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Revenge 4.13 "Abduction" Review

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Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) both wake up to discover they've been abducted and caged by Malcolm Black (Tommy Flanagan).  He's holding them cos he wants his daughter back.  Black wakes Emily up with a slap cos he has to contact David (James Tupper) and Jack (Nick Wechsler) comes to the house to tell David that Black's been released, as he finds David packing.  He thinks he can slip away with Emily before Black can come after them but he's too late. Jack says he came to the house cos he thought his phone would've been traced.  Which is why Emily was caught.  He also tells him that the flashdrive is gone so he doesn't have anymore leverage and that's what David told Jack would happen.  David heads to the manor but finds Emily missing.  He then tries to find a way of showing Black that his daughter is still alive.

Jack asks Ben (Brian Hallisay) for help cos he tells her that he doesn't have anyone else and Ben tells him he knows everything about Emily but doesn't want to help people who lied to him. Jack pleads for help since Alvarez is missing and may be is being held by him.  That's the only reason Ben decides to help.  Jack brings him back to the manor and he thinks maybe Nolan (Gabriel Mann) can help, but David doesn't want to endanger anyone else.  He has a video from Black showing Emily and Victoria.  He's trying to put together Kate's voice using the messages on her phone and Jack has one too which they can use.  Ben thinks they can find Emily's car and see if it's turned up in the abandoned vehicles database.  This leads them to the lighthouse and her car.  There's a security camera there and Jack realizes there may be another way of helping David than what he plans to do. Which is making Black believe she's still alive and arranges a meeting.  Black's not interested in an exchange he just wants her back.

As Louise (Elena Satine) drinks at the club, she thinks she sees her mother, Penelope (Carolyn Hennesey) again as she turns up for real.  She meets Nolan and tells them she's staying here for a while.  Later she tells Louise about the judge appointing her conservator of her inheritance and she gave her enough money,  Louise tells her about drugging her, but if she talks and tells anyone about the pills, then Penelope threatens to cut off her money.  She realizes that her mother has always loved Lyman and not her.  All she wants is for her son to be elected.

Victoria wishes that Emily had finished her off at the lighthouse and Emily doesn't like being there with her either.  She tries to find away out of the cage and finds Black's men come in every half an hour.  She thinks if they can move the crates then they can ram the cage, but Victoria's not interested in helping her.  Margaux (Karine Vanasse) finds a paper with Daniel's death on the front page which gives her ideas of revenge.  She calls in a man her father knew to help her and wants to go after Emily.  Don't think she can manage that feat!

When Black returns Victoria tells them there's another way of getting Kate back and that he should go after Jack.  In return for this she wants her freedom, which he will give her, but only after she's returned.  Emily tries to stop her but ii doesn't work.  Emily seizes her chance and fights one of his men, but Black hits her from behind, telling him to get Jack for the info on Kate and then to kill him. Well that was only cos Emily told Victoria that Jack was helping David when they made that phonecall.  Victoria and Emily are tied up and Emily tells her how David was trying to kill her and call it a suicide.  He doesn't love her and they shouldn't be together.  That's why she sent her the text to meet her at the lighthouse.

Black brings Victoria to their meeting spot instead of Emily and he uses the thermometer to take a reading of the body in the van, which shows up cold.  He knows he's being doublecrossed and he shoots David in the knee.  He wants Black to end it, but he wants David to suffer first, asking them both back to Emily.   It dawns on Victoria that David doesn't care about her, took her long enough. Jack goes back to see Ben and finds him tied up, having to fight the man sent to kill him.  Ben says he jumped him thinking he was Jack.  As Ben handcuffs him, Jack notices the wheel on his back.  It's a sign from Emily, when they were young, they used to play find the treasure.  Ben smells the mark and finds it's coal.  Emily must've drawn it on him and then realizes there was no car footage on the camera at the lighthouse cos they went away by boat, somewhere coal is still used.  The trash incinerator, well that was easy.

Black is about to kill Emily cos she killed his daughter but Victoria stops him, saying she killed her cos she killed her son and she enjoyed doing it.  She tells him to stab her, but he grabs her buy the neck instead.  Emily gets a chance to grab the knife and cut her ties.  She fights him, as Ben and Jack arrive.  David gets his chance to grab the gun and shoot Black as he drags Emily towards the incinerator.  He falls in himself when he's shot.  David thanks Victoria for saving Emily and she says she did it so he can spend time with her and she can mourn Daniel.  But that they should go their own ways and she knows about the lighthouse.  However she and Emily plotted to work together which kind of made everything sour didn't it.  Especially since we could've got some great scenes between them, like the good old days.  Emily was going there when she said it was Victoria's fault they're here, cos she gave Kate her photo.

Victoria tells Margaux to let that revenge go cos she's not good enough, okay I said she's not good enough to take on Emily.  All she wants is to be with her and her grandson.  But Margaux can't give it up insisting Emily was responsible for her father's death too, er, that was Conrad, and it's a wonder Victoria didn't set her right on that too.  Victoria tells her "revenge is a dangerous thing."  How will exposing Emily in her magazine be revenge.  Shouldn't she be blaming Victoria instead of Emily, since Daniel wanted to save Emily, his choice and how is this serving Daniel's memory?  Agh Margaux, give it up already!  It's become her revenge plot now!

Emily thanks Ben for rescuing her and she already knows that he knows who she is, Jack told her.
Oh no Nolan marrying that Harlot Louise! ha.  Especially after her mother tells her she killed her father, that's why she was taking pills.  Which is what I said.  Nolan will be in for a surprise again, cos he can't help picking up strays.  But with them cooking together, they were domesticated already!

For Black being so formidable a foe, having the FBI in his pocket and who knows who else, he was taken care of in the space of two eps! ha.

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Mr Selfridge Series 3 Episode 10 Review

It's crunch time as Crabb (Ron Cook) anxiously tallies up the profits and Harry (Jeremy Piven) waits impatiently for the verdict.  The board members arrive, led by Loxley (Aidan McCardle) of course and Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) tells Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) to stall them, but we have no idea what Kitty said to stall them.  As Grove races up the stairs.  The final figures are in as Crabb tells Harry they've made a profit of 6.4% which isn't 10% but they're on their way as Harry tells Loxley. Of course it's not what he wanted and stresses Harry promised to give them 10% and he hasn't delivered.  Harry tells them Loxley's leading them on a wild goosechase since it's all personal for him and he's nothing but a profiteer.  Loxley counteracting by telling them he's now got a charity for servicemen.  Harry adding those very men attacked Kitty and Loxley makes out that it was her fault she was attacked, by working too late and "slathering" in make-up.  Harry tells him he means that she asked for it.  Then comes the real crux of Loxley's damning argument and Harry gets to show the board that for Loxley, it is personal.  As he mentions Lady Mae and how she's his friend.  Loxley saying she's a whore and Harry remarking her husband doesn't think so.  As well as Barratt (John Arthur) reminding Loxley that they're in a place of business.

Crabb has projected forecasts for the year end profits and the figures show they will be turning over a profit and the sales will continue.  Harry reminding them also that their final figures aren't in until October and September is their biggest month with the launch of the Autumn collection.  They take a vote to out Harry in a no confidence vote and Miss Plunkett (Sadie Shimmin) tallies up the votes  7-2 in favour of keeping Harry. Yeah only cos there's another series and we have to watch his slow demise some more still, since in real life Harry was ousted in a vote of no confidence.  Loxley is disgusted and leaves with Harry adding if no one else is satisfied, then they can also leave, as Lowe (Richard Braine) leaves with him.  They're going to sell their sahres.  Guess Loxley didn't get hso own way as he stormed that Harry will knwo what it feels like ot lose something he loves.  Well eh will, but not the store, not just yet.

Loxley and Lowe later meet with a man who has a client willing to buy their shares and get a 15% stake in the company, the Selfridge family will still have the majority.  But Loxley once again adding that they're loyalty to him is crumbling.  In a way it is cos Gordon (Greg Austin) tries to tell Harry about his courting Miss Calthorpe (Amy Morgan) but Harry has other things on his mind.  Like the meeting about the Estate.  He tells Frank (Samuel West) he wants Nancy (Kelly Adams) to be there and Frank wants him to dig the first part of the land.  He also asks Nancy for info about her to write a biography on her.  So how much of that was she going to make up.  Harry gets a call that all £15,000 is in the bank.  Later she tries to tell Harry about herself but can only say that she's selfish and doesn't know why he'd even want her.

Princess Marie (Zoe Wanamaker) continues her investigation of Gerrard/Gus (Jolyon Coy) as she tells Serge (Leon Ockenden) what she found.  That his office was boarded up and he tells her not to make waves since they're now on good terms with the Selfridge's in a long time.  She later checks up on Gus at the Institute of Architects.  Harry tells Frank about his engagement to Nancy and he tells Kitty, who of course tells everyone else.  That was premature, but it must be really hard on him especially with what was to come, with his staff knowing how he fell for a con artist.  They all congratulate him and shower him with rose petals.  Nancy still goes through with the plan and tells Gus he'll be going to America and she desperately wants to marry him; as the Princess tries to tell Harry what she found out.  The family also hears of his engagement as Rosalie (Kara Tointon) guesses he wants to marry Nancy.  Which makes it even worse for Gordon, seeing as he can't tell him about Miss Calthorpe.  Lois (Kika Markham) tells the Princess that she should follow her gut instincts about Nancy if she knows anything.

At the site, Gus is asked where the well should go since the land is water logged and Nancy has to come to his rescue.  He doesn't believe he can pull this off and boy was he right.  The Princess finally tells Harry about Gus and shows him his work, that he's too young to have done all that over the years. Leading Harry to have his suspicions about him.  When Gus comes in for their meeting he asks about what he built for a certain Lord and he tells him about the lake and how it was also water logged.  He says it was a palm house, but Harry tells him it was aballroom.  He's arrested and Nancy was so flustered.  Wonder if she thought whether Gus would give her up.  Harry can't abide cheats,

George (Calum Callaghan) warns everyone to be on the alert for a group of shoplifters and they strike when Victor (Trystan Gravelle) and Elsa (Naomi Ryan) are there to buy some things for the visiting Prince of Romania who will be playing at his club and he's lost plenty of money.  They think this'll help get Regan (Sean Campion) off their backs as Elsa gets to invite the Prince to play baccarat.  Also Connie (Sacha Parkinson) notices the woman stealing a fox fur collar and the women detectives give chase, with George getting hit on the stairs.  Victor tells him he can come to the club tonight, his treat and to bring Connie with him.  But she doesn't want to go, it's not her thing.  She's more into dancing and she hopes George can dance.

Gordon finally tells Harry about Miss Calthorpe but Harry stops him in his tracks, he's the Deputy Manager and so can't be seen going out with an employee.  People will talk and it's not the done thing.  He was very set in his ways wasn't he, especially when it came to his children.  A case of 'do as I say, not as I do'.  But Gordon makes up his mind and tells Miss Calthorpe that he's going to leave the store.  Wonder if he'll actually end up doing that since Harry's going to be a mess.   Harry finds out that Gus has a sister and they've been conning people around the country.  It's unlikely his sister is here with him and so Harry might be in the clear.  The police describing her as good looking

Nancy takes the chance to pounce and withdraws the money from the bank as she makes her getaway.  So much for sticking by Gus, she doesn't want to end up in jail.  Harry works out that Nancy may be too good to be true and could be his sister, since she introduced them and goes to her place, but her clothes are gone, except she leaves behind the bottle of perfume he gave her.  He then drives to the site and finds nothing's been done there.  He finally gives up hope and ends up back at the store where she waits for him.  Telling him she didn't take the money and she would've done but she loves him and still wants to be his wife.  Harry scoffs at this and once again says she's nothing more than a liar and a cheat.  How could he possibly marry her.  No one can compare to Rose.  She tells him women are his weakness and he was lucky that it was her this time.  That's not much to be grateful about cos if the Princess hadn't snooped then she'd still have gone on deceiving him and living the lie.  She tells him it wasn't meant to be him but Lord Meadows and he asks if he was meant to fall for her too.

Violette (Hannah Tointon) tells Rosalie about Victor and how she loves him and how close they've been, implying she's been intimate with him too.  She declares her love for him, but he tells her she's not for him.  They're from different worlds and she hasn't worked a day in her life with her pretty hands.  She thinks it's cos he thinks she's spoilt and she was given things, things she didn't want, but she wants him.  He rejects her again, seems she can't take no for an answer but finally leaves.  Harry gets drunk and Violette tells him they're two of a kind.  She can't be happy and he tells her to go after Victor if he wants him.  He's changed his tune with her but not where Gordon was concerned.  She could have someone like Victor, but he couldn't have a decent girl like poor Miss Calthorpe.  Well it was hypocritical, especially after he told Agnes what she was like all those times and how he had high praises for her.

Violette tells Harry she's going to Paris to marry Jacques, cos she can learn to like him and they're the same people.  Harry doesn't want her to leave but she does.  That's Harry twice in tears over women! Really showing his vulnerable side as he heads to Victor's club and begins his old ways again of gambling and women.  Meeting the Dolly sisters who ask who he is.  Well there's another mark for them to take advantage of then and Harry is in a position to be taken advantage of right now.  He doesn't really care about anything as he hands over his chequebook.  That music in the gambling scene, thought it was James Bond for a minute!  Ha.  A scene to look out for.

Oh and quickly, Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) gives her notice and Crabb wakes him up to himself by telling Grove she's leaving cos of him.  She's been the heart of the store and an integral part of head of department.  He goes to see her at home and finds the house for sale. She reluctantly lets him in but he wants to part as friends.  He admits he took his grief for Doris out on her and his anger.  But she refuses to forgive him.  So he waits on the chair all night until she does.  She finally gives in and he says if she forgives him then he'll be able to be a better person.  She's his soul mate as he kisses her arms and her neck.  She gives in.  Well they were meant to be together since series 1 and he would've realized that if he hadn't gone after Doris.

So ends series 3 as we wait til next year for series 4.  Lots to come in terms of storylines, but by far the most interesting will be Harry's demise and how he'll be taken advantage of until his fortune dwindles.  We've come round full circle in a way since Harry's gone back to his old habits and ways, which is where he saw him back then, gambling, cigars and women, like Ellen Love.  But by far the line of the ep belonged to Harry when he told Nancy to, "crawl back under your stone!"

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CSI 15.10 "Dead Rails" Review

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A man crawls out of the ground, gasping for air, he struggles to make it to the road where a passing car is shown, he tries to hail it, but it ploughs straight into him.  Greg (Eric Szmanda) and David (David Berman) are at the scene, when Nick (George Eads) shows up and makes a remark about him dying with his boots off.   David says he was already injured before being run over, as there's a cut in his neck.  Nick notices gravitational blood drops showing he came from the desert and they follow the gravitational blood drops, which just happened to be in blocks of three.  Greg notices his shallow grave and also that they thought the Vic was dead and buried him, then got hit by a car, to die again. Nick: "Poor guy, he died twice."  The woman driver, Mary Hammond (Alexandra Holden) tells Crawford (Amili Ballard) he came out of nowhere as she was driving and she was hungry, so reached down for some chips and hit him.  Was she fiddling with a key card in the beginning when he was questioning her, or was it just some card?  Also saying she gave him CPR which didn't work.

Greg finds some green fibres at the site and Nick finds a piece of red skin which looks like regal coral snake skin, only that snake is found in Central America, or Panama.  Doc (Robert David Hall) examines the DB and tells DB (Ted Danson) that he had neck injuries consistent with being stabbed by glass, as glass shards were found in the wound and those resembling being beaten by brass knuckles.  Finn (Elisabeth Shue) IDs him as Jimmy Turelli (Christopher Atkins) who was out of prison for two weeks and has long wrap sheet.  He worked with Sam Braun, which suggests a mob hit, being left in the desert after being beaten.

Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) tells Hodges (Wallace Langham) she found traces of baby powder on his cheek and also the metal is indicative of brass knuckles.  Hodges finds the green fibres are English wool used for making expensive suits.  The glass is from fine stemware and when Hodges mentions champagne, she realizes the wool is from a pool table.  As she sets up a pool table with champagne glasses and takes a trick shot around hem.  Turelli was probably playing pool and doing a trick shot. After the victory shot, the players take the cue stick and break the champagne which she pretends to do so but DB stops her.  There's a pool tournament at the Palermo.

Morgan and Greg speak with Elise Massey (Sharon Osbourne) who tells them about Natalie the Hornet and Turelli paid her entrance fee.  She uses a pool bridge which has the same design as Turelli's injuries. Morgan tells Natalie (Melanie Liburd) about the bridge, but she sells them over the Internet anyway.  She last saw Turelli at the pool place he worked as a bartender, the Vegas Rails. Morgan takes Sara (Jorga Fox) to the pool place and when the lights are switched on, there's a bit of a mess there.  There's blood spatter on the pool table and Morgan finds the bloody bridge under the table, which is the murder weapon, along with another piece of red snakeskin.  There's also a broken champagne stem on the floor which Sara finds.  Morgan thinks the cue ball rolled through the blood leaving behind the trail, but there's no ball there, thinking the killer probably took it, cos players usually use their own balls and sometimes cheat with them.

Finn finds out a company called Derosa owns the Vegas Rails but they can't find the name of the owner.  Sara and Morgan also found a photo of a man holding a poolstick covered in snakeskin for the grip and his name is Calvin Tate (Bernard Curry).  He has offences ranging from identity theft to counting cards and he paid for drinks for Turelli on the night.  Greg and Crawford go to Calvin's and the door is answered by his wife, Zoe (Laura Wiggins).  He's rough with her and demands more beer. Crawford notices bruising on her arm.  He tells them Turelli was talking to Elise who had taken over the place.  Also telling them if they're not going to arrest him, then they should get him another beer.

Finn tells DB of the notebook Sara and Morgan found which contains a secret code to access a site which shows her girls.  She was running prostitution through it.  She tells them Turelli was her friend and he knew what she was doing.  Also telling Greg she has connections and her solicitor will have her out of jail due to her connections in no time, after Greg told her that even if it's Vegas, prostitution is still illegal.  Her alibi is hosting the pool tournament at the Algiers the entire night.

Morgan practices shooting the ball into the pocket but she doesn't end up getting the same spatter pattern, telling Hodges she used to shoot pool after school, instead of going surfing, for beer money. Finn tells them the keycard was from Turelli's condo and Henry found the hair from the condo which Finn processed, matches Zoe.  Who tells them she didn't sleep with him but stayed there after fighting with Calvin.  That they were both playing The Honour Hustle, where Calvin would pretend to lose at pool and then put Zoe up in return for the bet and he'd win.  Turelli wanted to get her out of this and Calvin left upset.  She heard Turelli leave later that night.  Crawford and Greg find Cavinl dead and his place has been searched.  They presume they didn't find what they were looking for, so wonder where he'd keep something.  Greg says his hat cos he always had it on and they find a flashdrive with photos on it of Zoe.  She was blackmailing men and Calvin found out so wanted in.  Blaming Calvin for the murder.

Of course it wasn't him since he was too obvious, but the suspect was always right before out eyes from the outset, at least I said it was her.  Morgan tells DB she was using the wrong trick shot since the ball grew less in diameter as it rolled across the table and found it came from a ball of ice.  So the ice shrunk as it rolled and melted under the lights in the cue pocket.  Thus the leather would've retained the saliva of the drinker cos Turelli didn't drink, as Doc told them.  She tells Hodges that the killer is Mary, the driver who hit him.  Derosa company is hers and she was working with Zoe. Crawford tells her that Zoe told them everything and Mary insists she didn't kill anyone.  Crawford telling her they found the gun at her business and so she set up a meeting with Calvin.  Turelli wanted Zoe to get out of this and was going to call the police.  Mary attacked him and killed him with the champagne glass, then buried his body.  That's why she was still out there when she ran him over again.

DB mentions Crawford lying to the suspect and he says that's the "best kind of hustle."  Morgan challenges Hodges to a game and says that the loser will have to clean the GCMS machine for a week.  Hodges thinks she'll win and she even offers to play left handed.  Hodges breaks and Morgan realizes he's not such a novice after all.

Another routine ep where it's like you've seen it all before.  I don't know why it felt like the ep was scraping the barrel, guess it said it all when they had to resort to getting Sharon Osbourne in there.  I mean wasn't the So Money Supermarket ad enough!  I don't like it when they get so many suspects in there and they all kind of pass the buck onto someone else.  As for Cavinl, ha, Bernard Curry left Home and Away in a storyline where he went on the run from the police with his girlfriend to the US, guess he was living it up in Vegas all this time!  Ha. Seems like Morgan got hustled by Hodges, who always has something sneaky up his sleeve.  Nick disappeared after one scene, maybe it was those trousers of his!  Ha. Sara made it to two scenes and Henry (Jon Wellner) disappeared altogether.

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The Mentalist 7.7 "Little Yellow House" Review

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The ep opens with Patrick (Simon Baker) coaching Vega (Josie Loren) on how to do a balancing exercise with a stick, one that I'm sure a lot of us have tried over the years, I know I have.  But with Vega it was really boring to watch and as Lisbon (Robin Tunney) walks in, she mentions smores. She likes smores and Patrick mentions chocolate covered ones, but Vega drops the stick when Cho (Tim Kang) mentions smores in the microwave are great.  US Attorney Julie Sandoval (Romi Dias) looks for Lisbon and tells her she's looking for her brother Jimmy (Robert Belushi) who's a material witness in a murder case, that of Nathan Barnes (David C Scott) the son of a judge.  Jimmy left his house without talking to them and she needs to find him or issue a warrant for his arrest.  Yeah just walk in and tell the entire office Lisbon's personal business.

Lisbon calls her other brother Stan (Derek Phillips) but he doesn't know where he is, so Abbot (Rockmond Dunbar) tells her she can go down there to look for him.  Asking her how many brothers she's got, three, with her being the eldest.  Abbot says he's got five and it can be tough.  Patrick says he'll come with her if she wants him too and she says she'd like it if he did come.  Lisbon thinks he could be at their parent's house but she hasn't been here since they died.  Patrick's envious cos he never lived in a house.  As we know, he was living with the Carnie and his father when little.  She finds the spare key still outside and that Stan was doing some renovations to the house.  She calls Stan and Patrick finds an old clipping of hers, as well as a photo, asking her which one is her bedroom.  He looks around upstairs and not before long he's attacked by a man in a black jacket, as he turns around and says he loves Lisbon's doodles on the wall, but it's not her.  Patrick trying to scream, 'no' was funny sounding.  As I thought to myself that newly painted green wall would look good with a red, smiley face on it!  What?  Ha.  It would.

Lisbon runs up and he escapes through the window.  She introduces Patrick to Stan at his house and his wife, as Stan mentions her high school prom date, Woody, who ended up getting a puffy face cos of allergies to his pierced lip.  He hasn't seen Jimmy but he called a few days ago.  Wiley (Jason Adler) tells her he found out about the murder Vic and he was found beaten to death behind a hotel in Dallas.  He had Jimmy's card in his pocket and worked for battered women.  Also Patty gives him a detailed description of the man who attacked him, warts,n'all.  Including smelling like aqua velva. She thinks they should check out the bars and bumps into TJ (Ryan Churchill) who she used to babysit.  Patrick takes his phone and finds Jimmy called him a few hours ago.  He only knows he went fishing.  Patrick returns his phone, telling him he should call his mother back.  At the lake, Lisbon finds Jimmy and tells him he's in trouble.  She only checks up on him when she thinks he's in trouble and asks if Patrick is her boyfriend.  Patrick talks to him alone and tells him he knows the man wasn't after him, but obviously he was after Stan.  He says if he comes back to Houston, he won't have to testify cos they'll find the real killer.  To which he agrees.

Lisbon records his statement wanting to know where he was on the night, he says he was gambling and reminds her she taught him how to play.  He saw him with Charles McInnes (Tom Gallop) a law clerk, Vicki (Janelle Giumarra) Ben (Michael Cory Davis) and a man named  Holiday (Jeremy Ratchford).  Cho saying he's with the mob.  Patrick says they need to get in on the game and Nathan owed Holiday money.  Who Patrick rules out as a suspect cos you can't collect from a dead man. Abbot says they have 72 hours to find the killer or they'll have to hand Jimmy over.  Sandoval wants the collar on the case.  Wiley tells Patrick the man in the house is Delphino but isn't connected to Jimmy, which can only leave Stan, as I said.  Cho and Patrick hang out at the bar and Patrick drunkenly bets on the football game and loses his money to Cho.  Holiday asks if he knows anything about the game and Patrick notices he's into women, so they're using the wrong bait.

Vega talks to Charlie who introduces his fiance, Heidi (Anna Rose Hopkins)  who worked some domestic abuse cases with Nathan.  He mentions Holiday and who else was at the game.  Adding that Judge Barnes made a ruling against Ben a few months ago.  On the night in question, Charlie lost the game and Vicki was chasing after Nathan.  Lisbon enters the bar wearing a little number and sits at the bar.  Holiday buys her a drink and Patrick walks in as her rich boyfriend.  He just plays for the thrill of the game and throwing his money away.  He lost $20,000 like that, Lisbon tells him.  Holiday invites him to a poker game and Jimmy invites the other players as well.

They'll need cameras inside the hotel room, so Vega and Wiley pose as a couple wanting to check out the room and then get into a fight, so the clerk leaves them alone.  They set up the cameras.  Wiley knows she said something about ripping his head off in Spanish and she realizes he's been studying. She also makes sure the toilet won't work.  Karen (Milissa Skoro) calls Lisbon telling her that Stan was beaten up and said it happened at work.  But she realizes that Patrick knew the man was after Stan all along and didn't tell her.  He replies cos it wasn't his business.  Jimmy tells her Stan's in debt to a loan shark.  She had to watch out for them and it was tough having to be the one in charge, which he's fine with, but then she left.  

Lisbon tags along to watch and Patrick tells Jimmy to just play poker and let him handle everything. Ben tells them the toilet's busted and not to go in there!  Holiday thinks they should change rooms, but Patrick says he's here for the poker, not the toilet, so Holiday tells them there's one down the hall. Vega notices that Patrick's cheating and they work out the player's tells, Ben rocks sideways, Vicki scratches her nose, Holiday scratches his head and Charlie scratches his eyebrow.  As the game gets underway, Lisbon acts like a psychic and tells them something dark happened here.  Patrick saying she likes to think she's one.  Holiday tells her someone was killed nearby and she says someone in the room did it.  Adding that whoever has as an ace is the killer.  Well, no surprises there then that they all have an ace and so think she's not very good at all.  At that point they see Charlie scratch his eyebrow and so he's the killer.  Of course got that ages ago, especially since he was the only one who personally knew Nathan.

He wins cos Patrick lets him and then uses the toilet, where Cho tells him he knows he's the killer and he can take him in now or Holiday will be after him.  Patrick tells the others there's a camera in the room and that Charlie had people watching them and helping him out.  Cho shows Charlie the footage from the room and it has Holiday mouthing son of a bitch.  Charlie returns to the game, but Holiday invites him in and decides Cho should take him with him.  He tells Cho he saw Nathan was wearing his shirt cos of the insignia on the sleeves.  So he suspected Heidi was having an affair with him.   He cornered him in the alley and beat him up.  Cho tells him he spoke with Heidi and found that he spilled coffee on his shirt, so she lent him one of his.  Ain't that always the way, so he killed him for nothing, instead of confronting her about it.  I mean all he had to do was say he's got a shirt missing.  Then again that whole coffee story could've been made up.

Lisbon returns home for the christening of her nephew and Stan thanks her cos she's going to help him out.  They decided they like Patrick, he's a good man and she should hold onto him.  Lisbon tells Patrick that he might be surprised as what she has to say, that she loves him, even if she hasn't said it, cos healways knows what she's thinking.  He tells her he is surprised.  Ahh, Lisbon always acts so shy when she tells him personal lovey dovey things like that!  But Patty's smile was so perfect!! Ahh! SO gonna miss this show!!

 I like the fact they are keeping their relationship and the mushy stuff low key and aren't going overboard with it every minute, like they can do in some shows and I'm superficially referring to Castle here.  Lisbon and Patty don't need to be telling each other how they feel every second and that's exactly in keeping with their characters.  They weren't ones to talk about their personal lives and they still aren't.

    • Lisbon: I don't think I've said this. I mean, I know I haven't said this, but I don't really know if I need to because you always know what I'm thinking.
      Jane: Well, not everything.
      Lisbon: Would you surprised if I said I love you?
      Jane: I'd be... I'd be lying if I didn't say I would be moved by that.
      Lisbon: I love you. I said it.
      Jane: I'm surprised.   So sweet!!!
We have met Tommy before, the other brother she mentions in 4.6 Where in the World is Carmine O'Brien?  Where he showed up as a bounty hunter and got in the way.  Obviously we know Lisbon's good at cards cos of the card games she play back at the CBI with Bertram and the others.  As well as playing with Patrick for gummy bear candies in Red Tooth and Claw, but she's not as good as Patrick.  That poker part must have been written in for her since Robin Tunney took part in the 2006 World Series of poker and is a poker player.  Robin was also born in Chicago too, as is Lisbon. Lisbon had some new outfits in this ep, specifically her work clothes.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Vampire Diaries 6.10 "Christmas Through Your Eyes" Review

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Bonnie (Kat Graham) finds a Christmas tree back in 1994 cos she hates being on her own, as we have various flashbacks interspersed in this ep.  At the Mystic Falls tree decorating ceremony of way back when, Elena (Nina Dobrev) tells Bonnie she'll ask her parents if she can stay at her house and then they can be together with Caroline (Candace Accola).  Caroline's mother brings Christmas to her dorm, or attempts to, as she can't get to Mystic Falls and gets Stefan (Paul Wesley) to help.  Which Caroline doesn't like.  The sheriff (Marguerite MacIntyre) later returns and passes out.  Caroline is unaware that her mother has a brain tumour, but Stefan knew and she didn't tell Caroline yet.  Elena compels the doctor to find out how serious it is, but it appears they can't operate.  Caroline doesn't want Stefan around cos he's been a crappy friend, but he wants to be the one to break the news to her. Caroline thinks she can give her vampire blood, but Stefan tells her if they could cure cancer, then they would've heard about it by now.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tells Alaric (Matt Davis) and Elena that they need to kill Kai (Chris wood) to ensure he can't merge with Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and Tyler (Michael Trevino) tells Liv (penelope Mitchell) and Luke (Chris Brochu) the opposite.  That if Kai can merge with Jo, then they won't have to and thus the coven will continue, but so will their lives.  But Luke tells him this'll make Kai even stronger and there'll be no stopping him coming after them and other innocent people.  Damon says that he has the knife but when he opens up the painting where he hid it, it's not there.  But back in 1994, didn't Kai find the knife when he took Bonnie to his house.  Kai has himself and a girl brought in as Vics of a car accident and uses this as a way to kidnap Jo.  Also using Liv and Luke to help him out.  He needs them to locate the knife that Jo hid her magic in.

Jo refuses to help him and get her magic back, cos she says it's her choice to have it removed and her choice to bring it back, but she forgot that he'd use the twins against her by threatening them.  Luke leaves cos he can't watch it anymore, as Kai stabs Jo, but Liv is persistent.  She tells Jo that she's been through so much and she became a doctor, so what makes her think she's weak and won't be able to defeat Kai.  Jo takes her magic back and breaks her chains.  Alaric tells the others that Jo is missing and Damon gets Luke to tell him where she is.  Damon apologizes to Alaric for what he did and that's all he's got to say.  Jo tells them not to kill Kai cos she can defeat him, but she needs to regain her strength.  So wouldn't it have been easier if they somehow managed to keep him knocked out, instead of leaving him just in chains.

Kai's drawn a line in the ground where the border starts and ends and Damon had to tell him about the Travellers and how if he ends up in hell he can ask them how they used a spell to remove magic from Mystic Falls.  Giving him an idea of how he can take that magic and reverse the spell, which was just convenient, since it was more like an unexpected Christmas present for the town by allowing them to return home.

Not so good news for Matt (Zach Roerig) and Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) as they try to lure Enzo (Michael Mularkey) so they can kill him.  But when Matt gets him there, he tells him he doesn't want to kill him, but wants to know what his secret is and why he's after Stefan.  They manage to subdue him but Matt wants him alive so he can do to him what he did to Trip. Telling Jeremy they've overlooked the fact that vampires are killers, even if they have friends who are vampires.  Jeremy telling him that his hatred will catch up to him and not so long ago, he wanted to kill Elena too, cos he was supernaturally drawn to being a hunter.  As Matt drives to the Mystic Falls border, nothing happens to Enzo since Kai broke the spell.  Thus the tables are turned and Matt is now his captive. He tells Matt that he hates Stefan cos he has everything that he wants, family, a friend he doesn't deserve.

Bonnie lights the tree and the others have the flashback of the tree ceremony and Caroline's mother making a speech about how everyone here has a friend they can turn to.  Caroline got a snow globe from Stefan and a Mystic Falls one at that.  As she gives Bonnie a bracelet.  Jeremy goes to the Mystic Falls tree, as Bonnie burns her tree.  Jeremy misses her.  Thought something would've happened there, you know, it being Christmas, but that was wishful thinking.

As Damon returns home, Stefan brings his car back all shiny and new.  He fixed it for him whilst he was gone four months.  Damon invites Elena over since she has news for him about the sheriff. When she rings the bell and Damon answers the door, but he can't see her there, even though she can.  Kai shows up telling Elena he's cast a cloaking spell.  This is getting boring now.  Okay the show need  a villain, but a psychopathic witch is too much.  As once again their plans go up in smoke, like Bonnie's tree.  Co sit seems no one's powerful enough to defeat him and so the story just goes on and on...

This is the ep we should've left it on last year at Christmas, but do we ever get anything on time, here, that'd be asking too much.  So Luke leaves cos he doesn't want to be in the firing line again.  But that was a waste having him on the show to begin with, if they're just going to let him leave like that.  Not to mention how Liv seems out of place without him around after they've been through so much together.  Elena getting clobbered by Kai, ha, what she didn't see that coming either!!  Living in her dream world more than usual.

This has been likened to the Joyce storyline from Buffy, as far as Caroline's mother is concerned.  But even if they can't use their vampire blood to cure her, they can turn her into a vampire, no?  Then that'll be like the Stefan/Elena/Damon dilemma all over again.  Stefan wanting her to stay human, Damon wanting to turn her, since it's meant to be her choice.

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Revenge 4.12 "Madness" Review

David (James Tupper) has a flashback to 2003 when he was shanked in prison by the white haired man.  He's taken to hospital in an ambulance and one of Black's men tells him he'll be working for his boss now too.  Present day, he reads about his death in the paper, that'll be too good to be true.
Emily (Emily VanCamp) calls David and meets with him to get to the bottom of what he said about wanting to kill Victoria (Madeleine Stowe).  He's inviting her to the lighthouse and he'll end it all, they'll think it's a suicide.  She doesn't want him to do that though cos they can leave together and she wants to get to know him.  She thinks they should let Victoria suffer, having lost all her family.  But she needs time to tie up some loose ends.  For Amanda/Emily, those loose ends will never be tied up. There'll always be that one stray, fraying thread forever blowing and will never be just gone with the wind.  Had to get that in since everyone was talking in their Southern accents!

Emily meets Louise (Elena Satine) and she tells Nolan (Gabriel Mann) that they're both going to leave.  He's going to miss her but she tells him he's already got a redhot replacement.  Nolan adding doesn't she know that,"gentlemen prefer blondes;" and maybe Southern gentlemen at that too.  He's trying to make amends for her brother after blabbing to Margaux (Karine Vanasse) about him and will write him a little cheque as a campaign donation.  He thinks Lyman (Sebastian Piggott) is trying to commit Louise again and he'd like Emily's opinion on whether she's ll need a red sharpie for him or not.  David tells Victoria he can't meet her later since she needs more time with Daniel's memories. He meets Jack (Nick Wechsler) and tells him Black (Tommy Flanagan) isn't dead.  He knew it was a trap and faked his own death.  Carl is with Jack's cousin and he needs to go to work and not get in touch with Emily.  A pity he didn't tell Emily not to call him since he'll be tracing David's number.

Ben (Brian Halisay) is sorry for pushing her in the interrogation and the investigation's been closed. He's meeting with Alvarez about the promotion, but no one was suspicious of where Alvarez could've vanished to, is this policing in the Hamptons.  She tells him she's going away for a few days but not that it'll be for good.  Of course she's not going to go now that Black's alive and on the scene. Lyman wants Louise to do what he wants or he'll tell them about her.  As Emily returns to the club, she overhears Louise and Lyman arguing over her medication and how she needs to take the pills, otherwise she gets "too possessive" without them.  Emily thinks she's okay and Nolan still wants to help her.

Victoria wants to give Margaux Daniel's box of things he kept when younger and she thinks it's cos she wants to tell her the truth about Emily and how she killed him.  She doesn't want them, she thinks he's still alive when she wakes up.  She slams the box down and leaves, she doesn't want to give her son that, but she wants the truth.  Margaux's hair when Victoria opened the door to her, looked like a bad comb over!  Ha.

As Jack is leaving for work, Black approaches him and introduces himself as Agent Taylor.  He wants to know about Kate and Jack asks him if he thinks she's on vacation here.  As he sees Carl through the window.  Of course he's going to subtly threaten him as he says you never stop worrying about your children.  Ben tells Jack how Alvarez is avoiding him and that Margaux is still pursuing him about the Daniel shooting.  There's a call over the radio for someone to check out Alvarez's house.   David calls Black from Kate's phone and tells him if he wants to see her alive then he'll tell him where Kate is, but only if he leaves and so he won't turn the flashdrive into the authorities. Having another flashback to when he asked to see Amanda but Black refused, only showing her photos from the strip club.  David reminds him of that now.  David tells Jack about the meeting and the flashdrive, which Nolan has and so will need to be turned in if something happens to him.  It's always a mistake to tell Jack anything, cos lately he's too much into the 'do gooder' mode, at least ever since he wore that uniform.

Ben leaves Emily a voicemail about wanting to see her and Margaux overhears and now thinks that he didn't believe her cos he's dating Emily.  Then passes out.  She's given the all clear at the hospital but Victoria comes in, in blabbing mode and reveals all about Emily being Amanda.  Which Ben overhears.  No one in this show can keep their mouths shut, at least not the insignificant characters.  I mean Margaux overhears Ben, he overhears Victoria, in a public place, where's the privacy.

At the dinner, Nolan tells Emily that Louise is in the bathroom and she walks in on her talking to herself which sends her pills flying out of the bottle.  She tells her it's Xanax to calm her and Emily keeps a pill.  At the table, she begins to have hallucinations and sees her mother again, telling her she's a waste, after Louise told Lyman they don't want to talk about his political agenda.  Her father died from a fall down the stairs, so who killed him then, Louise?  Well wouldn't put it past her, since everyone's forgotten she tried to kill Victoria and Nolan also mentions the incident with Margaux in the steamroom.  She lashes out and strikes Nolan, as she's led away.  Emily and Nolan later tell her she's been talking pills which also contain Larium, an anti-malaria drug which causes hallucinations. She had a pill checked out.  Louise thinks Lyman's behind it and also her mother, as they were prescribed by the family doctor.  Who thinks Louise is behind this all along and is their mother really alive.

Emily notices her photo on the desk and Louise tells her about Victoria.  She doesn't know what it's about.  Victoria gets a message to meet her at the lighthouse from David.  He's digging in the cave when Jack tells him he gave the flashdrive to the police and they're going to arrest him.  David telling him he's made a mistake, since anyone can be bought for the right price.  He tells him about having to kill a man when he wrote a letter to Amanda and he was caught.  Conrad may have tried to kill him but he's just damned his soul.  Black is arrested but is later released since the agent said there was nothing they could use on the flashdrive.  See, Jack you should've listened.  Now David's money is gone too.

Victoria turns up at the lighthouse and finds Emily sent the text.  She tells her about the photo and how she's to blame for Daniel's death and she denies it.  She didn't tell Kate who she was and only her money could get Black off their backs.  They're both tranquilized by Black who now knows about Emily being Amanda.  Now we'll have to suffer the ordeal of Emily and Victoria being held together. See these amateurs shouldn't meddle in the business of revenge cos it always backfires for them.  Of course Emily will be saved and we'll probably see the dreaded Black meet his doom, cos quite frankly there's not much they can do with him and it'll be pointless dragging the story out with him.

Nolan telling Lyman not to cash his cheque, really do think Louise is unhinged and taking those pills herself, having told them it's cos her mother wants to keep her grubby hands on her father's inheritance.

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Mr Selfridge Series 3 Episode 9 Review

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Harry (Jeremy Piven) meets the staff at the warehouse and tells them he wants to sell everything in here at the heavily discounted sale.  Frank's (Samuel West) been doing some robust advertizing with some robust wording too.  Harry calls it, the "sale of the century."  Nancy (Kelly Adams) has a business meeting with Harry later and works from home, as she tries to hide her ring from Gus (Jolyon Coy).  She wants him to stay at lodgings and wants to take the money out in one go, when all the money's been deposited.  She has to make time with Harry cos she's not with him anymore.  A crate arrives for Olga Puskin from the Russian Embassy.  It's the Princess's (Zoe Wanamaker) jewellery and she finds everything all there.  Now her fortune's back with her, Serge (Leon Ockenden) can build his plane and that's what she wants for him.  Even though he says he doesn't want to after all the hardship she's been through.  The Princess also offers to pay Harry back and now she can pay her own way too.  Harry refuses to accept as she's family but he's glad she offered.  She's glad he refused to accept her offer.

Lord Robert (Edmund Kente) from Swan and Edgar, meets with Harry and he's angry at the advertizing campaign, which states they should buy now before all the stock goes.  They have an agreement as sellers to be more competitive towards each other.  Harry tells him it's what he would do and they're in business, which is how it should be conducted.  Harry thinks he's behind the negative campaign in the press against Selfridges.  Loxley (Aidan McCardle) looks at the advertizing in the paper and also finds the little column announcing Lady Mae's marriage in Paris, which sends him over the edge, as he pursues his vendetta against Harry even more fiercely  and sets it into into full force.  He meets with Lowe (Richard Braine) and Barratt (John Arthur) and tells them they've got to see the trading figures for the store since he's going to send them broke and they'll see no return on their shares, using his customary tactics of scare mongering.

Nancy tells Harry she can't wear the ring since the suppliers will see it and she won't be able to deal with them reasonably.  But this proves to be the case even if she hasn't got the ring on, since the timber merchant increases the price of the timber, until he sees Harry with her and Harry makes him drop it even further.  Outside the store protesters against the sale pelt them with eggs and Harry thinks they need more security.  Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) thinks George (Calum Callaghan) should return to work since he's at a loose end now, as George gives her one of Earnest's toys for Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill).  She says she'll ask about a good job for him, but he's not too fussy. Grove is abrupt with her and she almost forgets to ask about a job.  Grove thinks he should he Head of Security since he knows the store, was in the military as well.

Billy (Craig Fletcher) comes to the house wanting to see Earnest but Grove sends him away.  Also having words with Miss Mardle again as he accuses her of meddling once more.  It's her fault that he's in his life.  Miss Mardle tells him he's a hypocrite and sees things only in black and white. Mentioning their affair which they kept secret from his wife.  Oh at least she said it, what I've been saying for weeks and he tells her to get out.  Grove relents and lets Billy see Earnest every second Sunday telling him it's not just black and white when he asks why he changed his mind and they'll say he's a family friend, as they shake hands.

Miss Calthorpe (Amy Morgan) avoids Gordon (Greg Austin) and is very rude to Longchamp (Edward Akrout) when he brings in more boxes.  Later she tells him that it's okay for him as he doesn't have anything to lose and he didn't tell his father about them.  Harry later tells him that when he's sitting in his chair, he'll know it's all about fighting, he has to fight for everything and this is what he tells Miss Calthorpe as he visits her at home and that he will tell his father about her.  Well that'll go down like a lead balloon.  Which makes Harry hypocritical too, especially after he tells Violette (Hannah Tointon) she should fight for the man that she wants and for someone that she loves on her own terms.  After she tells him that Jacques (Xavier Lemaitre) is probably the right man for her, since he can 'handle' her.  Having taken her to Victor's (Trystan Gravelle) so she can get over him.  Kind of looked like he was rubbing it in his face, that he was here with Violette.

Victor having his own problems as he struggles to bring in rich patrons to the gambling club and also ensuring they loose and don't win big.  Which is what Regan (Sean Campion) wants to see in a week, otherwise there'll be trouble.  Victor invites more rich punters, er, men to the club, all people he met at the Palm Court, as he tells Elsa (Naomi Ryan) again.  Loxley walks in demanding to see the trading figures from Crabb (Ron Cook) who tells him they're not in yet and that's highly irregular. Miss  Plunkett (Sadie Shimmin) fetches Harry who tells him to get out and that he's going to increase advertizing and lower the discount on prices by another 10%, which is exactly the result Loxley was looking for, aiming to goad him into reacting in this way.  He tells Lowe and Barratt that Harry refused to show him the figures and for this reason he increased advertizing and he wants to convene an emergency board meeting.  So why was Loxley at Victor's club, didn't he have anywhere else to go, or did he think no one would notice his scheming there.

The Princess bumps into Gus as he's leaving the office that Harry gave Nancy to work from at the store, as she says him she was going to tell him about the engagement, but not just yet.  The Princess wants to make a fresh start with Nancy and she later bumps into Gus again at a jewellery store, where the man calls him Mr Paignton, as Gus finds her ring and sells it for £500.  She brings Nancy an engagement present of an Austrian paperweight and tells her Harry informed her of the engagement. Nancy stressing it was a secret, she tells her about Gus and she races out of there, giving the Princess a chance to get Gus's card, as Harry finds her in the office, she feigns to have dropped her glove.  She follows up on the lead and finds the address on the card.  Connie (Sacha Parkinson) sees George at the store and Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) thinks he should ask her out.  He doesn't want her interfering in his lovelife.

Nancy tells Gus they can be happy without taking the money, that's why she hasn't touched it yet, cos they're in the clear and can stop running.  He can go to America like he wants and she'll help him out, cos she loves Harry and wants to be Mrs Selfridge and build the estate.  Of course now that she doesn't want to rip Harry off, she's going to be dropped in it by the Princess.  Besides she did lie to him anyway.  As she still lies to him telling him she lost the ring.  The board convenes and Crabb comes in saying that under the Articles of Association, Harry requests the customary two weeks before he has to present any figures.  Which plays into Loxley's hands further, who thinks he's completely lost the plot and that's why he should be removed from the board.  Which leads up to the series finale next episode; where things should come to a head between Harry and Nancy and Harry and Loxley, not to mention Harry and Gordon too.  As it's also judgement day for Victor too in ensuring he rakes it in.  So they're both in a similar boat, each having their livelihood on the line.

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CSI 15.9 "Let's Make A Deal" Review

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An inmate goes crazy as he doesn't want to be injected and wreaks havoc on other prisoners at Clark County jail, spraying them with pepper spray and even punching one.  Ending up in the laundry room where he opens a closet door and a DB falls out.  Nick (George Eads) and DB (Ted Danson) investigate and are met by Det Carl Brenner (Ryan Devlin) who was recently promoted two years ago.  He gives DB his card incase he needs him anytime.  The Vic is Bruce Grady (David Dean Bottrell) who wasn't rostered onto the laundry but was in the medical module, as he was ill and suffered from cirrhosis of the liver.  Nick finds that he was stabbed.  Talking to the prison guard, Woo (Rich Ceraulo) in charge of the laundry, he says the laundry truck was late and he was with six of his trustees.  The laundry was meant to be empty anyway.

David (David Berman) finds he was dead at least three hours and has defensive wounds.  Nick notices there's a bloody towel and also someone hurriedly tried to clean up the floor.  Finn (Elisabeth Shue) finds the laundry basket was from MM (medical module) so maybe he smuggled himself into the basket, but there's no sign of blood.  He has blood on his shoes, so Nick surmizes he was attacked in the laundry.  Finn mentioning she hates laundry so would hate to work here.  Nick adds he'd want to just get out of his cell.

Greg (Eric Szmanda) and Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) check out the medical cells with Greg mentioning their diseases like pink eye and others.  Greg reminding her that he only just got out of quarantine.  Morgan says he survived Ebola so pink eye won't kill him.  In his cell they notice his drawings which is why he had residue on his hands, sketching the outside in his drawings.  Greg smells the paper cup on the floor and thinks he was taking some sort of smelly medicine.  Morgan finds his folder of legal files, as inmates are allowed to keep a copy in their cells.  Morgan finds a triangle shaped piece of paper which Greg explains is a kite which prisoners use to send messages to each other.  Tied with string so they can pull it back it if doesn't get there first time.  The note reads, that he's a liar.

Nick and Brenner talk with Woo who tells them that another prisoner was in charge of collecting the laundry and he did to get out of his cell.  He says he got a kite and was told to bring Grady there.  A kite has to be obeyed and everyone knows that.  Nick asks for a DNA sample so they can eliminate him, Brenner threatening him with losing his laundry job if he refuses.  Finn finds out that when Grady talked to the DA, then his charges were reduced, so he was a CI for the DA.  Finn says she went over the files and found that Grady was to testify against Lincoln Mayfield (Anthony 'Treach' Criss) who is at the jail.  Nick searches his cell and finds the shank with blood.

Mayfield refuses to speak and asks for his lawyer.  DB recalls Mayfield was the Snakeback assassin and a preganat woman was killed in the crossfire.  Grady was put in the cell next to him so he could get info from him as the DA didn't have enough against him.  Nick calls telling DB that Mayfield is talking, telling them that Grady lied and he met with him to make him take it back.  He had nothing on him.  He shanked him but he wouldn't have died from it, it was to scare him.

Hodges (Wallace Langham) opens a big, plastic bag of some dark coloured liquid and Greg tells him that smell is familiar.  Grady wasn't drinking meds but hooch.  Fermented in prison.  They suspect Grady wasn't himself cos he was probably drunk.  Doc (Robert David Hall) examines Grady and removes his liver which is covered in nodules, thus he was suffering from cirrhosis.  The stab wound wasn't deep enough to have killed him and he notices finger impressions forming around his neck, that and the presence of peticua shows he was strangled and there's probably DNA.  Morgan and Greg look at his belongings and Morgan finds a tiny object from the file.  She says it's a new recorder which she saw at the forensics conference and it was only given to one law enforcement agency to try.

DB pays a visit to FBI Agent Parker (Derek Webster) who refuses to cooperate.  DB says that whoever they're investigating is most likely the killer but he says that it's not an inmate, so DB thinks it's a guard.  Leading them to suspect Woo.  Finn finds he was paid cash over the months and his wife doesn't work.  He was doing favours for the prisoners and looked the other way.  The other prisoners included Pete McCrone (Grant Harvey) who was punched, who says they could do anything in the laundry and he'd look the other way.  Woo claims it was a one off but then everyone heard about it and his wife is a shopaholic.  He can't afford the repayments.  But Mayfield paid him to bring Grady to the laundry.  Ecklie (Marc Vann) wants the FBI to work together cos they're on the same side but Parker refuses.  Also he should have been told if a guard was being investigated.  Parker will only cooperate if something similar crosses paths.

Henry (Jon Wellner) finds the DNA belonged to Grady and to Mayfield, but he didn't strangle him. Neither did any of the other prisoners, so it must be a guard and their DNA isn't in CODIS.  Finn finds that Grady wasn't drunk but had a prescription drug in him called Terbinafine, which Nick looks up and finds it's dangerous to those suffering from liver cirrhosis, so someone was poisoning him. Greg tells Morgan that the decibel levels on the device show it couldn't have been used in the laundry since the noise from the machines would cause interference, so Woo wasn't under investigation.  Finn also finds Woo's DNA doesn't match that found on Grady.  She looked into possible officers connected with Grady and finds that Brenner was the officer in both Grady's file and also the officer in the Mayfield case.  So Brenner must have given Grady infooos he could testify against Mayfield.

Nick looks up Brenner's personal file and finds he declared three drugs he'd been taking, one of them being Terbinafine.  Brenner would give info on any of the imnates or suspects he wanted to and that's why he made detective so young.  Which obviously was a big clue in the beginning.  Ecklie mentions that all of his cases are in jeopardy now and Brenner doesn't think he did anything wrong.  Parker wants access to Brenner, but Ecklie refuses.  They don't have his DNa but DB recalls he gave him his card, however it doesn't match that found on Grady.  Ecklie also says he was genuinely surprised about the FBI investigation.

Henry tells DB he got a match to the DNA on Grady which belonged to Pete.  In walks Finn with a smug smirk on her face.  She mentions that Grady's charges for sexual assault were dropped to sexual mischief and the charges were brought for attacking Pete.  He was the janitor at his school and he thought he could be trusted.  He returned for his backpack one day after school and Grady attacked him.  He threatened his family but had to tell and he didn't want him doing it to anyone else.  He found that his charges were reduced as he plead out and he only got three years.  He was in the laundry and he heard him talking with Mayfield.  He recognized his voice and tells Nick that he was in there fora  misdemeanour for child endangerment.  He left his two year old alone whilst he picked up his drunk wife and a neighbour reported him.  The charges were dropped but the paperwork left him inside for this long.  He thinks that Nick can help him out now but nick tells him it's too late.

Later DB asks Nick if he's okay and as we know, Nick went through a similar thing when he was molested by his baby sitter when he was younger.  So this case is close to home as he tells DB, but he doesn't want to talk about it.  DB tells him with they work they do and cases they investigate, one of them was bound to be personal and hit home.  Nick, almost in tears again, says Pete's "life was already ruined twenty years ago."  Nick adding he'd have done the same thing as Pete.  He was in there for a misdemeanour and ending up facing murder charges.  Since Pete couldn't believe he had it in him to kill.

That locker room must have heard plenty of stories over the years and lately everyone seems to be in there looking for some form of comfort.  Morgan with Sara after their shooting at the conference. Sara with Greg and now Nick with DB.  Another routine prison episode which turns out to be far more life changing for an inmate who shouldn't even have been in the same place as Grady, let alone in the jail.  Sara missing from this ep.

Ecklie's reference to Brenner's cases being called into question now, could've been a line straight out of CSI:NY 3.8 Consequences ep, one of my faves.  Also CSI did what CSI:Miami used to do when they used to show flashbacks of the Vic being killed, they used to show the back of the real killer, or his hair, etc and you could see that Grady's killer had dark hair and was dressed in jail clothes, so it couldn't have been a guard, or Brenner.  Nick's molestation was mentioned in CSI ep Overload, when he confided in Catherine.  Thus he's very emotional and shows real empathy and compassion for his Vics and others too, as he did here.

Friday, 20 March 2015

The Mentalist 7.6 "The Green Light" Review

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The DEA lead a raid on a restaurant and they find nothing.  The restaurant owner, Steve Korbell (Ross Partridge) gets snarky with the female officer, Anita Hammonds (Chastity Dotson) calling her a bitch and Gonzalez (Philip Anthony-Rodriguez) calls him out on it.  Abbot (Rockmond Dunbar) meets with his former commander at Rio Bravo Station, Bill Peterson (Dylan Baker) who tells him (hey couldn't help but noticing, was Bill Peterson, a take on William Petersen from CSI? ha)  Abbot tells him the FBI are looking into the raid and will be speaking with everyone involved.  Bill tells him he needs to know if there's anything bad going on here cos he's got enemies and Abbot can't do that. Reluctantly he says he'll think about it, especially after Bill mentions Rio Bravo station.

The agents question the DEA officers involved and Vega (Josie Loren) and Wylie (Joe Adler) talk to two of them, Pedro Orosco (Jeremy Ray Valdez) and Jeff Bordick (Chris Connor).  Jeff is standoffish and Pedro speaks in Spanish  with Vega.  Wylie wants to ask her out but hasn't mustered up the courage.  Later Wylie asks her what he said and she says he just apologized for his partner, it didn't really look that way did it.  Okay it was Spanish but sure 'sorry' doesn't take that many words. Anyway he was my suspect, not being racist or anything, but if someone was involved with the Cartel from Rio Bravo, then well, it pays if you know Spanish.

Abbot pays a call on Gonzalez as Bill gave him his address, but he finds him shot twice and blindfolded.  Patrick (Simon Baker) looks at the photos of the raid as Lisbon (Robin Tunney) met him at the the Airstream and she tells him she's going to get him something special for his birthday. Patrick surmizes he can guess what that is.  Okay Patty, just be grateful she remembered!  Ha.  It won't be a pony!

Patrick looks at the photos from the restaurant which Anita tells them were taken under weeks of surveillance.  He goes into the room where Cho (Tim Kang) is interrogating Korbell with his lawyer, Susan Nguyen (Sumalee Montano) there and tells him he can go,  asking what time the restaurant opens, at noon.  Also  Mike Milligan (Blake Shields) is peed that he let their suspect walk out of there.  Patrick tells him the FBI are going to raid the restaurant and they'll need Korbell there as well. Obviously, there's a snitch in the DEA, that's why no drugs were being found.  Got that in one!  ha.

Patrick and Abbot drink tea at the mall and Abbot wants to know why they're here.  Patrick having also worked out Bill's got something over him.  Which Abbot denies.  Up pops Bill and he wants to know why he wasn't informed of the raid.  Before Patty meets with Abbot, he fiddles with a lightbulb in the sign, that being a signal.  He shows Bill the photos were one light is off, then the same light is on again and then off again, so when there's a raid the light is off, the light on signals they're selling. As Korbell turns the light off.

Patrick asks Vega to get him the ID pictures of the DEA team going back three years, as he's going to study them.  Vega is curious and wants to know why.  He tells her he wants her to do something for him later, but she doesn't like being his trick.  It goes back to her father being a stickler for the rules, which he understands, but he can't tell her whether she wants to be like her father, that's up to her.  He tells Abbot he's narrowed down the suspects to ten people .  Bill calls Abbot and asks for a meeting where he threatens to expose him for his past and he needs to be in on the bust and share the credit, so that they call the heat off on him.  Of course Abbot refuses since he's been asleep on the job for six years and didn't even realize they had a mole working for the cartel.

Wylie asks Cho's help since there's nothing on e-mails or phonecalls which suggests any communication between Korbell and the mole.  Cho suggests his Internet history, such as social media and he finds he's been a forum for Persians, as in cats.  Lisbon thinks that odd since he's a macho guy and wouldn't be into cats.  Patrick knows that Bill has something on him and Abbot comes clean about how he was newly qualified and working DEA in Mexico.  The cartel would dress as soldiers and stop the buses, shooting all of the passengers, that way there'd be no one working for rival cartels.  One night Abbot saw the leader and he shot him in the car.  There were no buses stopped that night and Bill knew where he was.  Patrick says Abbot did a good thing.  Anyone think this story was a little like the Gibbs (Mark Harmon) one in NCIS, okay it didn't go as deep as having his family murdered by a drug lord in the Sonrisa cartel, but Gibbs took care of the problem and the man who shot his wife and daughter.  Anyway, Wylie comes in and tells them he's deciphered the code, the first letter of every word spells a message, like meeting at 4pm.

Patrick says he knows of a way to catch the mole out and rounds up the then suspects.  Vega arrests Bill and brings him to the meeting place.  As Patrick eliminates anyone who inherited money, got divorced, since they wouldn't need money, had their hair done cos they were dating again and that leaves three suspects.  Having had all of their guns removed just incase the killer gets antsy and starts shooting.  Cho and Lisbon remove the bullets from the guns and replace them with blanks.  But only the ones of the three suspects, Anita, Pedro and Jeff.  Making them believe they're in the clear after Bill's public arrest, they each leave and are confronted by Cho, Lisbon and Abbot, as they all have go bags.  They are all them called and turn their backs on the suspects so that they pull their guns.  Well guess who fires on Cho, right it was Pedro.  He tells them he was overlooked for promotion for six years and that's why he got away with it for so long, cos he was smart.  Abbot telling Lisbon they should get the smart man a nice cell.
Bill threatens Abbot and his wife again cos he was humiliated and Patrick tells him he should stop the threats cos he knows he's been stashing dirty money and they'll find it one day.

Lisbon gives Patrick his gift and he admits he didn't know it would be the broken teacup from the CBI, which he says he didn't guess and he's not even going to lie to make Lisbon feel better.  He tells her to look at the note he wrote her which says, "I really don't know."  Ahh that was sweet, but part of me says that he did know and the other part says that he didn't.  But really he would've read Lisbon all along though wouldn't he.  A formulaic ep of the show since that Rio Bravo storyline was bound to surface once it was mentioned.  Also Bill will too again, since he needs to be caught and since Patrick said they'll get him. Poor Wylie can't get Vega to go out with him cos she says that she's not really into dating right now and wants to concentrate on work.  Cho has taken so much of a backseat in these eps, which is a shame.  We don't even see him reading anymore!  At least we got to see Lisbon and Patty kiss twice! ha, considering they don't show their emotions!
The title wasn't a reference to Christmas, ha, nor the lights that Lisbon had put up outside the Airstream to celebrate his birthday, but the light at the restaurant.

It had to be a teacup, cos what else does Patty do, drink lots of tea and also it reminded me of the chipped teacup that Gold (Robert Carlyle) kept as his reminder and love for Belle (Emilie de Ravin) in Once Upon A Time.  You know it's kind of romantic!

It was a nice touch that Patrick knew exactly where Abbot was coming from when the killed the drug cartel leader, especially since as we know Patrick has been in that position too, having finally killed off Red John.  Oh and I forgot to mention, is Bill part of that Blake Organization, the one where Patrick was meant to find that password, or maybe I'm clutching at straws?  Cos to my knowledge that storyline wasn't resolved either was it, that list that Patty had and another reason why the FBI had to keep him out of jail.  Hope we get closure on that too.  Maybe Vega is dirty too, I wish!! ha.