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Ghost Adventures 12.1 "The Black Dahlia"

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Watching 12.1 The Black Dahlia murder ep of Ghost Adventures and the murder of Elizabeth Short, whom the newspapers dubbed, 'The Black Dahlia.'  There were some similarities I noticed between James Ellroy who wrote his book, The Black Dahlia in September 1987 but which was an entirely fictionalized account of the murder and not based on the actual facts, though the real murder did inspire him to write it.  George Hodel didn't die until 1991.  In his book Ellroy used the phrase, bad "penny and "bright penny" a lot and during the seance, psychic medium, Patti, says that Zak is being taunted by George and doesn't like him.  Had the impression he was taunting and sending out such messages.  George could've read the book and made such a reference.  Which maybe does sound far fetched, but what better way to throw red herrings and manipulate.

However Ellroy was fascinated with the murder of his own mother, Geneva, who was murdered in 1958 when he was ten.  The book he wrote about her was called, My Dark Places: An LA Crime Memoir.  Her killer was never found and she was strangled, her body was found in El Monte, California.  She was also known as 'Jean.'  He was fascinated by the killing of the 'Black Dahlia' and drew some similarities between the bodies both being dumped by roadsides.  Although the murder of his mother didn't draw any massive media attention.  Not saying there's anything to this but it does make for a fascinating connection.  As Jean came up during the seance.
Of course, Penny and Jean could be actual murder victims of George.  Who knows?

The EVP burst session, with Zak and Aaron on the floor, the male voice says, "someone talk to it."

The spirit box session:
male voice; the first word sounds like "George," after Aaron asks what's your name.
female voice: "don't be so..." sounds like she's saying "polite??"...then says, "and come in." Sounds like she has an accent.
There seems to be some 'pleasurable' moaning too, like an 'hmm."  Sorry I'm not sure how else to put it, in the part where Aaron asks if it just said, 'ghost.'

I said the same thing as Zak about the anomaly on the SLS camera, not that he was conducting a procedure, but rather  he was dissecting a body.

On the plus side great seeing Devin Lawrence make a surprise appearance!

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Vampire Diaries 7.10 "Hell is Other People" Review

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Fall 1863
Confederate Front Line

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) wakes during the battle as a soldier calls out to him for help, he rescues Henry (Evan Gamble) from under the wagon and then he wakes up again back at the camp.  With Henry asking him how he's doing and calling him a hero.  Mail call and he receives a letter from Stefan (Paul Wesley) telling him of their father's drinking and of Valerie leaving him.  Damon needs to get home for Stefan and he asks for two weeks leave and he'll do anything.  Which means getting back two deserters hiding out at a farmhouse.  Henry accompanies him as he wants to see his girl, Olive and asks if Damon has a sweetheart.  At the farmhouse events go awry and Damon has to shoot the three women and the deserters too.  He then sees Lily (Annie Wersching) in the basement who tells him this isn't about remorse, it's about punishment.

He then wakes up back at Mystic Falls and Bonnie (Kat Graham) brought him back with a spell.  It took her three months as she had to go solo as it took three Heretics bought back Julian (Todd Lasance).  Stefan is in his room and she brought Damon back first.  When they get there they find a note mentioning a barbecue.  Matt (Zach Roerig) doesn't know where Stefan is and tells them he'll check the surveillance footage, but Damon wants her to do a locator spell.  She's too weak and her nose bleeds but he still wants it done.  Caroline (Candace King) tells him they bought him back first cos the longer he's in the stone, the more he loses his humanity.  There were lots of clues though as to why Damon wasn't really back, like asking if she wants a drink when she's pregnant.  He wouldn't ask her that cos he wouldn't want to hurt Alaric's babies.

Bonnie locates Julian on I29 and he wants Damon to join him for food as he questions him about what happened in the stone.  He's poured gas over Stefan so he can light him up.  Julian telling him of how he was affected by Lily and he had to kill her over and over for centuries.  He then sets Stefan on fire. As Lily appears and Damon finds himself back at the battlefield.  What follows are plenty of versions of Damon's hellish groundhog day and in each one the people at the farmhouse always die. He must stop this and each time he tries to stop a scenario, it doesn't make any difference.  Finally he gives up and says he's heading straight home and deserting too, leaving a grenade behind and killing Henry most likely.  However the compass leads him back at the farmhouse, no matter which way he travels the woods.

Lily opens the door and tells him she's been waiting for him and he should hide in the basement since they're looking for him.  Here he sees Stefan and he tells him this is about Damon not accepting his emotions and how he doesn't feel anything for innocent people dying.  He unveils Elena's coffin and asks what Elena would think of him doing all of this.  He's not doing this in Elena's name but he's bad when she's not around.  That he shouldn't need to ask what Elena would want him to do, but should already know.  Upstairs Lily is shot and Damon still doesn't feel sorry for her.

He wakes up at the battle again and this time Lily's stuck under the wagon and begs for help.  He tells her he lost her three times, once to consumption, once to his other family and when she died again. He hates her cos she left him for her other family.  He wanted to tell her how he really feels but she was too weak to leave their father.  He just wanted a chance to tell her everything he wanted and that he loves her.  She dies and he wakes up, saying he needs to go back.  That this isn't real.  Damon loses it in wanting to go back to her and stakes Stefan and Caroline, killing Matt and Bonnie too.  But he doesn't go back.

I enjoyed this episode and it probably was the best one so far of this season, maybe the Heretics not being in there made it more so, but probably cos it was Damon-centric and focused on his shortcomings still and his humanity.  He was right to have such feelings for Lily and he was right, she did leave them and didn't come back when she could, that she was weak in not leaving their father and he shouldn't feel guilt in having these emotions.  But deep down he is sad for losing her and he won't admit it cos well, he's just Damon.  It'll show his weakness when he says all he ever wanted was his mother.  She should've been more of a mother and not find herself a new family, even if she was trapped in that other time and place.  Though they had to mention Elena again.

I have to say Damon is his own person and shouldn't and doesn't need Elena to make him whole or better, he has a mind of his own, which shouldn't revolve around needing other people, or for Elena to be his conscience.  The title being correct of course, hell is other people and what they put him through.  Let's have some more Damon eps!  Oh but that wig Damon!! ha.  Kind of strange that Damon fought for the Confederates back then, I know they were in the South and everything but he didn't have to, cos they're not into that belief system of slavery etc.  Though he did say he only joined to make their father proud, but still.  He could've got revenge on his father by joining the Union instead.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 4 Review

Biarritz, France

Harry (Jeremy Piven) chooses the lavish resort to hold his press conference regarding the acquisition of another five provincial stores and merging with Selfridges.  The press wants to know why he chose France to announce it and maybe he's trying to curry favour and the female reporter, Felicity 'Flic' Jenner (Joanna Bobin) asks why Gordon (Greg Austin) isn't here.  Harry fobs her off saying first things first and to the answer of them being here he responds, "why not."  They're both very inquisitive and as she gives her story over the phone, Frank (Samuel West) informs them Harry's got a tab and they're also having drinks too.  Clearly she's a gossip columnist and knows about the exploits of Serge de Bolatoff.  But she tells him Lord Wynnstay's (Robert Pugh) been ordering her not to blab, of course as with all things press related, truth or gossip even, will out.

Harry however continues to spend on the Dolly sisters, raking up a huge tab and also more lavish expenses.  They've got a movie audition the next day and he also gives them both a necklace, pearls and diamonds for Rosie (Emma Hamilton).  Jenny (Zoe Richards) does a dance on the poker table showing off her undies and Rosie is clearly jealous as she pulls her pearls from her neck.  Harry tells them he'll get them both matching necklaces.  Mae (Katherine Kelly) is there to support Harry and also with Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) who gets racist jibes from the 'playboys' there and makes trouble for him.  Jimmy can't take it anymore as they tell him to clean his shoes, get them a drink and also how this must be an "exotic holiday" for Mae.  He loses it and punches one, Frank also gets elbowed whilst trying to stop it.  Frank later gets drunk and Flic tells him to come into her room.

Mae is angry with Jimmy cos of his temper and that's all, she doesn't think he's just an exotic holiday and they're just stupid playboys.  Mae sees Harry and he says they forgot to eat and so they have breakfast at a quaint place Harry has found by the sea.  She tells him Gordon is conspicuously absent and everyone's noticed and Harry tells her he was invited.  She's worried about his throwing money around and she manages to put his nose out of joint. She apologizes but tells him that everyone's just taking his money and he's throwing it around.  They have friendships and people leave but at the end of the day family is all he has.  He should make up with Gordon, he's his son.  He's glad Mae is here. Flic gets into a tizzy about Frank who tells her he was just drunk and nothing more.  Obviously this'll lead to her publishing the story about Rosalie (Kara Tointon) and her marriage.

They leave for London and Rosalie ash organized a charity event at the store for the orphans where AA Milne (Daniel Betts) will read from his Winnie the Pooh book.  Gordon says Harry promised he'd be here and Lord Wynnstay is found out by AA Milne as being a softie.  Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) returns to work much to the shock of Crab (Ron Cook) who tells him he should be at home, he convinces him he's okay and would rather muck in, leaving Crab no choice but to call Miss Mardle (Amanda Abbington) of course, as said.  She returns and is sad to see him but he doesn't want her pity.  He hasn't told the children and doesn't want a second opinion.  He doesn't even want her here, cos their time has passed.

Miss Mardle sees Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) at the fashion department as she's been told to report there by Connie (Sacha Parkinson) after Tilly (Mimi Ndiweni) tells Meryl how to act in front of her.  She's surprised her father let her work here.  Miss Mardle says she's here on business and then she has tea with Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes).  Who tells her how the new shop girls always talk of her, she's a bit of a legend.  She tells her about New York and people just go for what they want, no regrets and they call it "moxy."  Kitty would fit right in.  Kitty saying Miss Mardle's the one with "moxy."  Later Miss Mardle pays a call on Grove and he doesn't want her here cos she left.  He doesn't want to see her watch him whither, shrivel and die.  Meryl overhears this and tells him he's lying, losing it.

The reading is a success and Harry makes it after the audition with Rosie is almost called off as Jenny doesn't show up. Harry tells the producer that Rosie and Jenny do the same thing and makes her perform in front of a mirror.  He tries to be civil with Gordon but they don't get anywhere and Grace (Amy Morgan) invites him to dinner at the Criterion, but Harry chooses to go home.  D'Ancona (Vincent Riotta) approaches Victor (Trystan Gravelle) and tells him about Harry and his debt.  Harry tells him he's got a banker's draft and calls D'Ancona to meet him at the club.  Where the producer tells him that the movie won't go ahead cos the investor's pulled out and Harry changes his mind and writes him the cheque instead, since Rosie deserves it.  D'Ancona arrives and finds Harry isn't there.

Lord Wynnstay shows Rosalie the newspaper story and tells her he didn't sanction it, with the headlines reading, 'the De Bolatoff marriage is in crisis'.  Harry is angry and rips up the newspaper, wanting Frank to cancel all the ads, as well as telling Frank he's probably  to blame cos of that newspaper woman, Flic and his being drunk, he asks if Frank slept with her too.  Surprised Kitty didn't hear that.  Especially also as Frank has a change of heart and says home and the heart is important and they should have children.

Kitty thinking giving him a copy of the New Yorker magazine would make him change his mind. Looks like Kitty will be making the move on her own, but Miss Mardle saying work isn't really important and she should've done things differently really didn't mean much of anything to Kitty.
It's only a matter of time before everything starts to unravel permanently for Harry but seems the same's happening to everyone else around him as well.  His empire on the brink of toppling kind of foreshadows everyone else's misfortune too in their personal lives.  Well Connie and George (Calum Callaghan) are doing okay, as are Grace and Gordon.  The grandeur won't last long.  Glad to see Mary Marston, er, Miss Mardle back again, she was an integral part of the show over the years!

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The Vampire Diaries 7.1 "Day One of Twenty Two Thousand, Give or Take" Review

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Three Years From Now
Brooklyn, New York
Stefan arrives to get Damon out of  his coffin.

Caroline (Candace King) writes her diary as Elena asked her to so when she returns she won't have missed anything.  Er, not that she'd have much to miss with these Heretics around.  The most incessantly tedious characters this show has ever had.  Not to mention those Brit accents! Feel like screaming.  Lily (Annie Versching) and her brood have taken over the town and it seems Caroline and Bonnie )Kat Graham) aren't the only ones keeping diaries but Valerie (Elizabeth Blackmore) is too.  She doesn't want to be in Mystic Falls and she gets run over by a drugged up teen.  She gets up after they leave her there for dead and drive off.  So naturally she has to rant to the gruesome twosome of  Nora (Scarlett Byrne) and Mary Louise (Teressa Liane).

Matt's (Zach Roerig) about to graduate from the police academy and Caroline's mother has been given a park bench in her honour.  Stefan's (Paul Wesley) still around and he decides to apologize to Caroline for making things awkward and for what he said about his feelings for her, so they decide to be friends until they figure this out.  Alaric (Matt Davis) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) are in Europe to help Alaric get over Jo, and Bonnie's there to keep an eye on them, though Caroline isn't sure who will keep an eye on Bonnie.


Bonnie goes sight seeing cos she can't sit around and watch them both get drunk, as Damon still laments being without Elena and Alaric pretends to be drunk, as Bonnie tells Damon he's been drinking tea and not bourbon.  Alaric goes off in search of a stone and lo and behold it's the same stone Lily's looking for as she travels to New York to find Enzo (Michael Malarkey).  He tells her he may be the boy she saved and showed kindness to but he's not her errand boy, well that didn't last long as he returns to Mystic Falls and Caroline tells him to pick a side.  You see the Heretics go on the rampage after Stefan fails in his attempt to blow them up.  Yeah a bomb would really work on the undead who've been that way for centuries, really how amateurish was that plan and as I say, the best laid plans in Mystic Falls always go awry.   Back in Amsterdam Damon saves Bonnie from a van but she tells him it's three seconds in which he hesitated.  He seriously wasn't going to save her or so she thinks.  The sooner she dies, the sooner he'll get Elena back.  

Caroline helps Matt plant the bomb and though they think they've succeeded it's not the case at all. Lily telling him Stefan same thing.  So the threesome decide to exact revenge and kill everyone at Matt's graduation ceremony, his entire class, except for Matt.  Who becomes sheriff of Mystic Falls seeing as there's no one else left.  Stefan and Lily reach a truce whereby they will live with each other and the town will be evacuated on the basis of there being mining fires underneath the town.  Anyone who enters the town is fair game.  

Bonnie returns with the others and Matt tells her about losing his class all cos she betrayed Kye and got her revenge on him.  Again Bonnie saying this is her fault and everyone blames her, well if the shoe fits!  Damon heads to Whitmore cos he's got nowhere else to go cos part of Stefan's deal included giving their house to Lily, so he's peeved that some Heretic is clipping toe nails in his master bath, doubt they'd even bother!  Ha.  He tells Bonnie that he hesitated for three seconds, the first second he got Elena back, the second second (ha) he was kissing her and the third second he would've lost his best friend and he's stuck with her until Elena's back.  Bonnie's the only friend he's got, what happened to Alaric.  Who's tyring to bring Jo back from the dead and is keeping her body on ice at the morgue instead of burying her.  Bonnie says she wants to fight for their town and Damon and her kill Malcolm (Justice Leak).  Lily's eldest.

Stefan and Caroline finally kiss and decide they want each other, when Enzo tells her he's picked a side, but it's Lily's and not theirs, as he injects her.  Well obviously he'd pick the side of the woman he loves.  So his removing Caroline's mother's plaque from the bench was an empty gesture.  We also get to see Damon on the clock tower as Matt evacuates and patrols the town, which is where we saw him in the last episode of season 6.

Three Years From Now

Stefan wakes Damon and feeds him blood, telling him she's back and has found them.  His scar opened up so that's why he knew she's back.  It was meant to be setting the scene for some interesting plotlines but that just didn't happen.  This three years from now back and forth is really annoying and isn't suspenseful at all.  Just a funny thought if that was Elena stalking them, that'd put paid to Damon's woes about getting her back!  ha.

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Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 3 Review

Harry (Jeremy Piven) spends the night with Rosie (Emma Hamilton) (how common was that name! Suppose it had nothing to do with his wife Rose and his daughter was Rosalie!!) With his mother buried only a week ago, he's not really much in acceptance yet and more in well, he'll think about it later/denial mode.  He doesn't even want to be with his family and help them sort out his mother's belongings.  That's understandable he doesn't have to do it but they do need each other.  He just goes partying some more with Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) and the sisters and ends up throwing his money away and at them.  Without a care even if his debts are still mounting up.  He hasn't paid his gambling debt either and the club owner wasn't too happy with that.  "You'll be good for it when I get my money" he tells Harry.  He's not even getting on with Gordon (Greg Austin) and their relationship deteriorates even further as Harry enters a bit of a scam to fool the investors into buying shares in the provincial stores.

Gordon's not too happy with that either as they have so many staff and he built those stores up, so it'll be his reputation on the line, not Harry's.  He's too blinded by wealth though and Jimmy.  I mean he doesn't even know him.  Crab (Ron Cook) tells him they're "exploiting a legal loophole" and even Jimmy doesn't listen to Gordon and tells him to talk to Harry about the scheme with the trust cos he's not pulling out.  No wonder no one understood the scheme as Jimmy used it in the theatre where he sells shares to the trust, then the theatre keeps half and buys them back or something.  Essentially it's where the theatre sells the shares it already owns to the trust, the trust splits the shares in two and sells the shares at the price of the old ones, selling half the shares and keeping the other half.

Trading on the stock market is huge as the shares pick up value.  But it won't last.  Harry throws another party and the Dolly sisters are there as usual making a spectacle of themselves, and Violette (Hannah Tointon) is disgusted with them and Harry's behaviour, she asks him what their grandmother would think of his 'friends.' She leaves and returns to Paris, not even wanting to stay with the family when he needs them the most.

Elizabeth Arden (Madeleine Potter) a friend of Harry's pays a visit and wants Kitty to run the concessions at the store.  Complaining about the pink which is the wrong shade of pink for her display and getting Lyons (Sam Swann) to change it before the store opens.  She also gives a press conference and she is quizzed by a woman from the Christian Herald about not having children, working and why she isn't there to greet her husband when he returns home in her pink negligee!! She lies and tells her she can't have children, telling Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) that women will always make those sorts of judgements.

She's not much of a positive influence on Kitty as she calls her up in the middle of the night needing help.  Elizabeth shows her photos the PI took of her husband and his mistress, much younger and she's probably giving him a whole family.  She takes sleeping pills and drinks and wants Kitty to stay until she falls asleep.  Kitty tells Frank (Samuel West) and he tells her he'll always be here for her. Not really as Elizabeth's stirring up trouble in paradise there as she offers Kitty a job in New York with her own apartment and good pay.  She tells Frank he can stop his chasing around and she can support them both and he'll be able to write.   He replies he didn't know she didn't think much of what he does.

Elsewhere Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) has a fall on the stairs at home and his leg is seriously bruised.  At the hospital he must await his test results and has to stay at home.  Crab brings him a transmitter kit to assemble with Earnest and the rest of the children are reminded of Doris as her favourite song plays, "Where did you get that hat?"  He also buys a car and they go driving in it.  His test results show he has a brain tumour which has spread to his lungs and his liver and that's why his leg wasn't healing.  He doesn't have much time left and chooses to spend it with his family, as they go driving again.  Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) thinks her father as manager should show some favourtism and put her back on the shop floor instead of the storeroom.  She'll have her work cut out for her as she will need to look after the family.  Does this spell the return of Miss Mardle?

Tilly (Mimi Ndiweni) is still being singled out for racist treatment at work and Ellis (Ria Zmitrowicz) doesn't let her attend the party like the other girls, sending her to dispatch packages instead even if it's after hours.  Meryl brings her back some canopies but she's caught eating and can't afford the luxury of not being able to work.  Rosalie (Kara Tointon) drops into a church to light a candle and finds Lord Wynnstay (Robert Pugh) there.  He's the patron of their orphanage and he lost his son in the war so started the orphanage for the war orphans.  Rosalie thinks they can raise funds at the store for the orphans.  He doesn't want anyone to know what he does.

Although Harry originally had an affair with Rosie, it was Jenny (Zoe Richards) that he actually wanted , so much for her saying to him that he chose Rosie over her.  Harry visits his mother's grave and cries.  Not much else to add on this as we know where things are headed, as said before.  So much for Gordon telling Harry he's "in danger of losing everyone who truly cares about you."  Well the dice have already been cast for his downfall.  Signifying his addiction to gambling and not just with money but also with lives.  Wynnstay also telling him how the day of the salesman is over with the death of John Lewis and he's the only one left.  "How does it feel to be a dinosaur Harry?"

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QVC Beauty Bash January 2016

QVC's dates to remember kicked off in the freezing London weather with the annual Beauty Bash 2016.  Once again at Billingsgate 19-21 January. A bit like seeing old friends and familiar faces again, as well as some new ones! And plenty of must see items coming up too!

OPI birthday this year as they celebrate 20 years with QVC and many new fashion trending colours to look forward to, especially in the upcoming TSV. Am looking forward to the first TSV which launches 8 March: the New Orleans Collection.  Not only for the fashionable shades but also as it's a favourite city of mine.  Can't wait to revisit!

Photo courtesy of the OPI Celebrating 20 Years With QVC brochure.

I don't have a particular fave brand when it comes to nail polish I use them all, as long as they have my favourite purple colour at some point in their collection!  NailsInc, Leighton Denny, love them all and they were all there.  Some great collections coming up there too, including more Kale from NailsInc.  21st April  for a must-see/smell Leighton Denny Temple Blossoms.

A new range of nail polish for this day and age of always on-the-go are from Little Ondine, less time consuming as they are simply peeled off when you want them removed.  Innovative too as the range is not only non-toxic but cruelty-free, can be used by vegans, as well as children and mothers to be.

Another well loved brand celebrating 20 years with QVC is Gatineau Paris. How time flies when you have access to such excellent products, no one can tell you're twenty years older, or should I say younger! Two special TSVs to look foreword to, one on 30th January : the five piece Daily SkinCare Collection which includes a new Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover  containing Aloe Vera, cucumber and green tea.
The next TSV is 24th April the Perfection Ultimate also launching the new Perfection Ultimate Anti-Aging Complexion Cream.
Loving the sketch on the back of the Gatineau 20th Anniversary brochure.

Oh and finally got a pic of Andrew!  Don't shy away from the camera!! ha.

Always on hand are the wonderful presenters and always great to chat with them, as well as the people tirelessly and continually bringing their range of products for us to use and enjoy.  The wonderful resident QVC beauty expert Alison was so in demand and the queue was never-ending for her helpful advice and tips!

Oh Miceal we must stop meeting like this!! ha. Our on-going running joke! ha

Ali, Jackie and Debbie were on hand too.

Oh Will!!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 2 Review

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Harry (Jeremy Piven) dreams and finds himself in a graveyard where he sees Rose's gravestone and then his own next to hers.  He awakens in a hospital and says he's still alive.  A reporter accosts Gordon (Greg Austin) as he leaves home and asks him about Harry and the store.  He says everything is in good hands.  Harry rests at the country home and he loses at cards to his grand daughter, Tatiana (Abigail Eames).  He misses the store and the others have to get along without him as best they can. Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) and Crab (Ron Cook) take over the running and Mae (Katherine Kelly) has requests for the new fashion line which fall outside of the approved budget.  She then says she wants her own machinists and carte blanche to hire whoever she wants and will design her own line. Obviously within budget.

Gordon turns up for dinner at the home with Grace (Amy Morgan) and troublemaker Violette (Hannah Tointon) also arrives on her own plane.  She shows Harry the newspaper headlines where it states that Gordon is managing the store now and Harry is practically retired after being at the helm for 20 years.  He's done no such thing and is upset, heading back to work.  Not believing that Gordon didn't say anything to the press.  He's going to have words with Wynnstay (Robert Pugh).  

He has new ideas and announces to the press the opening of a new technology department, next to cosmetics and Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) was't pleased with that and also the launch of Mae's new fashion line.  He wants the Dolly sisters to model it but she's after an English rose, he doesn't listen to her though.  Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) is rude to a customer as Connie (Sacha Parkinson) refuses to train her and Meryl tells a customer the colour yellow won't suit her and the line isn't correct for her figure, implying she's old and fat.  Connie must apologize and sends her to work in the storeroom. You'd think Meryl would have some common sense about how to be tactful and actually flatter to get a sale.

A black woman is shown getting ready and leaving for the store, she's there for an interview as a new machinist, as she arrives through the front door everyone stares.  Clearly she's seen as an outcast and treated as such, even by Meryl who seems to have her own airs about her.  Telling her she should use the service entrance at the side.  She gets the same look when she arrives at the line for the interview. Grove asks for references, character references that is and Mae likes her dress.  She copied it from a magazine, a Chanel design and changed some of the design.  Mae hires her much to the chagrin and disgust of the other workers there.  Tilly (Mimi Ndiweni) also has an idea of how they can make the dresses fit any sized women and once again the other workers don't like her getting ahead.  The supervisor says if they can get their work done she'll take then for tea at Lyon's teahouse.  Obviously that doesn't include Tilly, as she sends her for beads and they make a run for it when she's not there. She talks with Meryl after she hears the other girls referring to her as "Mr Grove's daughter" and that's the only reason she got the job, but she's in the right place now.  Tilly and Meryl get to be on first name terms with each other.

Harry's mother, Lois (Kika Markham) tells him he should make it up with Gordon as he didn't tell the newspapers anything and Harry tells him he knows he wants to be his own man and not stand by his side, as that's the impression Gordon gives him after he tells him about marrying Grace and it's up to him who he marries.  Clearly that's not sorted out.  Harry also gets five pages of advertizing from Wynnstay and tells him he's not going to threaten him with a story like that again.  The Dolly's are late for the show and when they do arrive they've been out all night and drinking.  They manage to pull off the show with much gusto and some women are disgusted and leave when they see how long it takes to remove the clothes, even if they did behind the screens.  Mae isn't happy at all and later tells Harry that they're her designs, she's grateful for what he's done but she'll make her own decisions, or she's out.  He also brings in Alberta Hunter (Cynthia Erivo) to sing again over the wireless, surprised they listened to her singing over the radio or didn't they know she was also black.

Rosie (Emma Hamilton) invites Harry to an overnight party on a ship where they'll be playing baccarat and kisses him.  Seems Harry was just waiting for that, here he's with Rosie, when it was actually Jenny (Zoe Richards) he wanted.  He asks her about death and how he was almost there a few weeks ago after she remarks on resting when they're dead.  He arrives home late and finds his mother has died.  Adding more woes for him and taking him further into that downward spiral.  Mae thanks Jimmy (Sacha Dhawan) for the flowers, telling him she's not Harry's plus one and she can look after herself.  As they also kiss.

Grove wanted to ask for some time off but he sees how Harry hasn't recovered yet and doesn't ask. Miss Blenkinsop (Deborah Cornelius) and Miss Plunkett (Sadie Shimmin) ask Kitty about having children of her own and how she's not fulfilled as a woman until she does so.  She takes it the wrong way and leaves saying she doesn't want children and that's what she asks Frank (Samuel West) later. They both decide they're "not that sort of couple" and she enjoys her work and wants to keep working, which he says just makes her ambitious.  Miss Plunkett tells her about having a fiance who died in South Africa.  She didn't find anyone else and she apologizes for saying what she did cos people just assume and it's no one's business.

Not much happening here as you can just guess, even if you don't know the real story.  As Harry and Gordon are further alienated from each other over the store since Harry doesn't want to relinquish any part of it and that was what led to his downfall in part and being removed by the board.  He's not willing to see the real picture and how he can't still do things his own way.  Even after the story Jimmy tells him about coming to the store with his mother, thinking it was a palace and asking who lived here.  She told him it was a store and it was Selfridge.  She bought him a clockwork train set, which Harry tells him is still their best seller today.  Always doing market research.  Jimmy mentioning how Harry invited him to the store and not his club, cos they wouldn't let Jimmy in, unless he was accompanied by Harry.  But it doesn't make any difference cos it's not about who accompanies him, rather his skin colour, just like with Tilly, discrimination knows no bounds, even if you've got money, you're still treated in that way, though it may be less subtle and not so apparent. Either that or they'll just stick by him cos he's got money.  They each ask the other how they made it big.  Even if Harry was discriminated against, it was cos he was an American and nothing else.
It appears Harry's dream about dying was more of a foreboding about Lois.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Jekyll and Hyde Series 1 Episode 10 Review

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Everything was going to come to ahead in this and was expected, even if things were going to be left on a cliffhanger just so there's another series.  However ITV chose to cancel the series, so we'll never know if the ending was as planned, obviously not, but this means effectively the incubus was so powerful, it wiped everyone out and then some, including this show!  Obviously it was all about ratings.  Though plenty of bruhaha was made about it being too violent, violence is out as usual, but sex and gratuity is a big yes as far as certain executives are concerned!  However the comparison with Doctor Who weren't warranted, that's an established show and not something viewers really wanted, but critics just couldn't leave well enough aloe!  Maybe it would've fared better on a channel other than ITV!  I will miss the eyeliner!!

Robert (Tom Bateman) et al are stopped on the road as the Incubus tries to get into this world, that's why he can't turn into Hyde to fight it cos it's not their realm yet.  However Fedora (Natasha O'Keeffe) arrives to take it with her and is stopped from shooting anyone by Garson, (Donald Sumpter) Bella (Natalie Gumede) and Hils (Ruby Bentiall).  Olalla (Wallis Day) isn't around but she comes back to the house since she tries to work out what the Jezequiel book really is, a book within another book and she finds this out as she reads and the pages change. Should've known it wasn't what it seems as there are two of them as well, thus the book would also have two sides to it.  Renata (Melia Bullmore) tells her what it really is and Olalla wants to take on hr role as the guardian of the gate.  As Renata explains everything to her, she tells her why Robert has to be the one to kill Dance (Enzo Cilenti) cos she's too 'involved' with him.  But she does help Robert by calling him to tell about the calyx, even though she is too late.  Saying he's the only one who can open it and must smash the heart inside before it beats too much, otherwise it'll get stronger with each beat and hurt everyone around him.

But before all that we have a flashback to the Carpathian Mountains where Dance found the twins and Robert is rescued by their father, leaving behind Olalla.

Bella tells him he needs to tell Lily who he really is before she finds out, of course she already knows.  Lots of dubiousness going on here.  As he gets to her house he finds Hannigan (Phil McKee) there and walking through the house he find sit leads to MOI HQ.  Mother being Belstrode (Richard E Grant) (which I said weeks ago, you know like Mother in The Avengers.) Though he finds this out as Robert, as Hyde he jokes about the name and yes you should've known.  "MIO, MI Other mother" But it's strange Robert went to pieces over Lily (Stephanie Hyam) and hearing who she really is. Okay he truly loved her, but he was a tad wimpish about it.  Thus needing to change into Hyde to handle the betrayal.  As for everyone saying Robert lied to Lily it's really not the same thing cos he wasn't sure how she'd take something like this and it's not exactly something you blurt out in your first meeting and first date or anything.  They didn't even date in that sense of the word.

Lily knows about Bella of course, even if that was Hyde having his way with her.  Lily being the grand daughter of Sir Danvers Carew who was killed by Robert's grandfather after he found out he was being used.  So she wasn't as vulnerable as she made herself out to be.  Also knew her being attacked in the first ep was all a set up and a way to rope him in.  Hyde fancying the wicked Lilly. Er, she was just the same to me!  ha.

Dance didn't want to have an incubus inside of him but accepts it especially as he tries to open the calyx. Ravi (Michael Karim) was a bit slow too in telling that Dance is close by but not exactly how close, as he arrives at the house and everyone's attacked.  Grandmother Maggie (Sinead Cusack) and Garson declaring their love for each other at this point in time.  So Dance opens the calyx after having it stolen from MOI HQ and time stands still for everyone as Hyde tries to stop it.  Leading everyone to be knocked out with some deadly powerful force being unleashed... and so it ends! Typical no conclusion!

It had to be dark and that's a given from the outset since the story itself was always dark.  Though it would've been better if it was aired a little later.  Maybe they thought this 'jumped' the shark after Hyde got a sister in the vein of the Hammer film Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde.  Though it was actually Jekyll who used to turn into the female Hyde in this.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Saying Goodbye to Michael Weatherly

Having heard about Michael Weatherly's departure from NCIS left me a little sad.  Oh who am I kidding, it left me "gloomy and bitter and blue...!" He's been the driving force behind many an episode and not to take anything away from the rest of the cast, who are all suberb in their respective roles, Tony was the joker, the vulnerable serious guy who was always there through it all and for everyone too.  So it falls on me to put two words together or maybe a few more and bid a fond farewell to everyone's "Very Special" Agent Anthony DiNozzo, without whom we'd have had a very dull 13 seasons!

Tony started out as a fresh faced agent and I don't mean that in any nasty way, obviously, but looking back he (Michael) was soo young and that hair too!  Which I guess he got cut shorter to go for a more sophisticated mature look.  From all the jokes Kate (Sasha Alexander) used to make about him, the womanizing ways and all that.  Kind of grated.  She wasn't perfect, anyway this isn't about her.  He did finally develop a soft spot for her, even naming a goldfish after her.  I liked Tony with a cat too in 12.7 The Searchers, the one that ran away.  It was very Breakfast At Tiffany's.  Speaking of, everyone remarked on his resemblance to Robert Wagner, who played his father, Senior, on the show.  I thought he's more closer in looks to George Peppard.

Somehow think that maturity was shown by Tony's lack of film references.  There haven't been that many recently, not how they used to come thick and fast in previous years.  But that was a highlight and something to look forward too.  Guess he had plenty of time on his hands to watch those movies over the years. But I could relate to that, not out of loneliness or anything, but have watched my fair share of films and stuff. I also loved the way he'd always suspect the spouse first, cos that's officially how the job is done and I used to do that too.

Tony even got the offer of his own team in Spain which he turned down and was needed by his colleagues, they were more friends, when Gibbs (Mark Harmon) was in hospital.  Showing his leadership skills and no he wasn't trying to be Gibbs' replacement, though he did learn plenty from him. " On your six boss." One of my fave lines, among many!
Jenny: "So you're turning down a promotion because of a moustache?"
Tony: "His memory is still screwed up.  He called Ziva Kate yesterday."  Always putting others first, he knew the team needed him at this time.
Also got less of the McGee (Sean Murray) 'nicknames' over the seasons too, probably exhausted the possibilities, 'ey, McNerdy.  McScout, McRomeo, McProbious.

Three NCIS Directors during his time too, Tom Morrow (Alan Dale) his name was more like Tomorrow, ha!  Jenny Shepherd (Lauren Holly) and Vance (Rocky Carroll).  Jenny being the one he had the closest ties with in terms of keeping secrets from Gibbs, especially when she sent him undercover as Tony DiNardo to 'seduce' le Frog's daughter, Jeanne (Scottie Thompson) sorry, la grenouille.  Leading to many repercussions overtime and tensions.  Turned out to be pretty dangerous for Tony and he survived his car being blown up, but more so as he fell in love with Jeanne.  That came back to bite.  She just wasn't right for him.  So it was a shock when Jenny was killed when she was under his and Ziva's (Cote di Pablo) protection in LA.

Michael said in an interview how he recalled Jenny dying and how he was shocked and, "I didn't see that coming at all." To when the same scene was reproduced again in season 12.11 Check and as soon as I saw that diner that's exactly what I blurted out, that it was a "rehash" of the episode when Jenny was killed.  It was good to revisit that but in a completely different way.  This time the re-staged scene being related to Gibbs.  Michael also recalled Mike Franks (Muse Watson) being killed in season 8 by the Port to Port killer and said how, "those were major changes."  And in his own way he stated, "and somehow it's [NCIS] so sturdy that it withstands all of these changes."  And he was right it did and it will surely survive now with Michael's departure, but he will be sorely missed!!

In her own way, Ziva did help Tony and the rest of the team get over Kate's death.  She wasn't a conventional agent, but she wasn't an NCIS agent either, until much later.  He also had much to say about her idioms, she should 'assimilate already!'  But as we know Tony, or got to know him by now, he would inevitably end up falling for her.  Yes inevitable, but we all saw it coming.  She surely must've been his true soul mate cos saying goodbye was so painful for both of them.  And I'm not saying that just to appease the Tiva shippers (am not one of them.)

Then Tony's bed being too small, always thought that strange but loved his apartment, it was cool! No more scenes in that lift, or coming out of the lift and that bull least with Tony...oh can't think about all that now!
                                                       Image result for michael weatherly
Some outstanding Tony eps: Bounce, where he helped to prove the man he put away was innocent. Even if it meant having to deal with his mistakes and putting his reputation as an agent on the line. Obsession, was very Laura the 1944 film noir with Gene Tierney and once more Tony let his emotions get in the way.  I guess the one that endeared Tony to us all was SWAK in season 2.
Jet Lag on the flight from Paris was memorable too.  Well that sounded like a pun there, wasn't meant to be!

There was some controversy when Cote de Pablo announced her decision to leave and Michael's comments in an article which many fans didn't like and resented.  Which I won't go into here, of course it was understandable and everyone had an opinion, you can't hold it against remaining cast members for what was entirely her decision to leave.  Link below.

Will have to listen to some of his great songs now, like Under the Sun: " can't control it no way to hold it, life just keeps going on..last thing I'd do is send a message to you, if  I, had the time..." All the time in the world now!!

As Michael tweeted "diNozza is a wonderful, quixotic character and I couldn't have had more fun playing him over the past 13 seasons...I will miss the amazing cast and crew, who are like family to me, and to all the fans all over the world - THANK YOU it's been a fantastic ride!"
Gonna miss you Michael.  Thank you for an amazing 13 seasons!

What am I going to do without the Gibbs' slaps?? *sobs uncontrollably*

Quite a few fave fan eps in this NCIS book, I was lucky enough to send Michael a copy, I hope he received it! Aww should've done one just for the best Tony eps!

Was also lucky enough to get an RT from Michael for the following piece I wrote:

Friday, 8 January 2016

Mr Selfridge Series 4 Episode 1 Review

Biaritz, France 1928 finds Harry (Jeremy Piven) gambling again and living the high life and  he tells everyone he has under his gambling control.
Back in London, Harry heads to the Colleano club which is doing better than ever and listens to a nightclub singer sing about no one wanting to know you when you're down and out.  Some early foreshadowing here of events to come.

A new unveiling of the statue "The Queen of Time" outside the store, which is still here today is about to take place.  Harry calls it 'the best of times' and there's no better way of marketing the store than this.  Grove (Tom Goodman-Hill) says it'll be here even after they're gone.  Everyone's flouting around, "the Earl of Oxford Street" title now.  It's Grove's birthday and he's been at the store 20 years. As Mr Crabb (Ron Cook) says but Harry says they started the store in 1909 which strictly speaking is 19 years.  Anyhoo, being pedantic.

Frank (Samuel West) mentions the black boxer, Joe Langford (Bentley Kalu) who can't fight cos of the colour bar and Victor's (Trystan Gravalle) hosting the match at the club.  Lady May (Katherine Kelly) returns to London with more woes for Harry.  Seems her husband, Renard is cheating on her and his latest conquest doesn't want to remain a mistress, so he's divorcing her and she doesn't get a penny.  Nor can she go to court since she can't have a scandal.  Thus she must sell her shares to live. Harry wants to help her but she won't let him.  And lets her stay at Violette's flat.  She's got a fashion boutique but it's only small.  Of course that marks the beginning of the end for Harry, since the store will eventually get taken over and he still can't stop splurging.  He asks May to stay, at least for the unveiling of the clock.

Rosalie (Kara Tointon) talks of how Harry needs to find a proper woman for himself and she has a daughter now.  But Serge is in Paris and up to no good.  He's also been having an affair with a Countess, probably with mother's approval.  Which Lord Wynnstay (Robert Pugh) has gotten wind of as the Countess is willing to tell her story.  He tells Frank that Harry wants advertizing but he has a personal story for him.  Later telling him of this, as he also meets Rosalie and makes small talk. Frank and Wynnstay also discuss the emancipation of women and he comments on how he'll get their votes cos they'll vote the way his paper wants them to.

Grove's eldest daughter, Meryl (Lottie Tolhurst) has found a teaching job but just wants to work at the store like her mother, Doris, did.  But Grove doesn't like what "shop girls" get to see.  Though she doesn't give up.  The nanny leaves and he misses Ms Mardle who's in New York.  He tells Crabb they had a mutual parting, a clean break, since she couldn't be mother to five children.  Meryl later asks Harry for a job and he says she could work in fashion with her father's approval and he finally relents. Harry saying Violette asked him for a job and he didn't let her have it, which was a mistake.

Kitty (Amy Beth Hayes) and Frank have moved into a new extravagant house and she invites George (Calum Callaghan) and Connie (Sacha Parkinson) for dinner.  Where she tells Kitty she's having a baby, leaving Kitty jealous as she's feeling clucky too.  Frank however is at the boxing match organized by Jimmy Dillon (Sacha Dhawan) a man with a scandalous past himself, apparently his mother had an affair with a Maharajah in India and he's self made.  That match looked so fixed, as Harry bets on the American, Joe and obviously the Englishman would win.  Who says Britain wasn't racist?  Jimmy saying he won cos Harry made all the punters bet on Joe after he did.  All the while Jimmy watches May.  He wants to get 'cosy' with her, but she doesn't and Harry feels he had to defend her which she doesn't like.  Especially cos of his reputation with the women and those Dolly sisters, but she's capable of speaking for herself.  All out for a good time and Harry saying he knows some movie producers as the sisters want to get into talkies!  Ha.  Yeah with their voices!  Think Singin' In the Rain is all I can say, Lina Lamont.

Connie gives May the idea of making affordable ready to wear clothes which the French already have, knowing it'd so well and Harry wants her to design them.  They didn't have pret a porter for nothing you know.  Gordon (Greg Austin) returns after being sent to the provincial stores and Harry has no time for him.  He and Grace (Amy Morgan) have two sons now and she hopes he doesn't fall out with them.  Harry is also approached by the London Civic group, Keen (Oliver Dimsdale) who wants to meet him as they're shareholders, but he ends up meeting Gordon instead.  See Harry's so flippant and not concerned about the store so much as he is with the people and his friends.

At the unveiling he reveals the "Queen of Time" Harry steps back and has a fall.  See yet more foreshadowing.  This final series 4 opener was a bit slow to get off the ground (no pun) setting up storylines for future episodes like Kitty wanting a baby, Gordon and Harry's relationship not boding well for the store.  But particularly as the Dolly sisters make their presence known.

Jenny(Zoe Richards) and Rosie (Emma Hamilton) who were actually Hungarian, Jancsi and Roszica. They were showgirls, as they said and Harry became enamoured with Jenny, lavishing expensive gifts on her, buying her a chateau and furnishing it with antiques.  But she never married him.  She had her own affairs and in 1933, she suffered a car crash along with a French mobster/gangster named Max. She was terribly disfigured and in 1941, Jenny hanged herself, after suffering from depression and loneliness.  Harry paid all their gambling debts and "squandered" his fortune on them.
What happened to Frank's book he was writing about the soldiers and also no mention of Harry's housing project.

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Sherlock Special: "The Abominable Bride" Review

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Some spoilers sweetie, if you'd call them that!

All the rigmarole of the Sherlock Special and all the hype, yes I use hype even if I am a fan myself, cos at the end of the day and the year, I was saying that it wouldn't really be set in the Victorian era, per se. Sherlock and this version of Sherlock at any rate is firmly set in the modern age.  Thus it would be hard pressed for it to be transported back to a bygone age.  Bygone since other versions were set in the past but not this one.  This Sherlock is definitively and decisively set in today's world. Thus as soon as we got the Previously it was evident (can I say elementary) that the Special would contain references to everything that had gone before.  Back taken to the past.

With Watson (Martin Freeman) serving in the military, the Second Afghan War and having a narrative now to explain how he got to where he is and to meeting Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch). Again through a mutual friend, used loosely.  Sherlock beating up a corpse just like he did earlier in the opener A Study in Pink ep.  To test how long bruising takes before it appears on a DB (dead body,)  To having Watson (I've taken to calling John 'Watson' now) as a house mate and having to give out his address of 221B Baker Street.  All points were leading to the Moriarty (Andrew Scott) question and 'Miss Me.'  Offset from 3.3 His Last Vow.  Even having Lastrade(Rupert Graves) around and (can I say arriving back at Baker Street to be greeted by Mrs Hudson (Una Stubbs) cos she doesn't do that by the front door and of course the stories Watson used to write as they appeared in The Strand magazine.   With reference to The Blue Carbuncle in this one.

So on with the case, The Abominable Bride here, which Watson doesn't name until the end of the episode for his story.  A bride, Emelia Ricoletti (Natasha O'Keefee) who apparently committed suicide by shooting herself on her balcony for a crowd to witness.  Then mysteriously turning up to kill her husband, Ricoletti (Gerald Kyd) after her DB having been identified by both her husband and a cabbie.  Lastrade says Scotland Yard's put it down to suicide, but then there were reports of the bride turning up, as a ghost, or spectre as Homes preferred, though "there's no such thing as ghosts;" in other murders.  Sherlock putting that down to people needing to describe something like her in their own cases and crimes, cos she's in the papers.  Kind of like a suggestion, a thought implanted that this ghost of the this bride is real.  But then why would she be murdering complete strangers and turning up in their homes or wherever the 'events' took place.

Sherlock asks who will be working at the morgue and if that idiot is there and sure enough it's Anderson, or who we know to be Anderson (Jonathan Aris) in modern era.  However he's not the coroner, which is Molly Hooper (Louise Brealey) disguised as a man.  Here was an amusing part where Watson knows she's a woman, but Sherlock hasn't figured that out, so much for being more intelligent than everyone in that room.  Okay let's not say Watson knew cos he's a doctor.  It was evident as Watson tells her near the end, she had to disguise herself to get ahead in a man's world. Much like Mary (Amanda Abbington) had to disguise herself as a woman who wants to hire Sherlock just to see h r husband.   Apparently Watson has/had moved into the flat with Sherlock.  She also seems to be away a lot, as he says.  She tells Lastrade she's part of the campaign for women's votes.

They pay a visit to Mycroft (Mark Gatiss) who tells them about a woman who will be needing his help on a case.  Sure enough Lady Carmichael turns up, who says her husband will be murdered as he has received five orange pipes in an unmarked envelope.  Sherlock keen to know if he's been to America cos that's where the idea of the pips emerges from and Eustace (Tim McInnerny) must've been there without her knowing.  He must prevent his murder and promises to do so.  Later explaining he hoped he could do this cos he didn't think there'd be a murder to solve anyway.  Still at least we did get a conclusion to this case, of sorts.  The spouse did it, always suspect the spouse first, as we know, helped by a bunch of females!  Should I say 'klan' of women in purple!

Sherlock and Watson together waiting for the bride to appear at Eustace's house and having their little tete a tete, or as Watson referred to it, their talk on a man to man basis.  Where he quizzes him on why Sherlock isn't married and why he hasn't found a wife.  Especially since well, in the Victorian era, it was the 'done' thing.  Even questioning him on his needs of the flesh and implying that Sherlock is still a virgin.  How did he manage to keep a straight face there?  That he saw Irene Adler's photo in his pocketwatch.  There would be reference to her, short of her actually appearing in the show.  It was Sherlock's mind palace we were were dealing with after all.  Sherlock thoroughly "bored" with Watson's conversation and implications, asking for the gun now to put himself out of his misery of having to listen to him.  Then Watson spots the bride.  Who in mordern parlance would be nothing more than a hologram, if the technology was there.  But as it isn't we'll call it smoke and mirrors.  Seeing as how Sherlock deduces it was a piece of glass that was involved in the deception, but all that's later.

As they run toward the house, they hear a window smashing and that's odd since the doors are locked as are the windows and there's no way for them to get in either, without breaking a window themselves.  Sherlock leaves Watson on guard and heads upstairs where he meets Lady Carmichael who raves on about how he was meant to protect Eustace.  Sherlock follows the blood trail and finds him in the attic, stabbed with a rather female looking dagger.  Watson sees the bride behind him and runs away.  Letting the bride get away.  Otherwise the case would've been solved then ad there cos she wasn't a ghost.  Would've thought it more conducive for them to be hiding inside the house, instead of outside, but there you go.

Strange that in this episode Sherlock was surrounded by women; when they get to the church and the mention of the campaign for votes by Mary was a huge piece of foreshadowing.  Since the figures in the hooded robes were women.  Not only Watson's maid, Jane (Stephanie Hyam, Lily from Jekyll and Hyde) but also Janine (Yasmine Akram) as we get a flashback to Sherlock kissing her in 3.3.  But also Molly as herself and a conversation again about how Watson knew that she was a woman and Sherlock didn't.  As the bride creeps up behind him, revealing herself to be Moriarty.  All the while Sherlock trying to deduce how he died and could've come back.  Of course what started this conversation and plot going was Sherlock telling Eustace that he found his wife to be rather intelligent for a woman and far superior to her husband in his thinking.  A subtle reference to Irene. Sherlock wouldn't really say that about any woman, except Irene.

So Sherlock got on that plane and was high in four minutes or less, for him to 'dream' about this entire case in an effort to figure out Moriarty's game.  I didn't know whether to call that a cop out, or just something to be expected from Moffat and Gattis by mow.  Something that we're meant to get ourselves involved in completely and unconditionally, surrendering ourselves to the storylines and the directions they want to take fans in, since by now we know not to get too immersed or to expect any answers.  Again shown by reference to how Sherlock possibly survived the fall from St Bart's in The Empty Hearse.  Again demonstrated here by the need for Sherlock to dig up the grave of Emelia and see what they did with the 'other' body they used.

It was a reflection of how he jumped and how he got Molly to substitute the DB for his own.  But here when they dug up the grave, there was no other body in the coffin and nothing in the grave itself. So if we didn't get an explanation of how Sherlock survived his fall, how would we get one about Moriarty, he shot himself, lost half his head and yet Sherlock et al were expected to believe he was alive.  This episode seeking to reaffirm he was and remains dead.

Some clever tactics involved here once again with a repeat of Moriarty turning up at his flat over six times, as Sherlock tells him and he knew he'd turn up.  As well as the references to his flat having a smell of being so "manly."  Obviously with Watson there, or he used to live there, but that once again reminding us Sherlock has no woman in his life, nor will he.  This time Sherlock, in the past had taken a 7% solution of cocaine.  Oh and he has a list which is what Mycroft provides him with.  As you notice he was quick to pick up the pieces when Sherlock tore it up and threw it down.  As Mycroft says he was always there to help him.  Flashback to Sherlock passed out from his addiction and taking his list.  Hmm, had a silly thought here, thinking out loud, what if Mycroft 'feeds' Sherlock's 'habit'?  It's helpful to him on occasions.  Guilt for leaving him in that prison for over a year, or cos of Redbeard??

From having a rather overweight Mycroft and having a bet with Sherlock as to how long he has to live until his eating gets the better of him, and Mycroft asking for his list, to Mary working for Mycroft as she receives a note in the beginning from 'M', that was Mycroft naturally, not Moriarty as some thought.  So it wasn't any surprise she was sent to keep an eye on Sherlock.  Since Watson wouldn't be doing that.  But it was the 'other' Watson who did.

Then there was the two references to Redbeard (possibly a foreshadowing for the next series, when it comes about.)  But Redbeard was also written in the notebook next to some calculations and Vermeer.  (from The Reichenbach Fall ep)  As well as Moriarty coining the phrase, "dead is the new sexy."  Oh but is it?  Sherlock was meant to be dead, he survived, Irene was meant to be dead, she was still alive and what of Moriarty?  Sorry this must sound like some rantings instead of a review. Then again it was that sort of an episode, leaving more questions again than providing answers.  Or conversely just a fun ep in getting away from all the thinking and questioning and just seeing it as a piece of entertainment.  I know that's what it is at the end of the day, but I can't help thinking about it in greater detail.

Interspersed with scenes on the plane, showing us that clearly Sherlock was not 'set' in the Victorian era, except in the mind and eyes of Sherlock himself.  As well as the end scene with Moriarty where he's 'thrown' off the Reichenbach Falls, not by Sherlock and their fight, but Watson!  As if it's a final good riddance to Moriarty, is it, we can't really tell with the deviousness of Moffat and Gatiss as I said.  Perhaps my note to self or New Year's resolution should be 'don't overthink Sherlock.  Easier said than done!  Also you somehow knew you weren't in Victorian times with overweight Mycroft's reference to "the virus in the data."  Really who would have spoken like that back then and Moriarty's reference to data gain.  As he said, Moriarty will always live on in Sherlock's mind.

Forget about The Abominable Bride, did you think this was an abominable episode.  Sure I thought, the Abominable Snowman somewhere whilst watching.  Ha.  On the existent scenes in places that were all in Sherlock's mind palace and nothing more.  So did we get anything new in this episode? I'd say not.  Besides Moriarty licking the dust from Sherlock's mantelpiece and telling Sherlock and Watson to 'elope'  A shoutout no doubt to all the John/Sherlock shippers out there, of which I am not!  Speedy being re-named 'Speedwell's.'
Guess the suffragette's could be summed by:
John: "I'm taking Mary Home."
Mary: "What?"
John: "Mary's taking me home!"
Oh and the five orange pips, don't forget the pips, like the leftovers of a Christmas tangerine!! ha.

The title being from a line, "Ricoletti of the club foot and his abominable wife..." in The Adventure of the Musgrave Ritual, mentioned by Sherlock in one of the original stories, but isn't an actual case that was written about, casting a more mysterious picture to this episode.  Maybe also a red herring in that this episode wasn't really about the bride at all.

So it was a mixed bag of reviews, some liked, some didn't, some were on the 221B door knocker! Acting and cast: superb as always.  The story: could've done it a bit better! (My opinion and I care not if you disagree! ha.)

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