Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Ghosts of Shepherdstown 2.5 "Now You're In That Sunken Place" Review

Well that title sounds ominous!
The episode we were all waiting for: the caves but for me it was a little anti-climactic, sorry but investigation-wise it was interesting, but I don't know, there just seemed to be something missing. Perhaps it was the fact there was nothing captured in terms of EVPs.  Don't get me wrong I'm not putting the episode down, far from it, maybe it was just the rainy day, watching it probably felt a little down.

However it was great to see Bill actually locating Keith, the curator of the Adam Stephen's house who told him about the cave entrances still being open on this property.  Of course meaning they'd be able to investigate down there.  Apparently there were two openings and they led from one house to the other house, again all overflowing with limestone.  The discussion in the Beast was all about the limestone and the river not having much of an impact, thus far.  But again my question is why would the negative entity need such a cave system to move, aside from the fact that limestone is a great conductor of spiritual energy and so maybe this is one reason why the entity needs to get energy from its surroundings in order to to so powerful; and my question being answered in a roundabout way by Elizabeth when she said the spiritual conductor aspect of the limestone that is.  The cave openings being in Martinsburg.  (Another 'burg'.)

What was creepy was the growl which was clearly heard, though it sounded more like a breath and the scratching.  The scathing question being what was on the other side of the cave when Elizabeth and Nick finally managed to get down there.  Elizabeth using her 'X-Boss' device which along with the Mel Meter was going off the charts again, just like it was in Nina's house in episode 2.  Due to the presence of the Native American woman's spirit.  Wonder if the scratching could have been the 'two' that the Father referred to when Lorie was doing her 'psychic sweep' of the house and land.  The coupe who died down there due to illness with the Father being unable to administer last rights to them.

Who Dana found out was Father Dennis Cahill, the only Catholic priest in the area dating back centuries.  Who also appeared to Keith and Rose in the form of a green mist.  His spirit being more residual as he was following the same path, in an attempt to get closure for himself but also for the two unfortunate souls he couldn't save.  It was good that Elizabeth managed to talk Rose into telling her side of the story since it did vilify and reinforce what Keith saw, but also that she wasn't imagining it or going crazy.  As well as others allowing who don't feel they can share their experiences too to come forward.  As well as Chief King having the friend, Bob, who was able to take Nick and Elizabeth down to the caves [you know I wrote mines here with that tweet of mine to Nick about him looking like a miner in his helmet on Monday, guess still had that on my mind!] and finding that there are also caves in Shepherdstown.  That was a revelation.  Which means the river probably isn't the only means of 'spiritual' travel now.  But heck, thought Nick would just jump right on down into the cave opening, he was rearing to go!

This map's getting interesting!  The locations are next to the river, some of them, but also now the caves taking a prominent lead in this mystery!

That negative entity really doesn't want to have anyone coming into it's domain and territory as it tried to gas them out when Nick and Elizabeth were down there.  Maybe it contributed to that couple dying down there by releasing the gas.  Though that's just speculative on my part.  At least Dana also found records showing that there were skeletons discovered under the kitchen floorboards during renovations.  Confirming the Father's reason for being around.  As well sa the activity starting up with the excavations in the caves.

Lorie giving them last rites and using the black salt clearly only held the entity back for  awhile and we still need to know why it's there and why it's got such a strong hold on the land and attaches itself to people so forcefully?  What is its real intentions?  Also Elizabeth giving closure to the couple and the Father at the end to help them move on.  Then there were more train tracks here as they also featured in Shepherdstown season 1.  Though I don't really think there's any connection to that.

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