Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Charmed "Wicca Becomes You" Chapter 2

Chapter 2

 “Are you ready Piper?” shouted Phoebe. “Enough make-up already, we’ll miss our flight!”

 Piper came out of the bathroom looking the worse for wear.  All that partying at P3 the night before had left her tired and sulky and in a foul mood.

 “Can you stop shouting Phoebe.  Not everyone can be so cheerful this early!  Look at my circles.”  She pointed to the dark crevices under her eyes.

 “Age is definitely catching up with you girl!”

 “Get away,” Piper nagged as she hit Phoebe on the shoulder.

 “Aren’t either of you ready yet?” Prue appeared in the doorway.

 “I don’t see why we all have to go with you” Piper moaned.  “Not this early anyway.”

 “Oh come on it’s a great way to see London.  An all expenses paid trip.  You should be lucky my magazine, 415, forked out so lavishly and gave me a bonus too.”  Prue had an assignment in London, England to photograph the Millennium Collection.  A great find of artifacts and object Des arts from an archaeological dig in the Middle East.  For one fleeting moment Prue felt a pang of déjà vu  - it was as though she was back at Bucklands again dealing with antiques and artifacts.

 The three of them were going to see the sights as well as it being an educational trip for Phoebe, who was interested in England’s historic, bloody past.  She for one was in a lather for days and couldn’t contain the excitement any longer at the thought of visiting all those haunts.  London was seeped in history.  Hampton Court Palace rumored to be haunted by several of Henry VIII’s wives.  As well as The Tower of London which saw off many a beheading and boasted the ghost of Anne Boleyn, seen haunting the Tower with her head tucked under her arm; and tongue firmly in cheek!

  There was also Jack the Ripper and not to mention the seedier side of legal London and those horsehair wigs that lawyers, known as barristers, wore.  What were they called again? Periwigs.  No wonder lawyers had such a bad reputation Phoebe mused; the animal rights movement hadn’t caught up with them, in more ways than one!

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