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Charmed "Wicca Becomes You" Chapter 7

Chapter 7

 Phoebe gestured to Prue to pick up her camera.

 “Well if you want anything done you have to do it yourself,” she muttered under her breath.  Kneeling down to pick it up, a cold shiver consumed her body and she turned to stone as she felt a sharp pain to her head.  She hunched up her shoulders and closed her eyes.

  Phoebe was having another vision.  Two in one day was getting to be a bit much.  Reaction came like a douche of ice-cold water, setting her nerves tingling, her spine creeping, setting the room rocking about her.  This time it was closer to home than she had expected or ever hoped.

 She saw Prue struggling to get out of a glass obelisk. She described it as a glass menagerie, with sparkling diamond-shaped, peach, aqua and green lights.  As if she was encased in a kaleidoscope.  It would have been a beautiful picture had it not set the scene for something more ugly and sinister.

 Phoebe didn’t really have that many visions about her sisters before.  Only a few times about Piper and Prue. But usually she had worked out, with the help of her sisters, what they had meant in time and had been there to see them through before they turned into something more grim or serious even.

 Phoebe invited Perdita back to her hotel to meet her sisters.  Prue however was in no mood to converse with “that woman.”  The vagabond thief who had stolen her outfit.; and her man.  How tasteless.  More especially since she had seen her with Kane and wasn’t too happy about it.

 “Well what do you expect,” Phoebe commented.  “They do work together and she’s known him longer.”

 “You don’t have to defend me Phoebe.  I don’t want to cause any trouble between any of you.” Perdita returned.

 “After all the loser guys I’ve been with, all expect Andy, of course,” Prue paused, “A holiday fling is just what the doctor ordered.  Four whole days  not thinking about any serious commitments or attachments.  At the end of the week I can just go home and it’ll be sayonara baby!  No strings.”
Andy was Prue’s first true love and she thought they were destined to be together, until Andy had been killed by a demon.  From then on it had been hard in the relationship department.

 “But you don’t know him.  You don’t know what he’s like.  I for one agree with Perdita.  He can’t be everything you think.  She knows better.”  Phoebe protested.

 “So you’d trust the word of a stranger; a nobody.  Little Miss Prim ’n’ Proper over me.  She’s jealous, it’s written all over her face.”  Prue glared madly at Perdita.  She was in a huff.

 “Prue I don’t know what’s gotten into you.  Since meeting this Kane guy, he’s bought out the worst in you.  To coin a cliché, he could be an axe murderer for all you know. What d’ya say Piper?”

 “Leave me out of this.  I know what Prue’s like when dating men and I don’t want to get caught in the middle again.”

 “Coward.  I feel closeness to her.  Like I do with you and Piper.  Like a special bond.  We are related you know.  I can instinctively feel it.  In my vision I saw her name in our family tree.”  Phoebe was defensive of Perdita.

 “That doesn’t mean anything.  Show me some hard evidence.  Cold, compelling, conclusive.” Demanded Prue. Always the cold conveyor of sombre or sober news.

 “For someone who has a dislike for lawyers, you’re sure beginning to sound like one Prue.  Kane’s a lawyer. Do you doubt me?  My visions haven’t been wrong before.”  Phoebe was about to tell Prue about her vision but Perdita interrupted.

 “Prue, I realize you don’t know me, or even want to know me and I do understand your reservations about trusting me, or even believing me; but I wouldn't lie.  Not about something like this.  I don't lie.  I’ve nothing to gain.”

 “Yeah, I can believe that coming from someone like you.  What’s the line?  “Trust me I’m a lawyer’.  Lawyers lie; it’s an occupational hazard.  They can’t help it.”  Prue was right of course, to a certain degree.

 “I’m no lawyer...”

 “You’ve had your say.  Both of you.  Now I’m going on this lunch with Kane tomorrow whether you like it or not.  Besides it’s more of a working lunch.  I have to interview him for 415.” Prue was excited.

 “Interview him?” Piper asked.

 “Yes, it’s killing two birds with one stone.  If I find romance in the midst of work then what’s the big deal?”

 “We don’t trust him.  He’s got shifty eyes.  Piper noticed them.  And another thing where was Kane when that demon made an entrance at the museum?” Phoebe was curious.

 “Come to think of it Prue, where were you?” Piper chipped in.

“Powdering my nose or is that a crime now too?  I heard a commotion and when I came back, I tried to redirect those fireballs but for some reason my powers didn’t work.”

 “I’m starting to think this trip wasn’t a good idea.  Not if you’re going to behave so irresponsibly.” Commented Phoebe.

 “I’ve said all I’m going to say on the matter.  Come to think of it, I shouldn’t have bothered spending all my hard earned money to bring you here.  You’ve been so ungrateful and haven’t quit complaining since we arrived.  If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be here and you Phoebe, you wouldn’t even have met your new friend!   The talk’s over.  I’m going to bed.  Oh, by the way where did you get your outfit from Perdita?  It’s so garish.”  Prue was adamant in her decision and so was her stubbornness.  Being in a new country, new town, had really turned her head and her thinking.

 “Your dress?  She can talk!” Phoebe finished.

 “So what now?” Announced Piper.

“Not much we can do.  If she doesn’t want to listen or be helped; there’s nothing more to do or say.” Phoebe had a sour note in her voice.

 “I’m going to keep an eye on Kane.  That’s all I can do.  We were supposed to be in conference all day tomorrow, including over lunch.” Perdita tried to sound helpful.

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