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Castle - 2.6: "Vampire Weekend" Review

Castle and Beckett investigate in the world of the supernatural, vampires and werewolves as a man is found staked to death. Castle throws his Hallowe'en party

Castle (Nathan Fillion) tries on his space cowboy outfit from his time on Firefly.  Alexis (Molly Quinn) says he wore it five years ago.  "Don't you think you should move on?"  She's reading the Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe which should have been a clue to Castle's outfit at the end.   She's skipping his Hallowe'en party this year.   She's looking after a baby egg for school, called Fagin.

Beckett (Stana Katic) calls about a case.   A man is found in the cemetery with a stake though him.   Castle loves this time of year.  He also loves walking in cemeteries since there are so many stories behind the graves, pointing out one called Elizabeth Dryden, but there's no year for when she died, which of course was another clue for the current case.   Castle 'looks like Buffy visited.'

Lanie (Tamala Jones)  thinks the DB hit his head on the stone or was hit on the head.   Castle thinks of Lichens who are at war with vampires.   The Vic was wearing fangs but were actually ceramic veneers.   Castle stops Lanie from removing the stake since if he's a real vampire he'd come back to life.   Does Castle really buy into the entire vampire legends/myth?   He is a writer but thought he'd be less into that sort of Gothic fantasy.   Lanie also finds two bite marks on his thigh.

Castle notices black smudges on the stake.   Didn't Lanie notice those, since she needs to send everything to be analyzed? But Beckett has to tell her to send to CSU.   Castle knows someone who's a fang master and could ID the fangs.   At the store, Castle suggests Beckett should get a costume for herself.   She's not coming to his party.   Dr Barry Frank (Jim Gleason) made the fangs for Brad Pitt on Interview with a Vampire.   He Ids the fangs to someone named Crow and Castle has to tell her they wouldn't use their real names - umm, I'd come out with my 'how long has she been a cop for' comment right about now.   Castle tries on some fangs and picks out a "slutty nurse's outfit" for Beckett.   So we're back to slutty references as far as Beckett is concerned.   Mind you her dresses were like that in season 1.

They find an address for Crow, real name Matthew Freeman.   Castle mentions graphic novels, Frank Miller and Beckett comes up with "Epic comic or Darkhorse year."  That's the sexiest thing he's heard from her all year.   She replies the things he doesn't know about her could sell a book.   He did sell a book!  His landlady tells of a fight at his apartment with a girl.   Ryan (Seamus Dever) looks up 'Den of Inequity' on the computer and vampire covens.   He was a relationship with someone into all this but he drew the line when she wanted sex in a coffin.   (Abby from NCIS is into coffins.) Esposito (Jon Huertas) "did the relationship suck."  Ryan is made to call his ex for info.

They talk to his former girlfriend at a club of sanguinarians and she tells them Crow had a boyfriend, Damon.   They found her hair on him cos they were together.   Damon talked him into writing a graphic novel.   Morgan Lockerbie (Rob Arbogast) was an original member of his coven and thinks he's a real vampire.   Castle believes some sort of childhood trauma , such as the loss of a parent makes them interested in murder.   "Some people become vampires, some people become cops." Referring to Beckett, that's his version of Psychology 101.   Beckett needs to make that call which changes everything and she prefers to do it alone.

Crow's father, Alan (Robin Thomas) says his son changed and his mother, Janice (Anita Barone) who so obviously was crying fake tears, talk about having rapid eye movement.   Morgan is missing.   Castle is reading the graphic novel and finds Morgan is in the novel as Morlock.   Beckett gets close to Castle who smells her scent of cherries, but Ryan and Esposito walk in, ending their moment.   There are drawings in the novel of the location.   Inside they find a coffin which Castle removes the lid of with Beckett and then jumps back.   He's attacked and bitten by Morlock who appears to combust in sunlight.

Lanie says he suffers from Porphyria. It's not contagious but is genetic and she gives Castle plenty of antibiotics.   Castle: "You wanna bite me, you buy me dinner."  That's a simple request from him.   Morgan slurs his words and doesn't make any sense.  Beckett calls in a psychiatrist.   The smudge is identified as India ink used in graphic novels.   Alexis is allowed to go to a senior's party and Martha (Susan Sullivan) is going out to find her Great Gatsby, as she's dressed for the occasion.   Castle has to babysit Fagin.

The psychiatrist, Dr Holloway (Phil LaMarr) deduces Crow can't separate fantasy from reality and the woman in the drawings is an angel in acts of violence.   Castle was right about the childhood trauma.   Esposito calls Beckett about Damon. He's dead with a bullet through his heart, dressed as a werewolf.   But not with a silver bullet.

Damon's real name is Jonas and he was a student at NYU.   Lanie determines he died the same time as Crow and she also spots what they're looking for, an envelope taped underneath his desk.   Castle also finds India ink, meaning Crow's killer was here too.   Damon's research was in the envelope and Beckett wonders what happened to Castle when he was younger.   She comments, tit for tat.   Castle's seen her tat, won't show her his t-t.   Being interrupted before he gets to finish.  The woman's face in the drawing is the same as in the clipping.   So Crow knew the woman before she died.

Alexis calls for help with Paige and she slurs drunkenly, which Alexis understands but Castle doesn't.   Alan and Janice don't know who the woman is, but his sister, Rosie tells them about his portfolio and he had his "own personal ghost."  It was apparent Alan was hiding something when he saw that photo.   Damon found out the woman died 18 years ago and was shot in the chest.   The bullets match the gun that was used on her and Damon.   Ryan brings in his portfolio and the tree is the same as where her body was found.   He's remembering it.   Beckett looked after Fagin when Castle left it on her desk.

Esposito discovers Alan's name was McGinty and he took Janice's maiden name when married.   Elizabeth was his first wife, as in Dryden as in the grave in the cemetery.   It had to be the babysitter/nanny harking back to season 1 episode of Castle again.    Can't seem to get away from those.   Castle notices spots on Janice's coat and recalls what Morgan was ranting.   Janice shot Damon and used the same gun she used to kill Elizabeth.   Crow was putting flowers on his mother's grave and she killed him.

Castle tells Beckett about his childhood trauma and reels her in, hook, line and sinker.   He was spinning a yarn, as is his profession.   Castle dresses as Poe and Beckett scares him with her Alien costume.   She's "giving him the bird."  And Castle gives her the raven.   It was more Alien than a bird.   And there was he thinking she'd turned up in a sexy number just for him.  Then his mind was in the gutter earlier on with the slutty nurse remark.

Castle - the show - had to do a vampire episode for Hallowe'en  and he believes in vampires too, or was he just having us on.  This time round everything Castle said was what actually transpired but he needed that all important clue from Alexis to recall what Morgan was saying about the spots, blood and burying the wicked boy.

Beckett and Castle being interrupted in that scene and her smelling of cherries.   Even Ryan and Esposito suspect there's more going on than either one of them want to admit.   Yet another nanny involved in a murder, re season 1 eps.   Castle must be relieved his babysitter was normal and he's also relieved he doesn't have any issues with Alexis.

Watch out for Rosie's shirt with Hayley Blue written on it as she's the subject of the next episode.

Castle: "Looks like Buffy's visiting the Big Apple."  Yeah in search of Caleb.   Castle as Poe with a caterpillar, er, moustache made him look older and more mature and in his words, not so "ruggedly handsome."  This episode was all very Vampire Diaries what with the mentioning of Damon and originals.

The graphic novel sketches - all dark and showing the woman with red blood took me back to  to season 1 episode of Without a Trace, Clare de Lune where Clare had suffered a traumatic event as a child, and pushed her mother over the balcony.   When older, she began to recall these memories and she painted : black images with splashes of red representing blood.

There are cows in space as in the episode Safe of Firefly where Mal Reynolds carried a herd of cattle on his ship.   Esposito was dressed as his character from Generation Kill  (2008) Sgt Antonio 'Poke' Espera.   Ryan was dressed as a doctor which he's played in General Hospital and Army Wives.

CSI 12.12 Willows In The Wind Review

Sara (Jorga Fox) tells Nick (George Eads) about Catherine's (Marg Helgenberger) resignation, which comes as a shock to him.  He was the last to know, but she would have told them if she was leaving, especially Nick.

Sara, Nick and Brass (Paul Guilfoyle) then arrive at the scene of DB's (Ted Danson) abandoned and shot out car.  As well as finding their phones, which Nick has the brainwave to call.  They left them behind so they couldn't be tracked.  DB's wife calls his phone and Brass says this call is his and the CS is theirs. Nick is contacted by Doc Robbins (Robert David Hall) he was meant to meet him at a CS.  Doc then gets a text about the 'DB in Room 12.'  Good name for DB, came in handy here!    Doc manages to stitch up Catherine's wounds using a curling iron to cauterize the wound.  Luckily the gunshot was a through and through and she was helped by her friend, Kitty (Tangie Ambrose).  Catherine wants a "bullet to bite on." DB wants Doc to get a message to Brass to "bring us in."  When Doc leaves the Raincoat man (jack Dimich) stands outside and watches him leave.  Surprised he wasn't spotted standing out like a sore thumb.

FBI agent Pratt (Matt Lauria) is angry he wasn't called in sooner.  Brass comments someone ends up dead when the FBI are called in.  Pratt is pulling rank, even over Ecklie (Marc Vann).  Mark (Titus Welliver) wants to see his wife's DB.  Greg (Eric Szmanda) and Morgan (Elisabeth Harnois) process the CS at Catherine's house and find a blood trail which leads to a bloodpool, where a car drove though it.  More blood leads to the embankment where a DB is found.  The same as the others, this one is also already shredded to the bone by the super beetles.

At Catherine's, Nick and Sara process inside to find everything has been cleaned up.  Note shoddy patch up job again.  There's a bullet in the wall, a .40 calibre, which Sara comments was used by the shooter at the farmhouse.  The cleaning crew also missed the blood under the rug so they may be able to get DNA.
Mark only wants to speak with Ecklie and Brass.  When Brass arrives after Doc gives him the message, both DB and Catherine are gone.  The window is open so they made a quick exit.  Kitty called DB to warn him and they drive away in Jackory's (James Black) car.  DB gives her a 'get out of jail free' card.  Then gets a phone to call his wife.

Catherine takes them to a strip club and asks for Teddy Jnr (Rod Rowland) using the name 'Goldilocks' for herself.  Nick tells Doc Catherine's still out there.  Doc finds the recovered DB was shot four times with 5.7s; the same rounds used by the hitmen.  Nick comments on using the 'coup de grace' to finish him off.  This being the title of a previous ep, one which is very close to the hearts of many fans of Enrique Murciano.  Hey come to think of it, wonder if there was some subliminal reason Nick mentioned this?  Preparing us for 12.20 Altered States. Ha.

Nick adds "for pros been making a lot of mistakes."  Well that's cos it's not them.  DB also gets a gun for Catherine as well as the phone, as she's "Annie Oakley."  Catherine tells DB how she used to crave attention and met a man, a detective, Jimmy, who used to talk about his cases and ask her opinion.  All detectives are named Jimmy for some reason, there's Jim Brass also.  Which got her started on the forensics trail.  DB calls his wife.

The rest of the CSIs ponder the case and Greg comments how the assassins were more hit than miss.  They were both efficient and then Nick adds they left behind sloppy CS too.  Then missed Catherine when she was being shot at.  Nick asks why there were inconsistencies?  Sara believes they were intentional.  Nick believes the evidence was made to point to Mark and Sara thinks it's intentional.  Of course Laura (Annabeth Gish) was behind it. SO I was right about McQuaid and Laura being alive, thus the emphasis on the badge and the ring with the burnt out corpses last ep!

DB comments on needing a cover story, thus her resignation and how Catherine's rage would be directed at Mark and they would use her back-up gun on him.  Sorry but why is her back up gun in the front room and not somewhere else.  DB says she needs to "come in out of the cold."  Like something straight out of a spy movie.  He wants Teddy to call the coroner to collect two stiffs and bring bodybags.  Catherine tells Sara she's not resigning and the letter was a fake,  her computer was hacked.  Catherine doesn't know what she wants, thought it was a man.  Lindsay's left home and Laura is her friend.  Sara would prefer to go with Okham's Razor (the simple hypothesis making the fewest assumption is correct) the simple answer is right in front of her.  Laura had the info on Mark, portrayed him as a an abusive husband.  DB also says she would be the one to benefit.

Henry (Jon Wellner) examined exemplars from Laura's condo and her DNA matched. Catherine suggests they compare her clothes from the hospital.  The match comes up to the hitwoman.  One assassin shot by someone she trusted.  Thus McQuaid is alive too.  He updated the FBI database himself and the second DB from the car belonged to the hitman, Kruger.  Pratt can't believe McQuaid was dirty.  Ecklie thought it was Pratt.  Which doesn't make him feel better.  He worked with McQuaid and he said he was leaving, also had a weakness for beautiful women.

DB suggests a banking connection to contact the hit team and use them to set up Laura.  Pratt and Catherine meet and tell Mark about Laura and he wants to handle it himself as they knew he would.  Raincoat man is arrested when he tries to kill Laura.  He gives up mark and  also tells them McQuaid is already with them, obviously the DB they found near Catherine's.  His ex-wife provided them with DNA and he was the one who carried the .40 gun.  He was hit in the back with 5.7s and was trying to save her.  Pratt offers Catherine a job with the FBI and she asks if he's asking her out on a date, ha.  McQuaid saw someone with integrity in her, how he used to be.

Laura thinks she can get one over on Catherine and knows her.  Since Catherine would go for the boy who needed her and Laura would go for the one who could give her things, so how'd that work out for her?  As Catherine says she won't be out in the world anymore.  Also she misjudged her and Laura should have known how things would work out in the end.

She calls a family meeting and says her farewell speech: "a great team...respect all of you...changes initially hurt me but ultimately ended up being a great thing."  Catherine talks to Nicky again, cos he's her fave isn't he.  She was "wrong when I said it's been a long 19 years - gone way too fast...They're all family and this is the hardest decision" she's ever made.  Which sets Nick off again!  Ahh, he's always the one with the tears which doesn't make him weak, just very emotional.  Besides they were close friends and she always calls him Nicky, as do I.

Nick: "We all just love you'll always be here with us."  Catherine eats with Morgan to talk about the rush of solving a case which is fleeting like life.  This is all Morgan has.  She should hang on tight and Catherine says her father would agree.  So that marked the end of an era for CSI as another original cast remember leaves.  Thought Catherine's swansong would be a little more than this.  It just seemed a little hurried.  Also what happened to Vartaan, (Alex Carter) she didn't even say goodbye to him and imagine not having him in this episode to say her goodbyes to.  He wasn't even around to bring Catherine in or help her, which seems pointless since they were meant to have shared a lot even if it wasn't lasting.

Hey I wonder if George actually really cried in that scene?  If you're thinking you've seen that final scene before, it reminded me of the one with Catherine and Holly Gribbs in the Pilot, where she takes Holly aside after a robbery at a shop and convinces her to stay with the job and that she won't regret it.  Well she didn't regret it in some ways since she was shot at a CS.  Mind you the same thing happened to Catherine this ep, being shot, only she recovered albeit at miraculous speed - even if it was a though and through, she lost a lot of blood.

CSI: NY - 1.8: "Three Generations Are Enough" Review

The CSIs investigate the apparent suicide of a woman from a church rooftop, the suspected suicide of a stockbroker and conclude the cases are connected.

In the first story, an abandoned briefcase is found at the Stock Exchange.   A robot is sent to check if it's a possible bomb and the X-ray shows traces of nitrates.   There are 60 seconds in which to obtain prints from the case and then to disarm it.   The briefcase is blown up in a controlled explosion.   Mac (Gary Sinise) finds a message inside the case: "Incase something happens to me." Mac gets Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) to run a DNA sample.   He checks on CODIS and looks into the financial data.   Adding he can work around a spreadsheet.    He doesn't get a hit on AFIS, but gets a hit from the New York Mercantile Stock Exchange.

The print matched Luke Sutton (Steven Flynn)  but he's missing.   His apartment is trashed inside.   Aiden (Vanessa Ferlito) thinks he could have been kidnapped.   Mac: "Something happened and it wasn't good."  Well that's obvious.   Mac interjects that if a single man was kidnapped in a foreign country, a ransom would be demanded, but what would a kidnapping in NY be about.   Isn't greed the same the world over, no matter where.   If he was kidnapped then why did his briefcase end up at the Stock Exchange.   More whys for this episode.   Metal shavings are found and a degauser, a magnet was sued to erase electronic info.  Mac finds documents on the harddrive of Luke's computer.   Relating to the Supreme Court decision in Buck v Bell.  274 US 200.  Aiden looks at the harddrive, if they knew what they were looking for, then why trash the apartment.

In the second story, Stella (Melina Kanakaredes) looks into the apparent suicide of a woman at a church.   There's no GS wounds, or stabbing.   Flack (Eddie Cahill) comments on suicide being a sin.  Cue unnecessary definition from Stella from the Catholic Encyclopedia, does she really have to show off and be one up on everything, even when it's not needed.   Flack's Catholic, sure he knows what suicide means!   The DB was Katrina Roylston, known as Trina.   She was counsellor at the church.   She was found by a handyman on the roof.   Cigarette stubs are found next to the DB.   There's no note only a rosary.   Stella: "Suicide's not just sin, it's a statement and I don't see one here."  Well that's not always the case and not everyone leaves behind notes.

Danny finds traces of cocaine in the case.   The trader was tracking the illegal trading practices of dealer Nick Lawson (Tom Bresnan).   Lawson prearranged trading and sold at below market price.   The note says: "I am aware of your illegal trading pattern - Charles has given me a week to deal with this."  E-mails were sent between Luke and Charles.   There are at least 89 people called Charles, working on the floor.   Danny questions Lawson and he's aware Lawson is trading illegally.   Danny wants a DNA sample from Lawson to match to the blood found on the case.

The priest, Father Murphy (Larry Clarke) tells Stella Trina didn't leave any suicide note and she wasn't married.   Hawkes (Hill Harper) finds Trina was pregnant.   She was found on her back so it's hard to explain why she had a broken tooth.   She reached terminal velocity.   If under the velocity then suicides give in to the fall, resulting in trauma to the frontal bones.   Anyone who is pushed, fights gravity, resulting in vertical fractures to the tibia and fibula.   Trina isn't any of these.   To land horizontally means she was already dead or unconscious.   COD is fracture to the left occipital condyle, an injury seen in car accidents, the base of the skull separated from the spinal column, she was murdered.   Stella finds a candlestick holder under the seat with a fibre stuck to the base.   There's a typed letter in a prayer book: "Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned, or by those that are not entirely beautiful."  Father Tim Murphy is the name inside.

In the first story, blood from the note and knife matches DNA from the secondary sample from Luke's apartment, therefore the DNA belongs to Luke.   Mac: "Fear tends to trump logic."  An abandoned car is found, registered to Luke.   There's a burnt body inside.   Accelerate was poured over the head, Hawkes finds, when he was still awake, there's no head trauma.   An accelerate pattern is on the shoe.   X-rays reveal the presence of a bullet on the left side of the skull, no vital organs were hit.   Aiden finds the hard drive in the car.   Danny finds the gun, the bullet hit where Hawkes said.  

Aiden asks why he didn't shoot back if someone shot at him and Danny asks why only one bullet.   At least these questions were answered unlike the previous episode.   Stella asks Mac if he goes to church.   Mentioning sermon being part of forgiveness.   Mac: "Forgiveness isn't part of our job."  No, not at first it wasn't, but later on, we will find Mac and the others feeling some sort of sympathy towards their Vics and in certain circumstances, the accused.

Stella prints the candlestick holder and the prayer book and they match Trina.   Father Murphy's fingerprints were on there as he fixed the candlestick holder.   The line was from a WB Yeats poem.

Aiden traces the serial number on the gun, which is registered to Emily Dent (Sarah Aldrich).   Luke was her boyfriend, until a few months ago.   He made her get the gun as Charles has people watching him.

Stella finds the cigarette stubs also has Trina's DNA and that from a male donor.   The father of the baby is the smoker.   Paul (Peter O'Meara) the handyman, was convicted two years ago.   Stella tells him his DNA will be on file forever.  He kissed Trina when he found her and he gets physically angry.

Mac goes over the case so far.   Danny thinks it would make more sense if Charles is a dealer since he's not a lawyer.   The Mercantile Department already has a case against Lawson.   Danny and Aiden examine the trace and Mac goes over the harddrive.   The accelerant poured over Luke was unleaded gasoline.  petroleum distillates include toluene, which is found in paint, thinners, sealants etc.  On the screen: "Three generations are enough" is repeated from the harddrive.   An e-mail is found agreeing to deliver money and the parking ticket shows the location of the meet.   Danny, Aiden and Mac all find money here.   Mac: "I got the money."
Danny: "I got the money too."
Aiden: "I'm in." She also finds a half empty can, or as Mac says, "half full when we send it to DNA."  Spent casings are also found as well as a gun reloader and gunpowder, which could explain the presence of nitrates outside the case.   Mac: "With all the evidence we collected, you'd think we could find Charles." Well that's cos he doesn't exist.

Stella examines Paul's clothes to find Trina's hair, other prints match Paul, i.e two partial points of reference in common with Paul.   Flack: "yeah, you could probably find two points of reference in common with my print too."  Stella: "true."  Paul is a schizophrenic.   Mac and Stella are both paged by Jane (Sonya Walgar), cos we know what's coming next, the bits of an episode that I like, when two or more stories are linked and become one case.   Jane finds a connection between  the DNA sample which matches Paul.   He hasn't been taking his meds.   Mac: "Every case has a trinity: Vic, suspect, location."  In the second story, Trina was the Vic, Paul was the suspect and the Church, St Martin's was the location.  In the fist story: the Vic was Luke, the suspect was Charles and the location was Randall's Island Park.   They connect Paul to Charles.

Mac looks in the files and finds the case reference: the opinion of Oliver Wendell-Holmes, affirming the mandatory sterilization of mentally challenged people..."three generations of imbeciles are enough." Paul was schizophrenic and so was Luke, Luke and Paul were brothers.   Charles wasn't found as he doesn't exist, as I said.   The partial print on the candlestick belonged to Luke.   Luke was susceptible to delusions, he took Trina to the roof.   Danny mentions the roof was repaired with product containing petroleum, thus the accelerant pattern on the bottom of his shoes.   He threw her over the roof.   Luke was a third generation schizophrenic and Trina was about to have the fourth.   Paul getting Trina pregnant was an accident.  He doesn't like Yeats but James Joyce.   The letter wasn't his.   He went back to the apartment and attempted to destroy everything.   He thought of shooting himself, until Mac tells him the message changed.  Paul left home at 18 but wasn't strong like Luke.

As I said I like the episodes where the two stories are connected and Pam Veasey and Zachery Reiter said those are especially hard for them to write.   This is the first episode where this has taken place this first season.  The episode title and the clue to solving the case turns up about a third of the way through the episode on the computer screen when Mac is in front of it.   However anyone who knew the case of Buck v Bell would have this solved instantly,

Have to say, though perhaps I shouldn't, oh never mind, the funny scene where Paul turned the tables on Flack and Stella, though it had to be on Flack too, a pity, but that was coming.   That's never happened before and didn't happen again, so we had to enjoy the moment while it lasted!

Lots about science and religion here and Stella asking Mac about church as we saw him at church in the first episode.   Also  numerous CSI episodes where two cases have become one, such as Spark of Life, Face Lift, Blood Lust.   With reference to Mac alluding to the trinity of evidence here,  in CSI season 3 episode Play with Fire, Gil Grissom (William Petersen) finds that a toe nail on the nail clipper places the suspect at the CS, his nail (the killer's); her DNA (the Vic's)  and traces of these were found at both scenes (the location)  and he calls these the "holy trinity" i.e.  Killer, Vic, location.

CSI season 2 finale, The Hunger Artist also had a schizophrenic and in CSI episode Mea Culpa, Sara (Jorga Fox) shows Greg (Eric Szmanda) how to make the scratched serial number of a gun reappear.   For anyone who is into law, or not, the case of Buck v Bell makes for interesting reading.   By the way Eddie is also into James Joyce.  

Charlies Angels - 1.2: "Runway Angels" Review

This time around the angels look into the disappearance of a girl on behalf of their parents who was a model. Kate comes face to face with her ex fiancee, Ray.

The angels attend a photoshoot looking for a missing girl; find a man who was her stalker and took photos of her.   A chase begins and he ends up in the water, courtesy of Eve (Minka Kelly).   Gabriella (Hayley Higgins) is missing and Eve thinks he's about to pull out a gun, but it's his phone.   Bosley (Ramon Rodriguez) says the man can talk to Eve if he won't talk to him.   Eve rearing to go and cause some major hurt.   He wants to find Gabriella too.

"Once upon a time there were three young women who got into very big trouble.   Now they work for me.   My name is Charlie." The opening narration has been made shorter than the Pilot episode and quite honestly, they could have given it some major oomph.   It's so flat and boring.

He claims he was at the hospital and his alibi checks.   Kate (Annie Ilonzeh) takes the memory card from his camera.   Back at the office they watch the video message Gabriella was sending her parents.   Charlie (Victor Garber) says they need to find her.   Devon, apparently one of her friends was also on the card and they see a photo where they had an argument, which Devon failed to mention.

Bosley found the photos on the card.   Kate believes it must have been a rookie detective on the case, cue her ex fiancee, Ray (Isaiah Mustafa).   He was through with the questions and tells them the Russian First Lady is in town,   which was a clue to this case.   Kate: "The best private detectives solve the case."  She's in two minds at seeing him and her feelings for him begin to resurface. At least it seems that way.   Abby (Rachael Taylor) tells Eve who is always curious to know everything about Kate.   She tells her Kate was engaged, was busted for being dirty and then broke it off.   She still has the ring.

Bosley has been on Devon's Facebook page and she's in search of  a new roommate.   Abby wonders how a struggling model can afford such a grand mansion.   Abby has to play the model undercover and Kate plays the photographer.   A way for Abby to get into the house is by playing a down-on-her luck model.   She tells Devon she's from East Lansing and they bond.   Eve arrives with Abby's suitcase in tow and throws her out of the apartment for non payment of rent.   Kate fires her from the shoot.   Devon takes her  home and offers her a room.   She should trust Devon.

Abby knows Devon lied about seeing Gabriella.   Eve suggests they should take her hostage and "shove Ben and Jerry's down her throat ad get her to talk."   Cos she's stick thin and a model, well the same could be said for these angels.   See, Eve is always with the confrontational stance.   It's in her nature.   Abby is going to check out Gabriella's room and needs Bosley to distract the women as she scales the balcony.   Bosley is there as a Krav Maga teacher.

 Abby's heels become flats, then heels again after she gets into her room.   Abby posits every girl has a secret and these angels seem to have more than one, not to mention Bosley, who being a guy also has secrets, when he talks to Devon later on.   She finds lots of shoe boxes in the closet and Kate notices there are only 14 boxes and 15 pairs of shoes.   Abby susses the Yves San Laurent box is missing, which she finds in the crawl space above her containing money, along with a deed for a condo which she must have bought for her parents.   Eve: "What are you, the shoe whisperer?"

Mitch wants Abby for a client of his. He's the girl's attorney.   Devon assures her it'll be the easiest money she'll make.   Ray's at Gabriella's condo already when Kate and Eve arrive.   Kate says Abby would pick the lock and Eve just breaks the glass.   She speaks with Ray and feels he doesn't trust her.   But he doesn't "trust her decisions.   She broke the law and them up.   He'll always worry about her.   Gabriella is found dead in the shower.

The ME told Charlie she died a day ago so they couldn't have saved her.   Eve is ready to take down whoever killed her.   They wait for Abby at the dinner date.   Kate: "Abby runs on Abby time." Eve wants the lowdown on Kate and Ray, she's counting how long they were engaged for and were only two days away from the wedding.   Eve and Kate have a 'special' relationship.   She kept the ring so he'd see she's changed and have a second chance.   Bosley wants Abby to head to the toilet if anything goes wrong.

Mitch wants her to marry Obregon (Oscar Cheda) for a Green Card for him, in return for money.   Abby moans she only gets proposed to when she's undercover.   Bosley finds Obregon's part of a drug cartel so he hasn't got a Green Card.   Abby heads for the loo and Mitch gets swirlies for not giving info on Gabriella's husband's name.   Abby can't fit a badge in her dress.   Ray walks in and arrests Mitch who demands a lawyer.   Ray is angry he lawyer-ed up so the killer will go free now...  hey these are angels they won't let him get away.

Bosley talks to Devon and she saw it as a way to make money.   Bosley: "Pursuing dreams means people get hurt and you can decide who you want to be." His name is Simon Genks.   Abby: "Tall, dark and gloomy."  He got a job in a security firm after he got his Green Card.   They check out his place and  find a photo with a man in the army.   Kate takes prints from the photo frame for his real ID.   Eve finds a hiding place - like in the previous episode in Gloria's place.   The case has sniper rifles and no one heard the man coming.   He shoots and Eve is wounded.   His real name is Nickoli (Nikolay Nedyalkov) and he's an assassin who holds Russia responsible for the death of his wife.   He's after the Russian first lady.   Eve says they can ask Ray for info on her.   Kate asks him if he trusts her and he doesn't reply.   She's watching a dance troop.   The hotel would be the best vantage point and Kate spots him on the balcony.   Why would a security guard be carrying such a case?

On the roof he speaks Russian .   Abby recalls the second shooter from the photo as the security man, but Eve just says she knows him.   Kate shoots Nikoli saving Ray.   The Russian President thanks the angels.   Kate has a meet with Ray and Bosley asks who picked the cafe.   Ray did thus it's a date.   He cares about Kate and apologizes.   Kate: "I get it." Another Supernatural phrase.   He misses her.   She misses his approval but it doesn't mean love.   She returns his ring but he didn't ask for it back.  She can't hold on to the past.

Not much of an interesting episode, stumbling upon a Green Card scam with some shady characters giving the chance for Kate's ex fiancee to make an appearance, delving into her backstory and why they broke up.  She doesn't want to be with him anymore. He reminds her of her past and everything she did, so she'd want to leave that behind.   Maybe she feels she isn't really good enough for him, her being a 'fallen angel.'  yet she still has/had feelings for him so why did she return his ring anyway? She wasn't making a new start cos she had all that time to do that.   But she held on and now that he's on the scene, she has a change of heart.

Can't say much for the outfits.  They could have done better.   Know Kate was at a model do in the beginning but that top left a lot to be desired.   This second episode was more favourably received, but not enough to save the show.   Loving Bosley though.

Original Charlie's Angels episodes alluded to here include, Night of the Strangler, where Jill (Farah Fawcett) and Kelly (Jaclyn smith) played models and Sabrina (Kate Jackson) a photostylist.   In the Killing Kind, Kelly went undercover as a photographer.

Castle - 2.5: "When the Bough Breaks" Review

Castle is offered a three book deal to write about a great British spy, but that means not being able to work with Beckett anymore. This week's case is the murder of an immigrant.

Castle's (Nathan Fillion) publisher, Paula (Debi Mazar) tells him about  a new three book  publishing deal to write about a 'British secret agent.'  Castle has just launched his own character so why would he get involved with someone else's character?   Then he realizes who that is and claims his entire reason for becoming a writer was this agent.   His phone rings, Castle: "Another body must have dropped."  Aptly put, seeing as the DB is found in a manhole.

Perlmutter (Ayre Gross) puts COD as blunt force trauma and she was killed two days ago.   Ryan (Seamus Dever) asks if he can narrow it down.   Castle arrives at the scene late and they tease him about the weird CODs he's just missed.   Beckett (Stana Katic) joins in too, continuing on from last episode where she called him a pushover and seems he hasn't got the hint here either.   Some 007 music is played.

Perlmutter doesn't get any print match.   Castle comments two days and no one reported her missing.   She was an immigrant and has a candy wrapper which Castle recognizes as being Czech.   Castle: "Almost ordered a Russian bride once.   A Czech mate."  Beckett tells the Captain (Ruben Santiago-Hudson) Castle had to buy something from each shop they went to, Russian dolls being the product of choice.   Captain Montgomery suggests he could include the wrapper hunt in his next book.   She knows how the mayor feels about Castle.   Beckett insists, "I am not Nikki Heat."  Ryan and Esposito (Jon Heurtas) find the shop where the candy was bought, the wrapper was from a lollipop and Castle has to taste it.   Tastes like soap but he likes it.

The Super (Jeff Doucette) of her building recognizes her as Eliska and she paid rent every week in cash.  Another clue.   There are postcards on the wall and Castle finds one photo where the woman's face has been scratched out, but not the little boy.   Alexis (Molly Quinn) wants to invite a friend to his book launch party and Martha (Susan Sullivan) tells him it's just to hang out with boys and dress up.   Martha: "...think everything is about you." Well it is thus the name of the show, ha.     Martha insists Beckett would be doing fine before he was on the scene.   Somehow I don't think so.   Neither does Beckett by the end.

Beckett already thought about checking out the playground in the photo and sent Ryan and Esposito down there.   The woman in the photo is Melissa Talbot (Elaine Hendrix) with her son, Zane.   Eliska was fired and she gave Zane a lolly which Melisa didn't like her doing.   Dr Cameron Talbot (Reed Diamond) is an obvious suspect again, seeing as he's a doctor and a child was involved.   Melissa didn't like Eliska being too friendly with Zane.   Beckett reassures her what happened isn't Melissa's fault.   Eliska used to be married to Teodore (Ivo Nandi) and he was reported for domestic disturbance by neighbours.  Teodore and Eliska lost their son to a disease and she left him.

 Poor Ryan getting no chance to drink his coffee.   Beckett tells Castle about his other book and she would have liked him to have talked to her about it first.   Castle says she should be relieved it's not about her and clearly she's upset.   She doesn't want him gone cos she's not the type to let fame get to her, so it has to be him.   A woman with a suitcase returns and none of them spoke with her.   She identifies the man she saw arguing to the sketch artist who turns out to be Talbot and he had a pager too.

Talbot claims they had an affair and his nurse (Timi Prolhiere) alibis him.   Lots more clues here: Eliska working at the hospital too.   Beckett's scarf changes position from covering her chest to falling back.  Castle invites Ryan and Esposito to the book launch, which is where we came in, in the Pilot episode, the launch for Storm, his final book.   Also Castle signs more women's chests.   Martha tells him nothing lasts forever.   Beckett's dress was horrible, didn't like it at all.   Also she can't really go undercover now, if you think about it, especially since her face will be everywhere.   Paula suggests he should take the book deal and just sleep with Beckett.   he did sleep with Paula before, mentioned last season.

The Captain tells Beckett she should be flattered by the dedication.   Castle's offer is made official.   Beckett and Castle argue and there's one moment where Beckett so wanted Castle to kiss her and vice versa.   But they fight instead when he deliberately spoils the moment by coming up with the wife did it theory.   The dedication: "To the extraordinary KB and my friends at the 12th."

Castle's use of "hell hath no fury" as a motive again and Beckett he thinks hasn't been scorned, as what man would turn her away.  (Hell Hath No Fury the title to episode 1.4)  He hasn't accepted the offer yet and she asks why he doesn't accept since she didn't ask him to write about her in the first place.  She's gotten nothing but grief over the first book.   Castle forgot his glasses on her desk and she thinks he was there just for her.  The Super rented the apartment on a weekly basis which Castle realizes and Beckett misses.   Kerpowsky (Diana-Maria Riva) tells them someone paid for the apartment after she was dead.   They suspect Melissa, but the nurse turns up to collect Eliska's mail for Talbot and she lied about his alibi.   Beckett waits on a warrant for the mail.

Esposito finds both Eliska's and Melissa's babies were born on the same day at the same hospital.   The letter from the lab was DNA test results.   Talbot swapped the two babies since his baby had Neimann Pick Disease.

Melissa allows Teodore to see his son.   Eliska gave him the lolly to take a swab and Beckett acknowledges Eliska was the detective on this.   Castle: "Her mission to find out the truth." Beckett thanks Castle for his help in solving the case and wishes him luck with the new books.   Their phones ring.   The Nikki Heat sales have gone through the roof, must be that certain scene on Page 105.   They want him to write three more books for an extortionate amount of money, which he agrees to.   It's a re-election year for the mayor and he wants Beckett to continue working with Castle.   Beckett acts perturbed but secretly she's loving it.

Aside from the character moments the story really was another  routine 'domestic' case in that the killer is either spouse, as in season 1's Nanny McDead episode or the season 1 kidnapping case, Little Girl Lost.   Aside from having the baby being stolen which was sad.

Castle thanks Beckett for "using irony correctly.   Ever since that Alanis Morissette song, people use it when they actually mean coincidence.   It drives me nuts."    As does spelling and grammar.

Supernatural - 6.19: "Mommy Dearest" Review

Sam and Dean finally get the location of Eve from Lenore, but she's already aware of them coming. Crowley is revealed to be alive still, casting doubts on Cas's honesty.

 Eve (Julia Maxwell) touches a man from the bar and when she goes in, one notices the blood on her dress.   She kisses him giving him a gift and infects everyone.   A rabid fight breaks out as they all attack each other and she watches.   Dean (Jensen Ackles) prepares bullets containing ash: enough for 5 shells.   Bobby (Jim Beaver) comments the lore states ash should work and it doesn't do anything to Dean...  trust him to try it, well he's human so it wouldn't affect him.   Dean tells Cas (Misha Collins) to "get out of my ass."  Cas: "I was never in your..."  Eve is hidden from angels.   Sam (Jared Padalecki) believes a vampire could help.   Cas brings Lenore (Amber Benson) to them.   Last seen in season 2, she was just brought in to be finished off like a loose end.

Sam tells her he lopped off Gordon's head when he became a vampire himself.   She has nothing to say about Eve and warns them to stay away form her.   Her voice is in their heads and her nest began to kill and Eve listens to them even now.   Sam knows Lenore still cares.   Eve is at Grant Pass, Oregon.   Eve will know they're coming.   Lenore wants to be killed which Cas obliges without hesitation, justifying it as being dangerous as she fed on humans and will do it again.   Cas is turning into quite the killing machine, not that he wasn't before but lately he seems to relish it.   Cas: "We needed to move this along."  Like a bad movie.

Grants Pass Oregon.     Dean calls it less Pleasantville, Smithy McSmitherton is on their side, i.e.  Cas.   Sam gives Bobby an ipad for research. He wanted a computer with buttons.   Besides, Bobby's into his books.   Cas can't vanish no matter how hard he tries.   Dean: "Now you just look like you're pooping." (Cos he's got that constipated look on his face, ha.)     Cas is powerless.   Dean: "Without your power, you're just a baby in a trenchcoat."  He's just rolling on out the one liners!  Dean hurt his feelings.   He takes Cas to see Dr Silver who called the CDC about the mysterious illness.   Cas tells his assistant he has a "painful, burning sensation."

Cas asks how long it will take Dean to pick the lock but there's no need to since he finds a DB; a "gooey corpse."  There's no stopping Dean now with his descriptions.   The doctor has two sons.   There's no Impala and Ed's (Nathan Witte) in the house when they meet up with Bobby and Sam.   Cas doesn't have any practice using guns.   Dean again comes up with the hilarious comments of only babies whine.   There are lots of Eds inside.   This one's not Ed, he's Todd (Jason Cermak).

Dean tells Sam he's bathing in Purell and there's his use of gooey again.   You'd think it was an ep of CSI.   They find everyone in the bar, all dead.   Dean finds a vampire wraith.   Eve's making hybrids and Dean gets to name it a Jefferson Starship cos they're "horrible and hard to kill."  The sheriff (Roman Podhora) arrests the three of them and Dean ducks out of sight.   At the station, Sam spots their eyes in the TV and calls them Jefferson Starships.   Sam and Dean find the two sons, Ryan (Griffin Parsons) and Joe (Travis Turner) in the jail and suspect them of being the same Starships too.   But being Sam and Dean and recalling their own life and predicament they garner only sympathy from Sam and Dean, even if it was foolish to trust them.   Dean has to ensure they're human, then again Eve isn't exactly a demon so anything she 'produces' or makes will not show on their tests.   If she's making hybrids nothing will affect them.

Cas needs the two here since millions of lives are at stake, not just two.   Dean insists on saving them.   But they should have listened to Cas this time round, even if they reminded them of each other.   Cas believes they'll find more "wayward orphans" along the way.   Cas asks Bobby for five minutes along with the pig, er sheriff since Cas knows torture tactics, which don't involve him using his power.

Eve is in the diner and Dean says she was there the entire time, a waitress which they didn't notice when she served them.   Sam says they're all Starships.   Dean: "dragons - really and Khan worms."  Eve talks of the arrangement they had.   She turned a few of them and they hunted some , but they were all kidnapped and tortured by Crowley when Samuel was taking them to him.   Dean comments she's using the "mother of the year defence." Eve turns into Mom (Samantha Smith).   She died to protect her sons and Eve demands Crowley to be killed as he's alive.   The souls are power and Eve calls Sam a monkey too.

Dean posits her beings are imploding.   They were actually the children, Ryan was a Starship and Cas was right about him.   They slipped by hunters undetected - like I said too.   Eve calls him a "wayward orphan" just like the phrase Cas used.   Eve makes them an offer, if they find Crowley she'll let them live.   Dean refuses.   Bobby and Cas are also held.   Eve is older than Cas and knows how angels work.   Dean wants her to kill them cos they don't work with monsters, unlike Samuel, who worked with the king of hell.   She can turn them.   Dean had the fifth bullet and says, "bite me."  He drank the ash.   Dean: "call you later mom."  Eve carks it.

Cas gets his power back to smite everyone.   They should take him on more hunts and he cures Dean too.   Crowley's alive but Cas burned his bones and since when does Cas get it wrong? H knows better and vanishes.   Bobby asks how he got away since Cas doesn't make mistakes, he's an angel, unless...Dean refuses to believe he's a traitor and Sam has doubts.   Jefferson Starship's 'Miracles' plays on the jukebox.  Crowley arrives to clean up Cas's messes, but for how long?

That was obvious Cas saying he's an angel and he buried his bones and then he wouldn't have got it wrong if he really wanted to kill Crowley.   That line from Cas about millions compared to two, had an ulterior motive sounding to it.   He needs millions of souls in his war in heaven, so it was a loaded comment from him last episode, 6.18 Frontierland.   It was time for Sam and Dean to bring the fight to Eve and move it up a notch or two.   In a rather hurried attempt to move the story 'arc' along.   Eve it seems, wasn't the formidable foe and wasn't mean to last long as a Supernatural monster.   So much for being the Mother of All.   She turned out weak.   Especially when facing off with Dean who was always one step ahead of her and drank the ash beforehand.  He's becoming very methodical in his thinking - planning ahead.   He'd never be mistaken for one to use foresight.

So much for Eve turning into Mom, which just pissed Dean off even more.   In a way it was good the Eve plot didn't linger too long cos it didn't turn out to be all that interesting in the end.   All that hype and build up, just turned out to be anti-climactic.   She wasn't so much a foil in so much as a distraction in bringing the story foreward alerting them to Crowley being alive - ultimately to the realization they may have a traitor in their midst in the form of Cas.   If demons lie, angels can cheat and manipulate just as much. We've seen it all through season 5 in particular how Zach et al all wanted to use the boys for their own ends.   Yet through all that Cas seemed so different, so above all the bickering and deception.  Boy were we fooled.

As for Cas and everything he's fighting for, what he stands for becomes meaningless.   Betrayal came so easily to him, like second nature.   Shown too readily by his quick dispatch of Lenore.   (Her role was too brief) she's another casualty of season 6, as though the show was tying up loose ends in one fell swoop.   Again demonstrating how Cas thinks and acts on his feet.  If someone is a hindrance or of no use to him, then it's curtains for them.   He's clinical and callous when he needs to be and yet he's also selfish.   The souls, helping Sam and Dean was all about winning the war in heaven for himself.   He wasn't lying when it came to that. No, the lies came when he went behind their backs instead of trusting them.

Lots of funny scenes to detract from the serious issues, Dean telling Cas to 'get out of his ass.'  Dean and his baby remark.   That's what it boils down to with Cas.   At heart he's a baby, taking things too simplistically as we'll see in the remaining three episodes.

As for Eve becoming Mom, she was Sam and Dean's mother and losing her was a definitive moment in their lives.   Why would Sam and Dean be intimidated by Eve turning into her? This was not explained or done as well as it could have been.   Though seeing Samantha Smith again was a great blast from the past.   The other defining moments in their lives were the ones involving themselves as brothers.   Their love for each other.   This was highlighted by the two brothers they found in jail.  Their need to see them safely home stemming from childhood.   Also ironically, the younger brother was the infected Starship.   A look back to Sam in early seasons as being Azazel's choice to go darkside, having his blood and Sam - younger brother - being Lucifer's vessel of choice.   The younger brother being easily manipulated.   Not that Sam had any choice in the fate that befell him as a baby.   I won't bring up the whole fate, destiny, etc argument here.

The redeeming force behind this episode was Cas's deception coming undone.   Dean refuses to believe point blank.   Bobby is the voice of reason and Sam has his doubts.   What was also good to see was Dean's staunch loyalty to his friend after the number of times Cas was there for him.   The ultimate betrayal of not only a friendship but of Dean's confirming they don't work with monsters.   Having to work for Crowley was a necessary evil but Cas being in league with Crowley doesn't bare thinking about.   Is Cas a monster, was he one in the making with Dean teaching him about free will.  

Dean drinking the ashes should have seen it coming cos it's in his nature to experiment.   In 1.10 Home, he tasted the poultice they were to place in the walls of their former home.   The title if spelt Mommie Dearest would be an allusion to the film based on the book on the life of actress Joan Crawford, written by her daughter.

Lie To Me - 1.12: "Blinded" Review

Cal is hired by the FBI to question serial rapist Andrew Jenkins about the identity of his copycat. Gillian and Ria seem to get angry with Cal over his decision and Cal brings FBI agent Ben Reynolds to the team, against his wishes.

A nurse meets a doctor for coffee and there's some flirting and he comes across as charming.  Cue her running and screaming on train tracks after being attacked.   The man she was with turns out to be serial rapist Andrew Jenkins (Daniel Sujata).   Now in prison, Cal (Tim Roth) goes in as an inmate to garner the identity of the copycat and picks a fight with another prisoner.   Cal is beaten with Andrew watching.   Gillian explains since Andrew is a pathological liar he can't be interrogated in the same manner.  Cal ignores him at mealtime and sits at the same table.   Andrew displays signs of proudness - he's much more content seeing his Vics live in fear than killing them off, after Cal tells him he's been accused of killing a policeman who helped his wife.   But he's innocent.

In the prison laundry  Andrew approaches Cal and realizes Cal isn't really a prisoner and wonders if he's police, much to the chagrin of FBI agent Ben Reynolds (Mekhi Phifer) who doesn't believe they're getting anywhere either.   Andrew wants to give him info in return for a deal, Cal agrees and he asks for a weekly box of Chocodiles.   Andrew gives them the address of the next Vic, Camille (Shannon McLemore) and when they arrive there's no one there.   Ben pulls strings and has Andrew brought to their office and Eli (Brendan Hines) monitors his vitals.

Ria (Monica Raymund) looks into his 'fan' letters and  Andrew notices Ria on the other side of the glass.   All the time Ria and Cal display their emotions and anger at not getting anywhere.   Andrew mentions 'Lightbringer' as one of his fan's names, after mentioning Cal's name is Lightman.   A letter is found with this name belonging to Milo (Jonno Roberts).   When confronted Milo did write the letters but didn't abduct anyone.   He says Camille's in the next room.   Ben pulls out his gun and threatens to shoot him, like that would lead him to finding the Vic.   Cal wants him to stop as it's not Milo.   Cal cuts his hand in desperation to show Milo winces at the sight of blood.   His room of clippings, photos etc could turn out to be useful.  

Gillian visits Natalie, (Mageina Tova) one of the recent Vics and suggests she should speak with his first Vic, Michelle (Clea Duvall) as Natalie doesn't recall anything.   Ria and Eli watch Cal in the prison laundry tape and Ria notices Cal gave himself away by folding the laundry perfectly.   Cal asks if they want to concentrate on his screw ups or find Camille.   Cal spots the prison guard (Emilio Rivera) flare his nostrils.   He was afraid for his daughters and he's been passing mail from Andrew out of the prison and leaving it under a trash can (what they'd call a trash can drop or dead drop in the spy trade.)  He left a letter a few hours ago.

Michelle brings her husband, Paul (Grinnel Morris) with her, to show Natalie she can still get on with her life.   Natalie recalls she didn't hear anything, meaning she was probably kept underground.   Paul was a bit of an obvious suspect since the question many would ask is why he married her to begin with.   Gillian leaves and is attacked by the copycat, with Cal and Ben arriving too late.   Why no warning call to Gillian?   In hospital, Cal suggests she should rest but she wants to continue like he did, it was fine for him to carry on after being beaten, but she can't.   Ria calls Cal wanting to bring Michelle in to confront Andrew. He refuses and she does it anyway.   Cal forces his way into the room and asks Michelle to leave.   Then he and Ria argue in front of Andrew and he even spits on her whilst shouting.   Andrew comments Cal is angry cos she didn't listen to him.   Cal overturns a table and gets a photo from Ben showing Camille is dead.

They're too late and the copycat has gone over Andrew's head by killing his Vic.   Eli notices Andrew's heart rate increase.   The photo isn't real, Cal had Ben make it up beforehand, so Andrew would be over confident.   Gillian explains Ria was the 'long con' so Cal didn't give himself away in prison after all, it was his plan.   Milo has a video from Andrew's parole hearing, where they see Paul lose his temper immediately.   Gillian says real anger builds up gradually and on close-up, Paul reveals being in admiration of Andrew, his mentor.   Paul's real name is Leo Carty and he began writing to Andrew.   He married Michelle to be closer to Andrew and his "work."

Paul's an estate agent and Ben hunts for properties with basements.   They find Camille still alive and also Paul.   Ria is upset she was used by Cal and asks if they're ready to break away yet.   Cal replies she's still got a lot to learn yet.   Cal has been given a retainer by the FBI and wants Ben on his team, as he doesn't have anyone as security especially after what happened to Gillian.  Cal 'analyzes' Ben too but he doesn't have a choice, the decision's already been made.   Ben still maintains he works for the FBI.   Not really he doesn't.   Just goes to show what Cal wants Cal gets and he always gets his own way.

Cal demonstrates yet more manipulation on his part, not only of Andrew who he fools into giving himself away by showering him into a false sense of security; but also with Ria, as he gives her orders he knows she'll go against and barks at her when she does exactly that.   Then after all that she's still not ready to go out on her own.   As his darker side is on display much more than usual with Ben also, as he's brought him to the team without even discussing it with him first.  His gentler side is only visible with Gillian to whom he's tender and caring after she gets beaten.

Gillian: "I'll be on my cell."
Cal: "If you need me...cos normally you add, 'if you need me'...  you think I blew it in prison."
Gillian: "I'm not blaming you..he's out of jail, he's getting all this attention.   We are fulfilling his every fantasy."
Cal: "By 'we' you mean me."  Seems like that' one conversation with Gillian where he won't win the argument but with everyone else they have to do what they're told.   Finally the show seems to be finding its feet with episodes of this standard.

Merlin - 3.7: "The Castle of Fyrien" Review

Morgana conspires to take over Camelot, again needing the help of Morgause and Cenred, using the new-founded knowledge of Arthur and Gwen's feelings, they set a trap to lure him away from Camelot.

Now that Morgana (Katie McGrath) and Morgause (Emilia Fox) are aware of Arthur's (Bradley James) and Gwen's (Angel Coulby) feelings towards one another, this is going to form a major part of the show, it's predictable.  Gwen is now the only visible weakness Arthur has.  He can't succumb to magic.  Merlin (Colin Morgan) is there to protect him from this so he needs a more human vulnerability.  Gwen could also be used as a tool or object for blackmailing Arthur, if so chosen.  But it was good this route wasn't taken by the writers, since it's not in Arthur's character to give in to such threats.

Gwen returns home and is kidnapped late at night.  Cue camera on Morgana, can she really see so far into the village, all the way to Gwen's house as they made it appear so here?  No, she's probably snickering at the prospect of knowing exactly what Gwen is going through right about then.  That she's long gone and taken to Cenred's (Tom Ellis) castle.

Morgana breaks the news of Gwen's disappearance the next morning, at least her not showing up for work, clearly being aware Arthur will do anything  to bring her back.  He challenges Uther's (Anthony Head) dismissal of her as being a servant and easily replaceable.  Arthur defends her, she's "maid to the king's ward." Gwen will never be replaced in Arthur's heart.

Merlin shows Arthur the smelly rag he found at Gwen's house, prompting Arthur to inhale from it; almost knocking himself unconscious.  Arthur: "you could knock a man  out with that."  (Or woman here.) Another comic scene between the two always reassures the show doesn't enter too dark a territory all the time.   Allowing the two leads to always play the moment for laughs, showing the compatibility of the two actors and their characters.

Gwen meets Elyan (Adetomiwa Edun) at Cenred's behest; her long, lost brother...  he wasn't around when their father was killed and when she needed him and she lets him know of her feelings about that.

Arthur explains the name of the castle - Fyrien - where Cenred is hiding out.   The name of a merchant, and was built on the seas of Meredor, as a trading route.   Surprise, surprise, Morgana happened to be eavesdropping right at this moment, outside Arthur's chamber; as if she instinctively knew he would be discussing this right about now.   She hurries away again to meet with Morgause and this time she doesn't ride out, but walks and again, nobody sees her, or notices her absence.

Another scene where Merlin tells Gaius (Richard Wilson) of Morgana's plans - this time she's in league with Cenred.   Once more, it's come to be expected: we get Gaius warning Merlin they can tell no one of Morgana's betrayal as she's Uther's daughter.   It's fast becoming a bit old hat.   We know they can't say anything, then can only do.   I.e.  act to prevent her plans from reaching fruition.   So there's no need for this to be mentioned almost every episode, or every other episode.   Writers needing a wrap on their knuckles here for not moving past this line.

To Merlin's surprise and chagrin, Morgana offers to ride with them.   She's handy with a sword, much more than Merlin, as Arthur puts it.   Also Arthur's had plenty of time to steal alone time with Gwen , but he picks the woods to take advantage of this, now of all times, wouldn't Gwen be more concerned about her brother, than making out with Arthur.  Merlin questions Morgana again on why she wants to hurt her friends, but she only brings up Merlin poisoning her, leading to the problem that Merlin was never really her friend to begin with, no matter how many times he told the Dragon (John Hurt) he would not kill the witch.   He still felt he could change her, root out the evil from within her.

Gwen worries for Elyan, because like Arthur, he always does what his heart wants and ends up paying the price for it.   Did Morgana really spy Arthur and Gwen in their "almost kissing" moment?  At supper, Merlin not wanting Morgana to know the rest of Arthur's plan to gain entry to the castle, tempts with more servings of beans.  ( Yes, Merlin, spoil the moment by suggesting this, crying out for them to be flatulent all night long.)  Arthur however does tell of the secret passage under the castle, leaving Morgana to slip away into the night once more.   Always wondered why Morgana has to tell Morgause everything, can't she just hear it for herself with her magic.

Merlin enchants a snake to appear before Morgana's horse, but even the fall doesn't stop her from going on with them.   When Merlin's trying to help in times of trouble when they reach the passageway and have to fight, Arthur tells him to "stop worrying about his hair." Now would Merlin do such a girly thing, no, that's usually Arthur's territory!  Being outnumbered, and imprisoned, Merlin asks Arthur why he won't feel any pain when he's tortured for Camelot's secrets.   Merlin: "You go into some sort of trance?"  Having a chance to escape and getting Gwen and Elyan out, Arthur heads back for Morgana and isn't surprised to find Morgause is behind the plot, she uses magic to get rid of Arthur, but Merlin uses his magic to save the day.  Showing he is more powerful, or at least his power is growing everytime he comes up against her.

Watch out for Morgana's ankle, being able to walk properly and then her injury suddenly comes back to afflict her again, after it's forgotten about.   Arthur gives more exposition on Camelot and trust.   Then telling Gwen what he did for her, "it's what you do when you love someone."

Elyan is a knight in the legend of King Arthur and he is staying in Camelot, opening up the forge of their late father, so expect to see him back.   But one thing not said here, is Gwen telling how their father was killed and that it was ordered by Uther, we can't presume he knows this, when he's been away.   This episode focuses more on Gwen and her interaction with the other characters, she's the one who can talk to everyone; also showing how she can be so easily used and manipulated by Morgana to get her own way.  

Even though Gwen is her servant, she's still meant to be her friend, but as soon as Morgana finds out about Arthur's feelings for her, all that friendship goes out the window as Morgana can't even be loyal to those who have done nothing to her.   It was Uther she condemns and hates for what he has done to those of her 'kind' and yet he's the one person she hasn't been able to exact her revenge on.   Now she knows she's Uther's daughter, Arthur has now become her foe and she must kill him for the throne.   This is how she intends to restore magic.   However her actions are nothing more than selfish.   This is what being away for a year has done to her, she has been corrupted by Morgause; bringing out what was already embedded in Morgana's soul.

Merlin's distaste  and distrust of Morgana intensifies, she's too far gone in her darkness to be reasoned with and Merlin should realize that by now.   Even though the Dragon said it all along.   They may be the same, have similar powers, but they couldn't be so different at the same time.  he's good, she's not.   Morgana and Morgause are very similar in what they do and how they behave in the show.  Morgana watches everyones moves at Camelot, here Morgause does much the same in Cenred's castle and then plots on their behalf.  Morgana is clearly not the brains of the outfit.

Series 3 of Merlin  has an arc for the first time:  Merlin's distrust of Morgana, her hate of Uther, wanting to kill Arthur for the throne, using her friend, Gwen as her foil, with the inclusion of Gwaine to help them out and Elyan too, as the battle for Camelot intensifies.

The Vampire Diaries - 3.12: "The Ties That Bind" Review

Bonnie needs to find the person who can help her with the coffin and asks Elena to help. Caroline calls in Bill to help with Tyler and Elena tells Stefan about THAT kiss.

Bonnie (Kat Graham) walks amongst the Bennett graves and sees the locked coffin.  Klaus (Joesph Morgan) creeps up and tells her he knows how to open it, can she?  She then finds herself shut inside a coffin.  She's having more dreams which are sending her a message. What's that then, to find her mother?  Bonnie can't resist showing Elena (Nina Dobrev) the coffins, doing what Stefan (Paul Wesley) didn't want her to.   She needs Elena's help to find her mother, Abby, (Persia White) so that she can help with the coffin.  Elena thinks Bonnie should let Stefan obsess over opening the coffin for himself.  Damon (Ian Somerhalder) finds out where Abby is using compulsion, in which case he should have also compelled the compul-see to forget what he asked for.  Well it makes sense for later.  Especially since Klaus has his hybrid spies everywhere.

Damon thinks they're going on a road trip and calls 'shotgun.'  But he's not coming.  Elena doesn't need "your snarky commentary" spoiling the experience.   Hey snarky commentary is what Damon does.   Damon lets slip they kissed.  Tyler (Michael Trevino) apologizes to Caroline (Candice Accola) the bite was beyond his control. That's why he had the sheriff call her father Bill (Jack Coleman) for help in resisting the sire bond.  Bill understands Tyler wants to make good on his mistakes.

Alaric (Matt Davis) has lunch with Meredith (Torrey DeVitto) and Damon refers to her as "damage."  Damon's exes are all dead, at whose hands, ha.  Alaric tells him about her ex, the ME and Damon replies he was murdered vampire style.   Damon calls that red flag number 2, as she'd be his suspect if he was a cop.  Klaus demands to know what he can do for Stefan to get his family back.   Stefan isn't negotiating, he suggests Klaus should leave town and call in a few years.  Klaus wants to deal.

Elena refuses to speak to Bonnie about Damon since it won't happen again, says she.  Bonnie thinks it's because the kiss was good.  Stefan finds Abby's details. Did Elena really think it was fine to leave them lying around at home if she didn't want him tagging along?   Notice how Damon didn't tell him where they were going either.  Klaus sends his hybrid lackey, Daniel (Daniel Newman) to Abby's house first and he compels her - obviously.   Klaus got the info from a talkative deputy, see Damon should have compelled the deputy to forget.  Elena and Bonnie meet Jamie, (Robert Ri'chard) Abby dated his father.

Bill tells Tyler the sire bond invokes gratitude as he owes Klaus his life, why?  Tyler replies cos he was cursed and in order to break the bond, he needs to make himself turn.  Then he'll owe Klaus nothing and be free.   Abby knew Miranda, Elena's mother and left cos of her.  A vampire arrived looking for the doppelganger, Mikael, and she lured him out of town.  She was the one who dessicated him and put him in the crypt where Katherine found him.  This took her power and almost killed her, so she doesn't have any powers now.   That line about desiccating him made me chuckle. What was he a piece of coconut?

Damon introduces himself to Meredith and talks about her ex.   She signed his death certificate.   Meredith asks why Alaric walked away without a scratch.  She injects him and draws his blood - why'd Damon turn his back on her if he doesn't trust her?   He could have also compelled her to tell the truth about who she really is.Guess that'd be too soon for the story to develop.  Bill attacks Tyler with a shovel. He must turn or he'll kill him.  Abby tells Bonnie about having the chance to be someone else; a woman and not a witch.   She doesn't know about Gram's death.

Stefan didn't want Elena to know about the coffins cos she interferes, as I said. Since when does anyone not find out everything?  There are no secrets in this show, not usually anyway.     Elena: "out villain the villain."  Jamie is compelled and shoots Stefan.  Damon feels Alaric needs to buff up if he's with Meredith as she vervained him.  Alaric is angry at him for going to see her.   Tyler breaks his chains.   Abby tells Klaus's lackey, Daniel, Bonnie didn't talk, she used herbs on Bonnie.   Jamie has been compelled to kill himself.   Abby types a message on her phone for Bonnie to "warn your friends."  Jamie tells Elena he's not meant to hurt her and she hits him when he loosens her ties.   Stefan was shot with wooden buckshot and she has to remove the pieces.

Damon meets Klaus in the haunted mansion and Klaus is attacked by the witches just as Damon was.   Klaus threatens to kill the witch's descendants and end the Bennett line causing them to reveal the coffins.   Well that was weak of them. How can they reaffirm that a hybrid is more powerful than witches?   The fourth coffin is missing. Damon had enough time to remove it, but just the one.

Alaric tells Meredith vervain doesn't affect Damon cos he drinks it.   Bill is rushed to the hospital and Meredith shows Alaric why she took Damon's blood, since a vampire's blood can be used to save lives.   Stefan notices Elena is stronger and she knows they have all changed.   She admits to kissing Damon. Was she deliberately trying to make waves more than easing her conscience?   She knows their relationship is volatile at the best of times and how would causing a rift between the Salvatore's prove helpful at a time like this?   She feels guilty that Stefan doesn't know but not about the kiss.   Stefan apologizes for kidnapping her. He went too far.   He won't lie to her today and she shouldn't go off on her own when Klaus is still alive.   Elena doesn't want Stefan in the way.   Stefan feels Elena is better than the both of them.

Abby sees Jamie as her family and wants to help Bonnie, who doesn't trust her.   She thinks Bonnie can help her get magic back.  Tyler lost control.   Bill posits turning has to be painless to break the sire bond.   He will stay away from Caroline until he breaks the bond.   Alaric tells Meredith his secret.  It seems like he has another death wish doing that and also blabs about his ring.   She tries to remove his ring and Elena interrupts.

Damon asks Stefan how Elena is and he punches him. He doesn't want to talk.   Hey, that's a line from Supernatural, when older brother Dean (Jensen Ackles) doesn't want to talk deep and meaningfuls and younger brother Sam (Jared Padalecki) wants him to.   Here it was the other way round.   Damon shows him a dagger which he pulled from one of the Originals.   Klaus doesn't want to open the coffins yet and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) rips out Daniel's heart.   He's been 'revived' by Damon.   That came as a shock to Klaus, but what will Elijah do anyway, it's not like he didn't help Klaus escape the sacrifice they had in store of him?   Then he may be peeved Klaus doesn't have that one elusive coffin.

This episode seemed slow, setting up some future plots.   Can't believe Meredith is just using vampire blood for her patients.That's too simplistic a plot. There's just more to her and Alaric is so trusting - after everything he's been through and the number of times he's died, you'd think he'd be more secretive of the ring.   He's met her for two minutes and he feels the need for such blatant honesty with her.   He needs to move on from Jenna, eventually. It doesn't have to be this soon.   Yet Elena tells him it's fine for him to do that, ignoring Damon, who has his doubts about Meredith.   Let's face it Damon is a better judge of character than Alaric.   His cynicism leaves him in good stride to warn Alaric about her.    He's looking out for him again - he has to protect his only friend.   Alaric is more annoyed Damon went behind his back and 'checked' up on her.   Or should that be, questioned the "good" doctor?   Well perhaps Damon should have compelled her as said before.

Stefan apologizing for what he did to Elena last episode - was it his real humanity coming through or was it just to appease her for confessing about the kiss?   He's playing his cards close to his chest as to what he feels for her, cos he can't seem to let go of her.   He seems to be showing his true jealous side when he decks Damon.   If he didn't care for her still why would he do that to him, other than Damon rubbing it in?   Well Damon told Bonnie so Stefan was bound to find out eventually.   Nothing remains a secret in this town for long.

Bonnie was hurt her mother forgot her own child and chose to raise someone else's.   As we learn Abby was the one who put Mikael in the coffin.   She could have taken Bonnie with her - why leave her behind - did she suspect trouble?   Then again she must have since she used her powers on Mikael, lost her powers, then there'd be no way to protect Bonnie.   Not that Mystic Falls is a safe place to live, but even if you're not in the town, trouble and danger has a way of catching up with you.   In that respect she was being a good mother.

Elijah reappears brought back by Damon, that was no surprise. Did Damon feel Elijah would have a score to settle with Klaus for daggering him?   Elijah: "what have I missed?"  Could ask the same about this episode, ha.   Damon wasn't even shown removing the coffin from the house and freeing Elijah appears to be a wise move on his part, or is it?

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Merlin - 3.6: "The Changeling" Review

Another episode where Arthur is forced to accept a bride he doesn't love or want. Only this time she turns out to be on his side, in not wanting to marry him either. Morgana finds out about the extent of Arthur and Gwen's feelings...

A baby is enchanted in her crib, by what appears to be a fairy.  Twenty years later, she's grown up and a bit of a slob for a noblewoman!  She's Princess Elena (Georgia May) and complains of her shoes, she doesn't like wearing them.  Lord Godwyn (Simon Williams) is her father.  Uther (Anthony Head) thinks her beautiful and "strategic." Godwyn finds Arthur (Bradley James)  "strategic."  They must marry off the two to cement their allegiance.  Arthur doesn't love her and refuses.  Elena arrives at court and trips over.  Merlin (Colin Morgan) has to fetch and carry, as normal.

Arthur has to inform Gwen (Angel Coulby) of this marriage and that he won't go through with it.  Merlin thinks perhaps Elena will be like her mother.  Arthur has bad breath, a sense of humour.  Then adds, no, Arthur is right, they don't share anything in common.  Uther tells him that Arthur's future also involves the safety of Camelot and he should find feelings for Elena.

Elena is restless in her sleep.  Grunhilde (Miriam Margoyles) sprinkles dust over her and her true features are revealed.  Grunhilde summons the Faerie king at the lake and changes into her true form.  A faerie lives within Elena, but cannot come out until she is actually married.  A Sidhe will become Queen of Camelot.  So it's not just Morgana after Camelot, but all sorts of creatures too.

Elena and Arthur go riding, that's one thing she can actually do.  They both didn't know their mothers (well that's one thing they have in common.)  He wonders if he's like his mother, or more like his father.  (But in series 2 when Morgause (Emilia Fox) appeared to him for the first time and showed him her mother, he should have an idea of what she was like at least.)

Arthur gives her a rose and she sneezes over him.  Merlin finally arrives with a picnic and Arthur warns him not to leave him alone again. "Nobody likes a clever clogs, Merlin." Elena, later hugs Arthur and trips on the stairs.

Grunhilde sets her sights on Gaius.  The two fathers discuss the alliance.  Elena tells Grunhilde of her doubts; that she's not perfect.  Grunhilde replies she can marry Arthur for his brawn.  Elena respects her father's judgement.  Grunhilde gives her a frog to eat.

Merlin (in another scene where he stumbles across trouble) spies Grunhilde catching flies with her long tongue.  Gaius thinks she could have an infection.  Whereas Merlin knows for certain that her long tongue means magic.  Gaius searches Elena's chamber and finds the pouch with the dust.  Grunhilde thinks he's there for her.  They "could make sweet perfume together," she tells him.

Gaius realizes Grunhilde is a pixie with pixie dust.  Merlin thinks that's "disgusting.  Imagine if she kissed you."  After Gaius says she likes him.  Gaius believes Elena is a changeling and is about to be completely possessed.  She's a Sidhe (pronounced 'Shee') and they would want a Sidhe queen.

Morgana thinks Elena's nice.  Arthur attempts to tell Uther he doesn't want to marry someone unless he loves her.  Morgana watches the glances exchanged between Arthur and Gwen and now she concludes they have feelings for one another.  Merlin wants Gaius to tell Uther about the changeling, but once more Godwyn cannot be accused.  Gaius says they need a spell so that the faerie leaves Elena's body.

Morgana cunningly questions Gwen.  She wouldn't want Arthur to marry someone he doesn't love, but Gwen tells her he doesn't have a choice.  Morgana wonders what would happen if he had feelings for someone else.  She can see it in Gwen's eyes.  Gwen knows it won't amount to anything...  Morgana will begin to weave a cunning plan.

Gaius wants to concoct a potion made by the witches of Meredor, compelling the faerie to leave, but he doesn't know how to concoct it.  Gwen confronts Arthur about his wedding, "You can't always have what you want."  Arthur would be glad to be insane if he could have Gwen, since it's better than being sad.  He tells her she has a good heart.  Gwen believes if he does get married then Camelot will have the king it deserves.

Gaius finds the witches weren't good at writing recipes.  (For a princess, Elena only has one yellow dress!)  Arthur wants Elena to share his dreams and asks for her hand in marriage.

Merlin finds the flower they need for the potion, in a boggy marsh.  Grunhilde relays her suspicions about Merlin knowing their secret to the faerie king.  He enters Merlin's chamber as a ball of light and is destroyed by Merlin with his staff and in the process, Merlin breaks the bottle containing the potion.  (This is becoming too familiar, first Gwen mixed up the potion bottle needed to save Gaius' life and now he does something similar.)

Gaius needs to distract Grunhilde and meets her in the vaults; telling Merlin if it doesn't work then Merlin will have to save him and if it does work, then it will be their secret.  She prepares to kiss Gaius (with her long tongue!) and Merlin locks her in.  But she manages to lick Gaius' face with her long tongue instead!

Grunhilde escapes her prison.  Merlin must destroy the Sidhe with his staff.   Merlin wrestles with Grunhilde, turning her into pixie dust.  Merlin holds Elena's nose and forces her to drink the potion.  The Sidhe leaves her body and is destroyed.  (This all seemed a little too easy.)

Merlin hands Arthur his ceremonial sword.  Arthur: "Is that for me to fall on?"  Then says Merlin wouldn't understand, "you have no idea what it's like to have a destiny."  (But he does and he's said that before too.)  Their destines are inter-twined.  Merlin replies, "destinies are troublesome things." Arthur feels trapped, with everything being planned out for him, he doesn't know if a destiny is right.  Arthur asks Merlin how he knows so much.  Merlin: "I read a book."  Merlin comments he should only marry for love.  It is Arthur's destiny to rule, but Arthur can decide on how he rules.

Gwen has a new dress for the wedding.  Arthur and Elena agree not to go through with the ceremony.  Morgana watches Gwen.  Arthur surmises when he's king, he will be a good one, "with the support and strength of the woman I love."  Godwyn informs Uther that Arthur will be a good king and Uther should be proud of him.  Gwen tells Arthur he didn't deserve Elena.  He will find someone just as "lovely."   Oh  they didn't turn around to look at each other at the end.  Arthur has already been betrothed before, let's hope this doesn't happen again in the near future.  To someone other than Gwen that is.

A changeling is the child of a fairy which has been substituted for a human baby.  Sidhe/faerie are creatures able to move very fast in the air and have the ability to change their shapes, as well as being more powerful than men.

Doctor Who - 6.4: "The Doctor's Wife" Review

Catchy title but alas misleading and not the wife many were hoping for, still a fun episode and sad in places. The TARDIS is transferred into a human body and we're left with another cryptic clue for the future.

Idris's (Suranne Jones) body is empty and she is given a new soul.   a Time Lord is coming.   Rory (Arthur Darvill) comments Amy (Karen Gillan) is still thinking of the fate awaiting the Doctor (Matt Smith).   There's a knock on the TARDIS's door and a glowing box of light enters.   Doctor: "I've got mail!" The box is a Time Lord emergency message system.   When there's an emergency, the Time Lords wrap their thoughts in a "psychic container and send them through time and space." There's a good, living Time Lord out there.   Yes but the Doctor himself was the one who killed them all.   They're not going to the universe and the Doctor notices the mark of the snake, Corsair had that tattoo in every regeneration.   They leave the universe to be outside the universe, somewhere he's never been.

The TARDIS's power drains - the soul of the TARDIS - the matrix - has vanished.  That's what Auntie (Elizabeth Berrington) said at the start - the soul is now in Idris.   Rory says they've landed on a scrapyard outside of the universe.   The Doctor explains it's not like a bubble with a tiny bubble stuck outside of it.   Amy adds it smells like armpits.  They've fallen down the universe's plug hole.  Idris kisses the Doctor like a mad woman, he's a thief; but he hasn't stolen anything.   She can't bring herself to say what she is, "I'm..."  it's on the tip of her tongue. "The little boxes will make him angry.   His chin is hilarious."  She mentions the smell of dust after the rain - 'petrichor'.   (Remember for later.)

Nephew (Paul Kasey) is an Ood and he was only half alive when he got here and was repaired by House (Michael Sheen) .   Several Time lord voices are heard in unison.   House is everywhere.   The Doctor knows there are lots of Time Lords nearby.   Idris can't think of the "sad word." House speaks.   The Doctor says he's met Time Lords before.  House repairs the other three when they break.   The Doctor is the last Time Lord with the last TARDIS.   He wants to look around, sensing something isn't quite right and sends Amy and Rory back to the TARDIS to retrieve his screwdriver.   But he never leaves that behind!

He told Amy about the Time Lords and he destroyed them, Amy believes he wants to be forgiven.  Idris asks for her thief.   The TARDIs is engulfed by green smoke and the Doctor locks Amy and Rory inside before finding all of the boxes.   He thought he had friends here, but they're only "cries of help from the long dead."  He was lured here and realizes House repairs Auntie, Uncle (Adrian Schiller) and Nephew when they break, and calls them "patchwork people." Auntie has Corsair's arm with the tattoo.   Uncle got his kidneys and spine.   Doctor: "You gave me hope and then took it away."  He recalls Idris saying the boxes would make him angry.   Amy tells him he's being emotional and Idris calls the Doctor stupid too, as Amy does Rory.   Idris mimics the sound of the TARDIS.   She's the TARDIS.   Doctor: "You were the most beautiful thing I've ever known." He only borrowed her, not stolen her.   Idris wouldn't give him back.   Doctor: "My TARDIS."

Idris: "My Doctor."  He releases her from her cage.   House eats Tardises, he feeds on rift energy and deletes the TARDIS matrix before he can eat it.   The Doctor tells Amy he's unlocked the door.   Amy: "You stupid well haven't."  See Amy's word.   The TARDIS vanishes with them both stuck inside.   The Doctor ha's a new feeling, not knowing what to do.   House tells them they're stuck in the TARDIS but they're not safe.  Auntie and Uncle die because House can't feed off anymore Tardises.   Idris is also dying.   They need to go where she landed.   Idris: "Don't get emotional, that's what that orangey-coloured girl says."  The Doctor hits on a brainwave: it's a junkyard full of Tardises.   He calls her sexy.   Only when they're alone.

Rory tries to think of ways to survive and tells House he won't kill them yet as he thrives on entertainment, that's what Auntie and Uncle were for.   They run inside the TARDIS and the Doctor puts together parts salvaged from the old Tardises to build a TARDIS console.   Idris asks what the sign on her front door says.  'Pull to open' and he pushes.   The Doctor gets his chance to tell her she hasn't been very reliable in the past, as they're on 'speaking terms' now.   She took him where he needed to go.   Rory gets left behind a door and Amy comes round to find him.   She's been away for hours and the same thing happens again.  House is messing with them.

Idris chose him all those years ago, he says he chose her.  She wanted to see the universe, so she stole a Time Lord and ran away.   Rory's aged, Amy left him for 2,00 years, again.   The TARDIS is the power.   Idris: "Oh my beautiful idiot, you've had what you've always had, you've got me."  Amy sees a body, but it's not Rory.   The Doctor wants Idris to relay a message to Amy, she asks if he means 'the pretty one'.   Sending it to Rory instead, a telepathic message.   Passing on the route to the old control room.   The Doctor comments "the pretty one!" She's got 30 control rooms and she archives them.  Doctor: "You're doing it, you sexy thing." That's her name.   Idris passes on the code: "Crimson, eleven, delight, petrichor." Amy recalls it's the "smell of dust after the rain." The shields of the TARDIS are down, allowing them to land in it.   The Ood gets atomized.

Doctor: "She's a woman and she's a TARDIS."
Amy: "Did you wish really hard?"
Doctor: "Shut up, it's not like that."  Said that about River too in episode 1.
TARDIS: "Sexy."
Doctor: "Still shut up." It's never like that with him and women.  

The Doctor tricks House into saying he needs thrust to get into his universe.   The TARDIS asks for water but that's a clue isn't it.   The Doctor calls her "old girl."  House will have to delete the room first so he can get back the actual, current control room and House fell for it.   As living things are returned to where they're deposited from.   House admits he's killed hundreds of Time Lords.   Doctor: "Fear me, I've killed all of them."  House should be careful, he took her from her control room and now she's free.   She finishes House off.   Then recalls the word she was looking for is "alive."  Doctor: "Alive isn't sad."  It is for her.   She wanted to say hello and greet him.   He doesn't want her to..  he's sad now.   But death is sad.   He can't make the TARDIS talk again.   Amy puts that down to "spacey-wacey." Rory relays the message she left: "The only water in the forest is the River."  Is that meant to be backward comment?

Amy: "It's always you and her isn't it?" Was she jealous.   But that's the crux of this show him and his TARDIS.   He gives them a new bedroom and he asks if she's still there?  Doctor: "I'm a silly old..."

I liked this episode more than last week's one.   It was much more enjoyable and had it all: laughs, emotions, sadness.  The special bond that the Doctor shares with his beloved TARDIS.   He is married to it, or should that be her, in a way.   They're joined at the hip, so in this respects the title could have been misleading.   But when seen the TARDIS was transferred into a human body, it gave it more meaning and it was understandable why that title was used in the end.   As Amy said at the end, it always is the Doctor and her.  Can the Doctor ever love anyone else.   In the episode The Time of the Angels Part 1, Amy asked River if she was the Doctor's wife, but River didn't reply.

The old control room, guess that was the one inhabited by the Doctor's previous body, the Tenth Doctor, David Tennant.

Idris almost is synonymous with TARDIS.   Idris refers to his chin as funny, another reference to his chin, as River (Alex Kingston) said in the season opener, Easter Island statues were an homage to our Doctor!  The Doctor called the TARDIS 'Sexy' in season 5 The Eleventh Hour and the so called 'cloister bell' the emergency warning system of the TARDIS, was also heard in that episode.

The colour of the Ood's eyes change whenever they are possessed or inhabited by evil entities, as seen in the past episodes, The Impossible Planet  and the Satan Pit (2006).   Here Nephew had green eyes, akin to the green smoke representing House.   Didn't the Doctor realize this from his past encounters.   Also the part where he's excited that there may be other Time Lords out there, but then that turns to sadness when he finds many of them were slaughtered by House.   However, he knows he destroyed the last of them too so it's understandable why he would believe there may be some, outside of the universe.   Good Time Lords.   However, I don't think we've seen the last of the Time Lords though.

As for Idris's cryptic clue, "the river in the forest" is that really referring to running water, or to our River Song.   She was in an earlier episode entitled Forest of the Dead, from when the Doctor first met her and then rescued her and her team.   I don't know, I kind of like the idea it's about River.   We'll have to wait and see.

Suranne Jones also played the Mona Lisa in an episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures and I actually met her years ago, when she was in the stage production of A Few Good Men in the UK with Rob Lowe.

Written 2011