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The Musketeers 1.6 "Death of a Hero" Review

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Aramis (Santiago Cabrera) finds a woman, Agnes (Amy Nuttal) whose baby has been kidnapped.  A priest is killed in the church nearby and another one hides out and makes his escape. He makes a remark about her being a loose woman and she says she's very respectable when wondering who would've taken her baby, she points to the grave and he apologizes, cos she's a respected, married woman.  As they walk in the road a crowd of people tell her to go away and Anne (Alexandra Dowling) calls her a witch.   D'Artagnan (Luke Pasqualino) follows the man who took the baby to a house.

Athos (Tom Burke) and Porthos (Howard Charles) are at the King's (Ryan Gage) hunt, as a group of people ride out, getting Louis inside, they find it's his mother, Maria di Medici (Tara Fitzgerald).  He didn't want her to return to Paris after he banned her since she plotted to overthrow him and take the throne.  She tells him assassins are after her and there's already been a failed attempt on her life. Louis refuses to see her and Anne thinks she should hear her out.  The Cardinal (Peter Capaldi) tells her to leave and Athos and Porthos escort them away.  The cardinal telling him it wouldn't be good for the morale of France if Louis lets his mother be killed.  En route they are ambushed in the woods and her man kills one, whilst he slits the throat of another, when Athos tells him not to do it, as they can question him.  Of course it wasn't a real attempt on her life, but one orchestrated by her.  Just to get close to Louis and into the palace.

She ends up there and Constance (Tamla Kari) finds D'Artagnan watching the house, as they see a woman leave, she says she's a wet nurse, she feeds the baby.  That's a way for her to get into the house and she tells him she can't feed the baby.   He tells her to improvize.  The others arrive as Porthos and Athos followed Maria to the same house and spot Aramis and D'Artagnan there with Agnes.  She tells Aramis about her husband who was born deformed and everyone thought he was a devil and they hated him.  She was sent to care for him and fell in love.  (Beauty and the Beast??) They ended up being married by father DuVal and one day they went out walking together, but he was beaten.

Father Duval arrives in Paris and demands to see the Cardinal as he has vital information.  He tells him about the baby Henry and how he was the legitimate heir to the throne, as Philippe was Louis's brother.  Showing him the records, Maria is Henry's grandmother.  She leaves the house after speaking with Constance and seeing Henry, they move in and attack, Constance having signalled from the window that there are more men inside.  They manage to overpower them and Constance gives Aramis the baby to hold, as she sword fights one of them, as she's been learning from D'Artagnan.  Aramis left holding the baby, as she asked him if he has a family.  The Musketeers are his family.  That's a question they're all asked.

As they leave with the baby, the Cardinal tells Aramis he knows what she's doing here and plans to take over the throne as she's Henry's grandmother.  The Cardinal still wants Treville (Hugo Speer) to find the baby, but Aramis tells him they can't hand him over cos he'll be killed by the Cardinal or used by his grandmother.  Aramis plots to send her to Spain and as they hide out, soldiers arrive at the bridge.  He pays off a man to take her, but he gets an ever bigger payment from another man, as he points them out to him.  The other Musketeers turn up and Athos tells him they should've told them what he was doing, otherwise it was just suicidal.  That's a common thread that runs through this, not telling each other what's happening or what they're doing.  Maria telling him that her husband tried to make France a good place and she wants to do the same, it's not about money.

Athos tastes the brandy in the barrel which they can use to throw into the fire where it'll explode and cause a diversion.  (Which D'Artagnan did in series 3 when he threw out Porthos's wine barrel when they were under attack.)  She crosses the bridge and Aramis rides out with the baby where he's stopped and throws the baby into the river.  She's upset and tries to jump in.  Everyone now thinking the baby's dead (a ploy also used in the next episode!)

Treville conveys the news to the Cardinal who tells Maria that the baby died, as her man is arrested. She leaves.  It was the only way for Henry to be safe and she thinks she can return to her home and live a normal life.  Her life wouldn't ever be normal and Henry wouldn't be safe.  As they ride up with Henry, Aramis needed her to react normally otherwise they wouldn't believe her anguish.  He gives her money and tells her to find somewhere and find someone else, Phillipe would want her to.  She'd ask him to come with her, but she knows they're his family.

This episode was done again, well most of the events were similar, including the title in series 3. Louis had another brother called Phillipe Feron as we saw and he died saving Louis.  Here Louis' father had another son, Phillipe who was also deformed, like Henry's father and he was driven away.  Louis not knowing about him.  Here was the death of a hero then for Henry dying like that, supposedly, or was it a reference to his father.  Coincidence that both Phillipe's were deformed and how history repeated itself.  The Cardinal destroying any proof of Henry's birth and marriage and also getting Duval murdered so he couldn't talk.  He should've known that would happen, but he was trusting of a fellow man of the cloth.

Cardinal: "Bravo, I'm not unable to savour a strategem of elegant construction...let's not pretend, we both know what big teeth you have, grandmother."

This ep definitely needs to be watched in conjunction with 3.6 Death of A Hero.

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