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CSI "Immortality" Final Episode Review

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Time to draw the final curtain on a show that most of us would've grown old with, but one that set the bar for forensics and criminalistics the world over.  SO the 'old' gang was back, except for Nick (George Eads) seems they didn't want him back just cos he left at the end of Season 15.  Okay I'm assuming that's why, maybe he didn't want to return, but he could've had a small part, like perhaps bailing Grissom (William Petersen) out of his little predicament when he was arrested for allegedly shark poaching and for trespassing on the poacher's boat.  Cos correct me if I'm wrong, but Nicky was in San Diego, yes! The show wasn't the without him!

The action starts when a man enters Catherine's (Marg Helgenberger) casino, the Eclipse and is wired with a bomb.  He asks the teller for change of a penny and then he proceeds to press the button. Clearly he was getting orders from someone else as he put his finger to the earpiece.  The team arrive and DB (Ted Danson) tells Sara (Jorga Fox) that she can take lead since she's going for the directorship when he leaves.  Which wasn't really spelled out that clearly or at all.  Catherine's also been called and so she arrives but Sara wants her to stay out of it cos there's an obvious conflict of interest.   Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) is also working at the casino now.  Catherine speaks with Romina (Alexandra Barreto) who was with the bomber moments before and he asked her to accompany him to the window when he found out she she has children, or so it appears.  She tells Catherine her daughters' names, Maria and Helena and then dies.

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Sara speaks with the bomber's widow, Aisha Karmima  - when in doubt for names, always go for the most obvious with Aisha! (Yasmine Aker) who happens to be Muslim and wears a Hijab.  She tells Sara how she came to America to escape being stoned for being a woman and for no reason at all.  That she met him and they fell in love, so he converted.  However she doesn't see him as a terrorist, but rather her husband.  Also that he was a gambling addict and things got worse when his therapist quit.  Sara apologizes for offending her, she didn't mean to, but she knows full well the sort of abuse women suffer the world over, irrespective of religion.

Ecklie (Mark Vann) wants Grissom on the case cos Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) found a gold box flying out from the bomber's jacket in the security footage and she asks Greg (Eric Szmanda) and Hodges (Wallace Langham) if anyone found it.  Greg said he saw it and Hodges shows her the false pocket sewn into his jacket which is where the box was kept.  The box has the initial 'LHK' which belong to Lady Heather (Melinda Clarke).  Sure any old excuse to bring her back.  Sara tells Ecklie she and Greg can handle it, they've dealt with her before, but he insists Grissom could get more results from her.  She reluctantly gives him Grissom's number.  Harbour Patrolman Scinta (Michael Beach) is told to release Grissom and he now sails the oceans in search of poachers and is into conservation big time.

Grissom passes a new girl in forensics who's just got made Grade 1 and he doesn't recognize her.  She mentions chocolate coloured grasshoppers and this was referring to the Pilot and Holly Gribbs, also a newbie who was killed at a CS.  Apparently turns out she's Lyndsey (Katie Stevens) Catherine's daughter and Catherine later asks him to help her out in the lab with analyzing the suitcase that's later left outside and she brings it in.  When they think it was a bomb.  Grissom's more content with drawing whales though. That's what he's into now and you have to ask if she didn't tell him who Lyndsey was, would Grissom have really bothered to help anyone else.  Probably not.

A woman at a school play leaves her seat and heads towards the stage.  She has a bomb strapped to her and stands in front of the stage.  Finally a man gets her out of the way and see the bomb, you mean no one saw that flashing red light where she was sitting.  She hesitates and says she'll burn in hell for what she's going to do.  The bomb disposal expert, Anthony Hurst (Jason Gerhardt) is sent in and he tries to talk her down and to disarm the bomb, but he's not able to tell if the voice on the other end is male or female.  Instead she says time's up and detonates.  No one is able to find Heather, as Grissom and Sara head to her house.  They haven't said a word at all in the car and she says they're both professionals and can act that way.  Grissom thought he was talking to her.  The door's open and inside they find blood on the floor.

The blood doesn't match Heather and it's male.  Grissom finds her and brings her in and she asks if she's a suspect.  Sara, Morgan, Catherine and DB question her and Grissom tells them to go easy on her.  She provokes Sara as she tells her Grissom has been defending her, taking what he taught them about following the evidence and turning that around and thinks she's being framed and Sara has to leave the room when she accuses her of being jealous.  Catherine tells her not to show her emotions to Heather cos she's a woman and if she knows Sara still loves Grissom and so will Heather.  Who insists she isn't the mastermind behind the bombings and isn't controlling them.  Grissom works out the gold box and the pin also found is a key to Heather's red room in the dungeon.  (Apparently Grissom's safe word was 'stop'.)  Funny scene when Greg explains to DB who Heather is and how she knew Grissom, not in a sexual way, but intellectual.   Greg's awkward moment.

Heather gives up her list of clients and she closed her practice after her grand daughter was run over and killed.  There are 13 suspects and Sara narrows down the list since the DNA was male.  Heather further narrows it down to 5 suspects since some of them have died.  Sara takes DNA swabs from them and my most obvious suspect was the one who made no bones about being Heather's first client, Dalton Betton (Doug Hutchison).  Had to be him, why else would he brag about being the first. However none of their DNA matches the blood.  Grissom asks Henry (Jon Wellner) how much he weighs, around 160lbs, cos he's going to blow him up, so out in the desert he attaches a bomb to a dummy and then they see the blast pattern is the same as the one in the casino.  He also knows that only part of the C4 was used and they wonder where the rest of it could be.  Henry looked rather shocked!

Lyndsey wheels in a suitcase from outside as it has Grissom's name on the tag thinking he left his luggage behind.  That really didn't look like the type of suitcase he'd be using.  Catherine shouts "bomb."  However turns out there's a DB inside.  Doc (Robert David Hall) analyzes the body and finds what David (David Berman) calls a micro SD card.  Then they have him say what SD stands for, as if no one would know.  On there they see a message from the bomber who's tried to disguise himself with a digital pattern.  DB decides to undo the pixels on the image and see if he can get the ID.  He manages to get an ear and then he notices the picture also has a whorl of a fingerprint and he attempts to match it.

He processes the suitcase with Lyndsey, teaching her rhyming poems and she notices the 'X' sticker on the case, which spells out co ordinates to a warehouse, where Gissom heads to with Mitch (Larry Mitchell)  and prefers to go in alone.  Here he finds a cadaver.  Doc tells him it's a synthetic one so doctors don't have to use real dead bodies, but both he and Grissom prefer the real ones.  Doc manages to get stung on his hand and Grissom manages to catch the bee.  It's a queen bee which has been deserted by its colony.  Sara wants to help him and they head out to Mount Charleston.
Here they paint the bees different colours and see if they come back home from different sections of the mountain and test the for the presence of the human.  DB gets a match and Catherine says he's one of the client's Sara interviewed.  As Grissom also finally gets a match on the location from the bee coloured red.

Catherine heads to his apartment building as Grissom heads to the cabin.  In the car park, they find the car alarms going off in five cars.  Catherine pops the boot and finds a bomb inside set to go off in five minutes.  Greg and Morgan find the same in the other cars.  Catherine says they're wired simultaneously and they have to diffuse them at the same time.  They can't wait for the bomb squad as the apartment's also heavily populated.  She tells this to Grissom too.  The suspect, client number 1, Dalton, which didn't come as a shock at all comes out strapped to a bomb and says either they will die or his friends will die.  He has cancer and as Grissom explains if he had stem cell surgery his DNA would be altered and it'd be like being two different people.  He's angry that Grissom came along and took Heather's heart.  He tells him she never loved him and Heather was never intimate with her clients.  Thus Sara learns nothing happened between him and Heather, which kind of reassures her, but then Grissom wasn't her client.  Catherine tells them they need to cut the red wire but Morgan gets nervous and drops the clippers.  Catherine managing to shout out, "I love you" as they're all in this together.  Managing to cut the wires they diffuse the bomb and Morgan is a nervous wreck, needing to be hugged by Greg and Catherine.

Grissom knows about being in control but Dalton doesn't have any power and he manages to take the trigger from him.  Seems he was a coward after all and could only get those people to kill themselves.
The other funny line here was with Grissom in his first scene, when he talks about the shark fins and "jumping the shark."  Which really CSI never did!  Also pondering the name DB when he's about to be introduced to him and saying that his brains have been replaced by mushrooms.  Catherine breaking the news of their mother's death to the girls and then possibly going to look after them, as she tells DB if Sara decides against the directorship, she'd like to take it over and come home.  Cos it's Vegas and Lyndsey's here too.  Sara gets the directorship and Grissom is happy for her.  She tells him it's all changed, she didn't want to stay in Vegas but has and he didn't want to leave but did.  Not much of a goodbye there from them.

Grissom tapes Heather's final statement  and he tells her how Sara's been everything to him, including his friend and how she helped him with his crosswords.  Yet they two of them couldn't talk about their feelings when they were right there together. We know why.  Lyndsey comes in with Heather's tape and tells her she saw the interrogation and Sara should watch the end.  That was shortlived, no sooner had Sara sat behind that desk, that she leaves it.  Guessing Catherine got the job then, but why didn't we see what happened with Morgan and Greg.  Would've liked to have seem more of Greg since he's been there a long time too and he had very little to do here.  He'll hang around at the lab of course, but it would'be been good to see him featured more.

Db leaves and he takes Finn's belongings with him, saying wherever he goes, she goes, as he heads east this time.  This was the only time she was mentioned, but she was recovering from the last season no doubt.  You know I didn't even notice she wasn't in the opening credits.  The show was more baout the original cast though and I didn't much like her character anyway.

Thus it ends, as Sara and Grissom sail off into the sunset together.  Glad they did finally get them together since Sara went through plenty after their divorce and it wasn't something she really wanted. Also that she can now see that not all marriages and partnerships have to be like her mother and father's.  The end of an era!

Eye Candy 1.4 "YOLO" Review

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A group of teens go missing when partying on a party bus.  One of them, Max (Danny Flaherty) seems to be an outsider and is found outside the bus covered in bruises.  The other five are nowhere to be seen.  Lindy (Victoria Justice) looks at the bracelet which reads, 'we will find her.'  She's come in to see Tommy (Casey Deidrick)  but Catherine (Melanie Nicholls-King) thinks Lindy could help them out by looking at their social media pages, since Lindy volunteered to do so.  The pages show their timeline and what they did on the bus, as well as texts between Max and Amy (Taylor Rose).  Max is found and brought in for questioning but he refuses to speak.  Lindy thinks she can speak with him cos she's not 'one of them'.  Also giving him back his phone.  She tells him to try a sling shot: one third cola and two thirds coffee.  She's only helping them out with their cyber units and tells him about her missing sister.  He's an only child so it doesn't look like his parents will miss him.   Catherine wants Tommy to work with Lindy and he has a few ground rules, like he's the cop and she has to listen to the cop, cos the cop is always right.

She plants spyware in his phone and when Tommy questions him again, after Amy's DB is found, he thinks they're accusing him as Lindy insists he should know.  He walks out saying she is one of them. As for the spyware Tommy says she can't do that but Catherine says what they don't see, they don't know.  He's protective of her and only wants to make sure she does the right thing.  There's a Go-Pro camera attached to Amy's wrist and Lindy notices it was on the bus, so the driver, Jarek (Pasha Pellosie) was recording them and uploading the images.

They find everything that they did on the bus, which was filmed by Max as well and they saw him as an outsider and nothing but a loser.  They visit a psychic who's brought onto the bus and she tells them things about themselves, which Amy paid her to do.  Also warning her to stay away from the water.  She tells Tommy that she's paid to say things sometimes, but other times she's not, but he won't believe her.  The card inside the camera is wet, but manages to dry it out and retrieve a video from it. They also learn of The Stowaway, an urban legend and Lindy mentions how the story's been on the Internet.  The video footage shows them on a boat and Amy being afraid as she's being stalked. She then falls into the water.
They think Jarek's involved cos he's vanished and they manage to track him down.  He says he was attacked by the Stowaway and then they find a file's been uploaded to his computer.
Amy paid the psychic but she and Max made up the whole story of the Stowaway to fool their friends.

On the ship Max pretended to be the Stowaway and she pretended to be chased by him and fearing for her life.  They locate the ship and rescue the four teens.  Each one of them tells how Max is just someone they didn't talk to, but borrowed a pen from, or that he's a loser and a nobody.  Lindy tells Max it wasn't his fault that Amy died, it was an accident, she tripped and fell overboard at night.  He's to blame cos he came up with the idea.  He locks himself in the boiler room and turns on the gas. Tommy takes the map from the wall and they find the room, but he refuses to come out and wants to end it all.  Lindy plays a message from Amy saying how she loves him and Tommy tells him if he kills himself he'll lose Amy's memory forever and no one will remember her.  Infact Lindy MacGyvers' the wires from the speaker in the ship to that of her phone, so he can hear Amy's voice. Okay you know me by now, I had to get that 'MacGyverism' in!  Ha.

Lindy was worried about Tony, cos it's obvious there's a spark there (no pun re the explosion on the ship! ha).  That was obvious since ep 1 he had feelings for her.
The psychic tells Tommy that he has feelings for her and should tell her, but he doesn't want to cos he probably thinks he'll betray Ben's memory.  He asks the psychic about Sarah when he shows her photo to her and all she can say is that she's alive.  Lindy is also called by Jake but doesn't take his call, she doesn't know if she wants to see him again.  Yeah she gets him arrested and then ignores him afterwards.

Think this was the weakest ep so far as it just explores general teen themes, you know partying, acting out, their angst and issues with each other and not accepting those they don't see as being perfect or popular, pretty much like the virtual serial killer. Then it also shows how wrong they can be with Max and Amy spending six weeks together in rehab.  She was there for weight loss problems and he was there for depression and attempted suicide, but they got close, so he wouldn't kill her. Lindy also saying her parents sent Sarah to a clinic for six weeks.  I actually prefer watching the killer at least those eps are more interesting than watching teens acting out thinking they're better than everyone else.

The title meaning: you only live once.

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Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 2 Review

A letter arrives from Rose in New York and Mary (Michelle Dockery) thinks Rose may be pregnant since she's coming down in August.  Edith (Laura Carmichael) adding she puts two and two together and comes up 53.  Mr Finch comes to Downton, looking for the agent and Mary surprises him that it's her.  She aims to put the prize pigs from the Drew farm into the show and decides they should have a visit since George insists on seeing the pigs and she thinks Marigold should also go.  Edith doesn't want her to cos she'll be in London dealing with the sexist, sniping editor.  Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) suggests she will take her.  Really it's as if everyone in Downton is under Mary's thumb and as if she runs the place.  To add insult to injury she also gets in between Carson (Jim Carter) and Mrs Hughes (Phylis Logan) telling him he should have the wedding here in one of the halls, after Robert (Hugh Bonneville) suggests they should hold the reception in the servant's quarters and they could jazz it up!  Yes, the servants quarters.  It's no wonder Mrs Hughes has a bee in her bonnet, it's her wedding day and everyone wants to tell her where she should hold it.  She also tells Carson she doesn't feel she should have it at Downton since they work here and aren't really a part of it.

Mary insists they should use the hall as Carson's been here for so long and it wouldn't be right.  He doesn't want it in a school or anywhere else and since they don't have any family, Downton's as good a place as any!  And on it went.  No resolution to this since Mary decides she'll have words with Mrs Hughes and she'll deal with it.  Mary the cause of yet further trouble, as Mrs Drewe Emma Lowndes) arrives at the farm when they're there with the children and can't leave Marigold alone.  Mary thinks there's nothing wrong with that but Cora and Drewe (Andrew Scarborough)  know she needs to let go.

Mary also tells Anna (Joanne Froggatt) she will help her with her pregnancy woes and takes her to see Dr Ryder (Richard Teverson)  who helped her.  He manages to diagnose the problem ad tells Anna when she's pregnant and reaches twelve weeks he'll come and carry out the procedure at her home, which will involve the cervix being sewn with a large stitch.  She cheers up after that when she returns home and Bates (Brendan Coyle) thinks the trip to London did her good after she'd been moping around.  He tells her they could adopt but she calls him "tribal" and that he won't be happy unless he has his own children and she's right as he doesn't disagree with her.  Bates's line to Anna, when eh catches her crying, "you're married, that means you never have to cry alone."  She must've felt reassured after that.  Especially as Mrs Hughes tells Carson she wants one day to herself cos they'll be doing things his way for the next 30 years.  Hmm, wonder what she was implying when she uttered, "things."  Hope that wan't talk from last episode about the wedding night and thereafter! Innuendo alert, Ha.

Thomas (Rob James-Collier) still wonders about the job position and when they'll get notice of who will be fired.  Seems Carson has the boot in for him, since he says he'll be given notice and in the meantime he searches for another job.  Which he finds isn't easy and applies for a position as 'assistant butler' in Ripon.  The interview doesn't go too well and after getting time off from Carson, who seems happy he's looking for alternatives, the interviewer doesn't seem too happy with him. They invented the job and it involves doing a bit of this and a bit of that, valeting, chauffeuring and whatever else needs doing.  He also tells Thomas to drop his high and mighty notions and isn't interested that he's been doing the job for 15 years (not to mention his time in the war.  The less said about that the better.)

Seems everyone is ignoring Thomas and especially Andy (Michael Fox) who feels he's capable of doing everything by himself, like winding the clocks, his last job, to Carson asking him to help with the tea when the others go to the show.  Carson telling Thomas he won't be needed.  Andy is also ignoring Thomas for some reason.  Maybe his reputation proceeds him, as he doesn't let him come for a walk with him too.  Baxter (Raquel Cassidy) is the only one who tells him not to give up hope and at least he'll be given time to find another position.  But why did they need Andy anyway, he's not really doing anything Thomas can't do and he's an extra hand to pay.  It appears Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) also gets the wrong end of the stick, thinking that Thomas is chasing him to get involved with him and he tells her she couldn't be more wrong.  As was that interviewer asking him why he's not married yet.  Thomas making excuses about working hard and he adds that he's married.  

Daisy (Sophie McShera) wants to help Mason (Paul Copley) retain the tenancy but Cora is adamant Henderson will do what he wants and no one cam make him change his mind.  Cora allows her to speak to her and then Cora comes up with an idea which she'll try, it may work.  Molesley (Kevin Doyle) gets some past exam papers for Daisy to look at and if she passes her exams she'll be in a better position to help Mason.

Edith has problems with the editor back in London and can't believe he is so stubborn.  Rosamund (Samanatha Bond) tells her to come back after lunch and try again, but he's set in his ways.  Edith tells her she's also worried about Marigold and Mary taking her to the farm, who like Robert thinks she should just come clean and tell her.  Why didn't Edith just bring Marigold with her.  Robert wonders why she doesn't just tell Mary about her, but she knows Mary will put her down.  They're both getting the same train back from London.  At the show, Mary seems to impress everyone with her pig knowledge and Drewe brings Mrs Drewe, which was a stupid idea cos he knows the family will be there.  In a moment where everyone loses concentration, Marigold walks off and is taken by Mrs Drewe.  Drewe knows she's taken her, back to the farm and won't hurt her, but Robert knows it's for the best if he leaves the tenancy.  Mason probably can take it over now.  See all cos of Mary again, Drewe has to leave the farm.  Guess she'll make a big deal out of that too when she finds out.

Elsewhere we still have the Dowager (Maggie Smith) and Dr Clarkson (David Robb) taking sides against Merton, (Douglas Reith) Cora and Isobel (Penelope Wilton) over the hospital merger.  As Isobel knows it will bring in vital equipment and machines, but the Dowager thinks the level of care will suffer.  Robert seems to agree with the Dowager, but Cora doesn't and everyone's still at loggerheads.  Merton is still lamenting over Isobel not accepting his proposal.

Downton really seems to be clutching at straws for its final series, there doesn't seem to be that fire and oomph from past series which made this show so likable and watchable the world over.  Seems with change in the world, has come change in the show as a sign of the times.  As there's less need for hired help, the less there is to watch as the aristocracy reaches its end.  It could have been a little more exciting instead of just focusing on the family's problems and Mary appears to be the centre of it all.  Like her insufferable line to Anna when she tells her she won't have to pay for the doctor, since she's kept her secrets including having to take Pa
muk out in the "dead of night."  Which can all get repetitious.  Why use the phrase "dead" here, seems he's just become one laughing stock in the household, after she had her way with him.  Let's see where it finally leads us.

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Doctor Who 9.2 "The Witch's Familiar" Review

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The Doctor (Peter Capaldi) has a plan up his sleeve as he watches Davros (Julian Bleach) hooked up in the infirmary.  Which he needs to survive, he soon plans an escape with Davros demanding to know what he's doing.  Then all you hear is Davros shouting that the Doctor's escaped, as we see Davros wheeling around as a dot on a map.  The Daleks exclaiming they must get him to the infirmary.

We find Missy (Michelle Gomez) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) out in the desert, with Clara dangling upside down, so where'd you get the rope Missy.  She sharpening a stick as she needs to hunt for food.  But Clara's tied up cos she might not find any.  Clara asks how they got here and Missy tells her to picture the Doctor surrounded by androids chasing him, what does he do, he takes the android's own energy and uses a transporter ring.  Falling into a pit of vampire monkeys.  Then he transports himself.  That's what the two of them did using the energy from the exterminator beam and transporting themselves into the desert.  At the planet, the door opens and we see the Doctor sitting on Davros' wheelchair.  Obviously that would be him.  He wheels in and says, "admit it, you've all had this nightmare.  Anyone for Dodgems?"

Missy knows they have to get back in and rescue the Doctor and the only way to do so is through the sewers.  The Daleks don't expel waste in that way as she prods the slimy matter inside the sewers with the stick and you hear the Dalek's scream.  Their sewer is also the Dalek graveyard, as she explains their word for sewer is the same as graveyard.  She manages to get Clara to look into the observation eye and they see an intruder, then sending down a Dalek to catch her.  But Missy uses the decayed Dalek slime to overrun the Dalek.  Then gets Clara to get inside it.  Telling her to say "I love you" which comes out as "exterminate" in Dalek speech.  She then says her name but it doesn't come out as Clara and she makes her get emotional which fires the gun, but also makes it exterminate.  She has to think what to do to operate the Dalek.

I suppose now is as good a time as any to interject here and ask what happened to Clara on the planet when we first met her in 7.1 Asylum of the Daleks and she was a Dalek and all that stuff with the souffle girl.  Was anyone satisfied that we didn't really have a proper ending to all that and get all the answers to "the impossible girl."  Not to my satisfaction anyway.

The Doctor leaves the wheelchair in a certain spot and the Daleks find they can't exterminate him. However Davros, lying on the ground complete with his screw thingy visible; sends Colony Sarf to retrieve his chair and he uses his snake 'agents' to wrap around the Doctor.  Bringing Davros back his chair and he Doctor is a prisoner once more.  They have a conversation about how the Doctor stole a TARDIS and ran from Gallifrey and he tells him he's not a Doctor. The Doctor says there's no such thing as a Doctor.  I'm just a bloke in a box telling stories."  Davros reaffirming he's a Time Lord. How he's compassionate and he helps people through that compassion.  The Doctor came cos Davros is sick and he asked him.  Compassion will be his downfall he tells the Doctor.  Also telling Davros he brought back his people and Gallifrey is out there, but even he doesn't know where it is.  He sees Davros has his confession box and also his sunglasses, which he reaches for and finds there's no scratch on them.  But he doesn't take the confession box.
Once again we get the Doctor flashing to Davros as a boy who asks for help.

Missy pretends to be a Doctor as the Dalek Clara takes her back to the Dalek base and she greets the red Supreme Dalek by whispering it's her favourite.  She tells the Dalek she has two hearts and the Dalek recognizes she's a Time lord, she's a woman now and can upgrade.  "The bitch is back," she adds.  Hmm, see the Beeb left that in!

Davros tells the Doctor that he's dying and asks him to come closer again so he can observe him with his own eyes, which he manages to open.  The Doctor is fooled into believing that he's really dying, or so we think.  "I am dying Doctor."
Doctor: "You keep saying that and you keep not dying."

He also tells the Doctor to look at the cables  he was hooked up to, cos we know that Sarf is in there somewhere.  Davros wishes he could see the sunrise for himself and the Doctor enables him to do that but he doesn't open his eyes now, oh it was such a struggle was it.  He asks if he is a good man, Doctor?  He then proceeds to give Davros his regeneration energy and that's what Davros intended all along.  This will regenerate the Daleks and they will be more powerful.  The Doctor can't stop it but Missy is on hand to destroy the connection.  Something the Doctor expected all along.  It seems the Daleks are flawed in their design as they have respect for Davros, intertwined with compassion and perhaps mercy.  Also they talk of Dalek hybrids.

Apparently when the Daleks say 'exterminate' they're just reloading, according to Missy.  The Doctor sees the Daleks from the sewer oozing in and bringing the planet down and the Daleks along with it. The Doctor and Missy make a run for it after he's rescued and he wants to know where Clara is. Missy tells him she's dead as Clara stands before him in the Dalek shell.  Missy tells him to kill it as Clara tries to tell him it's her, but it comes out as "I am a Dalek."  Which then turns to, "mercy."  The Doctor finds it strange that the  notion of mercy should find itself into the Dalek DNA.  As Clara keeps repeating mercy.  He tells it to open up but she doesn't know how.  She needs to think it and it will open.  Didn't Missy tell her she needs to think when she operates the Dalek.  He tells Missy to run.

Outside they see the planet being destroyed by the 'dead' Daleks.  Oh and the TARDIS is also back since he says it never really was destroyed.  As he and Clara escape in it.  The Doctor heads back to the planet where he rescues the boy.  He shoots at the Hand mines instead.

Perish the thought that Missy would ever have become soft as she tried to get the Doctor to kill Clara and that's as cruel and evil as you can get.  Oh and the Sonic, well he came up with new hardware and turned that into Sonic sunglasses!  "I'm over screwdrivers, they spoil the line of your jacket.  These days I'm all about wearable technology."  Ah but the sonic was a classic!  Who wants a pair of shades?

This second part was all about mercy though and a concept that found its way into the Daleks.  Davros is far from meeting his end as he takes what he told the Doctor about his own compassion being his downfall and uses that to his advantage.  There was still life in the old crafty codger yet with his ability to deceive even whilst dying and playing on the Doctor's compassion, in contrast to the boy genuinely asking for help, which was a nice touch.  Then the boy asking if the Doctor is the enemy?  As for the Doctor with the gun and toting it around, would he really have fired at the Dalek and killed it, or even killed the boy, it's all about compassion as we learn and it's obvious no matter how dark he got he wouldn't kill.  Also the Clara/Dalek if it was going to kill him, wouldn't have stood by so long and waited for the Doctor to kill it.

Funny line has to be when the Doctor finds himself back with Davros in his chair and he tells the Doctor, it's "the only other chair on Skaro."  Where'd that come from then?  Ha.  Also what was this about Missy mentioning a daughter, when she brings out the brooch to pierce the Dalek's shell in the sewer.  Not to mention the line of the present for the Doctor, canned.   If Clara was Missy's familiar, you know the bitch's er, the witch's familiar, then who was The Magician's apprentice last ep, Davros?

Monday, 21 September 2015

Eye Candy 1.3 "HBTU" Review

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Lindy (Victoria Justice) and Tommy (Casey Jon Deidrick) head over to Reese's apartment after finding out he's a Vic and not the killer in last week's ep.  Where Lindy manages to walk into a mobile made out of human teeth as well as a mannequin.  She feels guilty, as she should, that's three that have been killed cos of her.  Though I have to ask why the killer hasn't made a move on Jake (Ryan Cooper) he's been getting away for a while now.  I know he's their number one suspect, but to me that's all he is.  Even if they did try and make you think otherwise.  The DNA on the teeth comes back to female and that of Julia Becker.  Lindy recalls her mother reached out to her after filing a missing person's report and the police did nothing.  Tommy can't find a report in their database.  This means Reese is still alive, for now and Lindy feels relieved.

Connor (John Garet Stoker) is at work and his boss asks who filed the 'fluff' piece 'Pets on Vine'. Connor admits it was him cos it was fun at the time and if he doesn't come up with anything better then he's fired.  He says he's working on something, that being the photos he swiped from the CS board last ep.  He also texts Sophia (Kiersey Clemons).  Tommy and Lindy break the news about Julia to her mother and Lindy just stands by as she breaks down.  Yeah don't help her.  Lindy heads for the shower when she gets home, whilst someone appears to be watching her though the window. She hears a noise but it's Sophia, who is planning a girl's night in for both of them at the weekend. Was it just me or did Lindy suddenly lose her black slippers?? or was she wearing them when she imagined she saw someone sneak past behind her.  Cos next minute they're gone.

She finds a birthday card in her mail which she disregards, guessing it was from her father and then a white envelope with "surprise" written on it.  I can't fathom that Lindy is a hacker and yet she just throws her mail into the bin without even tearing her name and address up.  Yet she was worried Jake found her address when she only gave him her phone number.  Anyway, she finds a picture of her and Sarah in the envelope and there's blood on her clothes.  Tommy thinks he can analyze it using pixel programme and Catherine (Melanie Nicholls-King) has a word with Lindy.  The photo was taken on Sarah's birthday a few weeks before she was abducted.  She asks why Sarah's bracelet is missing in the second photo.  Lindy says she lost it so she was angry with her.  Tommy gets a hit on   the photo which were all put together from three other CS.  One where they thought it was a mob killing as the man had his fingers removed.  Another one a woman had her breasts cut out and in the third the Vic has his eyes gouged out after a mugging.

Lindy finds they were all on the Virtual website so he was an "equal opportunity" killer as Tommy puts it.  Connor asks Sophia for info on the case as they're both involved and were at the station.  She can't tell him but writes it down, "they found teeth."  Jake calls Lindy but she ignores him.  Funny they had garlic and onions in their kitchen and they don't even cook.  Lindy is angry when she finds out that Connor posted the story as his blogger name is "insomnia."  She heads down to his boxing class and she brings him down.  He's not sorry but his boss, Hamish (Eric Sheffer Stone) says he made him do it.  He knows everything about her cos he claims to have Googled her.  So is this another suspect in the mix then.

George (Harvey Guillen) covered for Lindy at work and she asks George if he can pull a background on the photo.  He finds it's static but the type from a TV.  She thinks it's from Reese's apartment.  So they break in when George uses his fancy gizmo.  Funny Reese's bananas haven't rotted either in the bowl.  They find a list of Italian movies and she gets the notion that the first words of each film makes up an acronym, "Myperfico" meaning perfection.

Lindy tells the others and that she thinks that the killer is killing cos of the Vic's flaws they all tried to hide them online and when he found them out he killed them.  The first man used to bite his nails, the woman had her breasts done and the third wore contacts.  Julia had crooked teeth which she hated and never opened her mouth and their latest Vic had her face disfigured as she had skin blemishes. Tommy sees Jake at the station and he's filed a report cos someone put malware on his phone. Tommy thinks he might suspect Lindy.  Sophia calls and asks if she remembered the egg rolls which she goes back to get and meets Tommy.  He was trying to call her.  When she enters everyone shouts, "surprise" as Sophia's thrown her a birthday party.  Which she hates.  Tommy tells her he hated his too.  She's thinking of Ben and he says it's better to think of such things than to keep them in.  Jake arrives as Tommy leaves since they've found Reese's clothes.

He gives her a present, his fave restaurant menus, yeah that was original, look a cheap lawyer!  Ha. Yeah I know it's cos they don't cook.  He tells her he found her address cos it's easy with a number and he probably creeped her out.  Someone starts a fire in the bath and Lindy feels faint.  Jake leaves to get water and she's taken away by the killer.  Jake is arrested since the clothes were found in his apartment.  Lindy wakes and sees Reese with the killer who slits his throat, as he dies, he drops a gift onto the ground.

Tommy tells her they let Jake go cos she was with the killer at the time and he was in custody.  She's sad and knows that the killer is after her cos he thinks she's perfect, but she's not.  She has so many flaws and asks what will happen when he finds that out.   The gift contains the bracelet that she gave Sarah.  Wasn't it just half of the bracelet.  I still say that the killer's voice sounds like Ben and should I stick my neck out by adding it sounds like a put-on accent.  But then we're also meant to think it could still be Connor cos he's disgruntled about the piece he wrote and Sophia doesn't want anything to do with him.  So as he was told to leave, maybe he's meant to have come back for Lindy, but who spiked er drink cos he didn't come into the apartment.  Unless it was done beforehand.  Of course we all know what 'HBTU' means! ha.  Happy Birthday To You, just incase you didn't.

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Downton Abbey Series 6 Episode 1 Review

The final series of Downton Abbey opened on a note of merriment for the social classes heading out for the hunt again.  Though really it was Mary (Michelle Dockery) who was being the prey this time again due to her dalliances with Tony Gillingham in Liverpool last series.  A mysterious woman with a Liverpudlian accent turned up at the hunt, so it was no surprise where she was from.  Carson (Jim Carter) telling her to follow the others if she wants to watch it all.  Robert (Hugh Bonneville)  tells Mary that side saddle would've been more graceful and she replies dangerous too.  Of course someone made the comment of Mary having a leg over on the horse.  In more ways than one shall we say! Ha.

There's a meeting of the hospital board underway where the Dowager (Maggie Smith) tells of how their hospital will be taken over by the larger Yorkshire hospital.  This will mean their patients will suffer and Dr Clarkson (David Robb) is in agreement with that, he's seen it happen.  Isobel (Penelope Wilton) is in agreement with Lord Merton (Douglas Reith) however and thinks it will mean more equipment, as well as more up to date procedures, which can only benefit the patients.  The Dowager found out by a friend who is on the board and Isobel thinks as she's in charge of their hospital she should've been told beforehand.  The Dowager adding they will all be informed in due course.  Seems they've both got a fight brewing over the hospital which will no doubt take up much, if not all of the series.

Carson and Robert discuss the downsizing of the staff and how they have already lost a lot over the years as he discusses the possibility of letting more go since they simply won't have enough money to pay that many, especially in 1925.  To back this up we're told of the Darnley's selling their house and moving to London as they can't afford to maintain it.  Thus they're having an auction and Mr Mason (Paul Copley) is in fear of his job as continuing tenant on the land.  Asking Robert for help in seeing if he can get the owners to keep him on.  Robert wants to attend the auction since his father was a friend of theirs and he may find something belonging to them and Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) feels they should all go.  The Dowager later confides in Denker (Sue Johnston) about the staff being reduced and asks her to keep it quiet.  Perhaps confidence wasn't a good word to use, cos of course she rushes straight over to Downton announcing their jobs are in peril.  Thomas (Rob James-Collier) attempts to ask Carson about this, but he fobs him off as this not being the right moment to discuss it. The new servant, Andy (Michael Fox) thinks he'll be first out as he was last in.  Yet nothing is certain.  Can't trust Denker with anything.  Also she's still snooping around the Dowager's desk.  She also tells Spratt (Jeremy Swift) of the same and that she won't have any use for a butler.

Mary is spooked by Miss Bevan, the woman at the hunt and she falls off her horse.  As her ego takes a battering and she gets muddy, but nothing's broken.  Bevan is here to blackmail her and has the page of the register from the hotel showing she was there with Gillingham and demands £1,000 for her silence or she'll take it to the papers.  Mary is insistent she won't get a penny and confides in Anna (Joanne Froggatt).  Who tells Mary she shouldn't give in and pay.  Bevan later sneaks in again and this time is taken to Mary's room by Mrs Hughes (Phyllis Logan) under the pretext of being the Dowager's new maid and having a message only for Mary.  Wouldn't think she'd have been allowed to go to her bedroom, maid or no maid.  She tries her best to blackmail her again and Anna has to drag her out.  Why didn't Mary just ring the bell instead of asking Mrs Hughes to get Anna.

Edith (Laura Carmichael) can't decide what to do with her life and the editor at the paper is having trouble dealing with her cos she's a woman.  She thinks she might move to London as Michael's flat is still there.  Then she can treat Marigold as her own and no one will bat an eye or ask awkward questions.  Mary still sniping at her when she later tells Robert that Edith will get up to all sorts of mischief by herself in London.  Yes, like you in Liverpool, oh wait, there was also mischief right under the very roof of Downton in series 1 with Pemuk.

Mrs Hughes has worries of her own and a delicate question she needs to ask Carson, but takes Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nicol) under her wing and gets her to do the dirty work for her.  Viz, will Carson want a "full marriage" or will he be happy in a companionship/relationship where they abstain.  She hasn't let a man see her in years and he might not like what he does see.  Mrs Patmore suggests turning the light off!  Ha.  Also that he wouldn't exactly have taken his togs off for anyone in a while. She tries to ask Carson but it doesn't go quite so well, until the second attempt, where he replies he loves her and he does want that sort of a marriage, where a wife performs "wifely duties."  Well now that we got that sorted, he even thought Mrs Hughes might call the whole thing off, which she doesn't do.

Spratt blabs to the Dowager about wanting sufficient notice before he's let go and adds how Denker told everyone of this.  The Dowager later thinks Denker should be leaving since Isobel doesn't have a lady's maid or a butler.  Denker can't believe she'll be fired, of course as the Dowager tells Isobel, it doesn't hurt to rule with some fear.  They think the fight over the hospital is about power and she's even at odds with Dr Clarkson about this, who thinks that she must've got lots of advice from Merton about it.  Isobel still thinks it's best for the patients.

At the auction Darnley (Adrian Lukas) says they hung on too long and now they have no choice but to sell everything, including all their furniture and ornaments.  Daisy (Sophie McShera) is appalled by Mr Mason's treatment, especially after he shows her a trinket box which he had to pitch in half a crown for.  She's very vocal with the new owner Henderson (Rick Bacon) that she's disgusted how Mr Mason can be just gotten rid of so easily, particularly after his grandfather and great grandfather farmed the land for so long.  Henderson's  disgusted at the impertinence and won't consider keeping Mason on now.  Even when the others told her not to say anything, she ignored them without thinking as usual.

Bevan returns again when Mary's out and goes into the library after she sees Robert to spill to him. When Mary arrives s sees him give her a cheque and tells her to leave.  Bevan adding Mary's luckier than most.  He gave her £50 and also got a confession from her which she signed, or no money.  If she reneges on it she'll be prosecuted.  Mary is pleased he did that for her, well he would wouldn't he but also asks why she did it.  Since they were going to get married and he thought he could convince her of this.  He reminds her that Tony and his wife were also involved in this.  Mary doesn't think she'll find anyone who's right for her and how she'd "rather be alone than with the wrong man."  But Robert  wants to see who she will eventually find.  Which means now that he's said it, she will find someone.  He can also see how his daughter has grown up and can handle things so well.  Yeah it looked like she could.  Mary also wants to take over Branson's job and manage the farm.  He's mentioned as doing fine over in America and Isobel says there's plenty of Irish people over there too. Robert deciding to raid the fridge and feasting on a rather scrawny drumstick.  The remains of which is then placed by the fridge and then finds itself back in Robert's hands again!

Anna is moody cos she can't have children and thinks they won't ever have a family.  Especially when she hears about Marigold after Molesley (Kevin Doyle) mentions how she was a farmer's daughter and has it made after Edith took a shine to her.  She's also given news that a woman confessed to pushing Green onto the road after an argument.  He was horrible to her and a witness is found to corroborate that they met in a pub earlier on.  So she's no longer a suspect.  She asks the Sergeant to convey her forgiveness to the woman for not coming forward sooner and how Green has ruined lives.  Mrs Hughes adding that hers is no longer ruined.  Robert decides they should celebrate the news with champagne and Daisy still has her job, only cos Cora didn't want her fired as Carson intended.  Now I said that about Bevan when Mary asked what they should do about her.  Throw her under a bus!  Ha.

A rather boring start to the final series with not much going on.  Downsizing and firing the staff who aren't needed and the homes being  mere institutions in later years has all been mentioned before. If this was what's left of the stories them I'm not surprised they called it a day on Downton.

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Doctor Who 9.1 "The Magician's Apprentice" Review

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The season 9 opener was rather dark for a Doctor Who ep, but then that's no surprise going along with the more darker Doctor territory, started by Doctor Eleven.  As men run from laser firing planes, one of them chances upon a boy and tries to help him.  He asks if he's heard of the 'hand mines,' that's a new one on landmines, obviously. as these grab your leg and swallow you whole into the ground. The boy stands still and shouts for help.  Cue our time travelling Doctor (Peter Capaldi) who throws him his screwdriver, enabling them to communicate.  The boy needs rescuing and the Doctor is all for it until he hears his name, 'Davros.'  Alarm bells blaring...
The Doctor then goes off the radar as we travel between planets anywhere from the Maldovarium Shadow Proclamation, to Karn where he's hiding. as Colony Sarff searches for him as he has a message from Davros, " Davros knows, Davros remembers."  That's not all that was strange as Clara (Jenna Coleman) notices a plane frozen in the sky.  It's the same all over the world and she rushes to UNIT and Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave)  where they detect with the use of an algorithm, the number of planes that are stuck in one place.

Finally they get a message from Missy (Michelle Gomez) who wants to meet in a hot climate with eight snipers cos otherwise no one will meet her.  She tells Clara she's the one freezing the planes as insurance.  The Doctor's sent his friend his confession dial, sort of like a last will and Clara thinks it's for her, but actually it's for Missy.  She calls them enemies but that's why she should have it. Clara asks where the Doctor would go if he didn't have long to live.  The algorithms changed and he's located in Essex 113AD.  Where he rocks up (no pun) on a tank playing an electric guitar.  Then spots Clara and Missy on the balcony of the castle.  Promptly playing 'Pretty Woman.'  Clara asks how he could've seen her and he hugs her.  A lot can be hidden in a face with a hug.

Colony Sarff turns up too and unleashes his 'dress of snakes' as the Doctor calls them, which doesn't frighten him.  He wants to take him to Davros (Julian Bleach) and he agrees.  Only Clara and Missy accompany him too.  On the space station, the Doctor is taken away and tells Missy "gravity."  She jumps around after some singing and tells Clara there's no gravity since they're not in space, "this is a space station so the gravity should be artificial and coppery-smelling and a tiny bit sexy." As they head outside where she says they're on ground.  It's a planet.  The Doctor meets up with Davros (who seemed to be doing a lot of Columbo acting with his hand.  He recalls the Doctor on the planet and questions his compassion for saving him.  As we get to hear Doctor Four (Tom Baker) ask, "if someone who knew the future pointed out a child to you, and told you that the child would grow up totally evil, be a ruthless dictator who would destroy millions of lives , could you then kill that child?"  As well as Doctor's Five, Ten.

The planet is revealed to Clara and Missy who recognizes it as Skaro.  The Doctor pleads not again and also pleads for them to be spared.  The Dalek's having also "procured" the TARDIS.  They are going to destroy it.  Missy tells them they can't and they need her to go to other times and planets and can cause destruction forever.  She's exterminated and then Davros mentions  that the Daleks kill people when they run from them, which is what Clara does and she too is exterminated.  The Doctor returns in the TARDIS back to Davros as a boy and points a weapon at him, saying he's going to exterminate him.

Of course that's the age old question for the Doctor and he thinks if he'd known what Davros would do and become, as well as taking his people and put them into a tank, he maybe would've not saved him as a boy.  That's the novelty of hindsight that he's got.  Maybe not exactly novelty, but the ability to go back and change things.  Time can be altered.

For any Doctor Who fan and aficionado, this episode would have reminded them of the ep, Genesis of the Dalek's with Doctor Four.  Who was sent back to the civil war being raged on Skaro and that's where the clip of Doctor Four and his question came in.  Could he kill a child?  But what is Davros's real plan with the Daleks once again and of course why did he take so long in remembering.  Did the Doctor heading back to that time trigger his memory, was it the screwdriver that Colony Sarff throws at the Doctor could have made him remember?  The Doctor also says he no longer carries a screwdriver, which probably leaves him a little naked and inadequate.  Or is it cos he knows he hasn't got long to live, hence the three week party he threw himself.  But even then there was a traitor in the midst, int he form of the Dalek who steals the TARDIS.   They 'procured' that pretty easily, isn't it meant to be invisible.

Clara's funny thought of their relationship that Missy mentions and then having to put her right, "we're Timelords not animals, try nanobrain to rise above the reproductive frenzy of your noisy little foodchain and contemplate friendship."  Apt line when you come to think of it, you know these days with people and their one track minds.  Clara knowing she's the Doctor's greatest enemy and can't be trusted.  Yet there's a thin line between hate and love.  Especially as Clara reminds her she keeps trying to kill the Doctor and Missy replies with, vice versa, he's trying to kill her.  But Clara does manage to get those security men killed when she has the gall to utter that Missy's "turned good". Perish the thought as she so aptly demonstrates.

So why exactly the need for the Doctor's Confessional Dial, which suggests he's going to do something more daring than he's done before and thus the need to bring it up now.  But also give it to Missy.   The Maldovarium was seen in The Pandoria Opens as River Song stole the Vortex Manipulator here.  The Shadow architect (Kelly Hunter) from The Stolen Earth was seen at the Shadow Proclamation, as was a Judoon.  And Ohila (Claire Higgins) the Sisterhood of Karn.  We even got to see an Ood or two.

The hot country filming took place in Tenerife, well you'll be a little lost for finding anywhere to film here that's hot.  Ha.  Clara telling her class in the beginning that, "Jane Austen was a great kisser."  So she's experienced that and Missy's traps are her way of flirting.  Missy also telling Clara to "look for anachronisms" in the Doctor, cue tank and guitar.  Then they managed to squeeze Sylvester McCoy's "unlimited rice pudding" into the ep too.  

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Eye Candy 1.2 'BRB' Review

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Lindy (Victoria Justice) speeds up the process of finding out who killed Ben, as we're subjected to yet another murder from the killer's point of view.  This time it's another blonde at a spa who has bad skin.  She's always had imperfections.  Uh-oh, as the killer seeks to perfect that by pouring industrial strength paint stripper on her face.  Claiming another Vic.  Hey looking at Lindy, she's not that perfect, she was out on her left side and has not so perfect teeth, but who's looking, right?

Tommy (Casey Jon Deidrick) wants to stop her from putting herself in danger after she meets Reese (at the club, date number 2 she met last ep and he slips her a pill, as they dance and kiss, which she throws away.  She's watched by Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) and Connor Jon Garet Stoker) and she tells him Lindy's out to catch a killer.  Tommy tells her it's not her fault since he saw his mother at Ben's funeral and she looked at him with regret.  Lindy says she got blame.  Cos he was on her roof and with her before when she sent him back to her apartment for Sophia.  She cools it with Reese who wants to 'date' her, and wanting to get hot and heavy, as Tommy calls her and she says it's her mother.

Next day she moves on to the Aussie, date number 1, Jake (Ryan Cooper) and sits in the coffee shop watching him.  The woman asks her if she's drinking coffee, but she replies it's Bolivian.  She tells Lindy she's been staring at that apartment across the road for two weeks and she knows all about Jake.  He's got a record for sexual assault but the charges were dropped, obviously cos he's a lawyer (sleazy?)  We have yet to decide.  I did have my eye on him, no pun, in terms of a suspect and nothing more!  Like his Aussie accent though.  But with this show just when you think you have a suspect, they add more twists into the mix.  Knew it wasn't Reese since he was too obvious.  He's just broken up with his girlfriend and he really only wants fun.  Said woman is Sgt Catherine Shaw (Melanie Nicholls-King) and she hires Lindy to work for them since they could use her at the Cyber Crimes Unit (very CSI:Cyber, maybe that's why Eye Candy didn't catch on.  Would've rotted the brain with two such shows on the air.)  Though have to admit after watching ep 2, Eye Candy does have a certain futuristic vibe to it.  She also hints that working for the police, Lindy can use their resources to find her sister, whom she's sorry about.

Jake comes to her apartment, but she was meant to meet him at a restaurant and asks him how he found her address.  Which he neglects to answer, well he's a lawyer isn't he.  He's brought groceries and wants to cook for her.  She watches him cook and how he's adept with the knife.  She says it's the first time the kitchen's been used for cooking and he thinks living in New York is why.  She just replies she can't cook, but he's very delicate. He asks if she means he's delicate.  Why, is that such a crime?  Ha.  Sophia and Connor arrive and they haven't eaten either.  Cue Lindy and Sophia in the bathroom where Lindy lets on about how he turned up.  Connor arrives and calls him "beautiful" and warns not to eat the food, which may be poisoned.  They drink more than they eat and Sophia recalls how she met Lindy in the bar and looked across at her, knowing there was something about her, so   she just had to invite her to live with her.  It was like having a past life.  But Connor is day to day.

Jake leaves after a call and they survive the night.  Lindy doesn't believe he's the killer and still goes with Reese.  Outside Reese spots them and wants to know what that is when she kisses him goodnight, only on the cheek.  Lindy asks George (Harvey Reyes) to hack the cameras on the street and notices that Reese could've skipped into the spa. She knows his car now and she takes it to the others. Tommy is angry Lindy's here cos she'll put herself in danger some more.  Lindy thinks they can hack into his car as it'll contain all the info on where he's been, thereby blowing his alibi.   Catherine warns Tommy not to question her motives for having Lindy work for them since she'll remove him from the case.  They agree to surveil Lindy as she goes on a date with Reese.  As she sits at the desk, belonging to Ben, she finds where he wrote her number on the desk and has a flashback to calling him.

On her date with Reese, he scuppers the restaurant plans and heads away knowing he's being followed, well she wasn't so subtle in looking over her shoulder when she was in the car.  But he didn't peg her wearing a wire.  He drives to a junkyard and talks cars and how people do so much in them and have so many memories and then they just trash them.  He tries to get it on with Lindy, but she's not biting and so he gives her the car keys, going for a pee was he, after drinking beer beforehand.  Tommy's found the car but couldn't jimmy it open, before he's conked out.  Lindy arrives and gets locked in, the car being automatically driven away James Bond style.  She hacks into the computer with her phone and Tommy manages to tell her he's in the back, as the car heads for lampost.  Lindy manage to stop it in time and they suspect Reese is guilty.

Sophia and Connor have to stay at the station cos they're involved with this and the suspect's been taking pics of Lindy and following her.  So how come we didn't see any pics with Tommy on that dummy left in the car?  She gets a call from Reese, turns out he's a Vic.

Okay, suspects: there's something about Tommy that is a bit strange, can't put my finger on it yet, aside from finding Lindy beautiful, we know he coveted his partner's girl, so his feelings weren't so pure.  But later he tells Connor that he's into blondes, when he questions Connor about whether he's flirting with him.  Connor is anaother one who's hard to pin down, taking the CS photos on his phone. Does he want to steal them for a story, put them online, just collect them, or would he be a suspect.  I also got the feeling about there being something about Ben, he just didn't seem dead to me, but guess that can't be faked, cos the killer's voice sounded a little like Ben to me.  Anyway we shall know when we get to the end, for those of us who haven't seen it yet, but it's good to speculate and lay suspicions onto others.

BRB meaning 'Be Right Back' of course.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Eye Candy 1.1 K3U Review

So with a name like this I had to check out this show, which all seemed standard fare.  The Internet how we're all potential Vics of hackers, stalkers, sociopaths, psychopaths and the list is never ending. This one turned out to be routine, Lindy's (Victoria Justice) sister, Sara (Jordan DiNatale) is abducted right in front of her on a rainy night after using the loo at a drive thru.  Couldn't she walk back to the car.  Which made me think was this just a Vic of opportunity, or was this planned.  Did this particular psychopathic serial killer reel Lindy into his 'dirty Internet' stalking game, whilst he's looking for his "ideal;" preying on dating websites which her friend, Sophia (Kiersey Clemons) signs Lindy up to. Under the name 'Eye Candy', hence the title.  Which also happen to be based on the novel by RL Stine.  Remember him, re Goosebumps.  If I wrote one, I'd call it Mind Candy (for obvious or not so obvious reasons!)

Lindy's a hacker, on parole and her current love interest/beau, Ben (Daniel Lissing) is a cop who was the one that arrested her.  They still have feelings towards each other, as he removes her ankle monitor, more like leg monitor and a chance to get all touchy-feely with her.  Ben still has feelings for her as I said which is why the chemistry didn't last long.  Or should that be relationship.

This also reminded me of Dark Angel in a futuristic sort of way, though it was only the present, the filming, use of music and just general atmosphere reminded me of something more futuristic, more technological.

Lindy meets up with the mother of missing Julie Becker, but it's a meeting in a virtual sense, as she works on the missing problem from her IT company with a friend, George (Harvey Gullien) who helps her out.  So that's her niche established.  Cue killer talking about what he does and how he's looking for the perfect one, but they all fool him with the pictures they post.  Julie happens to have crooked teeth so she's not right for him and has to go.  But isn't discovered until along while later. Lindy hacks into the NYPD computer but doesn't find any files on her.

Meeting those three men at the club, she gets a message on the phone on her way home, who lets on he's watching her.  Also through her webcam (hey I haven't covered up my webacm on the laptop, have you?)  She thinks she can get him back by watching him, but sees gory images of bloody women.  She doesn't make the connection though and puts it down to him expecting her to hack him back.  So at the club she meets the three potential dates and hacks their phones.  Sophia having called Ben, who doesn't want her doing this.  Yet he's the only one who can help her stay safe, or so he thinks.  On the way back home, Lindy realizes she's picked up the wrong phone as she can see herself on it.  When she meets up with him, he's dead with the phone shoved in his mouth and a message comes up reading, "I thought we were exclusive."

Ben is going to stay with her and whilst in the shower, Lindy sneaks away to the roof.  He follows her in just his pants, so what was the point of the shower.  Hey naksed man on roof, call the cops! Ha. Where they get intimate and she tells him that she imagines one of those stars is her sister.  You see, it's been three years since she vanished.  Ben says she's done enough.  So wasn't anyone perving on them on the roof?

Later she sees Sophia at their apartment  and the killer too, calling her there's no answer but she calls Ben.  Then gets her Sophia on the line who says she's at work.  Oh come on, wouldn't you know if your friend is working or not.  It was a trap for Ben and she made him walk right into it.  That's two she got killed, seriously.  She finds him gone and the mannequin dummy holding a laptop where she sees and talks to Ben for the last time.  The message telling her to say it so he can hear it or he won't know.  She tells him she loves him and Ben tells her about the one star again.  She works out he's on the roof, but it's too late.  Where else would he be considering that's her domain, so to speak.  Giving Lindy more motivation to catch the killer.  Now that's why they had their final fling together and what's the bet I was right and they were being watched there too, never mind the apartment having cameras in it.

As for the message 'Miss Me?' That was straight out of Sherlock and Moriarty!  Very predictable in a lot of places and could have been better done!  Most will enjoy it though as it's got some twists and turns to keep you entertained.  Though the show was cancelled after 10 episodes, it does have its fans.
As for Daniel Lissing who played Ben, I hadn't realized he was in Home and Away back in 2006.  he doesn't even look the same after nine years.  He was also in Hallmark's When calls The Heart.

K3U meaning 'I love you.' I <3 U