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Richard Dean Anderson Talk Saturday 18th July #LFCC2015

Rick taking a video of the fans!  Budge up!!

Well the highlight had to be the talk with Richard Dean Anderson, which was highly anticipated. Though it would've been better if they had found a different place for it.  It was rather echo-y and then you could hear the crowd outside.  For the number of people there, a 'Superstage' wasn't really needed.

The moderator saying we missed Rick changing his shirt backstage and the crowd went 'wooo' with Rick adding, " you didn't just go wooo did haven't seen me naked, that's for sure."  That'd get people going!!  Yeah Rick needed to cool down cos it was boiling hot and they placed him in a horrible spot without any aircon to sign, he so should've been on Level 3 with the Game of Thrones, The Musketeers cast, and the wrestlers!!

His daughter, Wylie wants to go to Emerson College, Boston and try her hand at acting and added Rick, she can keep him when he's old and grey or grey and old.  Forever the doting father, he speaks so lovingly of her.

Fan Q: if Jack was funny [per se] or if he had part of Rick in his character.
As for Jack being funny in SG-1, he started ad libs at table reads and "I got laughs which is a tantamount of disaster for me cos feed me a laugh and I'll keep going."  But he realized he was making fun of the writers and their hard work and this was after a direct conversation with Brad Wright.

Michael Shanks and Amanda [Tapping] got... he loves Amanda more than Michael. "..all the technical dialogue and he just had to listen to it and his response was 'what?'  {That reminds me of what Michael said in the Winter 2013 #LFCC that he got all the exposition and long dialogue cos he didn't realize he should've kept his mouth shut, just like Rick did.}

Would he recall his fave ep of Stargate by now??  He doesn't recall things like that, if you knew him, you'd know that.  "My favourite was the first one...but Brief Candle ..4 hours in a make-up chair..."

Comment on his Buffy Tee by a fan and Q what part he'd like to have played in the show, if he was in Buffy.  
Rick looking surprised at his shirt, "this is Buffy?!"  "Buffy she got paid more...not that familiar with the show...
Moderator: 'they were usually after vampires or lesbians.'
Rick:"my 2 favourite people."

Moderator asking what his fave shows were growing up and his idols?
Rick: The local Minneapolis station ran a show called Axel and His Dog..."if there's one person out there who knows the show I'll marry them..."  Oh idle promises Ricky!! ha. I accept the proposal!! But it's on Youtube:

He watched Saturday morning cartoons, but he was always outside.  3 months spent cycling in Southern Canada, Alaska and back to 5,600 mile bike trip and altered his life at 17, he didn't know what he wanted to do and he wasn't good enough to play hockey for the rest of his life.

He still has some of his hair, more or most of it.  On the mullet he doesn't pay too much attention to his hair, "so it just kept growing and growing and hair guys kept trimming...I can't believe I was talking about my mullet."
Mentions Rod Stewart and we don't like him anymore cos of his seal skinned jacket he got made. Rick's staying out of the political stuff!
Well that's a Q my sis would've asked re the mullet!  But it suited him and was good for him, got all that recognition for it.

Filmed some MacGyver eps in the UK.  He had a development deal with Paramount after the show was over.  Wrote 2 scripts which they filmed in London and went to France first, but Paramount France wanted too much money from them.   Rick adding how those eps "have the mullet gone crazy"

He fell in love with Britain and the countryside.  Moderator: he can do a bike ride from Lands End to John O'Groats.
Rick: " the roads are kinda skinny for that."

Moderator: what's it like working on an American soap, General Hospital.
Rick: Was getting his real life education in front of the camera.  He didn't have anything like that in school for theatre. California was nice and he ended up there, so it was 'on the job training.'

Fan Q: Is he still active in Sea Shepherd?
Rick it's his effort with conservation. Met Paul in Alaska and no one knew what it was and Paul gave it an empassioned speech many times.  He was taken in by it.  Growing up in Minnesota, it's associated with the water.
Sea Shepherd see here: and on Twitter @seashepherd

MacGyver developed had a backstory and kept him from utilizing guns but the concept was to follow the philosophy you don't use guns to solve problems, Rick: "but we stretched the credibility just a wee bit."

His SG-1 story with Chris Judge and they were being 'gaseous' on the set, re the pranking on set Q. He won that day Chris couldn't keep a straight face when they came out of the elevator.  "Could see it in his eyes and smell it in his nose...everytime..Chris was a young fighter and he gave him the crown."  Somewhere he didn't want to go and dwell on this 'hot air' story! ha.

When he started out he was in heaven, he was having fun, being paid, "I was young...knew I was on my way when I had my daughter, Wylie and I didn't have her of course...I knew that my life was gonna change in a massively aggressive way and I knew that all I wanted to do was to have plenty put aside so I could put Wylie through college.  He said you have that.  So I made it.  That made me happy."

Fan Q: will there be anything planned with rest of the cast for the twentieth anniversary of Stargate. [As if Rick would know about that, he wouldn't be organizing it!]  He hasn't heard anything about it.

Rick:Was talk of MacGyver being brought back in some form and he was asked a few times, when some newbie would try and convince him to do MacGyver, which was 'ludicrous to me'.  I would only do MacGyver if Mac could be as old as I am and as fat as I am and as cranky as I am. A far more interesting character than watching me play a younger guy as MacGyver."

Fan Q: his fave character from MacGyver, Jack O'Neill and Nicodemus Legend, which is his weak spot.  {Legend that aired on the Paramount channel here}.  "He was a drunk, smoked cigars and womanized and all the things my grandfather used to do so I fashioned the character around him and it took place in the late 1800's.  Also grew a moustache (yeh that caterpillar as I call it. ) "  John De Lancie played Nikolas Tesla "I'll tell him [John] I made you clap...was fun and absurd in a good way."

If he cared about his life, he'd want MacGyver around, or even Jack around, did I say that out loud, "Jackaround."  He has more in common with Nicodemus.  Sitting around smoking cigars and womanizing...there's a soundbite for ya."

To end he said he's a huge fan of this country and since his dad introduced him to Brit humour such as Terry Thomas and it's great.  Thanked his fans for coming to the event.

But honestly these questions were all asked and answered (my fave phrase right now) during the course of various interviews over the years by Rick.)
Sorry to bore you with all the Qs repeated in much detail, but it's my memory to blame!!  Retains everything.  Ha.

Hope you'll enjoy reading for those who couldn't be there!

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