Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Charmed 'Fan Fiction' - "Wicca Becomes You" Chapter 1

Wrote this Charmed story (the TV show) back in 2001, but it wasn't published, for reasons too long to go into here.  So it's not the usual 'fan fiction' as the term has grown to be used these days.
Thought I may as well blog it and let people read it and cringe!! Ha.

Chapter 1

Who was this woman, this mysterious stranger she had dreamt about over and over.  Every night whilst attempting to get some shut eye, some peace and quiet, some rest.  Instead she had this same recurring vision.  Was someone trying to send her a warning?  Was this a sign of things to come? The future.  Tomorrow.


In a distant far away shore Phoebe awoke with a shudder.

 “Boy that was one hell of a nightmare” she said to herself.  She had to get up and change her baby blue, baby doll nightdress.  Her “dream” had been so intense she’d woken in a stream of sweat.  As if the visions weren’t bad enough, she was now getting them in her sleep too. At least Phoebe thought her nights of endless slumber would have been free of such placid, scary dreams.  Talk about not giving up the day job.

She recalled every minute detail as though she was having a nightmare in the day.  Her visions, most of them at least, were usually quite hazy, abrupt and in fragments.  But this was vivid and real.  As she drank a glass of ice-cool water she pieced together what she’d seen.

 A woman dressed in a black velvet robe was being chased down a foggy, rained-out street by a ghastly apparition of some sort.  It resembled a hideous giant monster with dense green eyes and fiery red lips.  Phoebe paused for a second.  Perhaps this was just her subconscious remembering the unearthly demon she and her sisters had vanquished the other week.

 But that woman was so beautiful she couldn’t get her out of her mind.  She had brown-flame hair, auburn eyes and a small, dainty crimson heart-shaped mouth.  In fact “if she had tickets,” on herself,  to use the Aussie term, Phoebe thought,  “I’d say she kind of looked like me.”

 How could that be? This must be a vision, more than just a vision, a nightmare of someone, of an innocent in trouble; and yes demons did always chase after beautiful people.  To mar their souls and steal their wisdom and beauty.  They had encountered all sorts in their quest to protect innocents and even themselves too.  One had even been Piper’s boyfriend back when Phoebe had just arrived in San Francisco.  Now that was unreal and frightening.

London, England.  Present day.

The girl awoke with a scream.  Tears and sweat rolling down her rouged face.  She swept back her long, auburn hair and ran her hand across her forehead.  For months now her nights were filled with these “visions”.  Nightmares.  She had made up her mind this time she was going to act.

 “Oh cursed dreams and demons of the dark, damned abominations of witchcraft – why do you torment me once more with your d

 “Oh cursed dreams and demons of the dark, damned abominations of witchcraft – why do you torment me once more with your dark forebodings and meaningless prophecies,” she whispered to herself portentously.

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