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The Vampire Diaries 6.22 "I'm Thinking of You All the While" Review

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Disaster at the wedding, (or the dancefloor, ha!) as we knew it would be, we weren't going to get a happy ending, not in this show.  As Alaric (Matt Davis) morns Jo (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe) and the twins, it's about Elena (Nina Dobrev) again. Yes she's leaving, yes she had to get a big part for her last ep and all that, but you'd think we'd at least get something different, or something more we could sink our teeth into, but alas, it was a bit rushed in places and mixed up in others.  Not as in confusing, but more in, 'let's see after 6 seasons, what can be done for a proper finale'.  Don't get me started on the end either, which I will come to.

So Jo's father, Joshua (Christopher Cousins) tries to get revenge on Kai (Chris Wood) no go there, Liv (Penelope Mitchell) lies dying next to Tyler (Michael Trevino) who also sees it as the end for him, but she makes him live on, cos he can.  It's a full moon and so if he takes her life, he can become a werewolf again, which he doesn't want to do, but she's fine with it cos she loves him and wants him to live.  So that was the Gemini coven wiped out in one fell swoop.  Which left a bad taste in terms of was everything they fought for and the merging, with Luke giving up his own life, all worth it in the end, when no one remained.  The logic of witches, or the illogic of this show.

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) tells Stefan (Paul Wesley) that Elena won't wake up and he has to tell him to take her to the hospital, before Kai snaps his and Caroline's (Candace Accola) neck, cos they'd be in the way.  Of course Elena actually drinking Damon's blood would be too convenient.  Though he can be with her by holding her hand in the road, where they first met and he wants her to dance with him.  Kai leaves a message for Bonnie (Kat Graham) on that video again which she shows Matt (Zach Roerig) just as Kai tells Damon the same thing.  That he's cast a spell whereby Bonnie's life has been linked to Elena's.  If he wants Elena to wake, Bonnie must die.  That's his version of the ultimate revenge.  Though he didn't count on a lot of things happening and with Damon surprising everyone.  Matt tells Bonnie to leave town cos Damon will kill her.  But she's staying here.

Kai stabs himself in the neck cos he's now become one of Lily's (Annie Wersching) creatures, or rather a vampire.  Alaric puts Jo in the back of the truck and he takes the gun to shoot Kai, but since he's a vampire he won't die.  We find this out when Stefan asks Lily what she gave Kai in return for bringing back her family.  After Enzo (Michael Mularkey) takes him and Caroline to her.  Lily can't believe her family isn't here and tells Stefan she won't become the ripper if she can think about them. He tells her to come back to the dungeon cos he's her son, but she doesn't listen, she wants hr family. Yeah okay, deluded mother, that's ejust so ,there'll be more fodder, I mean story for next season!

Tyler shows up and bites Kai making him need the cure.  He asks Damon but only if he he brings Elena back, which he won't do.  Alaric also trying to shoot himself. but he runs out of bullets.   Bonnie tries to confront Kai when she sees he's vulnerable from the bite, but even she underestimates him, since he tells her a werewolf is magic and all he needs to do is to get rid of the magic, thus curing himself and then he throws Bonnie up against the wall.  Damon shows up and he fools Kai into believing that he won't save Bonnie's life and leaves her with the collapsed lung and on her last breath.  Kai is also shocked that he didn't kill Bonnie to save his precious Elena.  He then sneaks up behind Kai and beheads him.  Uh-oh end of Kai and the coven.  Like I said they weren't expecting that and neither was Bonnie.  Damon saves her cos Elena wouldn't forgive him if he didn't let her live.

They put Elena in the coffin and all say goodbye to her.  She tells Bonnie and Caroline to keep a diary of everything they do and how many times they'd want to shout at Damon, so she doesn't miss a thing and can be here withe her friends.  Asking Bonnie to make the feathers fly one last time.  Matt she sees as a policeman, she tell him it's what he needs to do.  This might be the last time he sees her. Alaric must let in the pain and then drown in it before he can move on and she gets to see Jeremy (Steven R McQueen) too.  Though he doesn't get a reunion with Bonnie, no, it's all about Elena! Also Stefan she thanks for rescuing her when she needed him the most.  Seems Alaric isn't meant to be happy with anyone.  She tells Tyler to embrace who he is and be proud of it.

But Damon is the love of her life and she wants him to live his life.  To go on and not miss a thing. So they have their dance as Stefan confesses his feelings to Caroline, that no matter what he'll wait for her until she's ready to be with him.  Damon and Stefan hope Elena will be safe in the Salvatore crypt cos word will get out she has the cure and every vampire who wants to take it will be after her. SO much for Damon taking the cure too.  Bonnie will do a spell on the crypt.  Lily is reunited with her family cos Enzo realizes that the building behind them wasn't here and Kai must've masked it.

Time flies and we're in the future Mystic Falls where Matt's the sheriff and Damon stands on the clock tower and watches.  So no mouldy bag of chips left there by Elena then! Ha.  Didn't like that vision of the future, cos it's only one of many scenarios.  Hopefully we won't resort to anymore flashbacks or anything else to Elena.  I mean, Jo died and so did the twins and all anyone could do was mourn Elena, who'll be up and at 'em as soon as Bonnie dies and that doesn't necessarily have to be in sixty years, could be much sooner.   They made short, sharp shift of Kai though, after promising us so much with his character. Feel cheated!  He didn't get much of a revenge for the prison world.

They had dance doubles for Damon and Elena, she was obvious cos her botty kept changing in size, but really those moves weren't that difficult!

Yes Damon's come along way from the selfish Salvatore he used to be.  Especially since he didn't kill Bonnie, which he would've thought of and done without hesitation in the past, but he hasn't run out of nick names for her.  Then Stefan also says how Elena was the one who reunited him with Damon and made them see themselves as brothers again, which still leaves a lot to be said about Lily.  But it's always just the two of them and it seems it always will be.  That's the only family they have and need and see me tip toeing into Supernatural territory here, but am waiting for that one crossover ep. between the two shows.  It doesn't even have to be shows, just the four brothers will do!!

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