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Doctor Who 7.5 "The Angels Take Manhattan" Review

"New York: the city of a million stories.  Half of them are true, the other half just haven't happened yet.  Statutes the man said, living statutes that moved in the dark."  Garner (Rob David) is a PI who is paid $25 a day plus expenses.  Grayle (Mike McShane) asks of he believes in statutes that can move.  Only they can't move when you look at them.  "The address was an apartment block near Battery Park he said it was where the statues lived.  I asked him why he didn't look himself.  He didn't answer.  Grayle was the scariest guy I knew.  If something scared him I kind of wanted to shake its hand."  'S Garner' on the door but it wasn't his place, not yet anyway.  There's an old man in the bed who is Garner.  "They're coming for you - they're gonna send you back in time...I am you."  'The Dying Detective"  is typed on the typewriter.  Statue of Liberty is behind him on the roof.

The  Doctor (Matt Smith) reads aloud from a book "...packing cleavage..."  Amy (Karen Gillan) doesn't want him to read aloud.  The book is written by Melody Malone PI in New York.  Did anyone think Melody as in River when he said that name.  Amy doesn't like him saying "Yowza" either.  Rory (Arthur Darvilll) adds only the Doctor "could fancy someone in a book."   Something's different about Amy, her glasses.  The Doctor says they "make her eyes look liney."  Rory tries to be diplomatic; saying "yes/no, not noticing them."  They kiss and the Doctor finds it humiliating when they do that.

He tries her glasses on, but hey her glasses were square rimmed, not round like he wears!  She wants him to read to her and he tears out the last page, "then it doesn't have to end.  I hate endings."  He reads: "...saw the thin guy..." i.e Rory.  Who meets River (Alex Kingston) "hello dad."  She doesn't know how he got here.  She is Melody!  The Doctor found the book in his jacket.

The year is April 3rd 1938 and River didn't come in the TARDIS since there are many time distortions in the city.  She used a vortex manipulator, "it's less bulky than a TARDIS.  Well she always used one of those.  It's impossible to land the TARDIS here.  Amy mentions weeping angels in a cemetery.  The Doctor explains the weeping angels take them back in time but Amy says they didn't start out in a graveyard.  On Page 43 she tells him he's going to break something. She has to stop reading ahead and "if you find that Rory dies...once we know it's coming, it's fixed."  Amy tells him time can be rewritten.  That's his line, he knows that, but it can't, not once you've read it - it's written in stone."  As in Rory's headstone which reads: " In loving memory Rory Arthur Williams."  Why did the Doctor refer to Rory dying, he could have said anything but he utters that specific phrase.

The Doctor needs landing lights.  The vase River looks at in Grayle's mansion is early Ming dynasty.  Rory can translate the Chines letters.  River tells him "a gift of the TARDIS hangs around."  Rory is looked with the babies, ie. cherubs and is given some matches.  China 221 BC, the Doctor has permission from the emperor to be here.  "Yowzah" is written on the vase and River says, "hello sweetie."

Grayle doesn't want anyone to see what's behind the curtain and turns out to be a weeping angel.  She sends the Doctor a message, "yowzah" and he locks onto the signal.  The angel grabs River's wrist.  River: "just you wait until my husband gets home."  The Doctor does a "final check" and fixes himself up for her.  "Sorry I'm late honey, traffic was hell."  He asks, "where now Dr Song?"
River: "it's Professor Song to you."  She was pardoned and there's no record of his death.  His existence, he deleted himself from every database."  The doctor replies River said he got too big.
River: "didn't you used to be somebody?"
Doctor: "weren't you the woman who killed the Doctor?"
River: "Doctor Who?"  Oh not that again!

She asks why he must break her wrist. Amy read it in her book and he has no choice.  River hasn't written it yet so they can't read it. River doesn't like the cover, but she was dressed like that when she came in.  Amy suggests they can read the chapter titles.  Chapter 11 Death at Winter Quay.  The Doctor is frantic when he reads Chapter 12 Amelia's Last Farewell.  Which is meant to be in reference to her last farewell to Rory, but in fact it isn't that at all!  He tells River to get her wrist out without breaking it and change the future.

Amy can't find Rory and he's disappeared from the cellar.  He's at Winter Quay.  He's been moved in space but not in time.  River got out but she doesn't tell him she broke her wrist after all and did change the future, kind of.  River: "that's marriage honey."   So she's not that good as he says she is. Why lie to him anyway?  he asks.  River: "When one's in love with an ageless god who insists on the face of a 12 year old...hide the damage."  The Doctor replies it must hurt.  River: "yes, the wrist is pretty bad too."  He heals her wrist using regeneration energy and she slaps him for wasting it.  She tells Amy to " ...never ever let him see you age, he doesn't like endings."

The door reads 'R Williams' now and old Rory "just died."  'Death at Winter Quay' is typed.  People get zapped back in time and creates time energy and the angels feed on it and send them back feeding off their time energy, like a  battery farm (at Battery Park.)  New York is the city that never sleeps.  There's plenty of food source and they're coming for Rory.  They will zap him back here and he will live here forever in that room until he dies in that bed.  Amy wasn't there cos he was pleased to see her.  Rory thinks he can run.  The Doctor tells him it's already happened.

River says if Rory got out it would create a paradox, the whole place would never have happened.  The Doctor says they need power for that.  Amy says they've got her. (The power of love.) They will run forever.  Amy: "husband run."
River: "husband shut up."  Hey the Doctor says that, shut up a lot that is.  They run.  Rory always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty.  He wants to jump over the edge so he will "die twice on the same building on the same night" creating a paradox.  Killing the angels.  Amy wants to jump with him.  Rory asks "when doesn't he come back to life."  Dying is better than old age without Amy.  "To save you I could do anything."  Amy wants him to prove it and take her with him.  Amy: "changing the future, it's called marriage."

They all end up at the cemetery again after they both jump.  The Doctor says they collapsed the timeline and "came back here where we belong."  Rory asks in a cemetery?  The Doctor hugs them and doesn't want them to do that again.  Rory looks at the gravestone which now reads: "Rory Arthur Williams Age 82."  Rory disappears and there's an angel pointing to the gravestone.  The angel is a survivor.  The Doctor says he's in that New York apartment.  River calls Amy 'mother.'  Amy wonders if there's room for another name and will the angel send her back to the same time.  River adds it's her best shot, all she has to do is blink.  "Me and Rory together" it's where she belongs.

The Doctor is despondent and doesn't want her to go, she'll be creating fixed time.  "I will never see you again!"  He was being selfish, well he had to be, also for us too.  Amy: "raggedy man, goodbye."  The gravestone now reads "and his loving wife Amelia Williams Age 87."  Inside the TARDIS the Doctor apologizes to River, they were her parents.  "Sorry, didn't think."  River says it doesn't matter.  What matters is he shouldn't travel alone, as Amy says.

River can travel with him but not all the time.  She will send the book to Amy to get published so she'll get Amy to write him an 'Afterward.'  'Maybe he'll listen to her.'  He recalls the last page, as did we and it's still there in the picnic basket, as is the basket!

Amy: "afterwards by Amelia Williams.  Hello old friend and here we are.  You and me on the last page.  By the time you read these words Rory and I will be long gone.  So know that we lived well and were very happy and above all else know that we will love you always.  Sometimes I do worry about you though.  I think once we're gone you won't be be coming back here for a while and you may be alone which you should never be.  Don't be alone Doctor.  And do one more thing for me.  There's a little girl in the garden.  She's going to wait a long while, so she's going to need a lot of hope.  Go to her, tell her a story.  Tell her if she's patient the days are coming which she'll never forget.  Tell her she'll go to sea and fight pirates.  She'll fall in love with a man who'll wait 2,000 years to keep her safe.  She'll give hope to the greatest painter ever lives and save a whale in outer space.  Tell her this is the story of Amelia Pond and this is how it ends."

Oh but we don't want it to end.  Did that have you in tears?  SO that's how the Ponds, Williams actually, left the show.  At least they didn't get killed off as most were expecting but got to live and get old.  Only live apart from the Doctor which is what he couldn't stand and didn't want.  That's what happens when you get to close to companions, but he needs them around.  So did anyone tell Rory's dad?

River somehow always ends up in a black dress somewhere doesn't she, re black dress with the Daleks in Manhattan.  Anyhoo, in the afterwards Amy refers to the episodes: The Eleventh Hour, The Curse of the Black Spot, The Big Bang, Vincent and the Doctor, The Beast Below.  Steven Moffat said he "completely changed" the ending he was writing and Karen Gillan cried when she read the script, that is when she got round to reading it.

Don't think Amy and Rory could have ever been killed off as they were rather well loved companions and though they were separated from the Doctor, they could never be apart from each other, after everything they went through.  It took the Doctor to bring them together in Asylum of the Daleks after that ridiculous divorce they were going through and they couldn't be apart now and not for all his woeful pleadings either, he would have realized that eventually.

Most of the filming took place in Central Park in April 2012, including some night filming.  The cemetery was in Llanelli, Wales and other shots were filmed at Bristol and Cardiff Universities.  Have to complain that Rory didn't get much of a send off being taken back like that and Amy didn't hesitate in wanting to join him.  She didn't want to stay with her raggedy old Doctor, no matter how much he wanted Amy to stay.  It was Amy's choice and she chose Rory - always.  SO much emotion and sadness and yet River never flinched even if the emotion showed in her face.  She knew how strong love is and she wanted Amy to be with Rory for as much as River loves the Doctor.

River and her vortex manipulator, could she visit them with it.  Even if she could 'send' Amy her book, where would she send it.  Not to that hotel since the hotel no longer existed cos of the paradox that Rory and Amy created when they jumped.  So when the angel sent Rory back, was he was presumably sent back to the same time and year but not the hotel, and Amy too.  So they wouldn't be stuck in that hotel together if it was destroyed.

A fixed point in time cannot be changed as we saw in the Impossible Astronaut and the Doctor's Death.  Tine can't be rewritten once you've read about it, that's a new one and River didn't mention her "spoilers" as she did non-stop before.  Oh and the flickering lights in the hotel when Rory went there.  But why did he go there and what made him enter it to begin with?

River being concerned the Doctor was using his regeneration energy on her why?  But hey she was/is his wife. Also River correcting him, she's not a Doctor but a Professor, as she was when we first met her in Silence in the Library.  No mention of him no longer not being able to recall her.  Maybe another time, as this was definitely Amy's story.  Yet he will travel to see the little girl in the garden won't he.

As for Chapter 12 Amelia's Last Farewell, this didn't turn out to be for Rory but to the Doctor as she bid her raggedy Doctor goodbye forever.  So much emotion exuded from all the cast but Matt's portrayal of the Doctor just gets better with age.  No pun there.

River and her line of "texting a boy."  Also great to see Amy finally calling herself Williams and not Pond, showing she embraced her life, both their lives in the end.  Karen cried in that final scene in the cemetery for real. We'll miss our fave companions Amy/Rory, Karen/Arthur!!

Can't help but think PI Sam Garner was named for James Garner, the actor who played Jim Rockford PI in The Rockford Files.  They always used to mention his expenses in that, though it was $200 a day plus expenses.  The first name Sam probably cos of Sam Spade, fictional PI in Dashiell Hammett's The Maltese Falcon novel.

Also when the Doctor tried on Amy's glasses they were round rimmed, Amy's were square rimmed and when he read the book they were still round rimmed glasses!  Just like the ones Matt Smith wore in Bertie and Dickie!

Some parts of this episode drew me back to the season 6 ep The God Complex. Amy saw herself in one of the room sin the hotel as Amelia waiting for the Doctor with her suitcase.  he tells Amy he's not a hero, that it's time she stopped waiting for him.  Which she finally did and even more so here.  Also Rory says, "not all victories are about saving the universe."  This one was clearly about saving Rory or even Amy but seems strange how the Doctor was unable to do that here, as he always has come up with some plan in the past.

 In 6.11 The God Complex, the weeping angels were also in one of the rooms and the Doctor reassures Amy they weren't real when he puts his hand through them.  Amy: "don't blink."  Here she does "blink" and in some ways this could be seen as a piece of foreshadowing here - that she and the others come across the angels again and it is them who separate the Doctor from his beloved companions forever.  In 6.11, the Doctor also tells Amy he's just a mad man in a box and here River alludes to not having two psychopaths  in the TARDIS at the same time.  In 6.11 the Doctor also acknowledged Amy as Amy Williams.  She went on to call herself Amy Williams when she was reunited with Rory.

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CSI:NY 7.17 "Do or Die" Review

A killing of a popular student at a prestigious New York school has the CSIs investigating far more than education, as a far more sordid picture of the rich and elite develops.

A girl staggers through the hall with a wound to the back of her head and drops dead.   The other pupils can only stand around, stare and take photos on their phones.   Got my killer straight off, after she was interviewed, it was too easy: jealously, the girl scorned, made fun of, the boy never noticing her.   It's been done before.   Flack: (Eddie Cahill) "The digital grapevine is in full effect." They even snap photos of Jo (Sela Ward) and Mac (Gary Sinise) arriving.   The Vic was Olivia (Cassandra Jean) valedictorian of her senior class.

Flack wants the student body cleared from the crime scene.   Would've thought they'd have done that as soon as they arrived.   Those students were just making a spectacle of the Vic.   Imagine going to school with that shallow lot, though most teens usually are, but not everyone.   Jo comments on how most of the rich kids shop on the Upper East Side.   She was murdered on school grounds.   Flack: "used to be you'd tell your kids you'd be safe walking home from school; not through."  Mac translates the school motto but clearly they were not preparing for life.   Flack: "someone at Archford had a different idea."

Lindsay (Anna Belknap) had to be first on the main scene.   Mac comments on the lasceration to the back of her skull, which took some force.   Olivia staggered from the primary CS.   Lindsay says the students will never forget this day.   Actually they'll remember it for reasons other than compassion or suffer nightmares from it.   Lindsay still recalls in detail the night her friends were murdered.   As we get a flashback.   She had to bring that up.   Here we go again - everything suddenly becomes about her and not the Vic!  Mac on the other hand actually hopes one of them will recall what happened here for the investigation.

Danny (Carmine Giovinazzo) removes a book on Greek Tragedies from Olivia's backpack, a library copy.   Danny: "You got a hallpass young lady."  Jo flashes her badge.  There's medium velocity blood spatter on the edge of the sink.   Olivia apparently was smart and had a book on Calculus C.   Jo didn't realize there was an A or a B.   Jo finds shoe treads on the toilet seat and unknown trace.   Danny's line of that being an unusual way of doing your biz!  Well, in some countries, the toilet seat is exactly where you put your shoes to do your biz.   Oh digression.

Flack: "Popularity has its price" and someone tried to take Olivia's spotlight.   Jo questions Olivia's parents who tell her she didn't have time for boyfriends.   Her parents didn't know what she was like at school, but then they're always the last to know the real truth about their children.   Jo promises to find her killer, just as Horatio (David Caruso) would promise.   The Vic reminds Sid (Robert Joy) of his niece.   The COD was epidural haematoma and the murder weapon was the sink.   There was no evidence of substance abuse and there was skin rash on her knees; which developed within hours of contact.   Traces of a microrganism.  A mark on her finger reveals an 'F'.   Prompting Mac to ask, "How does the smartest girl in the school, get an 'F'." Cos she wasn't smart.

Adam (AJ Buckly) processes her clothes and her backpack.   Danny incubated Sid's sample of the microrganism, which was mould, all grown indoors.   They need to grow cultures and isolate where she was.   This turns out to be the library.   Lindsay wants Lucy at this school, she's very easily impressed with outward appearances.   Danny's adamant she's going to go to a public school like he did and not one with such kids.   He mentions the Dewy-magicimy codes on the side of the book, which he never could figure out.   Lindsay has to call it by name, the Dewy Decimal system, what a show off, don't see her explaining it to him though!  What was the point of that line from Danny anyway, you don't need to understand it, unless you're a librarian.

Needless to say what followed next between the two was so forced and highly embarrassing for want of a better word.   When Danny finds signs of activity in the back: handprints on the table and Lindsay would have to notice the bum (ass) print!  Did we really need a 'demo' from them on the table - it's obvious what was going on there and something we didn't need to see!  Danny: "extra curricular activity" and Olivia must have witnessed it.   The prints on the table match  Benjamin (Austin Butler) that was convenient.   Having a record, so the school lets anyone in.   They search his locker to find porno DVDs he's filmed at the school.   Danny asks the principal what they're being taught here.   So that's his decision of not having Lucy here justified!

Flack questions Becky (Cherilyn Rae Wilson) the girl on the DVD and she's worried her parents will find out.   Well a  bit late for that now.   Flack: "I didn't realize having sex was considered homework."  Flack doesn't want a complete description of what happened.   Mac thinks Olivia threatened to tell what she saw Benjamin was up to, but on the contrary, she wanted in on it.   Adam believes he's found Martian soil on her blazer.   Jo asks Adam if the dog ate his homework.   Lots of school jokes from the team this episode.  Adam tells of the same chemical consistency of the soil from Mars.   Jo asks if she should get Flack to put out an APB on a little grey man.   Good to see Jo as the voice of reason here, advising Adam there's another explanation for this as secondary transfer, but equally good to see Adam acting so flustered and worried at the prospect of telling Mac, to the point where he's off when he sees Mac approaching.   Adam has to be sure of his findings.

Hawkes (Hill Harper) just when you thought he wouldn't be in the episode, says he's found the trace was from the intestinal remains of a scorpion.   The biology teacher, Booker (Jeremy Glazer) tells them it was stepped on when one of the students played a prank on Emmy (Scout Taylor-Compton) she and Olivia were very different from each other.   Emmy and Allen (Matt Angel) are working on a project together and who could have missed that soil in the cage! And the lava lizard from the Chilean desert, would have a completely different habitat.   Emmy hid in the toilet after that incident.   The cheerleaders knew she was there and were talking about her on purpose.

Jo was a cheerleader and says to Lindsay, "Don't act like you weren't."  Lindsay doesn't strike one as being a cheerleader, she doesn't look the type, and she doesn't answer either.   So whilst she was suffering from the trauma of what happened to her friends, she was on the cheerleader squad, don't somehow think so.   Mac suggests they're not looking at the evidence close enough.   Mac notices Russian names on the water bottle label, found in Olivia's backpack, so again it was apparent Olivia was the one who was cheating, but as she was the Vic, it was assumed she was innocent; because she was popular, didn't mean she was smart.   Lindsay trying to be clever again, but is caught out when she says the 'A' in National Security Act stands for Agency!  Jo calls it a cheatsheet.   Hawkes is impressed, but he's never cheated.   Hawkes finds prints on the label belonging to Olivia and another set inside the label, but no match.

Adam tells Danny about the teacher's computer being hacked to get the exam questions by way of a remote desktop access programme and demonstartes this by hacking into Mac's computer.   Jo comments every school has its cheaters and Olivia had everything going for her, but a popular girl also lacked a boyfriend.   Adam matches the soil to the Chilean desert.   Jo reads a note on the school paper from Allen to Olivia.   Flack says Allen forgot to remove the barcode from the bottle which was traced back to a credit card used by his mother.   Allen had study sessions with Olivia and he was helping her cheat, but he had an alibi.   Flack asks why he helped her cheat and finds there is a motive.   Mac explains there are three reasons for murder: money, revenge, jealousy.

Leading them to Emmy, at last.   She knew Allen in the third grade and he noticed her for herself, he didn't treat her like the others.   Jo tells her at that age she had braces and was made fun of all the time, like Emmy, she took that.   So Jo was a cheerleader with braces, ha.   She shows Emmy the school paper with the photo, she was jealous of Olivia.   Who exploited Allen to get what she wanted.   Olivia tells Emy she looks at Allen like he looks at her.   Clearly he was overwhelmed by Olivia, so he'd do anything for her.  Emmy regrets killing Olivia but she doesn't have regrets over saving her best friend.

More 'digital snapping' as she's arrested and taken away.   Jo wonders if Allen knew she loved him.   Mac says they learn all sorts of things not on the curriculum.   To Jo high school is not the end of the world, it's just the beginning.   Mac adds life's not a lesson that can be learned in school.   Was Allen really worth having as a freind when all he could think about was impressing the prettiest girl around, who clearly had no interest in him, other than using him.

Don't know about you, but this episode had pangs of the show Popular about it, aside from the murder, but nothing changes in school, over the decades; it's always about the popular girls and the jocks versus the geeks and the ordinary girls.   As for Emmy saying she regrets killing Olivia, she doesn't seem remorseful at all, that she was found out only serves to draw out the confession from her.   In the flashback to where she actually kills Olivia, it's so cold blooded and vicious.   She didn't really do it for Allen, it seems she did it for herself, without Olivia in the picture, she would be free to have Allen as her friend and the way she denies he's not her boyfriend to Olivia, just makes her sound desperate, that she wishes he was, but knows she'll never have him.   Though Olivia was the Vic and she didn't deserve to be killed, there's not much sympathy to waste on her.   She was just using Allen to get what she wanted and a better thing would have been if she had got her comeuppance as a cheat, losing her poplar status, than Emmy being marked and remembered as a murderer.   But  what I say is today's news is tomorrow's deleted text message!

Not CSI:NY's first foray into elite schools as the episode Dancing with the Fishes, featured a private Manhattan school where parents would go to any lengths to get their children a place and perhaps this episode shows what happens when their children get there!

Lindsay making judgements already about Olivia's death affecting them, when this is just something that's news for them.   She wasn't around when Flack, Jo and Mac arrived initially, so she didn't see the spectacle that was the real students at the school, snapping away.   Hard to believe any of them had consciences, which is generalizing I know, but at their age, they're not going to be reminded of this or be haunted by it either.   Yet even after Lindsay finds out what's been happening at the school, the writer didn't have her taking back this earlier observation.

Hawkes having to add he's never cheated, we know about his background from other episodes, so he didn't need to cheat, nor is it in his character, but it felt like he was having to justify himself, a bit like Adam does.   Even whenAdam figures out where the soil really came from and congratulates himself, he doesn't get any recognition from Mac.   Not letting on he hacked into Mac's computer was wise.   Also Hawkes just wanted Adam to tell them his findings, perhaps since Mac was around, but earlier on in the season he teased Adam along with Danny in Unfriendly Chat; they do act differently when Mac isn't there.

That scene between Danny and Lindsay  was so forced and not a hint of attraction or chemistry between them.   If it had been Danny with someone else, or even say, Flack with Angell, (Emmanuelle Vaugier) or someone else, that demo scene on the table, would've been so damn hot, alas it was anything but sexy; a damp squib! and didn't turn out quite as was expected when written on paper!

In the season 3 episode Consequences (one of my faves) mention was made of moon rock and here Adam thinks he found Martian soil.

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Merlin 4.7 "The Secret Sharer" Review

Agravaine (Nathanial Parker) rescues Morgana (Katie McGrath) again - she is useless and always needs help.  Emrys knows everything.  Agravaine believes someone's telling him.  Gaius (Richard Wilson) knew he was lying when he spoke as he was the only one who knew of the Femorrah.  If magic was involved couldn't Emrys just know for himself, who said he had to be told.

Not another bedroom scene with Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur (Bradley James).  Merlin gives Arthur a list of what he has to do: presiding over a garland competition.  He drags Arthur out of bed.  Commenting it's like having to work.  Arthur is glad Merlin's friend's at the tavern approve of Arthur doing a great job.

Morgana rides to find Alator the Catha (Gary Lewis) whilst  Agravaine plants the seeds of suspicion in Arthur's mind about Gaius.  Arthur can't believe Gaius is disloyal.  Agravaine tells him he knew where to find Dragoon for his father.  Agravaine wants Gaius to answer questions.  Agravaine: "somebody is plotting against you."  Which is ironic coming from the mouth of the very man who is plotting against Arthur.

Morgana wants someone abducted from Camelot which is not friend to Alator.  She gives him her bracelet blessed by the High Priestess.  Morgana mentions her mortal enemy is being helped by Emrys which is what made him wake up and take notice and help her.

Arthur looks on as Agravaine questions, rather interrogates, Gaius.  Asking what he feels about sorcery.  He replies it's against the law and he did practise it in the past.  Agravaine wants to know how he knew of the sorcerer to help Uther.  Why didn't Gaius just reply it's common knowledge where Dragoon lives, or he made his presence known instead of saying he was told.  Gaius has never met him.  Agravaine tells Arthur Gaius is lying, he doesn't have any evidence. Agravaine will find something.  Agravaine gives Merlin a dagger for Arthur.

Alator kidnaps Gaius, that was easy.  Agravaine leaves the magic book in Gaius's chamber that's why he didn't want Merlin to be around.  Agravaine says Gaius rode away on a white horse and was seen.  Arthur refuses to send out a search party.  Merlin attempts to convince Arthur it's not Gaius as he wouldn't leave without saying goodbye and Agravaine made it up.  Arthur won;t listen cos he's his uncle.  Arthur has had his "heart broken already today" and won't lose another friend.

Morgana asks after Emrys.  Gwen (Angel Coulby) will try and talk to Arthur but he loves Agravaine.  Gaius fights Alator with magic but gives up.  Merlin finds dirt from Agravaine's boots and the magic book in the chamber, couldn't he hide it somewhere.  Agravaine sees Merlin leaving in the mirror.  Gwaine (Eoin Macken) IDs the dirt as iron ore and knows where it's found.  He wants to help.  Agravaine runs to Morgana and Gaius gives Merlin away as Emrys.  Knew Alator wouldn't tell Morgana.  He wants to unite the Powers of the old world and the new..."the time of Albion."  Agravaine wants to kill Gaius until Gwaine arrives, he was right he did take Gaius.  He pretends to check his breath with the knife to see if he's alive and tells Gwaine he followed Gaius here and agrees he was kidnapped.

Morgana wants Merlin to stop interfering in things and wanted info on Emrys.  Alator calls Merlin a "serving boy."  He knows who Emrys is and uses his staff on Morgana.  He watches Merlin's expression when he tells her he knows who and where he is.  Morgana gets knocked out again.  Alator calls it an honour to serve Merlin. He's been hunted and persecuted but he's not alone.  He shares Merlin's hopes and "dreams of a world you seek to build" and will give his life to help him.  He bows before Emrys.

Another of Morgan's plans thwarted.  Agravaine cunningly admits he misjudged Gaius and Merlin was right.  They both owe Gaius and Merlin an apology.  Morgana wakens to find her bracelet.  Oh so she wasn't out cold all day then like last time.  Gaius says he'd protect the secret with his life but he gave it away.  They can't tell Arthur about Agravaine as they've no evidence.  Which is the same story as not being able to tell Uther about Morgana the last two seasons.

Arthur apologizes and Merlin owes Gaius.  Merlin gets time off for more chores.  Gaius loves Merlin too much to betray him.  He doesn't know who took him but is helping Morgana with info about Arthur and Camelot to bring down the kingdom.  Has to ask about Uther and lied about being a sorcerer for fear of being killed.  Uther was dying and he tried to save him.  One day Arthur will understand how much they've done for him.

Another episode where nothing much happened and as usual, the story keeps getting dragged out.  Of course there would be many people out there who want to help Emrys and share his vision, which Morgana doesn't seem to grasp.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Closer 7.16 "Hostile Witness" Review

Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) is on the witness stand in court and has a flashback to Provenza (GW Bailey) telling Stroh (Billy Burke) he's a free man after he was accused of rape.  This time he is defending George Harris ((Scott Michael Morgan) who raped Gweneth in a motel room and she was found dead.  Kendall (Ransford Doherty) tells her TOD was between 5-6 hours.  Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) points out her clothes were ripped and torn.  Buzz (Phillip P Keene) comments on how she was out alone on Valentine's Day.  Provenza adds she was 'Looking for Mr Goodbar.'

Tao (Michael Paul Chan) tells her Harris was arrested for rape and Brenda emphasizes he had two room keys, meaning he had a partner.  Morales (Jonathan Del Arco) must look at the Tox screen before he can determine what she was drugged with and she has bruises on her face.  She was handled and dragged.  Claire Baldwin (Amanda Mason Warren) the DDA states the pathologist's report has already been admitted and that she was drugged with rohypnol.  Brenda can only focus on Stroh.

Claire asks Brenda why she thinks Gweneth was murdered and Brenda replies since Harris was the last one to see her alive and he left his driver's licence behind.  Provenza finds the same scenario exists between Gweneth's rape and an earlier case involving Natalie Gilbert who has disappeared.  Perhaps she could ID Harris's partner.  The charges against Harris were dropped as far as Natalie (Julia Whelan) was concerned.  Flynn (Tony Denison) tells Brenda Stroh represented him back then and Provenza asks why he did that?

Stroh says the case gave "purpose to his life."  Brenda knows how to find Stroh and she tracked him using GPS since the Johnson Rule came into effect.  Stroh says they're his clients.  Brenda tells him DNA could prove useful in court and he places the dishes in the bowl of water in the restaurant.  Raydor (Mary McDonnell) reminds Brenda of the Federal law suit which has just been settled; seems everyone's still harping on about it though.  Raydor is still unable to prove who the leak is, cos it's going to be dragged out!  Stroh was also part of the lawsuit.

Tommy (Alex Solowitz) the doorman recalls Harris was the taxi driver and he picked up Gweneth.  Brenda shows him mugshots with Stroh and he recalls Stroh left the club earlier on.  Pope (JK Simmons) is angry at Brenda's investigation after he is approached by Claire.  Telling Brenda Stroh is representing the suspect.  Taylor (Robert Gossett) adds Stroh likes blondes.  Brenda reminds them of the creation of the Johnson Rule.  Claire says if the DNA confirms it then she can make a case for rape.  Brenda wants Harris charged with murder and so he'll give up Stroh.  She must prove it.  Taylor says the case won't go to court for a year so Brenda will have all that time, er, not really she won't.  Brenda will be able to get evidence. She must find the Vic first.  Pope insists, practically orders Brenda to treat Stroh as a defence lawyer.  Brenda:" you're always clear."

Fritz (Jon Tenney) finds Natalie in a mental institution as Marilyn Monroe.  Her licence matches Natalie.  She's back on her meds.   Brenda is so annoyed with Claire and calls her so competitive.  Fritz will see if Natalie is lucid and Brenda wants him to signal her in court.  Brenda is cross examined.  The DNA sample doesn't suggest that Harris raped her and Stroh tells Brenda it's only her opinion that she was drugged.  She can't determine when the drug was taken.  He tells her to read out Gweneth's COD, which was OD and the manner of her death is 'undetermined.'

Stroh tells the court he has two keys to his car, his house, "does that make me a rapist."  Well that was a rhetorical question cos everyone knows the answer to that, especially Brenda.  Brenda says 'yes' and points to Stroh.  Claire is angry and Brenda has "guaranteed us a mistrial." Well that's what she wanted all along so she would have more time to find evidence against Stroh, or at least get Harris to give up his partner.  The Closer in the courtroom, my kind of episode!  At least this episode fooled us into believing they were closing the case with Stroh so Brenda was tying up all her loose ends in the last season.  Brenda is still determined to get her man.

Brenda tells judge Crosby (James B Sikking) that Stroh really is a suspect in the investigation.  Gweneth ODed on drugs but as a nurse she would know the drugs would kill her, which is what Claire says.  Brenda replies murder suspects aren't always told they are such.  The judge orders a mistrial.  Claire agrees to a bail at $25,000 and not $75,000 as asked for by Stroh.  The case will resume in one month.  Brenda asks the judge for a removal order for a witness.

Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) says they re-arrested Harris for raping Natalie, after his mother posted bail, which is why it was set so low.  Flynn says Natalie knows her real name.  Brenda sees Natalie as a Vic but Claire calls her a witness and wants to question her, with Gabriel and Tao present.  Brenda wants Gabriel to get Natalie to look at the photo of Stroh.  Raydor reminds Brenda she doesn't have much time to speak with Harris before Stroh arrives.  Claire wants Tao and Gabriel with her as they're great on the witness stand.

Brenda only wants to make Harris aware of the charges against him.  Sanchez tells him they found Natalie and Brenda knows Harris didn't drug her.  His partner made Gweneth OD which is murder.  Natalie doesn't recall the club or how she got there and recalls a room in a motel.  Gabriel is sorry for what happened but she can put away who did this.  She didn't disappear as she was told when the jury heard she was taking drugs for her bi-polar disorder, they wouldn't believe her.  She doesn't know what happened.  Her life is destroyed and Claire doesn't give Gabriel a chance to show her Stroh's photo.

Claire tells her all she has to do is go to court as a witness and tell them she had sex without consent.  Brenda wants to offer Harris a reduced sentence in return for his partner, who drugged Gweneth.  He shouldn't take the fall.  Stroh tells Brenda she's the "worst loser I've ever met."  He found the GPS tracker and figured he was being followed by her, not Harris.  He calls her arrogant considering the lawsuit was settled.  More mention of that dreaded lawsuit.

Tao finds Natalie woke up early cos of the drug she was taking as the rohypnol was blocked by the enzyme and she woke up quickly.  Thus they upped the dose on Gweneth.  Raydor says Natalie refuses to ID him.  Provenza says Natalie is homeless so Brenda takes her home under the Johnson rule, for someone who wasn't happy with the Rule, she finds every opportunity to use the rule to her advantage.  As she needs protection.  Brenda is concerned about what will happen to Natalie when she's not here and the man will come after her again.

Fritz doesn't think Brenda is being fair dragging Natalie through the rape again since the GPS shows Stroh wasn't at the bars or the motel.  Brenda wants Harris and Stroh.  Natalie remembers she was at Stella's - the nightclub.  Flynn takes Stroh there and tells him "it's ladies night."  Natalie recalls the doorman, Tommy and then recalls Charlie, the bartender.  Harris's partner.  Brenda is livid, knew something like that was going to happen.  Stroh tells her he can't understand the point in drugging women to have sex with them, they should be free to fight.  Brenda says she can't make deals with murderers.  Stroh: "lighten up, you got your man, as always." Hey I said that earlier on about Brenda getting her man, but she hasn't.  Not the one she really wants to get!

Harris tells her Charlie met girls and agreed to hook him up.  Brenda gives Stroh dirty looks.  She was choking and he shook her.  She wasn't breathing and Charlie put too much rohypnol in her drink.  Brenda shakes Stroh's hand. "you'll see me again, count on it."  Would have thought she would have got his DNA or something, you know she could have scratched him or something.  Claire has told Pope how Brenda behaved towards her, condescending and harmed the prosecution of her case.  Raydor tells Brenda Pope believes she needs to bring the prosecutors into her cases earlier on.  Brenda is adamant she didn't provoke a mistrial.  The DA's office wants more open access to Major Crimes and Brenda can no longer investigate Stroh without Pope's approval.  She has to take his orders seriously and Brenda replies she is.

There Pope goes again, covering himself in light of this case.  Whether or not Brenda provoked the mistrial, made no difference in the end cos she didn't get Stroh and he was the one who was so arrogant, especially when he he knew he didn't rape this time but it doesn't absolve him of his crimes.  He's still guilty and I hope Brenda does nail the slimy criminal!

Although Brenda mentions the Johnson Rule for the GPS on Stroh's car, she still has a warrant for it.  Provenza; "Pope know about this...I take that as a 'no.'"

Brenda; "The Federal lawsuit is settled, Goldman is ancient history.  Who does the leak have left to inform - you?"
Raydor: "wouldn't that be great."  Isn't Brenda at all curious about who the who's been betraying her.  Great episode, every enjoyable.  Hated Claire though, ugh, she was also arrogant in showing she knows how to do her job.  In that respects, she was no better than Stroh.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Stargate Atlantis 5.17 "Infection" Review

Rodney (David Hewlett) says the shield is better as the cloak offers them no protection as a ship approaches Atlantis.  Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) stands by to fire the drones if necessary.  Atlantis is cloaked.  An encrypted file is transmitted using Daedalus algorithms.  It's a message from Todd (Christopher Heyerdahl) who needs help.  Rodney says the file is corrupted.  Ronon (Jason Momoa) wants to blow him up.  Woolsey (Robert Picardo) tends to agree.  Rodney wants to communicate using the jumper and doesn't find any lifesigns.  Teyla (Rachel Luttrell) can't find any Wraith signs but they could be hibernating.

Sheppard says, he's "flattered to think you think Todd would kill me."  They can now locate the bridge on the Hive ship without Rodney's help.  There's no crew awake and they won't wake up.  There's a power fluctuation and they find Todd's file.  The crew suffered from a disease due to the complications of gene therapy.  He took some of the therapy when he was on Daedalus and it worked.  He treated his crew and then saw problems, some died, others are sick.  Sheppard says he can fire drones at them but Woolsey wants him to find out what went wrong.  Revive some of the crew even.

Ronon kills some Wraith.  Teyla doesn't want them all killed off.  Whilst returning back to the Hive a Marine 'extra' is attacked and killed by the Wraith.  The wall is melting down.  The treatment worked and created a disease weakening their immune system.  Rodney says it helps to have an ego.  They can use the life signal detector but they reach a dead end.  A Wraith tried to eat the Marine, is how Ronon puts it.  Sheppard is attacked by an unmasked Wraith soldier.  Rodney adds that "starving the Wraith led to them learning to use their teeth."

Jennifer (Jewel Staite) hasn't gone though the data.  Sheppard: "the IOA can sue me."  Ronon finds the way back looks different and there's a gaping hole where the way out used to be.  Rodney has a theory, glitches in all the systems.  They self-regenerate when damaged and the ship is reconfiguring itself wrong.  There's no communications.  Rodney thinks they should revive Todd and Jennifer says he won't last long.  That's the one thing Sheppard liked about that plan.

Todd says the Hive ship has the disease as there's an exchange of Wraith fluid with the Hive during hibernation.  Sheppard screws his face in disgust.  Hey one track mind there Sheppard!  Sheppard can't let the other Wraith out and gives the go ahead to kill them and call it a malfunction.  Todd finds it funny a human apologizing to the Wraith.  But Sheppard is a soldier.  She's a doctor and his job is to save lives too.  "He just has a different set of tools."

Rodney can override the safety protocol but one chamber doesn't accept the command.  Sheppard suggests to plant C4 but the pods are already opened.  Jennifer uses Iratus DNA in the treatment and she got the idea from Michael.  Todd can undo the disease.  Healthy Wraith can heal themselves and it's a treatment of the last resort using the Iratus bug.  There's no hope for the others.  There is a planet and it's not about wanting the Wraith restored.  Sheppard owes him but he doesn't owe him anything.  Hey wasn't it dangerous leaving Jennifer alone.

Rodney fears the Hive ship could be ripped in half and they're stuck behind  a locked door.  For marines, they tend to leave  a lot behind.  The Hive ship breaks apart and they head for the planet.  Now they need Todd's help and Sheppard agrees to take him to the planet if he lands the ship.  Sheppard can fly the ship across the water, he's done this before.  The Hive sank after being rescued, Woolsey tells him.  Sheppard wishes he was awake to see that.  Sheppard thinks Todd will die anyway, if successful in therapy they will need Todd's help.  Sheppard made a deal and Todd will remember this.

Lots of interaction between Todd and Sheppard here as Sheppard has to ask for his help with the ship in quid pro quo fashion.  Then has to return the favour by letting him go to the planet with the Iratus bugs.  Showing once again he's a soldier first in having no hesitation in 'culling' the remainder of the infected Wraith.  But as Jennifer reminds him, it's also up to him to save lives even as a soldier, it's not all about killing for him.  Still there's a possible conclusion to the Todd storyline here.

Also references to Carson Beckett with the Iratus bug and Michael's work with Michael holding Carson responsible for his condition.  With Todd trying the treatment for himself without Jennifer's help and on the rest of his crew too.  In some ways he probably holds her responsible too.  Enlightening conversation between Jennifer and Todd about compassion which he views as human weakness.  Yet that same compassion is probably one reason Todd is allowed to leave for the planet, any favours or deals owing aside.

Teyla's reference to Todd leaving his crew to their mercy is from the episode The Lost Tribe.  Ronon's reference to a Wraith ship from another reality is in reference to The Daedalus Variations.  Alex Levine wrote on his blog how, "we needed to tell a story that wraps up the Queen/gene therapy storyline..."  Still at least it wasn't a bad episode, lots of humour and Sheppard comes through in the end with letting Todd go.

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Downton Abbey Series 3 Episode 2 Review

Mary (Michelle Dockery) and Matthew (Dan Stevens) return to Downton after their honeymoon and Matthew drives up in a new car, which is a luxury he's splashed out on since Downton will be sold soon.  Then again if it is, the show will no longer be able to have that title, ha.  Of course the family are surprised to see the car but more importantly the money issues are still simmering under the surface for Mary.  She still wants Matthew to reconsider taking Swire's inheritance.  He feels he will be cheating the rightful heirs out of it after he broke Lavinia's heart.

Thus leaving Mary and Dowager Violet (Maggie Smith) no choice but to find a way to convince Martha (Shirley Maclaine) to give them the money somehow.  But she sees right through them of course.  Cora (Elizabeth McGovern) and her brother, Harry will share the money and it's not right that her brother should lose out on half his fortune just to save them.  Cora tells Mary she must move on with the times, and isn't too perplexed by them having to move; but Mary insists she wants to save Downton and become Countess Grantham here one day.

More goings on under the stairs, ha, too this week as Thomas (Rob James-Collier) is definitely out for Alfred's (Matt Milne) blood again.  This time he makes mischief by advising Alfred on how best to remove a stain from Matthew's tails.  Instead he burns a hole in there which he can't fix and Matthew can't wear for the elegant dinner Mary has planned.  Thus he sends it to his London tailors, so why not just get another one instead after lavishing money on a car. Alfred insists he doesn't know how it happened and Thomas is adamant he showed him to use soda crystals, however Alfred has an ally in O'Brien (Siobhan Finneran) who gets her own back on Thomas by stealing all of Robert's (Hugh Bonneville) good shirts.  Whatever happened to Thomas and O'Brien and their never ending alliance.

Thomas is beside himself when Robert doesn't have any shirt to wear for the dinner and asks him, "are you not so popular downstairs Thomas?"  That should have been obvious two series ago.  Cue Robert and Matthew both wearing their dress suits and black ties instead of their whites.  Alfred gets cosy with Martha's maid and they steal kisses whenever they can which Daisy (Sophie McShera) spies them doing.  She finds it all a bit fast and he says he's happy and that's all that matters, even if it doesn't last.

Mrs Hughes (Phyliss Logan) finds out she may have cancer as she finds a lump and Mrs Patmore (Lesley Nichol) accompanies her to the doctor.  The house being in even more turmoil now as they haven't the staff and Carson (Jim Carter) doesn't feel Mrs Hughes is pulling her weight.  She wants her condition kept quiet but you know Mrs Patmore will spill.  Daisy notices the oven is smoking but they don't really notice it until the night of the dinner when there's no food cooked.  Martha comes to their aid by telling them to throw together whatever they can find and allow their guests to eat anywhere around the house.  A picnic at Downton. This is all too much for the Dowager who needs a drink and asks Robert for one.  "Oh, I thought you were a waiter," she tells him in his suit.  Alfred finds the shirts and returns them to the cupboard and Thomas can't explain their reappearance.

Anna (Joanne Froggatt) visits Bates (Brendan Coyle) in prison still and is attempting to find info to help him.  She wonders why Vera would write to her best friend instead of visiting her. She brought a garter in France, the highlight of her trip then.  Later on, Bates threatens his cellmate as we see another side of him.  Probably leading us to believe he had it in him to do away with Vera.  He's not happy to hear Downton may be sold.

The scenes with Mary and Matthew make me wonder why they got married, aside from their canoodling, they seem to be so distant especially with Mary showing her elitist snobbery at every moment wanting him to take the money and rescue her family.  Robert is resigned to them losing their home as Matthew tells him about the inheritance and he reluctantly accepts Matthew's decision.  All the while maybe thinking why his son-in-law doesn't have more backbone.

Isobel (Penelope Wilton) has taken it upon herself to help the pros of York and meets up with  the maid with the baby from last season who runs away from her.  Edith (Laura Carmichael) is still pining over Sir Anthony (Robert Bathurst) and the Dowager gets Robert to tell him to keep away from Edith.  Not cos he's a cripple, as Anthony refers to himself, or has money, but cos he's 25 years her senior.  Edith thinks it's cos they don't want to see her happy and she runs to Martha.  She asks why Robert accepted Branson, a chauffeur but can't accept a titled man.  Robert asks her if she's accusing him of being shallow and finally allows the union.  Though they haven't told anyone about their wedding plans yet.

It's no surprise the ratings have dropped for this episode since there doesn't seem to be anything different or exciting happening as in the last two series.  The buzz has fizzled out.  But at least Dame Maggie Smith won an Emmy for Best Supporting actress, without her quips and one liners the show would be even more duller.
Martha decides it's time to leave and they can't wait to be rid of her.  Also singing Let me Call You Sweetheart at the dinner and holding the Dowager's hand in the process.  The Dowager was napping during those proceedings and it's hardly surprising why.

CSI: Miami 10.10 "Long Gone" Review

A man walks his dog home and notices water coming from his neighbour's house.  Ryan (Jonathan Togo) and Delko (Adam Rodriguez) arrive to find the family, the Nolan's, were abducted from their home.  The sink was left running, the stove was on. There is also a daughter, Olivia (Cordelia Reynolds) who lives away from home.  Tripp (Rex Linn) and Calleigh (Emily Procter) go to her house and find a man there.  Officer Delarenzo (Dylan Osean) notices he's not the one in any of the photos.  The man says he'll call Olivia and leaves the room to get the phone.  Why not use one of their own phones, cos he's obviously going to make a run for it.  Calleigh in her heels.

Olivia's boyfriend, Tom (Luke Kleintank) is called and he brings Olivia in.  Her mother, Carol (Timi Prulhiere) suffers from asthma and her inhaler was left behind.  A tooth was found in the driveway and Natalia (Eva la Rue) back this week, analyzes this, finding it's a match to Tom.  He's in the system, as she tells Horatio (David Caruso) cos he applied to work as a teacher.  Tom claims he had an argument with her father, Andrew (Jay Karnes) when he told him he's moving in with her.  There was more going on here than he was letting on.

Ryan says there's not much to go on, as the evidence was washed away by the water and Delko notices an air conditioning system which seems to be sucking air in.  It turn  out to be a dehumidifier and here they find cocaine residue.  Whilst Ryan checks the garage he notices the water was collecting under the car.  In the oil catch they find cocaine.  Olivia denies the family would be involved and she doesn't know her father  lost his job two years ago.

Sam (Taylor Cole) analyzes the cocaine to discover it was from the 1990's and has traces of pesticide the US paid the Colombians to spray over the crops.  Natalia seems to be impressed by this, or rather appears to be humouring her instead.  She tells Natalia she's proficient in firearms and got the highest score.  Natalia suggests they go to the firing range sometime.  She's taken her detective test and can't wait to get back out in the field, as she was previously with the DEA taskforce.  Sam didn't tell Walter (Omar Benson Miller) that.

The drugs belonged to Oscar Duarte (Jonathan Banks)  who was recently released from prison, but Horatio can't tie anything to him.  The visitor logs from the prison show he was visited by Tom who was running the drugs for him.  Duarte buried the drugs in a field which was later developed and the Nolan house was built over this.  Well those developers didn't do a good job of clearing if the drugs were never found!

Andrew found the drugs and sold them to pay for his mortgage.  That's why he fought Tom when he came to retrieve the drugs and his reason for getting close to Olivia.  Tom doesn't know the whereabouts of the family.  When Calleigh and Tripp went to the house with officer Delarenzo, he was introduced as an 'extra' officer, who puts together Olivia's boyfriend not being this man.  analysis leads to Kurt (Blake Shields) the same man at the house and there's a shoot out when they arrive there.  Delarenzo is shot in the neck and Tripp can't save him.  Tripp's known him since he was ten he tells Kurt and he was a friend of his father's.  Another tragedy for Tripp.

On the way to the station, Tripp takes a detour and Horatio is waiting.  Kurt doesn't spill on the whereabouts of the Nolan's so Horatio punches him.  Again crossing the line.  This is getting tedious writing this over and over.  Getting away with police brutality endlessly.  It's not shown what happens to Kurt.  Someone should file a complaint - no really?

Walter had less to do this week.  Delko arrives earlier on at the scene and Ryan mentions the shoeprint and Delko not giving him a few moment of glory.  Andrew convinces Duarte to let him leave and he'll get his money.  He holds up a pharmacy with the gun Duarte gives him and steals money from the till and an inhaler. He then holds the gun on Duarte and pulls the trigger.  He wouldn't give him a loaded gun.  He throws the inhaler to the floor and Andrew agrees to fly him out of the country on one of the company's planes.  Where Calleigh and Delko find him, after a woman calls the police when she spots the van and Duarte spots them both.  Andrew goes for the gun and is shot in the process.  He tells them where his family is before dying.  Horatio arrives in time with the paramedics to save Carol.

Oh look, another shoot out at the airport.  Reminded me of Horatio being shot there and left for dead in an earlier season.  These CSIs have become so amateurish over the years.  No wonder they need to resort to terror tactics.  Can't say I enjoyed this episode much.  Haven't enjoyed one since season 8.  It was about family and what Andrew did to help his but in the longrun he should have known better.  Coming good in the end when he saves his family by taking Duarte out of the motel.

Ryan taking shoeprints from the house which Delko matches to Bobby's shoes.  Ryan: "what is it with you?  You can't let me have two minutes of enjoyment here?"  But Ryan is moved when Delko tells him of Delarenzo's death, cos they've all been there and that close to death too.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Doctor Who 7.4 "The Power of Three" Review

Amy: "life with the Doctor was like this..." Flashbacks to previous eps.  "Real life was like this."  Quite boring. Rory (Arthur Darvill) says they have two lives: "real life and Doctor life."  Should they choose?  The TARDIS lands, they "don't have to choose yet."  Amy (Karen Gillan) "Everytime we flew away with the Doctor we'd just become part of his life [more flashbacks.  ]But he never stood still long enough to become part of ours, except once.  The year of the slow invasion.  The time the Doctor came to stay."  Perhaps cos as said before, he knew something was about to happen.   Notice in the flashbacks they showed that same scene again when they look out of the TARDIS at earth and he watches them both from behind.

Brian (Mark Williams) comes in with a cube in hand, they're everywhere.  The Doctor (Matt Smith) has one too.  "Invasion of the very small cubes.  That's new."  Lots of news broadcasts with more BBC newsreaders. As well as Professor Brian Cox, who doesn't know what the cubes are and suggests they, "ask a better man than me."  That of course would be the Doctor.  Brian comes up with lots of theories of the purposes/intentions of the cubes, which the Doctor compliments.  They need to watch the cubes and Brian does this effortlessly.

The Doctor needs to use their kitchen as a lab.  Rory's heading to work, "what you do isn't all there is," and he says he should imagine what they do when they're not with the Doctor.  Doctor: "mostly kissing."  Which they do a lot of between them too, such as Rory kissing the doctor later on.  Amy is a travel writer.  Amy: "ten years older, ten years of you on and off."  Doctor: "all grown up."  Their house is raided and Rory comments, "there are soldiers all over my house and I'm in my pants."  Something Amy always wanted to say.  A woman from UNIT, Kate Stewart (Jemma Redgrave) comes in.  The Doctor asks since when does science runs the military?  They've tested the cubes and the Doctor talks of people taking them home.  perhaps he should have said his 'sciency-wiency' phrase here.

The cubes have to be observed and for four days nothing's happened.  He's impatient so he has to occupy himself.  Mowing the lawn, kicking a ball, stains the garden fence.  He's only been gone an hour.  He wants to take Rory and Amy away but they don't want to go.  His job is important.  Rory accepts a full time job at the hospital and Amy's to be a bridesmaid.  Real life's started and they like it.

Brian speaks on camera referring to 'Brian's Log.'  Rory tells him he can't call him that.  A girl sits at the hospital with a cube in her hand and a man is taken from the hospital by two aliens.
June the Doctor arrives back.  June 26th 1890, he takes Amy and Rory to the Savoy hotel for their anniversary.  Rory kisses the Doctor on the cheek.  Later the Doctor laments about there being a Zygon ship under the Savoy.  On another trip, they hide under the bed all cos Amy said 'yes' and agreed to marry Henry VIII.  She left her phone charger there.  The Doctor sneezes under the bed, which is good, since no one ever does that when they're hiding out.

June again.  Brian says they've been away as they're wearing different clothes, which no one else noticed.  They've been gone 7 weeks.  Brian asks what happens to others who travel with him.  Doctor: "some left, some left behind, some, not many, but some died.  But they won't."  It's like he's convincing himself they won't or whether he'll believe it if he says it enough times.  The Doctor is staying to keep an eye on them as he misses them.  Cue The Apprentice with Lord Sugar firing someone for not selling enough cubes.  Er, why would anyone buy them when they've been picking them up for free!!

They eat fish fingers and custard and the Doctor mentions them being  pudding but savoury.  The cubes move and one attacks the Doctor.  He tells it the planet and people are precious to him and he will defend them to his dying breath.  He also comments on having  a"metal dog that could do that."  Hover that is.  Rory takes Brian to work. Whilst he heads to the Tower of London with Amy.  All the cubes activated at the same time.  All cubes were monitored and behave individually. The Doctor tells Kate her father, Brigadeer Lethbridge-Stewart didn't despair.  She dropped his name as she didn't want any favours.

The cubes become dormant.  The Doctor needs air.  He knows that Amy and Rory are stopping, at least they're thinking about it.  She doesn't know yet.  There were years when she couldn't live without him and since he came back they have their own life.  Travelling feels like running away.  The Doctor denies he's running, as each corner of the universe never remains the same and there's so much to see.  'I'm running to things before they fade day soon, you'll stop, known for a while.  You were the first - the first face... and you're seared onto my heart Amelia Pond.  I'm running to you and Rory before you fade from me.'  See he knows/knew something's coming; something will happen to them and he wants to spend time with them.

He gets a brainwave, the cubes have stopped since they've scanned everything - in every room.  The power goes out and the cubes begin a countdown from 7.  Why 7?  Seven Wonders of the World, 7 sides of a cube, the inside counts as 7.  They must get the people away from the cubes, (or the cubes away from the people.) The cubes have profiled earth's existence.  Kate says they can work out how to attack them.

Brian is abducted at the hospital and Rory follows, ending up in a spaceship.  The Doctor sits with the cube, but there's nothing inside.  He says every action was deliberate and people are dying across the world from cardiac arrest.  He is also affected, but why him?  He only has one heart and the other's not working.  They sucked power like signal boxes and were targeted at the human heart - that's how to destroy humans.  The scan he was running, is located to the hospital.

Doctor; "how do you people manage with one heart, it is pitiful."  They must locate the portal and he notices the girl, an android monitoring everything.  The Doctor suffers cardiac arrest and Amy uses a defibrillator on him, getting both hearts started.  Doctor; "welcome back Leftie - two hearts back in the game.  Never do that to me again."  Well, she won't.  Along with his disco moves and Amy ripping his shirt open.  Not that she hasn't seen him naked from 5.1 The Eleventh Doctor!!

The energy signals converge in the lift and they find Rory.  The Shakri (Steven Berkoff) appears to him saying there are so many crawling the planet.  The Doctor doesn't believe it's possible, the Shakri are a myth to keep the Gallifrey young in their place.  Like the Keyser Soze of Gallifrey.  They travel alone and together: 7 portals, 7 minutes.  They're targeting humanity before they colonize space.  The Shakri speaks of the 'human contagion and the Tali' which is judgement day/reckoning.  Shakri serves the Tali.  Amy mentions him having weird bedtime stories.  The Doctor replies what about the wolf in grandmother's nightdress.

The Doctor believes humans to be "creatures of hope, make mistakes, learn, strife for greater and achieve it...will back humanity against the Shakri everytime."  A second wave will be released to kill more people so they must stop it by disconnecting the Shakri portal.  They can use the cubes to turn the hearts back on.  They escape from the ship before it explodes.  Take it everyone else on there couldn't be saved.

Kate calls him "remarkable" just like her father said and kisses him on the cheek.  Doctor: "a kiss from a Lethbridge-Stewart."  The Doctor leaves and Amy and Rory have beautiful, messy lives and shouldn't give them up.  Brian replies they can't give him up and shouldn't.  He encourages them to go with the Doctor and save every world the can find and he should "bring them back safe."

Amy: "So that was the year of the slow invasion when the earth got cubed and the Doctor came to stay.  It was also when we realized something the Sakari never really understood - what cubed means.  The Power of three."  So there you have it.  Yet more sad moments interspersed with jokes and humour.  As we know how much they all mean to each other and to us and how we'll miss our fave companions when they go.

This was an enjoyable episode focusing on Amy and Rory before their swansong.  Also moving away from the Doctor's dark side on display over the past few weeks.  Being more comedic and sombre in tone.  Re the Doctor loving his companions, missing them and spending time with them before "they fade."  Was this some sort of fading reference to how they leave?  Fade from existence, from memory.  Probably their final scenes will be something completely different to how we all imagined!  The scene with the Doctor and Amy outside the Tower was exceptional and they were having their own heartbreaking farewell, along with us.  Doctor: "You were the first, first face this face saw.  You are seared onto my hearts."  Which was so true and what more could you ask for in terms of sentiments.

The cubes were stopping human hearts, inducing cardiac arrest, so it follows the aliens would be at a  hospital, where the Shakri could observe what happens during cardiac arrest and what is done to help people.  They were there after all, for over a year and so found the best, according to the cubes/Shakri, method of wiping out humans.

The Zygon ship under the Savoy, the Zygons were in the Fourth Doctor, Terror of the Zygons.  UNIT HQ was last seen as the Tower of London in The Christmas Invasion.  Apparently it was said Matt emphasized 'Twitter' as he stated he wasn't going to be on there.

This episode was the final one filmed with Karen and Arthur as Amy and Rory.  After they got into the TARDIS with the Doctor, they all hugged and cried.

There was no filming at the actual Tower of London due to the Olympics.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

NCIS Ten Seasons and Many Many More...

You may not have noticed but our very special show will reach a milestone of ten years next year having first aired 23 September 2003 in the US.  Back then I wonder how many thought this show would become an instant hit, perhaps not instant, but it was bound to catch on.

Coming from the pen of Donald P Bellisario (always wanted to say that) it would be watchable, irrespective of whether it would attract the necessary audience to keep it going.  He has after all been the mastermind behind many TV shows, which everyone knows by now; but if you don't, the better known ones include Magnum PI (Tony's favourite) Airwolf (with Tony's favourite name of Stringfellow Hawke, which he called himself in Dead Man Talking.) Quantum Leap and JAG.

NCIS followed hot on the heels of JAG and the introductory episodes of NCIS were part of JAG, which could be called its parent show (or as some like to joke, grandparent.) NCIS is of course a real agency having its roots in NIS (Navy Investigative Service) becoming NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) as we know it today.

On NCIS Donald Bellisario commented, "If you want to look at it in the Law and Order mode, NCIS is law, JAG is order.  NCIS is about military investigative officers operating in a protective way.  JAG is about investigative officers operating in a reactive way."  Also the show when it began was called NAVY NCIS which Bellisario wanted to keep to maintain the distinction and so viewers would knwo instantly what the show entailed, but the network, CBS wanted 'Navy' dropped from the title.

Many stories in NCIS are based on real life events and have been declassified lately.  Infact Mark Harmon has a real life NCIS agent to ensure the stories and his character are also portrayed as true to life.  Not sure about the headslapping though, ha.  "It is an extremely dangerous job - it is not extremely well paying for the danger.  I am proud to be representing these people.  It is a job and I couldn't do for real."  Commented Mark. "It takes a very rare individual."

The highlights of the show are not only the stories, the jokes, the heartaches, but also the actors themselves who keep the lines coming and their characters whole and fun loving, at times, as well as emotionally charged;  not to mention the writers who keep the scripts finely tuned.  As Mark said, "the scripts either move you and and you get through them or you stop at page 20 and say, 'No thanks.  I'd rather not be  a part of this.'  But this was a real page turner and I was excited about closing the last page of the script."  He also added, "I had to kiss a lot of frogs to get here - this is one of those lucky groupings of actors.  It is a terrifically talented ensemble and they make it look easy."

Mark: "the White shadow' sometimes it is just in a name.  Leroy Jethro Gibbs was Donald Bellisario's dad's best friend growing up in Pennsylvania.  I read that name and it stopped me."

Michael Weatherly spoke of how "really great is the way NCIS operatives have to work in the field by the seat of their pants.  They're trying to figure stuff out in a country where they don't speak the language, they don't know what the behaviour is...but they have a mission and an ethical code that they adhere to as much as they can."  Surely they need to know some languages and something of the country they're in or life would get very messy and difficult if they don't observe certain protocols or customs of that country.  Which humorously enough brings me to Ziva, who started out as a foreign national in a foreign country and the strife she got into with the language!  Thus her 'Ziva-isms.'

Ziva  in Hiatus Part 1: "Ducky drip it."
Ducky: "Do you mean drop it or zip it?"
Ziva: "Ah, American idioms drive me up the hall."
Ducky: "Well - actually never mind."  Or as Tony would tell her, 'you're in America now, assimilate already.'

Cote de Pablo was brought onto the show after Sasha Alexander left after two seasons, as Donald Bellisario wanted "an European or Australian girl who is very comfortable with her femininity".  Cote is Chilean American and was happy in NY, but within the space of a fortnight she was on her way to LA.  "I had one little bag and moved into a one bed apartment and my life became NCIS."  She found the early years to be hard but fun and challenging too.  "It was like a boot camp as I'd never really been in front of a camera for 15 hours a day and as a lead.  You embrace it."  As did we with her endearing character, warts 'n'all.  Nah she don't got no warts, just her little idiosyncrasies, which make her Ziva.  Like "18 ways to kill with a paperclip."

Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) everyone's enamoured with the feisty, fun loving forensic Goth.  Pauley has Abby's larger than life happy persona and attitude.  She feels everyone on the show is a real family.  "We've been through so much together, we've kept each other together and on our feet through so much trauma over the last few years and really happy times too.  It's almost amazing like this full circle thing that we get to do this together!"

Abby's tattoos are real and she has about 13 or 14 but she's given more on the show.  The one on Pauley's neck isn't real, as you will have noticed from photos, it's a vinyl transfer and she doesn't like it, describing it as "old chewing gum."  Or something you'd stick behind you ear; under Tony's desk.

Creator Donald Bellisario told her that, "when he created Magnum PI, he wanted to introduce a Vietnam Vet who defied the negative stereotype.  So with Abby he wanted to take an alternative style person with tattoos and make her someone who is happy, totally put together and successful.  All the script said about her was black hair, caffeinated and smart - she looks weird.  She thinks she looks pretty and never calls herself anything other than happy and I fight for that."

No show would have been complete without Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) sweet geek extraordinaire.  Computer whizz and the show's resident Probie when the show was in its early seasons.  MIT grad as well as Johns Hopkins and forever the butt of Tony's teasing and jokes.  Not forgetting nicknames: "McGeek, McGoo, McProbie, McNerd, McFlowerpower.  In a conversation between Vance and Gibbs about the best model NCIS agent in season 6 Collateral Damage, led to Vance saying McGee was his model agent, whereas Gibbs prefers Tony's traits as an agent.

Sean said, "The only thing I ask writers is to evolve my role to avoid the the beginning he mumbled.  He couldn't manage to express himself clearly and he couldn't manage to do anything else but read what was written on the he manages to conduct an interrogation, thanks to Gibbs who believed in him."  He says in real life, he's rather discreet like McGee is and his friends are reserved too, so meeting Michael/Tony must have been enlightening, to say the least ha.  McGee, "deep down he can be frank without being aggressive."  Someone we'd all like to meet.

Dr Donald 'Ducky' Mallard ME, who has something to say about everything, he's very opinionated in a nice way and that's why at times, you see the characters run away.  David McCallum said, "at my age doing a part like this is like having having eaten the most wonderful chocolate cake all my life and now I am eating the cream.  I feel incredibly lucky and delighted to be with all these people."

Brian Dietzen was brought onto the show as Ducky's assistant, Jimmy Palmer and has made it to the opening credits as series regular in the tenth season.  He also exhibits many of Ducky's character traits, such as having plenty of stories and anecdotes to tell, as well as getting lost a lot in Washington traffic and streets.  Though Ducky doesn't do that.  One other thing Ducky doesn't do much of is actually date.  Let's face it, Palmer has seen more female action in Autopsy and around the NCIS building, no doubt.

He's giving Tony a run for his money.  But not so as he met Breena and got engaged.  One of the first NCIS characters to do so, aside from Gibbs, don't mention his 4 wives, or divorce.  Okay it's safe to mention wife number 1, Shannon as she was his soulmate.  The others just didn't compare or rate a mention.

Brian was only meant to be in one episode, which became 9 years.  "They liked the chemistry between David McCallum and myself...I became friends with everyone so...8 years later I'm still showing up for work."  And for the show he calls it, "a really big testament to hard work paying off...everyone has a really great time on our set...working extremely hard and being sure to enjoy it while we can.  These things don't happen twice in a lifetime."

As for being similar to Palmer, Brian states they have the same pants size and that's where any similarity ends.

Those in charge.  NCIS has had three Directors, Tom Morrow (Alan Dale) in season 1 replaced by Jenny Sheppard (Lauren Holly) (an old flame of Gibbs) after Morrow went over to Homeland Security.  Jenny was killed in a shoot out at the end of season 5 and went out in style, it could be said.  Though she was dying anyway.  Jenny was replaced by Leon Vance, (Rocky Carroll) a man with many secrets and ghosts.  Gibbs has had a friction between the latter two; a tentative peace/truce with Vance, they do really trust each other but don't see eye to eye.  Must be something in the air seeing as Rocky was also on Chicago Hope with Mark.

Mark said he "worked with Lauren Holly briefly on Chicago Hope.  She came at the end of that run.  We sparred when we first met each other...but I like her a lot.  I like her more now in this role. [Jenny]"  Lauren commented, "he had big input into me coming onto the show.  I was wary of coming back into that [hour] drama world, and to join a show that's already on - you never know the temperament of the set.  You better love working there, because I can't tell you how depressing it can get if you don't."

Rocky recalled the final episode of season 5 when "Vance breaks up the team and I'm standing at my desk with the other cast members standing there so I can give them their assignments...Vance usually has a toothpick in his mouth.  They all decided that on my closeup, they were all going to have toothpicks in their mouths.  SO when their backs were to the camera and where you couldn't see them, each one of them very calmly grabs a toothpick in the middle of the scene...everybody's there because they deserve to be there."

Couldn't talk about the show without mentioning movies.  Each one brings something to the episode but most especially to Tony's character.  A movie or TV show will sometimes make or break a case for him and he gets riled over it by the others.  As in Corporeal Punishment episode when Ziva and McGee think he's going to mention The Fugitive again and tell each other not to remind him, but he does it anyway.  That's the endearing nature of the show and just a small part of its success.

Ooh written too much, so I penned an unofficial book to one of my most very special and favourite shows, in celebration of 10 seasons. Ten years next year!
My NCIS An Unofficial and Unauthorized Guide to NCIS - The TV Show which you may or may not find interesting, appealing.
It's available here:

as well as at amazon.

Happy watching, reading and all the rest!

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Merlin 4.6 "A Servant of Two Masters" Review

Out on patrol to look for mercenaries, Merlin (Colin Morgan) comments no one would be in the Valley of the Fallen Kings.  That's why Arthur (Bradley James) chose it.  They're attacked and Merlin saves Arthur and is hurt.  Arthur has seen worse than this.  Merlin: "on a dead man."  Arthur says he won't die and he'll get the glory when he's not around, that's what happens.  Merlin's a loyal and brave servant, how many times have we heard that line.  Merlin would save him too.  Arthur carries Merlin back and he wants to be left here.  They're attacked again.

Merlin uses magic to cause a rock slide and is cut off from Arthur.  Agravaine (Nathanial Parker) takes Merlin to Morgana (Katie McGrath) and she wants to kill him.  Agravaine wants him saved as he can be useful.  See that's Morgana always needing help again.  He condemned her sister, Morgause to a slow death.  Merlin wants Arthur to know of his achievements so he can die happy.  Morgana tells him he won't die.  There's no sign of Merlin, but the knights find Arthur.

Morgana heals Merlin, he's loyal but she won't understand why, no, she's healing her own enemy.  A piece of Merlin's clothing is found and there's no trace of the mercenaries.  Agravaine thinks they were sent by Alinor.  But Arthur tells him the route was only known to a few.  Sir Leon (Rupert Young) says they "have a traitor in their midst," yeah and they're looking right at him.  Gaius (Richard Wilson) looks at Agravaine.

Morgana conjures her pet Femorrah with seven heads.  She cuts one and plants it in Merlin to control his mind.  It will suck his life force and replace it with one thought - to kill Arthur.  Arthur gets a new servant, George (Leander Deeny) yeah that was quick, who brings him a feast for breakfast.  Arthur says he already has a servant.  He spends most of his time in the tavern.  Arthur doesn't have a shirt - again. Gaius doesn't want Artur going on his own to search for Merlin, so Gwaine (Eoin Macken) is going with him.  Arthur says George "...condemned me to a day of mindless chatter."  Merlin is found in a ditch.

Merlin looks for the strongest bottle of poison, Aconite and takes the whole bottle as he needs to kill someone and laces Arthur's food with it.  Gwen (Angel Colby) already prepared his food and he dumps it in the pig sty.  Merlin adds he'd take Gwen's side.  No one knows Merlin's not himself.  Merlin doesn't want to share his problems with Gaius.  Merlin gets a crossbow from Leon for Arthur and they joke Merlin wants to kill Arthur.  He's getting on Merlin's nerves.  Arthur: "Don't worry Merlin, I don't think you really want to kill me."  Gwen had to find the pigs dead and the food.

Gaius mentions wolfsbane which is known as aconite  and notices Merlin is acting strangely, about time.  He's not in his right mind.  The crossbow misfires and misses Arthur when he opens the closet.  Merlin thinks of who the traitor could have been, such as Percival (Tom Hopper).  Arthur thinks of Elyan (Adetomiwa Edun).  Arthur in yet another shameless, shirtless scene, ha.  Merlin is knocked out with a sword.

Gaius finds the Femorrah and explains what Morgana said.  The serpent can be paralyzed but it grows back.  Arthur accuses Agravaine of being a traitor as he was the only one who knew the route, but he talks him out of it. He doesn't have any reason to doubt him.  Arthur is all that's left of his sister and he would never betray her.  He tells Arthur Gaius knew the route.  Oh he'd turn traitor now after serving Uther all those years and Arthur too.  Also Agravaine wants to see Arthur dead cos he's Uther's son, never mind being his nephew.

Merlin pours acid in Arthur's bath which burns the sword.  Gwen sees Arthur naked! completely.  Merlin is knocked out again.  Are they just going to stand around then?  The serpent is paralyzed again and Merlin is revived.  "Arthur's socks smell." Gaius says they must kill the mother beast.  Merlin comes up with the idea of becoming his old self, Dragoon, once more.  That's getting old now.  He reveals himself to Morgana as Emrys who she's seen in her dream.  The knights think he's stealing  a horse.  Merlin dresses the same under his robe and no one's noticed and not even his boots are different.  He's also got a new shirt this episode, which disappears at the end.

He asks Percival if he's bigger and Arthur's in danger if he sees him.  Elyan threatens Arthur and he uses magic.  Pity he didn't arrive there in time to see Agravaine with Morgana as he implicated Gaius.  Morgana isn't happy since Gaius isn't dead.  How did the two of them get together anyway?  Oh Merlin does see Agravaine leave, finally.  Morgana runs when she sees him.  Merlin was a bit slow wasn't he.  He's not here to kill her, more's the pity but his magic is still stronger than hers.  She has the audacity to beg for her life.

Merlin's cured now.  Arthur introduces George and he's going to give Merlin some training, in armoury, his fave lesson number 1 is polishing.  Merlin says that's his fave too.  Arthur says George is boring and he wouldn't give him the job.  Agravaine sets off to Morgana again!  Agh will he never learn!

Arthur is concerned for Merlin once again and it seems seems episodes where both or either one is injured are coming thick and fast.  Yet when Merlin is found, Arthur doesn't notice he's not wounded.  He also can't see Merlin's acting stranger than usual, he acts like a buffoon a lot of the time, but not every moment he's with Arthur.

Morgana finally gets to see Emrys in person but is no match for him.  Yet whenever she uses her magic, she seems to get one up on Merlin, when he's Merlin.  Merlin was a clumsy assassin but then Arthur always accuses him of being clumsy, weak, a girl.  Probably why he didn't notice the change in him.

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The Closer 7.15 "Silent Partner" Review

Goldman (Curtis Armstrong) is in prison and talks to Reggie Moses (Dennis LA White).  He can appeal his death sentence and set up a new trial appeal for him.  All he needs to do is to prove the police officer who took his confession is corrupt, just as in the Rampart scandal.  When Reggie was arrested no one was trying to kill Turrell and he was blamed for the murder.  Reggie called his friends to tell them he was being released.  Goldman has a witness who can testify to this.  Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) loses everything if he testifies and he'll be free.

Provenza (GW Bailey) tells Brenda and Gabriel (Corey Reynolds) they must sign in.  The Vic was parked illegally.  Taylor (Robert Gossett) was called, who in turn called Major Crimes. Cos the car was registered to Turrell Baylor.  James Turner was shot in the backseat four times.  Sanchez (Raymond Cruz) IDs him as a member of the 1-10 Cripps.  Flynn (Tony Dension) tells him Goldman's card was found in his pocket.

Pope (JK Simmons) says there's no connection to the Federal law suit and Brenda adds finding the card on his DB is a clue. Gabriel interrupts them yet again and mentions his friend who carried out a credit rating check for him, the info is untraceable.  Goldman was in Oakland and specifically at San Quentin.  Reggie made a call.  Buzz (Phillip P Keene) says the prison is sending them the audio file of the call to a disposable cell.  The audio file tells of 5 investigators on the case and one talks too much.  Gavin (Mark Pellegrino) says he is to be interviewed by Raydor (Mary McDonnell).

Goldman refuses to answer questions.  Raydor comments he signed in at the prison so his visit is a matter of public record.  Brenda says he has a good motive, meaning J Rock, the DB, was a witness to Turrell's murder.  He says he couldn't ID the gang members.  Raydor says Goldman is withholding their names.  Gabriel finds the cell is registered to a company in Seattle.

Brenda confronts Goldman, cos no one saw her leaving and offers him protection.  He refuses and she comments she'll know where to start looking if he doesn't show up for work.  He's afraid but doesn't admit it.  Gavin adds if Goldman knows the names then they can settle the lawsuit.  Raydor tells them Brenda wants to be cleared in court.  Pope wants to ensure Goldman doesn't wind up dead and he tells Brenda to also address the leak in the Division, "be aware of all the moving pieces on the board."

Sanchez finds the family already knew of J Rock's death.  Morales found he was shot by 9mm bullets.  Provenza tells Brenda that if Goldman doesn't give up the names, then he's not their problem.  Taylor says Turrell's mother would give J Rock the car.  Tao (Michael Paul Chan) found lots of prints in the car, especially inside.  Sanchez offers to show her what happened and she tells the others to listen to the audio tape as they converse privately in the car.  J Rock was killed by his own gang and this wasn't done without permission.  Brenda wants to follow the money.  Sanchez says they won't get the man in charge that way.

Brenda realizes the violence goes back to the store owner, Charlie.  They have to find out who paid for the funerals.  Sanchez suggests she should follow up without the others cos of the mole.  "if when you're not sure who you can trust Chief, don't trust anyone," which are Sanchez's words of wisdom.  She replies she knows them.  Boy they sure are making it difficult for us to figure out who the mole is with all these red herrings floating around.  It's okay for those who have watched it, but we've still got another 6 eps and I don't want to read anything until I figure it out myself 'til the end.  Provenza looks at Sanchez.

Fritz (Jon Tenney) wants her to figure out what she's doing here.  She asks if he wants her to give up "everything I own, or everything I am."  Charlie's daughter sold his store for three times it's value and was converted into a cell store by Marvin Evans (Jason George).  He covered the cost of the funerals.  Brenda tells Fritz he's the only one she can trust and he's happy he can actually help.  Adding if Goldman finds out about Marvin then so will the leak.

Brenda didn't order surveillance, it was requested by Raydor to protect Goldman.  There were 12 prints in the car belonging to Cripps' members.  Brenda wants the entire team watching the interview with Marvin.  Marvin's lawyer is Tommy Wong (Tom Choi) and Marvin isn't going to cooperate with her.  Notice how Taylor was last in the room along with Flynn.  Though don't suppose that means anything.  Brenda tells him he has to care about J Rock.  Fritz sends her a message she's 'good to go.'  Brenda tells him Goldman is implying he knows the names of Turrell's killers which could put him in danger.

Flynn says that didn't go well.  Raydor; "it all depends on what you think just  happened.  Goldman knows who Marvin is and she told him .  Marvin will put a contract out on him, which still changes nothing.  Brenda says protection can still be arranged and Goldman admits he knows the names.  Raydor tells him this isn't  a pre-trial conference.  Pope wants the list of Turrell's murderers who were Ided by J Rock.  Brenda: "so much for the conscience of the justice system.

C Jazz and Deloin have tickets to Vegas, Turner a trip to NY.  Bugsy was paid money.  Brenda goes off to finish the conversation with Marvin, her team can't know about it.  Well, she wouldn't go alone so obviously she's got something up her sleeve and it's not a wire.  She's not here to arrest him, which she wasn't but he searches her for wires.  J Rock was meant to expose Brenda and Marvin killed him for himself, not her.  Marvin ordered the hit on Turrell and that's when her troubles started.  Marvin didn't want him to talk.  Charlie was there for all of them and helped them survive.  Brenda wonders if Charlie would be proud of how he paid them back.  Goldman needs to go.  Their partnership is at an end and the FBI arrests him.  That's the message from Fritz, telling her his place was wired.

Ricky Turner shot his own brother.  Gavin has reached an agreement and Raydor wants her to read it anyway.  Brenda's name is dropped from the suit and Goldman is paid a million dollars.  Brenda doesn't agree with this.  Gavin says it doesn't matter if she agrees cos she's no longer being sued.  She doesn't want The Johnson Rule : a special order that states when the LAPD releases a suspect, they will not be released into a knowingly or hostile environment.  Brenda angrily fires Gavin.  The rule is disgraceful and "you're selling me out."  Which in effect they were.

Goldman is in danger when he leaves the building and Brenda wants Raydor to ask him to reveal the leak and order protection for him, whether he likes it or not.  Raydor calls it the 'honourable thing to do.'  Brenda: "it's the Johnson Rule."  Well, they were selling her out just to save themselves really and the LAPD.  Isn't the Johnson Rule a roundabout way of actually admitting Brenda was responsible for Turrell's death and that she knew he was in danger when she let him go.  Haven't they been denying that all along!

Another great episode of the show with yet more references to the leak but did Brenda really think Goldman will reveal who the leak is, when she told Raydor to ask him, they should be able to find this out for themselves, if they can catch criminals, surely they can come up with some sort of a trap to catch out the leak.  Loved the way Brenda used her police 'methods' she uses on suspects on Goldman, having the tables turned on him like that and putting him in danger was good to watch.  He deserved a little of his own medicine acting all high and mighty and as Brenda told him, it wasn't about justice at all.  It was making  a name for himself and taking that money too, re the settlement.

Sad to see they could hang Brenda out to dry like that with the Johnson Rule, after all she's done in her line of work and putting away dangerous criminals, she doesn't deserve this sort of treatment.  But this storyline was all for Kyra leaving the show.

Goldman mentions the Rampart case.  This was the revelation of widespread corruption in the LAPD's anti-gang division, Rampart Division of the late 1990's.  This was brought to light by Officer Perez, leading to convictions being overturned due to his testimony.  However the extent of the corruption is unknown as many cases have not been solved.