Lena didn't heed Wes's warning to take Minx away where there's no electricity and Claire and Sean didn't think about the electricity on the streets.  How easy was it for Lena to get away with shooting Thomas.  She may wrestle with her conscience but she too has taken that step now and can't undo it, it's what Thomas tells Michael in the next ep, he's lost his innocence and there's no going back.  Even if she did it for Minx, like I said, there was no guarantee Drill will leave her alone or the others.  Yet Thomas killed Drill No 1 and was sent to a psych ward for it and it wasn't even his brother.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

The Whispers 1.7 "Whatever It Takes" Review

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As the military has a briefing with President Winters (Martin Cummins) Sean (Milo Ventimiglia) argues for the rock to be destroyed cos it's going to destroy them otherwise.  However Wes (Barry Sloane) disagrees, they should study it cos they have it here and he asks the President to make a decision but he won't do that until he sees it.  Exactly what Drill wanted in his manipulation, go straight to those in power.  Naturally the President had to have a daughter who likes playing with the Dr Jess doll and she makes a call and leaves the doll behind in the car.  He gets to see the rock and decides that he doesn't want it destroyed.  Dr Tully (Gwynyth Walsh) also wants to study it some more.  As part of his freedom, Frommer (David Andrews) wants Sean to be a part of the study and to help them otherwise he threatens to send him to Gitmo.

Sean returns home and has an awkward moment with Claire (Lily Rabe) but prefers to spend time with Henry (Kyle Harrison Breitkopf) and sleeps on the couch, leaving her tablet around which Sean has a look at, okay I said it before and I'll say it gain, any ol' excuse to go shirtless!  ha.  Including the obligatory tighty-whities this time round!  He makes pancakes for Henry and tells him he's got to look after his mother when he's not here and has to go back, so he can help protect everyone.  Henry's disappointed and Claire doesn't want him to go either.  His decision has nothing to do with Wes.  She goes after Wes and demands to know what's happening and why Sean's gone, but it wasn't his decision.  She wants to see him cos she didn't get to talk and he arranges it.  Claire gets an FBI vest from Jessup (Derek Webster) and tells him she needs it to protect Henry, surprised she couldn't obtain that herself.   s an FBI agent, she's not every resourceful is she.  Inside it she puts some tools so she can smuggle them in.

She's allowed to see Sean who's convinced Tully to help him since he's seen the rock and it's been in his mind.  He had flashes, visions of returning home but no one was there, the playground was empty and so were the schools.  Seems everyone was gone but this concentrated more on there being no children around.  Claire gives him the tools and Tully helps them, Sean says they need to create an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) which will destroy the rock.

Meanwhile Lena (Kristen Connolly) plays a dangerous game with Drill, a game involving asking him questions which he will answer and Minx (Kylie Rogers) tells her he wants to play.  They communicate through the lights and the President's wife's phone goes missing, as her daughter says she gave it back to her.  He also finds her doll in the car which Wes finds out is a tracking device so Drill knows where the rock is, after the phone rings in the closet.  En route Lena tells him that Drill has gone after a very important child and this of course was the President's daughter.  Lena also asks Drill to leave Minx alone and she'll do whatever he wants.

As Drill travels via the electric cables and pylons, they try to rearrange the magnets, but the place is put on lockdown and Tully is shot.  Sean tells Claire to leave with Wes and he'll have to finish it himself cos Drill is here.  Saying he forgives her.  He manages to destroy the rock, but it's not that easy since we know Drill couldn't be destroyed so easily.  Wes tells them to go on the run and he can't handle this and fix it already.  Frommer gets Jessup to bring him Henry.  As Minx watches Lena she tells her she wanted something from Minx, well he wants something in return and he's here with them.

There's not much happening again and it's just played out in little parts when you think they could've gone through it faster.  Surely they couldn't have thought Drill would be so easily destroyed especially since it consumed all that radiation from the meltdown, it's more powerful than they think. Now it's communicated through the rock, it's probably getting its reinforcements or its family.

Some funny speech between Tully and Sean when they talk of bugs and higher intelligence, well somewhere out there is an even higher intelligence if it can communicate in such a way and without being seen, except on a thermal imaging camera.   But what she underestimates was that being a military man, he knows the threat they're dealing with but also he's had it inside his mind.

Quite a few similarities and EMP also makes me think of Dark Angel and a few people associated with this who were also involved with the show.  Also Martin Cummins, the thorn in Max's butt in season 2 makes an appearance as the President.